What does PI mean?

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Major Meanings of PI

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What does pi stand for

All Definitions of PI

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of PI in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
PIBlood Clotting
PIInternational Protocol
PIIonized Phosphorus
PIIsoelectric Point
PIIstiqlal Party
PIPCNA Labeling Index
PIPacific Institute
PIPacific Internet
PIPackage Insert
PIPacket Interface
PIPaducah & Illinois Railroad
PIPaedagogisches Institut
PIPage Impression
PIPage Interleaving
PIPallidum Internum
PIPampers Institute
PIPandemic Influenza
PIPanicle Initiation
PIPaper Insulated
PIPar Intérim
PIParadigm Infinitum
PIParallel Interface
PIParameter Identifier
PIParameter Indicator
PIParanoid Ideation
PIParanormal Investigator
PIParent Initial
PIParents for Inclusion
PIParris Island
PIParticular Integral
PIPartner Institution
PIPass Interference
PIPasses Intercepted
PIPassive Intercept
PIPatente de Invenção
PIPaternity Index
PIPayload Integrator
PIPearl Islands
PIPenile Implant
PIPentium I
PIPer Inch
PIPer Inquiry
PIPerception Immédiate
PIPerceptually Impaired
PIPerforated Initials
PIPerformance Improvement
PIPerformance Index
PIPerformance Indicator
PIPerformance Insight
PIPerimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
PIPeriodic Inspection
PIPeripheral Iridotomy
PIPerlite Institute
PIPerpetual Inventory
PIPersistently Infected
PIPersonal Identifier
PIPersonal Injury
PIPersonal Inspection
PIPersonal Investigator
PIPetroleum Institute
PIPhase I
PIPhiladelphia Inquirer
PIPhilippine Islands
PIPhosphorus Index
PIPhoto Interpretation
PIPhoto Interpreter
PIPhysical Inventory
PIPhysically Impaired
PIPhysician Information
PIPhysicist Interface
PIPhysics International
PIPhysik Instrumente
PIPlanet Internet
PIPlant Industry
PIPlant Information
PIPlant Integrity
PIPlaque Index
PIPlasticity Index
PIPlatform Initialization
PIPlease Inquire
PIPleasure Island
PIPlouffe's Inverter
PIPlug In
PIPoint Initiating
PIPoint of Impact
PIPoint of Inflection
PIPoint of Intersection
PIPoison Ivy
PIPolice Interceptor
PIPolicy Issuance
PIPolicy and International Affairs
PIPolitically Incorrect
PIPolynomial Identity
PIPonderal Index
PIPopcorn Institute
PIPopulation Institute
PIPortable Interceptors
PIPosition Indicator
PIPost Inoculation
PIPost Intelligencer
PIPower Integrations
PIPower Interface
PIPraendex Incorporated
PIPraktische Informatik
PIPrecision Instrument
PIPrediction Interval
PIPredictive Index
PIPreliminary Injunction
PIPresque Isle
PIPressure Indicator
PIPrice Integrity
PIPrimary Immunodeficiency
PIPrimary Injection
PIPrimary Investigations
PIPrime Implicant
PIPrincipal Insured
PIPrincipal Investigator
PIPrintImage International
PIPriority Inheritance
PIPrison Industry
PIPrivacy International
PIPrivate Idaho
PIPrivate Investigations
PIPrivate Investigator
PIProbationary Instructor
PIProcess & Instrumentation
PIProcess Improvement
PIProcess Industries
PIProcess Integration
PIProcessing Instruction
PIProcurement Instruction
PIProduct Improvement
PIProduct Information
PIProduct Integration
PIProduct Integrity
PIProductivity Increase
PIProductivity Index
PIProfessional Indemnity
PIProfessional Informant
PIProfil Infirmier
PIProfitability Index
PIProforma Invoice
PIProgram Identification
PIProgram Improvement
PIProgram Index
PIProgram Information
PIProgram Instructions
PIProgram Integrity
PIProgram Interruption
PIProgram Isolation
PIProgrammed Instruction
PIProject Identification
PIProjector Infantry
PIProjets Individuels
PIPropidium Iodide
PIPropriedade Intelectual
PIProspective Internationale
PIProtease Inhibitor
PIProtocol Interpreter
PIProvider Independent
PIProyectos Industriales
PIPrécompte Immobilier
PIPsicología Integrada
PIPublic Information
PIPublic Intoxication
PIPulsatility Index
PIPulse Induction
PIPulse Inverter
PIPunto Informatico
PIPurchasing Instruction
PIPursuit Inc.
PIPusat Informasi
PI[not an acronym] name for Greek symbol representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; approximately 3.1416