Abbreviation for Bordeaux, France


Bordeaux is perhaps best known as the world’s wine capital, because in this area the best red wines have been produced since the 7th century. The wine industry’s Vinexpo is also organized here every year. As you probably understand, it is Bordeaux’s wine districts that have traditionally been the patch for hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Bordeaux may not be the most beautiful city in France, but the old town of Vieux Bordeaux is very charming and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some of the best examples of 18th century architecture in Europe. If you are interested in architecture and beautiful buildings, Bordeaux is a small treasury.

Most attractions are in the city center, which is small enough to experience on foot. This is just fine since most streets are pedestrian streets anyway. If you get tired, there are three effective tram lines. The region is excellent for excursions and around Bordeaux you will find more than 7000 wine castles and larger vineyards.

Bordeaux and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: BDX
  • Country: France

If you love to eat and drink well and enjoy life without having to dance at the biggest and most trendy nightclubs or see the tallest skyscrapers then Bordeaux is a good choice.

And Bordeaux is so far south that you can expect good temperature for much of the year.

Facts about Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the ninth largest city in France and the capital of the Aquitaine region. Bordeaux is world renowned for its wines. In addition, the city has one of the largest – though not the largest – University of France.

Population Around 230,000
Official languages French
Control Form Republic
Religion Catholic (About 75%)
Time Difference No
Currency Euro. Most credit cards (Visa, Master, Diners, AmEx) are accepted in most places. ATMs are available almost everywhere.
Tips At dining, cafes and bars, 15 percent tips are included in the price. A few coins are still ok if you are satisfied with the service. In the taxi it is ok to round up or give a few euros in tips.
Embassy The Norwegian Embassy in France is located at Rue Bayard 28, 75008 Paris. Tel: +33 153 670400
Tourist 12 cours du XXX Juillet
Telephone 33
Emergency 15 for ambulance, 17 for police, 18 for fire.
Electricity 220/240 volts, the same two-pin contact system as in Norway
Holidays and Holidays July 14 (National Day), August 15, November 1, November 11.
Visa Not required for Norwegian citizens.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required.
Water Can be easily drunk from the tap.
Nearest major cities Libourne, Cognac, Bergerac.
Safety Some violent crime in the typical tourist areas, but be aware of pickpockets. In some suburbs there is more crime than in the city center.

BDX: Bordeaux

List of Bordeaux Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Bordeaux is BDX which stands for Bordeaux. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Bordeaux, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AFBA Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine
AERB Association des Etudiants Réunionnais à Bordeaux
BDX Bordeaux
BAT Bordeaux Airsoft Team
BBS Bordeaux Bureaux Services
BCH Bordeaux Chantecler Holdem
BCD Bordeaux Culture et Découverte
BDO Bordeaux Danse Orientale
BDS Bordeaux Démolition Services
BEM Bordeaux Ecole de Management
BEC Bordeaux Etudiants Club
BEV Bordeaux Evasion Voyages
BGI Bordeaux Gironde Investissement
BGW Bordeaux Graph Workshop
BIC Bordeaux Imaging Center
BIS Bordeaux International School
BJF Bordeaux Jazz Festival
BLC Bordeaux Longskate Club
BMA Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement
BMC Bordeaux Moto Club
BPC Bordeaux Poker Club
BSL Bordeaux Saint Louis
BTA Bordeaux Tourisme Affaires
BWS Bordeaux Wine Stars
BWW Bordeaux Wine Web
BOD Bordeaux, France – Merignac
BGMTS Bordeaux-Grenoble-Marseille-Toulouse
BPR Bordeaux-Paris Randonneurs
CBIB Centre de Bioinformatique de Bordeaux
CCIB Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Bordeaux
CBDB Club Belge du Dogue de Bordeaux
CUB Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux
CEB Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux
CIVB Conseil Interprofessionel des Vins de Bordeaux
CNB Construction Navale Bordeaux
DDB Dogue de Bordeaux
DDBS Dogue De Bordeaux Society
ZFQ Gare de Bordeaux Airport
GTB Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux
IEEB Institut Européen de l’Environnement de Bordeaux
ONB Opera National de Bordeaux
PBT Polyclinique Bordeaux Tondu
SFB Sainte Famille de Bordeaux
SLB Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux
UBB Union Bordeaux Begles
UB Université de Bordeaux