What does CE mean?

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Major Meanings of CE

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What does ce stand for

All Definitions of CE

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CE in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CE Construction Electrician
CEAir Post- special Delivery
CECache Enable
CECalendar Era
CECalibration Error
CECalving Ease
CECamera Electronics
CECampaign Evaluation
CECanadian Embassy
CECanadian English
CECapabilities Exchange
CECapillary Electrophoresis
CECapital Equipment
CECapital Expenditure
CECapsule Endoscopy
CECapture Effect
CECarbon Equivalent
CECareer Education
CECaserta, Campania
CECash Earnings
CECatalysis Engineering
CECataract Extraction
CECategorical Exclusion
CECedar Environmental
CECell Envelope
CECenter for Epidemiological Research
CECenter of Effort
CECenter of Excellence
CECentral Engineering
CECertificate Enrollment
CECertification Extension
CECertified Engineer
CEChange Estimate
CEChange Evaluation
CEChannel Element
CEChannel End
CEChannel Equipment
CEChaotic Evil
CEChartered Engineer
CEChemical Energy
CEChemical Engineer
CEChief Electrician
CEChief Engineer
CEChief Executive
CEChina Export
CEChinese Economy
CEChip Enable
CECholesterol Ester
CEChristian Education
CEChristian Endeavor
CEChristian Era
CEChristian Error
CEChristopher Eccleston
CEChronometer Error
CEChurch of England
CECincinnati Enquirer
CECircuit Edge
CECircuit Emulation
CECircular Error
CECity Executive
CECivil Emergency
CECivil Engineer
CECivil Engineering
CECivil Environment
CECivilian Enterprise
CEClassic Edition
CEClear Entry
CEClear Error
CEClient Executive
CEClint Eastwood
CEClutter Eliminator
CECognitive Ergonomics
CECollaborative Enterprises
CECollateral Enclave
CECollectors Edition
CECollege English
CECollision Elimination
CECombat Element
CECombat Engineers
CECombat Evolved
CECombat Excavator
CECombinatorial Extension
CECombined Endeavor
CECombustion Efficiency
CECombustion Engineering
CEComhphobal Eorpach
CEComisión Europea
CEComité d'Entreprise
CECommand Entity
CECommanders Evaluation
CECommemorative Edition
CECommercial Entity
CECommon Emitter
CECommon Entrance
CECommon Environment
CECommon Era
CECommunauté Européenne
CECommunications Electronics
CECommunications Element
CECommunications Engineering, Inc.
CECommunications Equipment
CECommutator End
CECompact Edition
CECompass Error
CECompliance Engineering
CECompliance and Enforcement
CEComponent Engineer
CEComprehensive Evaluation
CECompromising Emanations
CEComputational Element
CEComputational Epidemiology
CEComputer Engineer
CEComputer Engineering
CEComputers and Education
CEComputing Element
CEComputing Environment
CEComunidad Europea
CEComunidade Europeia
CEComunique Europeenne
CEComunita Europea
CEConcept Element
CEConcept Engineering
CEConcept Evaluation
CEConcept Exploration
CEConceptual Engineering
CEConcurrent Engineering
CEConditional Exemption
CEConditionally Exempt Generator
CEConducted Emission
CEConfiguration Engineering
CEConformite Europeanne
CEConformité Européenne
CEConjugated Estrogen
CEConnection Element
CEConnection Endpoint
CEConseil d'Etat
CEConseiller en Emploi
CEConservation of Energy
CEConstant Effect
CEConstruction Engineers
CEConsultative Examination
CEConsumer Electronics
CEConsumption Entry
CEContact Explosive
CEContagious Ecthyma
CEContent Engine
CEContent Express
CEContents Expediter
CEContinuing Education
CEContinuous Evaluation
CEContinuously Enrolled
CEControl Element
CEControl Engineering
CEConvergent Extension
CEConvert Enable
CECooperative Extension
CECopy Editor
CECopy Exactly
CECore Experiment
CECorpo Elementare
CECorps Eligible
CECorps of Engineers
CECorrect Error
CECorrection Entry
CECosmic Encounter
CECosmic Encounters
CECosmic Era
CECost Effective/Effectiveness
CECost Estimate
CECouncil of Europe
CECoupon Expense
CECreative Editing
CECrisis Establishment
CECriterion for Elimination
CECritical Element
CECritical Error
CECritical Examination
CECrystal Enterprise
CECubicle Exhaust
CECumulative Exposure Model
CECurrent Electrode
CECurrent English
CECurrent Era
CECurrent Estimate
CECurrent Events
CECurrent Expendable
CECurrent Exploitation
CECustom Edition
CECustom Entry
CECustomer Edge
CECustomer Engineer
CECustomer Experience
CECystic Echinococcosis
CEOffice of Conservation and Renewable Energy
CESri Lanka
CEcasualty estimation
CEcommand element (US DoD)