What does PA mean?

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Major Meanings of PA

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What does pa stand for

All Definitions of PA

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of PA in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
PABureau of Public Affairs
PAPakistan Army
PAPale Ale
PAPalermo, Sicilia
PAPalestinian Authority
PAPalo Alto
PAPamela Anderson
PAPan Am
PAPancreatic Adenocarcinoma
PAPaniagua y Asociados
PAPantothenic Acid
PAPaper Advance
PAParalyzed Age
PAParamedic's Assistant
PAParapsychological Association, Inc
PAParental Advisory
PAParents Association
PAParliamentary Assistant
PAParti de l'Action
PAPartial Agreement
PAParticipatory Appraisal
PAParticle Accelerator
PAPartido Arnulfista
PAPartner Association
PAParty Animal
PAPass Along
PAPass-through Applications
PAPassenger Address
PAPassenger Announcement
PAPassive Aggressive
PAPastoral Administrator
PAPastoral Assistant
PAPathologists' Assistant
PAPatients Association
PAPatronato Antialcohólico
PAPaulus Apostolus
PAPax Americana
PAPay Attention
PAPaying Agent
PAPayload Accommodations
PAPayroll Area
PAPeace Agreement
PAPeace Arch
PAPeano Arithmetics
PAPeer Advisor
PAPending Availability
PAPenny Arcade
PAPension Adjustment
PAPeople's Alliance
PAPeople's Association
PAPer Annum
PAPerfect Attack
PAPerfect Attendance
PAPerforate Artery
PAPerformance Analysis
PAPerformance Appraisal
PAPerformance Assessment
PAPerformance Assurance
PAPerforming Activity
PAPermit Authority
PAPernicious Anemia
PAPersistent Asthma
PAPersisting to an Older Age
PAPersonal Accident
PAPersonal Adviser
PAPersonal Agent
PAPersonal Alarm
PAPersonal Appearance
PAPersonal Assistant
PAPersonnel Action
PAPerverted Ass
PAPerverts Anonymous
PAPhantom Assassin
PAPhilippine Army
PAPhillips Academy
PAPhotoinduced Absorption
PAPhysical Abuse/Assault
PAPhysical Abuseassault
PAPhysical Activity
PAPhysical Affair
PAPhysician Assistant
PAPhysician's Association
PAPicatinny Arsenal
PAPierce Armor
PAPilote Automatique
PAPinkerton Academy
PAPlanet of the Apes
PAPlanning Authority
PAPlant Air
PAPlasminogen Activator
PAPlate Appearance
PAPlatinum Aero
PAPlaza Automotriz
PAPlein Air
PAPoint A
PAPoint Analysis
PAPoints Against
PAPokémon Aaah!
PAPolar Air Mass
PAPolice Academy
PAPolicy Analyst
PAPolicy Article
PAPolitical Affairs
PAPolitical Agent
PAPolk Audio
PAPollution Abatement
PAPooling Administrator
PAPort Adapter
PAPort Angeles
PAPort Authority
PAPosition Adaptivity
PAPosition Angle
PAPosition Approximate
PAPost Adjutant
PAPosterior Anterior
PAPower Act
PAPower Amplifier
PAPower Automation
PAPower of Attorney
PAPracticing Attorney
PAPre Approval
PAPrecision Approach
PAPrecision Attack
PAPredictive Analysis
PAPrednisolone Acetate
PAPreferred Address
PAPreferred Alternative
PAPreliminary Assessment
PAPremier Agendas, Inc.
PAPreparing Activity
PAPress Agent
PAPress Association
PAPressure Alarm
PAPressure Altitude
PAPreventative Action
PAPride Africa
PAPrince Albert
PAPrincess Anne
PAPrincipal Administrator
PAPrior Authorization
PAPrivacy Act
PAPrivacy Advocate
PAPrivate Account
PAPrivate Adoption
PAPrivatization Agency
PAProblem Analysis
PAProcess Allocator
PAProcess Analysis
PAProcess Area
PAProcessing Activities
PAProcurement Aide/Assistant
PAProcurement Aideassistant
PAProcurement Appropriation
PAProcurement Army
PAProcurement Authorization
PAProducing Ability
PAProduct Accumulate
PAProduct Assurance
PAProduction Acceptance
PAProduction Agency
PAProduction Assistant
PAProduction Assistant
PAProfessional Associates
PAProfessional Association
PAProfessional Audio System
PAProfessor's Assistant
PAProgram Access
PAProgram Account/Allocation
PAProgram Accountallocation
PAProgram Administrator
PAProgram Announcement
PAProgram Assistant
PAProgram Authorization
PAProgrammatic Agreement
PAProgrammed Amount
PAProgramming Assistant
PAProgressão Aritmética
PAProhibited Areas
PAProject Accounting
PAProject Administrator
PAProject Agreement
PAProject Analyst
PAProject Architect
PAProject Arrangement
PAProject Assessment
PAProject Audit
PAProject Authorization
PAProof Assistant
PAProperty Administrator
PAPropionic Acidemia
PAProponent Agency
PAProsecution Attorney
PAProtected Area
PAProtective Antigen
PAProtocol Analyzer
PAProton Affinity
PAProvider Assigned
PAProxy Agreement
PAPrune Agar
PAPseudomonas Aeruginosa Lectin
PAPseudomonas aeruginosa
PAPsoriatic Arthritis
PAPublic Accounting
PAPublic Address
PAPublic Address system
PAPublic Administration
PAPublic Affairs
PAPublic Aid
PAPublic Announcement
PAPublic Appearance
PAPublic Assistance
PAPublic Attorney
PAPublic Audio
PAPublish America
PAPublishers Association
PAPulmonary Artery
PAPunk Ass
PAPurchasing Agent
PAPurchasing Aide/Assistant
PAPurchasing Aideassistant
PAPut Away
PAPutt and Approach