What does VIP mean?

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What does vip stand for

VIPVAM Intelligent Protection
VIPVacation Interchange Privileges
VIPVacuum Infusion Process
VIPVacuum Insulated Pipe
VIPVagabonds in Power
VIPValeo Integrated Partners
VIPValidity Indicator Profile
VIPVallery Irons Protection
VIPVallery Irons Protection Team
VIPValley Investigators of the Paranormal
VIPValue Improving Practice
VIPValue Insurance Plan
VIPValue in Partnership
VIPValue in Performance
VIPValued Impression per Pound
VIPVanilla Ice Posse
VIPVanity Is Perfection
VIPVanpool Incentive Program
VIPVariable Incentive Pay
VIPVariable Information Processing
VIPVariable Insurance Products
VIPVasoactive Intestinal Peptide
VIPVasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide
VIPVehicle Improvement Program
VIPVehicle Inspection Program
VIPVehicle Intrusion Program
VIPVendor Improvement Plan
VIPVendor Information Pages
VIPVendor Information Program
VIPVendor Integrity Program
VIPVendor Involvement Program
VIPVentilated Improved Pit Latrine
VIPVentral Intraparietal
VIPVenture Initiation Program
VIPVenture International Program
VIPVentures in Partnerships
VIPVentures in Peace
VIPVerde Island Passage
VIPVerification IP
VIPVerification Integration Plan
VIPVerification Intellectual Property
VIPVerified Identity Pass
VIPVerified Independently for Performance
VIPVerifone International Partners
VIPVersatile Individual Program
VIPVersatile Interchange Processor
VIPVersatile Interface Processor
VIPVersatile Internet Platform
VIPVertical Impact Protection
VIPVertical Intelligent Power
VIPVertical Interconnect Pillar
VIPVertically Installed Planar
VIPVery Idiotic Person
VIPVery Impatient Person
VIPVery Important Parent
VIPVery Important Part
VIPVery Important Person
VIPVery Important Pet
VIPVery Important Pilot
VIPVery Important Pop
VIPVery Important Presentation
VIPVery Important Princess
VIPVery Important Prospect
VIPVery Informed Peers
VIPVery Intelligent Person
VIPVery Interesting Person
VIPVery Into Pizza
VIPVeterans Independence Program
VIPVeterans Information Portal
VIPVictims' Impact Panel
VIPVictory in Prayer
VIPVideo Image Printer
VIPVideo Imaging Projectile
VIPVideo Information Provider
VIPVideo Input Processor
VIPVideo Instructional Program
VIPVideo Integrator Processor
VIPVideo Interface Port
VIPVideo Over IP
VIPVienna International Planespotters
VIPVierzon I-Deal Poker
VIPView Interactive Programming
VIPViewers In Profile
VIPVines Internet Protocol
VIPViolence Intervention Program
VIPViolence Intervention and Prevention
VIPViolet in Profusion
VIPViolet, Indigo, Purple
VIPVirgin Islands Power Yacht
VIPVirginia Independence Program
VIPVirginia Inland Port
VIPVirginia Investment Partnership
VIPVirtual Infrastructure Protection
VIPVirtual Instant Portal
VIPVirtual Interactive Personnel
VIPVirtual Interface Processor
VIPVirtual Internet Protocol
VIPVirtual Internet Provider
VIPVirtual Interrupt Pending
VIPVirtus Pro
VIPVision Impaired People
VIPVision Industry Partner
VIPVision Institute of Professionals
VIPVision Interface Project
VIPVision in Preschoolers
VIPVisionary Integration Professionals, Inc
VIPVisual Identity Program
VIPVisual Information Presentation
VIPVisual Information Processor/Processing
VIPVisual Information Projection
VIPVisual Information Projector/Projection
VIPVisual Infusion Phlebitis
VIPVisual Initial Point
VIPVisual Instrument Programmer
VIPVisual Interaction Platform
VIPVisual Interface for Promela
VIPVisualization Immersive Projection
VIPVisually Impaired Person
VIPVisually Integrated Phone
VIPVivid Image Productions
VIPVocational Instructor Preparation
VIPVoice Information Processing
VIPVoice Interactive Phone
VIPVoluntary Interruption of Pregnancy
VIPVoluntary Investment Program
VIPVolunteer Incentive Program
VIPVolunteer Information Profile
VIPVolunteer Initiative Program
VIPVolunteer Interchange Partners
VIPVolunteer International Program
VIPVolunteer Investment Program
VIPVolunteer and Internship Programs
VIPVolunteers for International Partnership
VIPVolunteers in Parks
VIPVolunteers in Policing
VIPVolunteers in Preservation
VIPVolunteers in Probation
VIPVolunteers in Psychotherapy
VIPVoting Integrity Project
VIPVp-16 Ifosfamide Cisplatin
VIPVulnerable Infants Program
VIPVulnerable Isolated Persons