What does SM mean?

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Major Meanings of SM

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What does sm stand for

All Definitions of SM

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SM in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SM Signalman
SMDirectorate for Systems Management
SMMaster of Science
SMSONET Multiplexer
SMSa Majesté
SMSafeguards Measurements
SMSailor Moon
SMSaint Marc
SMSales Manager
SMSamsung Motors
SMSan Marino
SMSanta Maria
SMSanta Monica
SMSarao Motors
SMSatellite Modem
SMScanning Mode
SMScarlet Monastary
SMScatterable Mine
SMScattering Matrix
SMScheduled Maintenance
SMSchistosoma Mansoni
SMSciences de La Matière
SMScientific Method
SMSclerosis Multiplex
SMScript Mode
SMSeamless Mobility
SMSecondary Mirror
SMSecretary's Memorandum
SMSecretaría de Marina
SMSecurity Management
SMSecurity Manager
SMSecurity Manual
SMSecurity Monitor
SMSeine Majestät
SMSelective Media
SMSelective Mutism
SMSelling Manager
SMSemiconductor Manufacturing
SMSenior Manager
SMSenior Member
SMSenior Minister
SMSensitivity Measure
SMSeparation Module
SMSequence Monitor
SMSerbia and Montenegro
SMSergeant Major
SMSerial Magnitude
SMSerratia Marcescens
SMService Mark
SMService Member
SMService Menu
SMService Module
SMService manager
SMServicing Mission
SMSet Mode
SMSeung Mina
SMShader Model
SMShading Model
SMShanghai Municipality
SMShared Memory
SMShawn Marion
SMShawn Michaels
SMSheet Metal
SMShigeru Miyamoto
SMShipping Manifest
SMShoals Music
SMShoe Mart
SMShoot Me
SMShopping Mall
SMShort Message
SMShort Meter
SMShrine Mont
SMShure Microphone
SMShuttle Mission
SMSiemens Metering AG
SMSilhouette Mirage
SMSilly Muffins
SMSilver Medal
SMSilver Medallion
SMSimple Machine
SMSimple Mastectomy
SMSimple Minds
SMSimple Multicast
SMSingle Manager
SMSingle Mode
SMSingle-Family and Multi-Family
SMSize Matters
SMSkim Milk
SMSkyscraper Museum
SMSlam Magazine
SMSlave Master
SMSlave Motor
SMSmagorinsky model
SMSmall Manufacturing
SMSmart Media
SMSmart Munitions
SMSmash Mouth
SMSmooth Muscle
SMSnooker Master
SMSocial Mobility
SMSocietas Mariae
SMSociety of Mary
SMSoft Money
SMSoftware Manager
SMSoil Moisture
SMSolar Mass
SMSolder Mask
SMSoldier's Manual
SMSoldier's Medal
SMSong Meanings
SMSoo Man
SMSoul Man
SMSoul Master
SMSoul Mate
SMSpace Mapping
SMSpace Marine
SMSpace Mirror
SMSpace Mountain
SMSpare Me
SMSpatial Multiplexing
SMSpecial Mention
SMSpecial Message
SMSpecial Missions
SMSpecial Monthly
SMSpecification Manual
SMSpectromètre de Masse
SMSpectrum Management
SMSperm Measurement
SMSpider Man
SMSpinal Meningitis
SMSpiritual Master
SMSplash Mountain
SMSponge Minion
SMSpontaneous Mutation
SMSports Medicine
SMSprung Monkey
SMSquare Meter
SMSquare Miles
SMStable Member
SMStable Memory
SMStaff Meeting
SMStaff Member
SMStaff Memorandum
SMStaff Month
SMStage Manager
SMStandard Missile
SMStandard Model
SMStandard Smoker
SMStandards Manual
SMStandby Monitor
SMStanley Morgan
SMStar Museum
SMStardust Memory
SMState Machine
SMStation Master
SMStatistical Multiplexing
SMStatute Mile
SMSteele Matrix
SMStep/Stepping Motor
SMStick Man
SMStipendiary Magistrate
SMStock Market
SMStrategic Missile
SMStreet Modified
SMStreetlight Manifesto
SMStrong Mad
SMStructural Model
SMStructure Model
SMStudent Manager
SMStudy Manager
SMStyrene Monomer
SMSu Majestad
SMSubscriber Manager
SMSuger Montano
SMSuomen Mestari/Mestaruus
SMSuper Mall
SMSuper Mario
SMSuper Metroid
SMSupervisor Manual
SMSupply Manual
SMSupport Magistrate
SMSupport Manager
SMSurface Mount
SMSurge Margin
SMSurgical Margin
SMSwine Mycoplasmosis
SMSwitching Module
SMSwollen Members
SMSynchronous Motor
SMSynchronous Multiplexer
SMSyndicat de La Magistrature
SMSyndicat de La Mesure
SMSynthetic Media
SMSystem Management
SMSystem Manager
SMSystem Monitor
SMSystems Management
SMSystèmes Microbiens