What does GDP mean?

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What does gdp stand for

GDPGaseous Diffusion Plant
GDPGateway Discovery Protocol
GDPGeneral Defense Plan
GDPGeneral Dental Practitioner
GDPGeneral Duties of Pilot
GDPGeneralized Documentation Processor
GDPGeneralized Drawing Primitive
GDPGeneric Deployment Plan
GDPGewerkschaft Der Polizei
GDPGiant Depolarizing Synaptic Potential
GDPGlobal Data Pool
GDPGlobal Detection Probability
GDPGlobal Drifter Program
GDPGlow Discharge Plasma
GDPGlucose Degradation Product
GDPGood Distribution Practice
GDPGood Documentation Practice
GDPGraduate Degree Program
GDPGraduate Development Programme
GDPGrand Daddy Purple
GDPGraphics Display Processor
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDPGround Data Processing
GDPGround Delay Program
GDPGround-Delay Programme
GDPGrounded Into Double Play
GDPGroup Design Process
GDPGuanosine 5'-Diphosphate