What does MR mean?

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Major Meanings of MR

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What does mr stand for

All Definitions of MR

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of MR in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
MRAir Mauritanie
MRMach Rider
MRMachine Record
MRMachinery Repairman
MRMafia Returns
MRMagic Resistance
MRMagnetic Resonance
MRMagnetic Roller
MRMagnetiese Resonansie-Skandering
MRMahinda Rajapaksa
MRMail and Records
MRMain Reflector
MRMain Rotor
MRMaintenance Ratio
MRMaintenance Release
MRMaintenance Repair
MRMaintenance Request
MRMaintenance Requirement
MRMaintenance Responsibility
MRMaintenance Review
MRMajor Repair
MRMalfunction Report
MRManagement Reserve
MRManagement Review
MRManufacturer's Representative
MRManufacturing Release
MRMarginal Return
MRMarginal Revenue
MRMarine Recon
MRMaritime Reconnaissance
MRMarket Representative
MRMarket Research
MRMars Relay
MRMaster of the Rolls
MRMatchbook Romance
MRMaterial Regulation
MRMaterial Requisition
MRMaterials Request
MRMateriel Release
MRMatrix Reloaded
MRMaurice Ravel
MRMaximum Ride
MRMcCloud River
MRMean Rabbit
MRMechanisms and Robotics Conference
MRMedical Records
MRMedical Representative
MRMedium Rate Data
MRMedium Rigid
MRMeet Record
MRMember Resources
MRMemorandum for Record
MRMemory Recall
MRMemory Resident
MRMens Rea
MRMental Retardation
MRMentally Retarded
MRMercury Redstone
MRMessage Received
MRMetabolic Rate
MRMichael Rabin
MRMichael Redd
MRMicro Resources, Inc.
MRMicrowave R
MRMid-Engine Rear-Wheel Drive
MRMiddle Reliever
MRMidland Railway
MRMilano Red
MRMilitaires du Rang
MRMilitary Region
MRMilk Replacer
MRMind Rape
MRMineralocorticoid Receptor
MRMinimal Residual
MRMinnesota Review
MRMiscellaneous Receipts
MRMishap Report
MRMissile Radar
MRMissile Round
MRMission Rainbow
MRMitral Regurgitation
MRMitsubishi Racing
MRMobile Receiver
MRMobile Relay
MRMobile Route
MRMobile Router
MRMode Request
MRModel Railroader
MRModem Ready
MRModem Relay
MRModification/Material Request
MRModified Read
MRModified Release
MRMolasses Residuum
MRMolecular Replacement
MRMolecular Response
MRMonica Reyes
MRMonitor Room
MRMonopulse Radar
MRMonster Rancher
MRMontreal Racing
MRMoon Rise
MRMoonlight Resonance
MRMoose River
MRMotivation Research
MRMould Room
MRMouse Rug
MRMouvement Rodriguais
MRMouvement Réformateur
MRMovimiento Reformador
MRMoving Range
MRMulti Role
MRMultiply Register
MRMunitions Rule
MRMutual Recognition
MRWar Tax Stamp