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Major Meanings of ALPHABET

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What does alphabet stand for

All Definitions of ALPHABET

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of ALPHABET in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
ALPHABETA Balanced Curriculum
ALPHABETA Benihana Christmas
ALPHABETA Better Chance
ALPHABETA Bittorrent Client
ALPHABETA Business Community
ALPHABETASEAN Brussels Committee
ALPHABETATP-Binding Cassette
ALPHABETAanvullend Beschermingscertificaat voor Geneesmiddelen
ALPHABETAbbreviated Blood Count
ALPHABETAbilene Community Band
ALPHABETAboriginal Business Canada
ALPHABETAbrasive Blasting & Coating, Inc.
ALPHABETAbsolute Band Count
ALPHABETAbsolute Basophil Count
ALPHABETAbsolute Brain Control
ALPHABETAbsorbing Boundary Condition
ALPHABETAbstinence Behavioral Change
ALPHABETAbstinence, Be Faithful, Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms
ALPHABETAbstinence, Being faithful, Correct and Consistent Condom use
ALPHABETAbstract Base Class
ALPHABETAbyssinian Baptist Church
ALPHABETAcademia Britanica Cuscatleca
ALPHABETAcademic Biomedical Centre
ALPHABETAcademic Booster Club
ALPHABETAccelerated Bridge Construction
ALPHABETAccelerator Brake Clutch
ALPHABETAccelerator-Based Conversion
ALPHABETAccept, Believe, Confess
ALPHABETAcceptable Biological Catch
ALPHABETAcceptance, Belief, Change
ALPHABETAccess to Benefits Coalition
ALPHABETAccess to Broadband Campaign
ALPHABETAccount and Billing Center
ALPHABETAccounting & Business Consulting
ALPHABETAccounting, Billing, and Collecting
ALPHABETAccredited Business Communicator
ALPHABETAccumulate-Based Coding
ALPHABETAccuracy Brevity Clarity
ALPHABETAccurate Background Check, Inc.
ALPHABETAchievement beyond the Classroom
ALPHABETAcid Based Coating
ALPHABETAcid Black Cherry
ALPHABETAcross Breed Comparison
ALPHABETAction for a Better Community
ALPHABETActive Bias Circuit
ALPHABETActive Body Control
ALPHABETActivity-Based Costing
ALPHABETAda Bible Church
ALPHABETAdaptive Broadband Corporation
ALPHABETAdditional Benefits Company
ALPHABETAdjunct Based Capability
ALPHABETAdjuvant Breast Cancer
ALPHABETAdult Bible Class
ALPHABETAdvance Base Camp
ALPHABETAdvance Booking Charter
ALPHABETAdvanced Ball Concept
ALPHABETAdvanced Ballistics Concepts
ALPHABETAdvanced Bar Code
ALPHABETAdvanced Base Camp
ALPHABETAdvanced Base Capability
ALPHABETAdvanced Base Component
ALPHABETAdvanced Bionics Corporation
ALPHABETAdvanced Biotechnology Center
ALPHABETAdvanced Bladder Cancer
ALPHABETAdvanced Bleeding Care
ALPHABETAdvanced Blocksorting Compressor
ALPHABETAdvanced Breast Cancer
ALPHABETAdvanced Business Connection
ALPHABETAdvancing Blade Concept
ALPHABETAdvantage Buying Card
ALPHABETAdvantage By Contact
ALPHABETAdversity Builds Character
ALPHABETAdvisory Bolting Committee
ALPHABETAdvocates Business Consulting
ALPHABETAdvocates for Better Communication
ALPHABETAerial Bundle Cable
ALPHABETAerospace Basic Course
ALPHABETAffiliated Business Consultants
ALPHABETAgencies, Boards and Commissions
ALPHABETAgency Billing Contract
ALPHABETAgency Bureau Code
ALPHABETAgent Based Computing
ALPHABETAggregate Base Course
ALPHABETAgincourt Baptist Church
ALPHABETAgribusiness Council
ALPHABETAgricultural Bank of China
ALPHABETAgricultural Biotechnology Center
ALPHABETAgência Brasileira de Cooperação
ALPHABETAir Batu Campur
ALPHABETAir Biway Corridor
ALPHABETAir Bustle Controller
ALPHABETAirBridge Cargo
ALPHABETAirborne Control
ALPHABETAirborne Corps
ALPHABETAirline Business Club
ALPHABETAirman Basic Course
ALPHABETAirport Business Center
ALPHABETAirway Breathing Cold
ALPHABETAirways, Breathing, Circulation
ALPHABETAkademischer Bridge-Club
ALPHABETAl Bano Carrisi
ALPHABETAlarm By Carrier
ALPHABETAlaska Bible College
ALPHABETAlberta Blue Cross
ALPHABETAlbuquerque Bicycle Center
ALPHABETAlcatel Business Communications
ALPHABETAlcoholic Beverage Commission
ALPHABETAlcoholic Beverage Control
ALPHABETAll Bases Covered
ALPHABETAll Bits Combined
ALPHABETAll Bituminous Concrete
ALPHABETAllergy Basics Center
ALPHABETAlliance of Business Consultants
ALPHABETAllowable Biological Catch
ALPHABETAlmond Board of California
ALPHABETAlpha Bravo Charlie
ALPHABETAlpha-Brombenzyl Cyanide
ALPHABETAlpine Bretagne Club
ALPHABETAlready Been Chewed
ALPHABETAlternative Birth Center
ALPHABETAlternatives of Benefits and Cost
ALPHABETAluminium, Brass & Chrome
ALPHABETAlupang Beach Club
ALPHABETAlveolar Bone Crest
ALPHABETAlways Be Careful
ALPHABETAlways Be Closing
ALPHABETAlways Be Cool
ALPHABETAlways Believe Christ
ALPHABETAlways Believe in Children
ALPHABETAlways Better Control
ALPHABETAlways Breastfeed Children
ALPHABETAlways Bring Cash
ALPHABETAlways Buckle Children
ALPHABETAlways Buy Chesterfield
ALPHABETAmbassador Bible College
ALPHABETAmber BlackBerry Converter
ALPHABETAmbulate Before Carry
ALPHABETAmended Birth Certificate
ALPHABETAmerica Britain Canada
ALPHABETAmerica Buckles up Children
ALPHABETAmerica's Blood Centers
ALPHABETAmerica's Breakfast Council
ALPHABETAmerican Ballet Company
ALPHABETAmerican Band College
ALPHABETAmerican Baptist Church
ALPHABETAmerican Barista & Coffee School
ALPHABETAmerican Beauceron Club
ALPHABETAmerican Benefits Council
ALPHABETAmerican Beryllium Company
ALPHABETAmerican Bird Conservancy
ALPHABETAmerican Black Chamber
ALPHABETAmerican Blimp Corporation
ALPHABETAmerican Board Certified
ALPHABETAmerican Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
ALPHABETAmerican Board of Criminalistics
ALPHABETAmerican Book Center
ALPHABETAmerican Born Chinese
ALPHABETAmerican Botanical Council
ALPHABETAmerican Bowling Congress
ALPHABETAmerican Boxer Club
ALPHABETAmerican Brass Company
ALPHABETAmerican Bridge Company
ALPHABETAmerican Brittany Club
ALPHABETAmerican Broadcasting Channel
ALPHABETAmerican Broadcasting Company
ALPHABETAmerican Broadcasting Corporation
ALPHABETAmerican Buckle and Cartridge
ALPHABETAmerican Bugatti Club
ALPHABETAmerican Building Components
ALPHABETAmerican Building Consultants, Inc.
ALPHABETAmicale Bouliste de Clairfayts
ALPHABETAmicale des Bastognards Collectionneurs
ALPHABETAmicale des Bielles Commingeoises
ALPHABETAmigos de Bolsa Chica
ALPHABETAnalysis of Benefits and Costs
ALPHABETAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
ALPHABETAnarchist Black Cross
ALPHABETAncient Bavarian Conspiracy
ALPHABETAndres Bonifacio College
ALPHABETAneurysmal Bone Cyst
ALPHABETAnheuser-Busch Companies
ALPHABETAnimal Behavior Clinic
ALPHABETAnother Bad Creation
ALPHABETAnother Bittorrent Client
ALPHABETAnswer Back Code
ALPHABETAnti Baby Condom
ALPHABETAnti Bullying Campaign
ALPHABETAntigen-Binding Cells
ALPHABETAntigua Beekeepers Cooperative
ALPHABETAnybody but Carolina
ALPHABETAnything But Chardonnay
ALPHABETAnything But Collies
ALPHABETAnything But Conservative
ALPHABETApex Baptist Church
ALPHABETAppa Balwant Chowk
ALPHABETApplesauce Bran Cinnamon
ALPHABETAppliqued Battle Command
ALPHABETApproach By Concept
ALPHABETApproval by Correspondence
ALPHABETApproximate Boundary Conditions
ALPHABETArab Banking Corporation
ALPHABETArab Business Channel
ALPHABETArc Badminton Club
ALPHABETArcadia Brewing Company
ALPHABETArchbishop of Canterbury
ALPHABETArea Backscattering Coefficient
ALPHABETArgentina, Brazil, Chile
ALPHABETArgyll and Bute Council
ALPHABETArkansas Best Corporation
ALPHABETArlington Baptist College
ALPHABETArlon Badminton Club
ALPHABETArmidale Bowling Club
ALPHABETArms, Back and Chest
ALPHABETArmy Battle Command
ALPHABETArmy Benefits Center
ALPHABETArt Basics for Children
ALPHABETArt Builds Communities
ALPHABETArtesanato Bijutaria Calheta
ALPHABETArtesia, Bellflower, and Cerritos
ALPHABETArtificial Beta Cell
ALPHABETArts in Basic Curriculum
ALPHABETAruba, Bonaire, Curacao
ALPHABETAshtrays, Broom, Coffee
ALPHABETAsian Brown Cloud
ALPHABETAsian-style Baby Carrier
ALPHABETAsociación Benéfica Cabañeca
ALPHABETAsociación de Beneficiencia Cristiana
ALPHABETAspiration Needle Biopsy
ALPHABETAspiration, Biopsy, Cytology
ALPHABETAsset Balance Card
ALPHABETAssignment for the Benefit of Creditors
ALPHABETAssistance to Build Classrooms
ALPHABETAssistant Bureau Chief
ALPHABETAssociated British Cinemas
ALPHABETAssociated Broadcasting Company
ALPHABETAssociated Builders and Contractors
ALPHABETAssociated Business Computers
ALPHABETAssociated Business Consultants, Inc
ALPHABETAssociation Botanique du Canada
ALPHABETAssociation aux Bons Collectionneurs
ALPHABETAssociation des Bèegues du Canada
ALPHABETAssociation for Business Communication
ALPHABETAssociation of Balkan Chambers
ALPHABETAssociation of Black Cardiologists
ALPHABETAssociation of Black Collegians
ALPHABETAssociation of Black Communicators
ALPHABETAssociation of Boards of Certification
ALPHABETAssociation of Boxing Commissions
ALPHABETAssociation of Brethren Caregivers
ALPHABETAssociation of Bridal Consultants
ALPHABETAssociation of Bright Children
ALPHABETAssociation of British Climbing Walls
ALPHABETAssociation pour la Biodiversite Concrète_Inyange
ALPHABETAtalanta Bergamasca Calcio
ALPHABETAtanasoff-Berry Computer
ALPHABETAtlanta Black Crackers
ALPHABETAtlanta Bread Company
ALPHABETAtomic, Bacteriological and Chemical
ALPHABETAtomic, Biological & Chemical
ALPHABETAtomic, Biological and Chemical
ALPHABETAttack by Combination
ALPHABETAttack by Draw
ALPHABETAttention, Benefit, Close
ALPHABETAttractive, Beneficial and Cost-Effective
ALPHABETAudio Book Club
ALPHABETAudit Bureau of Circulations
ALPHABETAugusta Bridge Club
ALPHABETAustralian Bicycle Council
ALPHABETAustralian Born Chinese
ALPHABETAustralian Broadcasting Commission
ALPHABETAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
ALPHABETAustralians for A Better Community
ALPHABETAuthorities Buying Consortium
ALPHABETAutism Behavior Checklist
ALPHABETAuto Bill Calling
ALPHABETAutomated Blood Collection
ALPHABETAutomated Border Control
ALPHABETAutomatic Balancing Control
ALPHABETAutomatic Bandwidth Control
ALPHABETAutomatic Bar Code
ALPHABETAutomatic Blog Content
ALPHABETAutomatic Boiler Control
ALPHABETAutomatic Book Catalog
ALPHABETAutomatic Brightness Control
ALPHABETAutorité Budgétaire Centrale
ALPHABETAvailable By Cell
ALPHABETAverage Backup Capacity
ALPHABETAvidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex
ALPHABETAvoid Bad Company
ALPHABETChief Aviation Boatswain's Mate

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