What does ID mean?

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Major Meanings of ID

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What does id stand for

All Definitions of ID

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of ID in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
IDDrain Current
IDI'm Down
IDIcewind Dale
IDIdaho Operations Office
IDIdentification Data
IDIditol Dehydrogenase
IDIm Dienst
IDIm Durchschnitt
IDImplant Dentistry
IDImplementation Dependency
IDIncapacitation Dose
IDInch Down
IDInclusive Design
IDIncreased Deployability
IDIncremental Development
IDIndefinite Delivery
IDIndependent Democrats
IDIndex Diagram
IDIndividuated Dysautomania
IDInduced Draft
IDIndustrial Design
IDIndustrial Dispute
IDIndustry Discount
IDInertial Dampeners
IDInfantry Division
IDInfectious Disease
IDInfective Dose
IDInformation Deficiency
IDInformation Development
IDInformation Document
IDInhibitors of DNA Binding/Differentiation
IDInitial D
IDInitial Distribution
IDInner Diameter
IDInsertion Device
IDInside Diameter
IDInside Dimension
IDInside Dose
IDInstallation Data
IDInstantaneous Description
IDInstitut Dayakologi
IDInstitution Directory
IDInstituto Desert
IDInstruction Decode
IDInstructional Design
IDInstrument Delivery
IDIntegrated Daemon
IDIntegrated Demonstration
IDIntegrated Design
IDIntegrated Diagnostics
IDIntegrated Dictionary
IDIntellectual Disability
IDIntelligence Department
IDIntelligent Design
IDInter Dimensional
IDIntercommunication Device
IDInterconnecting Device
IDInterface Device
IDInterface Diagnostics
IDInterface Diagram
IDInterior Decorator
IDInterior Design
IDInterleaving Depth
IDIntermediate Dose
IDInternal Diameter
IDInternal Document
IDInternational Dateline
IDInternational Development
IDInternational Diplomacy
IDInternational Director
IDInterpretative Documents
IDIntestinal Distress
IDIntrinsic Densitometry
IDIntrusion Detection
IDInvariant Density
IDInventory Difference
IDInventory Discrepancy
IDInvestigación y Desarrollo
IDInvisible Disability
IDIraqi Dinar
IDIrrigation Department
IDIrvine Dataflow
IDIssue Date
IDItem Designator
IDIzquierda Democrática
IDWe're in Demand