What does SD mean?

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Major Meanings of SD

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What does sd stand for

All Definitions of SD

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SD in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SDArchive and Dissemination Office
SDDiscriminative Stimulus
SDSacrum Diis
SDSafe Driver
SDSafe, Detected Failure
SDSaigon Dentist
SDSales and Distribution
SDSalutem Dicit
SDSalvia Divinorum
SDSame Difference
SDSample Data
SDSample Duplicate
SDSan Diego
SDSandy Denny
SDSanjay Dutt
SDSans Date
SDSaturation Degree
SDSavane Développement
SDSchedule Deviation
SDSchematic Description
SDSchizotypal Disorder
SDSchweizer Demokraten
SDScience Data
SDScoping Document
SDScorned Death
SDSearch Depth
SDSection Disparu
SDSectional Density
SDSecure Digital
SDSecurity Deposit
SDSecurity Descriptor
SDSega Dreamcast
SDSeiken Densetsu
SDSekolah Dasar
SDSelection Diversity
SDSelf Defense
SDSenate Document
SDSenatus Decreto
SDSend Data
SDSenior Deacon
SDSenior Director
SDSenior Discount
SDService Delivery
SDService Description
SDService Director
SDService Dress
SDService Duct
SDSet Decipherable
SDSeven Days
SDSexual Dysfunction
SDShabeellada Dhexe
SDShadow Development
SDSheriff's Department
SDShipping Date
SDShipping Department
SDShivan Destroyer
SDSiamese Dream
SDSidereal Day
SDSiemens Dematic
SDSight Draft
SDSignal Degrade
SDSigned Digit
SDSignificantly Different
SDSine Die
SDSingle Density
SDSingle Dose
SDSite Defense
SDSith Domination
SDSituation Display
SDSkin Dose
SDSlam Dunk
SDSlightly Damned
SDSlobodna Dalmacija
SDSmart Devices
SDSmoke Damper
SDSmoke Detector
SDSnare Drum
SDSnoop Dogg
SDSnow Day
SDSoap Dispenser
SDSocial Day
SDSocial Desirability
SDSocial Development
SDSocial Distortion
SDSocratic Dialogue
SDSoftware Developer
SDSoftware Development
SDSoftware Division
SDSoftware Documentation
SDSolar Diffuser
SDSolar Dynamics
SDSolicitation Document
SDSolvent Desorption
SDSomething Different
SDSoul Decision
SDSound Dampened/Diffused
SDSouth Dakota
SDSouth Departure
SDSouthern Durchmusterung
SDSpace Division
SDSpan Destination
SDSparklet Devices
SDSpartan Dominion
SDSpasmodic Dysphonia
SDSpatial Disorientation
SDSpecial Duty
SDSpeciale Diensten
SDSpecially Denatured
SDSpectral Data
SDSpectral Decomposition
SDSpeed Demon
SDSpeed Dial
SDSpeed Disk
SDSphere Decoding
SDSpider Duel
SDSpin Dynamics
SDSpiral Development
SDSpirit Detective
SDStable Disease
SDStaff Digest
SDStage Direction
SDStandard Definition
SDStandard Deviation
SDStandard Duty
SDStar Destroyer
SDStart Descent
SDState Director
SDStatic Displacement
SDStationary Disturbance
SDStay Down
SDSteely Dan
SDStick Death
SDStorage Device
SDStorm Drain
SDStream Density
SDStream Detection
SDStructured Design
SDStructures and Deduction
SDStudy Director
SDSubmittal Description
SDSudan Airways
SDSudanese Dinar
SDSudden Death
SDSugar Daddy
SDSuper Compact Disk
SDSuper Deformed
SDSuper Dense
SDSuper Domain
SDSuper Dreadnought
SDSuper Duty
SDSuperior Defender
SDSupply Depot
SDSupply Duct
SDSupporting Document
SDSurface Duct
SDSurvey Data
SDSurvey Department
SDSuspense Date
SDSustainable Development
SDSweep Duration
SDSweet Dreams
SDSynchronization Directorate
SDSynthetic Division
SDSystem Demonstration
SDSystem Description
SDSystem Device
SDSystem Display
SDSystems Diagram
SDsocial drinker