Abbreviation for Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is rightly referred to as a city full of nuances and contrasts. Here the sea and land meet, and the Bohemians migrate side by side with highly conservative citizens. Amsterdam has long been regarded as the city with the great tolerance. As the largest city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam has always attracted a large group of people who have valued privacy and not least the right to do what they want.

Amsterdam has been called the city of sin because of its Red Light District and its more than 700 coffeeshops, where cannabis is legally purchased over the counter. But don’t let this scare you. Amsterdam is not a safe city. It offers beautiful houses, beautiful canals that go through the city center and a very lively and charming nightlife.

Amsterdam is no bigger than getting to know it over a long weekend. The city is beautiful all four seasons, but perhaps especially attractive during the tulip period, ie in spring (from April). Winter and autumn can be sour due to wind and wind from the North Sea.

The fact that Amsterdam is close to us in Scandinavia is just the pinnacle of a number of arguments for visiting this 800 year “young” city that has stood for independence, democracy, art and reform spirit all year long.

Amsterdam attracts visitors of all types and of all ages. Here you can come with children, experience a romantic weekend, enjoy world-class arts and culture or simply to “knock out your hair”.

Get to know Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is the country’s largest city. However, the city is no bigger than most of you over a weekend. Amsterdam has a large historic center with buildings from the 17th century. In the 13th century, Amsterdam was a fishing village, but in the 1300s a flourishing of the city started as a result of trade in cities run by the Hanseatic states.

During World War I, the Netherlands was neutral. During World War II, Amsterdam was occupied by Germany, and more than 100,000 Jews were deported to concentration camps.

Amsterdam and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: AMS
  • Country: Netherlands

The inner city of Amsterdam

The center of Amsterdam is called the Inner City. The inner city consists of two parts. One part is called Oude Zijde (The Old Side) and is located east of the center. The other is called Nieuwe Zijde (The New Side) and is located west of the center. The canal Singel, which is the oldest canal in Amsterdam, divides the inner city in two. Historically, Singel was more than just a channel. It was also the defense force against invaders. From Singel, Nieuwe Zijde extends eastwards to the canal Oudezijds Voorburgwal, where Oude Zijde starts.

Old Silk in Amsterdam

The old part of the Inner City was originally a narrow little area surrounded by the canals Oudezijds Voorburgwal on the west side and Oudezijds Achterburgwal on the east side. Here lies the heart of the brothel area, the so-called Red Light District, for which Amsterdam is so notorious. The canal Oudezijds Voorburgwal passes right by the old church (Oude Kerk). Today it is common to incorporate Oude Zijde all the way east to the canal Oude Schans. This is the largest canal in the east of the Inner City, and if you follow this you will come to the old Jewish quarter with its historic museum.

If you continue east, you will reach a large green area called Plantation. For more than three hundred years, this has been Amsterdam’s detour for relaxation and enjoyment. Sights in Oude Zijde are the Jewish Historical Museum, Oude Kerk (the city’s oldest church), the house of Rembrandt, the Nieuwmarkt square and the large Waterlooplein market. The Plantation area also features a zoo and a large aquarium.

Nieuwe Silk i Amsterdam

The new side (Nieuwe Zijde) is dominated by the area around the main train station and the vibrant Dam Square. This is the square you are sure to (and will) visit, and it is close to this that Amsterdam was originally listed. In the middle of the square you will find the memorial of the Dutch who died during the Second World War. The beautiful railway station was built in the 1880s and stands at more than 25,000 wooden piles.

Just behind the station you will find the harbor where most of Amsterdam’s many canal boats start their sightseeing tours. The port is called Damrak, and the street of the same name runs across the inner city. Points of interest in Nieuwe Zijde include Madame Tussauds, the Royal Palace, the Royal Palace and the Begijnhof square.

West in Amsterdam (middle and west channel ring)

If you love beautiful houses, buildings and urban romance, West Amsterdam is the place for you. The area is bounded by the canal Singel to the east, Leidsegracht to the south and Singelgracht to the west. The suburbs have three smaller channels shaped like semicircles. This area is perhaps the nicest Amsterdam has to offer, but originally it was a very poor place to stay. The area Jordaan located here is known for its poor houses (courtyards). The channel closest to Singel is called Herengracht. Along this you will see beautiful houses, and hundreds of them have been declared cultural monuments.

In addition, the area offers several flea markets that are worth a visit, such as the Rommelmarkt. Here you will also find Anne Frank’s house and Amsterdam’s most interesting church, Westerkerk. It takes no more than ten minutes to get here from Dam Square.

South of Amsterdam (Eastern Channel Ring)

This area is the tourist magnet in Amsterdam, not least because of the Collectie Six (a large collection of works by Rembrandt and other well-known Dutch artists), the Bloemenmarkt (the floating flower market) and the very lively nightlife. You can find the area’s pulse at Rembrandtsplein, which is a busy square with cafes and outdoor restaurants. In the square you will find a large statue of Rembrandt, [see picture first in the article].

Worth mentioning is Leidseplein, which is on the corner of the canals Singelgracht and Leidsegracht. This square is full of life; perhaps no wonder when you have access to more than 100 bars, many with live music.

Vondelpark and Museumsplein (southwest of Amsterdam)

We cannot describe Amsterdam without mentioning the street Museumplein, which lies south of the Singelgracht. Here you will find three of the finest art collections the world has to offer. Museumplein is a side street to Stadhouderskade, which runs along the canal Singelgracht. Further behind Museumplein you will find the beautiful park Vondelpark.

The Rijksmuseum, which has a fantastic collection of paintings of the highest class, faces the Singelgracht. Furthermore, you will find the van Gogh Museum, which naturally shows paintings by the master van Gogh. Here you will also find the Stedelijk Museum, one of the world’s leading modern art museums.

Facts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of the Netherlands, ( The Hague is the seat of government).

Population about 745,000
Official language Dutch
Control Form monarchy
Religion Roman Catholic (31%), although over 40% are non-religious.
Time Difference No
Currency Euro. ATMs are available almost everywhere.
Tips Service is included, but if you are satisfied it is normal to give a little extra. Both at the restaurant, by taxi and at bars.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy in the Netherlands is located in The Hague; Lange Vijverberg 11, NL-2513 The Hague. Tel: +31 70 3117611
Tourist Stationsplein 10, just off the train station.
Telephone 31
Emergency 112
Electricity 220/240 volts, the same two-pin contact system as in Norway.
National Day 30 April
Visa Not required for Norwegian citizens
Vaccinations Not required.
Water Can be drunk from the tap.
Nearest major cities The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam
Safety As in most other major European cities. A little violence, but be aware of pickpockets, especially in the Red Light District.

AMS: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol

List of Amsterdam Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Amsterdam is AMS which stands for Amsterdam. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Amsterdam, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AAAM ABN AMRO (Amsterdam-Rotterdam) Asset Management Holdings, Inc. (also seen as AAAMHI)
AAFI ABN AMRO (Amsterdam-Rotterdam) Foundation India
AAMG ABN AMRO (Amsterdam-Rotterdam) Mortgage Group, Inc.
ACTA Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam
AWCA American Women’s Club of Amsterdam
AMAC Amsterdam Accounting Services BV
AAC Amsterdam Affiliate Conference
AAE Amsterdam Aviation Economics
ABO Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
ACCR Amsterdam Center for Career Research
ACCF Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance
ACFI Amsterdam Center for Finance and Insurance
ACLE Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics
ACTL Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law
ACK Amsterdam Compiler Kit
ADS3 Amsterdam Dementia Screening Test-3
ADF Amsterdam Density Functional package
AEX Amsterdam Exchange
AFFF Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
AFD Amsterdam Fire Department
AFCA Amsterdam Football Club Ajax
AFIO Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office
AIAS Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies
AIB Amsterdam Interbank
AIFW Amsterdam International Fashion Week
AMS-IX Amsterdam Internet Exchange
AIM Amsterdam Interprofessional Market
AKB Amsterdam Klezmer Band
AMI Amsterdam Management Inc.
AMQ Amsterdam Mood Questionnaire
AMEA Amsterdam Museum of Erotic Art
ANMA Amsterdam New Media Association
ANLS Amsterdam Nyenrode Law School
AOT Amsterdam Options Traders
APMI Amsterdam Pain Management Index
APD Amsterdam Police Department
APX Amsterdam Power Exchange
ASHP Amsterdam School of Health Professions
ASIR Amsterdam School of International Relations
ASRE Amsterdam School of Real Estate
ASP Amsterdam SGML Parser
ASK Amsterdam Support Knowledge
AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands – Schiphol
ARA Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp
ALIFI Amsterdam-Leiden Institute for Immunology
AMSU Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
AMRO Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank
ACCOUNT Amsterdams Centrum Voor Cosmetische Tandheelkunde
ACCOUNTANT Amsterdams Centrum voor Cosmetische Tandheelkunde
ACCT Amsterdams Centrum voor Cosmetische Tandheelkunde
ACD Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut
AUB Amsterdams Uitbureau
AFC Amsterdamsche Football Club
APGS Amsterdamse Politie Gymnastiek Sportvereniging
ASVS Amsterdamse Studievereniging Voor Sociaal-geografen
ASIA Asia Studies in Amsterdam
UBA Bibliotheek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam
BFRA Bridge Federatie Regio Amsterdam
BIA Bureau Informatisering Amsterdam
BJAA Bureau Jeugdzorg Agglomeratie Amsterdam
CSBA Cannabis Seed Bank Amsterdam
CARMA Cardiovasculaire Researchschool Maastricht Amsterdam
CMPA Center for Mathematical Physics Amsterdam
CEDRO Centre for Drug Research, University of Amsterdam
CSCA Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam
CAPAS Compact Amsterdam Paedo-Audiometric Screener
COA Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam
COBRA Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam
COBRA COpenhagen, BRussels and Amsterdam
CPA Custom Painting Amsterdam
DEPARTMENT De Nieuw Amsterdam
DNA De Nieuw Amsterdam
HVA Hogeschool Van Amsterdam
HEMA Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam
ILCA Independent Living Center of Amsterdam, Inc.
ILA Initiatief Lerarentekort Amsterdam
ITFA Instituut voor Theoretische Fysica Universiteit Van Amsterdam
IKA Integraal Kankercentrum Amsterdam
IDFA International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam
LIGA Linux Gnu User Group Amsterdam
LASA Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam
MLA Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam
MBAM Moscou-Berlin-Amsterdam-Madrid
NSA Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging Amsterdam
NAMA New Amsterdam Musical Association
NAP Nieuw Amsterdams Peil
NAP Normaal Amsterdams Peil
OBA Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
PTA Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
RAKIT Revisie Amsterdamse Kinder Intelligentie Test
RKAV Rooms Katholieke Amsterdamse Voetbalclub
SMCA Sport Medisch Centrum Amsterdam
SARA Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam
SBBA Stichting Basketbal Bolwerk Amsterdam
SBBA Stichting Beta Bedrijvencontactdag Amsterdam
SLAA Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Amsterdam
SOAA Stichting Ondersteuning Allochtonenwerk Amsterdam
TAG The Amsterdam Group
TZA Top Zwemmen Amsterdam
UVA Universiteit van Amsterdam
VNHSMA Vereeniging Nederlandsch Historisch Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam
VZA Verenigd Ziekenvervoer Amsterdam
VAAA Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Amsterdam
VSSA Vereniging Surinaamse Studenten Amsterdam
VSPA Vereniging van Studenten in de Psychologie te Amsterdam
VVAG Vereniging Vrienden van Amsterdamse Gevelstenen
VRIA Verslaving Regulatie Index Amsterdam
VVGA Vice Versa Groot Amsterdam
VUA Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
WUIA Waking Up in Amsterdam
WALP Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride
WTCA World Trade Center Amsterdam