Abbreviation for Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Baghdad, capital of Iraq, 34 m above sea level on the Tigris, with (2018) 6.7 million residents, one of the largest cities in the Middle East.

Baghdad is the dominant administrative, economic and cultural center of the country with three universities, museums, art and cultural institutes, seat of the Patriarch of the Chaldean Church as well as an Armenian, a Syrian Orthodox and a Roman Catholic Archbishop. Baghdad is the country’s road and rail hub and the most important industrial location; international Airport.


The old town on the left bank of the Tigris has been radically redesigned since 1950 through road openings and area renovations. Since then, modern building blocks have been built in the city center, on the outskirts of the city large complexes of social housing with public parks, sports facilities and military grounds extend into the surrounding desert steppe and into the date palm groves that line the Tigris in a narrow strip. Numerous representative buildings were built under the regime of Saddam Husain. Baghdad was badly destroyed in the 2nd (1991) and 3rd Gulf War (2003).

Little has been preserved of old Baghdad: the talisman gate (1221; partly destroyed in 1917), a ruined palace with a restored ivan (“Abbasid Palace”, built around 1255; museum), the Marjan mosque (1356) with a magnificent portal, the Chan Marjan (1359), which today houses the Arab-Islamic Museum, and the Zubaidamausoleum, built in 1202 with a high mukarnas dome. The Medrese Mustansirija, founded in 1227 with a large inner courtyard and two-story arcades, was restored after 1945 and handed over in 1960 as a museum for Islamic culture and art. The “Golden Mosque” (early 16th century, especially restored in the 19th century) in the suburb of Kadhimain (al-Kasimija) with the tombs of two Shiite imams is an important place of pilgrimage. In the 2003 Iraq war, numerous cultural monuments were damaged, looted and destroyed. The Iraqi National Museum (reopened in 2015) was particularly hard hit. – 8 km from the city center, the newly founded university was built in an arch of the Tigris in 1957 ff. According to plans by W. Gropius and the team of architects TAC (The Architects Collaborative).


Baghdad was founded in 762 under the name Medinat as-Salaam (“City of Salvation”) by the caliph Mansur in an agriculturally fertile area and not far from the former Sassanid capital Ctesiphon and expanded as the capital of the Abbasid caliphate (residence 762-836 and 892-1258). Under Abbasid rule, Baghdad remained an important cultural, economic and religious center for centuries, despite numerous occupations, destruction and natural disasters. The city experienced its heyday in the 9th – 11th centuries. Century; With an estimated 1.5 million residents, Baghdad was one of the largest metropolises of its time. The 1066/67 of Nisam al-Mulk Madrasa Nisamija, which was founded, became an important center of Sunni scholarship (no longer preserved). After the conquest by the Mongols (1258), Baghdad belonged to the empire of the Ilkhane (until 1350), after which it was mostly a land-based Turkish dynasty; It was sacked by Timur in 1393 and 1401, and in 1534 it came under the Ottoman Empire. British troops conquered the city in 1917, and in 1920 it became the capital of Iraq. During the 3rd Gulf War (Iraq War), American troops took Baghdad on April 9, 2003 (end of the Baathre regime under Saddam Husain).

Abbreviations for Baghdad, Iraq

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: SDA
  • Country: Iraq

SDA: Baghdad, Iraq-Saddam International Airport

List of Baghdad Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Baghdad is SDA which stands for Baghdad. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Baghdad, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Baghdad BIOP Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad BIAP Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad BPOC Baghdad Police Operations Center
Baghdad BDRP Baghdad-Denver Region Partnership
Baghdad BSIA Baghdad-Saddam International Airport
Baghdad AARB American Association for Research in Baghdad
Baghdad DBX Destination Baghdad Expo
Baghdad B4B Beanies for Baghdad
Baghdad AIB Alive in Baghdad
Baghdad SDA Baghdad, Iraq-Saddam International Airport
Baghdad SDA Baghdad-Saddam International Airport
Baghdad BT Baghdad Time
Baghdad BPC Baghdad Police College
Baghdad BOC Baghdad Operations Command
Baghdad BLT Baghdad Local Time
Baghdad BGW Baghdad
Baghdad BC Baghdad College
Baghdad BOB Bombs Over Baghdad