What does IR mean?

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Major Meanings of IR

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What does ir stand for

All Definitions of IR

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of IR in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
IRIFR Military Training Route
IRIce on Runway
IRIleal Resection
IRIm Ruhestand
IRImage Rejection
IRImage Runner
IRImaging Radar
IRImmediate Release
IRImmune Response
IRImperator et Rex
IRImposto de Renda
IRImpulse Response
IRIncidence Rate
IRIncident Record
IRIncident Report
IRIncoherent Recombining
IRIncorrect Reconfiguration
IRIncremental Reactivity
IRIndependent Radio
IRIndependent Research
IRIndex Register
IRIndian Railway
IRIndian Reservation
IRIndigenous Revolution
IRInduction Regulator
IRIndustrial Relations
IRIndustrial Robot
IRIndustrial Roundtable
IRInformation Ratio
IRInformation Record
IRInformation Report
IRInformation Repository
IRInformation Request
IRInformation Required
IRInformation Requirements
IRInformation Resources
IRInformation Retrieval
IRInformation Revolution
IRInfrared Radiation
IRInfrared Radiometer
IRIngestion Rate
IRIngress Router
IRInhalation Rate
IRInherited Runner
IRInhibiting Relay
IRInitial Response
IRInitialization and Refresh
IRInjured Reserve
IRInland Revenue
IRInner Radius
IRInspection Record
IRInspection Report
IRInspection Request
IRInstallation Report
IRInstallation Restoration
IRInstant Replay
IRInstitut de Rééducation
IRInstitutional Research
IRInstruction Register
IRInstrument Rating
IRInstrument Reading
IRInstrument Route
IRInsuficiencia Renal
IRInsulation Resistance
IRInsulin Receptor
IRInsulin Resistance
IRInsurance Record (insurance)
IRIntegrated Rating
IRIntegrated Resort
IRIntegrated Resources
IRIntelligence Report
IRIntelligence Request
IRIntelligent Roaming
IRInterest Rate
IRInterface Repository
IRInterference Rejection
IRIntermediate Reach
IRIntermediate Rear
IRIntermediate Representation
IRIntermediate Resonance
IRIntermittent Reperfusion
IRInternal Resistance
IRInternal Resources
IRInternal Review
IRInternal Revision
IRInternal Rotation
IRInternational Relations
IRInternational Roaming
IRInternet Registry
IRInternet Router
IRInteroperability Requirement
IRInterposing Relay
IRInterracial Relationship
IRInterrupt Request
IRInterruption Reporting
IRInterstate Route
IRInterval Rate
IRInterventional Radiologist
IRInterventional Radiology
IRInvestable Resources
IRInvestigation Report
IRInvestigation Request
IRInvestment Request
IRInvestor Relation
IRInvitation Request
IRInvoice Receipt
IRInward Radial
IRIonizing Radiation
IRIran Air
IRIron Rod
IRIslamic Relief
IRIslamic Republic
IRIslamic Republic of Iran
IRIsoprene Rubber
IRIsoprene Rubber
IRIsrael Railways
IRIterative Reconstruction
IRIvan Reitman
IRinformation rate
IRintelligence requirement