What does SP mean?

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Major Meanings of SP

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What does sp stand for

All Definitions of SP

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SP in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SPLa Spezia, Liguria
SPSaadet Partisi
SPSacramento Peak Observatory
SPSaint Patrick
SPSales Procedure
SPSalt Pill
SPSamahang Pilipino
SPSamajwadi Party
SPSamata Party
SPSampling Point/Plan
SPSampling Pointplan
SPSaskatchewan Party
SPSave Percentage
SPScan Period
SPScarcity Pricing
SPSchleswigsche Partei
SPScientific Programming
SPScott Pilgrim
SPScrapped Princess
SPScratch Protection
SPSean Paul
SPSecondary Participants
SPSecondary Power
SPSecondary Progressive
SPSector Perform
SPSecular Progressive
SPSecurity Plan
SPSecurity Police
SPSecurity Policy
SPSecurity Procedure
SPSecurity Processor
SPSecurity Protocol
SPSecurity and Privacy
SPSegmentation Permitted
SPSelf Potential
SPSelf Publishing
SPSeminal Plasma
SPSenior Prefect
SPSensitive Point
SPSentencing Project
SPSentinel Pile
SPSeptum Primum
SPSergei Prokofiev
SPSergio Perticaroli
SPSerial Port
SPServants of the Holy Paraclete, Piarist Fathers
SPService Pack
SPService Platform
SPService Position
SPService Provider
SPSession Plan
SPSet Partitioning
SPSet Point
SPSex Partners
SPSex Pistols
SPSexual Preference
SPShelburne Pluton
SPShelf Processor
SPShore Party
SPShore Patrol
SPShore Police
SPShore Power
SPShore/Submarine Patrol
SPShoresubmarine Patrol
SPShort Perforation
SPShort Play
SPShort Pulse
SPShortest Path
SPShot Point
SPShot Put
SPShutter Priority
SPSigma Pi
SPSignal Pattern
SPSignal Present
SPSignal Probe
SPSignal Processing
SPSignal Processor
SPSignaling Point
SPSignaling Processor
SPSilver Piece
SPSimba's Pride
SPSimple Path
SPSimple Plan
SPSimple Profile
SPSimplicity and Power
SPSimulated Patient
SPSine Prole
SPSingapore Polytechnic
SPSingapore Power
SPSingle Piece
SPSingle Player
SPSingle Port
SPSingle Precision
SPSingle Premium
SPSinter Plant
SPSistema Penitenciario
SPSisters of Providence
SPSkill Points
SPSkills Practice
SPSkin Pollution
SPSkinny Puppy
SPSky Sports
SPSlave Present
SPSlow Play
SPSlumber Party
SPSmall Press
SPSmall Profile
SPSmart Parts
SPSmash Power
SPSmashing Pumpkins
SPSmoothed Probability
SPSnow Patrol
SPSnow Pellets
SPSoccer Player
SPSocial Phobia
SPSocialist Party of Macedonia
SPSocialistische Partij
SPSock Puppet
SPSoft Point
SPSoil Pipe
SPSolar Plexus
SPSole Proprietorship
SPSolidarity Party
SPSoluble Powder
SPSolution Provider Council
SPSomething Positive
SPSomos Peru
SPSound Powered
SPSource Program
SPSouth Park
SPSouth Park & District Pipes & Drums
SPSouth Park District Pipes Drums
SPSouth Park Primary School
SPSouth Pasadena
SPSouth Pole
SPSouth Portland
SPSouthern Pacific
SPSouthwark Playhouse
SPSozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz
SPSpace and Power
SPSpan Protection
SPSpanish Posada
SPSpare Parts
SPSpecial Performance
SPSpecial Performance
SPSpecial Person
SPSpecial Price
SPSpecial Probation
SPSpecial Project
SPSpecial Publication
SPSpecial Purpose
SPSpecific Practice
SPSpecific Process
SPSpecific Provision
SPSpeech Pathology
SPSpell Power
SPSpelling Unsure
SPSpinal Processes
SPSpinous Process
SPSpirit Points
SPSpontaneous Potential
SPSprint Procurement
SPStability Pact
SPStable Platform
SPStack Pointer
SPStake and Platform
SPStandard Holding Pattern
SPStandard Play
SPStandard Poodle
SPStandard Position
SPStandard Practice
SPStandard Pressure
SPStandard Procedure
SPStandardization Pilot
SPStandardized Patient
SPStandardized Proposal
SPStart Point
SPStart Program
SPStart of Patrol
SPStarting Page
SPStarting Pitcher
SPStarting Point
SPStarting Price
SPState Paper Office
SPState Park
SPState Patrol
SPState Police
SPState Primary
SPState Prison
SPStatic Pressure
SPStatic Propagation
SPStatistical Power
SPSteam Powered
SPSteam Propulsionman
SPStevens Pass
SPStile Project
SPStock Point
SPStored Procedure
SPStormpike Graveyard
SPStrada Provinciale
SPStraight Pride
SPStrategic Plan
SPStrategic Planning
SPStratum Pyramidale
SPStraw Poll
SPStream Processor
SPStreptavidin Peroxidase
SPStreptomycin and Penicillin
SPStrong Point
SPStudent Pilot
SPStudy Point
SPStyles P
SPSubeta Points
SPSubmission Processing
SPSubpoena Preparation
SPSubstance P
SPSubtract Packed
SPSulfadoxine and Pyrimethamine
SPSummating Potential
SPSump Pump
SPSun Prairie
SPSungai Petani
SPSuperintendent of Police
SPSuperior Performance
SPSupply Point
SPSupport Pack
SPSupport Plan
SPSupportability Plan
SPSuppressive Person
SPSurface Printed
SPSurveillance Processor
SPSurvival Project
SPSveriges Provnings - och forskningsinstitut
SPSveriges Psykologforbund
SPSveriges Psykologförbund
SPSweetie Pie
SPSwimming Pool
SPSwitch Point
SPSwitch Processor
SPSycamore Plaza
SPSymmetric Multi Processing
SPSymmetric Pareto
SPSynchronization Point
SPSystem Procedure
SPSystem Processor
SPSystem Product
SPSystemic Pathology
SPSystems Procedures
SPSystolic Pressure
SPSão Paulo