What does PDF mean?

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Major Meanings of PDF

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What does pdf stand for

All Definitions of PDF

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of PDF in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
PDFI Profumi Di Firenze
PDFPackage Definition File
PDFPair Density Function
PDFPair Distribution Function
PDFPakistan Development Forum
PDFPanamanian Defense Force
PDFParadox Data File
PDFParanormal Dampening Field
PDFParkinson's Disease Foundation
PDFParticle Distribution Function
PDFParton Distribution Function
PDFPath Delay Fault
PDFPath Diversity with Forward Error Correction
PDFPayload Data Formatter
PDFPearl Drummers Forum
PDFPeople's Defence Forces
PDFPeople's Development Foundation
PDFPeoples' Democratic Front
PDFPepito Domination Force
PDFPeritoneal Dialysis Fluid
PDFPermanent Defence Force
PDFPersonal Data Form
PDFPersonal Democracy Forum
PDFPersonnel Deployment Function
PDFPittsburgh Dialogue Foundation
PDFPlanar Deformation Feature
PDFPlanetary Defence Force
PDFPlant Design Factor
PDFPlaya del Fuego
PDFPoint Detonating Fuze
PDFPolicy Decision Function
PDFPolypeptide Deformylase
PDFPooled Development Fund
PDFPop Directional Formatting
PDFPopular Defense Force
PDFPortable Data File
PDFPortable Data Format
PDFPortable Document Format
PDFPositive Definite Function
PDFPost-Doctoral Fellowship
PDFPostal Distribution Facility
PDFPostscript Document Format
PDFPowder Diffraction File
PDFPower Delay Profile
PDFPower Distribution Frame
PDFPower Down Flag
PDFPrecision Direction Finder
PDFPrecision Direction Finding
PDFPremier Diesel Fuel
PDFPretty Damn Funky
PDFPretty Damn Funny
PDFPretty Darn Fast
PDFPrimary Direction of Fire
PDFPrincipal Direction of Fire
PDFPrinter Definition File
PDFPrinter Description File
PDFProbability Density Function
PDFProbability Distribution Function
PDFProcessor Defined Function
PDFProcurement Data File
PDFProduct Development & Fulfillment company
PDFProgram Data File
PDFProgram Data Form
PDFProgram Development Facility
PDFProgrammable Data Format
PDFPublico Decreto Fecerunt
PDFPulse Density Function