What does DC mean?

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Major Meanings of DC

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What does dc stand for

All Definitions of DC

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of DC in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
DCDa Capo
DCDaimler Chrysler
DCDairy Council
DCDaisy Cutter
DCDallas Cowboys
DCDamage Class
DCDamage Control
DCDamage Controlman
DCDamage Controlman
DCDamaged Cybernetics
DCDamascus College
DCDana College
DCDane Cook
DCDansalan College
DCDarigan Citadel
DCDark Carnival
DCDark Cloud
DCDark Crystal
DCDartmouth College
DCDashboard Confessional
DCData Camera
DCData Carrier
DCData Cartridge
DCData Center
DCData Collection
DCData Collector
DCData Communication
DCData Complexity
DCData Compression
DCData Consult
DCData Control
DCData Controller
DCData Coordinator
DCDaughter Card
DCDaughters of Charity
DCDaughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul
DCDavao City
DCDavid Coulthard
DCDavid Cronenberg
DCDavidson College
DCDawson Creek
DCDawson's Creek
DCDay Care
DCDay Case
DCDead Caulfields
DCDead Center
DCDealer Cost
DCDear Children
DCDeath Cab for Cutie
DCDeath Certificate
DCDeath Claim
DCDeath Company
DCDeath Cruiser
DCDebit Card
DCDebris Collector
DCDebt Collector
DCDecatur Central
DCDeccan Chronicle
DCDecember's Children
DCDecent Christian
DCDecimal Classification
DCDecision Coverage
DCDefect Code
DCDefect Coverage
DCDefensa Civil
DCDefense Carrier
DCDefense Counsel
DCDefiance College
DCDeficiency Category
DCDefined Contribution
DCDefocus Control
DCDegrees Celsius
DCDel Ray Connecting Railroad Company
DCDelayed Call
DCDelivery Confirmation
DCDeloitte Consulting
DCDelta College
DCDelta Conyne
DCDemand Code
DCDemocratic Centre
DCDemocratico Cristiano
DCDemocrazia Cristiana
DCDemokratski Centar
DCDen Chief
DCDendritic Cell
DCDental Corps
DCDepartamento de Computación
DCDepartment Chief
DCDepartment of Communications
DCDepartment of Conservation
DCDeparture Control
DCDependent Care
DCDeployment Configuration
DCDepth Charge
DCDeputies Committee
DCDeputy Commissioner
DCDerrick Coleman
DCDesert Combat
DCDesert Crisis
DCDesign Change
DCDesign Criteria
DCDespués de Cristo
DCDestiny's Child
DCDetection Classification
DCDetective Comics
DCDetective Conan
DCDetective Constable
DCDetector Controller
DCDetention Center
DCDetention Class
DCDeveloped Country
DCDeveloping Country
DCDevelopment Center
DCDevelopment Characteristics
DCDevelopment Commissioner
DCDevelopment Cooperation
DCDevelopment Coordinator
DCDevice Context
DCDevice Control
DCDevice Controller
DCDevice Coordinate
DCDiablo Clone
DCDiagonally to Centre
DCDialysis Center
DCDiameter of the Coverage Area
DCDick Cheney
DCDick Clark
DCDicky Cheung
DCDiet Coke
DCDietitians of Canada
DCDifferential Correction
DCDifferential Cryptanalysis
DCDifficulty Class
DCDigital Cables
DCDigital Camera
DCDigital Certificate
DCDigital Cinema
DCDigital Curriculum
DCDigital Port Card
DCDigitally Correct
DCDikewood Corporation
DCDiners Club
DCDioptre Cylinder
DCDiplomatic Corps
DCDipolog City
DCDirect Chill
DCDirect Communication
DCDirect Connect
DCDirect Converter
DCDirect Cost
DCDirect Credit
DCDirect Current
DCDirect Quote
DCDirection Control
DCDirectional Coupler
DCDirectionality Classification
DCDirector of Ceremonies
DCDirt Cheap
DCDisarmament Commission
DCDisaster Control
DCDisciples of Christ
DCDiscipleship Coordinator
DCDisciplinary Committee
DCDisconnect Code
DCDisconnect Confirm
DCDiscount Code
DCDiscovery Channel
DCDiscovery Connection
DCDishonored Check
DCDisney Channel
DCDisplaced Civilian
DCDisplay Console
DCDisplay Control
DCDisplay Controller
DCDisplay Coupler
DCDisposal Code
DCDistribuidora Cruz
DCDistributed Center
DCDistribution Center
DCDistributive Computing
DCDistrict Collector
DCDistrict Commissioner
DCDistrict Controller
DCDistrict Coordinator
DCDistrict Council
DCDistrict Court
DCDistrict of Columbia
DCDivine Comedy
DCDivision Chief
DCDivision of Compliance
DCDivisional Commander
DCDivisional Commissioner
DCDivorce Court
DCDixie Chicks
DCDocking Compartment
DCDoctor of Chiropractic
DCDoctrine & Covenants
DCDoctrine Covenants
DCDocument Code
DCDocument Collaboration
DCDocument Control
DCDocumentation Control
DCDoesn't Count
DCDomain Component
DCDomain Controller
DCDomestic Corporation
DCDon Caballero
DCDon't Cry
DCDoom Connector
DCDopo Cristo
DCDoppler Centroid
DCDordt College
DCDorsal Column
DCDot Com
DCDouble Check
DCDouble Column
DCDouble Couple
DCDouble Crochet
DCDouble Crown
DCDoug Christie
DCDouglas College
DCDouglas Commercial
DCDouglas County
DCDown Center
DCDragon Court
DCDrain Channel
DCDrain Cock
DCDrain Connection
DCDrake Centre
DCDream Cast
DCDress Circle
DCDrew Carey
DCDrift Correction
DCDrill and Ceremonial
DCDrinking Christians/Catholics
DCDrinking Christianscatholics
DCDrip Can
DCDrive Carefully
DCDroors Clothing
DCDry Cell
DCDry Container
DCDual Champion
DCDublin Core
DCDublin Corporation
DCDummy Corporation
DCDuration Calculus
DCDust Collector
DCDutchess County
DCDuty Cycle
DCDynamic Compaction
DCNational Department Chief
DCWilliam G. Davis Centre
DCdislocated civilian