What does CAT mean?

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Major Meanings of CAT

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What does cat stand for

All Definitions of CAT

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CAT in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CATCECOM Accreditation Team
CATCable Avoidance Tool
CATCable and Telephone
CATCalifornia Achievement Test
CATCall Any Time
CATCalling All Troops
CATCamarillo Area Transit
CATCambridge Antibody Technology Group Plc
CATCampaign Against Terrorism Foundation
CATCan't Answer That
CATCanadian Association of Transplantation
CATCanine Agility Team
CATCapital Acquisitions Tax
CATCapital Area Transit
CATCapsule Ariane Technologies
CATCarburetor Air Temperature
CATCardholder Activated Terminal
CATCarnitine-Acylcarnitine Translocase
CATCarrier Access Tariff
CATCasual American Teenager
CATCatalan Language
CATCatalyst Average Temperature
CATCatalytic Converter
CATCatch Airboat Thieves
CATCaterpillar, Inc.
CATCellular Action Team
CATCenter for Advanced Technologies
CATCenter for Appropriate Transport
CATCentral African Time
CATCentral Alaska Time
CATCentral Analysis Team
CATCentral Arizona Trails
CATCentral Arkansas Transit
CATCentral Artery-Tunnel
CATCentral Azucarera de Tarlac
CATCentre d'Aide par le Travail
CATCentre for Alternative Technology
CATCentro de Alerta Temprana Español
CATCentro de Apoio e Tratamento
CATCentro de Apoyo al Trabajador
CATCertified Accounting Technician
CATCertified Athletic Trainer
CATCertified Automotive Technician
CATChange Agent Team
CATChannel Available Time
CATChaotic Atrial Tachycardia
CATCharges, easy Access and fair Terms
CATChatham Area Transit Authority
CATChemical Addition Tank
CATChemical Analysis and Technology
CATChicago Area Theatres
CATChild and Adolescent Track
CATChloramphenicol Acetyltransferase
CATChromatic Adaptation Transform
CATCities Area Transit
CATCitizen's Area Transit
CATCitizens Against Tolls, Inc
CATCitizens' Army Training
CATCivic Action Team
CATCivil Air Transport
CATCivil Aviation Tribunal
CATCivilian Augmented Training
CATClear Air Turbulence
CATClemson Area Transit
CATClimate Advisory Team
CATClinical Annual Training
CATCloud Arrival Time
CATClub Atletisme Tarragona
CATClub Atlético Talleres
CATClub Atlético Temperley
CATCockpit Automation Technology
CATCognitive Ability Test
CATCognitive Adaptation Training
CATCoital Alignment Technique
CATColegio Americano de Torreón
CATCollaborative Access Team
CATCollege Ability Test
CATCollege of Advanced Technology
CATCollision Avoidance Training
CATColumbia Agility Team
CATCombat AGE Team
CATCombat Aircraft Technology
CATCombat Aircrew Training
CATCombat Application Tourniquet
CATCombat Auto Theft
CATCombined Acceptance Trials
CATCombined Ancestor Tree
CATCombined Arms Team
CATCombined Arms Training
CATCombining Context with Trust, Security and Privacy
CATComitê de Assessoramento Técnico
CATCommand Action Team
CATCommercial Activity Tax
CATCommittee for Advanced Therapies
CATCommittee of Anaesthetists in Training of Sheffield
CATCommittee on Applications and Technology
CATCommodity Action Team
CATCommon Admission Test
CATCommon Aptitude Test
CATCommon Assessment Task
CATCommon Authentication Technology
CATCommunauté de l'Agglomération Troyenne
CATCommunications Assist Team
CATCommunications Assistance Center
CATCommunity Action Team
CATCommunity-Aided Transport
CATCompact Audio Technology
CATCompagnie Armoricaine de Transport
CATCompetency Assessment Tool
CATCompetency, Accountability, Transparency
CATCompetition Appeals Tribunal
CATComplementary Angle Theorem
CATComplementary and Alternative Therapy
CATCompliance Assessment Team
CATComponent Advanced Technology
CATCompte à Terme
CATComputer Adaptive Test
CATComputer Aided Technology
CATComputer Aided Test
CATComputer Aided Training
CATComputer Aided Transcription
CATComputer Aided Translation
CATComputer Aided Typesetting
CATComputer Assisted Tomography
CATComputer Association of Thailand
CATComputer-Aided Teaching
CATComputer-Aided Testing
CATComputer-Aided Tomography
CATComputer-Aided Tooling
CATComputer-Aided Transcription
CATComputer-Assisted Testing
CATComputer-Assisted Training
CATComputer-Assisted Translation
CATComputer-based Adaptive Testing
CATComputerized Adaptive Testing
CATComputerized Axial Tomography ; now Computed Tomography)
CATComputerized Axial Tomography Now Computed Tomography
CATConcord Area Transit
CATConditional Access Table
CATConditionally Accepted Tag
CATConformance Acceptance Test
CATConfédération Autonome du Travail
CATConnecticut Administrator Test
CATConnector Actuation Tool
CATConstant Applied Tension
CATContainer Anchorage Terminal
CATContent Access Tool
CATContent Applications Transactions
CATContext Awareness and Trust
CATContinuous Action Tamper
CATContract Action Team
CATContract Assistance Team
CATContract Award Target
CATContractor Acceptance Test
CATContractor Automation Tool
CATContributory Access Tariff
CATControl & Assessment Team
CATControl Assessment Team
CATControl and Analysis Tool
CATControlled Atmosphere Transfer
CATConvention Against Torture
CATConventional Arms Transfer
CATConvergent Audio Technology
CATCooled Anode Transmitting valve
CATCorporate Accounts Transaction
CATCorrective Action Team
CATCosmic Anisotropy Telescope
CATCost Access Term
CATCost Analysis Team
CATCost Analysis Tool
CATCost Authority Target
CATCost, Access & Term
CATCosto Anual Total
CATCougars and Teaching
CATCounter Assault Team
CATCourse Achievement Test
CATCovert Action Team
CATCrack Arrest Temperature
CATCreative Arts Team
CATCrew Aid and Tool
CATCriminal Apprehension Team
CATCrisis Action Team
CATCriterion Autoregressive Transfer
CATCritical Action Time
CATCritical-Angle Transmission
CATCriticality Assessment Team
CATCritically Appraised Topic
CATCross-Aisle Transfer
CATCryogenic Accelerator Technology
CATCultural Algorithm Toolkit
CATCulture, Art and Technology
CATCustomer Acceptance Test
CATCustomer Access Terminal
CATCustomer Action Team
CATCustomer Assistance Technology