Diffusion Abbreviations

Diffusion is the action and effect of diffusing (propagating, disclosing or spreading). The term, which comes from the Latin diffusio, refers to the extended communication of a message.

For example: “The city has beautiful tourist attractions, but it fails to publicize them; that’s why it doesn’t get as many visitors”, “The government has launched an outreach campaign to counter criticism from the opposition”, “My niece works for a non-governmental organization to publicize its activities”, “I’m going to create a press release for the dissemination of this undertaking”.

Diffusion consists of making a message known to as many people as possible.

The work of journalists and experts in social communication

Journalists and experts in social communication are the professionals chosen by companies and organizations to work on the dissemination of their products, services, activities, etc. The media, such as television, radio, printed publications or the Internet, are the channels used for the dissemination of content on a massive level.

In the field of business, the diffusion of innovations is a concept that refers to the acceptance of a new product by the market. Advertising and marketing affect this process.

The media contribute to the massive dissemination of information.

Tips to improve the dissemination of a blog

Given the large number of blogs that exist on the Internet today, it is becoming more and more expensive to get a decent number of regular readers, which is vital for this type of publication. Getting lost in a sea of ​​offers is disappointing for those who strive to generate innovative content; For this reason, it is important to contrast the hard work of research and writing with a series of practices, which are detailed below:

* make the information as friendly as possible: first of all, it is essential to know the characteristics of the public to which a blog is directed. However, it never hurts to have a percentage of occasional readers, who eventually collaborate with the dissemination of the content. For this reason, even if the information is aimed at professionals with well-defined technical knowledge, it is advisable to make short texts, with pauses that make them easier to digest, and offer the most complete and purely textual versions in downloadable files or independent pages;

* make use of social networks: social networks represent a very powerful and versatile tool, since on the one hand they serve to improve the dissemination of news and information in general, but they also maintain a bond with readers who are not break when they leave the blog;

* create videos: Thanks to the level of accessibility provided by today’s video editing tools, many of them free, you don’t have to be an expert to create an attractive and impressive presentation with images and sound. Inevitably, including a video in a post makes it more tempting for those who avoid reading whenever they can and complements it for those who seek to squeeze the information 110%;

* Collaborate with other creators – Historically, collaborations between different sites have proven to be very fruitful for content creators. Among the advantages of a relationship between blogs is the potential increase in followers, the enrichment of teamwork and the greater diffusion that arises naturally, since both parties will advertise each other.

The concept in physics

In another sense, diffusion is a physical process through which material particles are introduced into a medium that was previously absent, which increases the entropy of the system formed by the diffused particles and the medium where they diffuse.

Physical diffusion is subject to Fick’s Law, which states that the permeable membrane allows the passage of particles and solvent down the concentration gradient.

List of Acronyms Related to Diffusion

Acronym Meaning
AD Accastillage Diffusion
AMD Accessoires Mobiles Diffusion
ADRM advection-diffusion-reaction model
AGID Agar Gel Immuno Diffusion
AGIT Agar Gel Immunodiffusion Test
ADM Agarose Diffusion Method
ADIT Agence pour la Diffusion de l’Information Technologique
ADC Air Diffusion Council
AGDT Amoebic Gel Diffusion Test
AFTAD Analysis-Forecast Transport and Diffusion
AIDA Angenieux Image Diffusion Attachment
ADC Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
ACDS Association pour la Creation et la Diffusion Scientifique
ADAC Association pour la Diffusion des Arts et Connaissances
ADIFLOR Association pour la Diffusion Internationale Francophone de Livres, Ouvrages et Revues
ATDD Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division
BED Base-Emitter Diffusion
BEDE Biodiversité: Echanges et Diffusion d’Expériences
BGR Bureau des Gouverneurs de la Radiodiffusion
CMDA Center-Moved Diffusion Approximation
CED Centrale Edition Diffusion
CCETT Centre Commun d’Etudes Detélédiffusion et de Télécommunications
CDC Centre de Diffusion Cinématographique
CDMA Centre de Diffusion de Materiel Automobile
CREDIF Centre de Recherche et d’Étude pour la Diffusion du Français
CC-DQMC Clamped-Coordinate Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo
CDF Climatisation Diffusion Filtration
CCRD Commission Canadienne de Radiodiffusion
CLT Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion
CADR Constrained Anisotropic Diffusion Routing
CFD Continuous Flow Diffusion
CDI Corse Diffusion Informatique
CED Création Édition Diffusion
CID Création Internationale Diffusion
CRD Création Réalisation Diffusion
CD Cultural Diffusion
DHSED Data Hiding by Stochastic Error Diffusion
DADPS Département des Autorisations de Diffusion Publique
DDN Design Diffusion News
DAF Diffusion Ameublement Fabrique
DCDI Diffusion- and Convection-Dependent Inhomogeneity
DIAM Diffusion Art Musique
DIAMETER Diffusion Art Musique
DAFP Diffusion Assistance Forterre Puisaye
DAGA Diffusion Automobile des Grandes Alpes
DBPA Diffusion Bayonne Peinture Auto
DBA Diffusion Binding Assay
DFB Diffusion Brazing
DCV Diffusion Chaussures et Vêtements
DECI Diffusion Coefficient
DRAIN Diffusion Coefficient
D Diffusion Coefficient
DAILY Diffusion Coefficient
DCCO Diffusion Coefficient in Crude Oil
DCPE Diffusion Communication Promotion Édition
DIM Diffusion d’Instruments de Mesure
DIAL Diffusion de l’Information sur l’Amerique Latine
DCST Diffusion de la Culture Scientifique et Technique
DPF Diffusion de la Pensee Francaise
DMH Diffusion de Materiel Hydraulique
DMI Diffusion de Materiel Industriel
DASI Diffusion des Arts et des Savoirs Par l’Image
DPB Diffusion des Productions Basques
DDS Diffusion des Savoirs
DET Diffusion Électro Thermique
DFM Diffusion en Modulation de Frequence
DHM Diffusion Hôtel Magazine
DIAMETER Diffusion Immunoassay
DIA Diffusion Immunoassay
DIGM Diffusion Induced Grain Boundary Migration
DIPAC Diffusion Industrielle de Produits d’Automatisme et de Contrôle
DIAM Diffusion Internationale d’Articles Manufacturés
DIAMETER Diffusion Internationale d’Articles Manufacturés
DIM Diffusion Internationale du Meuble
DLM Diffusion Linge Médical
DIMATRAP Diffusion Matériel Travaux Publics
DMF Diffusion Matériels Frigorifiques
DMOS Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DEBI Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions
DOI Diffusion of Innovations
DOFZ Diffusion Oxygenated Float Zone
DPF Diffusion Prestation Fiabilite
DP Diffusion Pump
DTI Diffusion Tensor Imaging
DTMR Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance
DTO Diffusion Thermique Ouest
DTO-2 Diffusion Thermique Ouest
DTT Diffusion Transfer Technology
DUC Diffusion Universitaire Ciaco
DWS Diffusion Wave Spectroscopy
DFW Diffusion Welding
DIC Diffusion, Information et Communication
DKI diffusional kurtosis imaging
DBCS Diffusion-Based Clock Synchronization
DELET Diffusion-Enhanced Luminescence Energy Transfer
DLA Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
DLCA Diffusion-Limited Cluster Aggregation
DK Diffusionskonstante
DECK Diffusionskonstante
DWI Diffusion-Weighted Imaging
DDV Digital Diffusion Video
DBDM Direct Beaute Diffusion Mediterranee
DDAR Direction de la Diffusion et de l’Action Régionale
D-TEST Double disk diffusion test
DID Double Immunodiffusion
DELIVERED Drift Diffusion
DD Drift Diffusion
D2T2 Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer
EQDD Entropic Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model
EMDA Equipements Mobiles de Diffusion d’Alerte
FIGD Flow Injection Gas Diffusion
GDL Gas Diffusion Layer
GDEP Gaseous Diffusion Enrichment Plant
GDEP Gaseous Diffusion Enrichment Process
GDP Gaseous Diffusion Plant
HDDI Hot Diluted Diffusion Ignition
IPDDT Inhibitor Potentiated Disk Diffusion Test
JDP Jump-Diffusion Process
KDICP Kenya Diffusion and Ideational Change Project
LSDI Line Scan Diffusion Imaging
LADC longitudinal apparent diffusion coefficient
LROD Long-Range Overwater Diffusion
MTDDIS Mesoscale Transport Diffusion and Deposition Model for Industrial Sources
MGDP Micro-Gel Diffusion Precipitin Test
MADCAP Model of Advection, Diffusion, and Chemistry for Air Pollution
MDM Modified Diffusion Method
MDD Multi Domain Diffusion
MDP Multicast Diffusion Protocol
NABD Net Acid Back Diffusion
ORGDP Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant
OJD Office de Justification de la Diffusion
ORTB Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Benin
ODT Optical Diffusion Tomography
ORTF Organisation de Radiodiffusion et Television Française
OIRT Organisation Internationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision or OIRT
OED Oxidation Enhanced Diffusion
ODR Oxygen Diffusion Rate
PDB Passive Diffusion Bag
PDBS Passive Diffusion Bag Sampler
PDSD Proton-Driven Spin Diffusion
RAN Radiodiffusion Audionumerique
RDF Radiodiffusion Francaise
RTD Radiodiffusion Television de Djibouti
RTI Radiodiffusion Television Ivoirienne
RTS Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise
RTF Radiodiffusion-Television Francaise
RID Radioimmunodiffusion
RDE Reaction Diffusion Equation
RDL Realisation et Diffusion de Logiciels
RDI Realisation et Diffusion pour l’Industrie
RSJD Regime Switching Jump Diffusion
RDM Relations et Diffusion de la Musique
RRDT Réseau Régional de Diffusion Technologique
RJD Réunion Jet Diffusion
RETIRED Rocket Diffusion
RD Rocket Diffusion
SDI Sales-Diffusion Index
SADS Silicide As Diffusion Source
SDT Silver Diffusion Transfer
SDA Simulation of Diffusional Association
SRED Single Radial Enzyme Diffusion
SID Société Industrielle de Diffusion
SSR Société Suisse de Radiodiffusion
SSID solid state interdiffusion
SDS Stochastic Diffusion Search
SYFED Système Francophone d’Édition et de Diffusion
TDA Telediffusion d’Algerie
TDF Telediffusion de France
DIEM Testing a Diffusion of Innovations in Education Model
TDC Thermal Diffusion Coefficient
TDS Transient Diffusion-Sublimination
TED Transient Enhanced Diffusion
TADC transverse apparent diffusion coefficient
UWD Under-Water Diffusion
URTNA Union des Radiodiffusions et Télévisions Nationales d’Afrique
UER Union Europeenne de Radio-Diffusion
VDR Vapor Diffusion Retarder
VDF Vertical Diffusion Furnace
VDMOS Vertical Diffusion Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
VDZW Vertical Diffusion of Zonal Wind
WEDD Wet Effluent Diffusion Denuder