Abbreviation for Beijing, China


Beijing is truly a city that combines the historical with the modern. Beijing is in many ways both inclusive and frightening: inclusive because the city is a Chinese crucible where the atmosphere and atmosphere is open and optimistic, and frightening because the city is large and difficult to get an overview of.

Often there is an oppressive “smog” over the city that makes it gray and somewhat gloomy. When the sky rarely appears clear and nice (often on weekends due to less traffic), the atmosphere eases and it is wonderful to take a walk in the many beautiful parks. Beijing is actually a very green city, with plantings and parks everywhere.

Beijing offers countless sights to see. Let’s briefly mention the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace. In Beijing, the dynasties have ruled for years and left powerful traces behind.

Beijing can be very hot and stressful in the summer, and for many, the best time to visit the city is in the fall until December, or the spring months. The winter months can be experienced with snow, and Beijing can be both cold and windy.

Beijing is suitable for most travelers. The capital of China tempt with a pleasant nightlife, good shopping and very good local food as well as everything from international fast food chains for those who dare not venture into local restaurants. Beijing’s sights are of course top class, regardless of tourist destinations, and are alone enough reason to visit the city.

Get to know Beijing

Let it be said right away that Beijing is huge and covers many square kilometers. Much of the city is less interesting to the typical tourist, so we will concentrate on the places where most of us will spend the time. Also, keep in mind that cities in the East are often constructed in a different way from what we are used to from major European cities, where the city has a typical center where “all” shops and restaurants are located. In Beijing, you have to be prepared to use taxis as much as your legs, and that dining places can be far away from the sights.

Beijing and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: BJ
  • Country: China

Beijing now has five ring roads that go around the city. These are constantly being expanded with new external ring roads, and number six is ​​soon in place. The roads are wide and fine, and modern buildings are rocketing.

The city without suburbs are divided into eight districts:
Chaoyang (朝阳区Chaoyang Qu)
Chongwen (崇文区: Chongwen Qu)
Dongcheng (东城区: Dōngchéng Qu)
Fengtai (丰台区: Fengtai Qu)
Haidian (海淀区: Hǎidián Qu)
Shijingshan (石景山 区: Shíjǐngshān Qū)
Xicheng (西 城区: Xīchéng Qū)
Xuanwu (宣武区: Xuānwǔ Qū).

Centrally located in Beijing

The road around the Forbidden City’s ring road 1. Tiananmen Square (Tianmen Square) and the Forbidden City located right in the center. South of the gigantic Tiananmen Square is the Temple of Heaven. You are now in the Chongwen district, which, in addition to the above-mentioned world-famous sights, also offers affordable and affordable hotels and various attractions, such as the Red Theater, which gives you Kung Fu performance of the highest class. Beijing Central Railway Station is also in this area. Trains are cheap and convenient means of transport if you are going from Beijing to other destinations. Chongwen also offers an amusement park if you have children. Just east of the Forbidden City you will find Wangfujing Dajle Street, which is about as long as the Forbidden City. Here it is teeming with shopping centers and specialty shops.

Further south in Chongwen you will find the world-famous and notorious pearl market, which sells everything from copy goods. So does the silk market at Yonganli Subway Station along Dongdan Street, which extends eastward from the Forbidden City. The distance to the pearl market is approx. 4 kilometers.

Northwest of Beijing – Summer Palace

In the northwest of Beijing, outside of ring road 4, beyond the Haidian area, you will find Lake Kunming and Summer Palace. This is a landmark and attraction worth seeing. Many local Chinese go here on holidays for relaxation and fresh air. You can easily reach the Summer Palace by taxi. On the way to the Summer Palace you can also visit the Beijing Zoo if the need arises. We should not go well for the conditions in the zoo, but the giant pandas are at least a major attraction.

North of downtown Beijing – The bell tower and the drum tower

North of the Forbidden City, between the areas of Xicheng in the west and Dongcheng in the east, by ring road 2, lies an exciting area with the sights of the bell tower and the drum tower. Here you will also find one of Beijing’s hutongs. Hutong is the original settlement in Beijing, and the narrow alleys are teeming with life and is an experience in itself. There are bicycle taxis that at a reasonable price take you on a sightseeing tour through the hutong. Just say how long the trip will last, but make sure you fully agree on the price, both in which currency it is in question and whether it is the total price or per person.

A little east of the towers you will find the Lama Temple, which extends over a large area. You can easily find it by following ring road 2, but remember that the road is called Andingmen here. The Lama Temple is not a single temple, but consists of a number of temples. Known for its giant Buddha statue, the Lama Temple is the best-preserved Tibetan temple outside of Tibet.

On the west side of the towers you will find Lake Houhai (Houhai Nanyan). Around this lake there is a nightlife area packed with bars and restaurants. Here it is a buzzing people life and a pleasant atmosphere. Foreigners and Chinese alike are leaning towards this enlarged edition of Aker Brygge. Definitely our favorite place in the evening.

Center east of Beijing – Chaoyang

The area east of the center right off the outside of ring road 2 is called Chaoyang. Here you will find the Dongyue Temple, which is a Taoist temple with practicing Taoist monks. The area also offers several museums and an amusement park. Chaoyang also has another important attraction, one of Beijing’s best bar streets. In the streets of San Li Tun (Sanlitun) and Sanlitun Lu it is formally crowded by bars and restaurants. Both local and international nightclubs in all price ranges are represented, and the evening atmosphere is high. If you want to meet foreigners living in Beijing, chances are you will meet them here.

General about Beijing

If you are used to traveling outside Europe, you can arrange all the sightseeing and excursions on your own. But be prepared that it can take a lot of time, that very few speak English, and that almost all information is in Chinese. Maybe you will stand in line for half an hour, just to be told that you were in line in the neighborhood week, and have to sit back in the back. You will probably want to scream out of frustration on a daily basis, but try to keep calm, it is important for the Chinese not to lose face, and they will have less respect for someone who is excited. You can avoid the frustration and save a lot of time by booking your desired events in advance with a skilled tour operator.

Facts about Beijing

Beijing is China’s capital and second largest city. This is the country’s political hub and the place with the main cultural attractions and sights and with excursions to the Great Wall of China.

Population About. 21.5 million (2016)
Language Chinese or Mandarin (Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect), Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghai), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese), Xiang, Gan.
Control Form Republic.
Religion China is officially atheistic, but Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism stand strong
Time Difference Beijing is 7 hours ahead of Norway, summertime 6 hours before.
Currency Yuan. 100 yuan is about NOK 82. Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners and AmEx are accepted in most major locations such as hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of ATMs available.
Tips Has become more common, although it was actually banned until recently. 5-10% if you are satisfied with the service is still okay, although 10-15% service charge is often included in the bill.Also taxi drivers, luggage carriers and others who provide you with a service expect to get a rant. Guides and drivers you should tip with 100 and 50 yuan per day respectively. They often receive very low wages and depend on the tips.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy is located at 1, Dong Yi Jie, San Li Tun. Tel: +86 10 6532 2261
Tourist 10 Dengshikou Xi Jie, a side street to Wangfujing.
Telephone + 86
Emergency Police 110. Fire 119. Ambulance 120. In emergency situations, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Operational Center phone +47 23 95 13 00. The center is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The operations center will handle inquiries directed to the foreign service missions outside their regular opening hours.The public can also contact the Foreign Ministry’s central desk: (+47) 23 95 00 00.
Electricity 220 volts, and most hotels have the same plugs as in Norway. Adapters are normally available in stores.
Holidays and Holidays January 1, May 1 (Labor Day, one week holiday), May 4 (Youth Day), June 1 (Children’s Day), July 1, August 1, October 1 (National Day, one week holiday). Also Chinese New Year at the end of the month Jan / Feb.
Visa Norwegian citizens need a visa before entering China. Contact the Chinese Embassy in Tuengen Alle 2b in Oslo (tel. 2249 2052) at least one week before departure. The price is at least NOK 500 for a one-time visa + a passport photo. The passport must be valid for at least six months and have at least two blank pages.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required, but it is recommended to vaccinate against Hepatitis A and B, polio, havrix, tuberculosis and diphtheria / tetanus. At least if you are going in the countryside.
Water Do not drink from the tap.
Nearest major cities Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao
Safety Violent crime and robbery are very rare, pocket theft can happen. Road traffic can seem chaotic and risky.

BJ: Beijing

List of Beijing Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Beijing is BJ which stands for Beijing. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Beijing, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
BJ Beijing
BAES Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences
BAMTRI Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
BACCC Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center
BAST Beijing Association for Science and Technology
BAMSA Beijing Auto and Motor Sports Association
BAW Beijing Automotive Works
BBLF Beijing Bangcheng Law Firm
BBDC Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co, Ltd
BBWC Beijing Bergey Windpower Co.
BBHG Beijing Binbin Handicraft Group
BCIA Beijing Capital International Airport
BCL Beijing Capital Land Ltd.
BCMU Beijing Capital Medical University
BCT Beijing Capital Tire
BJCDC Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention
BCIRI Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute
BCLA Beijing Chinese Language Academy
BCCB Beijing City Commercial Bank
BCIS Beijing City International School
BCC Beijing Communication Corporation
BEIDA Beijing Daxue
BDPC Beijing Development Planning Commission
BEZ Beijing Electronic Zone
BEDI Beijing Environment and Development Institute
BEZ Beijing Experimental Zone
BFSU Beijing Foreign Studies University
BGG Beijing Ginko Group
BGTCC Beijing Globe Tech Consulting Center
BHG Beijing Hualian Group
BITI Beijing Information Technology Institute
BIAM Beijing Institute of Aviation Medicine
BIMP Beijing Institute of Modern Physics
BINE Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering
BIPT Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology
BIRM Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine
BIRM Beijing Institute of Radio Metrology and Measurement
BIT Beijing Institute of Technology
BIT Beijing Institute of Technology
BIAM Beijing International Aeronautical Materials Corp.
BICC Beijing International Convention Center
BIEC Beijing International Exhibition Center
BLEM Beijing Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
BMP Beijing Med-Pharm
BMDC Beijing Modern Dance Company
BMDC Beijing Modern Dance Conservatory
BMAC Beijing Municipal Administration Committee
BMEPB Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau
BMICPD Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design
BSTC Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
BNU Beijing Normal University
BOB Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
BOGCC Beijing Olympic Green Convention Centre
BPA Beijing Platform for Action
BPFA Beijing Platform for Action
BPEG Beijing Power Equipment Group
BPTC Beijing Public Transport Corporation
BRSF Beijing Railway Signalling Factory
BRAIC Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation
BRICC Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry
BMC Beijing SE Putian Mobile Communications
BSIA Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association
BSWA Beijing Sheng Wang Acoustic
BSIA Beijing Software Industry Association
BES Beijing Spectrometer
BSRF Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility
BTSE Beijing Techview System Engineering Co. Ltd.
BTA Beijing Telecommunications Administration
BTTFC Beijing Tian Tan Furniture Corp.
BTWC Beijing Today Walk Center
BTG Beijing Tourism Group
BUU Beijing Union University
BVCA Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture
BWC Beijing Women’s Conference
BWIA Beijing Workers Indoor Arena
BWCTS Beijing World Culture Travel Service
BWYA Beijing World Youth Academy
BYD Beijing Youth Daily
NAY Beijing, China
PEKS Beijing, China – Peking Capital Airport
PEK Beijing, China – Peking Capital Airport
BJS Beijing, China-Capital Airport
BXS Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
BXGS Beijing/Xian/Guilin/Shanghai
BBDA Beijing-Benz DaimlerChrysler Automotive Corp, Ltd.
BSB British School of Beijing
CBEX China Beijing Equity Exchange
COPU China OSS Promotion Union (est. 2004; Beijing, China)
DTTC Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Limited (Beijing, China)
DCB Dulwich College Beijing
GBRE Greater Beijing Region Expressways Ltd.
ISB International School of Beijing
POB Phemas Of Beijing Company
PIB Princeton in Beijing
SBOS Sydney Beijing Olympic Secretariat
TAOBM Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing Municipality
USTB University of Science and Technology Beijing
VCCB Visteon Climate Control Beijing
WAB Western Academy of Beijing
WTCB World Trade Centre Beijing