What does CAPACITY mean?

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Major Meanings of CAPACITY

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What does capacity stand for

All Definitions of CAPACITY

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CAPACITY in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CAPACITYCAcert Assurance Program
CAPACITYCCMS Application Program
CAPACITYCableHome Addressing Portal
CAPACITYCalendar Access Protocol
CAPACITYCalifornia Academy of Painters
CAPACITYCalifornia Partnership
CAPACITYCall Admission Precedence
CAPACITYCamel Application Part
CAPACITYCanadian Action Party
CAPACITYCanadian Alliance Party
CAPACITYCanadian Association of Palynologists
CAPACITYCanadian Association of Pathologists
CAPACITYCanadian Association of Physicists
CAPACITYCanadian Association of Principals
CAPACITYCancer of the Prostate
CAPACITYCap Haitien, Haiti
CAPACITYCapacity Assurance Plan
CAPACITYCapital Accumulation Provision
CAPACITYCapital Letter
CAPACITYCareer Action Program
CAPACITYCareer Assignment Program
CAPACITYCareer Awareness Program
CAPACITYCaribbean Amblyomma Programme
CAPACITYCarrier Access Provider
CAPACITYCarrier Assistance Program
CAPACITYCarrierless Amplitude/Phase
CAPACITYCarrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation
CAPACITYCartridge Access Port
CAPACITYCash Accumulation Plan
CAPACITYCasino Affiliate Programs
CAPACITYCatabolite Activator Protein
CAPACITYCatholic American Princess
CAPACITYCellular Array Processor
CAPACITYCellulose Acetate Propionate
CAPACITYCenter for Abused Persons
CAPACITYCenter for American Progress
CAPACITYCenter for Applied Policy Research
CAPACITYCenter for Arizona Policy
CAPACITYCentral Answering Position
CAPACITYCentral Arbitration Point
CAPACITYCentral Arizona Project
CAPACITYCentralized Alarm Printing
CAPACITYCentralized Answering Position
CAPACITYCentrally Authorised Product
CAPACITYCentre d'Analyse et Programmation
CAPACITYCentre d'Andrologie de Paris
CAPACITYCertificado de Aptitud Pedagogica
CAPACITYCertificat d'Aptitude Pedagogique
CAPACITYCertificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle
CAPACITYCertification Agency Program
CAPACITYCertified Access Point
CAPACITYCertified Addictions Professional
CAPACITYCertified Administrative Professional
CAPACITYCertified Automation Professional
CAPACITYChange Acceleration Process
CAPACITYChange Application Procedure
CAPACITYChannel Access Protocol
CAPACITYChannel Assembly Program
CAPACITYChannel Assignment Problem
CAPACITYChemical Accident Prevention
CAPACITYChemical Activity, Pacific
CAPACITYChemical Agent Pod
CAPACITYChemical Awareness Program
CAPACITYChemistry Animation Project
CAPACITYChemistry Astronomy and Physics
CAPACITYChicago Area Project
CAPACITYChild Access Prevention
CAPACITYChild Advocacy Program
CAPACITYChild and Adolescent Psychiatry
CAPACITYChild and Adolescent Psychopathology
CAPACITYChildcare Action Program
CAPACITYChildcare Action Project
CAPACITYChildcare Affordability Programme
CAPACITYChildren at Play
CAPACITYChildren's Alopecia Project
CAPACITYChip Authentication Program
CAPACITYChristian Appalachian Project
CAPACITYChromatin-Associated Protein
CAPACITYChurch Agricultural Project
CAPACITYCircuit Access Point
CAPACITYCircuit Auto Passion
CAPACITYCitizen Awareness Program
CAPACITYCitoyennete, Action, Participation
CAPACITYCivic Arts Plaza
CAPACITYCivil Air Patrol
CAPACITYCivil Aviation Publication
CAPACITYCivilian Advisory Panel
CAPACITYClaim Automation Procedure
CAPACITYClaim Automation and Procedures
CAPACITYClaims Assistance Professional
CAPACITYClean Air Partnership
CAPACITYClean Air Plan
CAPACITYClient Access Point
CAPACITYClient Assessment Protocol
CAPACITYClient Assistance Program
CAPACITYClient Assistance Project
CAPACITYClosing Agreement Program
CAPACITYClub Athletique de Perigueux
CAPACITYClub Auto Passion
CAPACITYClube Atletico Paranaense
CAPACITYCluster Allocation Panel
CAPACITYCoaching Accreditation Program
CAPACITYCoalition of Airline Providers
CAPACITYCode Analysis Plugin
CAPACITYCode of Advertising Practice Committee
CAPACITYCodes and Paging
CAPACITYCodice di Avviamento Postale
CAPACITYCollaborative Analytical Process
CAPACITYCollection Appeals Program
CAPACITYCollege Access Program
CAPACITYCollege Achievement Program
CAPACITYCollege of Alberta Psychologists
CAPACITYCollege of American Pathologists
CAPACITYCollege of Asia and the Pacific
CAPACITYColorado Admissions Program
CAPACITYColorado Automated Payment
CAPACITYCombat Air Patrol
CAPACITYCombined Action Platoon
CAPACITYCombined Action Program
CAPACITYCombined Application Project
CAPACITYCombined Assessment Program
CAPACITYCommand Acceptance Pattern
CAPACITYCommand Acceptance Pulse
CAPACITYCommand Access Period
CAPACITYCommand Action Plan
CAPACITYCommand Advancement Program
CAPACITYCommand Asset Program
CAPACITYCommand Audit Program
CAPACITYCommander's Awareness Program
CAPACITYCommerce Application Platform
CAPACITYCommercial Action Plan
CAPACITYCommission Administrative Paritaire
CAPACITYCommitment and Projection
CAPACITYCommittee of Advertising Practice
CAPACITYCommittee on Academic Progress
CAPACITYCommittee on Accounting Procedure
CAPACITYCommodity Area Plan
CAPACITYCommon Ada Package
CAPACITYCommon Aftermarket Protocol
CAPACITYCommon Agricultural Policy
CAPACITYCommon Agricultural Program
CAPACITYCommon Air Picture
CAPACITYCommon Alerting Protocol
CAPACITYCommon Authentication Proxy
CAPACITYCommonwealth Association of Planners
CAPACITYCommunaute d'Agglomeration Perigourdine
CAPACITYCommunication Arts Program
CAPACITYCommunication Asset Process
CAPACITYCommunications Access Processor
CAPACITYCommunications Access Protocol
CAPACITYCommunications Application Platform
CAPACITYCommunications-Electronics Accommodation Program
CAPACITYCommunications-Electronics Authorization Program
CAPACITYCommunity Access Program
CAPACITYCommunity Acquired Pneumonia
CAPACITYCommunity Action Policing
CAPACITYCommunity Advisory Panel
CAPACITYCommunity Alliance on Prisons
CAPACITYCommunity Area Planning
CAPACITYCommunity Art Project
CAPACITYCommunity Arts Partnership
CAPACITYCommunity Assistance Program
CAPACITYCommunity Awareness Plan
CAPACITYCommunity-Acquired Pneumonia
CAPACITYCompact Advocacy Programme
CAPACITYCompagnie des Apotres de la Paix
CAPACITYCompania de Acero del Pacifico
CAPACITYCompany Aid Post
CAPACITYCompatible Access Program
CAPACITYCompetitive Access Provider
CAPACITYCompetitive Acquisition Program
CAPACITYComplexity Analysis Program
CAPACITYCompliance Assurance Program
CAPACITYCompliance Audit Program
CAPACITYComponent Accessioning Point
CAPACITYComponent Approval Process
CAPACITYComposite Aircraft Program
CAPACITYComputer Accommodation Program
CAPACITYComputer Algebra and Parallelism
CAPACITYComputer Application Profile
CAPACITYComputer Application Program
CAPACITYComputer Assisted Production
CAPACITYComputer Automated Performance Data
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Parallelisation
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Planning
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Probing
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Production
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Publishing
CAPACITYComputer-Aided Purchasing
CAPACITYComputer-Assisted Purchasing
CAPACITYComputer/Electronic Accommodations Program
CAPACITYComputer/Electronics Accommodations Program
CAPACITYComputer/Telecommunications Accessibility Program
CAPACITYComputers and Philosophy
CAPACITYConcerned Alumni of Princeton
CAPACITYCondition Assessment Programme
CAPACITYConditional Access Packet
CAPACITYConditional Access Processor
CAPACITYCondominium Association Program
CAPACITYConfederacao dos Agricultores de Portugal
CAPACITYConfederacion Argentina de Patin
CAPACITYConfederation Algerienne du Patronat
CAPACITYConference Francophone sur l'Apprentissage artificiel
CAPACITYConference d'Apprentissage
CAPACITYConfiguration Audit Plan
CAPACITYCongested Area Plan
CAPACITYCongress of Aboriginal People
CAPACITYCongressional Accountability Project
CAPACITYCongressional Affairs Program
CAPACITYConnection Approval Authority
CAPACITYConnection Approval Package
CAPACITYConnection Approval Process
CAPACITYConnection Approval Program
CAPACITYConsejo Agrario Permanente
CAPACITYConsistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance
CAPACITYConsolidated Appeals Process
CAPACITYConstruction Assistance Program
CAPACITYConsulting Archaeology Program
CAPACITYConsumers' Association of Penang
CAPACITYContent Access Point
CAPACITYContent Acquisition Program
CAPACITYContent Aware Processor
CAPACITYContinuing Authorities Program
CAPACITYContinuous Application Protection
CAPACITYContinuous Assessment Programme
CAPACITYContinuous Audit Program
CAPACITYContract Administration Panel
CAPACITYContract Administration Plan
CAPACITYContraction-Associated Protein
CAPACITYContractor Acquired Property
CAPACITYContractor Assessment Program
CAPACITYContracts Administrative Procedure
CAPACITYContribution Assessment Process
CAPACITYControl Anticipation Parameter
CAPACITYControl and Alarm Panel
CAPACITYControlled Acceleration Propulsion
CAPACITYControlled Access Protection
CAPACITYControlled Atmosphere Packaging
CAPACITYConventional Armaments Plan
CAPACITYConversion And Parity
CAPACITYConverted Applet
CAPACITYCoop Airlift Plan
CAPACITYCooperative Agreement Program
CAPACITYCorporate Account Processing
CAPACITYCorporate Advocacy Priorities
CAPACITYCorporate Assistance Program
CAPACITYCorrective Action Plan
CAPACITYCorrective Action Program
CAPACITYCorresponding Angles Postulate
CAPACITYCorrugated Aluminum Pipe
CAPACITYCost Account Package
CAPACITYCost Account Plan
CAPACITYCost Account Program
CAPACITYCost Allocation Procedure
CAPACITYCost Analysis Panel
CAPACITYCounselor Assistance Program
CAPACITYCountry Assistance Plan
CAPACITYCoupled Azimuthal Potential
CAPACITYCourse Assessment Panel
CAPACITYCreative Arts Program
CAPACITYCredit Account Protector
CAPACITYCrew Activity Plan
CAPACITYCrew Activity Planning
CAPACITYCrimes Against Persons
CAPACITYCrisis Action Phase
CAPACITYCrisis Action Plan
CAPACITYCrisis Action Planning
CAPACITYCrisis Action Procedures
CAPACITYCriteria Air Pollutant
CAPACITYCritical Acquisition Position
CAPACITYCritical Acquisition Process
CAPACITYCryotron Associative Processor
CAPACITYCummins Accumulator Pump
CAPACITYCumulative Average Point
CAPACITYCurrent Approved Program
CAPACITYCurrent Assessment Plan
CAPACITYCustomer Acceptance Package
CAPACITYCustomer Account Professional
CAPACITYCustomer Action Plan
CAPACITYCustomer Administration Panel
CAPACITYCustomer Assistance Person
CAPACITYCustomer Assistance Plan
CAPACITYCustomer Assistance Professional
CAPACITYCustomer Assistance Program
CAPACITYCustomer Assurance Program
CAPACITYCut and Paste
CAPACITYcivil augmentation program
CAPACITYconfiguration and alarm panel
CAPACITYconstitutively active protein