What does SCREW mean?

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Major Meanings of SCREW

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What does screw stand for

All Definitions of SCREW

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SCREW in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SCREWSaturable Core Reactor
SCREWSchedule Confirmation Request
SCREWScience & Consciousness Review
SCREWScience Concept Review
SCREWScientific Computing and Research, Inc.
SCREWScientific Council Research Documents
SCREWSea Containers Ltd.
SCREWSecondary Clock Reference
SCREWSecurity Change Request
SCREWSecurity Council Resolution
SCREWSelective Call Rejection
SCREWSelective Catalytic Reduction
SCREWSelective Chopper Radiometer
SCREWSemi-closed Circuit Rebreather
SCREWSenate Concurrent Resolution
SCREWSend a Cow Rwanda
SCREWSenior Combination Room
SCREWSenior Command Representative
SCREWSenior Common Room
SCREWSequence Control Register
SCREWSerial Console Redirection
SCREWSerial Control Register
SCREWSerum Creatinine
SCREWService Call Rate
SCREWService Call Request
SCREWService Change Request
SCREWService Commun des Relations Extérieures
SCREWService Credit
SCREWSex Combs Reduced
SCREWSeychelles Rupee
SCREWShip-to-Component Record
SCREWShort Circuit Ratio
SCREWShort Consensus Repeat
SCREWSignal Conditioner and Receiver
SCREWSignal to Clutter Ratio
SCREWSigno de Cuasireflejo
SCREWSilicon-Controlled Rectifier
SCREWSingle-Channel Radio
SCREWSite Characterization Report
SCREWSkin Conductance Response
SCREWSlow Circulating Rate
SCREWSmart Card Reader
SCREWSociety of Cultural Relations
SCREWSodium-Controlled Reactor
SCREWSoftware Change Request
SCREWSoftware Corrective Report/Request
SCREWSoftware Cost Reduction
SCREWSoftware/Source Change Request
SCREWSolar Cosmic Radiation
SCREWSolvency Capital Requirements
SCREWSonar Control Room
SCREWSorry, Couldn't Resist
SCREWSource Code Record
SCREWSource Controlled Rate Operation
SCREWSouth Central Railway
SCREWSouth Circular Road
SCREWSpace Charge Region
SCREWSpatial Coherence Region
SCREWSpecial Casualty Representative
SCREWSpecial Certification Review
SCREWSpecial Certification Roster
SCREWSpecial Contract Requirement
SCREWSpecific Commodity Rate
SCREWSpecification Change Report
SCREWSpecification Change Request
SCREWSquare Correlation Ratio
SCREWStaffield Country Resort
SCREWStandard Context Routing
SCREWStandby Continuous Replication
SCREWStar Crest Recipient
SCREWSteam Cooled Roof
SCREWSteel Catenary Riser
SCREWStem Cell Research
SCREWStreet Car Racing
SCREWStrip Chart Recorder
SCREWStudent Competency Record
SCREWStudent Council Resolution
SCREWSubmission Change Request
SCREWSuccess Call Ratio
SCREWSummary Care Record
SCREWSuper Coupe Romande
SCREWSupplier Change Request
SCREWSupply Chain Reliability
SCREWSupreme Court Reporter
SCREWSurface Contour Radar
SCREWSurface Coverage Ratio
SCREWSurgical Case Review
SCREWSustainable Cell Rate
SCREWSwipe Card Reader
SCREWSwitch Configuration Register
SCREWSwitched Central Resource
SCREWSystem Change Request
SCREWSystem Concept Report
SCREWSystem Concept Review
SCREWSystem Conceptual Requirements
SCREWSystem Control Room
SCREWSystems Clock Reference