What does MI mean?

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Major Meanings of MI

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What does mi stand for

All Definitions of MI

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of MI in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
MIMachine Independent
MIMachine Intelligence
MIMafic Index
MIMain Injector
MIMaintenance Item
MIMajor Issue
MIMaking It
MIMalaysian Idol
MIMalleable Iron
MIMalteser International
MIManagement Indicator
MIManagement Interface
MIManagment Information
MIManhattan Institute
MIManpower Information
MIManual Input
MIManufacturing Inspector
MIManufacturing Instruction
MIMarching Illini
MIMare Island
MIMarginal Income
MIMarginal Inscription
MIMariana Islands
MIMarine Inspection
MIMarine Institute
MIMarine Instructor
MIMarine Insurance
MIMaritime Interdiction
MIMark Industries
MIMarket Index
MIMarket Intelligence
MIMarket Investigation
MIMaster Instruction
MIMaster Instructor
MIMaster Interface
MIMaterial Inspection
MIMath Investigation
MIMeasurement Interval
MIMeat Inspector
MIMechanical Inspection
MIMechanical Investing
MIMedia Immersion
MIMedical Inspection
MIMedical Instrumentation
MIMedical Investigator
MIMedically Indigent
MIMedicare Interactive
MIMellon Institute
MIMembership Interview
MIMemphis Industries
MIMentally Ill
MIMercer Island
MIMerritt Island
MIMessage Indicator
MIMetamerism Index
MIMetropolitan Institute
MIMica Insulated
MIMichel Catalog
MIMicrosatellite Instability
MIMicroscopic Imager
MIMiddle Infielder
MIMiddle Initial
MIMigrante International
MIMijns Inziens
MIMilano - Milan
MIMilitary Intelligence
MIMilitia Immaculatae
MIMilken Institute
MIMillennia Institute
MIMillennium Institute
MIMineral Insulated
MIMinister of Information
MIMinor Irrigation
MIMinority Institutions
MIMinority Interest
MIMiscellaneous Item
MIMisión Internacional
MIMissed Intercept
MIMissile Item
MIMission Impact
MIMission Impossible
MIMitral Incompetence
MIMobile Infantry
MIMobile Infrastructure
MIMobility Impairment
MIMobility International, Inc
MIMode Indicator
MIModel Identification
MIModel Integration
MIModification Instruction
MIModular Instruments
MIMolar to Incisor
MIMonkey Island
MIMonsters, Inc.
MIMonumental Inscription
MIMore Info
MIMortgage Insurance
MIMotivational Interviewing
MIMultiple Inheritance
MIMultiple Instruction Stream
MIMultiple Intelligences
MIMultiple-Instruction-Stream Computer
MIMusic Industry
MIMutual Information
MIMyocardial Infarction
MImovement instructions