What does CD mean?

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Major Meanings of CD

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What does cd stand for

All Definitions of CD

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CD in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CDCable Duct
CDCalendar Day
CDCalibration Drift
CDCalifornia Detectives
CDCalifornia Dreamin'
CDCall Data
CDCall Deflection
CDCall Detail
CDCall Disconnect
CDCall Distributor
CDCamp Director
CDCanada Dry
CDCanadian Decoration
CDCanadian Dollar
CDCanadian Forces Decoration
CDCanine Distemper
CDCapability Data
CDCapacitor Discharge
CDCapacity Development
CDCapecitabine plus Docetaxel
CDCar and Driver
CDCareer Development
CDCarnitine Deficiency
CDCarpe Diem
CDCarried Down
CDCarrier Detect
CDCarterfone Decision
CDCash Disbursements
CDCash Dispenser
CDCatalytic Distillation
CDCavalry Division
CDCel Damage
CDCeliac Disease
CDCeline Dion
CDCell Delay
CDCensorship & Documents
CDCensorship Documents
CDCenter Director
CDCenter Distance
CDCentral Detector
CDCentral Division
CDCentralized Disbursing
CDCertificate of Deposit
CDCertificate of Design
CDCertificate of Destruction
CDCertification Division
CDCertified Diamontologist
CDCertified Doula
CDCertified Drafter
CDCeské Dráhy
CDChain Delivery
CDChange Directive
CDChange Directory
CDChange of Direction
CDChaos Dwarves
CDCharge Disproportionation
CDChart Datum
CDChemical Defense
CDChemical Dependency
CDChicken Dance
CDChinese Dragon
CDChoice Dividend
CDChris Daniels
CDChristian Dior
CDChromatic Dispersion
CDChronic Diarrhea
CDChunichi Dragons
CDCircuit Description
CDCircuit Description
CDCircular Dichroism
CDCircular Dichromism
CDCivil Defence
CDCivil Defense
CDCivil Disobedience
CDCivil Emergency Preparedness Training
CDClaims, Defense
CDClassification of Defects
CDClaude Debussy
CDClearance Delivery
CDClimate Dynamics
CDClimatological Data
CDCloaking Device
CDClock Distributor
CDClosed Document
CDClosed Drain
CDClostridium Difficile
CDClub Deportivo
CDCluster of Differentiation
CDCoastal Defense
CDCoat Dural
CDCode Detector
CDCoefficient of Drag
CDCoeliac Disease
CDCoffin Dancer
CDCognitive Disabilities
CDCoil Driver
CDCold Dielectric
CDCold Drawn
CDCold Drink
CDCollateral Damage
CDCollector, Dust
CDCollege Dictionary
CDCollision Detection
CDColor Display
CDCombat Developer
CDCombat Development
CDCombined Data
CDComisión Directiva
CDCommand Decoder
CDCommand Director
CDCommand Discipline
CDCommittee Draft
CDCommittee on Disarmament
CDCommon Denominator
CDCommon Dialog
CDCommon Digitizer
CDCommunicable Disease
CDCommunication Device
CDCommunication Disorder
CDCommunications Director
CDCommunity Development
CDCommunity of Democracies
CDCompact Disc
CDCompact Display
CDCompanion Dog
CDCompetitive Design
CDComplete Denture
CDComplete Divine
CDCompletion Detector/Detection
CDCompletion Detectordetection
CDCompliance Division
CDComponent Design
CDComprehensive Database
CDComputational Device
CDConcept Decision
CDConcept Definition
CDConcept Design
CDConcept Development
CDConceptual Design
CDConceptual Diagram
CDConcrete Detail
CDConcurrent Disorders
CDConditional Discharge
CDConduct Disorder
CDConference du Desarmement
CDConference on Disarmament
CDConfidential Document
CDConfiguration Drawing
CDCongressional District
CDConnectivity Date
CDConseil de Discipline
CDConsent Decree
CDConservation Dependent
CDConservation District
CDConserved Domain
CDConsistency Determination
CDConstruction Defect
CDConstruction Document
CDConsumers Digest
CDContainment Depressurization
CDContent Dictionary
CDContract Data
CDContract Definition
CDContract Design
CDContract Direction
CDContractual Data
CDContractual Dependency
CDControl Data
CDControl Drawing
CDControl and Display
CDControlled Drug
CDConventional Demodulation
CDConvergence for Democracy
CDConverter Display
CDConverter Drive
CDCookie Dispenser
CDCoolant Discharge
CDCooperation and Development
CDCoordinated Delivery
CDCoordinating Draft
CDCordoba Durchmusterung
CDCorporate Design
CDCorporate Development
CDCorps Diplomatique
CDCorrected Depth
CDCorrelation Dimension
CDCost Distribution
CDCoulomb Dipole
CDCouncil District
CDCountry Direct
CDCountry Director
CDCourtesy Date
CDCovert Duress
CDCowden Disease
CDCreative Differences
CDCreative Director
CDCredit Derivative
CDCrimp Dies
CDCrimson Deaths
CDCriteria Documents
CDCritical Decision
CDCritical Defect
CDCritical Design
CDCritical Dimension
CDCrohn's Disease
CDCross Direction
CDCross Docking
CDCross Dresser
CDCross Drive
CDCuerpo Diplomático
CDCuerpo Diplomático
CDCultural Development
CDCultural Diffusion
CDCultural Division
CDCurative Dose
CDCurrent Density
CDCurrent Directory
CDCurrently Disabled
CDCurriculum Development
CDCurriculum Differentiation
CDCurriculum Director
CDCushing's Disease
CDCustom Delay
CDCystitis Diet
CDCytoplasmic Domain
CDDemocratic Republic of the Congo
CDchannel designator