What does CIVIL mean?

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Major Meanings of CIVIL

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What does civil stand for

All Definitions of CIVIL

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CIVIL in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CIVILCARDA Coordination Center
CIVILCDMA Cluster Controller
CIVILCIK Comfirmation Code
CIVILCPU Clock Counter
CIVILCalhoun Community College
CIVILCalibration Check Compounds
CIVILCalifornia Cider Company
CIVILCalifornia Coastal Commission
CIVILCalifornia Commissioning Collaborative
CIVILCalifornia Community Colleges
CIVILCalifornia Conservation Corps
CIVILCalifornia Correctional Center
CIVILCalifornia Countercurrent
CIVILCall Content Channel
CIVILCalm Cool and Collected
CIVILCalorie Control Council
CIVILCambrian Caving Council
CIVILCambridge Career College
CIVILCambridge Chamber of Commerce
CIVILCambridgeshire County Council
CIVILCamden County College
CIVILCamelback Collectibles Club
CIVILCamp Catherine Capers
CIVILCampbelltown City Council
CIVILCamping and Caravanning Club
CIVILCampus Child Care
CIVILCampus Climate Challenge
CIVILCampus Crusade for Christ
CIVILCampus Crusade for Cthulhu
CIVILCanadian Cardiovascular Congress
CIVILCanadian Chamber of Commerce
CIVILCanadian Climate Centre
CIVILCanadian Codes Centre
CIVILCanadian Commercial Corporation
CIVILCanadian Committee on Cataloguing
CIVILCanadian Company Capabilities
CIVILCanadian Computing Competition
CIVILCanadian Council of Churches
CIVILCanadian Counsellor Certification
CIVILCanadian Criminal Code
CIVILCanadian Cultural Centre
CIVILCanari Chant Club
CIVILCanis Club Chartrain
CIVILCanola Council of Canada
CIVILCanterbury Clothing Company
CIVILCapacity Coordination Cell
CIVILCapital Community College
CIVILCapitol Cement Corporation
CIVILCaptains Career Course
CIVILCar Care Council
CIVILCar Communication Computer
CIVILCardiff County Council
CIVILCardiff Cycling Club
CIVILCare, Custody and Control
CIVILCareer Counselors Consortium
CIVILCargo Carrying Capacity
CIVILCargo Category Code
CIVILCargo Control Console
CIVILCaribbean Conference of Churches
CIVILCaribbean Conservation Corporation
CIVILCaribbean Cultural Committee
CIVILCarlito Caribbean Cool
CIVILCarlito Carribean Cool
CIVILCarmarthenshire County Council
CIVILCarolina Canoe Club
CIVILCarolina Christian Communications
CIVILCaroline Chisholm College
CIVILCarriers Container Council, Inc.
CIVILCascade Collegiate Conference
CIVILCash Conversion Cycle
CIVILCasino Control Commission
CIVILCassiopia Computer Corp.
CIVILCatalyst Control Center
CIVILCatchment Conservation Committee
CIVILCatechism of the Catholic Church
CIVILCathodal Closer Contraction
CIVILCatholic Communication Campaign
CIVILCatholic Conservation Center
CIVILCaucasian Chalk Circle
CIVILCelebration Covenant Church
CIVILCellules Communistes Combattantes
CIVILCenter for Community Capitalism
CIVILCenter for Community Change
CIVILCenter for Cooperative Concepts
CIVILCentral Christian Church
CIVILCentral City Co-Op
CIVILCentral City Concern
CIVILCentral Coast Chapter
CIVILCentral Composite Circumscribed
CIVILCentral Computer Complex
CIVILCentral Criminal Court
CIVILCentre Culturel Cinematographique
CIVILCentre Culturel de Chine
CIVILCentre Culturel et de Cooperation
CIVILCentre des Conseils Communaux
CIVILCentre for Complexity and Change
CIVILCentre for Culture and Communication
CIVILCeramic Chip Carrier
CIVILCerebro-Corporal Coefficient
CIVILCeredigion County Council
CIVILCerritos Community College
CIVILCertificate of Clinical Competence
CIVILCertificate of Completion and Compliance
CIVILCertificate of Creditable Coverage
CIVILCertified Chef de Cuisines
CIVILCertified Collateral Corporation
CIVILCertified Cost Consultant
CIVILCertified County Commissioner
CIVILCessnock City Council
CIVILChallenge Course Consultancy
CIVILChallenge Cover Collection
CIVILChalmers Cortege Committe
CIVILChamber of Commerce Committee
CIVILChampion Canary Club
CIVILChange Configuration Control
CIVILChannel Correlation Coefficient
CIVILChannel-Cut Collimator
CIVILChaos Computer Club e.V.
CIVILChaparral Cycling Club
CIVILCharge Current Controller
CIVILChattanooga Choo-Choo
CIVILChattanooga Convention Center
CIVILCheat Code Central
CIVILChemical Contamination Control
CIVILCherokee Country Club
CIVILCheshire County Council
CIVILChessington Community College
CIVILChicago Clearing Corporation
CIVILChicago Conservation Center
CIVILChicago Cultural Center
CIVILChild Care Center
CIVILChillagoe Caving Club
CIVILChina Christian Council
CIVILChina Compulsory Certification
CIVILChinese Christian Church
CIVILChinese Community Church
CIVILChinese Control Conference
CIVILChinese Culture Center
CIVILChinese Culture Club
CIVILChlorine Chemistry Council
CIVILChocolate Chip Cookies
CIVILChopping Current Control
CIVILChrist Church Cranbrook
CIVILChristchurch City Council
CIVILChristchurch Convention Centre
CIVILChristian City Church
CIVILChristian Conference Center
CIVILChurch Computer Center
CIVILCincinnati Car Company
CIVILCincinnati Convention Center
CIVILCircumscribed Central Composite
CIVILCitizen Corps Council
CIVILCitizens Communication Center
CIVILCitroen Car Club
CIVILCitroen Club Cordoba
CIVILCitrus County Cruisers
CIVILCity Colleges Center
CIVILCity Colleges of Chicago
CIVILCivil Conservation Corps
CIVILClackamas Community College
CIVILClark County Code
CIVILClassic Car Club
CIVILClassic Closet Case
CIVILClassical Complement Cascade
CIVILClassified Control Clerk
CIVILClatsop Community College
CIVILClean Cities Coalition
CIVILClean Conscience Cleaners
CIVILClear Channel Capability
CIVILClear Channel Communications
CIVILClear Creek County
CIVILCleveland Chiropractic College
CIVILCleveland Community College
CIVILClient Connection Conduit
CIVILClimate Change Capital
CIVILClimate Change College
CIVILClinic Control Center
CIVILClinical Care Center
CIVILClose Circuit Camera
CIVILClosed Cartesian Category
CIVILClosed-Loop Control
CIVILClub Canin Challandais
CIVILClyde Cruising Club
CIVILCo-Channel Constraint
CIVILCoaching and Consulting for Change
CIVILCoahoma Community College
CIVILCoastal Coordinating Controller
CIVILCoastal Coordination Council
CIVILCoca Cola Championship
CIVILCoca-Cola Classic
CIVILCoffeyville Community College
CIVILCognitive Complexity and Control Theory
CIVILCollector's Club of Chicago
CIVILCollege Composition and Communications
CIVILCollege Computing Center
CIVILCollegiate Cancer Council
CIVILColonial Country Club
CIVILColorado Christian Coalition
CIVILColorado Climate Center
CIVILColorado Correctional Center
CIVILColumbia College Chicago
CIVILColumbus Chamber of Commerce
CIVILCombat Crew Communications
CIVILCombinatorics, Computing and Complexity
CIVILCombined Command Center
CIVILComite contre les Chats
CIVILComite de Coordination des Collectivites
CIVILCommand Career Counselor
CIVILCommand Chief Master Sergeant
CIVILCommand and Communication Center
CIVILCommand and Control Center
CIVILCommand and Control Central
CIVILCommand, Control, & Communications
CIVILCommander in Chief Command Complex
CIVILCommander in Chief Control Center
CIVILCommander in Chief Complex
CIVILCommercial Carrier Corporation
CIVILCommercial Computer Centre
CIVILCommercial Computer Centre Pty Ltd
CIVILCommission Consultative de Concertation
CIVILCommission on Capital Cases
CIVILCommittee on Climate Change
CIVILCommodity Credit Corporation
CIVILCommunication Centree sur le Client
CIVILCommunication pour le Changement de Comportements
CIVILCommunication, Command, and Control
CIVILCommunications Control Console
CIVILCommunications-Computer Committee
CIVILCommunity Center Complex
CIVILCommunity Christian Church
CIVILCommunity Collaborative for Change
CIVILCommunity Credit Corporation
CIVILCommunity Customs Code
CIVILCommunity Cyber Centers
CIVILCommunity Cycling Center
CIVILCompanies Consolidated Contractors Co
CIVILCompaq Computer Corporation
CIVILCompetition and Credit Control
CIVILComplex Control Center
CIVILComposting Council of Canada
CIVILComprehensive Cancer Center
CIVILCompressor Controls Corporation
CIVILCompromised Container Caps
CIVILComputational Complexity Conference
CIVILComputer Career Center
CIVILComputer Career Connection, Inc
CIVILComputer Chess Club
CIVILComputer Command Carburetor
CIVILComputer Controlled Character
CIVILComputer Curriculum Corporation
CIVILComputers in Cardiology Conference
CIVILComputing and Communications Center
CIVILConcatenated Convolutional Code
CIVILConcentration in Cross Contamination sample
CIVILConcerned Citizens Coalition
CIVILConference on Computational Complexity
CIVILConfiguration Control Committee
CIVILConfraternity of Catholic Clergy
CIVILCongressional City Conference
CIVILConnecticut Community College
CIVILConseil Canadien de la Cooperation
CIVILConseil Cannois de Concertation
CIVILConseil Consultatif Constitutionnel
CIVILConseil Creation Communication
CIVILConsolidated Command Center
CIVILConsolidated Contractors Company
CIVILConsortium of Collective Consciousness
CIVILConstant Composition Code
CIVILConstant Conditional Correlation
CIVILConstitutio Criminalis Carolina
CIVILConstitution Convention Commission
CIVILConstitution Credentials Committee
CIVILConstruction Careers Center
CIVILConstructors Car Club
CIVILConsulting and Coaching for Change
CIVILConsumer Credit Counselors
CIVILConsumers Choice Council
CIVILConsumers Council of Canada
CIVILConsumers' Consultative Council
CIVILContaminant Control Cartridge
CIVILContemporary China Center
CIVILContinental Can Company
CIVILContinental Cement Company LLC
CIVILContinuing Care Community
CIVILContinuity of Care Certification
CIVILContinuous Chest Compression
CIVILContinuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis
CIVILContra Costa College
CIVILContra Costa County
CIVILContract Consultants Corporation
CIVILControl Center Complex
CIVILControlled Current Conveyor
CIVILController Checkout Console
CIVILConvention on Cybercrime
CIVILConvergent Close-coupling
CIVILCookeville Camera Club
CIVILCool Calm Collective
CIVILCool Cats Club
CIVILCooper Car Company
CIVILCooperation Committee for Cambodia
CIVILCoordinated Child Care
CIVILCoordinating Council of Cooperatives
CIVILCopeland Community Center
CIVILCopyright Clearance Center
CIVILCoral Cay Conservation
CIVILCorgi Collector Club
CIVILCoricidin Cough and Cold
CIVILCornerstone Community Church
CIVILCorning Community College
CIVILCornwall County Council
CIVILCorporate Citizenship Consulting
CIVILCorporate Computer Center
CIVILCorporate Customer Care
CIVILCorporation Commerciale Canadienne
CIVILCorps Computer Centers
CIVILCorpus Christi College
CIVILCorrelated Computer Code
CIVILCorrelator Control Computer
CIVILCorriente Clasista y Combativa
CIVILCorruption and Crime Commission
CIVILCost Category Code
CIVILCosta Rica's Call Center
CIVILCouncil of Conservative Citizens
CIVILCouncillors and Commission Chairs
CIVILCounseling and Career Center
CIVILCounselling Code of Conduct
CIVILCounter Counterfeit Commission
CIVILCounter Culture Coffee
CIVILCountryside Christian Church
CIVILCourse Cost Code
CIVILCovenant Coaching Circles
CIVILCovenant Community Church
CIVILCowiche Canyon Conservancy
CIVILCox Customer Care Center
CIVILCrackers Comedy Club
CIVILCrane Carrier Corporation
CIVILCredit Counselors Corporation
CIVILCrescent City Classic
CIVILCriminal Code of Canada
CIVILCrisis Coordination Center
CIVILCriteria Continuous Concentration
CIVILCritical Coagulant Concentration
CIVILCritical Control Circuit
CIVILCross Country Canada
CIVILCross Cultural Center
CIVILCross Cultural Communications
CIVILCross-Cultural Communication
CIVILCroydon Crown Court
CIVILCruise Control Coast
CIVILCube Connected Cycles
CIVILCullompton Community College
CIVILCullompton Cricket Club
CIVILCurrent Carrying Capacity
CIVILCurricula and Certification Council
CIVILCurriculum Coordination Center
CIVILCustom Chopper Club
CIVILCustomer Call Center
CIVILCustomer Care Consultant
CIVILCustomer Comment Card
CIVILCustomer Competence Center
CIVILCustomer Contact Center
CIVILCustoms Cooperation Council
CIVILCuyahoga Community College
CIVILCycle Conservation Club
CIVILCynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru
CIVILCypress Community College
CIVILcoalition coordination cell