Bermuda Abbreviations


Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,050 km from the USA. They are an archipelago formed by seven main islands and about 170 islets. There are 70 thousand residents (2016). The capital is Hamilton.

Bermuda and Acronyms


  • Abbreviation: BMU
  • Country: United Kingdom

Bermuda was discovered, between 1503 and 1511, by the Spanish Juan Bermúdez. In 1609, they were occupied by the English.

BMU: Bermuda

List of Bermuda Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Bermuda is BMU which stands for Bermuda. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Bermuda, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
BOB Bank of Bermuda
BUNDLE Bermuda
BD Bermuda
BMU Bermuda
BOUND Bermuda
BASA Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association
BATS Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study
BBSR Bermuda Biological Station for Research
BCS Bermuda Collectors’ Society
BCEA Bermuda College Educators’ Association
BCBL Bermuda Contract Bridge League
BDCA Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
BMD Bermuda Dollar
BDCC Bermuda Dunes Country Club
BEC Bermuda Employers’ Council
BEC Bermuda Energy Conservation
BFIS Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies
BHRA Bermuda Human Resources Association
BIAM Bermuda Institute Of Advanced Motorists
BII Bermuda Insurance Institute
BIBA Bermuda International Business Association
BLCA Bermuda Laser Class Association
BLF Bermuda Leadership Forum
BMSA Bermuda Masters Swimming Association
BMA Bermuda Monetary Authority
BNG Bermuda National Gallery
BNT Bermuda National Trust
BPHA Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association
BYPASS Bermuda Plan
BP Bermuda Plan
BAGPIPE Bermuda Plan
BPSU Bermuda Public Services Union
BROC Bermuda Race Organizing Committee
BSD Bermuda Shorts Day
BSX Bermuda Stock Exchange
BDA Bermuda Tracking Station
BTSL Bermuda Trust Singapore Ltd.
BDA Bermuda/Hamilton, Bermuda – Kindley Airfield/Civil Air Terminal
BDA Bermudahamilton Bermuda Kindley Airfieldcivil Air Terminal
CSB Computer Society of Bermuda
TXKF Hamilton, Bermuda
HIAB Health Insurance Association of Bermuda
MCIBL Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Bermuda Limited
NFSB Northstar Financial Services Bermuda Ltd.
QIB Quilmes International Bermuda, Ltd.
TBI Telebermuda International
UBP United Bermuda Party

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