What does DR mean?

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Major Meanings of DR

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What does dr stand for

All Definitions of DR

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of DR in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
DRDamage Reduction
DRDaniel Radcliffe
DRDanmarks Radio
DRDartmouth Review
DRDas Reich
DRData Rate
DRData Receive
DRData Received
DRData Recorder
DRData Recovery
DRData Reduction
DRData Redundancy
DRData Repository
DRData Request
DRData Requirement
DRData Research
DRDead Reckoning
DRDead Round
DRDeath Row
DRDebit Record
DRDecision Redundancy
DRDecision Review
DRDecoy Research
DRDeep Red
DRDeep Reflux
DRDefect Report
DRDeficiency Report
DRDeficiency/Discrepancy Report
DRDeficiencydiscrepancy Report
DRDeflection Ratio
DRDelay Reducer
DRDelayed Reservation
DRDelivery Rate
DRDelivery Report
DRDelivery Room
DRDemand Response
DRDemocratic Republic
DRDepartment Requisition
DRDeployment Readiness
DRDepth Required
DRDeputy Registrar
DRDerde Rijk
DRDesign Review
DRDesignated Receiver
DRDesignated Router
DRDespatch Rider
DRDetection Radar
DRDeutsche Reichsbahn
DRDeveloper Release
DRDevelopment Region
DRDevelopment Report
DRDevelopment Requisition
DRDevelopmental Review
DRDevil Rays
DRDiabetic Retinopathy
DRDiary Room
DRDiazo Reproducible Full Size Drawing
DRDice Roll (gaming)
DRDielectric Resonator
DRDiferencia de Riesgos
DRDifferential Reporting
DRDigital Rack
DRDigital Radiography
DRDigital Research
DRDigital Resolver
DRDigital River
DRDining Room
DRDirect Recycling
DRDirect Report
DRDirect Route
DRDirected Retry
DRDirection de la Recherche
DRDisaster Recovery
DRDisaster Relief
DRDisaster Response
DRDischarge Resistor
DRDisconnect Request
DRDiscount Rate
DRDiscrepancy Report
DRDispersion Relation
DRDisplacement Ratio
DRDisplay Request
DRDistrict Ranger
DRDistrict Registry
DRDivide Register
DRDoctor Robert
DRDocument Request System
DRDominican Republic
DRDoppler Radar
DRDoppler Rate
DRDose Rate
DRDouay-Rheims Bible
DRDouble Replacement
DRDouble Rub
DRDown Right
DRDrag Reduction
DRDragon Realms
DRDragon Runner
DRDrilling Reservist
DRDriver Release
DRDrudge Report
DRDynamic Range
DRDynamic Replenishment
DRDynamic Representation
DRThe Dragon Riders
DRdielectronic recombination
DRdigital receiver