Construction Abbreviations

From the Latin constructĭo , construction is the action and effect of building. This verb refers to the act of building, manufacturing or developing a work of engineering or architecture.

Examples: “The construction of the new theater is well advanced”, “The demolition was due to flaws in the construction process”, “The architect Jacobacci announced the construction of a 30-story building overlooking the river ”.

The concept of construction is also used in reference to the built work and the art of building: “On the left, we can see an 18th century building that functioned as a warehouse for various branches”, “My father is dedicated to construction”, “ The tornado destroyed several buildings in the locality”, “I find the colonial buildings immensely funny, with their windows and arcades”.

The idea of ​​construction, on the other hand , is used figuratively to refer to everything that, in some way, is built or produced. It is not a physical building (with cement, tiles, etc.), it just has to be related to a non-tangible or material structure. If a politician comments that he is working on “building a new electoral front that represents the interests of workers”, it means that he seeks to create an alliance between political parties and not that he wants to manufacture or erect a building.

In a similar sense, the expression “We all have to commit ourselves to the construction of a different country” can be related to working together and in solidarity to improve a nation, and not to the fact of declaring the existence of a new State.


The notion of reconstruction refers to the action and effect of rebuilding. This verb, in turn, mentions the act of re-building, building or manufacturing. Examples: “The Haitian authorities are working tirelessly to rebuild the country”, “The company has announced the reconstruction of the hotel that was affected by the storm”, “The reconstruction of the factory will take another two years”.

The term can be used in a physical sense to refer to the specific tasks of restoration or renovation. This means that, if there is a deteriorated building, the reconstruction will consist of reinforcing its foundations, repainting, etc.

Another use of the concept, however, is symbolic. The idea of ​​reconstruction, in this case , is related to the fact of recovering a value or something that is not material and that, for whatever reason, has been lost. In this sense, it is usual to speak of the reconstruction of the social or moral fabric .

Reconstruction, on the other hand , is the process that consists of evoking memories (or memories) and trying to bring them together to complete a concept or knowledge of an event: “The reconstruction of the murder will take place tomorrow with the participation of the accused and the witnesses. ”, “The psychologist is helping Mariana in the reconstruction of her past”, “The young man who suffered the blow to the head cannot complete the reconstruction of what happened”.

Historical linguistics is the discipline that studies the processes of evolution of languages ​​over time and uses what is called internal reconstruction and external reconstruction to achieve the objective.


The idea of deconstruction is used in the field of philosophy and literary theory with reference to the act and result of deconstructing. This verb refers to the dismantling, through intellectual analysis, of a certain conceptual structure.

Deconstruction is performed by highlighting the ambiguities, flaws, weaknesses and contradictions of a theory or a discourse. The deconstructed, in this context, is dismantled or undone.

By dismantling the structure of the language used by a text , its various meanings are exposed. Deconstruction demonstrates, in this context, that there are several possible readings.

Proposed by Jacques Derrida (1930-2004), based on the ideas of thinkers such as Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), the deconstruction strategy is based on the analysis of the structures that make up the discourse. In addition to philosophy, the notion is often used in plain language to mention the search for falsehoods or fallacies that a discourse hides.

It can be said that deconstruction is responsible for reviewing concepts with the intention of discovering the historical and cultural process underlying them. In this way, it can be shown that the apparent clarity of a text is usually not so.

It is important to note that a deep understanding of the scope of deconstruction requires advanced knowledge of philosophy. There are numerous essays, in which the term is developed in all its complexity. There are even authors who debate with Derrida and make contributions to the notion.

Construction Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Construction

Abu Dhabi Construction Company
Abu Dhabi Ship Building
Academic Building
Academic Building 3
Accelerated Bridge Construction
Accelerated Bridge Construction
Accident Reconstruction Analysis, Inc.
Accurate Industrial Construction, Inc.
Acquisition, Development, and Construction
Action Construction Equipment, Ltd.
Actively Building Capacity for Diversity
Adirondack Boat Building and Water Skills School
Administration Building
Advance Construction
Advanced Base Construction Depot
Advanced Building Block for Large Area Exploitation
Advanced Building Technologies
Advanced Chemical Technology Building
Advanced Computer Lab for Shipbuilding
Advanced Construction Materials
Advanced PROM Building Blocks
Adventure Construction Set
Aecon Construction Group, Inc.
Affiliated Construction Services, Inc.
Afghan Construction & Logistics Unit
Afghanistan Reconstruction Movement
Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund
African Capacity Building Foundation
After Action Reconstruction and Analysis
Aga Khan Planning and Building Services
Agence Qualité Construction
Agent Building and Learning Environment
Agent Building Environment
Agent-Oriented Language for Building and Eliciting Requirements for Real-Time Systems
Agoraphobics Building Independent Lives
Agriculture & Construction Development
Aid, Conflict and Peace Building in Afghanistan
Air Terminal Building
Alaska Building Science Network
Albemarle County Office Building
Alberta Construction Association
Alberta Construction Safety Association
Algebraic Diagrammatic Construction
Algebraic Reconstruction Technique
Algebraic Reconstruction Technique
All Scale Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp
All Wood Construction
Alliance for Construction Excellence
Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction
Allowance for Funds During Construction
Altapex Construction Corporation
Altapex Construction Corporation
Altapex Construction Corporation
Alternate Building Supervisor for Emergency Conditions
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Construction Company, Inc.
Alternative Construction Technologies, Inc.
Amateur Boat Building
Aménagement et Construction de Montpellier
America’s Finest Construction Company
American Architect and Building News
American Body Building
American Building & Fire Services, LLC
American Building Components
American Building Components
American Building Consultants, Inc.
American Building Consultants, Inc.
American Building Maintenance Industries, Inc.
American College of Construction Lawyers
American College of the Building Arts
American Construction Inspectors Association
American Council for Construction Education
American Institute of Building Design
American Institute of Steel Construction
American Institute of Timber Construction
American Natural Bodybuilding Conference
American Shipbuilding Association
American Standard Building Code
American Steel Construction Institute
American Underground-Construction Association
Amphibious Construction Battalion
Analogy and Intelligence in Model Building
Ancient Instruments Sound/Timbre Reconstruction Application
Anderson Group Construction Management
Angevine de Construction Bois
Anheuser-Busch Natural Resource Building
ANSF Development Assistance Bureau (US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction)
Antenna Support Building
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Anthropology Facial Reconstruction Training
Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program
Approved For Construction
Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard
Architect Accredited in Building Conservation
Architectural Building Products
Architectural Engineering and Construction Management
Architecture Acier Construction
Architecture and Building Aids Computer Unit
Architecture and Building Research Institute
Architecture and Construction Management
Architecture Construction Engineering
Architecture Valorisation Construction
Architecture X Construction
Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated
Argument Structure Constructions
Arlington Annex Building
Armstrong County Building and Loan Association
Army Family Team Building
Art Building
Art in State Buildings
Arts and Culture Indicators in Community Building Project
Arts and Sciences Building
Asbestos Containing Construction Material
Asbestos-Containing Building Material
Asia Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction Conference
Asian Bodybuilding Federation
Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings
Asil Construction Services
Assembly Building
Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
Assembly Concepts for the Construction of Erectable Space Structures
Asset Under Construction
Assets in Course of Construction
Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement
Associate of the Association of Building Engineers
Associate of the Chartered Institute of Building
Associated Building Management Corp
Associated Students of Construction Management
Association Canadienne de la Construction
Association Canadienne de la Construction
Association Canadienne de la Construction
Association des Journalistes de la Construction
Association for Bridge Construction and Design
Association for Environment Conscious Building
Association for Structural Improvement of the Shipbuilding Industry
Association for Structural Improvement of the Shipbuilding Industry
Association Francaise pour la Construction
Association Interprofessionnelle d’Aide a la Construction
Association Luxembourgeoise des Organisations de la Construction
Association of Building Engineers
Association of Building Services Agencies
Association of Building Societies and Credit Unions
Association of Building Technicians
Association of Construction Inspectors
Association of Construction Performance Advisors
Association of Engineering Construction Employers
Association pour la Promotion de l’Enseignement de la Construction en Acier
Association pour la Promotion de l’Enseignement de la Construction en Acier
Assurance Construction Service
Ateliers de Construction Mecaniques de Vevey
Ateliers de Constructions Mécanique de Rilleux
Atlantis Construction Management Team
Atlas Ward Building Systems
Audience Development Capacity Building
Augmented Reality for Construction
Augmented Reality for Construction
Austin Energy Green Building
Australian Building Codes Board
Australian Building Greenhouse Rating
Australian Building Industry Contract
Australian Building Regulation Bulletin
Australian Building Trades Association
Australian Construction Industry Forum
Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Trust
Australian Construction Law Bulletin
Australian Federation of Construction Contractors
Australian Institute for Steel Construction
Australian Institute of Building
Australian Institute of Building Designers
Australian Procurement and Construction Council, Inc.
Australian Veterans Vietnam Reconstruction Group
Autodesk Building Systems
Autodesk Revit Building
Automatic Building Machine
Auxiliary Building Filter System
Auxiliary Building Gas Treatment System
Auxiliary Building Isolation
Auxiliary Building Sump Tank
Auxiliary Building Ventilation
Auxiliary Equipment Building
Auxiliary Equipment Building – East
Aviation, Construction, Ordnance, Repair, Navy
Bachelor of Construction Management
Bachelor of Construction Management
Bachelor of Construction, Engineering and Management
Bachelor of Science in Construction Administration
Bachelor of Technology Construction Management
Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
Balfour Beatty Construction, Inc.
Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry
Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation
Bangladesh Rural Reconstruction Association
Bank and Building Society
Banner Center for Construction
Banque Europeenne pour la Reconstruction et le Developpement
Banque Internationale pour la Reconstruction et le Développement
Bard’s Tale Construction Set
Base Construction Plan
Base Construction Plan
Base Maintenance Building
Basic Building Block
Basic Sciences Research Building
Bath Investment Building Society
Bati France Construction
Battery Control Building
Bay Area Construction Program
Bay County Building Authority
Baytur Construction & Contracting Co.
BCI Construction, Inc.
Behavioral Medicine Research Building
Beirut Building Company
Belgian Building Research Institute
Belgian Construction Certification Association
Bell Atlantic Communications and Construction Services, Inc.
Bellaire Office Building
Bellsouth Building Industry Consulting Service
Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building
Best Quality Buildings
Better Public Buildings
BFC Construction
Big Old Building
Biomedical Science Research Building
Black International Construction Organisation
Block Street & Building
Bluemle Life Sciences Building
Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
Bodybuilding Chemicals, Inc.
Bond Building
Bootable ISO Construction Kit
Borders Construction Industry Forum
Botswana Building Society
Boulangerie Construction Réalisation
Boulder Green Building Guild
Bowen Building Centre Ltd.
Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company
Brand Construction Kit
Breathing Apparatus Training Building
Briggs Rainbow Buildings, Inc.
British Aggregate Construction Materials Industries
British Columbia Buildings Corporation
British Columbia Construction Association
British Construction Industry Awards
Broadband Integrated Communications for Construction
Brothers Construction Company
Bryan Chick Construction Services
Budget Reconstruction Loan
Building & Fire Code Academy
Building a Better Boyertown
Building a Better Brattleboro
Building A Mystery
Building A Sound Future
Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity
Building Academic Vocabulary
Building Access to Specialists through E-Consultation
Building Access to Specialists through E-Consultation
Building Advisory Service and Information Network
Building Air Quality
building alarm cabinet
building alarm cabinet
Building Alliances, Creating Knowledge, Updating Partners
Building America Program
Building an Active Community
Building An Extraordinary Community
Building and Applying Ontologies for the Semantic Web
Building and Construction
Building and Construction
Building and Construction Authority
Building and Construction Authority
Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act 2003
Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act 2003
Building and Construction Trades Council
Building and Construction Trades Council
Building and Environmental Engineering Society
Building and Housing Research Center
Building and Land Asset Management System
Building and Land Technology
Building and Real Estate Network
Building and Trades Council
Building and Wood Workers’ International
Building Approval
Building Approval
Building Architect Plus
Building Architect Tool
Building Area Measurement LLC
Building Area Network
Building as a Learning Tool
Building Asset Management System
Building Augmented Wind Turbine
Building Automation
Building Automation
Building Automation and Control Networking Protocol
Building Automation and Control System
Building Automation Products, Inc.
Building Automation System
Building Automation Systems
Building Better Communities
Building Block
Building Block Consulting, LLC
Building Block Functional Verification
Building Blocks Day Care
Building Blocks for Youth
Building Bright Beginnings
Building Broadband Services Manager
Building Business Communication
Building Cabling Systems
Building Careers, Bridging Continents
Building Center of Japan
Building Chemical Industries Company
Building Child Care
Building Cisco Scalable Internetworks
Building Code
Building Code Board of Appeals
Building Code Commission
Building Code Compliance Office
Building Code of Australia
Building Code Training Program
Building Codes Assistance Project
Building Codes Queensland
Building Codes Queensland
Building Commission Victoria
Building Commissioning Association
Building Communication Opportunities
Building Community Capacity Project
Building Community Changing Lives
Building Community Through the Arts
Building Component Manufacturers Conference
Building Condition Assessment Survey
Building Condition Assessment Tool
Building Conservation Associates, Inc
Building Consolidation Team
building construction industry
building construction industry
Building Construction Management
Building Construction Management
Building Construction Management
Building Construction Management
Building Contractors Association
Building Control Department
Building Control Officer
Building Control System
Building Controls Group
Building Corner
Building Cost Information Service
Building Customer Loyalty
Building Department
Building Department
Building Department
Building Department
Building Department
Building Department Software
Building Design Advisor
Building Design Construction
Building Design Construction
Building Diagnostics Group
Building Digital Opportunities
Building Disaster Assessment Group
Building Distributed Learning Environments
Building Distribution Frame
Building Distribution System
Building Division Support Unit
Building Eastern Africa Community Network
Building Educated Leaders for Life
Building Educational Applications
Building Effective Agreements
Building Effective AIDS Response
Building Effective Teaching Through Educational Research
Building Elysées Bureau
Building Emergency Action Plan
Building Emergency Control Organisation
Building Emergency Director
Building Emergency Organization
Building Emergency Plan
Building Emergency Staff
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Building Energy and Environment Performance System
Building Energy and Environmental Modelling
Building Energy Assessment Professional
Building Energy Code Education
Building Energy Efficiency
Building Energy Efficiency Research
Building Energy Management
Building Energy Management System
Building Energy Modeling Professional
Building Energy Performance Standards
Building Energy Rating
Building Energy Rating System
Building Energy Regulations
Building Engineering Group
Building Engineering Group
Building Engineering Services Commissioning
Building Enterprise Success Tomorrow
Building Enterprises for Learning and Living
Building Entrance Protector
Building Entrance Terminal
Building Envelope Environmental Monitoring Service
Building Envelopes Program
Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council
Building Environment Council of Ohio
Building Environmental Performance Assessment Criteria
Building Environmental Systems
Building Equipment Mechanic
Building Equipment, Accessories, and Materials Program
Building Equity and Growth in Neighborhoods
Building Essential Skills for Tomorrow
Building Evacuation Area
Building Excellence in Science and Technology
Building Excellence In Supervisory Training
Building Exchange
Building Expense System
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Building for the Future
Building Futures Council
Building God’s Way
Building Goodness Foundation
Building Goodness Foundation
Building Group Apprenticeship Scheme
Building Healthy Communities
Building in Good Faith
Building in Quality
Building Incentive Program
Building Independence for the Long Term
Building Industry and Land Development Association
Building Industry Association
Building Industry Association of Central California
Building Industry Association of Clark County
Building Industry Association of Orange County
Building Industry Association of San Diego County
Building Industry Consultant
Building Industry Consulting Service Philippines
Building Industry Consulting Services
Building Industry Consulting Services, International
Building Industry Council
Building Industry Credit Association
Building Industry Credit Bureau
Building Industry Cross-Connect
Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation
Building Industry Liaison Team
Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility
Building Industry Project Management System
Building Industry Technology Academy
Building Information Model
Building Information Modeling
Building Information Modeling System
Building Information Warehouse
Building Inspection and Code Enforcement System
Building Inspection Division
Building Inspection Division
Building Inspection Office
Building Inspection Office
Building Institutions for Good Governance
Building Integrated Timing Supply
Building Integrated Timing System
Building Intelligence Assessment Method
Building Interdisciplinary Research Team
Building Jazz Bass Lines
Building Leadership Team
Building Learning Communities
Building Learning with Technology
Building Level Team
Building Lifecycle Interoperable Software
Building Limes Forum
Building Living Neighborhoods
Building Living Neighborhoods
Building Load Analysis and System Thermodynamics Center
Building Load Coefficient
Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act
Building Maintenance Equipment
Building Maintenance Information
Building Maintenance Program
Building Maintenance Unit
Building Management Center
Building Management Control System
Building Management Network
Building Management System
Building Manager
Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Building Materials Distributors, Inc
Building Materials Exchange
Building Materials Holding Corporation
Building Materials Reuse Association
Building Mechanical Services
Building Native Communities
Building Occupancy Date
Building Official Conference of America
Building Officials and Code Administrators International
Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc.
Building Officials Association of Louisiana
Building Officials Association of Texas
Building on Opportunities to Strengthen Tourism
Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency
Building Opportunities in the United States
Building Our Lives Drug-free
Building Owners and Managers Association
Building Owners and Managers Association of California
Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada
Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago
Building Owners and Managers Association of the Greater Calgary Area
Building Owners and Managers Institute International, Inc.
Building Owners Labor Relations, Inc.
Building Owners Management Association
Building Paper
Building Paper
Building Paper
Building Parental Skills
Building Partnership Capacity
Building Partnerships
Building Partnerships
Building Partnerships
Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation
Building Penetration Loss
Building Performance Contractors Association
Building Performance Group
Building Performance Institute
Building Performance Research Unit
Building Permit Allocation System
Building Permit Application
Building Plastics Inc.
Building Point of Connection
Building Preservation Notice
Building Preservation Trust
Building Preservation Trust
Building Pressure Testing
Building Pressure Testing
Building Problem Solvers
Building Professionals Consortium
Building Radio frequency Identification solutions for the Global Environment
Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Building Relationships in Diverse Geographic Environments
Building Repair & Maintenance
Building Repair, Remodeling and Construction
Building Repair, Remodeling and Construction
Building Research Advisory Board
Building Research Center
Building Research Establishment
Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity
Building Research Institute
Building Research Station
Building Resourceful Inspirational Creative Community
Building Resources Across Communities
Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services
Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections
Building Respect in Diverse Groups to Enhance Sensitivity
Building Responsibility and Valuing Organization
Building Responsibility, Equality and Dignity
Building Restoration Operations Optimization Model
Building Restriction Line
Building Roads into Diverse Groups Empowering Students
Building Safe Communities
Building Safer Organisations
Building Safety and Security Representative
Building Safety Division
Building Safety Group Ltd
Building Safety Improvement Loan Scheme
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
Building Scalable Cisco Networks
Building Schools Exhibition and Conference
Building Schools for the Future
Building Science Consulting
Building Science Corporation
Building Science Insight
Building Scientific Research Center
Building Seismic Safety Council
Building Service Contractor
Building Service Contractors Association International
Building Service, Inc.
Building Services & Environmental Engineer
Building Services Division
Building Services Engineering
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
Building Setback Boundary Line
Building Shut Down
Building Social Inclusion in Australia
Building Societies Association
Building Societies Members Association
Building Society Mortgage
Building Something Big
Building Standard for Fabrication Shops
Building Standards Commission
Building Standards Institute
Building Stone Institute
Building Strong and Ready Families
Building Strong Families
Building Supervisor for Emergency Conditions
Building Suppliers Corporation
Building Surveyors Institute of Australia
Building Sustainable Cities
Building Systems Councils
Building Systems Design, Inc
Building Systems Engineering Technology
Building Systems Institute
Building Systems Technician
Building Technology Educators’ Society
Building Technology Program
Building the Beloved Community
Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership
Building the Education Revolution
Building the Resilience of Communities to Disasters
Building Tightness Limit
Building Together Association
Building Tomorrow Today
Building Trades Association
Building Trades Directory
Building Undergraduate Involvement in the Life of Durham
Building Underwriting Report
Building Unions Superannuation Scheme
Building United of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Building Up Individual Lives Daily
Building Up Strengths in Youth
Building Ventilation
Building Virtual Worlds
Building Void
Building Warrant of Fitness
Building Wiring Standard
Building with Wood
Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia
Building Your Business
Building, Antennae, Span, Earth
Building, Antennae, Span, Earth
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Building, Intent, Knowingly & Unlawfully, Enter Or Remain
Building, Lending, Investments and Technology Zones
Building, Maintenance and Construction
Building, Maintenance and Construction
Building, Planning and Development
Building, Research, Innovation, Technology and Environment
Building-Integrated Photovoltaic
Building-Integrated Timing Source
Building-Related Illness
Buildings and Appliances Task Force
Buildings and Community Systems
Buildings and Safety Engineering Department
Buildings Department
Buildings Department
Buildings Department
Buildings Department
Buildings Department
Buildings Technology Center
Buildings Working Group
Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber
Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber
Bureau de Normalisation de la Construction Métallique
Bureau of Construction
Bureau of Construction Management
Bureau of Construction Management
Bureau of State Office Buildings
Business Building Seminar
Business Building Workshop
Business Building Workshop
Cafritz Building
California Building Code
California Building Industry Association
California Building Performance Contractors Association
California Building Standards Commission
California Coalition for Construction in the Classroom
California Construction Contracting Program
Callaway Multipurpose Building
CALSPAN Reconstruction of Accident Speeds On the Highway
Campenon Bernard Construction
Campus Services Building
Canada Green Building Council
Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes
Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation
Canadian Construction Association
Canadian Construction Material Center
Canadian Construction Women
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee
Canadian Registered Building Official
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute
Canadian Standard Construction Document
Canister Storage Building
Cannon House Office Building
Canterbury Building Society
Capacity Building
Capacity Building and Community Development
Capacity Building and Implementation Support Team
Capacity Building Assistance
Capacity Building Coordination Group
Capacity Building for Access to Information
Capacity Building for Electronic Communication in Africa
Capacity Building for Environmental Management
Capacity Building for Gender Mainstreaming Project
Capacity Building for Private Sector
Capacity Building Service Center
Capacity Building Task Force )
Capital Area Asset Building Corporation
Capital Construction Fund
Capital Construction Funds Exempt
Capital Not Related To Construction
Capital Planning, Design and Construction
Capital Purchase & Minor Construction
Caribbean Capacity Building Programme
Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding
Carolina Building Group
Carolinas-Tennessee Building Materials Association, Inc.
Carrières Matériaux Construction
Carter Community Building Association
Castle Peak Road Improvement Design and Construction Consultancy
Cattano Construction, Inc.
Cellules Economiques Regionales de la Construction
Center for Architecture and Building Science Research
Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics
Center for Community Building and Civic Engagement
Center for Construction and Environment
Center for Environmental Sensitivity in Construction
Center for Extraterrestrial Engineering and Construction
Center for Indigenous Technology & Construction
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development
Center for Naval Shipbuilding Technology
Center for People and Buildings
Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Center for Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction
Center for Sustainable Building Research
Central Building Clock
Central Building Plan Unit
Central Building Research Institute
Central Mississippi Building Supply
Central Ontario Building Trades
Central Recording Building
Central Utility Building
Centre des Hautes Etudes de la Construction
Centre for Advanced Construction Studies
Centre for Construction Innovation
Centre for Construction Innovation Research
Centre for Housing Planning and Building
Centre for Innovative Construction Engineering
Centre for International Peacebuilding
Centre for Total Building Performance
Certified Building Commissioning Professional
Certified Building Materials Specialist
Certified Building Official
Certified Building Performance Measurement
Certified Building Professional
Certified Construction Contract Administrator
Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional
Certified Construction Manager
Certified Construction Reviewer
Certified Green Building Professional
Certified New Construction Specialist
Certified Professional Building Designer
Certified Public Building Designer
Certified Sustainable Building Advisor
Character-Building Experience
Charpentes Constructions Bois
Chartered Institute Of Building
Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group
Cheshire Building Society
Chicago Building Congress
Chicagoland Construction Safety Council
Chief Building Control Officer
Chief Construction Electrician
Chief Construction Mechanic
Chilterns Buildings Design Guide
China Association of Construction Enterprise Management
China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry
China Building Decoration Association
China Building Technology Development Centre
China Communications Construction Group
China Construction Bank
China Construction Bank
China Construction Bank Corporation
China Construction Civil Engineering Limited
China Nuclear Engineering Construction Corporation
China Railway Construction Corporation
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China Shipbuilding Trading Company
China State Construction Engineering
China State Shipbuilding Corporation
Church Administration Building
Church Office Building
City Building Code
Civil and Construction Engineering
Civil Service Building Society
Civil Society Capacity Building
Civil Society Capacity Building Programme
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Clarence Cook Little Building
Clark Building Services
Clark County Building Department
Class Poppy Construction Kit
Classroom and Laboratory Building
Classroom Building Complex
Cleveland Community Building Initiative
Cleveland Green Building Coalition
Clinical Building 1
Clinical Sciences Building
Coalition for National Reconciliation and Reconstruction
Coastal Construction Control Line
Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation
Code des Frais de Construction
Code Francais de Construction des Appareils a Pression
Code Permanent Construction et Urbanisme
Coleman Building
Collaborative Integrated Communications for Construction
College of Design, Construction and Planning
College of Design, Construction and Planning
College of Medicine Administration Building
College of Medicine Research Building
College Park Office Building
Collision Reconstruction Unit
Colombo Fort Land and Building Company PLC
Colorado Construction Career Days
Columbus Green Building Forum
Comite Europeen des Economistes de la Construction
Comité National d’Action pour la Sécurité et l’Hygiène dans la Construction
Commercial Building Energy Alliance
Commercial Building Energy Consumption
Commercial Building Energy Standards
Commercial Building Incentive Program
Commercial Building Mold Inspector
Commercial Building Tax Deduction
Commercial Building Wrap
Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
Commercial Construction Equipment
Commercial Object Model of Product/Process for an Advanced Shipbuilding System
Commission de la Construction du Québec
Commission des Constructions Publiques
Committee for European Construction Equipment
Committee on Capacity Building in Science
Commonwealth Building
Communication Skills Building
Communications Office Building
Community Assistance to Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation
Community Building Code Administration Grant Act
Community Building in Britain
Community Building Resource Service
Community Capacity Building Initiative
Compagnie Générale de Construction
Competence-building and Higher Awareness about Networking and Collaboration for Europe
Compiler Construction
Component-Based Solution Construction
Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency
Comprehensive Capacity Building Programme
Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme for Buildings
Compton Union Building
Computational Science and Engineering Building
Computer Integrated Road Construction
Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe
Computer Science and Engineering Building
Computer Science Building
Computer-Aided Building Design
Computer-Aided Construction
Computer-Aided Knowledge Engineering for Construction Tasks
Computer-Integrated Construction
Computerized Building Automation System
Computrols Building Automation System
Concentrated Upgrade and Repair of Buildings
Condition Survey and Evaluation of Repairs for Buildings
Confédération Construction Wallone
Confédération Nationale de la Construction
Confederation of International Construction Associations
Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions
Conference Center Building
Conference on Interactions and Confidence Building Measures in Asia
Confidence Building Initiative
Confidence-Building Measures
Configuration Building Block
Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Connected Open Building Automation
Connecticut Construction Industries Association
Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited
Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings
Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity
Consortium of European Building Control
Constraint-Based Reconstruction and Analysis
Construction & Demolition Debris
Construction & Facilities Management
Construction Acceptance Data Package
Construction Action Item
Construction Activities Management Information System
Construction Administration
Construction Administration Manager
Construction Advancement Foundation
Construction Advisor
Construction Advisory Committee
Construction All Risks
Construction and Allied Workers Union
Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes
Construction and Availability Management System
Construction and Building Control Group
Construction and Building Control Group
Construction and Building Trades Department
Construction and Building Trades Department
Construction and Building Unions Superannuation
Construction and Building Unions Superannuation
Construction and Community Development Department, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America
Construction and Demolition Diversion Deposit
Construction and Demolition Waste
Construction and Facilities Management
Construction and Mining Specialist Consultants
Construction and Mining Technique
Construction and Professional Services Manual
Construction and Real Estate
Construction and Sustainable Services for Afghanistan
Construction and Training Squadron
Construction Applications of Virtual Reality
Construction Area Sign
Construction Assistance Program
Construction Assistance Program
Construction Association of Rural Manitoba
Construction Association of South Florida
Construction Authorization
Construction Automation & Robotics Laboratory
Construction Bâtiment Habitation
Construction Bâtiment Parisien
Construction Battalion
Construction Battalion
Construction Battalion Center
Construction Battalion Detachment
Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
Construction Battalion Replacement Depot
Construction Battalion Unit
Construction Bill of Material
Construction Bois d’Aquitaine
Construction Bois Écologique
Construction Bois Habitat
Construction Brevetee d’Alfortville, SA
Construction Business Computing
Construction Business Development Association
Construction Candidates Review Committee
construction capabilities contract
Construction Capabilities Contract Process
construction capabilities contract program
Construction Career Days
Construction Careers Center
Construction Careers Center
Construction Change Directive
Construction Change Notice
Construction Claims Monthly
Construction Claims Task Force
Construction Completion Date
Construction Completion List
Construction Compliance Report
Construction Component
Construction Confederation
Construction Contract Administration
Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System
Construction Contractors Board
Construction Cost Associates
Construction Cost Estimate
Construction Cost Index
Construction Council of Ontario
Construction Criteria Base
Construction Data Control, Inc.
Construction de Défense Canada
Construction de Mécanique de Précision
Construction Defect
Construction Defect Consulting Inc
Construction Defect Litigation
Construction Design & Management Regulations 1994
Construction Design Management Coordinator
Construction Development Advisory Committee
Construction Development Company
Construction Development/Design Office
Construction Development/Design Office
Construction Dispute Resolution
Construction Document
Construction Documents Technology
Construction Electrician
Construction Electrician
Construction Electrician
Construction Electrician
Construction Electrician
Construction Electrician Chief Petty Officer
Construction Employers Association
Construction Énergies Habitat
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Construction Engineering & Research Laboratory
Construction Engineering Management Technology
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Construction Engineers
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Construction Equipment Association
Construction Equipment Department
Construction Equipment Distribution
Construction Equipment Guide
Construction Equipment Institute
Construction Exclusion Zone
Construction Facility Management Office
Construction Financial Management Association
Construction Flagman
Construction for World Wide Evangelism Inc
Construction Forces
Construction Forecasting Council
Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union
Construction General
Construction General Permit
Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review
Construction Health & Safety Technician
Construction Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations
Construction In Progress
Construction Industries Licensing Act of 1978
Construction Industries Wholesalers Association
Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey
Construction Industry Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Advisory Council
Construction Industry Advisory Council of Ontario
Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
Construction Industry Computing Association
Construction Industry Council
Construction Industry Council of Hawaii
Construction Industry Council Wales
Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program
Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program
Construction Industry Development Agency
Construction Industry Development Board
Construction Industry Development Council
Construction Industry Employers Association
Construction Industry Federation
Construction Industry Guarantee Fund
Construction Industry Information and Computing
Construction Industry Institute
Construction Industry Management Board
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Construction Industry Policy Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Reference Group
Construction Industry Research and Information Association
Construction Industry Research Board
Construction Industry Scheme
Construction Industry Scheme Manual
Construction Industry Solutions Ltd
Construction Industry Specification Analysis and Understanding
Construction Industry Stabilization Committee
Construction Industry Technician
Construction Industry Trading Electronically
Construction Industry Training
Construction Industry Training Association
Construction Industry Training Board
Construction Industry Trust for Youth
Construction Information and Management System
Construction Information Classification System
Construction Information Sources
Construction Information Technology
Construction Information Technology Center
Construction Information Workspace
Construction Innovation Forum
Construction Inspection Procedure
Construction Inspector
Construction Labour in Kent
Construction Lean Improvement Programme
Construction Learning World
Construction Licensing Executive
Construction Loan Company
Construction Loan Control System
Construction Loan Manager
Construction Loan Note
Construction Lucchina Basso
Construction Machinery Co.
Construction Machines Automatiques Speciales
Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers
Construction Maintenance Center
Construction Management
Construction Management
Construction Management and Infrastructure Development
Construction Management Association of America
Construction Management at Risk
Construction Management Consulting
Construction Management Engineer
Construction Management Skills Training
Construction Management Support Services
Construction Management Team
Construction Manager At Risk
Construction Manager General Contractor
Construction Manager in Training
Construction Manpower Development Center
Construction Marketing Research Council
Construction Material Chemical Industries
Construction Material Processors Association
Construction Materials Engineering and Testing
Construction Materials Testing Laboratory
Construction Matériel Environnement
Construction Matériel Réseaux
Construction Mecanique de Precision Auber
Construction Mécanique et Maintenance
Construction Mécanique Industrielle
Construction Mechanic
Construction Mechanic
Construction Mechanic Chief
Construction Mechanic Second Class
Construction Mechanic Third Class
Construction Métallique de l’Ouest
Construction Métallique du Bocage
Construction Métallique Saumuroise
Construction Method Modeler
Construction Millet Bois
Construction Moderne Ile de France
Construction Modulaire Organisation
Construction Morel Gérard
Construction Navale Bordeaux
Construction Non-Conformance Report
Construction Notice
Construction Number
Construction Number
Construction of Facilities Best Practices
Construction Of Facility
Construction Output Price Index
Construction Owners Association of Alberta
Construction Owners Association of America, Inc
Construction Owners Association of the Tri-State
Construction Permit
Construction Permit
Construction Permit Review
Construction Plan
Construction Plan
Construction Plans and Profiles
Construction Plant Competence Scheme
Construction Plant-Hire Association
Construction Plasma Arc Research
Construction Pollution Index
Construction Procedures Manual
Construction Productivity Advanced Research
Construction Productivity Network
Construction Products Association
Construction Products Directive
Construction Products Regulation
Construction Professional Services
Construction Programs and Results
Construction Project Data Sheet
Construction Project Information Committee
Construction Project Management
Construction Project Review Committee
Construction Put-in-Place
Construction Quality Assurance
Construction Quality Control
Construction Quality Control Manager
Construction Quality Management
Construction Reference Line
Construction Regulations
Construction Requirements Review Committee
Construction Research Advisory Committee
Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel
Construction Research Congress
Construction Reserve Fund
Construction Resource and Development Centre
Construction Resource Utilization Explorer
Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist
Construction Risk Assessment Workshop
Construction Risk Management
Construction Safety and Health Specialist
Construction Safety Association of Manitoba
Construction Safety Council
Construction Safety Officer
Construction Safety Training System
Construction Services, Inc.
Construction Signing Tabulation
Construction Site
Construction Site
Construction Site Safety Technician
Construction Skills Certification Scheme
Construction Specialist
Construction Specialist
Construction Specialist
Construction Specifications Canada
Construction Specifications Institute
Construction Statistics Users’ Group
Construction Storm Water Coordinator
Construction Structures Aéronautiques
Construction Suppliers Register
Construction Support Document
Construction Surveillance Technician
Construction Systems Associates, Inc.
Construction Systems Management Inc.
Construction Technology
Construction Technology and Management Centre
Construction Technology Centre Atlantic, Inc.
Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Construction Tender, Inland
Construction Testing and Inspections
Construction Tradition Pierre
Construction Traditionnelle Loverienne
Construction Traditionnelle Loverienne
Construction Traffic Management Center
Construction Training Centre
Construction Training Qualification Program
Construction Training Quality Program
Construction Users Roundtable
Construction with Unbound Road Aggregates in Europe
Construction Work in Progress
Construction Work Order
Construction Work Package
Construction Workers Registration Authority
Construction Workers Registration Ordinance
Construction Workers Trade Union
Construction Writers Association
Construction Youth Trust
Construction Zone
Construction, Design, Equipment and Manning
Construction, Housing and Real Estate
Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure
Construction, Transition, Support
Construction/Contract Project Manager
Construction/Erection All Risks
Constructionman Apprentice, Construction Electrician Striker
Constructionman Apprentice, Construction Mechanic Striker
Constructionman Apprentice, Equipment Operator Striker
Constructionman Recruit
Constructionman, Steelworker Striker
Constructions Bois et Béton
Constructions Bois Industrielles
Constructions Bouhier Hubert
Constructions des Pays de Vilaine
Constructions du Val de Loire
Constructions Électriques Charentaises
Constructions Électriques de Beaucourt
Constructions Électriques Westendorp
Constructions et Fermetures du Nord
Constructions Européennes en Kit
Constructions Idéale Demeure
Constructions Industrielles du Rhône
Constructions Industrielles et Maritimes
Constructions Mécaniques Champenoises
Constructions Mécaniques de Chamant
Constructions Mécaniques de l’Isère
Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie
Constructions Mécaniques du Grimaud
Constructions Mécaniques du Villeneuvois
Constructions Mécaniques Kvaternik
Constructions Mécaniques Outillages
Constructions Méditerranéennes Corses
Constructions Métalliques Bouisse Compagnie
Constructions Métalliques de Vendée
Constructions Métalliques du Léman
Constructions Métalliques Florentaises
Constructions Métalliques Grésillon
Constructions Métalliques Richard
Constructions Métalliques Vauclusiennes
Constructions Modernes de l’Ouest
Constructions Nancéiennes de Pesage
Constructions Nord Alsace
Constructions pour Vous
Constructions Ventes Immobilières
Container Handling Building
Containment Building Ventilation
Content Construction Kit
Continental Automated Buildings Association
Continental Construction Enterprises
Contingency Construction Authority
Contract Construction Agent
Contributions In Aid of Construction
Control Building Environmental Control System
Control/Containment Building
Contrôle du Règlement de Construction
Convention Europeenne pour la Construction Metallique
Convention Européenne pour la Construction Métallique
Cooling, Heating and Power for Buildings
Coordinated HIV/AIDS Response through Capacity Building and Awareness
Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stability
Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed
Cost In Aid of Construction
Council for Aluminium in Building
Council for Development and Reconstruction
Council of American Building Officials
Council of Urban Rebuilding Enterprises
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Course of Construction
Credit Union and Building Society
Dam Safety and Construction Unit
Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority
Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project
Darin and Armstrong Construction Company
Dartford Portable Buildings Ltd.
Database Building Block
Dauphiné Construction Rénovation
De Facto Image Building
Decision Support System for a Universal Building Design
Deconstruction/Approximation/Reconstruction Technique
Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology
Defence Construction Canada
Defence Construction Canada
Defense Construction Supply Center
Defense Reconstruction Support Office
Defoe Shipbuilding Company
DeKalb County Building and Development Association
Demolition and Increased Cost of Construction
Dental Branch Building
Denver Asset Building Coalition
Department of Building
Department of Building and Housing
Department of Building and Real Estate
Department of Building Inspection
Department of Buildings
Department of Construction and Land Use
Department of Construction and Permits
Department of Design and Construction
Department of Fire and Building Services
Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
Department of Planning, Zoning and Building
Dermot Meaney Building Design
Design and Construction Division
Design and Construction Management
Design and Construction Standards
Design Construction Evaluation
Design During Construction
Design, Analysis, and Construction
Design, Construction and Technology Plan
Designing and Building Parallel Programs
Development Services Building
Devis de Construction Canada
Devon Sustainable Building Initiative
Diagnostic Agent for Building Operators
Dickey Fine Arts Building
Diesel Generator Building
Direct Construction and Safety Training
Direction Construction Armes Navale
Direction de l’Aménagement, de l’Environnement et des Constructions
Direction des Constructions Navales
Direction Technique Construction Navale
Directive Produits de Construction
Disaster Management, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Display Construction Set
Disposal System Construction Permit
Distal Soft Tissue Reconstruction
Distributed Table Construction Scheme
Division of Building Safety
Division of Building, Construction and Engineering
Division of Building, Construction and Engineering
Division of Facilities Construction and Management
Division of Facilities Planning and Construction
Doc Bailey Construction Equipment
Dockside Handling Building
Domestic Building and Loan Association
Domestic Building Contracts Act
Dominique Brisard Construction
Doom Construction Kit
Doors and Building Components Inc.
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd
Douglas Wright Engineering Building
Dr Alvin Woods Building
Dreams of Tall Buildings
Dupre Bois et Construction
Dutch Green Building Council
Dynamics of Building a Better Society
Earl Shilton Building Society
Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC
Earthquake Resistant Building Construction
Earthquake Resistant Building Construction
Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund
Ecole des Techniques Aeronautiques et de Construction Automobile
Edmonton Construction Association
Efficient Dominance Tree Construction
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Electrical Power Systems Construction Association
Electronic Construction Cost
Elevator Building Notice
Emergency Farm Reconstruction Project
Empire State Building
End Building Node
End Of Construction
End-User Building
Energy and Environmental Building Association
Energy Conservation Building Codes
Energy Efficient Building Association
Energy Performance of Buildings
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Energy Star Buildings
Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory
Engineering and Construction Bulletin
Engineering and Construction Contract
Engineering and Construction Project Management
Engineering Compliance & Construction Inc
Engineering Construction Industry Association
Engineering Construction Management
Engineering Physics Building
Engineering Sciences Building
Engineering, Construction & Operations
Engineering, Construction & Operations
Engineering, Construction and Maintenance
Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contractor
Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management
Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Turnkey
Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction
Engineers & Scientists Resources & Construction
Enter Building, Clear Room
Enterprise Buildings Integrator
Enterprise Institution Building Bureau
Entreprise Construction Moules Bois
Envelope Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction
Envelope Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction
Environment Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project
Environmental Building News
Environmental Building Solutions, LLC
Environmental Construction Products International, Inc.
Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials
Equivalent Building Dimensions
Estimated Construction Cost
European Agency for Reconstruction
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
European Construction Forum
European Construction Institute
European Construction Research Network
European Construction Ventures
European Intelligent Building Group
European Reconstruction and Development Bank
Evaluation Capacity Building
Evergreen Building Solutions, Ltd
Executive Office Building
Executive Office of Transportation and Construction
Exercise Related Construction
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance
Experiment in Construction with Object-Oriented Methods
Experiment in Construction with Object-Oriented Methods
Exposed Building Face
Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems
Facilities Construction Plan
Facilities Engineering Maintenance and Construction
Facility Design Construction Center
Fare Construction Point
Fare Construction Unit
Farm Buildings Information Centre
Federal Building
Federal Building
Federal Building
Federal Building Industries Company LLC
Federal Construction Guide Specification
Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office
Federal Judicial Building
Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards
Federal Office Building
Fellow Construction Specifications Canada
Fellow of the Faculty of Building
Festival of the Building Arts
Festival of Xtreme Building
Fiber In-building Panel
Fiber To The Building
Fine Arts Building
Fine Home Building
Finnish Association of Mechanical Building Services Industries
Fire Station Building Committee
Firestone Building Products Europe
First National Building Society
First Naval Construction Division
Flat Ride Construction Set
Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc.
Florida Building Code
Florida Building Commission
Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board
Florida Existing Building Code
Food Installation Service Construction
Foreign Buildings Office
Foreign Buildings Operations
Foreign Military Construction Sales/Services
Foreman Program and Construction Managers
Forensic Accident Reconstructionists of Oregon, Inc.
Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc.
Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
Forum on the Construction Industry
Fotuh Construction Organization
Foundation for Building
Foundation for Rebuilding Sri Lanka
Franklin Building Supply
Franklin Building Supply
Fred Kavli Building
Friends of the Building Committee
Fuel Building Filter System
Fuel Building Ventilation
Fuel Support Building
Gabriel Richard Building
Garnant Construction Management Group, Inc.
Gene Construction Kit
General Building Plan
General Construction Contractor
General Education Building
General Education Building
General Project Construction Division
General Services Administration Building
General Services Building
Générale de Préfabrication et Construction
Genital Reconstruction Surgery
Geodesic Binary Reconstruction
Geotechnical Well Construction
Glacier Construction Co., Inc.
Global Advanced Construction Management Institute
Global Building Systems
Global Contingency Construction Contract
Global General Construction Services
Good for Construction
Gordon B. Hinckley Building
Government of Canada Building
Grand Valley Construction Association
Great American Building Materials
Great Buildings Collection
Great Lakes Construction Alliance
Greater Philadelphia Building Professionals Association
Green Building Advisory Council
Green Building Alliance
Green Building Certification Institute
Green Building Consultant
Green Building Council
Green Building Information Council
Green Building Initiative
Green Building Studio, Inc
Gross Building Area
Gross Construction Area
Groupement Interprofessionnel pour la Construction
Guardian Building Product
Gucciano General Building Contractor
Guidance Telemetry Building
Guide to Quality in Preconstruction Engineering
Gulf Construction Conference Week
Hall Memorial Building
Hallam Union Building
Hamilton-Halton Construction Association
Hardcopy Reconstruction Unit
Harmonised European Standard for a Construction Product
Hart Senate Office Building
Haskell Lemon Construction Co.
Hazards in Construction
Health Building Notes
Health Sciences Building
Healthcare Building Ideas
Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic
Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc.
Heavy Engineering Repair and Construction
Helix Environmental Construction Group
Henry Esson Young Building
Heritage Building Right
Heritage Building Society
Hetzel Union Building
Hiap Aik Construction Berhad
High Country Construction
High Performance Building Council
High Rise Building
Highland Quality Construction, Ltd.
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd
Historic American Building Survey
Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Record
Historic Building Commission
Historic Buildings Advisory Council
Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission
Hitachi Construction Machinery
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe
Hoffman Building
Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
Holmquist Lorenz Construction Company
Home Building Association of Richmond
Home Construction Advisors Group
Hong Kong Construction Association
Hong Kong Construction Association
Hong Kong Construction Holdings Limited
Horizon Construction Management Ltd.
Hot Mix Asphalt Construction
House Building Finance Corporation
House Office Building
Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act
Houston Asset Building Coalition
Human Capacity Building
Human-Building Interaction
Humanities Social Sciences Building
Husky Union Building
Hyundai Engineering and Construction
Ilizarov Hip Reconstruction
Illawarra Mutual Building Society
Illinois Asset Building Group
Image Space Reconstruction Algorithm
Impact Construction Management
Impression Construction
Impression Construction
Improve Your Construction Business
In Range Out of Building
In-Building Coverage
In-Building Moves/Charges
In-Building Solutions
In-Building Wireless Alliance
Incorporated Church Building Society
Incremental Construction and Reuse of Requirements Specifications
Indian Green Building Council
Indice des Couts de Construction
Indigenous Community Capacity Building Program
Individualized Capacity Building Assistance
Indoor Building Entrance Terminal
Indus Valley Construction Company
Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor
Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
Industrial-Recreational Building Authority
Information Technology Building
Information, Capacity-Building, and Awareness Centre
Infrastructure Reconstruction Enabling Program
Ingénierie, Approvisionnement et Gestion de Construction
Inhabited Building Distance
Initiative for Peacebuilding
Innovative Bridge Research and Construction
In-Orbit Construction
Institut de Recherche en Construction
Institut International pour la Reconstruction Rurale
Institute for Construction Economics
Institute for Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining
Institute for Research in Construction
Institute of Building
Institute of Building Control
Institute of Capacity Building in Africa
Institute of Construction and Architecture-Slovak Academy of Sciences
Institute of Construction Management & Technology
Institute of Maintenance and Building Management
Institutional and Human Resource Capacity Building
Institutional Capacity Building Activities
Insurance Building Code Coalition
Integrated Building and Construction Solutions
Integrated Building and Construction Solutions
Integrated Building Distribution Network
Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service
Integrated Shipbuilding Environment
Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium
Intelligent Building Systems
Interagency Committee on School Construction
Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction
Interbuilding Communications Conduit System
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building
Interest and Fees During Construction
Interest During Construction
Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization
Interim Construction Environmental Management Plan
Interior Alaska Building Association
Interior Decoration Construction Management
Intermediate Building Credit
Intermodal Steel Building Unit
International Arrivals Building
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Boatbuilding Training College
International Bodybuilding and Fitness Association
International Building Classification Committee
International Building Code
International Building Code Council
International Building Maintenance Conference
International Building Management Code
International Building Performance Evaluation
International Building Performance Simulation Association
International Building Physics Conference
International Civil and Construction Engineering
International Conference of Building Officials
International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding
International Conference on Construction IT
International Conference on Tall Buildings
International Construction Law Alliance
International Construction Law Review
International Construction Management Co Pte Ltd
International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
International Council of Building Officials
International Decorative Construction Materials
International Existing Building Code
International Institute for Capacity Building
International Institute for FRP in Construction (Canada)
International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
International Institute of Care to Buildings
International Journal of Diachronic Linguistics and Linguistic Reconstruction
International Natural Bodybuilding Association
International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq
International Terminal Building
Iranian Construction Engineers Organization
Iraq Reconstruction and Employment Program
Iraq Reconstruction Management Office
Iraq Reconstruction Management System
Iraq Reconstruction Operations Center
Irish Hardware and Building Materials Association
Issue for Construction
Issued for Construction
Istana Building Commodities Center
Iterative Energy Spectral Reconstruction
Iterative Reconstruction
Ithaca Green Building Alliance
Jakarta Stock Exchange Building
Jamaica National Building Society
James Clerk Maxwell Building
James Fletcher Building
James Union Building
Janssen Engineering Building
Japan Building Maintenance Association
Japan Construction Mechanization Association
Japan Federation of Construction Contractors, Inc.
Japan Institute of Construction Engineering
Japanese Construction Classification System
Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Jimmy York Construction
Job Opportunity Building Zone
John A. Russell Building
John Freeman Building
Joint Construction Office
Joseph Hughes Construction
Joseph Smith Building
Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Journal of Light Construction
Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team
Kansas Building Industry Association
Kansas Building Science Institute
Kansas City Federal Building
Kentucky Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association
Kenya Dairy Goat and Capacity Building Project
Kids Under Construction Inc.
Kingdom Building Ministries
Kingston Construction Association
Kitano Construction Corporation
Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company
Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Kuwait Reconstruction House
LambBuilding Alternative Dispute Resolution
Land, Buildings, Fixtures and Furniture
Landing Aids Control Building
Landon State Office Building
Landscape Reconstruction Algorithm
LASP Space Technology Building (University of Colorado; Boulder, CO)
Launch Operations Building
Launch Support Building
LaValley-Middleton Building Supply
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings
Lean Construction Institute
Lean Construction Journal
Lease Office Building
Leaving the Freaking Building
Liberal Arts and Education Building
Liberal Arts and Science Building
Library Construction Kit
Library Services & Construction Act of 1957
Library Services and Construction Act Grant
Licensed Building Surveyor
Licensed Building Surveyor
Ligament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition
Light Construction and Development Management
Light Earth Construction
Lightweight Construction Co. Ltd.
Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society
Line Item Construction Project
Linguistic Knowledge Building System
Listed Building Consent
Lives under Construction
Local Authority Building Control
Local Labour in Construction
London Constructional Engineers Association
Long-Range Construction Plan
Low Carbon Buildings
Lower Extremity Arterial Reconstruction
Lumber and Building Materials
Lumber and Building Materials Institute
Lynch Construction Inc
MacNair Construction Products Ltd.
Main Justice Building
Main Terminal Building
Maine Construction General Permit
Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council
Maintenance Technology Building Trades
Maintenance, Operations and Construction
Major Accident Reconstruction and Review
Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction
Man Making and Character Building
Management in Construction Researchers Association
Mandatory Building Inspection
Manning Centre for Building Democracy
Marine Corps Family Team Building
Marine Corps Family Team Building
Massachusetts State College Building Authority
Master Business Building Club
Master Chief Construction Electrician
Master Chief Construction Electrician
Master of International Construction Management
Materials of Construction
Mathematics of Program Construction
Maubeuge Construction Automobile
Maximum Allowable Construction Cost
Maximum Construction Cost
McDermott Shipbuilding, Inc.
Medical Biomolecular Research Building
Medical Office Building
Medical School Building
Medical Sciences Research Building
Meehleis Modular Buildings, Inc.
Mega Building Systems Ltd
Melton Mowbray Building Society
Member of the Chartered Institute of Building
Memorial Union Building
Metal Building Components Inc
Metal Building Insulation
Metal Construction Association
Metal Construction News
Mexican Institute of Steel Construction
Michiana Construction Alliance
Michigan Breast Reconstruction Outcome Study
Michigan Construction Industry Mutual
Michigan Construction Protection Agency
Micro-Building Block
Middle School Building Accountability Committee
Middle-management Capacity Building
Midfield Terminal Building
Military Construction
Military Construction Air Force
Military Construction Cooperative Agreement
Military Construction Plan/Program
Military Construction Working Group
Military Construction, Army
Military Construction, Army Reserve
Military Construction, Defense-Wide
Military Construction, Navy
Millennium Community Building Association
Miller Building Systems Inc.
Mills-Godwin Building
Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings
Mining Transport and Construction Services
Mini-Reconstruction System
Mini-Reconstruction System
Ministry for Reconstruction and Rural Development
Ministry of Capacity Building
Ministry of Construction
Ministry of Construction and Regional Development
Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
Ministry of Nation Building and Development
Ministry of Rural Reconstruction and Development
Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism
Minor Construction & Alteration Board
Minor Construction Review Board
Minor Military Construction, Army
Minton-Capehart Building
Missile Assembly Building
Missile Site Control Building
Mississippi Construction Education Foundation
Mobile Construction Battalion
Mobile Construction Vehicle
Mobilization Construction Plan
Model Credit Union Building
Model National Energy Code for Buildings
Modern Steel Construction
Modular and Portable Building Association
Modular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test
Modular Building Block
Modular Building Concept
Modular Building Institute
Modular Building Systems Association
Moisture and Temperature Calculations for Constructions of Hygroscopic Materials
Molecular Biology Research Building
Morse Construction Group Incorporated
Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Moscow Machine-Building Production Association
Mosul Reconstruction Operations Center
Motion-Compensated Reconstruction
Motor Vehicle Storage Building
Mouvement de la Reconstruction Nationale
Multi Unit Residential Building
Multi-Operations Support Building
Multiplanar Reconstruction
Multiplanar Volume Reconstruction Technique
Multiple Alignment Construction and Analysis Workbench
Multiple Award Construction Contract
Multiple Building Selection
Multi-Projection Volume Reconstruction
Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean
Multipurpose Science & Technology Building
Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings
Multi-Use Building
Municipal Building Retrofit Program
Municipal Construction Division
Municipal Services Building
Munitions Holding Building
Muscle Building Nutrition
Mutual Building and Loan Association
Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd
Nanobuilding Block
Nassif Building
Nathan Bodington Building
National Academy of Construction
National Academy of Construction Safety
National Alliance for Reconstruction
National Association of Building Co-Operatives
National Association of Building Manufacturers
National Association of Women In Construction
National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
National Building Code
National Building Code of Canada
National Building Code of the Philippines
National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.
National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.
National Building Envelope Council
National Building Granite Quarries Association, Inc.
National Building Museum
National Building Organization
National Building Regulatory Consultants Pty Ltd
National Building Specification
National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors
National Coalition Building Institute
National Construction Association of Sri Lanka
National Construction Contractors Association of Sri Lanka
National Construction Industry Council
National Construction Safety Officer
National Construction Safety Team
National Construction Safety Team Act of 2002
National Council of Building Designer Certification
National Design, Construction and Soil Mechanics Center
National Energy Code for Buildings
National Engineering and Construction Recruitment
National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction
National Hispanic Construction Association
National House-Building Council
National Housing & Building Research Center
National Institute of Building Inspectors
National Institute of Building Sciences
National Petroleum Construction Company
National Photovoltaic Construction Partnership
National Policy on the Construction Industry
National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association
National Reconstruction and Recovery Plan
National Reconstruction Bureau
National Shipbuilding Initiative
National Shipbuilding Research Program
Nationwide Building Society
Navajo Engineering Construction Authority
Naval Construction Battalion Center
Naval Construction Brigade
Naval Construction Contract
Naval Construction Division
Naval Construction Force
Naval Construction Force Support Unit
Naval Construction Regiment
Naval Construction Regiment
Naval Construction Research Establishment
Naval Construction Training Center
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
Nebraska Capital Construction fund
Net Zero Energy Building
Network Design & Construction Ltd.
Network Equipment Building Specification
Network Equipment Building Standards
Network Equipment Building System
Network for the Improvement of Concrete Construction
Network Programming Reconstruction Technique
Neutral Unit of Construction
Nevada School of Construction
New Amalgamated Tunneling and Construction Magazine
New Building
New Building Factory
New Building Society Ltd
New Construction Contractor
New Construction/Conversion Requirements System
New Engineering Building
New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society
New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects
New Millennium Building Systems
New Office Building
New York School Construction Authority
New York Shipbuilding Corporation
New Zealand Building Code
New Zealand Building Trades Union
New Zealand Construction Industry Council
Newcastle Construction Safety Group
Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association
Newport News Shipbuilding
Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute
Nigerian Institute of Building
Non Union Construction Workers of America
Norden Graduate School for the Construction Sector
Nordic Construction Company AB
Nordic Federation of Building and Wood Workers
North American Steel Construction Conference
North Campus Recreation Building
North East Housing Reconstruction Unit
North East Reconstruction Fund
North Office Building
Northern California Construction and Training, Inc.
Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Northrup King Building
Norwegian Building Research Institute
Norwegian Building Research Institute
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
Norwich Forum for the Construction Industry
Notice of Construction
Notification of Construction
Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council
Nuclear Construction Projects Office
Oak Ridge Dose Reconstruction
Object-Oriented Software Construction
Office of Building Energy Research and Development
Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs
Office of Foreign Buildings
Office of National Reconstruction
Office of Public School Construction
Office of the State Building Commissioner
Officer In Charge of Construction
Official Acceptance of Construction
Official Building
Offshore Construction Manager
Ohio Board of Building Standards
Ohio Concrete Construction Association
Old Executive Office Building
Old Government Building
Old Shores Construction Services, Inc
OmniClass Construction Classification System
On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor
Onsite Construction Contractor
Ontario Building Code
Ontario Construction User Council
Open Building Control
Open Building Information Xchange
Open Distributed Applications Construction
Operations and Maintenance, Army Contingency Construction
Operations Support Building
Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
Oregon Building Industry Association
Oregon Construction Contractors Board
Oregon Construction Workforce Alliance
Organisation for National Reconstruction
Organization for Reconstruction and Development of Egyptian Villages
Organization of Nigerian Building Professionals
Organizational Capacity Building
Organizational Identity Construction
Out Of Building
Overall Construction Classification System
Overseas Buildings Operations
Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc.
Pacific Building Trade Expo
Paramount Construction, Inc.
Partners in Revitalization and Building
Passenger Terminal Building
Patient Support Services Building
Patrick Henry Building
Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co., Inc.
PC Cebedo Construction Corporation
Peace Building Commission
Peace Building Support Office
Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
Peacebuilding, Development and Security Program
Pearl Building Rating System
Pearl Building Rating System
Penang Shipbuilding and Construction
Penang Shipbuilding and Construction
Pennsylvania Avenue Building
Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction
Performance Oriented Construction Activities
Performing Arts Building
Periodic Building Unit
Permanent Building Society
Permanent Buildings and Foundations
Philadelphia Architects and Buildings
Philadelphia Building Superintendent Association
Philadelphia Construction News
Philippine National Construction Company
Philippine National Construction Corporation
Physical Education Building East
Physical Education Building West
Physical Facilities Service Building
Physical Plant Building
Physical Sciences Building
Physician Office Building
Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board
Pipeline Construction Manager
Planetary Robotics Building
Planned Building Group
Planning and Building Act
Planning Capacity Building
Planning, Building and Code Enforcement
Planning, Building and Zoning
Planning, Design and Construction
Plant Acquisition and Construction Equipment
Plant Biology Building
Plant Building and Grounds Services
Poland and Hungary Assistance for Reconstruction of Economy
Police Station Building Committee
Pologne Hongarie Assistance a la Reconstruction des Economies
Post Construction Award Services
Post Construction Monitoring Program
Post-Construction Availability
Postwar Reconstruction and Development Unit
Pre-Construction Engineering & Design
Pre-Construction Information Pack
Pre-Construction Notification
Pre-Construction Risk Assessment
Pre-Construction Services Agreement
Pre-Engineered Building
Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Prescriptive Building Designs
Problem Solving Team Building
Procédés Techniques de Construction
Process Interface Building
Procurement and Construction
Procurement, Acquisition and Construction
Professional Building Designer
Professional Capacity Building
Professional Certificate in Specialty Construction
Professional Construction Management
Professional Engineers in Construction
Professional Office Building
Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools
Programming, Design & Construction
Project and Construction Management
Project Construction and Commissioning Manager
Project Management Institute of Construction
Propellant Inspection Building
Pro-Steel Buildings Incorporated
Provincial Reconstruction Team
Prudential Building Maintenance Corporation
Psychology Experiment Building Language
Public Administration Capacity Building
Public Building Commission
Public Buildings and Site Commission
Public Buildings Department
Public Buildings Service
Public Safety Building
Public School Construction Program
Public Works Construction
Pulliam Construction Company, Inc.
Pyrotechnic Installation Building
Quad Building Block
Qualitative Construction Capability
Qualitative Construction Requirement
Quality Building Products
Quebec Association of Building Inspectors
Quebec Construction Association
Queen Elizabeth Building
Queen Victoria Building
Queensland Building Services Authority
Queensland Building Tribunal
Quest Marine Construction Review
Quinte Construction Association
Radio en Construction
Radio en Construction
Range Control Building
Rate Construction Unit
Raymond James Construction Company
Reactor Building
Reactor Building Service Water
Reactor Containment Building
Real Estate and Construction Division
Real Estate and Construction Services
Realistic Fire Training Building
Rebuilding Agriculture Markets Program Afghanistan
Rebuilding Community International
Rebuilding on a Conservative Kornerstone
Rebuilding Schools to Uphold Education
Rebuilding the Wall, Inc.
Rebuilding Together San Francisco
Reconstruction and Development Agency
Reconstruction and Development Programme
Reconstruction and Stabilization
Reconstruction Economique Europeen
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Reconstruction Information Center
Reconstruction of Reality from Image Sequences
Reconstruction of Soft Facial Parts
Reconstruction Opportunity Zone
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Recreational Boat Building Industry
Rectenwald Brothers Construction Inc.
Red Meat Construction Set
Redundant Building Grant
Redundant Rural Buildings Grant
Reed Construction Data
Re-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Tradeworkers Act
Régime d’Apprentissage en Construction
Regional Building Committee
Regional Educational Building Institute for Africa
Regional Evidence-Building Agenda
Regional Institution Building Advisor
Regional Union Construction Center
Regional Wartime Construction Manager
Registered Building Official
Registered Construction Inspector
Règlement de Construction
Règlement Général de la Construction
Regles de Conception et de Construction
Release For Construction
Relief Society Building
Re-Locatable Building
Relocatable Buildings
Relocatable Equipment Building
Relocation/Reconstruction Site
Relocation/Reconstruction Site
Remedial Construction
Remedial Construction Services LP
Remote Construction Monitoring
Remote Instrument Building
Rentable Building Area
Rental Housing Construction Program
Research Capacity Building
Research Incubator Building
Reserve Mobile Construction Battalion
Resident/Regional Officer in Charge of Construction
Residential Building Maintenance Worker
Residential Building Official
Residential Construction Demonstration Project
Residential Construction Framing Technician
Residential Construction Management
Residential Design and Construction
Residential Green Building
Residential New Construction
Residential Wood Construction
Retrieval Containment Building
Return and Reconstruction Task Force
Revised for Construction
Right Ventricle Outflow Tract Reconstruction
Rights, Protection and Peace-Building
Road Building and Heavy Construction Foundation Course
Road Building and Heavy Construction Foundation Course
Road Construction Contract
Road Construction Contract Administrator
Robert Noyce Building
Robinson Building Complex
Robot Building for Beginners
Rock Construction and Mining, Inc.
Rod Cooke Construction, Inc.
Ronald Reagan Building
Rosteen Reconstruction Organization
Royal Exhibition Buildings
Rural Design and Building Association
Rural Reconstruction Nepal
Russell Senate Office Building
Ryerson Business Building
Ryukyu Reconstruction Finance Fund
Sacramento Valley Association of Building Officials
Safe Building Alliance
Safety and Buildings Division
Safety Construction Certificate
Sail Construction Platform
Saint John Construction Association, Inc.
Salvage Construction Demolition Diver
Sandford Flemming building
Sandford Flemming building
Sanitation Facilities Construction
Sanitation, Heating, Air Conditioning and Building Automation
Santa Barbara Building Associates
Santa Margarita Construction Corporation
Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee
Saskatchewan Building Officials Association
Satellite Assembly Building
Satori Wealth Building System
Scenario Generation and Reconstruction Stand Alone
School Administration Building
School Building Assistance Authority
School Building Level Committee
School Building Program
School Construction and Renovation Fund
School Construction Authority
School Construction Revolving Fund
School of Building and Land Management
School of Construction Management and Engineering
Schools Construction Corporation
Science and Technology Research Building
Science Laboratory Building
Science, Engineering, Construction and Technology
Scottish Building Standards
Scottish Building Standards Agency
Seaman Apprentice, Construction Mechanic Striker
Seaman, Construction Mechanic Striker
Second Hand Building Centre
Secondary Building Unit
Securing the Take-Off of Building Energy Certification
Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interests
Security, Stability, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations
Segment Automatic Building Intelligent System
Semi-Automated Virus Reconstruction
Semiautomatic Neuron Reconstruction and Analysis System
Senate Hart Office Building
Senate Office Building
Seneca Construction Management Corporation
Senior Chief Construction Electrician
Senior Chief Construction Mechanic
Senior Management Construction Board
Service Building Block
Service Products Buildings, Inc.
Service-Independent Building/Block
Services-oriented Building Area Network
Shanghai Building Materials Corporation
Shanghai Construction and Management Commission
Shanghai International Construction Material & Indoor Decoration
Shanghai Municipal Construction and Communications Commission
Shendand Construction Agency
Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
Sherman Building
Ship Building and Ship Repair
Ship Building Navy
Ship Building Specification
Ship Construction Navy
Ship Construction New
Shipbuilding & Conversion, Navy
Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy
Shipbuilding Association of Canada
Shipbuilding Association of Canada
Shipbuilding Innovation Scheme
Shipbuilding Material Management System
Ships Construction Items Listing
Ships Construction, Navy
Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals
Sick Building Syndrome
Siemens Building Technologies
Sierra Green Building Association
Signal Level Divided Construction
Simmons Moment Resisting Space Frame (steel construction0
Simplified Building Energy Model
Simulation RPG Construction
Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique
Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
Single Building Model
Sir Alexander Fleming Building
Sir Geoffrey Arthur Building
Situation, Problem, Investigation, Construction, Evaluation
SK Engineering & Construction Company Ltd
Skipton Building Society
Smith Management Construction, Inc.
Smithsonian Institution Building
Soares Da Costa Construction Services
Social Construction of Technology
Social Sciences Building
Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques
Société de Construction Automobile de Reims
Société Nouvelle de Construction pour l’Industrie
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Society of Building Science Educators
Society of Construction Law
Society of Professional Building Designers
Software Environment to Support the Early Phases in Building Design
Soil & Vent Pipe (British building industry)
Solid Motor Assembly Building
Somerset Building Preservation Trust
South Coast Against Roadbuilding
South Florida Building Code
South Urals Construction
South Wales Construction Safety Group
South Yorkshire Construction Training Group
Southeast Building Conference
Southern Building Code
Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc.
Southern Building Material Association
Southern Illinois Construction Advancement Program
Space Construction and Orbital Utility Transport
Space Construction Vehicle
Space Sciences Research Building
SPAWAR lists as End Building Node
Special Construction
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-Field Reconstruction
Spider Reconstruction Engine
Stability and Reconstruction Operations
Stability and Reconstruction Operations
Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction
Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operation
Stafford Railway Building Society
Standard Building Code
Standard Building Code Congress International
Standing Committee for Construction
Standing Committee for Economic Reconstruction
Standing Committee on Construction
Stanley Downs Memorial Building
State Building Code Council
State Historical Building Code
State Institutions Building Fund
State Office Building
State University Construction Fund
Static Building Block Hypothesis
Statistical Application Building Environment
Statistical Capacity Building Indicators
Steel Building Systems
Steel Construction Institute
Storage and Assembly Building
Storage Array Building Block
Storage Building Block
Strategic Forum for Construction
Strategies for Success in Construction Lending
Straw Bale Building Association
Straw Bale Construction Association
Street Reconstruction Plan
Strength-Building Exercises
Structured Building Block
Student Center Building
Student Construction Management Association
Student Services Building
Student Services Classroom Building
Student Union Building
Student Union Building
Student Union Building
Sunken Featured Building
Super Complex Laminate Construction
Superior Vena Cava Reconstruction
Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Inc.
Supervisor of Shipbuilding
Supervisor of Shipbuilding
Supervisor of Shipbuilding Newport News
Supervisor Of Shipbuilding, Groton
Supreme Court Building
Survey of Construction
Survey of Construction
Sustainable Building Advisor
Sustainable Building Assessment Method
Sustainable Building Evaluation Tool
Sustainable Building Information System
Sustainable Building Task Force
Sustainable Buildings and Construction Initiative
Sustainable Buildings and Construction Initiative
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
Sustainable Buildings Research Group
Sustainable Buildings Task Group
Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Syndicat National de la Construction des Fenêtres, Façades et Activités Associées
Syndicat Québécois de la Construction
System Building Block
System Simulation in Buildings
Table Building Language
Taiwan Building Technology Center
Tall Building Information System m
Tall Shiny Building
Tan Construction Boots
Task Order Construction Contract
Teachers Union Building
Team Building Activities
Team Building Session
Team Building Team Learning
Team-Building Exercise
Technical Construction File
Technical Services Building
Technology and Construction Court
Technology Building
Technology Capacity Building
Technology for Construction
Temporary Construction Easement
Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites
TERI Green Building Rating System
Test Construction Committee
Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists
The Bridge Building
The Construction Partnership, Inc.
The Office Building of the Year
The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy
The Rainier Building
Theater Army Construction Automated Planning System
Theater Construction Management System
Theater Construction Manager
Theatre Building Chicago
Theodore Roosevelt Building
Theory Construction and Research Methodology
Thomas L Martin Building
Threading Building Blocks
Time Warner Building
Tire Building Machine
Tishman Construction Corporation of Massachusetts
Titanium Hollow-Screw Osseointegrating Reconstruction Plate
Todd Hess Building Company
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems
Total Quality Construction, Inc.
Toutes Constructions Bois
Towcester Building Supplies
Townsend Building Services
Trade Capacity Building Assistance
Trade Related Capacity Building
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Organization
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin
Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Animation and Simulation, Inc.
Training Organisation for Professionals in Construction
Trajectory Reconstruction Program
Transport Construction Design Enterprise
Transportation Cabinet Office Building
Transportation Construction Coalition
Transportation Construction Management
Troop Construction Coordination Committee
Tsukuba Building Test Laboratory
Tsunami Housing Reconstruction Unit
Turbine Building
Turbine Building
Turnkey Construction Management Institute, Inc.
Uist Builders Construction
Ultimate Building Machine
Unallocated Institution Building Facility
Under Construction
Under Construction
Under Construction Always
Under Construction Indefinitely
Undergraduate Academic Services Building
Underground Building
Underwater Construction Team
Uniform Building Code
Uniform Code for Building Conservation
Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians
Unit Construction Engine
United Aircraft Building Corporation
United Kingdom Building Surveyors PLC
United Kingdom Green Building Council
United Machine-Building Plants
United Nations Tajikistan Office of Peacebuilding
United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
United States Bodybuilding Federation
United States Green Building Council
Universal Building Information and Data Exchange Protocol
Universal Building Society
Universal Building Systems, Inc.
Universal Land Construction Company
Universal State Building Code
Universities Rebuilding America Partnership
University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy
University Star Building
Unspecified Minor Construction
Unspecified Minor Construction, Army
Unspecified Minor Military Construction
Unused Building Area
Urban Capacity Building Network
Valley Life Sciences Building
Vancouver Regional Construction Association
Vanguard Modular Building Systems
Vehicle Assembly Building
Vertical Assembly Building
Vertical Integration Building
Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building
Victor’s Professionally Organized Construction
Victoria Mutual Building Society
Video Construction Company
Virginia Building Code Academy
Virginia Building Materials Association
Virginia College Building Authority
Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
Virtual Construction Team
Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed
Virtual Design and Construction
Virtual Reconstruction
Volker Stevin Construction Europe
Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo Construction Equipment International
Vratsinas Construction Company
Ward Building Systems Ukraine, Ltd.
Washington Association of Building Officials
Washington Building Congress
Washington Construction Industry Council
Washington Science Center, Building 5
Washtenaw County Building Department
Waste Handling Building
Water Damaged Buildings
Water Well Construction Act
Watershed Dam Construction Program
Weather Guard Building Products
Weathertight Buildings Steering Group
Web Application Construction Kit
Well Done Building Products
Wellcome Trust Millennium Building
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding
West Africa Peacebuilding Institute
West Bank Office Building
West Bromwich Building Society
West Building Seminar Room
West Kentucky Construction Association
West Michigan Construction Alliance
West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust
Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction
Western Building Material Association
Western Council of Construction Consumers
Western Office of Design and Construction
Whale Fountain Construction Company
White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles
Whole Building Design Group
Whole Building Design Guide
Whole Building Diagnostician
Whole House Building Supply
Widget Construction Kit
Williams Brothers Construction, Inc.
Winamp System Architecture Building Interface
Window Navigator Construction Kit
Wireless In-building Network
Wireless In-building Network
Wisconsin Building Safety Network
Wisconsin Construction Codes Report
Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
Wisconsin Uniform Building Code
Women Construction Owners & Executives
Women Engaging in Bridge Building
Women in the Building Trades
Women’s Bodybuilding Committee
Women’s Construction Collective
Wood Basic Science Building
Wood Frame Construction Manual
Woreda Capacity Building Office
Work of Engineering Construction
World Amateur Body Building Association
World Bodybuilding and Fitness Association
World Bodybuilding Federation
World Construction Kit
World Green Building Council
World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Worldwide Environmental Restoration and Construction
Worthington Integrated Building Systems
Wyoming Conference of Building Officials
Yield of Construction
Your Building Inspection
Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction
Zero Energy Building
Zero Energy Building Project
Zero Energy Building Research Alliance
Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building Group Company Limited
Ziff Education Building