What does SL mean?

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Major Meanings of SL

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What does sl stand for

All Definitions of SL

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SL in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SLComet Shoemaker-Levy
SLSafety Level
SLSafety Limit
SLSalem Technical Services
SLSalt Lake City Southern
SLSalvage Loss
SLSan Leandro
SLSan Luis
SLSand Land
SLSandia Laboratories
SLSatellite Laser
SLScan Line
SLScarlet Letter
SLScout Leader
SLSea Launch
SLSea Level
SLSecond Life
SLSecret Lover
SLSection Leader
SLSector Leader
SLSecurities Lending
SLSecurity Layer
SLSecurity Level
SLSegment Leader
SLSegment Library
SLSendero Luminoso
SLSenior Level
SLSensitivity Level
SLSensor Link
SLService Letter
SLService Level
SLService Line
SLShadow Labs
SLShadow Lords
SLShady Limited
SLShared Lock
SLShelf Life
SLShift Leader
SLShining Lore
SLShoot Length
SLShort Landing
SLSick Leave
SLSide Line
SLSide Lobe
SLSierra Leone
SLSign Language
SLSignal Link
SLSigned Log
SLSimple Life
SLSingle Line
SLSisters of Loretto
SLSkill Level
SLSmall Leaf
SLSniper Lobby
SLSnow Leopard
SLSo Long
SLSoap Lake
SLSociedad Limitada
SLSoftware Library
SLSolicitor at Law
SLSoluble Liquid
SLSound Locator
SLSource Language
SLSource Level
SLSouthern League
SLSpace Lab
SLSpace Laser
SLSpecial Linear
SLSpecialised Lending
SLSpecification Limit
SLSpeed Limit
SLSpontaneous Laughing
SLSport Und Leicht
SLSports Light
SLSquad Leader
SLSri Lanka
SLSt. Louis
SLStage Left
SLStandard Label
SLStandard Level
SLStar Lord
SLStarting Line
SLStationary Low
SLSteam Locomotive
SLStockage Level
SLStop Loss
SLStorage Location
SLStorstockholms Lokaltrafik
SLStraight Line
SLStrategic List
SLStrategic Locator
SLStrictly Linear
SLStrong Link
SLStrouhal Number
SLStructural Level
SLStudent Loan
SLSuburban Legends
SLSummary Links
SLSupervisory Level
SLSurathkal (station code, Indian Railways
SLSurface Lease
SLSylvan Lake
SLSymmetric Superlattice
SLSynchronization Likelihood
SLSystem Layer
SLSystem Load
SLsupplier lock
SLswitch locator