County Abbreviations

A county is a state corporation whose function is to administer a city or a population. The term is used in reference both to the set of its institutions and to the building that houses the seat of government.


Examples: “Tomorrow, I have to go to the county to renew my driving license”, “João got a job in the county”, “It is a shame that the county does not take care of fixing the streets”.

The precise definition of county depends on each country, as the same term can be used to designate different entities according to the political and administrative division of the territory in question. On many sides, county and town hall are synonymous.

Its most responsible is the mayor, who governs with various ministers and secretaries. By habit, the inhabitants of the county in question also choose legislators.

The budget of a county is usually made up of the shares made by the national State to which it belongs, although, in general, municipal authorities are also empowered to collect taxes and generate their own resources.

Often, county ends up being used as a synonym for city and vice versa. However, they are different terms to also designate different concepts regarding the appropriation of man in geographic space.

To make it better to understand:

– The term city is used to describe an urban space of one or another county that is delimited by the urban perimeter. There are some requirements for a city to be considered as such (as a city), namely: that there must be a certain number of inhabitants, that the infrastructure meets the conditions of this number of inhabitants (even if such city depends on others nearby) , among others;

– Meanwhile, the term county is used to describe the legal division of a territory, therefore, it is a political territorial space that is within a state or within a federative unit. In countries like Brazil, for example, this space is managed by a city hall.

It is also worth mentioning that in a county there is an urban area and also a rural area and that within that county there can be many cities that are usually called districts (and there is a headquarters district which is where the city hall or even the administration is located). In this case , the name of the city may end up being the same as the county, and so that is why there is this confusion between city and county in some cases.

For the ancient Romans, a county was a city that had the autonomy to govern itself according to its own laws.

List of Acronyms Related to County

Academy of Richmond County
Academy of Richmond County
Ada County Highway District
Adair County Communities Educational Partnerships for Technology
Adams County Aging Department
Adams County Department of Social Services
Adams County Fairgrounds
Adams County Historical Society
Adams County Memorial Hospital
Adams County National Bank
Adams County Office of Planning and Development
Addison County Community Action Group
Addison County River Watch Collaborative
Affiliated Doctors of Orange County
AIDS Support Network of San Luis Obispo County
Airport Authority of Washoe County
Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry
Alachua County Education Association
Alachua County Fire Rescue
Alachua County Library District
Alachua County Library District
Alachua County Property Appraiser
Alachua County Resident
Alachua County Youth Orchestra
Alameda County
Alameda County
Alameda County Bar Association
Alameda County Congestion Management Agency
Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Alameda County Medical Center
Alameda County Office of Education
Alameda County Psychological Association
Alameda County Republican Party
Alameda County Schools Insurance Group
Alameda County Transportation Authority
Alameda County Water District
Albany County Bar Association
Albany County Health Department
Albany County Hockey Facility
Albany County Tourism Board
Albany, GA, USA – Dougherty County
Albany, NY, USA – Albany County Airport
Albemarle County Department of Social Services
Albemarle County Office Building
Albemarle County Service Authority
Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County
Alcona County Environmental Coalition
Alice County Highway Patrol
Alice Jim Wells County Economic Development Corp.
Allegany County High School
Allegheny County Airport
Allegheny County Airport Authority
Allegheny County Bar Association
Allegheny County Boroughs Association
Allegheny County Fire Academy
Allegheny County Health Department
Allegheny County Housing Authority
Allegheny County Jail
Allegheny County Medical Society
Allegheny County Port Authority
Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society
Allen County Beekeepers Association
Allen County Indiana Bar Association
Allen County Public Library
Allen County Regional Transit Authority
Alliance for Youth of Pierce County
Alpena County Regional Airport
Altoona / Martinsburg, PA, USA – Blair County
Alzheimers Association of Orange County
Amateur Radio League of Lawrence County
Ambulance Association of Orange County
American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
Ames/Story County Partnership
Anaconda-Deer Lodge County
Anaheim, CA, USA – John Wayne International – Orange County
Anderson County Economic Development Association
Anglesey County Council
Anglesey County Council
Anglesey County Council
Anglesey County Record Office
Animal Assistance League of Orange County
Animal Welfare League of Frederick County
Anne Arundel County Employees Federal Credit Union
Anne Arundel County Tennis Association
Anne Arundel County YMCA
Anoka County Regional Railroad Authority
Another Voice from Oconee County
Antigonish County Adult Learning Association
Apartment Association of Orange County
Appleton, WI, USA – Outagamie County Airport
Aransas County Independent School District
Aransas County Navigation District
Aransas County Republican Organization
Arapahoe County Family Child Care Association
Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority
Area Agency on Aging of Tarrant County
Arenac County Circuit Court
Arenac County Community Foundation
Arenac County Historical Society
Arizona County Attorneys and Sheriffs Association
Arlington County Fire Department
Arlington County Online Resource Network
Arlington County Republican Party
Arlington County School Board
Arlington County Tennis Association
Arlington County Volunteer Office
Armstrong County Building and Loan Association
Armstrong County Memorial Hospital
Around and About Orange County
Art League of Manatee County
Artist’s Guild of Columbia County
Arts Alliance of Ogle County
Arts Council of Hillsborough County
Arts County Fair
Ashtabula County Council on Aging
Ashtabula County District Library
Asian Business Association of Orange County
Asotin County
Aspen, CO, USA – Pitkin County Airport Sardy Field
Aspen-Pitkin County Communications Center
Assistant County Commissioner
Assistant County Commissioner
Assistant County Commissioner
Association County Commissioners of Georgia
Association of County Chief Executives
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners
Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma
Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Association of County Engineers of Alabama
Association of Monroe County Taxpayers
Astabula County Medical Center
Atchison County Community High School
Atchison County Historical Society
Athens-Clarke County
Athens-Clarke County
Athens-Clarke County
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium
Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority
Atlantic County Council of Education Associations
Atlantic County Trail Volunteers
Atlantic County Utilities Authority
Augusta County Federal Credit Union
Augusta County Institute for Classical Studies
Augusta County Service Authority
Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center
Austin County Youth Wrestling
Austin/Travis County Family Violence Task Force
Autism Move A Thon of Orange County
Baker County Education Association
Baker County High School
Baldwin County Commission
Baldwin County Economic Alliance
Baldwin County Education Association
Baldwin County Home Builders Association
Baltimore County Bar Association
Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union
Baltimore County Historical Society
Baltimore County Major League
Baltimore County Public Library
Baltimore County Public Schools
Baltimore County Savings Bank
Baltimore County Zoning Regulations
Bar Association of Montgomery County
Barnstable County Beekeepers Association
Barren County Education Association
Barron County
Barry County Economic Alliance
Bartow County Christian Home Educators
Bastrop County Educator’s Association
Bay County Bar Association
Bay County Bean Producers Association
Bay County Building Authority
Bay County Civic Arena
Bay County Council of Churches
Bay County Council on Aging-Coordinated Transportation
Bay County Farm Bureau
Bay County Health Department
Bay County Historical Museum
Bay County Historical Society
Bay County Library System
Bay County Milk Producers
Bay County Mosquito Control
Bay County Retirement Board of Trustees
Bay County Road Commission
Bay County Sheriff’s Department
Bay County Small Business Incubator
Bay County Society for Crippled Children and Adults
Beaufort County Education Association
Beaufort County Emergency Management Department
Beaumont, TX, USA – Jefferson County
Beaumont, TX, USA – Jefferson County
Beaver County Christian School
Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development
Beaver County Transit Authority
Bedford County Education Association
Bedford County Technical Center
Belfast and County Down Railway
Bell County Historical Center
Belmont County Animal Rescue League
Belmont County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Belmont County Committee on Aging
Bennington County Credit Union
Bennington County Industrial Corporation
Bent County Development Foundation
Benton County
Benton County Daily Record
Benton County Emergency Management Council
Benton County Public Library
Benton County Radio Operators
Benton County Sheriff’s Office
Bergen County
Bergen County Academies
Bergen County Animal Shelter
Bergen County Camera
Bergen County Community Action Partnership
Bergen County Cooperative Library System
Bergen County Education Association
Bergen County Line
Berkeley County Geographic Information System
Berks County Children and Youth Services
Berks County Intermediate Unit
Berkshire County Educational Associates
Berkshire County Network
Berkshire County Network
Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority
Bernalillo County Extension Association
Bernalillo County Indian Hospital
Berrien County Health Department
Berrien County Youth Fair
Bexar County Appraisal District
Bexar County Electrical Association
Bexar County Republican Women
Bexar County Sheriff Department
Biographical Annals of Lebanon County
Black Hawk County
Blaine County Education Association
Blaine County Recreation District
Blaine County School District
Blair County League
Bloomington, IN, USA – Monroe County Airport
Blount County Education Association
Blount County Sheriff’s Office
Blue Earth County
Blue Earth County Historical Society
Board of County Commissioners
Board of Education of Wicomico County
Bolivar County Hospital
Boone County Animal Shelter
Boone County Chamber of Commerce
Boone County Council on Aging
Boone County Education Association
Boone County Fire Protection District
Boone County Historical and Railroad Society
Boone County Learning Network
Boone County Planning Commission
Botetourt County Public Schools
Boulder County AIDS Project
Boulder County Arts Alliance
Boulder County Beekeepers Association
Boulder County Business Report
Boulder County Clean Air Consortium
Boulder County Democratic Party
Boulder County Employees Association
Boulder County Fire Fighters Association
Boulder County Nature Association
Boulder County Rental Housing Association
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
Boundary County Educators Association
Bourbon County High School
Bradford County Canoe and Kayak Club
Bradley County Education Association
Braxton County Education Association
Braxton County High School
Brazoria County Center for Independent Living
Brazoria County Historical Museum
Brazoria County Library System
Breathitt County Water District
Brevard County Bar Association
Brevard County Dental Society
Bridgend County Borough Council
Briggs Lawrence County Public Library Main Branch
Bristol County Beekeepers Association
Bristol County Educators Association
British American Business Council Orange County
Bromeliad Society of Broward County
Broome County Board of REALTORS
Broome County Farm Bureau
Broome County Office for Aging
Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
Broomfield/Jefferson County Airport
Broward County Airboat, Halftrack and Conservation Club
Broward County Archaeological Society Inc.
Broward County Athletic Association
Broward County Aviation Department
Broward County Canvassing Board
Broward County Central Homeless Assistance Center
Broward County Convention Center
Broward County Environmental Protection Department
Broward County Health Department
Broward County Healthcare Coalition
Broward County Historical Commission
Broward County Public Schools
Broward County School Board
Broward County Transit
Brown County Cabinets
Brown County Community Music
Brown County Regional Healthcare
Brown County State Bank
Brown County Water Improvement District
Bruce County Astronomical Society
Brunswick County Board of Realtors
Brunswick County Early College High School
Buckinghamshire County Council
Bucks County Audubon Society
Bucks County Choral Society
Bucks County Community College
Bucks County Courier Times
Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance
Bucks County Emergency Health Council
Bucks County Housing Group
Bucks County Library Network
Bucks County Linux Users Group
Bucks County Technology Partners
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Investment Board
Builders Exchange of Alameda County
Building Industry Association of Clark County
Building Industry Association of Orange County
Building Industry Association of San Diego County
Buncombe County Health Center
Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance
Burke County Friends for Animals
Burlington County Chamber of Commerce
Burlington County College
Burlington County Community Action Program
Burlington County Education Association
Burlington County Institute of Technology
Burlington County Library System
Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex
Burlington County Special Services
Butler County Community College
Butler County Township Association
Butler County Vocational-Technical School
Butte County Administrators Association
Butte County Correctional Officers’ Association
Butte County Employees Association
Butte County Office of Education
Butte County Transit
Cabarrus County Home School Association
Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc.
Cadets of Bergen County
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce
Calhoun County Circuit Court
Calhoun-Cleburne County Bar Association
California County Boards of Education
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
Calvert County Parks and Recreation
Cambridgeshire County Council
Cambridgeshire County Council
Cambridgeshire County Record Office
Camden County College
Camden County College
Camden County Fire Rescue
Camden County High School
Camden County Improvement Authority
Camden County Prosecutor’s Office
Campbell County Detention Center
Campbell County Memorial Hospital
Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County
Cape Girardeau County
Carbon County Arts Guild
Carbon County Community Transit
Carbon County Railway Company
Cardiff County Council
Cardiff County Council
Carleton County Toy Run
Carmarthenshire County Council
Carmarthenshire County Council
Carroll County Beekeepers Association
Carroll County Career and Technology Center
Carroll County Public Library
Carroll County Schools
Carver County Open Fiber Initiative
Cascade County Bar Association
Casper, WY, USA – Natrona County International Airport
Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County
Catholic Charities of Monroe County
Catholic Housing of Wyandotte County
Catholic Social Services of Oakland County
Catholic Social Services of Summit County
Catholic Social Services of Wayne County
Catron County Citizens Group
Catron County Wolf Interaction Investigator
Cayuga County Office of Tourism
Cedar County Republican
Census County Division
Central Brown County Water Authority
Central County Inland
Central County Occupational Center
Centre County Office of Transportation
Centre County Planning Office
Ceredigion County Badminton Association
Ceredigion County Council
Ceredigion County Council
Certified County Commissioner
Certified County Commissioner
Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County
Chambly County High School
Champaign County Bar Association
Champaign County Bowling Association
Champaign County Cultural Consortium
Champaign County Forest Preserve District
Champaign County Humane Society
Champaign County Pheasants Forever
Champaign County Radio Control Club
Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
Champaign County Safe Kids
Charles County Arts Alliance
Charles County Business Network
Charles County Career and Technical Center
Charles County Career and Technical Center
Charles County Chamber of Commerce
Charles County Community College
Charles County Government
Charles County Health Department
Charles County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Charles County Public Schools
Charles County Retired Teachers Association
Charles County Women’s Club
Charleston County Library
Charleston County School District
Charlevoix County Public Transportation
Charlotte County Lincoln Mercury
Chatham County Beekeepers’ Association
Chattahoochee Hills County Club
Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce
Chautauqua County Health Network
Chautauqua County Music Teachers’ Association
Chaves County Career Center
Chemung County Transit System
Cherokee County Conservation Board
Cherokee County Historical Museum
Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority
Cheshire County Badminton Association
Cheshire County Conservation District
Cheshire County Council
Cheshire County Council
Cheshire County Football Association
Cheshire County Record Office
Chester County Beekeepers Association
Chester County Concert Band
Chester County Deer Forum
Chester County InterLink
Chester County Intermediate Unit
Chester County Mothers of Multiples Club
Chester County Planning Commission
Chester County Regional Education Services
Chester County Voices Abroad
Chester County Women
Chesterfield County Historical Society
Chesterfield County Public Library
Chesterfield County Public Schools
Children and Families Commission of Orange County
Children’s Hospital Orange County
Chippewa County Transportation Program
Chittenden County Bowling Association
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Chittenden County Transportation Authority
Christian County Circuit Court
Christian County Coal Company
Christian County Ghost Hunters Society
Circuit Court of Cook County
Citizens Bank of Cumberland County
Citizens Bank of Washington County
Citizens Coalition of Lake County
Citizens for County Organization
Citrus County Airboat Alliance
Citrus County Builders Association
Citrus County Cruisers
Citrus County Cruisers
Citrus County Utilities Division
City and County Library
City and County of Denver
City and County of San Francisco
City and County of Swansea
City County Federal Credit Union
City County Narcotics Drug Taskforce
City County Narcotics Unit
City/County Advisory Committee on the Disabled
Claiborne County Utility District
Clark County
Clark County Airport Issues Roundtable
Clark County Bar Association
Clark County Building Department
Clark County Code
Clark County Code
Clark County Education Association
Clark County Fire Department
Clark County Fire Fighters
Clark County Gun Club
Clark County Health District
Clark County Heritage Museum
Clark County Heritage Register
Clark County Home Educators
Clark County Law Foundation
Clark County Legal Services
Clark County Outreach Team
Clark County Public Library
Clark County School District
Clarke County High School
Clay County Christian Church
Clay County Circuit Court
Clay County Community Band
Clay County Conservation Board
Clay County Economic Development Organization
Clayton County Water Authority
Clear Creek County
Clear Creek County
Clearfield County Career and Technology Center
Clearfield County Conservation District
Clermont County Community Services, Inc.
Cleveland County Bowling Association
Clinton County Arts Council
Clinton County Conservation Board
Clinton County Family Resource Center
Clinton County Public Transit
Cloud County Community College
Coalition on Homelessness, Stanislaus County
Cobb County Board of Education
Cobb County Department of Transportation Authority
Cobb County Music Teachers Association
Cobb County Police Department
Cobb County Research Facility
Cobb County School District
Cochise County Cycling Classic
Cochise County Public Defender
Coles County Mental Health Center
Coles County Modified Midget Racing Association
College of Lake County
Collier County Audubon Society
Collier County Public Library
Collin County Area Rural Transit
Collin County Ballet Theatre
Collin County Bar Association
Collin County Community College
Collin County Disc Golf
Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Colquitt County Arts Center
Columbia County
Columbia County Conservation District
Columbia County Covered Bridges Association, Inc.
Columbia County Public Transportation
Columbia County, Wisconsin Civil Municipal Districts
Columbiana County Career and Technical Center
Columbus County Partnership for Children
Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Comanche County Telephone Co., Inc.
Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc.
Community Alliance of Lane County
Community Alliance of Lane County
Community College Allegheny County
Community College of Allegheny County
Community College of Baltimore County
Community College of Beaver County
Community Colleges of Ventura County
Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County
Community Foundation Sonoma County
Community Health Center of Franklin County
Community Hospitals of Williams County
Community Housing of Wyandotte County
Community Living Essex County
Community Living Essex County
Component Engineering Society of Orange County
Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County, Inc.
Concerned Citizens of Platte County
Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County
Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County Bar Association
Contra Costa County Community Development Department
Contra Costa County Library
Contra Costa County Office of Education
Contra Costa County Office of Education
Converse County Conservation District
Conway County Genealogical Association
Conwy County Borough Council
Cook County Bar Association
Cook County Board of Review
Cook County Bureau of Health Services
Cook County Circuit Court
Cook County Forest Preserve District
Cook County Higher Education
Cook County Hospital
Cook County Recorder of Deeds
Cornwall County Badminton Association
Cornwall County Council
Cornwall County Council
Cortez, CO, USA – Montezuma County
Council on Aging-Orange County
County Administrative Center
County Administrative Officer
County Adult Assistance Program
County Air Pollution Control
County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship
County and Group Broadband Scheme
County Animal Response Team
County Animal Shelter
County Appraisal District
County Archive Research Network
County Archives and Records Management Association
County Assistance Office
County Attorney’s Office
County Auditors’ Association of Ohio
County Automated Payment System
County Average Yield
County Board of Supervisors
County Board of Supervisors
County Borough Council
County Business Loan Program
County Business Patterns
County Carlow
County College Capital Projects
County College of Morris
County Commissioner
County Conservation Districts
County Coordinator
County Corrections Information System
County Council
County Councils Network
County Court Judgement
County Court Summons
County District Number
County Dublin Area of Need
County Dublin Beekeepers’ Association
County Durham Environmental Trust
County Durham Ice Foundation
County Education Authority
County Emergency Planning Officer
County Engineers Association of California
County Engineers Association of Ohio
County Environmental Health Act of 1978
County Extension Director
County Fair
County Farm Bureau
County Financial Management System
County HAVA Implementation Plan
County Health Assessment
County Health Department
County Health Director
County Indoor Bowling Association
County Issuance Decal/Registration
County Jail
County Judge Executive
County Junior Orchestra
County Labor Force Availability
County Law
County Law Enforcement Applied Regionally
County Leadership Institute
County Level Easily Accessible Resource
County Library
County Line
County Mathematics Project
County Medical Society
County Medically Indigent Services Program
County Nursing Service
County of Lackawanna Transit System
County of London Yeomanry
County of London Yeomanry
County of Los Angeles
County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association
County of Los Angeles Public Library
County of Los Angeles Public Library
County of Oxford Archery Society
County of Oxford Integrated Network
County of San Diego Code of Regulatory Ordinances
County of San Diego Transit System
County Office of Education
County Officials Association of Tennessee
County Officials Certificate Training Program
County Operated Facility
County Organized Health System
County Parish
County Parish
County Planning and Transport Officer
County Planning Division
County Planning Officer
County Planning Officers’ Society
County Playing Field Association
County Primary
County Primary
County Project Management Office
County Quality Control
County Rare Plant Register
County Records Office
County Residents’ Action for Safer Highways
County Retirement Income Security Program
County Road Administration Board
County Road Association of Michigan
County Road System
County Road/Route
County Roadroute
County Rural Addressing Project
County Sanitation District
County School Service Fund
County Seat
County Seat
County Service Area
County Sheriffs of Colorado
County State-Aid Highways
County Station Wagon
County Supervisors Association of Arizona
County Surveyors’ Society
County Tax Appeal Board
County Technical Assistance Service
County Tipperary, Ireland
County Transportation Trust Fund
County Trunk Highway
County United Way
County Veterans Service Officer
County Voluntary Council
County Warning and Forecast Area
County Warning Area
County Weed and Pest District
County Welfare Agency
County Welfare Directors Association
County Welfare Rights Organization
County Well Index
County Wexford Community Workshop
County Wexford, Ireland
County Wexford, Ireland
County Youth Orchestra
County Zoning Map
Countywide Anti Substance-Abuse Efforts
Coweta County Soccer Association
Cowlitz County Historical Museum
Cowlitz County Veterans Association
Crawford County Area Vocational-Technical School
Crawford County Memorial Hospital
Crook County Cultural Coalition
Culberson County-Allamoore Independent School District
Cultural Council of Indian River County
Cumberland County Bar Association
Cumberland County Community Band
Cumberland County Federal Credit Union
Cumberland County Fire Department
Cumberland County Historical Society
Cumberland County Improvement Authority
Cumberland County Joint Planning Board
Cumberland County Planning Commission
Cumberland County Schools
Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Currituck County High School
Cuyahoga County Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
Cuyahoga County Bar Association
Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Cuyahoga County Young Democrats
Dade County Approved
Dade County Bar Association
Dade County Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Dade County Expressway Authority
Dade County Medical Association
Dade County Pharmacists Association
Dade County Pharmacists Association
Dade County Public Schools
Dakota County Library – Farmington
Dallas County Elections Department
Dallas County Jail
Dallas County Juvenile Justice Charter School
Dallas County Medical Society
Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association
Dane County Arson Response Initiative, Inc.
Dane County Code of Ordinances
Dane County Legal Resource Center
Dane County Regional Airport
Dane County School Consortium
Danville, IL, USA – Vermilion County Airport
Dare County Arts Council
Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging
Dauphin County Economic Development Corporation
Dauphin County Technical School
Davidson County Community College
Davidson County Education Foundation
Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
Davidson County Transportation Service
Davie County High School
Daviess County High School
Daviess County Middle School
Daviess County Teachers Federal Credit Union
Deaf Smith County Library
Dearborn County Solid Waste Management District
Decatur County Memorial Hospital
Decatur County United Fund
Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce
Deerfield Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
DeKalb County Building and Development Association
Dekalb County Farmland Foundation
DeKalb County Office of Economic Development
DeKalb County School System
DeKalb County Swim Team
Del Norte County Library District
Delaware County
Delaware County AIDS Network
Delaware County Aquarium Society
Delaware County Christian School
Delaware County Community College
Delaware County Conservation District
Delaware County Electric Cooperative
Delaware County Genealogical Society
Delaware County Historical Society
Delaware County Housing Authority
Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Delaware County Memorial Hospital
Delaware County Paranormal Investigators
Delaware County Technical Schools
Delta County Independent
Democracy for Snohomish County
Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County
Democratic Party of Dane County
Democratic Party of Lane County
Democratic Party of Otero County
Democratic Women of Boulder County
Denbighshire County Council
Denton County Amateur Radio Association
Denton County Bar Association
Denton County Electric Cooperative
Denton County Federation of Families
Denton County Sports Association, Inc.
Derbyshire County Athletic Association
Derbyshire County Council
Derbyshire County Cricket Club
Deschutes County Mental Health
Desoto County Soccer Association
Detroit/Wayne, MI, USA – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Devon County Association for the Blind
Devon County Council
Dickenson County Electronic Village
Disabilities Board of Charleston County
Disc Golfers of Greenbrier County
Division of County Operations
Dixie County Education Association
Doddridge County High School
Dodge County High School
Donegal County Council
Door County Eye Associates
Door County Folk Festival
Door County Memorial Hospital
Door County Soccer Association
Dorchester County Genealogical Magazine
Dorchester County Public Library
Dorset County Council
Dorset County Golf Union
Dorset County Hospital
Dorset County Museum
Dougherty County
Dougherty County Paranormal Investigators
Douglas County
Douglas County
Douglas County Educational Foundation
Douglas County Forest Products
Douglas County Housing Authority
Douglas County Kansas Genealogical Society
Douglas County Libraries
Douglas County Public Library
Douglas County Rogue Runners
Douglas County School
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Douglas County Soccer Association
Downpatrick & County Down Railway
Du Bois, PA, USA – Jefferson County
Dunn County Partnership for Youth
Dunn County Snowmobile Association
Dupage County Bar Association
Duplin County Dorothy Wightman Library
Durango, CO, USA – Durango La Plata County Airport
Durham County Chess Association
Durham County Council
Durham County Cricket Club
Durham County Libertarian Party
Durham County Wildlife Club
Dutchess County
Dutchess County
Dutchess County Association of Realtors
Dutchess County Community Action Agency
Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation
Dutchess County Medical Society
Dutchess County Pistol Association
Dutchess County Pistol Association
Dutchess County Planning Federation
Duval County Housing Finance Authority
Duval County Public Schools
Dyspraxia Foundation County Durham
Eagle County Open Space Program
Eagle County School District
Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County
Early Learning Coalition of Marion County
Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County, Inc.
East Allen County Schools
East County Art Association
East County Democratic Club
East County Economic Development Council
East County Fire & Rescue
East County Repeater Association
East County Runners Alliance
East County Teachers Uniserv
East Harris County Activity Center
East Harris County Manufacturers Association
East King County Estate Planning Council
East Knox County Elementary
East Multnomah County Housing Advocates
East Sussex County Council
Eastern Lebanon County
Eaton County Medical Care Facility
Eaton County United Way
Eaton-Preble County Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County
Economic Development Corporation of Erie County
Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County
Economic Development Council of Jefferson County
Economic Development Group of Wabash County
Economic Development Washington County
Ector County Senior Center
Ecumenical Council of San Diego County
Education Association of Charles County
Educational Employees Supplemental Retirement System for Fairfax County
Edward Ward Carmack Sumner County Public
El Dorado County Air Pollution Control District
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
El Paso County Community College
El Paso County Parks
El Paso County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Elbert County Library District
Elections Committee of the County of Orange
Ellis County Bar Association
Ellis County Emergency Medical Service
Employment Services of Weld County
Enterprise Center of Johnson County
Erie County Convention Center Authority
Erie County Department of Planning
Erie County Interscholastic Conference
Erie County Music Educators Association
Erie County Study on Smoking and Health
Erie County Technical School
Escambia County Area Transit
Escambia County Utility Authority
Escambia County Utility Authority
Escanaba, MI, USA – Delta County Airport
Essex County Amateur Golf Union
Essex County Bar Association
Essex County Beekeepers Society
Essex County Beekeepers’ Association
Essex County Bowling Association
Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit
Essex County Cricket Club
Essex County Dental Society
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
Essex County Greenbelt Association
Essex County Prosecutor’s Office
Essex County Scout Caving Team
Essex County Wind Action Group
Etowah County Rational Alliance
Evangelical Formosan Church of Orange County
Everett Wa Usa Paine Fieldsnohomish County International Airport
Everett, WA, USA – Paine Field/Snohomish County International Airport
Fair Housing Council of Riverside County
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Fairfax County Park Authority
Fairfax County Parkway
Fairfax County Police Department
Fairfax County Public School
Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Fairfax County Republican Committee
Fairfield County Business Alert
Fairfield County Savings Bank
Fairfield County Sports Car Club
Fairfield County Weekly
Fairfield County Youth Football League
Fannin County School System
Fargo-Cass County Economic Development Corporation
Faulkner County Realty, Inc.
Fauquier County Public Library
Fayette County Bar Association
Fayette County Board of Education
Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc.
Fayette County Education Foundation
Fayette County Youth Soccer Club
Fillmore County Lumber Mart
Fingal County Enterprise Board
Five County Association of Governments
Flagler County Art League
Flagler County Education Foundation
Flagler County Public Transportation
Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
Florence County Citizens In Action
Florida Association of County Attorneys, Inc
Floyd County Baptist Association
Food for Lane County
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
Ford County Youth Soccer Club
Forest County Potawatomi
Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department
Forsyth County School System
Forsyth County YMCA
Foundation for the Enhancement of Mitchell County
Four County Career Center
Four County Library System
Franklin County Aircraft Modelers
Franklin County Bar Association
Franklin County Beekeepers Association
Franklin County Bicentennial Association
Franklin County Board of Health
Franklin County Community Band
Franklin County Education Association
Franklin County Genealogical Society
Franklin County Honor Flight, Inc.
Franklin County Housing Redevelopment Authority
Franklin County Jail
Franklin County Saddle Club
Frederick County Association of Realtors
Frederick County Builders Association
Frederick County Coalition for the Homeless
Frederick County Public Schools
Frederick County Teachers Association
Freedom Committee of Orange County
Fremont County School District
Fremont County Tourism Council
Fresno County Bar Association
Fresno County Farm Bureau
Fresno County Public Library
Friends of Ingham County Animal Shelter
Friends of Pierce County
Friends of the Montgomery County Conservation Corps
Fulton County Airport-Brown Field Airport
Fulton County Board Of Education
Fulton County Health Center
Fulton County Police Department
Fulton County Stadium
Fulton County Taxpayer’s Association
Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation
Fulton County Transit Authority
G Force Customs (Orange County Choppers dealership in Jackson, Michigan
Gadsden County Classroom Teachers Association
Gainesville Region/Alachua County Empowerment
Galveston County Appraisal District
Galveston County Bar Association
Galveston County Democratic Party
Galveston County Genealogical Society
Galveston County Sheriff’s Office
Galway County Council
Garden County Junior High
Gaston County Beekeepers Association
Gaston County Model Builders
Genealogical Society of Bergen County
Genealogical Society of South Brevard County
Genesee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc
Genesee County Animal Shelter
Genesee County Bar Association
Genesee County Courier Service
Genesee County Drain Commissioner
Genesee County Land Bank
Georgetown County Water and Sewer District
Gibson County Animal Services
Gibson County Memorial Library
Gillette, WY, USA – Campbell County Airport
Gilmer County High School
Girl Scout Council of Orange County
Girl Scouts of Ocean County
Girl Scouts of Suffolk County
Girls Incorporated of Guilford County
Gladwin County Historical Society
Gladwin County Sheriff Department
Glamorgan County Council
Glamorgan County Cricket Club
Gloucester County Animal Shelter
Gloucester County Christian School
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club
Glynn County Fire Department
Gnoss Field in Marin County, CA
Goochland County Public Schools
Goshen County School District
Grafton County Conservation District
Grant County Archeological Society
Grant County Public Works
Granville County Genealogical Society 1746
Gratiot County Commission on Aging
Grayson County High School
Greater Champaign County AMBUC
Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association
Greater Harris County
Greater Los Angeles County
Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
Greater Manchester County
Green County Conservation League
Green Party of Humboldt County
Green Party of Monroe County
Green Party of Sonoma County
Green River Intra-County Transit System
Greene County Beekeepers Association
Greene County Community Foundation
Greene County Council on the Arts
Greene County Department of Social Services
Greenville County Planning Commission
Greenville County Recreation District
Griffin Spalding County Schools
Growing Gardens of Boulder County
Guernsey County District Public Library
Guilford County Animal Shelter
Guilford County Libertarian Party
Guilford County Schools
Gunnison, CO, USA – Gunnison County Airport
Gwinnett County Detention Center
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Habitat for Humanity of East King County
Habitat for Humanity of Island County
Habitat for Humanity San Benito County
Hagerstown, MD, USA – Washington County Regional Airport
Haliburton County Folk Society
Halifax County Public Schools
Halifax County United Soccer Club
Hall County Fire Services
Halton County Baseball Association
Hamilton County Baptist Association
Hamilton County Business Center
Hamilton County Educational Service Center
Hamilton County Leadership Academy
Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Hamilton County Special Olympics
Hampden County Bar Advocates, Inc.
Hampden County Correctional Center
Hampshire County Amateur Swimming Association
Hampshire County Bar Association
Hampshire County Beekeepers Association
Hampshire County Council
Hampshire County Cricket Club
Hancock County Planning Commission
Hancock County Solid Waste Management District
Hancock, MI, USA – Houghton County / Memorial
Handicapped Adults of Volusia County
Hanover County Municipal Airport
Hardee County Sheriffs Office
Hardin County Chamber Business Alliance
Harford County Astronomical Society
Harford County Chamber of Commerce
Harford County Educational Services Council
Harney County Comprehensive Plan
Harris County Appraisal District
Harris County Beekeepers Association
Harris County Citizen Corps
Harris County Constable’s Office
Harris County Democratic Party
Harris County District Attorney
Harris County Flood Control District
Harris County Map Record
Harris County Mayors’ and Councils’ Association
Harris County Psychiatric Center
Harris County Republican Party
Harris County Sheriff’s Office/Officer
Harris County Toll Road Authority
Harrison County Bicycle Association
Harrison County Genealogical Society
Harrison County High School
Harrison County Middle School
Harrison, AR, USA – Boone County
Hart County Board of Commissioners
Hartford County Bar Association
Hartford County Medical Association
Harvey County Builders & Associates
Havre, MT, USA – City County
Hawaii County Band
Haywood County Arts Council
Haywood County Pagan Alliance
Haywood County Schools
HealthCare Foundation for Orange County
Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County
Henderson City-County Airport
Henderson County High School
Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership
Henepin County Medical Center
Hennepin County Bar Association
Hennepin County Library
Hennepin County Medical Society
Hennepin County Sheriff’s Supervisors Association
Henrico County Bar Association
Henrico County Division of Police
Henrico County Public Schools
Henry County Court House
Henry County Genealogical Services
Henry County Health Center
Henry County High School
Henry County Historical Group
Henry County YMCA
Hereford and Worcester County Council
Herkimer County Community College
Hernando County Road
Hertfordshire County Council
Hidalgo County Bar Association
Hidalgo County Boot Camp
Hidalgo County Library System
Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority
Highlands County Builders Association
Highlands County Citrus Growers Association, Inc
Highlands County Coalition for the Homeless, Inc.
Highlands County Genealogical Society
Hill County Road
Hillsborough County Bar Association
Hillsborough County Dental Association
Hillsborough County Medical Association
Hillsborough County Public Schools
Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds
Hillsborough County Republican Party
Hillsborough County School District
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsdale County Industrial Development Commission
Hinds County Bar Association
Hispanic Alliance of Atlantic County
Historical Markers of Williamson County
HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County
Hobbs, NM, USA – Lea County
Holmes County District Public Library
Holmes County Education Foundation
Home and County Mortgages Limited
Home Builders Association of Jackson County
Homeschoolers of Collier County
Honolulu County Medical Society
Hood County Builders Association
Hood River County Chamber of Commerce
Hopkins County Memorial Hospital
Horry County Memorial Library
Hospice of Charles County
Hospice of Miami County
Hospice Palm Beach County
Hot Spring County
Housing Authority of Dekalb County
Housing Authority of Maricopa County
Housing Authority of St. Louis County
Housing Authority of the County of Alameda
Housing Authority of the County of Butte
Housing Authority of the County of Kern
Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles
Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake
Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara
Housing Authority of Thurston County
Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County
Housing Partnership of Chester County
Houston County
Howard County Art Guild
Howard County Autism Society
Howard County Bar Association
Howard County Center of African American Culture
Howard County Community Net
Howard County Economic Development Authority
Howard County Public Schools
Howard County, Maryland
Hudson County Community College
Hudson County Schools of Technology
Hudson County Schools of Technology
Hudson County Theatre Alliance
Human Services Coalition of Dade County
Humane Society for Larimer County
Humane Society of Bay County
Humane Society of Broward County
Humane Society of Elkhart County
Humane Society of Levy County, Inc.
Humane Society of Livingston County
Humane Society of Marion County
Humboldt County Association of Governments
Humboldt County Drug Task Force
Humboldt County Memorial Hospital
Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
Hunterdon County YMCA
Huntington County Community School Corporation
Huntsville/Decatur, AL, USA – Huntsville-Madison County Jetplex
Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association
Huron County Circuit Court
Huron County Sheriff’s Department
Hyannis, MA, USA – Barnstable County
Idaho Association of County Assessors
Idaho State Association of County Recorders and Clerks
Illinois Association of County Engineers
Illinois Association of County Officials
Immunization Coalition of Los Angeles County
Imperial County Bar Association
Imperial County Office of Education
Imperial County Sheriff’s Office
Independent Employees of Merced County
Indian River County
Indiana County Assessors Association
Indiana County Solid Waste Authority
Indiana County Technology Center
Indianapolis/Marion County Communications
Ingham County Bar Association
Ingham County Road Commission
Intercounty Adoption Reform
Intercounty Baseball Association
Inter-County Conference
Intercounty Connector
Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
International Center of York County
International City/County Management Association
Inyo County Bar Association
Iosco County Medical Care Facility
Iowa County Attorneys Association
Iowa State Association of County Auditors
Iredell County Health Department
Iron County Community Hospital
Iron County Home Builders Association
Ironwood, MI, USA – Gogebic County Airport
Iroquois County Amateur Radio Club
Iroquois County State Wildlife Area
Isabella County Transportation Commission
Islamic Association of Collin County
Islamic Center of Passaic County
Islamic Society of Brevard County
Islamic Society of Orange County
Island County Amateur Radio Club
Isle of Wight County Schools
Ithaca, NY, USA – Tompkins County
Jackson County
Jackson County Animal Care and Control
Jackson County Builders Association, Inc
Jackson County Central
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
Jackson County Comprehensive High School
Jackson County District Court
Jackson County Economic Development Board
Jackson County Health Care Authority
Jackson County Home Educators
Jackson County Land Development Ordinance
Jackson County Learning Center
Jackson County Memorial Hospital
Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
Jackson County Public Library
Jackson County Recycling Partnership
Jackson County Sanitary Landfill, Inc.
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Jackson County Sustainability Network
Jamestown, NY, USA – Chautauqua County Airport
Jefferson County
Jefferson County Appraisal District
Jefferson County Association of Realtors
Jefferson County Bar Association
Jefferson County Community Partnership
Jefferson County Conservation District
Jefferson County Education Association
Jefferson County Genealogical Society
Jefferson County Horse Council
Jefferson County Humane Society
Jefferson County Library Cooperative
Jefferson County Master Gardener Association
Jefferson County Medical Society
Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission
Jefferson County Public Library
Jefferson County Public Schools
Jefferson County Republican Party
Jefferson County School System
Jefferson County Schools
Jefferson County Sheriffs Office
Jefferson County Youth Detention Center
Jefferson County Youth Soccer League
Jennings County Public Library
Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County
Jim Hogg County
John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Johnson County Bicycle Club
Johnson County Community College
Johnson County Community Health Services
Johnson County Community Network
Johnson County Council of Governments
Johnson County Developmental Supports
Johnson County Kansas
Johnson County Kansas Archives
Johnson County Office
Johnson County Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PA
Johnson County Paranormal Research Team
Johnson County Regional Police Academy
Johnson County Republican Party
Johnston County Arts Council
Johnston County Association of Educators
Johnston County Industrial Authority
Johnston County Schools
Jones County High School
Jones County Junior College
Josephine County Community Services
Josephine County Community Services
Josephine County Interagency Narcotics Team
Juneau County Adolescent Needs
Juneau County Charter School
Juniata County School District
Junior League of DeKalb County
Junior League of Kankakee County
Junior League of Martin County
Junior League of Monmouth County
Junior League of Orange County, California
Kalamazoo County Road Commission
Kane County Bar Association
Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful
Keep Sarasota County Beautiful
Kendall County Republican Central Committee
Kendall County Special Education Cooperative
Kent County Association of Change Ringers
Kent County Bowling Association
Kent County Chess Association
Kent County Council
Kent County Mentoring Collaborative
Kent County Road Commission
Kenton County Animal Shelter
Kern County
Kern County Archaeological Society
Kern County Bar Association
Kern County Bridal Association
Kern County Farm Bureau
Kern County Fire Department
Kern County Fire Fighters
Kern County Museum
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
Kerry County Council
Kerry County, Ireland – Kerry County
Kidney Foundation of Medina County
Kildare County Council
King County
King County Aerial Survey
King County Animal Services
King County Bar Association
King County Canvassing Board
King County Cooperative Extension
King County Correctional Facility
King County Democratic Central Committee
King County Industrial Waste Program
King County International Airport
King County Journal
King County Law Library
King County Mental Health Advisory Board
King County Mental Health Plan
King County Metro
King County Nurses Association
King County Republican Central Committee
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
King County Solid Waste Division
King County Superior Court
King George County
Kingman, AZ, USA – Mohave County
Kings County
Kings County Radio Club
Kitsap County Fire District
Kitsap County Good Roads Association
Kitsap County Master Gardener
Klamath/Lake County Fire Training Association
Knox County Art League
Knox County Development Corporation
Knox County Police Department
Knox County Schools
Koochiching County Community Services
Kossuth County Conservation Board
La Porte County Public Library
Labette County High School
Lac Courte Oreilles/Sawyer County Transit System
Lackawanna County Library System
Lackawanna County Railroad Authority
Laguna Beach County Water District
Lake County Airboat Club
Lake County Amateur Radio Association
Lake County Animal Services
Lake County Astronomical Society
Lake County Chamber of Commerce
Lake County Computer Users
Lake County Economic Opportunity Council, Inc.
Lake County Education Association
Lake County Marriage Coalition
Lake County Mental Health
Lake County Office of Education
Lake County Real Estate Guide
Lake County Resources Initiative
Lake County Shared Services Network
Lake County Stormwater Management Department
Lake County Teens
Lambton County Developmental Services
Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program
Lancashire County Cricket Club
Lancashire County Engineering Services
Lancaster County Academy
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
Lancaster County Democratic Committee
Lancaster County Firemen’s Association
Lancaster County Medical Society
Landlords of Johnson County
Lane County Animal Regulation Authority
Lane County Education Association
Lane County Legal Aid
Lane County Psychiatric Hospital
Lane County School District
Lapeer County Compassion Club
Lapeer County Road Commission
Lapeer County Sheriffs Department
Laramie County Community College
Large Scale County Maps
Larimer County Digitization Initiative
Larimer County Master Plan
Lassen County Office of Education
Latino Lawyers Association of Queen County
Latrobe, PA, USA – Westmoreland County
Lauderdale County Education Association
Lawrence County Public Library
Lebanon County Career and Technology Center
Lebanon County Kennel Club
Lee County Central Electric
Lee County Central Railroad
Lee County Community Band
Lee County Community Orchestra
Lee County Education Association
Lee County Ghost Hunters
Lee County Library System
Lee County Public Library
Lee County Pulling Together
Lee County School District
Lee County Schools
Lee County Senior High
Lee County Sheriff’s Department
Legal Aid Society of Orange County
Legal Assistance of Olmsted County
LEGO County Fire Service
Leicestershire County Council
Leicestershire County Cricket Club
Leicestershire County Record Office
Lenawee County Association of Realtors
Leon County Circuit Court
Leon County Teachers Association
Letcher County Central High School
Levy County Education Association
Lewis County General Hospital
Lewis County High School
Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
Libertarian Party of Oakland County
Libertarian Party of San Mateo County
Libertarian Party of Seminole County
Licking County Domestic Relations Court
Licking County Housing Initiatives
Licking County Municipal Court
Licking County Radio Control Club
Licking County Transit Board
Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority
Lincoln County
Lincoln County Amateur Radio Association
Lincoln County High School
Lincoln County Historical Society
Lincoln County Law Association
Lincoln County Library System
Lincoln County Memorial Hospital
Lincoln County News
Lincoln County On-Stage
Linn County Public Health
Litchfield County Writers Project
Little Chalfont County Combined
Liverpool County Football Association
Liverpool Victoria County Championship
Livingston County Education Alliance
Logan County
London County Council
Long Beach County
Longview/Gladewater/Kilgore, TX, USA – Gregg County
Lorain County Aquarium Society
Lorain County Community College
Lorain County Transit
Lorain County Visitors Bureau
Los Alamos County
Los Alamos County Fire Department
Los Angeles and Orange County
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles County Bar
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Los Angeles County Coroner
Los Angeles County Counsel
Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Los Angeles County Fair
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center
Los Angeles County Immunization Program
Los Angeles County Medical Association
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
Los Angeles County Police
Los Angeles County Sheriff
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office
Los Trancos County Water District
Loudoun County High School
Loudoun County Milling Company
Loudoun County Public Library
Loudoun County Skate Project
Loudoun County, Virginia
Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce
Lower Bucks County Scholastic Hockey League
Lunenburg County Ground Search and Rescue
Luzerne County Community College
Luzerne County Transportation Authority
Lycoming County Career Consortium
Lyon County Education Association
Lyon County Employee Association
Macomb County Abstinence Partnership
Macomb County Bar Association
Macomb County Community Services Agency
Madison County Beekeepers Association
Madison County Builders Association
Madison County Cattlemen’s Association
Madison County Medical Society
Madison County Public Library
Madison County Transit
Madison County Young Democrats
Madison, WI, USA – Dane County Regional Airport
Main Street Oakland County
Major County Sheriff’s Association
Manatee County Area Transit
Marathon County Public Library
Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
Maricopa County Bar Association
Maricopa County Bar Foundation
Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Maricopa County Democratic Party
Maricopa County Events Center
Maricopa County Libertarian Party
Maricopa County Library Council
Maricopa County Library District
Maricopa County Recorder
Maricopa County Sellers Organization
Maricopa County Sheriffs Office
Marin County Association of Retired Employees
Marin County Athletic League
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Marin County Dart Association
Marin County Library Foundation
Marin County Psychological Association
Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
Marin County Transit District
Marion County Bar Association
Marion County Board of Realtors
Marion County Builders Association
Marion County Center for the Arts
Marion County Center for the Arts
Marion County Children’s Alliance
Marion County Correctional Facility
Marion County Correctional Institution
Marion County Dental Association
Marion County Farm Bureau
Marion County Fire Rescue
Marion County Herpetological Society
Marion County Homeless Council
Marion County Literacy Council
Marion County Prevention Association
Marion County School Readiness Coalition
Marion County Sheriff’s Department
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Marion County Staffing Association
Marion, Williamson County Airport
Mariposa County Contractors Association
Marquette, MI, USA – Marquette County Airport
Marshall County Central
Martin County High School
Martin County Taxpayers Association
Mason County Transportation Authority
Mathews County Land Conservancy
Maui County Arborist Advisory Committee
Maui County Bar Association
Maui County Farm Bureau
Maury County Arts Guild
Maury County Community Band
Maury County Kennel Club
Mayo County Development Board
McHenry County Bar Association
McHenry County Bowling Association
McHenry County Libertarian Club
McHenry County Libertarian Party
McHenry County Peace Group
McHenry County Young Democrats
McLean County Disaster Council
McLean County Fire Chiefs Association
McLean County Health Department
McLennan County Challenge Academy
McLennan County Youth Collaboration
Mecklenburg County Bar Association
Mecklenburg County Democratic Party
Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office
Mecklenburg County Water Quality Program
Medford, OR, USA – Medford-Jackson County Airport
Medina County Art League
Medina County Beekeepers Association
Medina County Career Center
Medina County Democratic Women
Medina County District Library
Medina County Title Agency, Inc.
Memorial Hospital of Burlington County
Mendocino County Farm Bureau
Mendocino County Lodging Association
Mendocino County Resource Conservation District
Menominee, MI, USA – Twin County Airport
Mental Health Association in Passaic County
Mental Health Connection of Tarrant County
Merced County Association of Governments
Merced County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Mercer County Bar Association
Mercer County Career Center
Mercer County Community College
Mercer County Deer Alliance
Mercer County Green Party
Mercer County Special Services School District
Mercer County State Bank
Mercer County Tournament Association
Mercer County Trails Association
Mesa County Land Conservancy
Methodist Hospital Union County
Miami County YMCA
Miami Dade County Public School
Miami-Dade County Auditorium
Michigan Association of County Treasurers
Mid-County Community Center
Mid-County Teen Advocacy Council
Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center
Middlesex County Automobile Club
Middlesex County Badminton Association
Middlesex County Bar Association
Middlesex County Beekeepers Association
Middlesex County Cricket Club
Middlesex County Football League
Middlesex County Legal Services
Middlesex County Library Board
Middlesex County Netball Association
Middlesex County Utility Authority
Midland County Circuit Court
Midland County Historical Society
Mifflin County School District
Millard County School District
Milwaukee County Department on Aging
Milwaukee County Labor Council
Mineral County Development Authority
Mineral Information Layer for Oregon by County
Minnesota County Attorneys Association
Missoula City County Health Department
Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services
Mitchell County Transportation Authority
Modoc County Cattlemen’s Association
Mohave County Library District
Monaghan County Enterprise Board
Monmouth County Correctional Institution
Monroe County Animal League
Monroe County Apartment Association
Monroe County Auxiliary Police
Monroe County Bar Association
Monroe County Commercial Fishermen
Monroe County Community
Monroe County Democratic Committee
Monroe County Department of Social Services
Monroe County Electric Co-Operative, Inc.
Monroe County Green Party
Monroe County History Center
Monroe County Landlord Association
Monroe County Legal Assistance Center
Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation
Monroe County Library System
Monroe County Opportunity Program
Monroe County Public School Athletic Association, Inc.
Monroe County Radio Communications Association
Monroe County School Board
Monroe County Senior Legal
Monroe County Senior Legal Services, Inc.
Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District
Monroe County Taxpayers Association
Montana County Attorney’s Association
Monterey County AIDS Project
Monterey County Farm Bureau
Monterey County Film Commission
Monterey County Health Department
Monterey County Herald
Monterey County Theatre Alliance
Monterey County Young Professionals Group
Montgomery County
Montgomery County Appraisal District
Montgomery County Association for the Blind
Montgomery County Baseball Association
Montgomery County Beekeepers Association
Montgomery County Builders Association
Montgomery County Campus
Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters Association
Montgomery County Civic Federation
Montgomery County Combined Health District
Montgomery County Community Band
Montgomery County Community College
Montgomery County Community College
Montgomery County Concert Band
Montgomery County Council
Montgomery County Counseling Association
Montgomery County Education Forum
Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program
Montgomery County Fair Association
Montgomery County Football
Montgomery County Government
Montgomery County Government Center
Montgomery County Hospital District
Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Montgomery County Kennel Club
Montgomery County Legal Aid
Montgomery County Libertarian Committee
Montgomery County Medical Imaging
Montgomery County Panhellenic Association
Montgomery County Paralegal Association
Montgomery County Police
Montgomery County Public Library
Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County Recreation Department
Montgomery County Schools
Montgomery County Science Research Competition
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Montgomery County Tennis Association
Montgomery County United Way
Montrose, CO, USA – Montrose County Airport
Moore County Hospital District
Moose Lake Carlton County Airport
Morgan County Bar Association
Morgan County Observatory Foundation
Morris County Bar Association
Morris County Dance Academy
Morris County Dart Association
Morris County Sheriff’s Office
Morris County Swim Club
Morris County Track Coaches Association
Morrow County Sheriff’s Office
Multnomah County Bike Fair
Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs Association
Multnomah County Detention Center
Multnomah County District Attorney
Multnomah County Health Department
Multnomah County Library
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
Muncie, IN, USA – Delaware County Airport
Municipal and County Government Employees Organization
Murray County Central
Muscogee County School District
Museum Council of Lancaster County
Museum of Chicot County Arkansas
Music Educators of Bergen County, Inc
Music Educators of Berks County
Muskegon, MI, USA – Muskegon County International Airport
Muskogee County Community Action Foundation
Muslim Center of Somerset County
Napa County Airport
Napa County Chiropractic Association
Napa County Flood Protection
Napa County Land Trust
Nassau County
Nassau County Correctional Facility
Nassau County Department of Health
Nassau County Fire Department
Nassau County Fire Rescue
Nassau County Fire Rider Motorcycle Club
Nassau County Guardians Association
Nassau County Museum of Art
Nassau County Police Department
Nassau County Sheriffs Office
National Association of County Administrators
National Association of County Agricultural Agents
National Association of County Engineers
National Association of County Planners
National Association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers
National Conference of Republican County Officials
National County Government Week
National Union of County Officers
Natrona County Education Association
Natrona County High School
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Naval Base Ventura County
Neamt County
Nebraska Association of County Officials
Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County
Nelson County High School
Nevada County Community Network
Nevada County Contractors Association
Nevada County Council on Alcoholism
Nevada County Land Trust
New Albany Floyd County Public Library
New Castle County
New Castle County Economic Development Council
New Castle County Government
New Jersey Council of County Vocational Technical Schools
New Jersey County Jail Wardens’ Association
New Madrid County Central
New York County Dental Society
New York Republican County Committee
New York State Association of County Health Officials
Newport County Bed and Breakfast Association
Niagara County Community College
Niagara County Sheriff’s Office
Nicholas County High School
Noble County Community Foundation
Noble County Repeater Group
Norfolk County Beekeepers Association
Norfolk County Cardiology Association
Norfolk County Council
Norman County West
North County Coalition for Peace and Justice
North County Correctional Facility
North County Humane Society
North County Road
North County Road
North County Times
North County Transit District
North County Yamaha
North Dakota Association of County Engineers
North Lincoln County Historical Museum
North Los Angeles County Regional Center
North Madison County Public Library System
North Monterey County Unified School District
North Orange County
North San Diego County Transit Development Board
Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority
Northampton County Area Community College
Northamptonshire County Council
Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
Northern Burlington County
Northern Oswego County Ambulance
Northern Somerset County Target Association
Northumberland County Record Book
Northumberland County Record Office
Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Nottinghamshire County Record Office
Nursing Information Consortium of Orange County
Nye County Law Enforcement Management Association
Nye County School District
Oakland County Community College
Oakland County Credit Union
Oakland County Genealogical Society
Oakland County Jail
Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services
Oakland County Superintendents Association
Occupational Center of Union County
Ocean County Board of Realtors
Ocean County College
Ocean County Library System
Ocean County Police Academy
Ocean County Utilities Authority
Ocean County YMCA
Oconee County High School
Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County
Office of the County Veterinarian
Oglethorpe County
Oglethorpe County High School
Ohio Association of County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Ohio County High School
Ohio Multi-County Development Corporation
Okaloosa County Medical Alliance
Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative
Oktibbeha County Hospital
Olathe, KS, Johnson County Executive Airport
Oldham County Economic Development Authority
Oldham County Fiscal Court
Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Olympia/Thurston County Association of Realtors
Onondaga County Community College
Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection
Onondaga County Water Authority
Ontario County Wiffle Association
Orange County
Orange County
Orange County
Orange County Academic Decathlon
Orange County Asian American Bar Association
Orange County Bancorp Inc.
Orange County Bankruptcy Forum
Orange County Bar Foundation, Inc.
Orange County Buddhist Church
Orange County Business Bank
Orange County Business Council
Orange County Callers Association
Orange County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
Orange County Choppers
Orange County Christian School
Orange County Citizens Foundation
Orange County Cocaine Anonymous
Orange County Community College
Orange County Community Foundation
Orange County Computer Society
Orange County Consortium District Intern Program
Orange County Container Group
Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Orange County Convention Center
Orange County Corel Association
Orange County Council
Orange County Criminals
Orange County Department of Education
Orange County Department of Health
Orange County Emergency Management
Orange County Employee Retirement System
Orange County Employees Association
Orange County Executive Survey
Orange County Fair Speedway
Orange County Fire Authority
Orange County Flight Center
Orange County Football Club
Orange County Foundation for Medical Care
Orange County Great Park Corporation
Orange County Groundwater Basin
Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center
Orange County Historical Museum
Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force
Orange County Industrial Plastics
Orange County International Raceway
Orange County Investment Pool
Orange County Java Users Group
Orange County Kodokan
Orange County Literacy Council
Orange County Materials
Orange County Medical Examiner
Orange County Model Engineers, Inc.
Orange County News Channel
Orange County Office of Education
Orange County Paralegal Association
Orange County People for Animals
Orange County Playwrights Alliance
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association
Orange County Property Appraiser
Orange County Psychological Association
Orange County Public Schools
Orange County Raptors
Orange County Real Estate
Orange County Rebel Riders
Orange County Register
Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group
Orange County Rescue Mission
Orange County School Board
Orange County Schools
Orange County Science and Engineering Fair
Orange County Soaring Association
Orange County Social Club
Orange County Speaker
Orange County Speaker Repair
Orange County Speech League
Orange County Sportsman’s Association
Orange County Supertones
Orange County Transportation Authority
Orange County Transportation Commission
Orange County Transporter Organization
Orange County Visibility League
Orange County Visual Basic Users Group
Orange County Water Authority
Orange County Women Lawyers Association
Orange County Women Networkers
Orange County Woodworkers Association
Orchard County Motorcycle Club
Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors
Oregon County Clerks Association
Orlando Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ormsby County Education Association
Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County
Osborne County Memorial Hospital
Osceola County Association of Realtors
Osceola County Fire Rescue
Osceola County Property Appraiser
Osceola County Public Schools
Osceola County School for the Arts
Oscoda County Library
Oswego County Savings Bank
Otsego County Economic Alliance
Owen County Elementary School
Ozark Dale County Public Library
Ozaukee County Transit System
Pacific County Amateur Radio Club
Pacific County Courthouse
Pacific County Historical Society
Pacific County Materials Exchange
Pacific County Materials Exchange
Palm Beach County
Palm Beach County Canvassing Board
Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition
Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission
Palm Beach County Golf Association
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County
Park County Environmental Council
Park County Leadership Institute
Parkersburg / Marietta, WV, USA – Wood County
Partners of Scott County Watersheds
Pasco County Public Transportation
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Pasquotank County High School
Passaic County Alliance for Countywide Technology
Passaic County Community College
Passaic County Library System
Passaic County Sheriff’s Department
Passaic County Technical Institute
Paulding County High School
Paulding County Police Department
Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office
Pediatric Associates of Hampden County
Pendleton County High School
Pendleton County Public Library
Pennington County Search and Rescue
Peoria County Bar Association
Perinatal Network of Monroe County
Perquimans County Restoration Association
Perry County Airport
Perry County High
Perry County High School
Perry County Sheriff’s Department
Perth County Information Network
Phelps County Community Partnership
Philharmonic Society of Orange County
Pickaway County District Public Library
Pickens County Municipal Airport
Pickens County Sheriff’s Office
Pictou County Community Orchestra
Pictou County District Planning Commission
Pictou County Rivers Association
Pictou County Tourist Association
Pierce County AIDS Foundation
Pierce County Beekeepers Association
Pierce County Diabetic Association
Pierce County Environmental Services
Pierce County Fire District
Pierce County Library System
Pierce County Medical Bureau
Pierce County River Improvement
Pierce County Water Programs
Pike County Development Authority
Pima County Attorney’s Office
Pima County Libertarian Party
Pima County Public Library
Pima County Sheriff
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Pima County Solid Waste
Pima County Wastewater Management
Pinal County Deputies Association
Pinedale County Water District
Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless
Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board
Pinellas County Dental Association
Pinellas County Education Foundation
Pinellas County Environmental Foundation
Pinellas County Licensed Providers
Pinellas County Schools
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Pinellas County Utilities
Pitt County Association of Educators
Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Pittsylvania County Public Library
Pittsylvania County Schools
Placer County Environmental Health
Placer County Genealogical Society
Placer County Mental Health
Placer County Office of Economic Development
Placer County Office of Education
Platte County Historical Society
Pleasants County Development Authority
Pleasants County Industrial Park
Plumbing Contractors Association of Chicago and Cooke County
Plymouth County Board of Realtors
Plymouth County Correctional Facility
Plymouth County District Attorney
Pocahontas County High School
Polk County Builders Association
Polk County Communications Program
Polk County Convention Complex
Polk County Humane Society
Polk County Library Association
Polk County Property Appraiser
Polk County Public Health Department
Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Polk County Transit Services
Polk County Transportation for Disabled & Elderlyly
Pontiac, Michigan – Oakland County International
Port Authority of Allegheny County
Portage County Water Resources
Porter County Amateur Radio Club
Porter County Builders Association
Porter County Community Foundation
Porter County Education Interlocal
Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
Potter County Educational Council
Potter County Redevelopment Authority
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA – Dutchess County
Powhatan County Public Library
Powys County Council
Prahova County
Prentiss County Development Association
Preservation Coalition of Erie County
Preston County Educational Center
Price County Airport
Prince Edward County
Prince George’s County
Prince William County
Prince William County Schools
Prince William County Will Book
Proceedings of the Clarke County Historical Association
Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County
Professional Photographers of Orange County
Professional Photographers of Santa Barbara County
Prowers County Development, Inc.
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Pueblo City-County Library District
Pulaski County Development Association
Pulaski County Educational Consortium
Pulaski County Election Commission
Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop
Pulaski County Special School District
Putnam County Ambulance District
Putnam County Board of Education
Putnam County Board of Realtors
Putnam County Development Authority
Putnam County Environmental Council, Inc
Putnam County Leadership Academy
Putnam County School District
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Queen Anne’s County
Queen Anne’s County Free Library
Queens County
Rainbow County Restaurants Association
Ralls County Clock Company
Ramsey County Emergency Services
Randolph County Ambulance District
Randolph County Sheriffs Office
Rankin County School District
Rappahannock County Elementary School
Ravalli County Economic Development Authority
Rawlins County Elementary School
Reagan County Elementary School
Realtor Association of Martin County
Red County Roleplay
Region County District Type
Regional Biotech Council of Central Bucks County
Renville County West
Reproductive Health Center of Chester County
Republican Committee of Allegheny County
Republican Party of Lincoln County
Republican Party of Milwaukee County
Republican Women of Coffee County
Republican Women of Leelanau County
Rhinelander, WI, USA – Rhinelander Oneida County Airport
Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council
Richland County Developement Corportation
Richland County School District
Richland County Transit
Richmond County Elementary School
Richmond County Medical Society
Ride Around Clark County
Ritchie County Home Educators
Riverina Water County Council
Riverside County Credit Union
Riverside County Department of Public Social Services
Riverside County Mounted Mavericks
Riverside County Office of Education
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
Riverside County Superintendent of Schools
Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc.
Roane County High School
Robertson County Community Band
Rochester, NY, USA – Monroe County Airport
Rock Springs, WY, USA – Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport
Rockbridge County
Rockbridge County High School
Rockdale County Public Schools
Rockingham County Conservation District
Rockingham County Healthy Carolinians
Rockingham County Public Schools
Rockland County Concert Band
Rockland County Sewer District
Rockwall County Appraisal District
Rogers County Bank
Rogers County Wireless Association
Rush County Youth Soccer
Rusk County Transit System
Russell County Medical Center
Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County
Rutherford County Democratic Party
Rutherford County Emergency Services
Rutherford County Ford Club
Rutherford County Schools
Rutherford County Soccer Association
Rutland County Council
Sacramento County Bar Association
Sacramento County Office of Education
Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
Saffron Walden County High School
Saginaw County Agricultural Society
Saginaw County Bar Association
Saginaw County Health Department
Saginaw County Medical Society
Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department
Saint Charles County Community College
Saint Clair County Community College
Saint Mary’s County Camera Club
Salem County Utilities Authority
Salisbury, MD, USA – Salisbury-Wicomico County Airport
Salt Lake County
Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District
Sampson County Organization Outreach Post
San Benito County Transit
San Bernardino County Emergency Communications Service
San Bernardino County Museum
San Diego County Air Pollution Control District
San Diego County Dental Society
San Diego County Escrow Association
San Diego County Library
San Diego County Medical Society
San Diego County Orchid Society
San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
San Diego County Soccer League
San Diego County Taxpayers Association
San Francisco County
San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
San Joaquin County
San Joaquin County and Delta Water Quality Coalition
San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA – San Luis Obispo County Airport
San Mateo County AIDS Program
San Mateo County Central Labor Council
San Mateo County Clerk, Assessor, Recorder, Elections
San Mateo County Community Colleges
San Mateo County Council of Cities
San Mateo County Council of the Blind
San Mateo County Legal Secretaries Association
San Patricio County Library System
Sangamon County Learning Academy
Sanilac County Hockey Association
Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council
Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
Santa Clara County
Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz County Cycling Club
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
Santa Cruz County Medical Society
Santa Rosa County Master Gardener
Santa Rosa County School District
Santa Rosa, CA, USA – Sonoma County Airport
Sarasota County Area Transit
Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service
Sarasota County Induction Program
Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence, Inc.
Sarasota County Technical Institute
Sarpy County Register of Deeds
Sault Ste Marie, MI, USA – Chippewa County International Airport
Sausalito, CA, USA – Marin County
Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools
Savings Bank of Mendocino County
Schenectady County Community College
Schenectady County Public Health Services
Schoharie County Community Action Program, Inc.
School Board of Broward County
School Board of Highlands County
School Board of Levy County
School Board of Martin County
School Board of Osceola County
School District of Greenville County
School District of Hillsborough County
School District of Lee County
Schoolcraft County Airport, Manistique, Michigan, USA
Schuylkill County Industrial Development Authority
Schuylkill County Municipal Authority
Science Center of Pinellas County
Scotland County Area Transit System
Scott County Habitat for Humanity
Scott County Home Builders Association
Scott County Regional Sewer District
Seacrest County Police Department
Searcy County Literacy Council, Inc.
Seattle, WA, USA – Boeing Field/King County International Airport
Second Language Instruction County of Kern
Sedgwick County Fire Department
Sedgwick County Technical Education and Training Authority
Seminole County Airboat Association
Seminole County Expressway Authority
Seminole County Fire Department
Seminole County Gun and Archery Association
Seminole County Housing Authority
Seminole County Industrial Development Authority
Seminole County Republican Executive Committee
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Senior Services of Trempealeau County
Shasta County Fire Department
Shasta County Mental Health
Shasta County Office of Education
Shelby County Democratic Party
Shelby County Education Association
Shelby County High School
Shelby County Lincoln Heritage
Shelby County School
Shelby County Youth Soccer
Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce
Shenandoah County Education Association
Sheridan County Republican Women
Sheridan, WY, USA – Sheridan County Airport
Shiawassee County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sierra Lakes County Water District
Simcoe County District School Board
Simcoe County Training Board
Single County Authority
Single Volunteers of Bucks County
Siskiyou County Amateur Radio Association
Siskiyou County Off Road Riders
Sky Hoppers of Orange County
Small County Road Assistance Program
Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County
Smith County Area Libraries Together
Smith County Bar Association
Snohomish County Apartment Operators Association
Snohomish County Dahlia Society
Snohomish County Mycological Society
Snohomish County Tourism Bureau
Sogn Og Fjordane County Governor
Sogn Og Fjordane County Municipality
Solano County Fair Association
Solano County Integrated Property Systems
Somerset County Community Band
Somerset County Cricket Club
Somerset County Technology Center
Somerset County Youth Service
Somervell County Committee on Aging
Sonoma County
Sonoma County
Sonoma County Beekeepers Association
Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club
Sonoma County Conservation Action
Sonoma County Conservation Council
Sonoma County Genealogical Society
Sonoma County Legal Aid
Sonoma County Literacy Coalition
Sonoma County Medical Association
Sonoma County Music Association
Sonoma County Mycological Association
Sonoma County Office of Education
Sonoma County Roller Derby
Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department
Sonoma County Taiko
Sonoma County Tourism Bureau
Sonoma County Transit
Sonoma County Union of the Arts
Sonoma County Vintners Co-Op, Inc.
South County Basketball Academy
South County Education and University Center
South County Large Animal Rescue
South County Regional Education Center
South County Regional Park
South County Residents Opposing Dumps
South County Watersheds Partnership
South County YMCA
South King County Community Network
South King County Group
South Montgomery County Academy
South Orange County
South Orange County Citizens for Immigration Reform
South Orange County Community College District
South Snohomish County Dolphins
South Sunflower County Hospital
South Wood County Humane Society
Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority
Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League
Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce
Southern County Baseball Association
Southern Galveston County Home Schoolers
Southern Ocean County Hospital
Southern Orange County Alliance
Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority
Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District
Southwest Allen County Schools
Southwest Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange
Southwest Norfolk County Police Net
Spartanburg County Museum of Art
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office
Special Education Administrators of County Offices
Special Education District of Lake County
Special Olympics Florida, Sumter County
Special Olympics Leon County
Special Olympics Orange County
Spencer County Community Band
Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority
Spokane County Bar Association
Spokane County Fire District
Spokane County Library District
Spotsylvania County Lacrosse Club
St Charles, Mo – St Charles County Smartt Airport
St Louis County Department of Health
St Louis County, Missouri
St. Clair County Medical Society
St. Croix County
St. Joseph County Public Library
St. Louis County Library
St. Mary’s County Public Schools
Stanislaus County Asthma Coalition
Stephenson County Senior Center
Steuben County American Legion
Steuben County Industrial Development Agency
Steuben County Swim League
Stevens County Conservation District
Stewart County Concerned Bikers
Story County Amateur Radio Club
Strafford County Board of Realtors
Strathcona County Emergency Services
Strathcona County Emergency Services
Students Participating Actively in County Education
Suceava County
Suffolk County Area
Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees
Suffolk County Community College
Suffolk County Correction Officers Association
Suffolk County Fire Academy
Suffolk County Fish and Reef
Suffolk County House of Correction
Suffolk County Libertarian Party
Suffolk County Library Association
Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association
Suffolk County Police Department
Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Suffolk County Vector Control
Sullivan County Education Association
Sullivan County Music Educators’ Association
Summit County Builders Association
Summit County Health District
Summit County Off-Road Riders
Sumter County Association for Retarded Citizens Inc
Sumter County Interagency Council
Sunrise County Economic Council
Surrey County Archaeological Unit
Surrey County Badminton Association
Surrey County Council
Surrey County Cricket Club
Surrey County Fencing Union
Surrey County Youth Theatre
Surry County Health and Nutrition Center
Sussex County Beekeepers Association
Sussex County Bible Church
Sussex County Christian Home Schoolers
Sussex County Community College
Sussex County Community Organized Regiment
Sussex County Cricket Club
Sussex County Football League
Sussex County Health Department
Sussex County Hockey Association
Sussex County Medical Associates
Sustainable San Mateo County
Swedish Federation of County Councils
Sweet Grass County High School
Sweetwater County Library Board
Switzerland County Marriages
Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors
Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association
Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association
Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society
Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
Talbot County Public Schools
Talbot County YMCA
Tarrant County Association of Mediators
Tarrant County Baptist Association
Tarrant County Bar Association
Tarrant County College
Tarrant County College District
Tarrant County Community College
Tarrant County Convention Center
Tarrant County Corporate Recycling Council
Tarrant County Juvenile Services
Tarrant County Public Health Department
Tax Reform In McLean county
Taylor County Middle School
Tazewell County Circuit Court
Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society
Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County
Tehama County Air Pollution Control District
Tehama County Department of Education
Tehama County Fire Department
Tell City-Perry County Public Library
Test and County Cricket Board
Texas County Mutual
Texas District and County Attorneys Association
The Ride Across Carver County
Thomas County Central High School
Thomas County Historical Library
Thurston County Bar Association
Thurston County Emergency Management
Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association
Tillamook County Cultural Coalition
Tillamook County Emergency Communications District
Tillamook County Transportation District
Tioga County Chamber of Commerce
Tippecanoe County Public Library
Tobacco Free Boone County
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
Tolland County Chamber of Commerce
Tompkins County Area Development
Tompkins County Public Library
Tompkins County Quilters Guild
Tooele County Emergency Management
Transportation Agency for Monterey County
Transportation Resources Intra-County for Physically Handicapped and Senior Citizens
Transylvania County Schools
Travis County Bar Association
Travis County Credit Union
Travis County Emergency Unit
Travis County Jail
Travis County Libertarian Party
Travis County Republican Party
Travis County Tax Office
Trenton, NJ, USA – Mercer County
Tri County Athletic League
Tri County Telephone Association, Inc
Tri-County Air-Pollution Authority
Tri-County Amateur Radio Association
Tri-County Animal Rescue
Tri-County Association for the Blind
Tri-County Association of the Deaf, Inc
Tri-County Band
Tri-County Bicycle Association
Tri-County Bowhunting Associates
Tri-County Child Care Task Force
Tri-County Citizen
Tri-County Community College
Tri-County Community Council
Tri-County Council
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
Tri-County Dental Society
Tri-County Electric Cooperative
Tri-County Health System
Tri-County Juvenile Information Service
Tri-County Literacy Network
Tri-County North
Tri-County Office on Aging
Tri-County Referee Association
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Tri-County Regional School Board
Tri-County Schools Insurance Group
Tri-County Telephone Company
Tri-County Tennis Association
Tri-County Truss
Trinity County Department of Transportation
Tropical Fish Club of Erie County
Trumball County Bar Association
Tucker County Education Association
Tulare County Association of Governments
Tulare County Employees’ Retirement Association
Tulare County Redevelopment Agency
Tulare County Transit
Tulsa City-County Library
Tulsa County Bar Association
Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority
Tuolumne County Fire Department
Tuscaloosa County Bar Association
Tuscarawas County Metropolitan Sewer District
Tuscola County Advertiser
Tuscola County Circuit Court
Tuscola County Drain Commission
Tuscola County Intermediate School District
Twin County Airport
Twin County Credit Union
Twin Falls County
Ulster County Area Transit
Ulster County Democratic Women
Ulster County Development Corporation
Ulster County Health Department
Ulster County Planning Department
Umatilla County Special Library District
Una Voce of Orange County
Union County Agriculture Fair Association
Union County Chamber of Commerce
Union County College Foundation
Union County Community Foundation
Union County Hiking Club
Union County Human Relations Commission
Union County Improvement Authority
Union County Industrial Railroad Co.
Union County Public Works
Unitary County
United Good Neighbors of Jefferson County
United Jewish Community of Broward County
United Seniors of Athens County, Inc.
United Way of Broward County
United Way of Camden County
United Way of Hamblen County
United Way of Midland County
United Way of Morris County
United Way of Rockland County
United Way of Tompkins County
United Way of Washington County
United Way of Weld County
United Way of York County
University of Maryland Baltimore County
University of Wisconsin Marathon County
University of Wisconsin-Washington County
Upper Montgomery County YMCA
Urban County Council
Urban League of Morris County
Utah County Academy of Sciences
Utah County Association of Realtors
Utah County Football Conference
Utica, NY, USA – Oneida County
Vail/Eagle, CO, USA – Eagle County Regional
Valley City/Barnes County Public Library
Van Zandt County
Van Zandt County Road
Vanderburgh County Council on Aging
Venango County Early Intervention
Ventura County
Ventura County AIDS Partnership
Ventura County Arts Council
Ventura County Center
Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors
Ventura County Commission for Women
Ventura County Computers
Ventura County Contractor’s Association
Ventura County Fire Protection District
Ventura County Health Care Plan
Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation
Ventura County Railroad
Ventura County Rose Society
Vermilion County Conservation District
Vermilion County Handicapped Association
Victoria County Historical Society
Victoria County History
Victoria County Humane Society
Volusia County Bar Association
Volusia County Canvassing Board
Volusia County Cultural Alliance
Volusia County Hispanic Association
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
Wake County Bar Association
Wake County Beekeepers Association
Wake County Economic Development
Wake County Genealogical Society
Wake County Public Library
Wake County Public Library
Waldo County Democratic Committee
Waldo County Healthcare, Inc.
Waldo County YMCA
Waldo County YMCA
Walker County Arts Alliance
Walker County Center of Technology
Walker County Civic Center
Wallington County Grammar School
Walton County School Board
Warren County Airport Commission
Warren County Ambulance District
Warren County Arts Council
Warren County Balanced Housing
Warren County Bar Association
Warren County Beekeepers Association
Warren County Board of Realtors
Warren County Community College
Warren County Conservation Board
Warren County Conservation District
Warren County Education Association
Warren County Fire Rescue
Warren County High School
Warren County Memorial Park
Warren County Municipal League
Warren County Technical School
Warren County Visitors Bureau
Warrick County Recreational Development
Warwickshire County Cricket Club
Warwickshire County Record Office
Wasatch County Hospital
Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project
Washington Association of County Officials
Washington County Arts Council
Washington County Arts, Heritage and Humanities Coalition
Washington County Bar Association
Washington County Board of Education
Washington County Board of Realtors
Washington County Builders Association
Washington County Business Awards
Washington County Civic League
Washington County Community College
Washington County Community Partnership
Washington County Conservation District
Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Washington County Department of Education
Washington County Economic Growth Partnership
Washington County Emergency Management
Washington County Fair Park
Washington County Free Library
Washington County Health Department
Washington County Health Partners
Washington County Historical Association
Washington County Hospital
Washington County Hospital and Clinics
Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Washington County Library System
Washington County Mental Health Authority
Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
Washington County Psychotherapy Associates
Washington County Public Library
Washington County Public Library
Washington County Public Schools
Washington County Republican Party
Washington County Riverboat Foundation
Washington County Scholarship Trust
Washington County Schools
Washington County Schools
Washington County Workforce Training Center
Washington Greene County Job Training Agency, Inc.
Washington State Council of County and City Employees
Washoe County Bar Association
Washoe County HOME Consortium (Nevada)
Washoe County School District
Washoe County Sherriff’s Office
Washoe County Teachers Association
Washtenaw County Bar Association
Washtenaw County Building Department
Washtenaw County Farm Bureau
Waste Management of Orange County
Watauga County Animal Control
Watauga County Arts Council
Watauga County Community Band
Water Authority of Volusia County
Waterloo County Board of Education
Waterloo County Quilters Guild
Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County
Waukesha County Community Council
Waukesha County Department of Aging
Waukesha County Department of Senior Services Specialized Transportation
Waukesha County Divers Association
Waukesha County Educational Support Staff Union
Waukesha County Federated Library System
Waukesha County Nutrition Coalition
Waukesha County Technical College
Waukesha County Youth Hockey Association
Wayne County Air Quality Management Division
Wayne County Airport Authority
Wayne County Arts Alliance
Wayne County Babe Ruth
Wayne County Beekeeping Association
Wayne County Board of Education
Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
Wayne County Circuit Court
Wayne County Community College
Wayne County Community College District
Wayne County Community College District
Wayne County Community Foundation
Wayne County Detectives Association
Wayne County Economic Development
Wayne County Federation of Republican Women
Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan
Wayne County National Bank
Wayne County Police Association
Wayne County Road Commission
Wayne County Training School
Weakley County Baptist Association
Webb County Appraisal District
Weber County Dental Association
Weber County Medical Alliance
Webster County Conservation Board
Weld County Apartment Association
Weld County Road
Wellington County Museum and Archives
West County Christian Counseling
West County Computer Center
West County Psychological Associates
West County Wastewater District
West County Wastewater Treatment Plant
West Fairfax County Citizens Association
West Glamorgan County Council
West Montgomery County Citizens Association
West Orange County Consortium for Special Education
West Riding County Council
West Somerset County Council
West Sussex County Council
West Sussex County Times
Westchester County Bar Association
Westchester County Board of Legislators
Westchester County Board of Realtors
Westchester County Business Journal
Westchester County Clerk
Westchester County Department of Health
Westchester County Department of Planning
Westchester County, NY, USA – Westchester County Airport
West-County Watershed Network
Western Charles County Business Association
Western Charles County Community Association, Inc.
Western Los Angeles County Council
Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority
Western Wayne County Conservation Association
Western Wayne County League
Westmoreland County Camp Cadet Association
Westmoreland County Community College
Westmoreland County Federated Library System
Westmoreland County Food Bank, Inc.
Westmoreland County Housing Authority
Westmoreland County Transit Authority
Westmorland County Agricultural Society
Weston County Health Services
Weston County School District
Wetzel County Hospital
Wharton County Junior College
Whatcom County Association of Realtors
Whatcom County Dressage Association
Whatcom County Fire District
Whatcom County Library System
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office
Whatcom County YMCA Dolphins (Bellingham, WA)
White County Creative Writers
White County High School
White County Memorial Hospital
White Pine County
Whiteside County Health Department
Whitfield County Recreation Department
Wicomico County Board of Education
Wicomico County Education Association
Wicomico County Free Library
Will County Bar Association
Will County Governmental League
Will County Health Department
Willacy County Navigation District
Williamsburg-James City County Public School
Williamson County Animal Control
Williamson County Community Band
Williamson County Crisis Center
Williamson County Juvenile Services
Williamson County Libertarian Party
Williamson County Parks and Recreation
Williamson County Tourism Bureau
Williamson County Youth Orchestra
Williamson-Burnet County Opportunities
Wilmington, NC, USA – New Hanover County Airport
Wiltshire County Council
Winchester and County Music Festival
Windham County Medical Association
Windsor Essex County Branch
Windsor Essex Kent County Bowling Association
Windsor-Essex County Environment Committee
Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago County Bar Association
Winnebago County Conservation Board
Winnebago County Forest Preserve District
Winnebago County Health Department
Winnebago County Master Gardeners
Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital
Winston County Business and Industry
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County
Wirt County High School
Wisconsin Association of County Homes
Wisconsin Association of Municipal County Assistant Managers
Wisconsin City/County Management Association
Wisconsin County Clerks Association
Wisconsin County Forest Association
Wisconsin County Highway Association
Wisconsin County Histories
Wise County Christian School
Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc.
Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc.
Women Lawyers of Franklin County
Women Lawyers of Santa Cruz County
Wood County Bar Association
Wood County District Public Library
Wood County Electric Cooperative
Wood County Hospital
Wood County Internet Council
Wood County National Bank
Wood County Telephone Company
Woodbury County Conservation Board
Woodford County Middle School
Worcester County Arts Council
Worcester County Bar Association
Worcester County Beekeepers Association
Worcester County Food Bank
Worcester County Health Department
Worcester County Land Deeds
Worcester County Poetry Association
Worcestershire County Council
Worcestershire County Cricket Club
Workforce Boulder County
Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County
Worth County
Worth County Conservation Board
Worth County Development Authority
Wrexham County Borough Council
Wyoming County International Speedway
Wythe County Rescue Squad
Yakima County Coalition for the Homeless
Yamhill County Zoning Ordinance
Yellowstone County Green Party
Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department
Yolo County Healthcare for Indigents Program
York County Amateur Radio Society
York County Convention & Visitors Bureau
York County Emergency Management Agency
York County Jail
York County Libertarian Party
York County Little League
York County Rabbit Breeders Association
York County School Division
Young Republicans of Allegheny County
Youth Orchestra of Bucks County
Yuba County Sheriff’s Department
Yuma County Airport Authority
Yunlin County Government
Zagreb County Court
Zavala County Education District
Zoological Society of Milwaukee County