What does CA mean?

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Major Meanings of CA

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What does ca stand for

All Definitions of CA

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CA in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CA Control Advises
CAAir China
CABromobenzyl Cyanide
CACabin Attendant
CACable Assembly
CACaddell Appraisals, Inc.
CACall Accepted
CACall Agent
CACall Allocation
CACall Attempt
CACanadian Alliance party
CACanberra Albuquerque, Inc
CACancer Antigen
CACapability Assessment
CACaptain America
CACarbohydrate Antigen
CACarbon Absorber
CACarbon Anhydrase
CACarbonic Anhydrase
CACardiac Arrest
CACaritas Australia
CACarmelo Anthony
CACarrier Aircraft
CACarril Auxiliar
CACary Academy
CACash Advance
CACastle Age
CACatalan Language
CACatchment Area
CACayman Airways
CACell Arrival
CACell Averaging
CACellular Automata
CACellulose Acetate
CACensus Agglomeration
CACentral Air
CACentral America
CACentro Agricola
CACertificat d'Aptitude
CACertificate Authority
CACertificate of Authenticity
CACertification Acceptance
CACertification Agent
CACertification Authority
CACertified Acupressurist
CACertified Acupuncturist
CACertified Arborist
CACertified Archivist
CAChallenge Athena
CAChambre d'Agriculture
CAChampagne d' Argent
CAChange Agreement
CAChange Authorization
CAChange of Address
CAChannel Adaptor
CAChannel Aggregation
CAChannel Attach
CACharge Amplifier
CACharlton Athletic
CACharted Account
CAChartered Accountant
CAChemical Abstracts
CAChemical Addition
CAChemical Alarm
CAChesapeake & Albemarle
CAChess Advisor
CAChess Assistant
CAChevron Autopia
CAChief Accountant
CAChief Advisor
CAChiffre d'Affaire
CAChiropractic Assistant
CAChristian Aid
CAChristijan Albers
CAChristina Aguilera
CAChristos Alexandrou
CAChromatic Aberration
CAChromosomal Aberration
CAChronological Age
CAChurch Army
CACircuit Assurance
CACitizen Act
CACitric Acid
CACiudad Acuna
CACivic Amenity
CACivil Administration
CACivil Affairs
CACivil Aviation
CAClass A
CAClassic Army
CAClassification and Audit
CAClay Aiken
CACleaning Agent
CAClear Aperture
CAClerical Assistant
CAClient Assessment
CAClimate Audit
CAClinical Assistant
CAClub America
CAClub Amierdica
CAClusterhead Announcement
CACoal Authority
CACoaster Arsenal
CACocaine Anonymous
CACode Available
CACollective Agreement
CACollege of Agriculture
CACollision Avoidance
CACollison Avoiding
CACollocated Activities
CAColorado Academy
CAColorado Avalanche
CAColumbia Association
CACombat Aircraft
CACombat Arms
CACombat Assault
CACombat Assessment
CACombat/Controller Amplifier
CACombined Arms
CACombustion Air
CACommand Archive
CACommand Assessment
CACommand Authority
CACommand Channel Adapter
CACommercial Accounts
CACommercial Activities
CACommercial Agent
CACommercial Announcement
CACommercial Aviation
CACommercially Abundant
CACommercially Available
CACommittee of Adjustment
CACommon Applications
CACommon Atrium
CACommonwealth Act
CACommonwealth's Attorney
CACommunication Application
CACommunication Assistant
CACommunications Access
CACommunications Activities
CACommunications Analysis
CACommunity Acquired
CACommunity Advisor
CACommunity Assistant
CACompact Assignment
CACompania Anonima
CACompanies Act
CACompetent Authority
CACompetition Advocate
CAComplementary Access
CACompressed Air
CACompressor, Air
CACompulsory Acquisition
CAComputer Accuracy
CAComputer Acoustics, Ltd
CAComputer Algebra
CAComputer Animation
CAComputer Application
CAComputer Assistant
CAComputer Associates International Inc.
CAComputer and Automation
CAComunidad Autonoma
CAConcentration Aura
CAConcentration in Air
CACondiloma Acuminado
CAConditional Access
CAConditioned Avoidance
CACone Angle
CAConference Agenda
CAConference Assistant
CAConfidentiality Agreement
CAConfiguration Audit
CAConflict Alert
CAConformability Analysis
CAConformity Assessment
CACongressional Add
CACongressional Audit
CAConjoint Analysis
CAConjunction Analysis
CAConnect Acknowledge
CAConnection Approval
CAConnection Authorization
CAConnections Academy
CAConnectivity Africa
CAConseil d'Administration
CAConservancy Association
CAConstant Amplitude
CAConstruction Administration
CAConstruction Advisor
CAConstruction Authorization
CAConstructive Approximation
CAConsular Affairs
CAConsulate Date
CAConsumer Action
CAConsumer Alert
CAConsumers Association
CAConsumers' Association
CAContamination Area
CAContamination Avoidance
CAContingency Abort
CAContinual Assessment
CAContract Action
CAContract Administration
CAContract Administrator
CAContract Agent
CAContract Assistant
CAContract Authority
CAContract Authorization
CAContract Award
CAContract/Criticality Analysis
CAContracting Activity
CAContracting Authorization
CAContrast Agent
CAControl Access
CAControl Account
CAControl Assembly
CAControlled Availability
CAController of Accounts
CAConventional Applicator
CAConversation Analysis
CACooperative Agreement
CACoordinated Atomic
CACoordinating Authority
CACorazon Aquino
CACorneal Abrasion
CACornu Ammonis
CACorporate Action
CACorporate Avenger
CACorrective Action
CACorrective Activities
CACorrente Alternada
CACorrosion Allowance
CACortese Attenzione
CACost Account
CACost Analysis
CACouncil of Administration
CACounter Air
CACounter Attack
CACountry Attache
CACountryside Alliance
CACourse Acquisition
CACourt of Appeal
CACoverage Analyzer
CACranial Academy
CACrank Angle
CACranking Amps
CACrappy Apple
CACredit Agricole
CACredits Applied
CACrewman's Associate
CACricket Australia
CACritical Alarm
CACritical Appraisal
CACritical Assembly
CACriticality Analysis
CACroatian Army
CACroquet Association
CACross Apply
CACruising Association
CACrusader Aura
CACryptic Axe
CACuba Action
CACulver Academies
CACurrent Account
CACurrent Asset
CACurrent Awareness
CACustomer Acceptance
CACustomer Accommodations
CACustomer Advocate
CACyber Acoustics
CACyclic Abelian
CACycling Australia
CADirectorate of Corporate Affairs
CAGun Cruiser
CAGun Cruiser
CAOn-Call Pay