Commission Abbreviations

Commission has two meanings:
– In trade: wages or commission received by someone (the commission agent) who makes his business from concluding agreements in his own name or firm, on the order and for the account of another (the principal, commissioner, principal or commitee). Or, A financial reward from sellers or brokers, depending on a performance delivered.

– Meeting or discussing in a group: persons to whom a specific assignment is given by a meeting or a board (whether or not from its midst), or by the government , for which purpose they unite.


List of Acronyms Related to Commission

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission
Access to Justice Commission
Accomack-Northampton Transportation District Commission
Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Accrediting Commission for Business Schools
Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration
Active Commission Base Date
Active Federal Commissioned Service
Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
Additional Commissioner of Police
Additional Deputy Commissioner General
Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course
Advanced Noncommissioned Officers’ Course
Adventists Commissioned to Train Servants for Christ
Advisory Commission on Aging
Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
Advisory Commission on State Emergency Communications
Advisory Neighborhood Commission
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners
Affiliated National Riding Commission
Affordable Housing Study Commission
Affordable Rural Housing Commission
Afghan Human Rights Commission
African Civil Aviation Commission
African Regional Certification Commission
African Union Commission
African-American Family Commission
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Aging and Adult Services Commission
Agricultural Futures Trading Commission
Agricultural Land Preservation Commission
Agricultural Products Utilization Commission
Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission
Air Accident Investigation Commission
Air Conservation Commission
Air Conservation Commission
Air Conservation Commission
Air Navigation Commission
Air Traffic Incident Commission
Aircraft Out of Commission for Parts
Airman Scholarship & Commissioning Program
Alabama Commission on Higher Education
Alabama Emergency Response Commission
Alabama Public Service Commission
Alabama Real Estate Commission
Alabama Securities Commission
Alabama Water Improvement Commission
Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education
Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission
Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission
Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission
Alaskan Engineering Commission
Albanian Securities Commission
Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission
Alberta Securities Commission
Alberta Sheep and Wool Commission
Alberta Utilities Commission
Alberta Utilities Commission Act
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Alcoholic Beverage Laws & Enforcement Commission
Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
Aliso Viejo Youth Commission
Alpine Tourist Commission
American Battle Monuments Commission
Anchorage Equal Rights Commission
Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission
Anglican-Lutheran International Commission
Anti-Defamation Commission
Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
Appalachian Regional Commission
Appalachian Regional Commission
Apple Valley Planning Commission
Applied Science Accreditation Commission
Apulia Film Commission
Aquidneck Island Planning Commission
Arctic Research Commission
Arctic Research Commission
Area Commissioner
Arenac Housing Commission
Arizona Atomic Energy Commission
Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission
Arizona Public Service Commission
Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Arkansas Geological Commission
Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
Arkansas Minority Health Commission
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission
Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission
Arts and Culture Commission of North Vancouver
Arts Commission of Greater Toledo
Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics
Asian Human Rights Commission
Asian Seismological Commission
Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission
Assessment and Evaluation Commission
Assistant Area Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner of Police
Assistant Commissioner of Police
Assistant Commissioner, Performance Assurance
Assistant County Commissioner
Assistant County Commissioner
Assistant County Commissioner
Assistant Deputy Commissioner
Assistant District Commissioner
Assistant Labour Commissioner
Assistant Regional Commissioner/Counsel
Assistant Regional Commissioner/Counsel
Assistant Regional Commissionercounsel
Assistant Regional Commissionercounsel
Associate Commissioner
Associate Commissioner for Health Affairs
Associate Commissioner for Legislative Affairs
Associate Commissioner for Modernization
Associate Commissioner for Office of Management
Associate Commissioner for Planning and Evaluation
Associate Commissioner for Public Affairs
Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs
Association County Commissioners of Georgia
Association of Boxing Commissions
Association of Boxing Commissions
Association of California Commissions for Women
Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police
Association of Commissioned Officers
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma
Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Association of Film Commissioners International
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
Association of Racing Commissioners International
Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlanta Regional Commission
Atlantic Provinces Transportation Commission
Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
Atomic Energy Commission
Atomic Energy Commission
Atomic Energy Commission Manual
Atomic Energy Commission of Arizona
Attorney Grievance Commission
Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Auckland Diocesan Liturgy Commission
Audit Commission in Wales
Audit Commission Performance Indicator
Audit Commission Performance Indicators
Aurora Public Art Commission
Australasian Crime Commissioners’ Forum
Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Australian Broadcasting Commission
Australian Broadcasting Commission
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Australian Crime Commission
Australian Crime Commission
Australian Crime Commission
Australian Electoral Commission
Australian Film Commission
Australian Heritage Commission
Australian High Commission
Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Australian Law Reform Commission
Australian Plague Locust Commission
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Australian Securities Commission
Australian Sports Commission
Australian Tourist Commission
Average Daily Commission
Baldwin County Commission
Baltic Sea Tourism Commission
Bangladesh Election Commission
Bangladesh Human Rights Commission
Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
Base Closure and Realignment Commission
Basic Education Commission
Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course
Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course
Bay County Road Commission
Beaver Emergency Services Commission
Beijing Development Planning Commission
Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
Benguela Current Commission
Berlin-Brandenburg Film Commission
Bhutan National Commission for UNESCO
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Bilateral Implementation Commission
Biological Stain Commission
Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation
Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission
Board of Aviation Commissioners
Board of Commissioners
Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore
Board of County Commissioners
Board of Library Commissioners
Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners
Board of Transport Commissioners
Board, Commission, and Committee
Boards, Commissions and Committees
Boone County Planning Commission
Bootstrap Commissioning Program
Bootstrap Commissioning Program
Border Health Commission
Boston Public Health Commission
Boyne City Housing Commission
British Columbia Housing Management Commission
British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
British Columbia Provincial Capital Commission
British Columbia Securities Commission
British Columbia Treaty Commission
British Film Commission
British High Commission
British Phosphate Commission
British Transport Commission
British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
Broadcasting Complaints Commission
Broadcasting Standards Commission
Brotherhood of the Commissioned
Broward County Historical Commission
Building Code Commission
Building Commission Victoria
Building Commissioning Association
Building Engineering Services Commissioning
Building Standards Commission
Business Affairs Commission
Business Affairs Commission
Business and Economic Development Commission
Buyer Agency Commission
Buyer Agency Commission
California Apple Commission
California Asparagus Commission
California Avocado Commission
California Building Standards Commission
California Citizens Redistricting Commission
California Coastal Commission
California Coastal Commission
California Commission On Aging
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
California Commissioning Collaborative
California Commissioning Collaborative
California Community College Commission on Athletics
California Cut Flower Commission
California Date Commission
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
California Egg Commission
California Energy Commission
California Fair Political Practices Commission
California Film Commission
California Fish and Game Commission
California Forest Products Commission
California Grape Rootstock Improvement Commission
California Health Facilities Commission
California Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
California Kiwifruit Commission
California Pistachio Commission
California Postsecondary Education Commission
California Public Utilities Commission
California School Personnel Commissioners Association
California Sheep Commission
California State Lands Commission
California Strawberry Commission
California Student Aid Commission
California Table Grape Commission
California Tomato Commission
California Transportation Commission
California Walnut Commission
California Water Commission
Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes
Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation
Canadian Dairy Commission
Canadian Grain Commission
Canadian High Commission
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Canadian Polar Commission
Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission
Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
Canadian Security Intelligence Review Commission
Canadian Tourism Commission
Canadian Transport Commission
Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Capitol Preservation Commission
Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission
Casino Control Commission
Casino Control Commission
Catholic Commission for Employment Relations
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe
Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice
Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd
Ceasefire Joint Monitoring Commission
Center-Commissioned External Review
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine
Central Election Commission
Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
Central Florida Sports Commission
Central Information Commission
Central Military Commission
Central Provident Fund Commissioner
Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission
Central Vigilance Commission
Central Water Commission
Certification Commission for Health Information Technology
Certified Building Commissioning Professional
Certified County Commissioner
Certified County Commissioner
Certifying Commission in Medical Management
Chaleur Regional Development Commission
Challenger Commission
Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
Changjiang Water Resources Commission
Charter Review Commission
Chesapeake Bay Commission
Chester County Planning Commission
Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission
Chicago Board of Election Commissioners
Chicago Commission on Human Relations
Chief Commissioner of Land Administration
Chief Commissioner’s Award
Chief Election Commissioner
Children and Families Commission of Orange County
Children’s Commissioning Support Resource
Chilean Commission for Human Rights
China Insurance Regulatory Commission
China Securities Regulatory Commission
Chinese State Economic and Trade Commission
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Christian Commission for Development
Christian Film and Television Commission
Christian Life Commission
Christian Medical Commission
Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission
Churches Commission on Overseas Students
Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe
Churches’ Commission on Education
Cincinnati Human Relations Commission
Citizens Budget Commission
Citizens Commission for Human Rights
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Citizens Finance Review Commission
Citizens’ Commission for Civil Rights
Citizens’ Commission on Constitutional Development
Citizens’ Investigative Commission
City Advertising Promotion Commission
City Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Corporations
City Ethics Commission
City Planning Commission
Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
Civil Service Commission
Clinton Investigative Commission
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Collegiate Commissioners Association
Collingwood Public Utilities Commission
Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs
Colorado Commission on Aging
Colorado Commission on Civil Rights
Colorado Commission on Higher Education
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Columbus Human Rights Commission
Commerce Commission
Commission Accounting System
Commission Administrative de Coordination
Commission Administrative Paritaire
Commission Administrative Paritaire
Commission Administrative Paritaire Academique
Commission Administrative Paritaire Departementale
Commission against Domestic Violence
Commission Against Narcotics
Commission Armées-Jeunesse
Commission Artisanale et Médicale d’Invalidité
Commission Baleinière Internationale
Commission Bancaire et Financière
Commission Bancaire et Financiere et des Assurances
Commission Canadienne d’Histoire Militaire
Commission Canadienne de Radiodiffusion
Commission Canadienne des Affaires Polaire
Commission Canadienne des Droits de la Personne
Commission Canadienne des Grains
Commission Canadienne du Blé
Commission Canadienne du Lait
Commission Canadienne du Tourisme
Commission Centrale de Sécurité
Commission Centrale des Appareils a Pression
Commission Centrale des Marchés
Commission Centrale du Rhin
Commission Communautaire Commune
Commission Communautaire des Professions et Qualifications
Commission Communautaire Française
Commission Consultative Communale pour l’Amenagement du Territoire
Commission Consultative de Concertation
Commission Consultative de Concertation
Commission Consultative des Eaux
Commission Consultative Paritaire
Commission Consultative Paritaire Locale
Commission Consultative Paritaire Ministerielle
Commission Coopération Développement
Commission d’Accès aux Documents Administratifs
Commission d’Appel d’Offres
Commission d’Education et d’Agility Regionale
Commission d’Enquête Citoyenne
Commission d’Enquête sur le Crime Organisé
Commission d’Utilisation Nationale Chiens de Berger et de Garde
Commission d’Utilisation Régionale
Commission de Contrôle de l’Énergie Atomique
Commission de Controle des Assurances
Commission de Coopération Environnementale
Commission de l’Arc Atlantique
Commission de l’Avifaune Française
Commission de l’Ethique de la Science et de la Technologie
Commission de l’Europe Occidentale
Commission de l’Immigration et du Statut de Refugie
Commission de l’Océan Indien
Commission de la Capitale Nationale
Commission de la Carte Geologique du Monde
Commission de la Carte Geologique du Monde
Commission de la Construction du Québec
Commission de la Fonction Publique du Canada
Commission de la Politique de Sécurité
Commission de la Recherche Clinique
Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail du Québec
Commission de la Transparence
Commission de Politique Exterieure
Commission de Recours Amiable
Commission de Recours Gracieux
Commission de Régulation de l’Electricité et du Gaz
Commission de Régulation de l’Energie
Commission de Sécurité des Consommateurs
Commission de Suivi et d’Application de l’Accord
Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Commission Départementale d’Aménagement Commercial
Commission Départementale d’Equipement
Commission Départementale d’Equipement Commercial
Commission Departementale d’Orientation Agricole
Commission Départementale de l’Identification de l’Isère
Commission Départementale de l’Urbanisme
Commission Départementale de Sécurité
Commission Departementale des Objets Mobiliers
Commission Départementale des Sites
Commission des Affaires Juridiques
Commission des Alcools et des Jeux de l’Ontario
Commission des Arbitres Marqueurs Chronométreurs
Commission des Biens Culturels
Commission des Chefs de Services Financiers
Commission des Communautés Européennes
Commission des Comptes de la Securite Sociale
Commission des Constructions Publiques
Commission des Droits et de l’Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées
Commission des Droits et de l’Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées
Commission des Ecoles Catoliques de Montreal
Commission des Ecoles Catoliques de Montreal
Commission des Finances
Commission des Fournisseurs et Usagers
Commission des Normes du Travail
Commission des Normes du Travail
Commission des Operations de Bourse
Commission des Revendications des Indiens
Commission des Services Juridiques
Commission des Statistiques de l’Assurance-Accidents
Commission Diocésaine d’art Sacré
Commission du Bassin du Lac Tchad
Commission du Contrôle Budgétaire
Commission du Contrôle de Gestion
Commission du Dividende Numérique
Commission du Droit d’Auteur Canada
Commission du Droit d’Auteur Canada
Commission du Droit du Canada
Commission du Génie Biomoléculaire
Commission Économique de la Nation
Commission Économique et Sociale pour l’Asie et le Pacifique
Commission Économique Interministérielle
Commission Économique pour l’Afrique
Commission Économique pour l’Europe
Commission Électorale Indépendante
Commission Electorale Nationale Autonome
Commission Electorale Nationale Independante
Commission Électrotechnique Internationale
Commission Emploi Formation Enseignement
Commission Europe Centrale et Orientale
Commission Européenne du Charbon et de l’Acier
Commission Fédérale de Coordination pour la Sécurité au Travail
Commission Federale des Bourses pour Etudiants Etrangers
Commission Federale du Logement
Commission Fédérale pour la Lutte contre le Bruit
Commission Femmes et Développement
Commission Foncière Rurale
Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies
Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
Commission for Agricultural Cost and Price
Commission for Agricultural Meteorology
Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba
Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
Commission for Basic Systems
Commission for Case Manager Certification
Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy
Commission for Civic Control of Corruption
Commission for Climatology
Commission for Climatology
Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration
Commission for Constitutional Affairs and European Governance
Commission for Economic and Social Policy
Commission for Energy Regulation
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers
Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission for Health Improvement
Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspections
Commission for Higher Education
Commission for Hydrology
Commission for Independent Education
Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation
Commission for Integrated Transport
Commission for Judicial Appointments
Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission for Marine Geology
Commission for Marine Meteorology
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
Commission for Personal Data Protection
Commission for Public Service Appointments
Commission for Racial Equality
Commission for Racial Equality for Northern Ireland
Commission for Racial Justice
Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation
Commission for Rural Communities
Commission for Social Care Inspection
Commission for Social Development
Commission for Social Justice
Commission for Synoptic Meteorology
Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa
Commission for the Blind
Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Commission for the Consolidation of Peace
Commission for the Defense of Human Rights in Central America
Commission for the Geological Map of the World
Commission for the Inter Parish Finance
Commission for the New Towns
Commission for the New Towns
Commission for the Special Education of the Disadvantaged
Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
Commission for Trade and Consumer Protection
Commission for Unity and Racial Equality
Commission Francophone Cistercienne
Commission Géologique du Canada
Commission Interdépartementale du Développement Durable
Commission Interdisciplinaire d’Anthropologie Medicale
Commission Interministérielle des Radio-Eléments Artificiels
Commission Internationale Catholique pour Les Migrations
Commission Internationale d’Aerostation
Commission Internationale d’Eclairage
Commission Internationale d’Histoire Militaire
Commission Internationale d’Optique
Commission Internationale de Juristes
Commission Internationale de Karting
Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage
Commission Internationale de l’État Civil
Commission Internationale de l’Hydrologie du Bassin du Rhin
Commission Internationale de l’Hydrologie du Bassin du Rhin
Commission Internationale de Microflore du Paléozoique
Commission Internationale de Protection contre les Radiations Ionisantes
Commission Internationale de Protection Radiologique
Commission Internationale de Secours Alpin
Commission Internationale des Irrigations et du Drainage
Commission Internationale Permanente
Commission Internationale pour la Protection de l’Escaut
Commission Internationale pour la Protection de la Meuse
Commission Internationale pour la Protection du Rhin Contre la Pollution
Commission Interrégionale de l’Emballage
Commission Junction
Commission Junction University
Commission latino-américaine de l’aviation civile
Commission Locale d’Environnement
Commission Locale d’Information
Commission Locale d’Insertion
Commission Locale Interpartenaire
Commission Médicale d’Établissement
Commission Mixte Paritaire
Commission Mondiale sur l’Environnement et le Developpement
Commission Municipale
Commission Municipale
Commission Nationale d’Action Sociale
Commission Nationale d’Arbitrage
Commission Nationale d’Equipement Commercial
Commission Nationale d’Urbanisme Commercial
Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes
Commission Nationale de la Communication
Commission Nationale de Linguistique
Commission Nationale de Prévention de la Torture
Commission Nationale de Recours Amiable
Commission Nationale de Restructuration des Urgences
Commission Nationale des Bourses
Commission Nationale des Jeunes
Commission Nationale des Titres Restaurant
Commission Nationale du Developpement Durable
Commission Nationale Féminine
Commission Nationale Monocycle
Commission Nationale Skateboard
Commission Nord-Américain de Coopération Environnementale
Commission Océanographique Intergouvernementale
Commission of Accreditation
Commission of Colleges
Commission of European Communities
Commission of European Communities
Commission of European Post and Telecommunications
Commission of Federal Justice Affairs
Commission of Fine Arts
Commission of History of International Relations
Commission of Institutions of Higher Education
Commission of Integrity
Commission of Internal Affairs
Commission of Professors of Adult Education
Commission of Public Works
Commission of the African Union
Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
Commission of the European Communities
Commission of the European Union
Commission of Voluntary and Humanitarian Work
Commission on Accreditation for Corrections
Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education
Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education
Commission on Accreditation for Hospitality Management
Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.
Commission on Accreditation in Clinical Chemistry
Commission on Accreditation of Air-Medical Services
Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Commission on Accreditation of Hospitality Management Programs
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
Commission on Aging and Retirement Education
Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology
Commission on Athletics
Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
Commission on Audit
Commission on Camps, Conferences, and Retreats, Inc.
Commission on Capital Cases
Commission on Capital Cases
Commission on Certification
Commission on Children and Youth
Commission on Civil Rights
Commission on Climate Change and Development
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Commission on Comparative Planetology
Commission on Constitutional and Electoral Matters
Commission on Continuing Legal Education
Commission on Controlled Source Seismology
Commission on Dental Accreditation
Commission on Dietetic Registration
Commission on Disabled Access
Commission on Ecology
Commission on Economic Opportunity
Commission on Ecosystem Management
Commission on Ecosystem Management
Commission on Education
Commission on Education and Communication
Commission on Education for the Deaf
Commission on Elections, Nominations and Appointments
Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems
Commission on Environmental Law
Commission on Environmental Strategy and Planning
Commission on Ethics
Commission on Ethnic Relations
Commission on European Affairs
Commission on European Contract Law
Commission on Filipino Language
Commission on Filipinos Overseas
Commission on Global Sedimentary Geology
Commission on Government Accountability to the People
Commission on Government Accountability to the People
Commission on Health Care Certification
Commission On Higher Education
Commission on Higher Education
Commission on Higher Education and the Economy
Commission on Higher Education Regional Office VII,
Commission on HIV
Commission on Home Ministries
Commission on Home Ministries
Commission on Human Medicines
Commission on Human Medicines
Commission on Human Rights
Commission on Human Rights
Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice
Commission on Human Rights and Justice
Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
Commission on Igneous and Metamorphic Petrogenesis
Commission on Improving Curriculum-based Assessment
Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
Commission on Information and Communications Technology
Commission on Informational Technology
Commission on Integration and Cohesion
Commission on International Education
Commission on Judicial Conduct
Commission on Judicial Performance
Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment
Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs
Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor
Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equity
Commission on Life Sciences
Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
Commission On Marine Science, Engineering And Resources
Commission on Marine Science, Engineering and Resources
Commission on Measurement Theory and Application in Geomorphology
Commission on Mental Health and Community Solutions
Commission On Ministry
Commission On Ministry
Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Commission on National and Regional Atlases
Commission On New Technological Uses (of copyrighted works)
Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
Commission on Official Legal Publications
Commission on Ohio Dental Assistants
Commission on Opticianry Accreditation
Commission on Overseas Mission
Commission on Overseas Mission
Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation
Commission on People with Disabilities
Commission on Personal Safety
Commission on Plant Gene Nomenclature
Commission on Population and Development
Commission on Preservation and Access
Commission on Presidential Debates
Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities
Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
Commission on Promulgation of Radio Navigational Warnings
Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy
Commission on Public Integrity
Commission on Public Secondary Schools
Commission on Quality Care
Commission On Radiation Protection
Commission on Recent Crustal Movements
Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
Commission on Religion in Appalachia
Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
Commission on Science and Technology for Development
Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South
Commission on Secondary Schools
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Commission on Social Development
Commission on Standards and Accreditation of Services for the Blind
Commission on State Emergency Communications
Commission on Strategic Development
Commission on Sustainable Development
Commission on Sustainable Development
Commission on Systematics in Petrology
Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Commission on Technical and Career Institutions
Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology
Commission on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition
Commission on the Future of the Voluntary Sector
Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education
Commission on the Status of Women
Commission on the Status of Women
Commission on University Career Opportunity
Commission on Urban Life and Faith
Commission on Wartime Contracting
Commission on Women in the Profession
Commission on Youth
Commission on Youth Issues
Commission Paritaire Consultative
Commission Paritaire de Branche
Commission Paritaire Nationale de l’Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle de l’Immobilier
Commission Particulière du Débat Public
Commission Pastorale de la Terre
Commission Permanente
Commission Permanente
Commission Permanente de la Police Locale
Commission Permanente des Affaires Africaines
Commission Professionnelle Consultative
Commission Publique d’Assistance Sociale
Commission Regionale d’Amenagement du Territoire
Commission Regionale d’Evaluation Medicale
Commission Régionale d’Organisation du Système Sanitaire
Commission Régionale de Développement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale
Commission Régionale de la Naissance
Commission Régionale des Addictions
Commission Régionale des Arbitres
Commission Regionale Karting
Commission Régionale Karting
Commission Registration System
Commission Rogatoire Internationale
Commission Romande de Physique
Commission Royale des Monuments et Sites
Commission Scolaire de la Beauce-Etchemin
Commission Scolaire de la Capitale
Commission Scolaire de Laval
Commission Scolaire des Affluents
Commission Scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries
Commission Scolaire des Laurentides
Commission Scolaire Lester B. Pearson
Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin
Commission Spécialisée Astronomie-Astrophysique
Commission Supérieure des Monuments Historiques
Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son
Commission Technique de Versailles
Commission Technique Départementale
Commission Technique des Jeunes
Commission Technique Nationale
Commission Technique Régionale
Commission to Combat Police Corruption
Commission to Every Nation
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace
Commission Universitaire pour le Développement
Commission Université Palais
Commission, Division of Wildlife
Commission/Committee on Fisheries
Commissionaires Distinguished Service Medal
Commissione Consultiva Tossicologica Nazionale
Commissione Federale sugli Infortuni Aeronautici
Commissione Internazionale per la Protezione del Reno dall’Inquinamento
Commissione per le Adozioni Internazionali
Commissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana
Commissione Tecnica di Unificazione nell’Autoveicolo
Commissione Tributaria Centrale
Commissione Tributaria Provinciale
Commissione Tributaria Regionale
Commissioned Artistic Officials Committee
Commissioned Corps
Commissioned Corps Issuance System
Commissioned Corps Management Information System
Commissioned Corps Personnel Team
Commissioned Corps Readiness Force
Commissioned Officer
Commissioned Officer Student Training Extern Program
Commissioned Officer Training course
Commissioned Officers Association
Commissioned Officers Mess
Commissioned Officers Mess
Commissioned Personnel Center
Commissioned Sales Representative
Commissioned Time in Service
Commissioned Warrant Officer
Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services
Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing
Commissioner of Income Tax
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety
Commissioner of Police
Commissioner of Police
Commissioner of Public Lands
Commissioner of Public Safety
Commissioner of Railway Safety
Commissioner of Social Security
Commissioner of the Standing Consultative Commission
Commissioner’s Advisory Group
Commissioner’s Annual Report
Commissioner’s Disability Table
Commissioner’s Mail Tracking System
Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt
Commissioners of Irish Lights
Commissioners Standard Ordinary
Commissioners’ Investment and Asset Management Strategy
Commissioning and Fitting Out
Commissioning and Setting to Work
Commissioning and Startup plan
Commissioning Authority
Commissioning for Quality and Innovation
Commissioning from the Ranks
Commissioning Maintenance Group
Commissioning Management Ltd.
Commissioning Plan Document
Commissioning Plan Tool
Commissioning Process Management Professional
Commissioning Team
Commissioning Test Procedure
Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
Commissioning, Qualification, Verification
Commissions Départementales des Impôts
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
Committees, Boards and Commissions
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Commonwealth Grants Commission
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Historical Commission
Communication and Media Commission
Communication and Multimedia Commission
Communications and Information Technology Commission
Communications Commission of Kenya
Communications Regulation Commission
Community Services Reimbursement Rate Commission
Competition Commission
Competition Commission Appeals Tribunal
Competition Commission of India
Complaints Resolution Commissioner
Computer Science Accreditation Commission
Computing Accreditation Commission
Conciliation Commission for Palestine
Connecticut Employment and Training Commission
Connecticut Historical Commission
Connecticut River Joint Commissions
Conservation Commission/Inland Wetland Agency
Constituency Boundaries Commission
Constitution Convention Commission
Constitution Convention Commission
Constitutional and Electoral Consultative Commission
Constitutional Review Commission
Consulting & Commissioning Engineers
Consulting Commissioning Engineers
Consumer Affairs Commission
Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan
Continuing Care Accreditation Commission
Continuous Commissioning
Control Commission of Germany
Convention and Visitors Commission
Corporate Affairs Commission
Corporate Welfare Reform Commission
Correctional Privatization Commission
Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio
Corruption and Crime Commission
Corruption and Crime Commission
Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission and Interest
Councillors and Commission Chairs
Councillors and Commission Chairs
Counter Counterfeit Commission
Counter Counterfeit Commission
County Commissioner
Cowichan Region Economic Development Commission
Creative Industries Commission
Crime and Justice Commission
Crime and Misconduct Commission
Crime Victim Services Commission
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Criminal Justice Commission
Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission
Criminal Justice Training Commission
Critical Area Commission
Critical Area Commission Staff
Crown Estates Commission
Cultural Heritage Commission
Cultural Resource Commission
Cumberland County Planning Commission
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
Danish Atomic Energy Commission
Danube Tourist Commission
Data Processing Oversight Commission
Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners
Data Protection Commissioner
Decommissioning Consulting Services Limited
Decommissioning Consulting Services Ltd.
Decommissioning Funding Plan
Decommissioning Operations Contractor
Decommissioning Project Readiness Review
Decommissioning, Decontamination and Reutilization Division
Decontamination, Dismantlement, Deactivation, and Decommissioning
Deer Commission for Scotland
Defense Manpower Commission
Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs
Delaware Health Care Commission
Delaware Higher Education Commission
Delaware Real Estate Commission
Delhi Commission for Women
Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner for Operations
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
Deputy Commissioner of Police
Deputy Commissioner, Public Information
Deputy High Commissioner
Detroit Board of Police Commissioners
Detroit Housing Commission
Detroit Metro Sports Commission
Deutschen UNESCO Kommission (German: German UNESCO Commission)
Development Commissioner
Development Commissioner
Diocesan Commission on Youth
Diocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission
Direct Commission Officer
Disability Rights Commission
Disabled Persons Protection Commission
Disarmament Commission
Disarmament Commission
Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Commission
Displaced Persons Commission
District Catechetical Commission
District Commissioner
District Commissioner
District Commissioner’s Award
District Explorer Scout Commissioner
District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities
District Planning Commission
Division of Commissioned Corps Assignments
Division of Commissioned Personnel
Divisional Commissioner
Divisional Commissioner
Domain Name Commissioner
Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission
Drug Abuse Control Commission
Duck River Utility Commission
Duluth Heritage Preservation Commission
Durham Open Space and Trails Commission
Duty Non-Commissioned Officer
Early Commissioning Program
Earth Commission for Thermostatic Control
Earthquake Commission
East Asia Hydrographic Commission
East Finland Film Commission
Eastern Atlantic Hydrographic Commission
Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia
Economic and Financial Crime Commission
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Economic Commission for Africa
Economic Commission for Europe
Economic Commission for Latin America
Economic Commission for Latin America
Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Economic Commission for Western Asia
Economic Development Commission
Economische Commissie voor Europa (Dutch: Economic Commission for Europe)
Ecumenical Commission for Displaced Families and Communities
Education Commission of the States
Education Practices Commission
Education Standards Commission
Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates
Educational Policies Commission
Educational Services Commission
Election Assistance Commission
Election Commission
Election Commission
Election Commission
Election Commission of Bhutan
Election Commission of India
Election Commission of Pakistan
Election Commission of Thailand
Elections Canvassing Commission
Electoral Commission Act
Electoral Commission of Kenya
Electoral Commission of Namibia
Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission
Electricity Supply Commission
Emergency Planning Commission
Emergency Response Commission
Emilia Romagna Film Commission
Emmett Till Memorial Commission
Employee Compensation Commission
Employment Conditions Commission
Employment Security Commission
Endangered Species Commission
Energy Regulatory Commission
Engine Out of Commission
Engine Out of Commission for Parts
Engineer, Procure, Install, Commission
Engineering Accreditation Commission
Engineering Association Commission
Engineering Workforce Commission
Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning
English Language Liturgical Commission
Enlisted Commissioning Program
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Environmental Impact Assessment for Decommissioning
Environmental Industries Commission
Environmental Policy and Planning Commission
Environmental Regulation Commission
Enzyme Commission
Enzyme Commission
Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate
Episcopal Commission on Family Life
Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples
Episcopal Commission on Youth
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal Opportunities Commission
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Erie-Huron Counties Community Action Commission, Inc.
Eritrean-Ethiopian Boundary Commission
Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission
Eskasoni Fish Wildlife Commission
Essential Services Commission
Essex National Heritage Commission
Estimated Time In Commission
Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission
Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission
Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission
Ethiopian Tourism Commission
Ethnic Relations Commission
European Commission
European Commission
European Commission
European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
European Commission Host Organisation
European Commission on Preservation and Access
European Commission Project Officer
European Commission Representation
European Commission Technical Assistance
European Commission/British Home Office
European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Office
European Economic Commission
European Pharmacopoeial Commission of Reference Substances
European Seismological Commission
European Travel Commission
European Union Commission
Everyone Nearly Decommissioned
Executive Associate Commissioner
External Affairs Commissioner
Extra Assistant Commissioner
Facility Decommissioning Settlement Agreement
Fair Employment Practices Commission
Fair Trade Commission
Fairmount Park Commission
Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc.
Federal Character Commission
Federal Civil Service Commission
Federal Commissioner of Taxation
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Communications Commission Record
Federal Competition Commission
Federal Election Commission
Federal Energy Commission
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Equity Market Commission
Federal Information Commission
Federal Maritime Commission
Federal Power Commission
Federal Power Commission
Federal Power Commission
Federal Privacy Commissioner
Federal Public Services Commission
Federal Radio Commission
Federal Road Safety Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Trade Commission Act
Federation des Enseignants des Commissions Scolaires
Federation of Regional Accrediting Commissions of Higher Education
Financial and Fiscal Commission
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Financial Services Commission
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Financial Services Supervisory Commission
Financial Supervisory Commission
First Flight Centennial Commission
First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission
First-Year Commission
Fiscal Responsibility Commission
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Fish Commission
Flathead Basin Commission
Flight Safety Non-Commissioned Officer
Flint Civil Service Commission
Florida Building Commission
Florida Citrus Commission
Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
Florida Commission on Community Service
Florida Commission on Ethics
Florida Constitution Revision Commission
Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission
Florida Corrections Commission
Florida Development Commission
Florida Education Standards Commission
Florida Energy and Climate Commission
Florida Medical Examiners Commission
Florida Ports Financing Commission
Florida Public Service Commission
Florida Real Estate Commission
Florida Schools of Excellence Commission
Florida State Boxing Commission
Florida Transportation Commission
Food Safety Commission
Foothill Airport Land Use Commission
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
Foreign Economic Relations Commission
Foreign Exchange and Trade Commission
Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission
Forestry Commission
Forum of European Securities Commissions
Forward Markets Commission
Framework for procuring External Support for Commissioners
Freedom of Information Commission
French Atomic Energy Commission
Fresno Film and Entertainment Commission
Funded Decommissioning Programme
Funky Communications Commission
Futures Commission Merchant
Gambling Control Commission
Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
Gender and Sexuality Commission
General Aviation Commission
General Commission on Religion and Race
General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts
Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission
Georgia Commodity Commission for Peaches
Georgia Forestry Commission
Georgia Peanut Commission
Georgia Public Service Commission
Georgia Real Estate Commission
Georgia Science and Technology Commission
Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission
Georgia Student Finance Commission
Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission
Global Commission Junction
Global Political Economy Commission
Governmental Ethics Commission
Governor’s Commission on Certainty in Sentencing
Governor’s Commission on Corrections Reform
Governor’s Commission on Mental Retardation
Gratiot County Commission on Aging
Great Commission Christian
Great Commission Coalition
Great Commission Global Roundtable
Great Commission Latin America
Great Commission Ministries
Great Commission Ministries International, Inc.
Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Greater Austin Crime Commission
Greater Vernon Services Commission
Greek Atomic Energy Commission
Greek Competition Commission
Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Greenville County Planning Commission
Gross Earned Commissions
Gross Written Commissions
Guam Ancestral Lands Commission
Guinea Current Commission
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
Guyana Elections Commission
Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
Hancock County Planning Commission
Harbors, Parks and Recreation Commission
Hart County Board of Commissioners
Hawaii Civil Rights Commission
Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission
Health & Disability Commissioner
Health and Safety Commission
Health Insurance Commission
Health Services Cost Review Commission
Healthcare Commission
Hellenic Capital Market Commission
Helsinki Commission
High Commissioner
High Commissioner for Human Rights
High Commissioner for Refugees
HIgh COMmissioner Of the Ryukyu Islands
High Level Consultative Commission
High Level Probe Commission
Higher Education Commission
Higher Education Facilities Commission
Higher Independent Election Commission
Higher Learning Commission
Hillsdale County Industrial Development Commission
Historic Building Commission
Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission
Historic District Landmarks Commission
Historic Resources Commission
Historical Manuscripts Commission
Holocaust Assets Commission Act of 1998
Hong Kong Asian Human Rights Commission
Hook-Up & Commissioning
Human and Youth Rights Commission
Human Genetics Advisory Commission
Human Genetics Commission
Human Genetics Commission of Australia
Human Relations Commission
Human Rights Commission
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
Humanitarian Affairs Commission
Humanitarian Aid Commission
Hungarian Atomic Energy Commission
Hunter Water Commission
Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica
ICT and Science and Technology Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
Idaho Association of Commissioners and Clerks
Idaho Bean Commission
Idaho Commission on Aging
Idaho Commission on Aging
Idaho Industrial Commission
Idaho Potato Commission
Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission
Idaho Wheat Commission
Illinois Commerce Commission
Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Illinois Liquor Control Commission
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission
Independent Commission Against Corruption
Independent Commission Against Corruption Ordinance
Independent Commission Against Crime and Corruption
Independent Commission for Human Rights
Independent Commission on Public Education
Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission
Independent Electoral Commission
Independent Football Commission
Independent Human Rights Commission
Independent Monitoring Commission
Independent National Electoral Commission
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Independent Radio and Television Commission
Independent Regulatory Review Commission
Independent Television Commission
Index to Federal Royal Commissions
Indian Claims Commission
Indian Ocean Commission
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
Indian Space Commission
Indian Specific Claims Commission
Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Indiana Arts Commission
Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education
Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission
Indiana Gaming Commission
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Indigent Defense Commission
Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission
Industrial Accident Commission
Industrial Commission of Arizona
Industrial Commission of Illinois
Industrial Commission of Ohio
Industrial Welfare Commission
Industries Assistance Commission
Industry Commission
Industry Commission
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Information Commissioner’s Office
Information Management Commission
Information Technology Commission
Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission
Infrastructure Planning Commission
Ingham County Road Commission
Inland Revenue Commissioner
Innovation and Technology Commission
Institute of Commissioning Professionals
Integrated Commissioning and Progress System
Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies
Interagency Commission on Climate Change
Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Interamerican Ethanol Commission
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
Interception of Communications Commissioner
Interdepartmental Commission for Sustainable Development
Interest, Commission, Extras
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Interim Benguela Current Commission
Interim National Physical Planning Commission
Inter-Ministerial Commission
International Anglican Doctrinal and Theological Commission
International Atomic Energy Commission
International Baltic Sea Fishery Commission
International Boundary and Water Commission
International Boundary Commission
International Catholic Migration Commission
International Certification Commission
International Christian Media Commission
International Civil Service Commission
International Commission for Air Navigation
International Commission for Alpine Rescue
International Commission for Combating Anti-Semitism
International Commission for Impact Assessment
International Commission for Labor Rights
International Commission for Labour Rights
International Commission for Optics
International Commission for Protection against Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens
International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists
International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna
International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries
International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency
International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River
International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe
International Commission for the Protection of the Meuse
International Commission for the Protection of the Oder
International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine
International Commission for the Rights of Aboriginal people
International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea
International Commission for the South-East Atlantic Fisheries
International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis
International Commission of Control and Supervision
International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur
International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur
International Commission of Inquiry on East Timor
International Commission of Jurists
International Commission of Jurists
International Commission of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection
International Commission on Atmosphere-Soil-Vegetation Relations
International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
International Commission on Continental Erosion
International Commission on Healthcare Professions
International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
International Commission on Large Dams
International Commission on Large Dams
International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
International Commission on Penicillium and Aspergillus
International Commission on Radiation Protection
International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
International Commission on Radiological Protection
International Commission on Remote Sensing and Data Transmission
International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
International Commission on Snow and Ice
International Commission on Stratigraphy
International Commission on Surface Water
International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences
International Commission on Tracers
International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
International Control Commission
International Criminal Police Commission
International Electromechanical Commission
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee
International Ethanol Commission
International Exchange Commission
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
International Gliding Commission
International Gravity Commission
International Joint Commission
International Law Commission
International Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Commission
International Meteorological Commission
International North Pacific Fisheries Commission
International Oceanographic Commission
International Organization of Securities Commissions
International Ozone Commission
International Pacific Halibut Commission
International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission
International Peace Commission
International Petroleum Cooperative Alliance Commission
International Rice Commission
International Sericultural Commission
International Test Commission
International Theological Commission
International Trade Commission
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics – Tsunami Commission
International Union of Geological Sciences Commission for Marine Geology
International Union of Geological Sciences Commission on Geological Documentation
International Whaling Commission
Internet Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission
Interoceanic Canal Commission
Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories
Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories
Intersociety Commission for Heart Disease Resources
Interstate Commerce Commission
Interstate Commission of the Potomac River Basin
Interstate Mining Compact Commission
Interstate Oil and Gas Commission
Inter-union Commission on the Lithosphere
IOC Sub-commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions
Iowa Civil Rights Commission
Iowa Commission of Latino Affairs
Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs
Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans
Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
Iowa Learning Technology Commission
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Iowa State Highway Commission
Iraqi Property Claims Commission
Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants
Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission
Irrevocable Commission Payment Order
Isabella County Transportation Commission
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Israel Atomic Energy Commission
Israeli Awareness Commission
Israel-Syria Mixed Armistice Commission
Jail Oversight Commission
Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
Japan-China Joint Fisheries Commission
Japanese Commissioners’ Office
Japan-Republic of Korea Joint Fisheries Commission
Jasper Community Arts Commission
Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission
Jerome Composers Commissioning Program
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission
Jiangsu Development Planning Commission
Joint Advisory Commission Korea
Joint Brazil-United States Defense Commission
Joint Brazil-United States Military Commission
Joint Civil Commission
Joint Commercial Commission
Joint Commission
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International Accreditation
Joint Commission Meeting
Joint Commission Observer
Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
Joint Commission on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection
Joint Commission on Health Care
Joint Commission on Interprofessional Affairs
Joint Commission Satellite Network
Joint Commissioning Group
Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission
Joint Implementation Commission
Joint Indian Reserve Commission
Joint Interim Commission
Joint Military Commission
Joint Military Technology Commission
Joint Norwegian-Russian Fishery Commission
Joint Nuclear Control Commission
Joint Planning Commission
Jordan Securities Commission
Jordanian National Commission for Women
Jordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange
Judicial Appointments Commission
Judicial Commission
Judicial Compensation Commission
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
Judicial Nominating Commission
Judicial Standards Commission
Juneau Human Rights Commission
Junior Commissioned Officer
Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course
Justice Administration Commission
Justice Development and Peace Commission
Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission
Kalamazoo County Road Commission
Kansas Arts Commission
Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation
Kansas Corporation Commission
Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission
Kansas State Conservation Commission
Kansas Volunteer Commission
Kansas Wheat Commission
Karnataka Public Service Commission
Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
Kent County Road Commission
Kentucky Commission on Women
Kentucky Nuclear Advisory Commission
Kentucky Oral History Commission
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Kentucky Racing Commission
Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
Kerala Public Service Commission
Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics
Korea Communications Commission
Korea Communications Standards Commission
Korea Fair Trade Commission
Korean Military Armistice Commission
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission
La Commission Technique de Lutte contre le Dopage
La Commission Technique de Lutte contre le Dopage
Labor and Industry Review Commission
Labour Relations Commission
Lake Norman Marine Commission
Lake Victoria Basin Commission
Lambeth Commission on Communion
Land Conservation and Development Commission
Land Reserve Commission
Land Transportation Commission
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Lapeer County Road Commission
Laser Range Safety Non-Commissioned Officer
Latin American Civil Aviation Commission
Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan
Law Commission of Canada
Law Commission of India
Law Enforcement Planning Commission
Law Reform Commission of Canada
Law Reform Commission of Victoria
Lead Commissioning Engineer
Lebanese National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Legal Services Commission
Legislative Budget Commission
Legislative Commission on Critical Transportation Choices
Legislative Commission on Science and Technology
Legislative Coordinating Commission
Legislative Research Commission
Legislative Water Commission
Libraries and Information Commission
Libraries and Information Commission
Library Advisory Commission
Livestock and Poultry Commission
Local Agency Formation Commission
Local Government Commission
Local Government Commission
Local Government Finance Commission
Local Specialised Commissioning Group
Local Specialist Commissioning Group
London Transit Commission
Los Angeles Coliseum Commission
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles Police Commission
Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Louisiana Real Estate Commission
Low Level Military Commission
Low Pay Commission
Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
Maharashtra Public Service Commission
Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
Management of Road Traffic Commission
Manufactured Housing Commission
Marine Mammal Commission
Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission
Martha’s Vineyard Commission
Maryland Citizens’ Advisory Commission
Maryland Commission on Human Relations
Maryland Economic Development Commission
Maryland Home Improvement Commission
Maryland Public Service Commission
Maryland Real Estate Commission
Maryland Veterans Commission
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women
Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission
Meat and Livestock Commission
Media and Information Commission
Media and Information Commission
Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program
Medical Examiners Commission
Medical Licensing Commission
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
Mekong River Commission
Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace
Melbourne Water Commission
Mental Health Commission
Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission
Meritorious Commissioning Program
Metro Manila Commission
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Metropolitan Area Communications Commission
Metropolitan Arts Commission
Metropolitan Arts Commission
Metropolitan District Commission
Metropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission
Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission
Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Michigan Bean Commission
Michigan Beef Industry Commission
Michigan Community Service Commission
Michigan Employment Relations Commission
Michigan Employment Security Commission
Michigan Historical Commission
Michigan Liquor Control Commission
Michigan Manufactured Home Commission
Michigan Public Service Commission
Michigan Truck Safety Commission
Mid Nordic Film Commission
Mid West Development Commission
Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools
Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Military Commissions Act of 2006
Millenial Housing Commission
Mines Safety and Health Commission
Minnesota Public Service Commission
Mississippi Baptist Historical Commission
Mississippi Gaming Commission
Mississippi Library Commission
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Mississippi Real Estate Commission
Mississippi River Commission
Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Mississippi State Tax Commission
Missouri Baptist Historical Commission
Missouri Clean Water Commission
Missouri Commission on Human Rights
Missouri Community Service Commission
Missouri Lottery Commission
Missouri Public Service Commission
Mixed Armistice Commission
Mixed Armistice Commission
Model United Nations Commission on Human Rights
Mongolian Securities and Exchange Commission
Monopolies and Mergers Commission
Monterey County Film Commission
Montreal Catholic School Commission
Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange
Motor Vehicle Commission
Multistate Tax Commission
Municipal Gas Commission of Missouri
Murray-Darling Basin Commission
Museums and Galleries Commission
Myanma Language Commission
Myanma Language Commission Transcription System
Nagaland Public Service Commission
Narragansett Bay Commission
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
National Accreditation Commission
National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs
National Accreditation Commission for Schools and Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
National Association of Commissions for Women
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
National Association of Regulatory Commissioners
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
National Association Of Sports Commissions
National Bankruptcy Review Commission
National Battlefields Commission
National Bioethics Advisory Commission
National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
National Broadcasting Commission
National Capital Commission
National Capital Planning Commission
National Care Standards Commission
National Cave Rescue Commission
National Commission Against Drunk Driving
National Commission for Biotechnology
National Commission for Certifying Agencies
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
National Commission for Democracy and Human Rights
National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
National Commission for Government Reforms
National Commission for Human Rights
National Commission for Indigenous Peoples
National Commission for Justice and Peace
National Commission for Museums and Monuments
National Commission for Nomadic Education
National Commission for Refugees
National Commission for Reparations
National Commission for Reparations
National Commission for Scheduled Castes
National Commission for Scheduled Tribes
National Commission for Science and Technology
National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists
National Commission for the Promotion of Equality
National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
National Commission for Women
National Commission on Civic Renewal
National Commission on Consumer Finance
National Commission On Correctional Health Care
National Commission on Election Reform
National Commission on Energy Policy
National Commission on Higher Education
National Commission on Integrated Water Resources Development
National Commission on Law and Order
National Commission on Libraries
National Commission On Libraries and Information Science
National Commission on Materials Policy
National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works
National Commission on Population
National Commission on Prevention Priorities
National Commission on Prevention Priorities
National Commission on Resources for Youth
National Commission on Rural Labour
National Commission on Safety Education
National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing
National Commission on Space
National Commission on Status of Women
National Commission on the Public Service
National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues
National Commission on Writing
National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution
National Commissioning Group
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
National Counter Corruption Commission
National Defense Commission
National Disaster Management Commission
National Elections Commission
National Energy Policy Commission
National Finance Commission
National Horse Show Commission
National Housing Commission
National Human Rights Commission
National Human Rights Commission of Korea
National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia
National Incomes and Pricing Commission
National Indian Gaming Commission
National Industrial Relations Commission
National Irrigation Commission
National Labour Commission
National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
National Livestock Commission Association
National Lottery Commission
National Meat Inspection Commission
National Narcotics Control Commission of China
National Pay Commission
National Planning Commission
National Police Commission
National Population and Family Planning Commission
National Ramah Commission
National Regulatory Commission
National Road Service Commission
National Road Transport Commission
National Securities Commission
National Space Commission Act of 2003
National Sports Commission
National Strength & Conditioning Association Certification Commission
National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission
National Tariff Commission
National Telecommunications Commission
National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
National Transport Commission
National Transportation Act Review Commission
National Unity and Reconciliation Commission
National Vocational and Technical Education Commission
National Wages and Productivity Commission
National War Powers Commission
National Water Commission
National Youth Commission
Nationale Schweizerische UNESCO Kommission (German: Swiss National Commission for UNESCO)
Native American Heritage Commission
Natural Therapies Accreditation Commission
Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs
Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy
Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
Nebraska Information Technology Commission
Nebraska Library Commission
Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Nebraska State Railway Commission
Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission
NEPAD and Regional Integration Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission
Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission
Nevada Commission on Homeland Security
Nevada Gaming Commission
Nevada Industrial Commission
Nevada State Athletic Commission
New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners
New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women
New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research
New Jersey Historical Commission
New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
New Mexico Commission for the Blind
New Mexico Commission of Public Records
New Mexico Corporation Commission
New Mexico Film Commission
New Mexico Health Policy Commission
New Mexico State Game Commission
New York State Factory Investigating Commission
New Zealand Commerce Commission
New Zealand Electricity Commission
New Zealand Law Commission
New Zealand Lotteries Commission
New Zealand Securities Commission
Niagara Escarpment Commission
Niger Delta Development Commission
Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission
Nigeria Communications Commission
Nigeria DHS EdData (Education Data) Survey (National Population Commission; Abuja, Nigeria)
Nigerian Broadcasting Commission
Nigerian Communication Commission
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission
Non Commissioned Officer’s School
Non Vessel Operator Commissioner
Non-Commissionable Fare
Non-Commissioned Member
Non-Commissioned Officer
Non-Commissioned Officer
Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
Non-Commissioned Officer Enhancement Seminar
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
Non-Commissioned Officer of the Day
Non-Commissioned Officer Responsible for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Operations
Non-Commissioned Officer’s Association
Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission
North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission
North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission
North Carolina Employment Security Commission
North Carolina Industrial Commission
North Carolina Utilities Commission
North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission
North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
Northeast Dairy Compact Commission
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission
Northern Ireland Film Commission
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission
Northern Neck Planning District Commission
Northern Territory Grants Commission
Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
Nova Scotia Police Complaints Commission
Nova Scotia Public Service Commission
Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Nuclear Decommissioning Trust
Nuclear Energy Commission
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acquisition Regulations
Nunavut Planning Commission
Ocala Municipal Arts Commission
Occupational Access and Opportunity Commission
Occupational Health and Safety Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Oceanic Credit Commission Bank
Office for the Commissioner for Public Appointments
Office of Commissioner of Insurance
Office of Indiana State Chemist & Seed Commissioner
Office of State Bank Commissioner
Office of the Chlidren’s Commissioner
Office of the Commissioner
Office of the Commissioner for Islamic Affairs
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments
Office of the Commissioner of Banks
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Office of the Commissioner of Railroads
Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner
Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
Office of the Health Services Commissioner
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Office of the Legal Services Commissioner
Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner
Office of the National Education Commission
Office of the Navajo Tax Commission
Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner
Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Protective Commissioner
Office of the Public Service Commissioner
Office of the Regional Commissioner
Office of the State Building Commissioner
Office of the State Fire Commissioner
Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner
Office of Vocational Education Commission
Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission
Ohio Rail Development Commission
Ohio Real Estate Commission
Ohio Revolutionary Memorial Commission
Ohio School Facilities Commission
Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Commission
Ohio Turnpike Commission
Ohio Youth Commission
Oil and Natural Gas Commission
Oil Industry Commission
Oil Spill Commission
Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission
Oklahoma Commission on Children & Youth
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Oklahoma Human Rights Commission
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission
Oklahoma Wheat Commission
On Target Commission
Ontario Apple Marketing Commission
Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services
Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions
Ontario Human Rights Commission
Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner
Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
Ontario Racing Commission
Ontario Securities Commission
Orange County Transportation Commission
Orange Roughy Management Commission
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Commission for the Blind
Oregon Commission on Children and Families
Oregon Government Ethics Commission
Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Oregon Patient Safety Commission
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission
Oregon Transportation Commission
Oregon Wheat Commission
Orissa Public Service Commission
Orlando Utilities Commission
Osaka International Trade Fair Commission
Osoboe Sovescanie Special Commission
Osterreichische UNESCO -Kommission (German: Austrian UNESCO Commission)
Out of Commission in Reserve
Out of Commission Parts
Overseas Basing Commission
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission
Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
Overseas Telecommunications Commission
Ozone Transport Commission
Pacific Commission
Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission
Pacific Salmon Commission
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Pakistan Law Commission
Palestine Conciliation Commission
Palestinian Central Elections Commission
Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission
Pan American Standards Commission
Pan American Standards Commission
Panama Canal Commission
Panhandle Regional Planning Commission
Parks & Recreation Commission
Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
Parks and Recreation Commission
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
Parliamentary Commissioner for Administrative Investigations
Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission
Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners
Peace Building Commission
Peace Commissioner
Peace Education Commission
Peace Education Standing Commission
Peace Observation Commission
Pecos River Compact Commission
Ped/Bike/Motor Vehicle Commission
Penang Port Commission
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
Permanent Mandates Commission
Permanent South Pacific Commission
Personnel Service Commission
Pesticide Management Commission
Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
Philippine Commission on Good Government
Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving
Philippine Racing Commission
Philippine Regulation Commission
Philippine Sports Commission
Physician Payment Review Commission
Pictou County District Planning Commission
Pikes Peace and Justice Commission
Planning and Community Development Commission
Planning and Zoning Commission
Planning Commission
Planning Commission of Pakistan
Planning Commissioners Journal
Pole Dance for Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada
Police and Fire Commission
Police Integrity Commission
Police Service Commission
Police Training Commission
Political Action Commission
Polling Station Electoral Commission
Pontifical Biblical Commission
Port of Pittsburgh Commission
Portland Development Commission
Postal Rate Commission
Postal Regulatory Commission
Postal Service Commission
Post-Employment Benefits Commission
Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
Practice-Based Commissioning
Pre-Commissioning Detachment
Pre-Commissioning Program for Enlisted Personnel
Pre-Commissioning Test Report
Pre-Commissioning Unit
Presbytery Permanent Judicial Commission
President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection
Presidential Anti-Crime Commission
Presidential Anti-Graft Commission
Presidential Commission on Good Government
Presidential Commission on Industrial Relations Reform
Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation
Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Business
Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
Presidential Commission on Values Formation
Présidents des Commissions Régionales des Arbitres
Press Complaints Commission
Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission
Prince Rupert Economic Development Commission
Princeton Regional Health Commission
Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
Privatisation Commission
Productivity Commission
Professional Regulation Commission
Professional Standards Commission
Professional Teaching Practices Commission
Professionals of Color Commission
Profit Commission on Renewal
Project Construction and Commissioning Manager
Property Book Non-Commissioned Officer
Prospective Payment Assessment Commission
Provincial Capital Commission
Provincial Commissioner
Provincial Local Government Commission
Provisional Independent Electoral Commission
Public Art Commission
Public Building Commission
Public Buildings and Site Commission
Public Complaints Commission
Public Deposit Protection Commission
Public Disclosure Commission
Public Employees Relations Commission
Public Employment Relations Commission
Public Land Use Commission
Public Safety Civil Service Commission
Public Service Commission
Public Service Commission
Public Service Commission Advisory Council
Public Service Commission of Nevada
Public Service Commission of South Carolina
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Public Transport Regulatory Commission
Public Transportation Commission
Public Utilities Commission
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Pulaski County Election Commission
Punjab Public Service Commission
Puntland AIDS Commission
Quality Growth Commission
Queensland Catholic Education Commission
Quinte Economic Development Commission
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
Railroad Commission of Texas
Rainier Communications Commission
Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Raleigh Historic Districts Commission
Rappahannock Area Development Commission
Rapu-Rapu Fact Finding Commission
Red River Basin Commission
Region 2 Planning Commission
Regional Economic Development Commission
Regional Energy Commission
Regional Energy Commission
Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission
Regional Planning and Development Commission
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Provident Fund Commissioner
Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario
Regional Transportation Commission
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Regular Commissions Board
Regulatory Commission of Alaska
Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission
Rehabilitation Services Commission
Reinsurance Earned Commissions
Reinsurance Earned Commissions
Reinsurance Written Commissions
Relief and Rehabilitation Commission
Report of the International Whaling Commission
Request for Commission Action
Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission
Resource Assessment Commission
Resource Planning and Development Commission
Revoked Commission, Returned to Civilian Status
Richmond Regional Planning District Commission
Rights Commissioner
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission
Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Royal Commission on Industrial Relations
Royal Commission on the Electoral System
Royal Commission Report on Aboriginal Peoples
Rural Development Commission
Saco River Corridor Commission
Safe Drinking Water Commission
Saginaw Housing Commission
Sales Representatives Commission Act
San Diego Housing Commission
San Francisco Arts Commission
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission
Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner
Scarborough Public Utilities Commission
Scientific Commission on Antarctic Research
Scientific Instrument Commission
Scientific Manpower Commission
Scottish Regulation of Care Commission
Scrotal Safety Commission
Seattle Board of Park Commissioners
Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities
Seattle Micro Radio Communications Commission
Seattle Sports Commission
Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
Securities & Exchange Commission
Securities & Exchange Commission Practice Section
Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission
Securities and Futures Commission
Securities and Futures Commission Ordinance
Securities Commission
Selected Reserve Direct Commission
Senior Noncommissioned Officer
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission
Shanghai Agriculture Commission
Shanghai Agriculture Commission
Shanghai Commercial Commission
Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology
Shanghai Commission of Supervision
Shanghai Construction and Management Commission
Shanghai Economic Commission
Shanghai Education Commission
Shanghai Municipal Construction and Communications Commission
Short Service Commission
Sierra Leone High Commission
Sixth Central Pay Commission
Snowy Mountains Electricity Commission
Social Justice Commission
Social Security Commission
Soil Conservation Commission
Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission
South Africa Truth Commission
South African High Commission
South African Human Rights Commission
South African Native Affairs Commission
South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
South Australian Health Commission
South Carolina Master’s Commission
South Carolina Public Service Commission
South Central Alabama Development Commission
South Central Planning and Development Commission
South Dakota Wheat Commission
South East Chicago Commission
South Florida Crime Commission
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
South Pacific Commission
South Pacific Commission
Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
Southern Claims Commission
Southwest Regional Planning Commission
Southwestern Michigan Commission
Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
Space Activities Commission
Space Activities Commission
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
Special Immigration Appeals Commission
Special Verification Commission
Species Survival Commission of IUCN
Sports and Entertainment Commission
Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
Staff Selection Commission
Standards in Training Commission
Standing Commission of Liturgy and Music
Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations
Standing Consultative Commission
Starting Price Regulatory Commission
State Athletic Commission
State Athletic Commission
State Bond Commission
State Civil Service Commission
State Commission for Securities and the Stock Market
State Commission of Development and Planning
State Commission on Radio Frequencies
State Corporation Commission
State Development and Reform Commission
State Elections Commission
State Electrical Commission of Victoria
State Electricity Regulatory Commission
State Emergency Response Commission
State Encryption Management Commission
State Family Planning Commission
State Government Insurance Commission
State Health Benefits Commission
State Labor Relations Commission
State Land Use Commission
State Lands Commission
State Milk Commission
State Planning Commission
State Planning Commission
State Planning Commission of China
State Racing Commission
State Securities Commission
State Services Commission
State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan
State Transportation Commission
State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
Storm Water Management Commission
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Student Information Commission
Study Commission on Doctrine
Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy
Subject Electoral Commission
Sub-Regional Consultative Commission
Subsea Pipeline Commissioning System
Summit-Waller Advisory Commission
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning
Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum
Supreme Commission for Tourism
Supreme National Commission for Debaathification
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Swiss Federal Banking Commission
Syndicat des Négociants et Commissionnaires À l’International
System Changes After Commissioning
TA Commissioning Course (UK)
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Tantramar Planning District Commission
Tax Reform Commission
Tax Study Commission
Taxi & Limousine Commission
Teachers Service Commission
Technical Group on Decommissioning
Technology Accreditation Commission
Telecommunications Regulation Commission
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
Tenant Improvements & Leasing Commissions
Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs
Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
Tennessee Emergency Response Commission
Tennessee Historical Commission
Tennessee Public Service Commission
Territorial Commissions Board
Territorial Electoral Commission
Territorial Force Commissioning Course
Territorial Land Use Commission
Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission
Tertiary Education Commission
Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Texas Commission on Human Rights
Texas Commission on Human Rights Act
Texas Commission on Jail Standards
Texas Commission on Private Security
Texas Commission on the Arts
Texas Commission on the Arts
Texas Cosmetology Commission
Texas Employment Commission
Texas Facilities Commission
Texas Historical Commission
Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Texas Real Estate Commission
Texas Veterans Commission
Texas Water Commission
Texas Work Force Commission
Texas Workforce Commission
Texas Youth Commission
The Commission Project
The Joint Commission
The National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents
The National Safety Commission
Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission
Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission
Toronto Transit Commission
Trade Practices Commission
Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Investigation Commission
Treasure Coast Sports Commission
Tribal Emergency Response Commission
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Trilateral Commission
Trilateral Commission
Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission
Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission
Tri-Town Youth Commission
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Tuscola County Drain Commission
Twelfth Finance Commission
Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission
Uganda Communications Commission
Uganda Human Rights Commission
Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner
Unemployment Appeals Commission
Unemployment Insurance Commission
Union County Human Relations Commission
Union Public Service Commission
United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission
United Nations Commission for Indonesia
United Nations Commission on Human Rights
United Nations Commission on Human Settlements
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
United Nations Commission On International Trade Law
United Nations Commission on Investigation, Inspection and Monitoring
United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs
United Nations Compensation Commission
United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
United Nations European Economic Commission
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Human Rights Commission
United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission
United Nations Statistical Commission
United Nations War Crimes Commission
United States Arctic Research Commission
United States Civil Service Commission
United States Federal Trade Commission
United States High Commissioner for Germany
United States International Trade Commission
United States Marine Commission
United States Parole Commission
United States Sanitary Commission
United States Sentencing Commission
Universal Basic Education Commission
University Grants Commission
Unpacking, Installing and Commissioning
Upper Potomac River Commission
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation
US-Israel Science and Technology Commission
Utah Film Commission
Utah Industrial Commission
Utah Labor Commission
Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission
Utah State Tax Commission
Utah Technology Commission
Utah Transportation Commission
Utilities and Transportation Commission
Utilization Review Accreditation Commission
Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission
Vehicle In-Commission
Vehicle Out of Commission
Vehicle Out of Commission – Parts
Ventura County Commission for Women
Verification & Compliance Commission
Veterans Service Commission
Victoria Master’s Commission
Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission
Victorian Electoral Commission
Victorian Law Reform Commission
Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission
Victorian Multicultural Commission
Victorian Schools Innovation Commission
Vieux Carré Commission
Virginia Commission on Military Bases
Virginia Employment Commission
Virginia Housing Study Commission
Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
Virginia Marine Resources Commission
Virginia State Corporate Commission
Virginia State Crime Commission
Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission
Virtual Trade Commissioner
Vocational Education, Training and Employment Commission
Voice Your Vote Commission
War Manpower Commission
Warren Commission
Warren Commission Report
Warren County Airport Commission
Washington State Arts Commission
Washington State Beef Commission
Washington State Conservation Commission
Washington State Fruit Commission
Washington State Gambling Commission
Washington State Potato Commission
Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Washington Traffic Safety Commission
Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Washington Wheat Commission
Water and Energy Commission
Water Industry Commission for Scotland
Water Quality Control Commission
Water Research Commission
Water Resource Development Commission
Water Resources Management Commission
Wayne County Road Commission
Web Based Education Commission
Welland Development Commission
West Indian Commission
West Michigan Regional Planning Commission
West Michigan Sports Commission
West Virginia Aeronautics Commission
West Virginia Commission on the Arts
West Virginia Library Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Western and Central Pacific Fishery Commission
Western Australia Planning Commission
Western Australian Electoral Commission
Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission
Western Development Commission
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Western Norway Film Commission
Westminster Historic District Commission
Weston Historic Landmarks Commission
Windham Regional Commission
Windsor Utilities Commission
Winfrith Operations, Maintenance and Decommissioning
Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission
Women’s National Commission
Worker’s Compensation Commission
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Commission
Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission
Working Party on Decommissioning and Dismantling
World Commission on Culture and Development
World Commission on Dams
World Commission on Environment and Development
World Commission on Protected Areas
World Commission on Water
World Prisoners Relief Commission
Wurtsmith Development Commission
Wyoming Community College Commission
Wyoming Veterans Affairs Commission
Wyoming Water Development Commission
Yangtze River Water Resources Commission
Yearbook of the International Law Commission
Youth Commission International
Youth Sports and Recreation Commission
Zambia Law Development Commission
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission