What does SMS mean?

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What does sms stand for

SMSSDH Management System
SMSSONET Management System
SMSSURTASS Mission Supervisor
SMSSafety Management System
SMSSafety Management Systems
SMSSailor Moon S
SMSSailor Moon Stars
SMSSailor Moon Super
SMSSaint Mark's School
SMSSales and Marketing Services
SMSSample Management System
SMSSample Mean Square
SMSSandburg Middle School
SMSSatellite Management System
SMSSatellite Multiservices System
SMSScenario Manager Suite
SMSSchedule Management System
SMSScheduled Maintenance System
SMSSchimelpfenig Middle School
SMSSchloemann Siemag
SMSSchool Management Services
SMSSchool Management System
SMSSchool of Management Studies
SMSSchool of Mathematics and Science
SMSScience Made Stupid
SMSScience Mission Specification
SMSSciences Médico-Sociales
SMSScreen Management System
SMSSecondary Market Services
SMSSecure Messaging Service
SMSSecurity Management Service
SMSSecurity Management System
SMSSecurity and Management Services
SMSSediment Management Standards
SMSSega Master System
SMSSeiner Majestäts Schiff
SMSSelecta Mathematica Sovietica
SMSSelective Mass Storage
SMSSemi-automatic Meteorological Station
SMSSemiconductor Manufacturing System
SMSSend Mere Slik
SMSSenior Master Sergeant
SMSSensor Monitoring Set
SMSSeoul Music School
SMSServer Management Software
SMSService Management Strategy
SMSService Management System
SMSService Manager for Storage
SMSService des Monuments et Sites
SMSServices Mediation Switch
SMSSexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.
SMSShared Marketing Services, Inc
SMSShared Medical Systems Corporation
SMSShared Memory System
SMSShawnee Mission South
SMSSheet Metal Screw
SMSShipper Management System
SMSShips Missile System
SMSShips Motion Simulator
SMSShirley Middle School
SMSShivela Middle School
SMSShort Message Service
SMSShort Messaging System
SMSShuttle Mission Simulator
SMSSiemens Medical Solutions
SMSSiemens Medical Systems, Inc
SMSSignal Measurement System
SMSSilverado Middle School
SMSSimmons Middle School
SMSSimple Message Service
SMSSimulation Modeling System
SMSSinaloa Middle School
SMSSingle Machine Scheduling
SMSSingle Malt Scotch
SMSSingle Member Sponsor
SMSSingle Messaging Solution
SMSSingle Messaging System
SMSSingle Mobility System
SMSSite Monitoring System
SMSSkills Management System
SMSSleep Management System
SMSSlot Management System
SMSSlow Moving Software
SMSSmart Materials and Structures
SMSSmart Media Solutions
SMSSmart Mediary Systems
SMSSmedberg Middle School
SMSSmith Machinery Sales
SMSSmith Middle School
SMSSmith-Magenis Syndrome
SMSSmyrna Middle School
SMSSnellville Middle School
SMSSocioeconomic Monitoring System
SMSSoftcopy Mapping System
SMSSoftware Maintenance Support
SMSSoftware Management Solutions, Inc.
SMSSoftware Management System
SMSSoftware Modification Sheet
SMSSoil Moisture Sensor
SMSSoldier Management System
SMSSolidstate Modular System
SMSSommerville Manor School
SMSSonne Mond Sterne
SMSSorraia Mustang Studbook
SMSSotto Mentite Spoglie
SMSSource Mass Spectrometer
SMSSouthern Middle School
SMSSouthwest Management Services
SMSSouthwest Missouri State
SMSSpace Management System
SMSSpace Mission Simulator
SMSSpace Motion Sickness
SMSSpecial Migration Statistics
SMSSpecial Mint Set
SMSSpecial Monitoring Status
SMSSpecialized Management Service Incorporated
SMSSpirit of Math Schools Inc
SMSSports Marketing Survey
SMSSpringer Miller Systems
SMSSprint Mailing Services
SMSSpunbond Meltblown Spunbond
SMSSt Marie, Madagascar
SMSSt. Michael School
SMSStandard Management System
SMSStandard Material Specification
SMSStanford Medical School
SMSStanton Middle School
SMSStar Mazda Series
SMSState Medical Society of Wisconsin
SMSStation Management System
SMSStationary Memoryless Source
SMSSteel Maelstrom
SMSStiff Man Syndrome
SMSStockbridge Middle School
SMSStoneham Middle School
SMSStorage Management Services
SMSStorage Management Subsystem
SMSStores Management System
SMSStranka Mladih Slovenije
SMSStrategic Management Society
SMSStrategic Missile Squadron
SMSStress Management Society
SMSStructures and Mechanisms Subsystem
SMSStudent Management System
SMSStudent Motorsport Scotland
SMSStupid Man Syndrome
SMSStuttgart Messe Service
SMSSubject Matter Specialists
SMSSubmicron Systems Corporation
SMSSubrate Microprocessor System
SMSSubscriber Management System
SMSSucrose Monostearate
SMSSuites at Market Square
SMSSunday Morning Shootout
SMSSunrise Middle School
SMSSuper Mario Strikers
SMSSuper Mario Sunshine
SMSSuperconducting Magnet System
SMSSuperior Maintenance Services, Inc.
SMSSupplier Management Systems
SMSSupplies Management System
SMSSurface Missile System
SMSSurface-water Modeling System
SMSSurvey Management System
SMSSuspension Management System
SMSSvenska Matematikersamfundet
SMSSvenska Meteorologiska Sällskapet
SMSSwedish Morphological Society
SMSSwing Modulo Scheduling
SMSSwitch Maintenance Subsystem
SMSSymantec Mail Security
SMSSynchronous Meteorological Satellite
SMSSystem Maintenance Monitoring Support
SMSSystem Management Service
SMSSystem Management Services
SMSSystem Management Station
SMSSystem Management Station HWCI
SMSSystem Management Subsystem
SMSSystem Management System
SMSSystem Mode Sounding
SMSSystem-Managed Storage
SMSSystems Managed Storage
SMSSystems Management Server
SMSSystems Management Service
SMSSystems Modernization and Sustainment Center
SMSSystème de Management de La Sécurité