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Chisinau [ki ʃ i nə ʊ, Romanian], Russian Kishinev, Kišinev [ki ʃ i nj ɔ f], capital of Moldova, on Byk (BAC), (2017) 685 900 residents, as an agglomeration 820,500 residents (around 67% Moldovans, 14% Romanians, 9% Russians, 6% Ukrainians).

Chișinău is the leading cultural, scientific and economic center of Moldova. In addition to the Moldavian Academy of Sciences, the city has a university (founded in 1945), a technical university, a university of education, medical and other universities, an art academy, a music academy, libraries, several museums (for history, art, ethnology, natural history, etc.) and galleries, the National Philharmonic and several theaters.

Chișinău is the most important industrial location in Moldova; The most important branches are mechanical engineering, chemical, electrotechnical, light (including textile), food and luxury goods industries (wineries, tobacco and fruit processing). There are vineyards and orchards in and around Chișinău. The service sector focuses on administration, trade, media and finance. The country’s only international airport is located near Chișinău.


The city suffered severe damage during World War II. Today, many parks, prefabricated apartment blocks and, in some cases, modern high-rise buildings (from 1991) characterize the cityscape. The Moldavian Orthodox cathedral in the city center was completed in 1836; the bell tower, blown up in 1962, was rebuilt in 1996/97.


Chișinău, first mentioned in 1466, was an important trading center in the Principality of Moldova. In 1812 the city with Bessarabia fell to Russia. Chișinău was a center of Jewish life; the proportion of the population was still over 45% at the end of the 19th century; From 1903, however, there were repeated pogrom-like anti-Semitic riots. 1918–40 and 1941–44 the city was Romanian; In 1940 it became the capital of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic, from 1991 of the Republic of Moldova.

Abbreviations for Chisinau, Moldova

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: CHI
  • Country: Moldova

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The most commonly used abbreviations for Chisinau is CHI which stands for Chisinau. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Chisinau, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.