Environment Abbreviations


What is Environment?

The environment involves all living and non-living things that exist on Earth or in some region of it and that affect other existing ecosystems and the life of human beings.

The environment can have several concepts, which are identified by the components that are part of it. Discover the most important ones:

Composition of the environment

For the United Nations (UN) the environment is the set of physical, chemical, biological and social elements that can cause direct or indirect effects on living beings and human activities.

The environment is the set of ecological units that function as a natural system. Thus, the environment is composed of all vegetation, animals, microorganisms, soil, rocks, atmosphere. Natural resources such as water and air and physical climate phenomena such as energy, radiation, electrical discharge and magnetism are also part of the environment.

The environment is made up of four different spheres: atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

The atmosphere is the layer of air that surrounds the planet, formed by gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen. The lithosphere is the outermost layer of the planet, formed by the soil and a rocky surface, also called the Earth’s crust.

The hydrosphere includes all the waters of the planet (rivers, seas, lakes, oceans, etc.) and the biosphere is the layer referring to life and encompasses all forms of life that exist on Earth.

Environment and ecology

In ecology, the environment is the ecosystem in which the life of an organism develops, that is, there are different types of ecosystem in which organisms live.

In the environment there are several external factors that have an influence on the life of organisms. Thus, ecology is an area that has as its object of study the existing relationships between organisms and the environment that surrounds them.

How to preserve the environment?

The preservation of the environment depends a lot on the awareness and participation of all individuals in a society. Citizenship for the preservation of the environment must include activities and notions that contribute to the conservation of the environment.

In this way it is important to educate and educate citizens of various ages, through awareness building in schools and elsewhere.

In addition to environmental education, sustainability is one of the most important factors to ensure the preservation of the environment.

Environmental preservation through sustainability

Environmental and ecological sustainability is the maintenance of the environment of planet Earth, it is maintaining the quality of life and keeping the environment in harmony with people’s existence.

The very concept of sustainability is for the long term, it means taking care of and preserving the entire system so that future generations can also take advantage of it.

Sustainability refers to the various measures and strategies that can be adopted by society so that the environment is preserved and considered sustainable. This means that forms of action must be found that allow the coexistence of people with the preservation of the environment so that natural resources do not run out.

Examples of how to preserve the environment

There are some measures of sustainability and preservation of the environment:

  • avoid all types of pollution in the waters of rivers, seas, oceans and lakes,
  • separating organic waste from recyclable waste and the different types of recyclable waste,
  • conscious consumption of resources such as water and electricity,
  • avoid ecological disasters, such as fires, oil spills in the waters, deforestation and death of animals,
  • reduce pollution and the emission of polluting gases,
  • use reusable and renewable energies, such as solar, wind (wind) and hydroelectric (water),
  • reduce the consumption of food and industrialized products,
  • use alternative and less polluting means of transport, such as cycling and public transport,
  • construction of sustainable houses, which are prepared for the use of alternative and renewable energies.

In addition to these measures, which can be adopted by the whole society, environmental education is part of the awareness of sustainability. Education on environmental protection must be provided to citizens and children to ensure the preservation of the environment for future generations.

It is important that environmental sustainability is increasingly a priority for politicians and society in general, so that environmental conservation can be achieved.

The importance of recycling for the environment

Recycling is a process of great importance for the preservation of the environment. By recycling and reducing waste, it is possible to reduce air, water and soil pollution.

The recycling process encompasses the separation of waste into categories so that waste can be reused, giving rise to new products. Materials such as plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, wood and metals in general can be used in recycling.

Organic waste residues (household waste) can be used for the composting process, which transforms them into fertilizer that can be used in the planting of vegetables, legumes and fruits.

One of the effective ways to help with recycling is to participate in selective collection systems. Selective collection collects organic and non-organic waste, which must be separated in homes, businesses and industries.

After the garbage is collected, it is sent to the appropriate places for reuse according to the types of materials separated.

One of the biggest challenges related to recycling is to educate citizens so that they understand that every effort, however small, has a positive impact on preserving the environment.

The environment and environmental public policies

Public policies related to the environment and its preservation are the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment (Federal Government), the State and Municipal Environment Departments.

These bodies are responsible for taking practical measures in relation to the provisions of the National Environmental Policy and other laws dealing with the matter. They supervise polluting activities, mineral extraction and other activities that may harm the conservation of ecosystems and ecological reserve areas in the country.

To achieve these objectives, there are programs linked to the preservation and recovery of the environment, the assessment of water quality and the supervision of the use of natural resources.

These bodies are also responsible for promoting educational actions in relation to environmental education, ecology concepts and increasing the sustainability of cities.

National Environmental Policy

In Brazil there is the PNMA – National Environmental Policy (law nº 6.938/81). This policy defines the environment as a set of conditions, laws, influences and physical, chemical and biological interactions that allow the existence of life in its most different forms (article 3, item I).

The objective of the PNMA is to define criteria and action mechanisms that must be taken by governments to guarantee the preservation of the environment.

Examples of objectives provided for by law are:

  • monitoring the use and consumption of natural resources,
  • control of the emission of pollution in the environment,
  • control the conscious use of land, water and air,
  • incentive to study and research in the environmental area,
  • ecosystem protection,
  • protection, preservation and recovery of threatened areas.

The PNMA also defines what actions should be implemented by governments to ensure the preservation of the environment, based on the assessment of environmental impacts that have occurred and the definition of priorities for action.

Some of the measures adopted by the National Environmental Policy are: provision that the agent causing pollution must repair and indemnify the damage caused to the environment, creation of a data register on the quality of the environment and the creation of spaces for protection and environmental reserve.

World Environment Week

World Environment Week is celebrated every year in the first week of June, along with the celebrations of World Environment Day (June 5th). The date exists since the publication of Decree 86.028 in 1981.

The objective of holding the World Environment Week is to make the population aware of the importance of the participation of all citizens in the preservation of the environment.

Environment Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Environment

A Better Living Environment
A New Global Environment for Learning
A Reliable Computer/Human Interaction Environment
Aboriginal Environmental Reclamation Corporation
Abstract Data Distribution Environment
Academa’s Lite Internet Client Environment
Accelerated Environmental Test
Accelerated Solution Environment
Access Control and Environmental System
Access Control Environment Element
Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment
Accurate Environmental Forecasting, Inc
Acoustic Environmental Support Detachment
Acquisition Environmental Product Support Team
Acquisition Safety and Environmental Group
acronym intense environment
Acronym-Rich Environment
Action Environment Ltd
Action Environmental, Inc.
Action for a Better Living Environment
Action for Tomorrow’s Environment
Active Community Environment
Active Community Environments
Active Sites Environmental Monitoring Program
Ada Based Environment for Test
Ada Common Environment
Ada Development Environment
Ada Integrated Development Environment
Ada Integrated Environment
Ada Programming Support Environment
ADA Run Time Environment
Ada Training Environment
Adaptation Controlled Environment System
Adaptive Collection Management Environment
Adaptive Communication Environment
Adaptive Environmental Assessment and Management
Adaptive Learning Environments Model
Adaptive Rendering and Transmission Environment
Adriatic Sea Environmental Master Plan
Advanced Cluster Environment
Advanced Collaborative Environment
Advanced Computing Environment
Advanced Configurators for the Environment
Advanced Design Environment Prototype Tool
Advanced Development Environment
Advanced Distributed Environment for Production Technology
Advanced Engineering Environment
Advanced Environmental ASW Support
Advanced Environmental Control System
Advanced Environmental Corporation
Advanced Environmental Interface, Inc.
Advanced Environmental Options, Inc.
Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc
Advanced Environmental Research Group
Advanced Environmental Research Incorporated
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
Advanced Large-Scale Integrated Computational Environment
Advanced Learning Environment
Advanced Life Support Engineering Environment
Advanced Life Systems for Extreme Environments
Advanced Mixed-Signal Integrated Design Environment
Advanced Multi-Configuration Environment Simulator
Advanced Multi-media Integrated Environment
Advanced Multiple Environment Simulator
Advanced Placement Environmental Science
Advanced Techniques and Models of System Production in a Heterogeneous, Extensible, and Rigorous Environment
Advanced Technologies for Energy and the Environment
Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center
Advanced Telecom and Multimedia Design Technology Environments
Advanced Warfare Environment
Adverse Environmental Effect
Advertising in a Digital Media Environment
Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment
Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects
Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources
Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment
Advisory Committee on the Environment
Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment
Advisory Council on the Environment
Advocates for Environmental Human Rights
Aerodata Model in Research Environment
Aeronautical Digital Data Environment
Aeronautical Imagery Exploitation Environment
Aeronautical Obstacle Environment
Aeronautical Source Environment
Aerospace Control Environment
Aerospace Environment Support Unit
Aerospace Environmental Support Center
Aerothermodynamics/Elastic Structural System Environmental Test
Afloat Environmental Protection Coordinator
African American Environmentalist Association
African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society
African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development
African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment
Agassiz Environmental Learning Center
Age Specific Knowledge on Environment
Agency of Environmental Conservation
Agency Task Force on Environmental Regulatory Modeling
Agenda of Science for Environment and Development
Agent Building and Learning Environment
Agent Building Environment
Agent Execution Environment
Agent Runtime Environment
Agent-Environment Coordination
AGFA Publishing Systems Environment
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories
Agricultural Environment and Structures
Agricultural Environmental Management
Agricultural Environmental Management
Agricultural Environmental Management Services
Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Initiative
Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission
Agriculture and Environment Working Group
Agriculture in Concert with the Environment
Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment
Air and Space Collaborative Environment
Air and space Constructive Environment
Air and Space Natural Environment
Air Defense Ground Environment
Air Force – Environmental Management Information System
Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
Air Force Electronic Warfare Environment Simulator
Airborne Early Warning Ground Environment Integration Segment
Airborne Support Environment
Aircraft Environmental Surveillance System
Airland Battle Environment
Airliner Sensor and Cabin Environment Network
Akwesasne Task Force on the Environment
Alabama Department of Environmental Management
Aladdin Smartcard Environment
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Alaska Forum on the Environment
Alaskans Concerned for Neglected Environments
Alberta Language Learning Environment
Alcona County Environmental Coalition
Alderley Environmental Ltd.
Algebraic Combinatorics Environment
Algebraic Video Environment
ALICE Environment (physics software)
All Computing Environments
All Purpose Environmental Clothing System
Allergy and Environmental Health Association of Quebec
Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions
Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment
Alliance for Environmental Education
Alliance for Environmental Technology
Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments
Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment
Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publications
Allied Environmental Conditions Testing Publication
Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd
Allied Environmental Support System
All-Purpose Environmental Camouflage
Altai Centre for Environmental Engineering Education
Alternative Fluorocarbons Environmental Acceptability Study
Alternative Work Environment
Alternatives for Community and Environment
Alternatives to Living In Violent Environments
Amazon Environmental, Inc.
American Academy of Environmental Engineers
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
American Environmental Health Foundation
American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services
Amex New Trading Environment
An Interactive Environment Engine
Analog Design Environment
Analytical & Environmental Services Limited
Analytical Environmental Immunochemical Consortium
Analytics Acceleration Grid Environment
Andaman and Nicobar Environment Team
Animal Behavior Environment Test
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine
Annie Interactive Development Environment
Annual Environmental Operating Report
Annual Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program
Annual Environmental Report
Antarctic Environmental Data Centre
Antarctic Environmental Officers Network
Antenna Environmental Control Unit
Anti-Submarine Warfare Environmental Prediction Studies
Antisubmarine Warfare Environmental Prediction System/Services
Appalachian Controls Environmental
AppleTalk Open Collaboration Environment
Applicant Prepared Environmental Assessment
Application Development Environment
Application Environment
Application Environment Profile
Application Environment Protocol
Application Environment Service
Application Environment Specification
Application Environment Support
Application Execution Environment
Application Execution Environment
Application Host Environment
Application Management Environment and Support
Application Operating Environment
Application Protocol Development Environment
Application Specific Depository of Object Oriented Environment
Applications Environment
Applications, Programming Models, and Environments
Application-Specific Interactive Develop Environment
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Applied Environmental Research Laboratories
Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Aqua Tech Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Arab Network for Environment and Development
Arab Regional Environmental Information Network
Architect-Engineer Environmental Services for the Education and Training Command
Archives of Environmental Health
Arctic Environment Data Directory
Arctic Environment Data Directory
Arctic Environmental Data Directory
Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center
Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy
Arctic Environmental Strategy
Arctic Ice and Environmental Variability
Arctic Learning Environment
Arctic Long-term Environmental Research Transects Program
Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation
Area Environmental Compliance Specialist
Area of Environmental Concern
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
Arizona Association for Learning About the Environment
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Arkansas Environmental Education Association
Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment
Armament/C2 Systems Test Environment
Army Automated Environmental Management Information System
Army Common Operating Environment
Army Environmental Center
Army Environmental Command
Army Environmental Policy Institute
Army Environmental User Requirements and Technology Assessments
Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Artificial Intelligence Research in Environmental Science
Artists for the Environment
ArvinMeritor Environmental Management System
ASEAN Environment Year
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Haze (environment)
ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on the Environment
ASEAN Subregional Environment Program
ASEAN Working Group on Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Ashtabula Environmental Management Project
Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists
Asian Environmental Society
Asia-Pacific Center for Environmental Law
Asia-Pacific Environmental Exchange
Assembling Configuration Management Environments
Assessment of Environmental Effects
Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Health
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment
Associate Environmental Professional
Associated Environmental Trainer
Association for Environment Conscious Building
Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences
Association for Friends of Environment in Alexandria
Association for Health and Environmental Development
Association for Research and Environmental Aid
Association for Rural and Environment Care
Association for the Development of Environmental Quality
Association for the Protection of the Environment
Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
Association of Chemistry and the Environment
Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport
Association of Environmental & Resource Economists
Association of Environmental Professionals
Association of Environmental Scientists and Administrators
Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists
Association of International Research Initiatives for Environmental Studies
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
Association of Northwest Environmental Professionals
Association of Occupational & Environmental Clinics
Association of South-Pacific Environmental Institutions
Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment
Association of Zimbabwe Traditional Environmental Conservationists
Association to Promote and Protect the Lubec Environment
Assured Computing Environment
ASW Environmental Acoustic Support
Athens Environmental Research Laboratory
Atlantic Center for the Environment
Atlantic Environmental Sciences Network
Atlas Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Atlas-Based Environment for Test
ATM Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS (European Air Traffic Management System)
Atmosphere Climate Environment
Atmosphere Environmental File
Atmosphere, Climate & Environment
Atmospheric and Environmental Research
Atmospheric Environment Service
Atmospheric Research and Environment Program
Atmospheric, Marine and Coastal Environment
Auburn University Environmental Institute
Audio Environment Simulator
Audubon Environmental Education Center
Augmented Environments Laboratory
Augmented Virtual Environment
Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
Australian Association for Environmental Education
Australian Biological and Environmental Survey
Australian Bird Environment Fund
Australian Centre for Environmental Law
Australian Controlled Environment Working Group
Australian Environmental Council
Australian Environmental Education Network
Australian Environmental Labelling Association
Australian Resource Information and Environment Satellite
Australian Youth Parliament for the Environment
Authenticated Networked Guided Environment for Learning
Automated Buyer Environment
Automated Commercial Environment
Automated Contracts Environment
Automated Conversion Environment
Automated Environmental Prediction System
Automated Intrusion Detection Environment
Automated Logistics Environment
Automated Maintenance Environment
Automated Product Control Environment
Automated Program Control Environment
Automatic Environmental Surface Observation Platforms
Automatic Ground Environment
Automation Light Interface Control Environment
Automotive Environmental Index
Auxiliary General Environmental Research
Aventis Environmental Science, Inc.
Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
Avionics Data Visualization Integration System Environment
Avionics Domain Application Generation Environment
Bachelor of Applied Environmental Management
Bachelor of Ecology and Environmental Science
Bachelor of Environment Studies
Bachelor of Environmental Design
Bachelor of Environmental Design
Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies
Bachelor of Environmental Management
Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
Background Environment Simulator
Bad Environment
Bahamas Environment Science and Technology
Baikal Environmental Wave
Balfours Environmental Consultants Ltd
Balkan Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Network
Balloon Electrical Environment Profiling Systems
Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency
Baltic Environmental Forum
Baltic Environmental Information Dissemination System
Baltic Sea Environmental Proceedings
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
Base Air Defense Ground Environment/Equipment
Base Closure Environmental Assessment
Base Environmental Coordinator
Baseline Computing Environment
Baseline Development Environment
Baseline Environmental Assessment
Basic Air Defense Ground Environment
Basic ECM Environment Source
Basic Environmental Policy Act
Basic Environmental Protection Act
Battlefield Environment Directorate
Battlefield Environment Laser Designator Weapon System
Battlefield Environment Simulation Toolkit
Battlefield Environmental Effects
Battlefield Environmental Effects Software
Bay Area Environmental Safety Group
Bayer Environmental Science
Bayer Young Environmental Envoy
Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawai’i
Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act of 2000
Becoming Environmentally Active Citizen Heroes
Beijing Environment and Development Institute
Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau
Bell Creek Environmental Association
Bennett Environmental Inc.
Bennett Environmental, Inc.
Berkeley Environmental Alumni Network
Berkshire Environmental Action Team
Berkshire Environmental Educators Network
Best Action for the Environment Road Show
Best Environmental Practise
Best Practicable Environmental Option
Better Environmentally Sound Transportation
Beverage Industry Environment Council
Beverage Packaging Environment Council
Bidability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Review
Big Lake Environment Support Society
Bike-Commuters of the Environmental Protection Agency
Bilfinger Berger Environmental Ltd
Binary Run-time Environment for Wireless
Bioengineering & Environmental Systems
Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
Bio-Environmental Engineer
Bioenvironmental Engineering Services
Bioenvironmental Polymer Society
Bioenvironmental Science
Biogeochemical Information Ordering Management Environment
Biological and Environmental Reference Materials
Biological and Environmental Research
Biological Information Browsing Environment
Biomedical and Environmental Agriculture Technology
Biomedical and Environmental Information Analysis
Biomedical and Environmental Research
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences
Biometric Experimentation Environment
Biomonitoring of Environmental Status and Trends
Biotechnology & Environmental Specialist Consultancy
Black Environment Network
Black Sea Environmental Program
Blast Environment Wave Simulator
Blended Learning Environmental Science
Blind Adults Learning About Normal Community Environment
Block Environmental Services
Blogging Environment for Eearning
Bloomsbury Learning Environment
Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Blue Ridge Environmental Network
Board Certified Environmental Engineer
Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications
Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology
Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment
Bohol Environment Management Office
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Border Epidemiology and Environmental Health Center
Boston Environmental Ambassadors to the National Park Service
BRAC Environmental Coordinator
Bradford Environmental Action Trust
Breast Cancer and Environmental Act
Brighton Peace and Environment Centre
Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems
Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset Environmental Protection Committee
British Columbia Environmental Assessment
British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office
Broadband Enabled Lifelong Learning Environment
Broward County Environmental Protection Department
Brown Environmental Action Network
Brown Environmental Leadership Lab
Bruce Peninsula Environment Group
Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment
Buchanan Environmental Ltd
Bucknell University Environmental Center
Build Environment
Building and Environmental Engineering Society
Building Distributed Learning Environments
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Building Energy and Environment Performance System
Building Energy and Environmental Modelling
Building Envelope Environmental Monitoring Service
Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council
Building Environment Council of Ohio
Building Environmental Performance Assessment Criteria
Building Environmental Systems
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility
Building Radio frequency Identification solutions for the Global Environment
Building Relationships in Diverse Geographic Environments
Building Services & Environmental Engineer
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Building, Research, Innovation, Technology and Environment
Built Environment and Health
Built Environment Innovation Centre
Built Environment Solutions and Technologies
Bureau of Community Environmental Management
Bureau of Environmental Health
Bureau of Environmental Health and Safety
Bureau of Environmental Regulation and Management
Bureau of Environmental Remediation
Bureau of Environmental Services
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs/ office of International Health Affairs
Bureau of Street and Environmental Services
Business Development Environment
Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey
Business Environment Council
Business Environment Europe
Business Environment Risk Index
Business Environment Risk Intelligence
Business Environmental Resource Center
Business Environmental Training Initiative
Business in the Environment
Business Intelligence Environment
Business Process Development Environment
Business-Environment Learning and Leadership
BusinessWare Modeling Environment
Butte Environmental Council
C2 Unified Battlespace Environment
California Alpine Resort Environmental Cooperative
California Center for Environmental Design Research
California Environment Resources Evaluation System
California Environmental Business Council, Inc.
California Environmental Dialogue
California Environmental Health Association
California Environmental Protection Agency
California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
California Urban Environmental Research and Education Center
California Water Environment Association
Call Center Environment Stabilization
Callaway Advanced Scalable Parallel Environment for Research
Caltech Environmental Task Force
Camano Action for a Rural Environment
Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants
Campaign for an Open Digital Environment
Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment
Campus Environmental Audit Response
Campus Environmental Sustainability Team
Canadian Association for Physicians for the Environment
Canadian Coalition for Health and Environment
Canadian Coalition for Responsible Environmental Solutions
Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
Canadian Environment Industry Association
Canadian Environment Network
Canadian Environmental Assessment
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Canadian Environmental Auditing Association
Canadian Environmental Industry Association
Canadian Environmental Law Association
Canadian Environmental Protection Act
Canadian Environmental Solutions
Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communications
Canadian Office of Technology Exchange in Environment
Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Study Group
Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists
Canadian Urban Research on the Environment
Capabilities Integration Environment
Capability Based Environment
Capacity Building for Environmental Management
Cape Peninsula Protected Natural Environment
Capitol Environmental Services Inc.
Carbondale Foundation for a Better Environment
Care of Our Environment
Caribbean Environment Program
Caribbean Environmental Health Institute
Caribbean Environmental Network
Caribbean Environmental Reporters’ Network
Caribbean Youth Environment Network
Carleton Research Unit on Innovation, Science and Environment
Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring Research Center
Carolina Environmental Program
Carpenter Environmental Association
Cars to Public Transport in the Urban Environment
Case Studies in Environmental Medicine
Caspian Environment Programme
Catalina Environmental Leadership Program
Caucasus Youth Environmental Network
Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
Cedar Environmental
Cement Industry Environment Consortium
Center for Agricultural, Resource, and Environmental Systems
Center for Agriculture in the Environment
Center for Analysis of Environmental Change
Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Center for Biomedical and Environmental Research
Center for Business and the Environment at Yale
Center for Children’s Health and the Environment
Center for Combustion and Environmental Research
Center for Construction and Environment
Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc.
Center for Energy and Environmental Analysis
Center for Energy and Environmental Education
Center for Energy and Environmental Management
Center for Energy and Environmental Research
Center for Environment
Center for Environment and Development
Center for Environment and Population
Center for Environmental and Rural Health
Center for Environmental and Urban Studies
Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities
Center for Environmental Assessment Services
Center for Environmental Awareness and Education
Center for Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry
Center for Environmental Citizenship
Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution
Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation
Center for Environmental Education
Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
Center for Environmental Health and Injury Control
Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Center for Environmental Issues and Regional Development
Center for Environmental Journalism
Center for Environmental Justice
Center for Environmental Law and Policy
Center for Environmental Policy, Economics and Science
Center for Environmental Public Advocacy
Center for Environmental Remediation and Monitoring
Center for Environmental Research
Center for Environmental Research and Conservation
Center for Environmental Research Information
Center for Environmental Resource Management
Center for Environmental Science
Center for Environmental Science and Policy
Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Center for Environmental Sensitivity in Construction
Center for Environmental Studies and Management
Center for Environmental Studies and Research
Center for Environmental Technology
Center for Environmental Therapeutics
Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis
Center for Environmentally Sound Technology Transfer
Center for Environmentally Sustainable Economic Policy
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research
Center for Health and Global Environment
Center for Health and the Environment
Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Center for Healthcare Environmental Management
Center for Integrative Environmental Research
Center for International Environmental Law
Center for Life in Extreme Environments
Center for Multiphase Environmental Research
Center for Petroleum Safety and Environment
Center for Public Environmental Oversight
Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activities
Center for Research on Environmental Science, Policy, and Engineering
Center for Respect of Life and Environment
Center for Small Business and the Environment
Center for Structures in Extreme Environments
Center for the Advanced Study of the Environment
Center for the Assessment and Monitoring of Forest and Environmental Resources
Center for the Built Environment
Center for the Study of Institutions, Population, and Environmental Change
Center for the Study of the Built Environment
Center for Transportation and the Environment
Center for Transportation and the Environment
Center for Urban and Environmental Change
Center Network Environment
Center of Protective Environment, Inc.
Central Asia Regional Environmental Center
Central California Environmental Justice Network
Central Environmental Authority
Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show
Central Environmental Satellite Computer System
Central European Environmental Data Request Facility
Central New York Environment
Central Office Environment
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center
Central Wisconsin Environmental Station
Centralized Environmental Facility
Centre de Recherches en Physique de l’Environment Terrestre et Planetaire
Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment
Centre for Advancement in Environmental Law
Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment
Centre for Development and Environment
Centre for Development, Environment and Policy
Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies
Centre for Education in the Built Environment
Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Centre for Environment and Development
Centre for Environment and Development
Centre for Environment and Population Activities
Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development India
Centre for Environment Concerns
Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Centre for Environment Information and Knowledge in Africa
Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development
Centre for Environmental & Molecular Algal Research
Centre for Environmental and Estuarine Studies
Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Centre for Environmental Applied Hydrology
Centre for Environmental Control and Waste Management
Centre for Environmental Design Research and Outreach
Centre for Environmental Education Research
Centre for Environmental Health
Centre for Environmental Information
Centre for Environmental Management
Centre for Environmental Management
Centre for Environmental Monitoring
Centre for Environmental Monitoring
Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology
Centre for Environmental Research and Education
Centre for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development
Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety
Centre for Household Energy and Environment
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Centre for Indigenous Peoples Nutrition and Environment
Centre for Interdisciplinary Built Environment Research
Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards
Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards
Centre for Research in Education and the Environment
Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies
Centre for Resources Management and Environmental Studies
Centre for Science and Environment
Centre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation
Centre for the Integrated Home Environment
Centre for the Management of Arid Environments
Centre for the Management of Environmental Resources
Centre for the Understanding of the Built Environment
Centre for Urban and Built Environment Studies
Centre for Virtual Environments
Centre of Environmental Health Activities
Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
Certificate of Environmental Clearance
Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment
Certified Environmental Auditor
Certified Environmental Compliance Manager
Certified Environmental Compliance Manager
Certified Environmental Hygienist
Certified Environmental Particulate Air, Inc.
Certified Environmental Planner
Certified Environmental Professional
Certified Environmental Systems Manager
Certified Environmental Trainer
Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer
Certified Healthcare Environmental Manager
Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional
Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Certified Innovation Environment Engineer
Certified Professional Environmental Auditor
Certified Project Manager Environmental Engineering
Changes in Global National Security Environment
Chargeback Automated Dispute Resolution Environment
Charles University Environment Centre
Charleston Lake Environmental Association
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Chemical And Nuclear Environment
Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
Chicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency
Child Friendly Learning Environment
Child-Driven Learning Environment
Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study
Children’s Environmental Response Inventory
Children’s Health Environmental Coalition
Chimie Nucléaire Analytique et Bio-environmentale
China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation
China Environmental Protection Foundation
China Environmental Science Press
China National Environmental Monitoring Center
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Christchurch Environment Centre
Christians for Environmental Stewardship
Chronic Environmental Deficiencies
Circumarctic Environmental Observatories Network
Circumpolar PhD Network in Arctic Environmental Studies
Citizens Against A Radioactive Environment
Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment
Citizens for a Healthy Environment
Citizens for Economic and Environmental Balance
Citizens League for Environmental Action Now
Citizens Lobby for Environmental Awareness and Responsibility
Citizens Research and Environmental Watch
Citizens’ Report on the Military and the Environment
Civil and Engineering Environmental
Civil And Environmental Development Office
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science
Civil Environment
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Clean Environment for Lab Automation
Clean Urban River Environments
Cleaning up the Environment
Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research
Clemson Institute of Environmental Toxicology
Client/Server Open Development Environment
Client/Server Processing Environment
Client-Server Environment
Climate and Environment in Alpine Regions
Climate and Environmental Data Retrieval and Archive
Climate, People and Environment Program
Climatological and Historical Analysis of Clouds for Environmental Simulations
Closed Environmental Life Support System
Closed Growing Environment
Closed Loop Environmental Alliance Network
Closed-Loop Environmental Control System
Cloud Computing Environment
Club of Youth Working for Environment
Cluster Environmental Protection Specialist
Coalition for Environmental Justice
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions
Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies
Coalition for Health Environments Research
Coalition Information Environment
Coalition of Environmental Training Centers
Coastal Environmental Award Scheme
Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative
Coastal Environments Inc
Coastal Redwoods Environmental School
Code of Good Environmental Practices
COE Java Runtime Environment
Cognitive Apprenticeship-Based Learning Environment
Cognitive Environment Simulator
Collaboration for Health, Activity and Nutrition in Children’s Environments
Collaborative and Network Distributed Learning Environment
Collaborative Decision Environment
Collaborative Engineering Environment
Collaborative Enterprise Environment
Collaborative Environmental Program Indonesia
Collaborative Environmental Transportation Agreement for Streamlining
Collaborative Health on the Environment
Collaborative Information Environment
Collaborative Observatory for Natural Environments
Collaborative Offshore Wind Research Into the Environment
Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Collaborative Planning Virtual Environment
Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Environments
Collaborative Virtual Environment
Collaborative Virtual Environment
Collaborative Virtual Environment
Collaborative Virtual Research Environments
Collaborative Work Environment
Collaborative Working Environment
Collaborative Working Environment
College and University Classroom Environment Inventory
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
College of Environment and Life Sciences
College of Environmental Design
Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
Colorado Environmental Coalition
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Colorado Environmental Health Association
Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program
Columbia Automated Vision Environment
Columbia Automated Vision Environment
Columbia Environmental Research Center
Columbus Environmental Management Project
Combat Environment Realism System
Combat Radio Environment Simulator & Trainer
Combined Arms in a Nuclear Environment
Combined Environmental Reliability Testing
Combined Environmental Testing Facility
Comenius Collaborative Environment
Command and Control Unified Battlespace Environment
Commander’s Predictive Environment
Commanders Integrated Training Environment
Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference
Commercial Ada Development Environment
Commercial Ada Development Environment
Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Commission on Environmental Law
Commission on Environmental Strategy and Planning
Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment
Committee for Environmental Protection
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection
Committee on Campus and Community Environment
Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Committee on Environmental and Natural Resources
Committee on Environmental and Social Impacts
Committee on Environmental Improvement
Committee on Environmental Issues
Committee on International Policy in the Marine Environment
Committee On Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
Committee on the Environment
Committee on Trade and Environment
Committee on Trade and Environment
Committee on Urban Design and Environment
Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc.
Common Application Environment
Common Computing Environment
Common Data Environment
Common Desktop Environment
Common Environment
Common Environment for Testing
Common Firmware Environment
Common Graphics Environment
Common Information Environment
Common Linux Desktop Environment
Common Logistics Operating Environment
Common Office Environment
Common Open Software Environment
Common Open Systems Environment
Common Operating Digital Environment
Common Operating Environment
Common Operating Systems Environment
Common PC Operating System Environment
Common Research Environment STAP Technology
Common Runtime Environment
Common Scenario Control Environment
Common Software Engineering Environment
Common Unix Environment
Common User Environment
Communicative and Supportive Teaching/Learning Environment
Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
Communities Against Radioactive Environments
Communities for a Better Environment
Community & Environment Project Office
Community Action for a Renewed Environment
Community and Environmental Defense Services
Community Business and Environment Centre
Community Environmental Health Resource Center
Community Environmental Management Programme
Community Environmental Monitoring
Community Environmental Monitoring
Community Environmental Monitoring Program
Community Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme
Community Environmental Resource Program
Community Environmental Service Teams
Community Financial Instrument for the Environment
Community Health and Environmental Surveillance System
Community, Labor, Environmental Action Network
Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme
Compact Environmental Anomaly Sensor
Compendium of Environmental Acronyms
Compendium of Environmental and Professional Acronyms
Compendium of Environmental and Professional Acronyms
Complete Environmental Products
Complex Problem Solving Environment
Component Runtime Environment
Component-Based Learning Environment
Composable Mission Space Environments
Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency
Comprehensive Automated Maintenance Environment-Optimized
Comprehensive Environmental Assessment System
Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan
Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme for Buildings
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System
Comprehensive Environmental Restoration Program
Comprehensive Environmental Toxicity Information System
Comprehensive Environmental Training & Education Program
Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network
Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy
Computational Environmental Sciences Program
Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences
Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment
Computer Assisted Virtual Environment
Computer Assisted Virtual Environment
Computer Equipped Learning Environments
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environments
Computerised Environmental Law Information Base
Computerized Automatic Virtual Environment
Computerized Automatic Virtual Environment
Computerized Speech Research Environment
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
Computing Environment
Computing Environment for Linguistic, Literary, and Anthropological Research
Computing Environment Instant Messaging
Computing Environment Virus Protection
Computing Research Laboratory for the Environment
Conceptual Open Hypermedia Services Environment
Concerned Citizens for our Community Environments
Concerned Educators for a Safe Environment
Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship
ConcurTasktrees Environment
Condition and Environment Sensing and Reporting
Conference of State Health and Environmental Managers
Conference on Environmental Education in Europe
Conference on Environmental Electromagnetics
Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
Configuration Manager Environment
Configure Runtime Linking Environment
Connecticut Business Environmental Council
Connecticut Environmental Entrepreneurial Center
Connecticut Environmental Health Association
Connecticut Fund for the Environment
Connecting Environmental Professionals
Connector Environmental Test Stand
Conservation and Environmental Management Division
Conservation and Environmental Program
Conservatives for Climate and Environment
Consistent Office Environment
Consolidated Integrated Development Support Environment
Consortium for Environmental Education in Medicine
Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning
Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment
Constructing Excellence in the Built Environment
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Consultative Environmental Review
Contaminated Land Environmental Assessment
Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment
Contamination Environment Package
Contemporary Operating Environment
Contemporary Operational Environment
Contextual Resource Evaluation Environment
Continuous Noise Environment
Control Building Environmental Control System
Controlled Airspace Synthetic Environment
Controlled Environment Agriculture
Controlled Environment and Life Support System
Controlled Environment Plant Production System
Controlled Environment Vault
Controlled Environment Warehouse
Controls for Environmental Pollution
Conventional Combustion Environmental Assessment
Co-Operation for Environmental Education in Europe
Co-operative Awards in the Sciences of the Environment
Cooperative Development Environment
Cooperative Development Environment
Cooperative Environmental Management
Cooperative Environmental Management
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Coopers & Lybrand Information Management Environment
Coordinate Information on the Environment
Coral Reef Environmental Observatory Network
Corporate Environmental Action Plan
Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility
Corporate Environmental Data Services Program
Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council
Corporate Environmental Governance
Corporate Environmental Governance Programme
Corporate Environmental Management Program
Corporate Environmental Report
Corporate Environmental Responsibility Group
Corporate Environmental Risk Management
Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting
Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
Corporate Systems Engineering Environment
Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory
Cory Environmental Municipal Services
Cost-Effective Environment-Friendly
Council Committee on Health, Energy & Environment
Council for Environmental Education
Council for Environmental Stewardship
Council for Health and Environmental Safety of Soils
Council of Environmental Deans and Directors
Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring
Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy
Council On Environmental Quality
Council on Packaging in the Environment
Council on Regulatory Environmental Modeling
Council on the Environment
Council-Certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant
Council-Certified Environmental Infection Control Investigator
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Remediator
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Supervisor
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Counsel Automated Systems Environment
County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship
County Durham Environmental Trust
County Environmental Health Act of 1978
Crap At the Environment
Cray Linux Environment
Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment
Creating A Harmless Environment to Enjoy Buds Appropriately
Creating A Positive Environment
Creating Optimum Learning Environments
Creative Problem Solving Environment
Credit Union Business Environment
Critical Analysis Reporting Environment
Critical Interactions BEtween Species and their Implications for a PreCAUtionary FiSheries Management in a variable Environment
Crop Estimation through Resource and Environment Synthesis
Cross-Environment Data Access
Cultural and Environmental Heritage Fund for South East Europe
Cultural Objects in Networked Environments
Culture, Health, Education and Environmental Resources
Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust
Cumulative Environmental Management Association
Current Environmental Solution
Customer Automation & Reporting Environment
Customer Automation and Reporting Environment
Customer Integration Environment
Czech Environmental Inspectorate
Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment
Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development – Industry and Urban Areas
Danish Working Environment Service
Data Center Environment Assessment
Data Integration & Collection Environment
Data Terminal Environment
Data-Intensive Computing Environment
Decision Support Environment
Dedicated Network Environment
Dedridge Environment Ecology Project
Deep Ocean Mining Environmental Study
Default Visual Environment
Defence Information Environment
Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method
Defense Environmental International Cooperation
Defense Environmental Network Information Service
Defense Environmental Restoration Account
Defense Environmental Restoration Act
Defense Environmental Restoration Program
Defense Information Infrastructure-Common Operating Environment
Degraded Visual Environment
DEISA Common Production Environment
Delaware Environmental Observing System
Delcan Environmental Management Group
Delhi Environment Action Network
Delivering Environmental Solutions into Regional Enterprise
Delivering Environmental Web Services
Delivering Information in a Cellular Environment
DEME Environmental Contractors
Demonstrate and Assess New Tools for Environmental Sustainability
Denver Institutional Area Network Environment
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for Environment, Planning and the Countryside
Department of Energy Engineering and Environmental Control
Department of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
Department of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
Department of Environment
Department of Environment and Coastal Resources
Department of Environment and Conservation
Department of Environment and Heritage
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Department of Environment and Pollution Kumamoto
Department of Environment and Water Resources
Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Department of Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
Department of Environmental Conservation
Department of Environmental Control
Department of Environmental Conventions
Department of Environmental Engineering
Department of Environmental Health
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Department of Environmental Management
Department of Environmental Management
Department of Environmental Pollution Control
Department Of Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Regulation
Department of Environmental Research
Department of Environmental Resources
Department of Environmental Resources Management
Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Department of Environmental Services
Department of Environmental Services
Department of Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology
Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environment
Department of Health and Environmental Control
Department of Health and Environmental Sciences
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment
Department of Local Government and the Environment
Department of Marine and Environmental Systems
Department of Planning and Environmental Protection
Department of Science, Technology and Environment
Department of Sustainability and Environment
Department of the Environment
Department of the Environment
Department of the Environment and Conservation
Department of the Environment and Heritage
Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland
Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs
Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment
Deployable Advanced Communications Environment
Deputy Borough Environmental Health Officer
Deputy Environmental Liaison Officer
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment
Design and Environmental Analy
Design For the Environment
Design Knowledge Acquisition and Redesign Environment
Design, Economics, Environmental, Planning
Design, Quality, Environment
Designated Acronym Free Environment
Designated Officials for Environmental Matters
Designated System Environment
Designing Environments for Successful Kids
Desktop Environment
Desktop Environment
Desktop Integrated Media Environment
Desktop Test Environment
Destroyed in a Colored Environment
Detailed Engineering and Environmental Review
Detailed Environmental Test Plan
Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
Development and Environment Association
Development And Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Environmental Project
Development and Test Environment
Development Laboratory Environment
Development Support Environment
Development Tools Environment
Development, Education Institute for Human & Environment Resources Management
Devon Environmental Business Initiative
Digital Design Environments Laboratory
Digital Earth Virtual Environment and Learning Outreach Project
Digital Environment
Digital Environment
Digital Integrated Modeling Environment
Digital Knowledge Environment
Digital Open Network Environment
Digital Policy Environment
Digital Television Application Software Environment
Dillon’s Integrated C Environment
Diplomate Environmental Engineer
Direct Machine Environment
Director General Environment
Director of Environment
Director of Environment, Health, and Safety
Director of Environmental Health
Director of Environmental Health Services
Directorate of Environmental and Natural Resources
Directorate of Environmental Compliance and Management
Directorate of Environmental Health Engineering
Directorate of Environmental Management and Planning
disease and environmental alert report
Dismounted Infantry in a Virtual Environment
Dispatch Environmental Control System
Distinctive Environmental Uniform
Distinctive Environmental Uniform
Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment
Distributed Component Environment
Distributed Computing Environment
Distributed Computing Environment Daemon
Distributed Environmental Disaster Information and Control System
Distributed Information Warfare Constructive Environment
Distributed Information, Computation, and Process Management for Scientific and Engineering Environments
Distributed Intelligent Design Environment
Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment
Distributed Irregular Mesh Environment
Distributed Management Environment
Distributed Memory Environment
Distributed Object Environment
Distributed Object Visualization Environment
Distributed Processing Environment
Distributed Software Engineering Environment
Distributed Systems Environment
Distributed Unified Numerics Environment
Distributed Virtual Environment
Distributed, Environment-Centered Agent Framework
Distribution And Repair In Variable Environment
Distribution Environment Support System
District of Columbia Environmental Network
Diverse Learning Environments
Diving Instrumentation Vehicle for Environmental Research
Diving Instrumentation Vehicle for Environmental Research
Division of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences
Division of Chemistry and the Environment
Division of Environment and Natural Resources
Division of Environmental Affairs
Division of Environmental Health and Engineering
Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine
Division of Environmental Health Services
Division of Environmental Law and Conventions
Division of Environmental Planning and Protection
Division of Environmental Quality
Division of Environmental Safety Research
Division of Environmental Sciences
Division of Environmental Services
Division of Marine and Environmental Systems
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection
Doctor of Environmental Studies
Document Archive Environment
Document Processing Environment
DOE Environmental Checklist
Domain Software Engineering Environment
Don Mackay Environmental Research
Dorset Environmental Records Centre
DotGNU Execution Environment
Draft Environmental Assessment
Draft Environmental Document
Draft Environmental Impact Report
Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Draft Environmental Report
Draft Environmental Statement
Draft Environmental Study Report
Draft Generic Environmental Assessment
Draft Local Environmental Plan
Driver, Vehicle, Environment
Dropping in a Microgravity Environment
Drycleaner Environmental Response Act
Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust
Dryland Livestock Wildlife Environment Interface Project
Duke Environment and Climate Action Formula
Dynamic Animation and Control Environment
Dynamic Collaborative Environment
Dynamic Environment and Terrain
Dynamic Environmental Scan
Dynamic Information Operations Decision Environment
Dynamic Provisioning Environment
Dynamic Synthetic Environment
Dynamics, Acoustics and Thermal Environment
Early Childhood Environmental Education Network
Earth & Marine Environmental Consultants
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Earth and Environmental Science Division
Earth and Environmental Sciences Center
Earth Environment Agency
Earth Environmental Sensor Systems
Earth, Ecological and Environmental Sciences
East Michigan Environmental Action Council
Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness
Eastern Environmental Radiation Facility
Eastern Environmental Radiation Laboratory
Eclipse Environmental Solutions LLC
Eco Environmental Product Standards
Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group
Economic Change, Poverty and Environment
Economic Globalization and the Environment
Economic Growth and Innovation in Multicultural Environments
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Edinburgh Lung and the Environment Group Initiative
Education and Development in A Global Environment
Education and the Environment Initiative
Education in the Environment Caving/Canoe Club
Educational Visualization Environment for Graph Algorithms
Effective Environmental Concentration
Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
E-Learning Environment
Electrical Environmental System
Electrical, Environmental, and Communications
Electromagnetic Controlled Environment
Electromagnetic Energy Environment Criteria
Electromagnetic Environment
Electromagnetic Environment
Electromagnetic Environment Generating System
Electromagnetic Environment Test Facility
electromagnetic environmental effects
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Control Program
Electronic Combat Environment
Electronic Environmental Effects
Electronic Environmental Monitoring System
Electronic Environmental Resources Library
Electronic Equipment Environmental Survey
Electronic Library Information Environment
Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
Electronic Training Environment
Electronic Warfare Threat Environment Simulation
Electronic/Environmental Stress Screening
Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence
Embedded Development Environment
Emergency and Environmental Health Services
Emergency Environment Management Project
Emergency Environmental Protection Order
Emergent Networks Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment
Empirical Wool Environment
End-to-End System Analysis and Service Environment
Energy & Environmental Technologies Conference
Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment Information System
Energy and Environment Technology Center
Energy and Environmental Analysis
Energy and Environmental Analysts, Inc.
Energy and Environmental Building Association
Energy and Environmental Division
Energy and Environmental Engineering Center
Energy and Environmental Markets
Energy and Environmental Security Initiative
Energy and Environmental Services Company
Energy and Environmental Studies
Energy and Environmental Systems Institute
Energy Environment and Transportation
Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Energy, Environment, Computer, and Geophysical Applications Group
Energy, Land and Environment Sector
Energy, Technology and the Environment
Energy, Transport and Environment
Engergy, Environment and National Security
Engineering of Software Services for Pervasive Environments
Engineering Specific Career Planning And Problem-Solving Environment
Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment
Enhanced Data GSM Environment
Enhanced Environment Technology
Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
Enhanced Exploitation Environment
Enhanced Secure Environment
Enhanced Secure Environment
Enterprise Application Environment
Enterprise Data Environment
Enterprise Environmental Management System
Enterprise Information Environment
Enterprise Integrated Data Environment
Enterprise Operating Environment
Enterprise Shared Data Environment
Environment & Natural Resource
Environment & Nature Training Institute for Conservation Education
Environment Agency
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
Environment Agency of Japan
Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi
Environment and Art in Catholic Worship
Environment and Conservation Division
Environment and Development Action
Environment and Development Foundation
Environment and Development Resource Centre
Environment and Development Working Group
Environment and Energy Conference
Environment and Execution Management
Environment and Food Bureau
Environment and Genetics in Lung Cancer Etiology
Environment and Justice Society
Environment and Land Management Sector
Environment and Natural Resources Accounting
Environment and Natural Resources Committee
Environment and Natural Resources Program
Environment and Planning Law Association
Environment and Plastics Industry Council
Environment and Public Health Organization
Environment and Public Policy
Environment and Public Works Committee
Environment and Radar Operations Simulator
Environment and Resource Efficiency Plan
Environment and School Initiatives
Environment and Security Pilot Study
Environment and Society
Environment and Sustainable Development Unit
Environment and Transportation Group
Environment Appropriate Tableware
Environment Assessment Technical Report of DEIA
Environment Australia
Environment Bay of Plenty
Environment Behavior Research Association
Environment Canada
Environment Canada
Environment Canada
Environment Capacity Enhancement Project
Environment Centre Northern Territory
Environment Committee
Environment Committee
Environment Committee
Environment Compliance Plan
Environment Control Table
Environment Council of Rhode Island
Environment Design Guide
Environment Development Association – Rashaya
Environment Development Association of Mukattam
Environment Electronic Friends
Environment Flow Releases
Environment for Development
Environment for Europe
Environment for Managing Atlas Programs
Environment for Natural Resource Information Integration
Environment for Parallel Execution
Environment for the development and Distribution of Open Source software
Environment for Trusted Ada Software
Environment for Visualizing Images
Environment for Visualizing Images
Environment Friends Society
Environment General Authority
Environment Generation and Analysis
Environment in Focus Association
Environment Industries Focus Unit
Environment Industry Yearbook
Environment Liaison Center
Environment Liaison Centre International
Environment Liaison Centre International
Environment Life Sciences
Environment Management and Information Liaison
Environment Management Bureau
Environment Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project
Environment Mapped Bump Mapping
Environment Monitor
Environment Monitor
Environment News Service
Environment North Carolina
Environment of Care
Environment of Deposition
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation
Environment Online
Environment Policy Committee
Environment Press Release
Environment Protection & Safety Section
Environment Protection Act 1974 (Australia)
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation
Environment Protection Authority
Environment Protection Toilet
Environment Protectors Society
Environment Quality Program
Environment Related Activities
Environment Remote Sensing Institute
Environment Research and Training Center
Environment Research Center
Environment Resources and Sustainable Development
Environment Society of Oman
Environment Stress Cracking
Environment Without Borders
Environment, Capital Lands and Parks
Environment, Economy and Culture
Environment, Energy and Social Transition
Environment, Energy, Water and Clean Technology
Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee
Environment, Health and Safety Committee
Environment, Health, Safety and Operations Committee
Environment, Health, Safety, Security
Environment, Peace and Stability Facility
Environment, Protective and Cultural Services
Environment, Safety & Health
Environment, Safety and Health Council
Environment, Safety, Security and Health
Environment, Science, Technology and Health
Environment, Social and Government Issues
Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee
Environmental & Engineering Services Inc.
Environmental & Marine Project Management Agency
Environmental & Occupational Health
Environmental & Safety Support Group, LLC
Environmental Accountability Division
Environmental Acoustics
Environmental Action
Environmental Action New York
Environmental Action Plan
Environmental Activities Reporting System
Environmental Advisory Board
Environmental Advisory Committee
Environmental Advisory Council
Environmental Advocates of New York
Environmental Affairs Office
Environmental Alarm System
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
Environmental Analysis & Planning
Environmental Analysis and Control
Environmental Analysis Laboratory
Environmental Analytical Laboratory
Environmental and Conservation Organisations
Environmental and Conservation Organisations
Environmental and Earth Sciences
Environmental and Earth System Science
Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee
Environmental and Ecological Statistics
Environmental and Energy Management
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental and Facility Temperature Controls
Environmental and Green Chemistry
Environmental and Health Impact
Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group
Environmental and Land Use Law
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Environmental and Occupational Risk Management
Environmental and Peace Education Center
Environmental and Public Health
Environmental and Public Health
Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet
Environmental and Remedial Treatment for Hydrocarbons
Environmental and Resource Studies
Environmental and Social Action Plan
Environmental and Social Impact Analysis
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Environmental and Social Impact Report
Environmental and Social Management Framework
Environmental and Social Management Group
Environmental and Social Management Plan
Environmental and Social Review
Environmental and Social Sustainability Initiative
Environmental and Societal Impacts Group
Environmental and Spatial Technology
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Appeals Board
Environmental Applied Research Technology House Corp.
Environmental Archaeology Unit
Environmental Architect-Engineer
Environmental Area Characterization Report
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment and Mitigation Report
Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Committee
Environmental Assessment and Risk Tools Homepage
Environmental Assessment Association
Environmental Assessment Command Center
Environmental Assessment Data System
Environmental Assessment Level
Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organizations
Environmental Assessment of Solid Waste Systems and Technologies
Environmental Assessment Office
Environmental Assessment Practitioners of South Africa
Environmental Assessment Programme for Asia and the Pacific
Environmental Assessment Report
Environmental Assessment Study Report
Environmental Assessment Working Group
Environmental Assessment Working Papers
Environmental Assessment Worksheet
Environmental Assistance Office
Environmental Assisted Cracking
Environmental Association for Latin America
Environmental Assurance
Environmental Attribute Code
Environmental Audit Committee
Environmental Auditing
Environmental Auditing Roundtable
Environmental Auditors Registration Association
Environmental Autoimmunity Group
Environmental Awareness Group
Environmental Awareness Resource Center
Environmental Background Information Center
Environmental Background Investigations Unit
Environmental Bamboo Foundation
Environmental Barrier Coating
Environmental Barriers to Adherence Scale
Environmental Baseline Survey
Environmental Benefit Permit Strategy
Environmental Benefits
Environmental Benefits
Environmental Bill of Rights
Environmental Biology and Biogeochemistry
Environmental Biosafety Committee
Environmental Brake Services Corporation
Environmental Building News
Environmental Building Solutions, LLC
Environmental Business Council
Environmental Business Council of Maine
Environmental Business International, Inc.
Environmental Business Journal
Environmental Campaigns
Environmental Capital Network
Environmental Care and Global Awareness
Environmental Career Opportunities
Environmental Career Opportunities
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Change Institute
Environmental Change Network
Environmental Change Research Unit
Environmental Characterization and Apportionment Branch
Environmental Characterization and Risk Assessment
Environmental Chemical Corporation
Environmental Chemical Laboratory
Environmental Chemicals Data and Information Network
Environmental Chemistry Branch
Environmental Citizen Organisation
Environmental Citizen Organisation
Environmental Civil Society Organization
Environmental Cleanup Objectives Standard Procedures
Environmental Cleanup Response-Liability Act
Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island
Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Environmental Community of Practice
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance & Restoration
Environmental Compliance Achievement Program
Environmental Compliance Action Team
Environmental Compliance Assessment
Environmental Compliance Assessment System
Environmental Compliance Certificate
Environmental Compliance Evaluation
Environmental Compliance Organization International LLC
Environmental Compliance Organization International LLC
Environmental Compliance Report
Environmental Compliance Team
Environmental Compliance Verification
Environmental Condition Indicator
Environmental Condition of Property
Environmental Conditioning Unit
Environmental Conservation and Protection Center
Environmental Conservation Association of Zambia
Environmental Conservation Hotlinks
Environmental Conservation Law
Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources
Environmental Conservation of Natural Resources
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmental Conservation Program
Environmental Considerations Document
Environmental Construction Products International, Inc.
Environmental Consulting and Research Unit
Environmental Control & Life Support System
Environmental Control Advisory Board
Environmental Control and Life Support
Environmental Control and Life Support System
Environmental Control and Monitoring System
Environmental Control Engineer
Environmental Control Equipment
Environmental Control Panel
Environmental Control Processor
Environmental Control System
Environmental Control System Controller
Environmental Control Technology
Environmental Control Unit
Environmental Control Unit for DEPMEDS
Environmental Cooling Module
Environmental Corrosion Monitoring System
Environmental Cost Recovery Rider
Environmental Council of States
Environmental Credit Risk Assessment
Environmental Crimes Unit
Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office
Environmental Data and Information Service
Environmental Data Coding Specification
Environmental Data Collection Activities
Environmental Data Converter
Environmental Data Dynamic Information Exchange
Environmental Data Index
Environmental Data Interactive Exchange
Environmental Data Management System
Environmental Data Record
Environmental Data Registry
Environmental Data Rescue Program
Environmental Data Resources, Inc.
Environmental Data Service
Environmental Data Services
Environmental Data Standards Council
Environmental Database
Environmental Decision Aid
Environmental Decision Making
Environmental Defense
Environmental Defense Action Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Defense Network
Environmental Design
Environmental Design Criteria Document
Environmental Design Group, Ltd.
Environmental Design Guidance for Evaluation
Environmental Design Research Association
Environmental Design Solutions, Ltd.
Environmental Design Test Vehicle
Environmental Destruction Agency
Environmental Developers, Inc.
Environmental Development Office
Environmental Differential Pay
Environmental Discs of Tron
Environmental Dispute Resolution
Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund
Environmental Due Diligence Audit
Environmental Due Diligence Guide
Environmental Dynamics Complexity
Environmental Education
Environmental Education and Awareness
Environmental Education and Communication
Environmental Education and Conservation Global
Environmental Education and Human Resources Development Center
Environmental Education Association of Alabama
Environmental Education Association of Oregon
Environmental Education Association of the Yukon
Environmental Education Center
Environmental Education Council of Marin
Environmental Education Council of Ohio
Environmental Education for Kids
Environmental Education Network of the Philippines
Environmental Education Outreach Program
Environmental Education Programme
Environmental Education Project
Environmental Education Research
Environmental Education Specialist
Environmental Educators of British Columbia
Environmental Effect Analysis
Environmental Effects for Distributed Interactive Simulations
Environmental Effects Statement
Environmental Effects Subcommittee
Environmental Emergencies Partnership
Environmental Endocrine Disruptors
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure
Environmental Engineering and Technology
Environmental Engineering Division
Environmental Engineering Society
Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation
Environmental Enterprises Incorporated
Environmental Ethics Certificate Program
Environmental Evaluation Coordinator
Environmental Evaluation Group
Environmental Evaluation Unit
environmental executive agent
Environmental Export Council
Environmental Exposure and Health
Environmental Exposure Unit
Environmental Factor
Environmental Farm Planning
Environmental Feasibility Study
Environmental Federation of North Carolina
Environmental Field Services Group
Environmental Film Festival
Environmental Flows Decision Support System
Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Environmental Forum of Marin
Environmental Foundation for Africa
Environmental Foundation Limited
Environmental Fund for Lebanon Project
Environmental Fund of British Columbia
Environmental Gas Monitor
Environmental Generation & Control System
Environmental Genome Project
Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry
Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee
Environmental Geotechnics Ltd
Environmental Geo-Technologies, LLC
Environmental Goods and Services
Environmental Grantmakers Association
Environmental Graphic Design
Environmental Graphical Information System
Environmental Greening Restoration and Education Team
Environmental Handling Charge
Environmental Handling Fee
Environmental Harm Index
Environmental Hazard Quotient
Environmental Hazard Safety Classification
Environmental Hazards Specialists International
Environmental Health and Radiation Safety
Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental Health And Safety
Environmental Health and Safety Management System
Environmental Health and Safety Online
Environmental Health and Safety Services
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
Environmental Health and Safety Standards
Environmental Health Assessment Services
Environmental Health Center
Environmental Health Committee
Environmental Health Criteria
Environmental Health Database
Environmental Health Directorate
Environmental Health Group
Environmental Health Impact Assessment
Environmental Health Indicator
Environmental Health Investigations Branch
Environmental Health Management
Environmental Health Needs Coordinating Committee
Environmental Health Network
Environmental Health Nursing Initiative
Environmental Health Officer
Environmental Health Perspectives
Environmental Health Policy Committee
Environmental Health Practitioner
Environmental Health Program
Environmental Health Project
Environmental Health Research and Testing, Inc.
Environmental Health Resource Centre
Environmental Health Review
Environmental Health Science as an Integrative Context
Environmental Health Sciences Center
Environmental Health Services
Environmental Health Specialist
Environmental Health Standard
Environmental Health Support Center
Environmental Health System/Subsystem
Environmental Health Unit
Environmental Hero Award
Environmental Home Center
Environmental Horticulture Research and Information Center
Environmental Hygiene Agency
Environmental Illness
Environmental Impact Analysis
Environmental Impact Analysis Process
Environmental Impact Analysis Program
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment for Decommissioning
Environmental Impact Assessment Report
Environmental Impact Estimation
Environmental Impact Index
Environmental Impact Monitoring
Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Impact Review
Environmental Impact Review Committee
Environmental Impact Screening Form
Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Impact Statement Assessment
Environmental Impact Statement Contractor
Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice
Environmental Impact Study
Environmental Impact Survey
Environmental Impact System
Environmental Impacts of Leather Tanneries
Environmental Impairment Liability
Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
Environmental Improvement Board
Environmental Improvement Division
Environmental Improvement Plan
Environmental Incident Investigation Board
Environmental Industries Commission
Environmental Industry Associations
Environmental Industry Council
Environmental Information and Monitoring Program
Environmental Information Association
Environmental Information Centre
Environmental Information Cooperative
Environmental Information Documents
Environmental Information Exchange
Environmental Information Exchange System
Environmental Information Logistics LLC
Environmental Information Management Plan
Environmental Information Management System
Environmental Information Network
Environmental Information Regulations
Environmental Information System Office
Environmental Information Systems
Environmental Infrastructure Working Group
Environmental Institute
Environmental Institute of America
Environmental Institute of Houston
Environmental Integrated Product Team
Environmental Integrity Program
Environmental Integrity Project
Environmental Interference Effects Model
Environmental Investigation Agency
Environmental Investigation And Instructions
Environmental Investment Organisation
Environmental Issues Committee
Environmental Issues Forums
Environmental Justice
Environmental Justice Alliance
Environmental Justice Organization
Environmental Knowledge Advocates Society
Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool
Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Environmental Laboratory
Environmental Laboratory
Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board
Environmental Land Solutions
Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program
Environmental Landscape
Environmental Landscape Management
Environmental Lapse Rate
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Environmental Law and Justice Clinic
Environmental Law and Management Clinic
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Environmental Law Centre
Environmental Law Community Advisory Service
Environmental Law Division
Environmental Law Foundation
Environmental Law Institute
Environmental Law Journal
Environmental Law Reporter
Environmental Law Research Centre
Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards
Environmental Leadership Council
Environmental Leadership Program
Environmental Learning Center
Environmental Learning for Kids
Environmental Learning for Kids
Environmental Legislation Update Service
Environmental Legislative and Regulatory Analysis and Monitoring Program
Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Liability Directive
Environmental Liaison Officer
Environmental Librarian’s Network
Environmental License Plate
Environmental Life Cycle Costing
Environmental Life Force
Environmental Literacy Council
Environmental Litigation Reform Act
Environmental Living and Learning Center
Environmental Load Unit
Environmental Lobbying Support Office
Environmental Management
Environmental Management
Environmental Management
Environmental Management Accounting
Environmental Management Accounting Network
Environmental Management Accounting Network
Environmental Management Advisory Group
Environmental Management and Development
Environmental Management and Law Association
Environmental Management and Operations
Environmental Management Authority
Environmental Management Bureau
Environmental Management Committee Office
Environmental Management Corporation
Environmental Management Corporation
Environmental Management Development in Indonesia
Environmental Management Development in Ukraine
Environmental Management Division
Environmental Management Exchange and Resource Alliance for Local Development
Environmental Management Implementation Plan
Environmental Management in the US
Environmental Management Information System
Environmental Management Office
Environmental Management Ordinance
Environmental Management Overview Strategy
Environmental Management Plan
Environmental Management Program
Environmental Management Project
Environmental Management Report
Environmental Management Representative
Environmental Management Review
Environmental Management Review Group
Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Management Team
Environmental Management Technical Center
Environmental Mapping and Assessment Program
Environmental Marine Products
Environmental Markets Network
Environmental Measurement Sonde
Environmental Measurements Laboratory
Environmental Measures and Subsidence Control
Environmental Media Association
Environmental Media Services
Environmental Methods Testing Site
Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology
Environmental Modeling and Software
Environmental Modeling Center
Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory
Environmental Module
Environmental Module
Environmental Moisture Content
Environmental Monitor
Environmental Monitor
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation System
Environmental Monitoring and Services Center
Environmental Monitoring Control Unit
Environmental Monitoring Fund
Environmental Monitoring Management Council
Environmental Monitoring Plan
Environmental Monitoring Society
Environmental Monitoring Solutions
Environmental Monitoring System
Environmental Monitoring Testing Site
Environmental Monitoring Unit
Environmental Monitoring Variable
Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Protection
Environmental Morale Leave
Environmental Morale Leave
Environmental Mutagen Information Center
Environmental Mutagen Society
Environmental Mycobacteria
Environmental Mycobacteria
Environmental Neighborhood Awareness Committee of Tiverton
Environmental News Network
Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool
Environmental Operating Principles
Environmental Operators Certification Program
Environmental Outreach & Stewardship
Environmental Paper Assessment Tool
Environmental Paper Network
Environmental Partnership Council
Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development
Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography
Environmental Performance Assessment System
Environmental Performance Index
Environmental Performance Indicator
Environmental Permitting Program
Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center
Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Planning Function
Environmental Planning Programming Language
Environmental Planning Statement
Environmental Plastics of Puerto Rico
Environmental Policy Act
Environmental Policy Analysis Network
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental Policy and Planning Commission
Environmental Policy Institute
Environmental Policy Program
Environmental Policy Review Group
Environmental Policy Taskforce
Environmental Pollution and Public Health
Environmental Pollution Control Centre
Environmental Pollution Control Coordinator
Environmental Portfolio Standard
Environmental Power Control Hardware
Environmental Prediction Assessment
Environmental Prevention in Communities
Environmental Priorities Initiative
Environmental Priority Strategies
Environmental Process Control Facility
Environmental Process Improvement Center
Environmental Processing System
Environmental Product Declaration
Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation
Environmental Professional Intern
Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut
Environmental Profile
Environmental Profile Report
Environmental Program Action Team
Environmental Program Coordination Committee
Environmental Program for the Future
Environmental Program Plan
Environmental Program Requirements
Environmental Programs Task Force
Environmental Project Consulting Group
Environmental Protection Act
Environmental Protection Administration
Environmental Protection Administration of China
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency of the USA
Environmental Protection and Economic Development
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act
Environmental Protection and Research Institute
Environmental Protection Board
Environmental Protection Certification Company, Inc.
Environmental Protection Committee
Environmental Protection Compliance Plan
Environmental Protection Council
Environmental Protection Department
Environmental Protection Division
Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency
Environmental Protection Expenditure Account
Environmental Protection Fee
Environmental Protection Information Center
Environmental Protection Notice
Environmental Protection Operations
Environmental Protection Order
Environmental Protection Organization
Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia
Environmental Protection System
Environmental Protection Unit
Environmental Protection Unit
Environmental Protection Working Group
Environmental Public Health Indicator
environmental public health surveillance
Environmental Public Health Tracking Network
Environmental Public Works Management
Environmental Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships
Environmental Qualification
Environmental Qualification Test
Environmental Quality
Environmental Quality Act
Environmental Quality Analysis Laboratory
Environmental Quality and Efficiency
Environmental Quality and Stewardship Base Program
Environmental Quality Assessment
Environmental Quality Assurance
Environmental Quality Board
Environmental Quality Control
Environmental Quality Council
Environmental Quality Engineering
Environmental Quality Evaluation
Environmental Quality Guidelines
Environmental Quality Initiative
Environmental Quality Institute
Environmental Quality International
Environmental Quality Management
Environmental Quality Modeling and Simulation
Environmental Quality Report
Environmental Quality Standard
Environmental Quality Systems
Environmental Quescense
Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System
Environmental Radiation and Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Radiation Data
Environmental Radiation Laboratory
Environmental Reclamation Services, LLC
Environmental Record Editing and Printing
Environmental Reference Service
Environmental Regulation Commission
Environmental Release Category
Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement
Environmental Remediation Equipment
Environmental Remediation Sciences Division
Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc.
Environmental Remote Monitoring Subsystem
Environmental Remote Sensing Center
Environmental Report
Environmental Reporting Contest
Environmental Reporting System
Environmental Research and Education
Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Environmental Research and Technology Air Quality Model
Environmental Research and Training Laboratories
Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency
Environmental Research Applications
Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research Event
Environmental Research Foundation
Environmental Research Group
Environmental Research Group
Environmental Research Group Oxford
Environmental Research Information Exchange
Environmental Research Institute for Art
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist
Environmental Research Laboratory
Environmental Research Ship
Environmental Research Systems Institute
Environmental Research Technology and Educational Consultancy
Environmental Research, Technology and Policy
Environmental Resistance Inherent in Equipment
Environmental Resource Permit
Environmental Resource Planning
Environmental Resource Program
Environmental Resources Group
Environmental Resources Group
Environmental Resources Information Network
Environmental Resources Management
Environmental Resources Management Australia
Environmental Resources Managers Limited
Environmental Resources Research Centre
Environmental Resources Trust
Environmental Response Planning Guidelines
Environmental Response Team
Environmental Restoration
Environmental Restoration Account
Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
Environmental Restoration Development and Demonstration
Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility
Environmental Restoration Division
Environmental Restoration Group Inc
Environmental Restoration Group Inc
Environmental Restoration Information System
Environmental Restoration Management Contract
Environmental Restoration Plan
Environmental Restoration Program Information Management System
Environmental Restoration Program Manager
Environmental Restoration Technical Assistance
Environmental Restoration Technology End User Conference
Environmental Results Program
Environmental Review And Integration
Environmental Review Guide for Operations
Environmental Review Summary
Environmental Review Tribunal
Environmental Risk Analysis Program
Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Risk Assessment of Veterinary Medicines in Slurry
Environmental Risk Management Authority
Environmental Safety & Health Institute
Environmental Safety & Hygiene Association, Inc.
Environmental Safety and Health
Environmental Safety and Health of Alaska
Environmental Safety Center
Environmental Sampling
Environmental Sampling
Environmental Sampling and Analysis Plan
Environmental Sampling Expert System
Environmental Sampling Supply, Inc.
Environmental Sanitation and Pollution Control Board
Environmental Satellite
Environmental Satellite Operations Center
Environmental Satellite Processing Center
Environmental Satellite Subpanel
Environmental Scenario Search Engine
Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Science and Forestry
Environmental Science and Management
Environmental Science and Policy
Environmental Science and Public Policy
Environmental Science and Research
Environmental Science and Resource Management
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Science and Technology Centre
Environmental Science Center
Environmental Science for Social Change
Environmental Science Graduate Program
Environmental Science Officer
Environmental Science Research Associates
Environmental Science Services Administration
Environmental Science Services, Inc.
Environmental Science Students Association
Environmental Science, Engineering and Policy
Environmental Science, Inc.
Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Environmental Science, Technology and Management
Environmental Sciences Associates
Environmental Sciences Division
Environmental Sciences Research Center
Environmental Sciences Research Institute
Environmental Sciences Student Executive
Environmental Security
Environmental Security
Environmental Sensing Device
Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute
Environmental Sensitivity Index
Environmental Sensor Assessment
Environmental Service Fee
Environmental Service Module
Environmental Services
Environmental Services
Environmental Services Association
Environmental Services Branch
Environmental Services Council Advisory Committee
Environmental Services Division
Environmental Services Facility
Environmental Services Group Limited
Environmental Services Operations
Environmental Services, Data, and Information Management
Environmental Services, Inc.
Environmental Simulation for Sensitivity Training
Environmental Simulation Program for Concentrated Brines
Environmental Simulator
Environmental Simulator Unit
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Situation Assessment Radar
Environmental Solutions International
Environmental Somatization Syndrome
Environmental Staff Advisory Committee
Environmental Standards and Structures Manual
Environmental Statement
Environmental Statement
Environmental Steering Committee
Environmental Stewardship Award Program
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environmental Stewardship Program
Environmental Stress Cracking
Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance
Environmental Stress Degradation Screening
Environmental Stress Screening
Environmental Structure Research Group
environmental studies
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Contract
Environmental Studies Program
Environmental Studies Research Funds
Environmental Supply Chain Management
Environmental Support Center
Environmental Support System
Environmental Support Team
Environmental Surveillance Center of Ichihara City
Environmental Surveillance Report
Environmental Survey Satellite
Environmental Survival
Environmental Survival
Environmental Sustainability Committee
Environmental Sustainability Index
Environmental Sustainability Initiative
Environmental Sustainability Workshop
Environmental System Controller
Environmental System Test
Environmental Systems Corporation
Environmental Systems Engineering Institute
Environmental Systems Group
Environmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc
Environmental Systems Research Institute software, Redlands, California)
Environmental Systems Science Centre
Environmental Tactical Applications Center
Environmental Task Force
Environmental Technical Applications Center
Environmental Technologies Action Plan
Environmental Technologies and Engineering
Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
Environmental Technology
Environmental Technology
Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate
Environmental Technology Centre
Environmental Technology Council
Environmental Technology Facility
Environmental Technology Group, Inc.
Environmental Technology Industry Cluster
Environmental Technology Initiative
Environmental Technology Integrated Process Team
Environmental Technology Laboratory
Environmental Technology Network for Asia
Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal
Environmental Technology Program for Industry
Environmental Technology Team
Environmental Technology Verification
Environmental Tectonics Corporation
Environmental Teratology Information Center
Environmental Test Engineering
Environmental Test Facility
Environmental Test Unit
Environmental Testing Advisory Board
Environmental Threat and Opportunity
Environmental Threats and Opportunities Assessment
Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Environmental Training & Transfer GmbH
Environmental Transport Association
Environmental Unit Leader
Environmental Use Permit
Environmental Verification and Analysis Center
Environmental Veterans Firm
Environmental Visualization Program
Environmental Volunteers
Environmental Vulnerability Assessment
Environmental Vulnerability Index
Environmental Waste International
Environmental Waste Management
Environmental Waste Management Associates
Environmental Waste Report
Environmental Waste Solutions
Environmental Water Systems
Environmental Weeds Action Network
Environmental Work Area
Environmental Workforce Coordinating Committee
Environmental Working Group
Environmental Writing Institute
Environmental Youth Alliance
Environmental Youth Education Council of Marin
Environmental, Cultural, Historic and Outdoor
Environmental, Health, Safety and Regulatory
Environmental, Psychological, Institutional/political, Social, Technological, Legal and Economic
Environmental, Safety and Health
Environmental, Safety and Health Affairs
Environmental, Safety, & Quality Assurance
Environmental, Safety, & Quality Assurance
Environmental, Safety, and Health Analysis
Environmental, Safety, Fire & Health
Environmental, Social and Governance
Environmental/Biological Attribution Scale
Environmentally Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Computing
Environmentally Adaptive Navigation
Environmentally Attributable Fraction
Environmentally A-Ware
Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan
Environmentally Conscious Advanced Manufacturing
Environmentally Conscious Design
Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing
Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
Environmentally controlled Air
Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials
Environmentally Friendly Engine
Environmentally Friendly Inter-City Aircraft
Environmentally Friendly Product
Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
Environmentally Indifferent Computing
Environmentally Integrated Effects Initiatives for Operations
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide
Environmentally Preferred Product
Environmentally Relevant Activity
Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing
Environmentally Responsible Procurement
Environmentally Sensitive Area
Environmentally Sensitive Habitat
Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas
Environmentally Sensitive Index
Environmentally Sensitive Item Management
Environmentally Socially Sustainable Development
Environmentally Sound Business Orientation
Environmentally Sound Marine Transportation
Environmentally Sound Renewable Energy Technologies
Environmentally Sound Technologies
Environmentally Sustainable Development
Environmentally Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure
Environmentally Sustainable Transport
Environmentally Sustainable Yard
Environmentally, Ecologically OK
Environmentally-Conscious Corporate Strategy
Environmental-Social Program Northern Pipelines
Environment-Oriented Cost Management
Environments and Tools for Parallel Scientific Computing
Environments for Living
EPHA Environment Network
Ergonomics for Children and Educational Environments
Estimated Environmental Concentration
Estonian Environmental Information Centre
Etelos Development Environment
Ethics Environment Questionnaire
Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics
European Application, Generation, and Language Environment for SMES
European Bureau for the Environment
European Center for Environmental Communication
European Center of Environmental Studies
European Centre for Environment and Health
European Collaborative Open Learning Environment
European Directory of Marine Environmental Data
European Environment Agency
European Environment and Health Process
European Environment Information and Observation Network
European Environmental Bureau
European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation
European Environmental Education Newsletter
European Environmental Information System
European Environmental Law Review
European Environmental Mutagen Society
European Environmental Press Award
European Federation for Transport and Environment
European Network of Environmental Professionals
European Partners for Environment
European Partners for Environment
European Space Agency Environmental Satellite
Evangelical Environmental Network
Excellence in Mining Environmental Management
Excellence in Mining Environmental Management
Execution Environment
Execution Environment
Executive Level Interface Terminal Environment
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Experiment Environmental Unit
Experimental School Environment
Experimental School Environment
Expert Systems Environment
Expert Systems Environment
Experts Group for Command Application Environment
Exploring the Environment
Extendable Integration Support Environment
Extended Development Environment
Extended Duration Space Environment Candidate Materials Exposure
Extended Virtual Environment
Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment
External Environment
External Environment Interface
External Thermal Environment Data
eXtreme Reactive Environment
Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment
Facility for Environmental Remote Sensing and Test
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Environment and Resources Development
Faculty of the Built Environment
Faculty of the Built Environment
Falkland Islands Air Defence Ground Environment
Family-Friendly Work Environment
Fast Environmental Regulatory Evaluation Tool
Fault Injection and Monitoring Environment
Fault Injection-Based Automated Testing Environment
Federal Coordinator for Marine Environmental Prediction
Federal Department of Environmental Protection
Federal Environmental Executive
Federal Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Environmental Quality
Federated, Available and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment
Federation of Environmental Trade Associations
Fernald Environmental Management Project
Fiber and Environmental Management
Field Feeding in a Hot Environment
Field Level Asset Management Environment
Field Station and Environmental Education Center
Field Studies Council Environmental Education
Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solutions
Final Legislative Environmental Impact Statement
Finnish Environmental Cluster for China
Fire and Environmental Research Applications
Fire Information Systems Research in the Ecology, Socio-Culture, and History of the Mediterranean Environment
Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble
Firefox Environment Backup Extension
Fisheries and Environmental Management
Fishery and Environment Monitoring Center
Five-Axis Manufacturing Environment
FLAMES Analysis and Reduction Environment
Fleet Environmental Data Exchange
Flexible API for Module-Based Environments
Flexible Intra-AS Routing Environment
Flight Investigation of the Reentry Environment
Flint Environmental Action Team
FLIP Chart Production Environment
Florida Defenders of the Environment
Florida Defenders of the Environment
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Environmental Health Association
Florida Interdisciplinary Learning Resources in Environmental Education
Fluids and Environmental Research Group
FMS Runtime Environment
Food and Environment Protection Act
Food and Environment Research Agency
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food Environmental Efficiency Day
Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency
Foothills Environmental Learning Center
Forecasting, Analysis, and Modeling Environment
Foreign Language Instructional Technology Environment
Forensic Incident Response Environment
Forest Policy and Environment Group
Forest Range Environmental Study
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program
Forestry Environmental Studies
Formally Integrated Data Environment
Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department
Forum for the Built Environment
Forum for the Built Environment
Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh
Fostering A Multidisciplinary Environment
Foundation for Environmental Agricultural Education
Foundation for Environmental Education
Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe
Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research
Foundation for Global Peace and Environment
Foundation for Integrated Agricultural and Environment Management
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Foundation for Research on International Environment National Development and Security
Foundation for the Philippine Environment
Four Corners Environmental Research Institute
Framed Access Communications Environment
Framework for Immersive Virtual Environments
Freight Equipment Environmental Sampling Test Program
Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy Tracking
French Fund for the World Environment
Friendly Integrated Environment for Learning and Development
Friends of Banica River and the Environment
Friends of Environment
Friends of Nature for Better Environment
Friends of the Environment
Front-end Processing Environment
Fully-Integrated Environmental Location Decision Support
Functional Environment for Longware Infrared eXchange
Functional Interventions in Versatile Environments
Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment
Fundamentals of Environmental Planning
Future Airborne Capability Environment
Future Automated Commercial Environment Team
Future Computing Environments
Future Intelligence Requirements Environment
Future Learning Environment
Future Logistics Environment
Galactic Doohicky Environmental Agency
Gasline Repair and Inspection System for Live Entry Environments
Gecko Runtime Environment
Gene Environment Association
Gene, Environment and Health Initiative
Gene-Environment Interaction
General Corporation for Environment Protection
General Environmental Message
General Environmental Message Support
General Environmental Message Support
General Environmental Test Specification
General Equilibrium Model of International-National-Interaction for Economy-Energy-Environment
General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment
Generalized Automated Maintenance Environment
Generation of Interactive Programming Environments
Generative Process Planning Environment
Generic Application Environment
Generic Area Limitation Environment
Generic Environmental Statement
Generic Modeling Environment
Genesis Environmental Projects
Genetic Environmental-Nature of Emotional States in Siblings
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group
Geo-Environmental Mine Engineering
Geoenvironmental Research Centre
Geographic Analysis Tool for Health and Environmental Research
Geographical Agent Modeling Environment
Geographical Environmental and Siting Information System
Geography and Environment Gateway
Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences
Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences
Geophysical and Environmental Effects Distributor
Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority
Georgia Environmental Policy Act
Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite Simulator
Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite
Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory
German Air Defense Ground Environment
German Environmental Survey
Glen Canyon Environmental Studies
Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission
Global Awareness of Environmental Activity
Global Business Environment
Global Education and Environment Development
Global Environment and Ecological Simulation of Interactive Systems
Global Environment and Nuclear Energy Systems
Global Environment and Trade Study
Global Environment Facility
Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme
Global Environment for Network Innovations
Global Environment for Networking Investigations
Global Environment Fund
Global Environment Monitoring
Global Environment Outlook
Global Environment Outlook
Global Environment Outlook
Global Environment Outlook
Global Environment Systems Group
Global Environment, Threat, and Military strategy
Global Environment/al Monitoring System
Global Environment/al Monitoring System
Global Environmental & Earth Science Information System
Global Environmental Action
Global Environmental Assessment
Global Environmental Change and Food Systems
Global Environmental Change Program
Global Environmental Cleaning Service Inc.
Global Environmental Coordination Initiative
Global Environmental Data Directory
Global Environmental Efficiency Programme
Global Environmental Governance
Global Environmental Institute
Global Environmental Research Committee
Global Environmental Resources, Inc.
Global Environmental Sanitation Initiative
Global Environmental Solutions
Global Environmental Technology & Management
Global Forum on Trade, Environment, and Development
Global Information Environment
Global Investigation of Pollution in the Marine Environment
Global Language Support and Uniform Environment
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment
Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Global Network of Environment and Technology
Global Network of Environmental Economists
Global Omnibus Environmental Survey
Global Operational Environmental Review
Global Plastics Environmental Conference
Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment
Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
GN&C Orbital Environment Simulation
GNOME Network Object Model Environment) Desktop Environment
GNU Network Object Model Environment
Golden State Environmental Education Consortium
Goldman Sachs Energy Environmental and Social Index
Golf Environment Europe
Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment
Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition
Good Environment Choice Australia
Good Environmental Practice
Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering
Governor’s School on the Environment
Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Graduate School of the Environment
Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute
Grand Rounds in Environmental Medicine
Graphic Environment Operating System
Graphic User Interface Development Environment
Graphical Development Environment
Graphical Environment for Simulation and Optimization
Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Graphics Environment Manager
Grass Roots Environmental Education Network
GrassRoots Action Center for the Environment
GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Health
Great Lakes Environmental Indicators
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Great Lakes Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Conference
Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System
Great River Environmental Action Team
Green Environment Conservation
Green Environmental Discussion Forum
Green Environmental Management System
Green Environmental Management System
Green Mountain Water Environment Association
Green Universe Environmental Services Society
Grid Automation and Generative Environment
Grid Computing Environments
Grooving Electronic Natural Environments
Ground Environment
Ground Environment
Ground Environmental Instrumentation
Ground System Development Environment
Group Environment Questionnaire
Group Interaction in High Risk Environments
Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection
Group on Economic and Environmental Policy Integration
GTK+ Runtime Environment
Guam Environmental Protection Agency
Guelph Students for Environmental Change
Gulf Reef Environmental Action Team
Halifax Regional Environmental Partnership
Hamilton Environmental Action Group
Hands-On Network Environment
Hanford Environmental Action League
Hanford Environmental Oversight Program
Haptic Audio Visual Environments
Harmonization of Environmental Measurement Information System
Harpoon Environmental Correction Aid
Harsh Environment Combat Suit
Harsh Environment Mass Spectrometry
Harvard University Center for the Environment
Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force
Hawaii Energy and Environmental Technology Initiative
Hawaii Environmental Policy Act
Hazardous Environment
Hazardous Environment Vehicle
Hazards, Environment, Mechanism, Patients/People
Hazleton Environmental Services, Inc
Head of Environmental Health Services
Healing Our Personal Environment
Health & Environment
Health and Environment Linkages Initiative
Health and Environment Linked for Information Exchange
Health and Environment Ministers of the Americas
Health and Environmental Effects Document
Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
Health and Environmental Review Division
Health and Environmental Sciences Institute
Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory
Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Safeguards
Health in Your Environment
Health Organization to Preserve the Environment
Health Safety Environment and Community
Health Safety Security Environment
Health, Environment and Economic Development
Health, Environment and Human Services Committee
Health, Environment and Safety
Health, Environment and Safety Management
Health, Environment, Safety and Quality
Health, Safety & Environment
Health, Safety & Environment Management System
Health, Safety and Environment Department
Health, Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment Systems
Health, Safety, and Environmental Services
Health, Safety, Environment and Assurance
Health, Safety, Environment and Community
Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality
Health, Safety, Social, and Environmental
Healthcare Environmental Manager
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety
Healthy Environments for Children Alliance
Healthy Environments for Children Initiative
Healthy People Healthy Environment
HEL Environmental System Model
Helix Environmental Construction Group
Hellenic Institute of Environmental Management
Heterogeneous Multiple Channel Environment
Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment
Heuristics in Virtual Environment
Hewlett-Packard Visual Engineering Environment
Hierarchical Intelligent Simulation Environment
High Altitude Mountain Environmental Training Strategy
High Energy Space Environment
High Environmental Quality
High Quality Environment
High School for Environmental Studies
Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Higher Level Environmental Stewardship
High-Level Integrated Design Environment for Dependability
Highly Distributed Environment
Highly Interactive Kiosk Environment
Highly-parallel Integrated Virtual Environment
High-performance Open Portable Environment
Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization
Hipcom Interactive Design Environment
Historic Environment
Historic Environment Review Executive Committee
Home and Community Environment
Home Docking Environment
Home Learning Environment
Home Observation of Measurement of the Environment
Homeland Environment Threat Analysis
Homing Marine Environmental Recorder
Horizontal Integrated Data Environment
Horn Point Environmental Laboratory
Host Environment
Hostile Environment Simulator
Hostile Work Environment
Housing, Land Use, Environment and Transportation Committee
Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Houston Environmental Foresight
HPKB Integrated Knowledge Environment (computing)
Hudson River Environmental Society
Huge Immersive Virtual Environment
Human and Environmental Risk Assessment
Human and Natural Environmental Concerns
Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Program
Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme
Human Environmental Services
Human Environmental Training
Human Health and the Environment
Human Online Resource Support Environment
Human On-line Resource Support Environment
Human-Environment Interaction
Hunter Environmental Institute
Hydro-Tech Environmental Systems
Hyperbaric Environmental Control Assembly
Hypermedia Computer Mediated Environment
Hyperspectral Environment and Resource Observer
Hypertext Environment for Authoring
IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory
IBM Retail Environment for SUSE
Ice Mountain Environmental Stewardship Fund
Idaho National Engineering and Environment Lab
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
IDEN Protocol Test Environment
IDM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment
Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Illinois Student Environmental Network
Image Capture Workstation Environment
Image Understanding Environment
Imagery Support Server Environment
Immediate Environmental Concern
Immersive Virtual Environment at York
Immersive Virtual Environment Technology
Immersive Virtual Environments
Imperial College Environment Office
Improved Environmental Clothing System
Inactive Site Environmental Monitoring Program
Independent Environmental and Social Monitoring
Independent Environmental Services Incorporated
India Musokotwane Environment Resource Centre for Southern Africa
Indian Association for Environmental Management
Indian Environmental Society
Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Indian Ocean Marine Environmental Conference
Indian Society for Development and Environment Research
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Indigenous Environmental Health Workers
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indo-Norwegian Environment Programme
Indoor Environmental Institute
Indoor Environmental Quality
Indoor Environmental Quality Committee
Indoor Environmental Standards Organization
Induced Environment Contamination Monitor
Industrial Environment Research Laboratory
Industrial Environmental Association
Industrial Environmental Management and Energy
Industry and Environment Office of UNEP
Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment
Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale
Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative
Informal Learning Environment
Information Assurance Support Environment
Information Center for the Environment
Information Environment
Information Environment Service Registry
Information Environment Working Group
Information Sharing Environment
Information Support Server Environment
Information System Engineering Environment
Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering
Information Technology Uptake Support Environment
Infrastructure and Environment
Infrastructure Development Environment
Infrastructure Security for the Built Environment
Infusing Satellite Data Into Environmental Applications
Initial Environmental Assessment
Initial Environmental Evaluation
Initial Environmental Examination
Initial Environmental Review
Initiative for Environmental Technology
Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment
Injury Free Environment
Insight Control Environment
Installation Environmental Office
Installation, Logistics, And Environment
Installations, Logistics and Environment
Instant Messaging Environments
Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment
Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology
Institute for Corporate Environmental Mentoring
Institute for Energy and Environmental Law
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development
Institute for Environmental and Legal Studies
Institute for Environmental Assessment, Inc.
Institute for Environmental Medicine
Institute for Environmental Policy
Institute for Environmental Policy and Stewardship
Institute for Environmental Quality
Institute for Environmental Research and Education
Institute for Environmental Science and Policy
Institute for Environmental Security
Institute for Environmental Studies
Institute for Environmental Technology and Industry
Institute for Environmental Toxicology
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research
Institute for International Cooperative Environmental Research
Institute for Management and Environment
Institute for Marine Environmental Research
Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Institute for Nature and Environmental Protection
Institute for Research on Environment and Economy
Institute for Research on Environment and Sustainability
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Institute for Society, Culture and Environment
Institute for Studies in Environmental Law
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
Institute for Water and Environmental Problems
Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Institute of Development, Environment and Agricultural Studies
Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management
Institute of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
Institute of Environmental Health Officers
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
Institute of Environmental Medicine
Institute of Environmental Research
Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering
Institute of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management
Institute of Environmental Technology
Institute of Global Environment and Society
Institute of Health and Environmental Research
Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment
Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment
Institute of Professional Environmental Practice
Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs
Institute of Soil and Environmental Quality
Institute of the Environment
Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Insulation & Environmental Training Agency
Insurance Environmental Litigation Association
Integral Environmental Target Plan
Integrated Acquisition Environment
Integrated Application Environment
Integrated Asymmetric Warfare Environment
Integrated Border Environmental Plan
Integrated Closed Environmental Control System
Integrated Command Environment
Integrated Communication/Environmental Controller System
Integrated Compliance Environment
Integrated Component Environment
Integrated Computer Environment
Integrated Control Center Environment
Integrated Curriculum Environment
Integrated Data Environment
Integrated Design and Analysis Environment for Advanced Magnetic Devices
Integrated Design Environment for Assessment of Computer Systems and Communication Networks
Integrated Development and Debugging Environment
Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Development Environment & Application Servers
Integrated Development Environment Filing System
Integrated Digital Data Environment
Integrated Digital Environment
Integrated Digital Environment Transition
Integrated Environment, Safety and Health
Integrated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Integrated Environmental Control System
Integrated Environmental Management Project
Integrated Environmental Management, Inc.
Integrated Environmental Technology Group
Integrated Environmental, Safety, and Health Management System
Integrated Knowledge Environment
Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment
Integrated Language Environment
Integrated Learning Environment
Integrated Lifecycle Development Environment
Integrated Meteorological and Environmental Terrain System
Integrated Model Development Environment
Integrated Modeling and Test Environments
Integrated Modelling Support Environment
Integrated Natural Environment
Integrated Ontology Development Environment
Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium
Integrated Programming Environment
Integrated Programming Support Environment
Integrated Project Software Environment
Integrated Project Support Environment
Integrated Research Challenges in Environmental Biology
Integrated Shipbuilding Environment
Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium
Integrated Simulation Language Environment
Integrated Software Engineering Environment
Integrated Software Environment
Integrated Space Environmental Model
Integrated Synthesis Environment
Integrated Target Environment Scenario Tool
Integrated Test and Verification Environment
Integrated Test Environment
Integrated Translation Support Environment
Integrated Transport Environment
Integrating Development, Environment and Sustainability
Intelligence Preparation of the Environment
Intelligent Problem-Solving Environment
Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments
Intelligent Synthesis Environment
Intelligent Tutoring Environment
Intelligent Virtual Environments
Inter Agency Committee on Environmental Health
Interactive Configurable Environment
Interactive Constructive Environment
Interactive Development Environment
Interactive Gaming Environment
Interactive Internet Collaborative Environment
Interactive Learning Environment
Interactive Lightsheet Locator and Modeling Environment
Interactive Missile Design/Web-Based Design Environment
Interactive Multi-Variate Environmental Analysis
Interactive Productive Environment Platform
Interagency Committee on Marine Environmental Prediction
Interagency Environmental Technology Office
Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments
Intercept System Environment
Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Environment and Resources
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship
Interfaith Environmental Group
Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment
Interim Construction Environmental Management Plan
Interim Mobile Environmental Team Computer System
Interim Terminal Test Environment
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Inter-Ministerial Committee on Environment
International Academy of Environmental Safety
International Academy of the Environment
International Agricultural Exchange Association Marine Environmental Laboratory
International Association for Environmental Philosophy
International Association of Environmental Testing Laboratories
International Bio-Environmental Foundation
International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments
International Center for Climate and Environment Sciences
International Center for Environment, Safety and Health
International Center for Environmental Arts
International Center For Environmental Research
International Center for Environmental Resources and Development
International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences
International Centre for Environmental, Social and Policy Studies
International Chemical Environment
International Commission for Protection against Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens
International Committee on Ocean Exploration and Environmental Services
International Community Actively Responding to The Environment
International Conference on Energy and Environment Materials
International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science
International Conference on Environmental Bioindicators
International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management
International Conference on Mountain Environment and Development
International Conference on Oil Palm and Environment
International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
International Conference on Water and the Environment
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
International Council on Metals and the Environment
International Court of the Environment Foundation
International Development, Community, and Environment
International Environment Bureau
International Environment Forum
International Environment Technology Centre
International Environmental Agreements
International Environmental Film Festival
International Environmental Governance
International Environmental Institute
International Environmental Policy
International Environmental Rating System
International Environmental Trading Group
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for Environmental Communication
International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
International Journal of Energy-Environment Economics
International Lake Environment Committee
International Management of Resources and Environment
International Marine Environment Award
International Network for Environmental Management
International Network for the History of Occupational and Environmental Prevention
International Organization for Standardization Development Environment
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
International Review for Environmental Strategies
International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories
International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
International Society for Environmental Ethics
International Society for Environmental Protection
International Society of Doctors for the Environment
International Society of Environmental Medicine
International Society of Technical and Environmental Professionals, Inc.
International Space Environment Service
International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment
International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry
International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology
International Symposium on Environmental Nanotechnology
International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
International University for the Bio-Environment
International Youth Federation for Environmental Studies and Conservation
Internet Application Environment
Internet Development Environment
Internet Search Environment Number
Interpersonal Political Environment
Interprofessional Council on Environmental Design
Inter-Tribal Environmental Council
Inventory of Conflict and Environment
Investigative Science Learning Environment
Investor Environmental Health Network
Irish Doctors Environmental Association
Isipingo Environment Committee
Island Residents Against Toxic Environments
Isolated Compliance Environment
JAFMAS Integrated Visual Environment
Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals
JAOC Information Viewing Environment
Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment
Japan Air Defense Ground Environment
Japan Environment Association
Japan Environmental Action Network
Japan Environmental Agency
Japan Environmental Disaster Information Center
Japan Environmental Exchange
Japan Environmental Sanitation Center
Japanese Air Defense Environment
Japanese Language Environment
Jasmine Application Development Environment
Java Application Environment
Java Card Application Environment
Java Development Environment
Java Management Environment
Java Runtime Environment
Java Service Creation Environment
Jaw Occlusions in a Kennel Environment
Jinju NamGang Environment Group
JIVA Analytic Data Environment
Job Safety and Environmental Impact Analysis
Job Safety Environmental Analysis
Job-Person-Environment Assessment
Jobs for the Environment
Johns Creek Environmental Campus
Joint Advanced Demonstration Environment
Joint Analysis and Display Environment
Joint Application Development Environment
Joint Capability Mapping Environment
Joint Collaborative Environment
Joint Command Support Environment
Joint Commission on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection
Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation
Joint Composite Engagement Environment
Joint Continuous Strike Environment
Joint Depot Environmental Panel
Joint Environment Unit
Joint Environmental Data Analysis
Joint Environmental Data Analysis Center
Joint Environmental Effects Program
Joint Environmental Management Board
Joint Environmental Markets Unit
Joint Environmental Toolkit
Joint European Master in Environmental Studies
Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environment Protection
Joint Group on Environmental Attributes
Joint Mission Processing Environment
Joint Operational Environment
Joint Operations Visualization Environment
Joint Space Combat Environment Simulation
Joint Tactical Information Distribution System Environment Simulator
Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment
Jordan Environment Society
Jordanian Education for Water and Environmental Leadership
Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics
Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management
Journal of Environmental Health
Journal of Environmental Law
Journal of Environmental Management
Journal of Environmental Pathology and Toxicology
Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology
Journal of Environmental Quality
Journal of Environmental Sciences
Journal of Planning and Environment Law
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health
Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania
Jovian Unit Processing Intelligent Terrain and Environment Reconnaissance
K Desktop Environment
Kalash Environmental Protection Society
Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment
Kansas Water Environment Association
Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
Katrina Environmental Research and Restoration Network
Keithley Test Environment
Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education
Keppel Environmental Technology Centre
Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment
Kern Environmental Education Foundation
Kern Environmental Education Program
Kernel Ada Programming Support Environment
Key Environmental Area
Key Environmental Non-Judgemental Task Force
Kids about the Environment
Kilimanjaro Environment Facility
Kino Environmental Restoration Project
Kittitas Environmental Education Network
Knowledge Based Environment
Knowledge Engineering Environment
Knowledge Environment for Web-Based Learning
Knowledge Integration Environment
Knowledge Management Environment
Knowledge of the Environment for Youth
Kool Desktop Environment
Kopernicus Desktop Environment
Korea Environmental Labelling Association
Korea Research Environment
Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design
Kuwait Environment Protection Society
Kyleakin Environmental Group
Laboratory Environmental Analysis Proficiency
Laboratory Environmental Review Committee
Laboratory for Assisted Cognition Environments
Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System
Labour Environmental Alliance Society
Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc
Lake Environmental Outreach
Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory
Land Environment Economics and Development
Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning
Langley Environmental Partners Society
Language Environment
Language Environment Input Method
Language Independent Composition Environment
Laptop Environment
Lasallian Institute for the Environment
Laser Environmental Airborne Fluorosensor
Latin American Business Environment Report
Launch Environment Simulator
Law and Environment Eurasia Partnership
Leadership for Environment and Development
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings
Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design
Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership
Leading Edge Environment
Leading Environmental Analysis and Display System
Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family Vehicle
Learning and Environmental Awareness Partnership
Learning Environment Action Discovery
Learning in Informal and Formal Environments
Learning in Out-of-School Environments
Least Restrictive Environment
Lebanese Environment Forum
Legal Environment of Business
Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation
Legislative Environmental Policy Office
Less Intensive Farming and Environment Project
Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme
Liberty Environment for Advanced Personalized Services
Licensed Environmental Professional
Life Cycle Environmental Assessment
Life Cycle Environmental Document
Life, Earth and Environmental Standing Committee
Lifelong Online Learning Environment
Link Environmental Academic Programs
Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery
Lisgar Environmental Action Force
Literacy for Environmental Justice
Litestep Desktop Environment
Litestep Desktop Environment
Live Environment Training Systems
Live Operating Environment
Livingston’s Informed Friends of the Environment
Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies
Local Communications Environment
Local Community Environmental Action
Local Environment Agency
Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides
Local Environment System Architecture
Local Environmental Action Programme
Local Environmental Applications Program
Local Environmental Planning and Management
Local Environmental Protection Agency
Local Environmental Quality
Local Subscriber Environment
Lockheed Martin Advanced Environmental Systems
Logistics & Environmental Support Services Corporation
Logistics Chain Multidimensional Design Toolbox with Environmental Assessment
London Environmental Economics Centre
London Islamic Network for the Environment
Long Island Environmental Voters Forum
Los Alamos Graphics Tool Environment
Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair
Lothian and Edinburgh Environmental Partnership
Louisiana Environmental Action Network
Louisiana Environmental News Network
Louisiana Environmental Professionals Association
Lower Kihansi Environmental Management Project
Low-Risk Environment
Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer
Macintosh Application Compatibility Environment
Macintosh Application Environment
Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board
Magnetics Environmental Filter
Magnuson Environmental Stewardship Alliance
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Maine Environmental Policy Institute
Maintenance Repair & Environmental
Major Accident to the Environment
Major Environmental Analysis
Major Open Systems Environment Standards
Malaysian University Consortium for Environment and Development
Malta Environment & Planning Authority
Managed Desktop Environment
Managed Environmental Livestock Operation
Managed Learning Environment
Managed Metadata Environment
Managed Online Learning Environment
Managed Query Environment
Managed Reporting Environment
Managed Work Environment
Management Analysis Reporting Information On the Naval Environment
Management in A Distributed Application and Service Environment
Management Operating Environment
Managing Environmental Resources to Enable Transitions
Managing Your Environmental Responsibilities
Manchester Environmental Resource Centre Initiative
Maneuver Commander’s Environment
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association
Manitou Environmental Citizens Action
Manoeuvre Operations in a Littoral Environment
ManTech Environmental Technology, Inc.
Map Publishing Environment
Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Utility Software Environment
Marburg Ad-hoc Grid Environment
Marin Environmental Film Festival
Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences
Marine Environment Protection Committee
Marine Environment Protection Directorate
Marine Environment Protection Unit
Marine Environment Research Center
Marine Environment Tests and Research Infrastructure
Marine Environmental Change Network
Marine Environmental Data Information Referral System
Marine Environmental Data Service
Marine Environmental Data System
Marine Environmental Education Trust
Marine Environmental High Risk Areas
Marine Environmental Protection
Marine Environmental Quality
Marine Environmental Quality Committee
Marine Environmental Response
Marine Environmental Sciences Division
Marine Environmental Support Office
Mariposans for the Environment and Responsible Growth
Maritime and Environmental Resources and Information Center
Maritime Environmental Response
Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment
Mars Environmental Observer
Martian Radiation Environment Experiment
Maryland Department of the Environment
Maryland Environmental Laboratories Association
Massachusetts Environmental Health Association
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Massive Open Systems Environment Standards
Master Environment Library
Master Environmental Library
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master in Tourism and Environmental Economics
Master of Arts in Values and the Environment
Master of Environmental and Energy Management
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Environmental Planning
Master of Environmental Planning & Design
Master of Environmental Science
Master of Environmental Science
Master of Environmental Science and Management
Master of Environmental Studies
Master of Science Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Management
Master of Studies in Environmental Law
Master of Urban and Environmental Planning
Masters of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
Matter of National Environmental Significance
Matuaileoo Environment Trust Inc.
Maximum Predicted Environment
MC&G Utility Software Environment
MDM Application Test Environment
Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry
Mechanized Infantry in a Smoke Environment
Medical Officer for Environmental Health
Medical, Environmental, Disease, Intelligence, and Countermeasures
Melbourne University Virtual Environments for Simulation
Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Member of the Society of Environmental Engineers
Menu Interaction Kontrol Environment
Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging
Message Output Routine Environment
Message Passing Environment
Metals in the Human Environment
Meta-Object Operating System Environment
Meteorological and Environmental Data Services
Meteorological Environmental Data System
Meteorology and Environmental Protection Agency
Metropolitan Environmental Improvement Programme
Miami University Simulation Environment
Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals
Michigan Environmental Council
Michigan Environmental Health Association
Michigan Environmental Protection Act
Michigan Environmental Science Board
Microbiological and Ecological Responses to Global Environmental
Microgravity Environment Compatibility
Microsoft Development Environment
Microsoft Development Environment
Microsoft Overlay Virtual Environment
Microstation Graphics Environment
Mid Anglia Environment Safety and Health Group
Mid-Atlantic Regional Environmental Consortium
Mid-Atlantic Transportation and Environment
Mid-Continent Environmental Project Pte Ltd
Midlands Environmental Business Club
Military Applications of Synthetic Environments and Virtual Reality
Military Information Environment
Military Scenario Development Environment
Mine Environment Neutral Drainage
Mining and Environmental Geology
Mining Environmental Management
Minister for Environment and Science
Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment
Ministry for the Environment
Ministry of Energy and Environment
Ministry Of Environment
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Ministry of Environment Protection and Water Management
Ministry of Environment, Local Government, and Rural Development
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
Ministry of Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning
Ministry of Labour and Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Natural Resources Development and Environmental Protection
Ministry of Population and Environment
Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources
Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of the Environment of Finland
Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Ministry of Tourism and Environment
Ministry of Water and Environment
Ministry of Waters and Environmental Protection
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Minnesota Environmental Health Association
Minnesota Environmental Quality Council
Minnesota Environmental Studies Club
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Minority Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
Missile Environment Computer Control Analysis
Mission Planning Environment
Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association
Mitchell Environmental PA
MIW and Environmental Decision Aids Library
MO&DSD Systems Engineering Environment
Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning Environments
Mobile Architecture Built Environment Laboratory
Mobile Autonomous Robot in an Industrial Environment
Mobile Environmental Analytical Platform
Mobile Environmental Data Acquisition
Mobile Environmental Sensing System Across Grid Environments
Mobile Environmental Team
Mobile Networks for Vehicular Environments
Mobile Office Simulated Environment System
Model for Environmental Costs
Model-Based User Interface Development Environment
Modeling Autonomic Communications Environments
Modeling Environment for Software and Hardware
Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
Moi University School of Environmental Studies
Mongolia Nature and Environment Consortium
Mongolian Environmental Trust Fund
Monitoring the Sun-Earth Environment
Montana Department of Environmental Quality
MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.
Mossville Environmental Action Now
Mostardi Platt Environmental
Motivation Towards the Environment Scale
Mowlem Environmental Sciences Group
Multi Aircraft Training Environment
Multi User System Environment
Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment
Multi-community Environmental Storm Observatory
Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative
Multi-Environment Real Time
Multilateral Environmental Agreement
Multilateral Environmental Treaty
Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme for Russia
Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation
Multimedia and Virtual Environment
Multimedia Application Development Environment
Multimedia Oriented Repository Environment
Multiple ECM Threat Environment
Multiple Opening Closing Net Environmental Sensing System
Multiple Representation Environment
Multiple Tenant Environment
Multiple UAV Simulation Environment
Multiple Unified Simulation Environment
Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Simulation Environment
Multiple Version Environment
Multipurpose Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment
Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment
Multi-Spectral Environmental Generator & Chamber
Multi-User Environment
Multi-User Publishing Environment
Multi-User Simulation Environment
Multi-User Text Environment
Multi-Variant Execution Environment
Mumbai Environmental Social Network
Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure
Municipal Class Environmental Assessment
Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer
Municipal Environmental Loan Facility
Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory
Nagaland Environmental Protection and Economic Development
Namibia Environmental Education Network
Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Narrative, Immersive, Collaborative Environment
National Agency for the Protection of the Environment
National Agriculture Environment Committee
National Association for Environmental Management
National Association of Environmental Professionals
National Association of Physicians for the Environment
National Australian Built Environment Rating System
National Center for Environmental Assessment
National Center for Environmental Health
National Center for Environmental Health Strategies Incorporated
National Center for Environmental Research
National Center for Housing and the Environment
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
National Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence
National Environment Action Plan
National Environment Agency
National Environment and Ecology Defence Society
National Environment Appellate Authority
National Environment Campaign
National Environment Consultative Forum
National Environment Forum
National Environment Management Authority
National Environment Protection Agency
National Environment Protection Council
National Environment Research Council
National Environmental Action Plan
National Environmental Action Programmes
National Environmental and Meteorological Association, Inc.
National Environmental and Planning Agency
National Environmental Appraisal Committee
National Environmental Audit Services Inc.
National Environmental Balancing Bureau
National Environmental Data Referral Service
National Environmental Education and Training Foundation
National Environmental Employment Report
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
National Environmental Health Association
National Environmental Health Forum
National Environmental Information Network
National Environmental Information Service
National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine
National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
National Environmental Law Center
National Environmental Law Review
National Environmental Management Programme
National Environmental Mapping Program
National Environmental Performance Track
National Environmental Plan
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
National Environmental Policy Institute
National Environmental Protection Bureau
National Environmental Protection Fund
National Environmental Research Center
National Environmental Research Institute
National Environmental Research Park
National Environmental Satellite Center
National Environmental Satellite Service
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
National Environmental Services Performance Indicators
National Environmental Strategies, Inc.
National Environmental Technology Applications Center
National Environmental Technology Institute
National Environmental Testing, Inc.
National Environmental Training Association
National Environmental Training Office
National Environmental Trust
National Institute for Environmental Studies
National Institute for the Environment
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
National Institute of Public Health and the Environment
National Laboratory for Environmental Testing
National Library for the Environment
National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center
National Partnership for Environmental Priorities
National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System
National Registry of Environmental Professionals
National Religious Partnership for the Environment
National Report on the State of the Environment
National Service Center for Environmental Publications
National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
National Tribal Environmental Council
National Working Environment Authority
Nationwide Environmental Title Research
Natural and Induced Environment
Natural Battlespace Environment
Natural Communication in Rough Environments
Natural Environment Research Council
Natural Environment Study
Natural Environment Teaching
Natural Environment White Paper
Natural Operating Environment
Natural Radiation Environment Association
Natural Resources and Environment
Natural Resources and Environment Board
Natural Resources and Environment Management
Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Naval Environmental Training Program
Naval Environmental Watch Steward
Naval Networking Environment
Navigating and Acting in Virtual Environments
NAVSEA Data Environment
Navy Continuous Training Environment
Navy Data Environment
Navy Environmental Leadership Program
Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental System
Navy Occupational Safety & Health Environmental Training Center
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Negril Environmental Protection Trust
Neighbourhood Environment Improvement Plan
Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine
NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre (UK)
Net Environmental Benefit Analysis
Net-Centric Information Environment
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Netherlands Environmental Earth System Dynamics
Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research
Network Operating System/Virtual Environment
Networked Environment for Media Orchestration
Networked Learning Environment
Networked Virtual Environment
Networked Virtual Environment
Networked Writing Environment
Nevada Water Environment Association
New and Emerging Environmental Technology
New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund
New Cumnock Environmental Regeneration Volunteers
New England Association of Environmental Biologists
New Game Environment
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Mexico Environmental Finance Center
New South Wales Land and Environment Court
New Technical Environment
New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns
New York City Environmental Fund
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation
New York University Medical Center’s Institute of Environmental Medicine
New Zealand Association for Environmental Education
New Zealand Ministry for the Environment
Newcastle Environmental Management Plan
Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Association
Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association
Newfoundland Environmental Industries Association
Next-Generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
Niagara Healthy Environment Initiative
Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team
Night Integrated Training Environment
Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project
NIMA Integrated Test Environment
No Known Environmental Allergy
No Net Negative Environmental Impact
Nomadic Computing Environment
Non-Permissive Environment
Non-Production Environment
Nordic Environmental Science Research Academy
North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
North Carolina Division of Environmental Health
North Country Environmental Services
North Pole Environmental Observatory
Northern Ireland Environment Agency
Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service
Northern Territory Environmental Laboratories Pty. Ltd
Northwest Environment Watch
Northwest Environmental Business Council
Notre Dame Environmental Education and Research
Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association
Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour
Nova Scotia Environment and Labour
NTCS-A/NCCS-A Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem
Nuclear and Environmental Safety Council
Nuclear-Chemical Environment
Nutrition Environment Measures Survey for Restaurants
Nutrition Environment Measures Survey for Stores
Nutrition Environments Measures Survey
Nutritional & Environmental Analytical Services
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace
Object Communication Environment for Arbitrary Network
Object Distribution Environment
Object-Oriented Process, Environment, and Notation
Observations of Redshift Evolution in Large Scale Environments
Observer Classroom Environment Measure
Occupational & Environmental Health Laboratory
Occupational and Environmental Health
Occupational and Environmental Health Foundation
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Occupational And Environmental Protection
Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease
Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
Occupational and Environmental Safety Office
Occupational Health, Safety, Welfare & Environment
Ocean Environmental File
Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Odessa State Environmental University
Office Docking Environment System
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
Office of Cooperative Environmental Management
Office of Environment and Natural Resources
Office of Environmental Adjudication
Office of Environmental Assurance, Permits, and Policy
Office of Environmental Assurance, Permits, and Policy – Regulatory Policy, Planning, and Analysis Staff
Office of Environmental Compliance and Documentation
Office of Environmental Coordination
Office of Environmental Education
Office of Environmental Health
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
Office of Environmental Information
Office of Environmental Justice
Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation
Office of Environmental Monitoring and Prediction
Office of Environmental Policy
Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance
Office of Environmental Quality
Office of Environmental Restoration
Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs
Office of Hanford Environment
Office of Health and Environmental Assessment
Office of Health and Environmental Research
Office of Local Environmental Management
Office of the Director of Environmental Programs
Offline Diagnostics Environment
Ohio Environmental Council
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
Ohio Water Environment Association
Oklahoma Water Environmental Association
Olympic College Environmental Outreach
Online Bibliography of Environmental Thought
Online Language Environments
On-Line Learning Environment
Online Networking for the Environment
Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection
Ontario Environmental Network
Ontario Environmental Protection Act
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Open Business Object Environment
Open Collaboration Environment
Open Development Environment
Open Distributed Processing Environment
Open Experience Environment
Open Library Environment
Open Messaging Environment
Open Microscopy Environment
Open Net Environment
Open Network Computing Environment
Open Network Environment
Open Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
Open Service Delivery Environment
Open Source Desktop Environment
Open Systems Environment
Open Systems Environment Implementers Workshop
Open Transaction Environment
Operating Environment
Operating Environment Architecture
Operating Environment Segment Specification
Operating System Environment
Operational Environment Documentation
Operational Mission Environment
Operational Multiscale Environment model with Grid Adaptivity
Operational Preparation of the Environment
Operational Services & Environment Description
Operational Test Environment
Operations Environmental Management Plan
Op-Tech Environmental Services
Optimised Expert System for Conducting Environmental Assessment of Urban Road Traffic
Ordnance Environmental Support Office
Oregon Environmental Systems
Organizational Environment for Integration
Organizations United for the Environment
Orissa Environmental Society
Our Geologic Environment
Outback Environmental Controls
Outdoor Environment Media Ltd.
Outer Continental Shelf Environment Assessment Program
Outstanding New Environmental Scientist
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center
Ownship Environment Simulator
Oxford University Centre for the Environment
Oyster Environmental Monitoring Program
Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute
Pacific Environment and Resources Center
Pacific Environmental Information Network
Pacific Environmental Services, Inc.
Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security
Pacific Islands Environment Conference
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Package for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental data
PacketLink Environment
Pakistan Environmental Protection Foundation
Palaeoenvironments from Ice Cores
Palatlakaha Environmental & Agricultural Reserve
Paleo-Environment and NeoTectonics Lab
Paleoenvironmental Arctic Science
Paleoenvironmental Research Unit
Palestinian Energy and Environment Research Center
Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Center
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute
Panasonic Home Environment Company
Paper. Print. Environment.
Paperless Environment Project
Parallel Applications Development Environment
Parallel Applications in a Distributed Environment
Parallel Operating Environment
Park County Environmental Council
Park Land Acquisition for Conservation and Environmental Protection
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Partial Environment Monitor
Particle Environment Monitor
Partners for Environmental Cooperation in Europe
Partners for Environmental Quality
Partnership Committee on Agriculture and the Environment
Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Partnership for European Environmental Research
Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia
Patient Environment Action Team
Payment for Environmental Services
Pedestrian Environment Review Software
Pediatric Review of Children’s Environmental Support and Stimulation
Peffer Western Environmental Education Program
Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Pennsylvania Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
Pennsylvania Environmental Network
People and Resources Identification for Distributed Environments
People and the Physical Environment Research
People in Need of Environmental Safety
Performance and Innovation in the State Revolving Fund Creating Environmental Success
Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research
Performance, Environment, Actuators, Sensors
Perl Object Environment
Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc
Persistent Application Systems, Technologies, Environments and Languages
Personal Computing Environment
Personal Digital Network Environment
Personal Environmental Module
Personal Information Environment
Personal Learning Environment
Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment
Personal Security Environment
Pest Management and the Environment
Philippine Business for Environment
Philippine Environmental Industry Association
Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern
Physical and Environmental Sciences
Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Capabilities, Environment, Social
Physics Environment Monitoring
Piedmont Environmental Council
Pierce County Environmental Services
Pilot Programme for the Promotion of Environmental Management
Pinchin LeBlanc Environmental Ltd.
Pinellas County Environmental Foundation
Pinnacle Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Placer County Environmental Health
Planning & Environment Bar Association
Planning and Environment Committee
Planning and Environmental Management Division
Planning and Environmental Policy Group
Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment
Plant Environmental Physiology Group
Plasma Local Anomalous Noise Environment
Plastics Reduction in Marine Environment
Plastics Removal in the Marine Environment
Plato Learning Environment
Platt Environmental Services
Player Versus Environment
Pledge and Promise Environmental Awards
Plug-In Development Environment
Plumstead Common Environment Group
Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite
Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation
Polish Research on Grid Environment for Sun Servers
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Factors
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal, Organisational
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental
Population Health and Environment
Population, Organization, Environment, Technology
Population-Environment Research Network
Port and Environmental Safety
Portable Application Solutions Environment
Portable Environmental Control System
Portable Environmental Monitoring Station
Portable Operating System Environment
Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security
Positive Environments, Network of Trainers
Positive Work Environment
Post Tsunami Environment Initiative
Poultry Environmental Control System
Poverty and Environment in Amazonia
Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management
Poverty Reduction in Difficult Environments
Power & Environment Monitor
Powys Environment and Development Education Centre
Preboot Execution Environment
Precision Architecture Computing Environments
Predicted Environmental Concentration
Predicted Initial Environmental Concentration
Pre-Environmental Readiness Review
Pre-Environmental Review
Pre-Environmental Review
Preinstallation Environment
Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment
Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Preliminary Draft Final Environmental Impact Statement
Preliminary Environmental Assessment
Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report
Preliminary Environmental Impact Study
Preliminary Environmental Review
Preliminary Environmental Review
Pre-Production Environment
Presidency of Meteorology and Environment
Pressure Environment Equipment
Pre-Toddler Inhalable Particulate Environmental Robotic
Primary Articles Learning Environment
Primary Environmental Prediction System
Prince Edward Round Table on Environment and Economy
Probation Environmental Preservation Project
Problem Solving Environment
Process Centered Environment
Process Environment Block
Process Environmental Monitoring System
Process Integrated Modeling Environment
Process Modelling Environment
Processing Development Environment
Product Environmental Attributes Declaration
Product Of My Environment
Product Sight Lifecycle Environment
Production Environmental Test
Productivity Integrated Environment
Professional Applications Creation Environment
Professional Billing Environment
Program Environment Check-Out System
Program Integrated Design Environment
Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization-Environmental and Monitoring Office
Programmable Object-centered EnvironMent
Programmatic Environmental Impact Analysis
Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
Programmatic Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Programming Environment and Training
Programming Environment for Parallel Architectures
Programming Languages and Integrated Development Environments
Programming Tools and Environments
Project Approval and Environmental Document
Project Environmental Management Plan
Project Environmental Management Unit
Project Management Environment Assessment
Project Support Environment
Project Support Environment Working Group
Projected Operational Environment
Projected Operational Environment
Projects In Controlled Environments
Project-Specific Environmental Impact Assessment
Promoting Environmental Acoustic Knowledge
Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids
Promotion of Environmental Health
Property and Environment Research Center
Proposed/Projected Operational Environment
Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment
Providing Responsible Information on A Dog’s Environment
Provincial Committee for Environmental Co-ordination
Proximity Payment System Environment
Public Access to Environmental Information
Public Beta Environment
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Public Health and Environmental Laboratories
Public Health and Environmental Services
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
Public Opensource Environment for A Safer Internet Access
Public Policies for Environmental Protection
Public Testing Environment
Publishers National Environment Bureau
Putnam County Environmental Council, Inc
QSound Environmental Modeling
Qt Palmtop Environment
Quadrilateral Advanced Research on Telematics for Environment and Transport
Qualified Environmental Professional
Quality Environmental Professionals Inc.
Quality Safety Environment
Quality, Environment and Safety
Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Quality, Safety, Health & Environment
Quality, Security, Environment
Quantitative Environmental Analysis, LLC
Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North
Quaternary Environments Network
Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group
Quatrosense Environmental Ltd.
Quebec Ministry of the Environment
Queen’s University Environmental Science and Technology Research Centre
Query Optimization in a Protective Environment
Rachel’s Environment & Health News
Radar Electromagnetic Environment Simulator
Radar Environment Simulation
Radar Environment Simulation
Radar Environment Simulator
Radar Environment Simulator
Radar Environment Simulator System
Radar Environmental Simulation System
Radiation and Environmental Data Acquisition and Recorder
Radiation Oncology System Computer Operating Environment
Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring
Radon Environmental Monitoring
Rain World Environmental Consultants
Random Environment Contest
Random Environment Contest
Random Field Environment
Rapid Application Creation Environment
Rapid Application Development Environment
Rapid Development Environment
Rapid Environment and Development International Timetable
Rapid Environmental Assessment
Rapid Prototyping Environment
RASSP Design Environment
RATS Open System Environment
Real Time Environment
Real Time Environment
Real-Time Audio Visual Environment
Real-Time Common Operating Environment
Real-Time Environmental Application Process
Real-Time Environmental Applications and Display System
Real-time Object-oriented Simulation Environment
Recognised Environmental Picture
Recognized Environmental Condition
Recognized Environmental Condition
Record of Environmental Compliance
Record of Environmental Compliance
Record of Environmental Consideration
Record of Environmental Consideration
Recreation for Individuals Dedicated to the Environment
Regional Business Environment
Regional Centre for Environmental Safety
Regional Environmental Center
Regional Environmental Center
Regional Environmental Coordinator
Regional Environmental Coordinator
Regional Environmental Emergencies Team
Regional Environmental Office
Regional Environmental Protection Department
Regional Environmental Protection Office
Regional Environmental Quality Unit
Register of Environmental Assessments and Statements
Registered Environmental Assessor
Registered Environmental Health Professional
Registered Environmental Manager
Registered Environmental Technician
Registered Environmental Technician
Remote Environmental Measuring Unit
Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit
Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit System
Remote Instrumentation Collaboration Environment
Remote Operating System Conversational On-Line Environment
Remote Optical Sensing of the Environment
Remote Unix Lab Environment
Republicans for Environmental Protection
Requirements Engineering Environment
Research Aircraft for Visual Environment
Research Center for Ecological and Environmental Economics
Research Center for Environmental Quality Control
Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment
Resource and Environmental Data Interpretation System
Respect Equality Socialism Peace Environment Community Trade Unionism
Responsible for Safety and Environment on Site
Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique
Results-Only Work Environment
Results-Oriented Work Environment
Reuse-Driven Development Environment
Review of Environmental Factors
Rewarding Upland Poor for Environmental Services
Richmond Cape Henry Environmental Laboratory
Riedel Environmental Services, Inc
Riedel Environmental Services, Inc
Riedel Environmental Technologies, Inc
Riedel Environmental Technologies, Inc
Rivers and Environmental Spaces Clean Up Event
Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS Denied Environments (Robust Robotics Group; Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Rocky Flats Environmental Monitoring Council
Routine Environmental High-Volume Air Samples
Roy Hyatt Environmental Center
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
Runtime Environment
Runtime Environment
Runtime Environment
Runtime Environment
Rupp Environmental Air Systems
Rural Environmental Assistance Program
Rural Environmental Conservation Program
Rural Oxidants in the Southern Environment
Rural Policy and Environment Group
Rural Women Environmental Protection Association
Russian Regional Environmental Centre
Russian-American Initiative for Shelf-Land Environments in the Arctic
SADC EIS (Environmental Information Systems) Technical Unit
Safe and Secure Environment
Safe Environment Training Administration
Safe Execution Environment
Safe Programmable and Integrated Network Environment
Safe, Active, Family Environment
Safetech Environmental Ltd.
Safety & Environmental Associates, Inc.
Safety & Environmental Management System
Safety and Environmental Advisory Council
Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager
Safety and Environmental Health Office
Safety and Environmental Management
Safety and Environmental Management Branch
Safety and Environmental Management Division
Safety and Environmental Risk Management Rating Agency
Safety Environmental Control, Inc.
Safety, Environment and Health
Safety, Health and Environmental Management Division
Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
Safety, Health, and Environmental Program
Safety, Health, Environment
Safety, Health, Environment, Quality
Safety, Health, Environmental Manager
Safety, Health, Environmental Manager
Safety, Quality, and Environmental
Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, Environment
Same Sex Attracted Friendly Environments
Sample Environment Data Acquisition Node
San Luis Outdoor Painters for the Environment
Sanitation, Public Health and Environment Improvement Project
Sanovo Environmental Solutions A/S
Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Save Heritage and Rehabilitate the Environment
Save Open Lands Vistas and the Environment
Save the Environment Afghanistan
Scalable Information Networks for the Environment
Scalable Networked Information Processing Environment
Scalable Object Processing Environment
Scalable Platform for Large Interactive Networked Environments
Scanning Laser Environmental Airborne Fluorosensor
Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education
Scenario Authoring and Visualization for Advanced Graphical Environments
Scenario Toolkit And Generation Environment
Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments
Schema Runtime Environment
School of Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies
School of Earth, Society and Environment
School of Engineering and the Built Environment
School of Environment and Natural Resources
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
School of Environmental Design
School of Environmental Studies
School of Environmental Studies
School of Environmental Systems Engineering
School of Geography and the Environment
School of Human and Environmental Sciences
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
School of Resources, Environment and Society
School of the Built Environment
School of the Built Environment
Schreck Environmental Awareness Society, Corp.
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Science and Technology for Environmental Protection
Science Career Options for Rural Environment Students
Science Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment
Science Planning Interactive Knowledge Environment
Science, Environment and Development
Science, Technology and Environment Organization
Science, Technology and Environment Partnership
Science, Technology, Energy and Environment Policy
Science, Technology, Environment, Society
Science, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks
Scientific Committee On Problems of the Environment
Scientific Committee on Toxicity, Ecotoxicity and the Environment
Scottish Energy Environment Foundation
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scottish Environment Statistics Online
Scottish Environmental Forum
Scottish Environmental Services Association
Scottish Environmental Technology Network
Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department
Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment Fisheries Department
Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of A Gaming Environment
Sculpture in the Environment
SDP Application Test Environment
Sea Empress Environmental Evaluation Committee
Seamless Access Environment
Seaport Environmental Management Committee
Second-generation Hypermedia Application Project Environment
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Secretary of the Army, Installations, Logistics, & Environment
Secure Active Network Environment
secure analyst file environment
Secure Electronic Commerce Environment
Secure Electronic Environment
Secure Environmental Graphics System
Secure European System for Applications in a Multivendor Environment
Secure Heterogeneous Application Runtime Environment
Secure Interoperability Releaseability Environment
Secure Mobile Environment
Security & Environmental Alarm & Monitoring System
Security and Multimodality in Pervasive Environments
Security Environment Threat List
Security, Trust and Privacy in Grid Environments
Sediment Transport Modelling in Marine Coastal Environments
Selam Environmental Development Association
Selected Environmental Library
Self-Contained Off-World Residential Environment
Self-Contained Toxicological Environmental Protective Outfit-Interim
Semantic Technologies for Multimedia-Enhanced Learning Environments
Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology
Semantics, Program Analysis, and Computing Environments for Memory Management
Semi-Automated Business Research Environment
Semi-Automated Business Reservations Environment
Semiautomatic Business Reservation Environment
Semi-Automatic Business-Related Environment
Semi-Automatic Ground Environment
Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Association
Senior Action in a Gay Environment
Senior Environment Management Committee
Senior Environmental Employee
Senior Environmental Employee Program
Senior Environmental Employment
Senior Environmental Health Officer
Sensor Algorithm Development Environment
Sensor Analysis and Fusion Environment
Sensor Environmental Enclosure
Sensor Integrated Test Environment
Sensory Environments Evaluation
Server Environment
Server Environment
Service Creation Environment
Service Creation Environment Function
Service Delivery Environment
Service Development Environment
Service Execution Environment
Service Logic Execution Environment
Service Provider Delivery Environment
Service Provisioning Environment
Services Environmental, Inc.
Services in Distributed and Networked Environments
Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc
Severe Environmental Storm and Mesoscale Experiment
Severe Noise Environment
Severn Trent Environmental Services Inc.
Shallow-Water Environmental Profiler in Trawl-safe, Real-time
Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Administration Bureau
Shanghai Environment Group
Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
Shared Application Environment
Shared Data Environment
Shared Data Environment
Shared Environmental Information System
Shared Source Working Environment
Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
Sheratgarh Environmental Society
Shijiazhuang Environmental Monitoring Center
Ship/Submarine Environment & Missile Simulation
Shipboard Environmental Data Acquisition Systems
Shipboard Environmental Information Clearinghouse
Short and Medium-term Priority Environmental Action Programme
Sierra Environmental Water Caucus
Signal Processing Environment for Analysis and Reduction
Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Similar to Automated Maintenance Environment
Simple Communications Programming Environment
Simple Virtual Environment
Simulated Computer Assisted Teaching Environment
Simulated Environment Test Signal
Simulated Environmental Test Signal
Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education
Simulated Warfare Environment Generator
Simulating Accelerator Radiation Environment
Simulation Assessment Validation Environment
Simulation Execution Environment
Simulation Support Environment
Simulation-Based Training Environment
Sindh Environmental Protection Agency
Singapore Environment Council
Single Information Environment
Single Integrated Network Environment
Single Mothers in A Learning Environment
Size, Level of Development, Environment, Degree of Dependancy
Skyrix Object Publishing Environment
Small Business Environmental Ombudsman
Smart Taxis Encouraging Environmental Respect
Smart User-Centric Communication Environment
SMIL Player and Authoring Environment
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Sober Living Environment
Social and Environmental Accountability of the Private Sector
Social and Environmental Conditions in Rural Areas
Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
Social and Environmental Relations in Dryland Agriculture
Social and Environmental Research Institute
Social and Political Environment of Business
Social Environmental and Scientific Education
Social, Economic and Environmental Development
Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural
Social, Environmental and Economic Performance
Social/demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental , Political, Legal and Ethical factors (analysis)
Socially and/or Environmentally Consciously Cultivated Coffee
Societal-Environmental Research and Education Laboratory
Society and Environment
Society and Environment
Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment
Society for Environment and Education
Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Society for Environmental Journalists
Society for Himalayan Environmental Research
Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments
Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research
Society for Upgrading the Built Environment
Society of Environmental Engineers
Society of Environmental Engineers
Society of Environmental Management and Technology
Society of Environmental Systems Engineers
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Society of Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry
Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
Society, Environment and Energy Development Foundation
Society, Technology, Economy, Environment, and Politics/Regulation
Socio-Economic and Environmental Assessment
Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute
SOF Digital Environment
Software Aided Group Environment
Software Common Operating Environment
Software Development & Maintenance Environment
Software Development Environment
Software Development Environment Throughput
Software Engineering Computing Environment
Software Engineering Environment
Software Engineering Environment Authority
Software Engineering Symposium on Practical Software Development Environments
Software Engineering within Social Software Environments
Software Environment for Biological Network Inference
Software Environment to Support the Early Phases in Building Design
Software Experiment in the NC production environment
Software Operating Environment
Software Support Environment
Software Test Environment
Software Tool for Automated Test Environment
Software, Hardware, Environment, Liveware
Soil Environment Services Limited
Solar Environmental Monitor
Solar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory
Solaris Common Desktop Environment
Soldier Level Integrated Communications Environment
Solids Control Services Environmental
Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment
Solutions to Environmental and Economic Problems
Solutions to Environmental Problems, Inc
Somalia Environmental Protection and Anti-Desertification Organisation
Somerset Environmental Records Centre
Sonar/Environmental Group Simulator
Source for Internet Environmental Sites
South African Environmental Observation Network
South African Institute of Environmental Health
South Carolina Environmental Training Center
South Coast Environmental Services
South Coast Environmental Services
South Dakota Environmental Health Association
South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
South Florida Environmental Art Project
South Kessock Environmental Company
South Pacific Regional Environment Programme
South Texas Environmental Education and Research
South West England Environmental Trust
Southeast Environmental Education Alliance
Southeast Environmental Task Force
Southeast Regional Center of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change
Southeastern Environmental Law Journal
Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative
Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center
Southern Group Environmental Health Committee
Southern Gulf Environmental Information Program
Southern Illinois Environmental Managers Association
Southern Regional Environmental Office
Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment
Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Space Entry/Recovery Vehicle in Commercial Environment
Space Environment and Effects
Space Environment Center
Space Environment Data Acquisition
Space Environment Laboratory
Space Environment Laboratory Data Acquisition and Display System
Space Environment Laboratory Research and Analysis System
Space Environment Laboratory Solar Imaging System
Space Environment Measurement Group
Space Environment Monitor
Space Environment Monitor System
Space Environment Simulation Laboratory
Space Environment Simulator
Space Environment Technologies
Space Environment Technology Transition
Space Environment Testbed
Space Environmental Compatibility
Space Environmental Impacts Tool
Space Environmental Monitor
Space Environments and Technology Archive System
Spatial Data Management Environment
Spatial Modeling Environment
Spatial Queries in Dynamic Environments
Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment
SPAWAR Integrated Data Environment
SPAWAR PEO Integrated Data Environment and Repository
Special Assistant for Environmental Services
Special Environment Powder Diffractometer
Special Environmental Study
special operations naval mobile environment team
Sprint Intelligent Computing Environment
Sprint Intelligent Computing Environment
Stack, Environment, Code, Dump
Staffordshire Business and Environment Network
Standard Apple Numeric Environment
Standard Automated Guard Environment
Standard Communications Environment
Standard Office Environment
Standard Operating Environment
Standing Committee on Environmental Law
Standing Committee on the Environment
Standing Committee on the Environment
Stanford Institute for the Environment
Stanford Medicine Information and Learning Environment
State Automated FISMA Reporting Environment
State Committee for Environmental Protection
State Environment Impact Assessment Authority
State Environment Protection Administration
State Environmental Impact Statement
State Environmental Leadership Program
State Environmental Policy Act of 1971
State Environmental Protection Plan
State Kay Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information Systems
State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry
State of the Canadian Environment
State of the Environment
State of the Environment Report
State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations
State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Act
State’s Environmental Education Directory
Statement of Environmental Effects
Statistical Application Building Environment
Stockholm Environment Institute
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments
Storage, Processing, and Retrieval of Information in a Technical Environment
Storm-Relative Environmental Helicity
Strategic Environmental Analysis
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Strategic Environmental Assessment System
Strategic Environmental Management
Strategic Environmental Management Framework
Strategic Environmental Management Program
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
Strategic Environmental Restoration Program
Strategic Plan of Action on the Environment
Strategic Technology-Assisted Professional Learning Environment
Stream Environment Zone
Streamlined Approach for Environmental Restoration
Strike Warfare Collaborative Environment
Strike Warfare Collaborative Environment
Structural Technology for the Built Environment
Student Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility
Student Association for the Environment
Student Centered E-Learning Environment
Student Environment Centre
Student Environment Tasks Tools
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Student Environmental Health Association
Student Environmental Knowledge and Opinion Inventory
Students Actively Volunteering for the Environment
Students Against the Violation of the Environment
Students Concerned about the Environment
Students for Environmental Action At Stanford
Students for Environmental Awareness
Students for Environmental Quality
Students for Environmental Quality
Students for Environmental Quality
Students Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville
Students United for A Responsible Global Environment
Students Working in the Environment for Active Transformation
Studies of Society and Environment
Studying Earth’s Environment from Space
Subsequent Environmental Impact Report
Subsurface Life in Mineral Environments
Sudanese Environment Conservation Society
Summary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
Summer Environmental Writing Program
Sunnyside Environmental School
Supplemental Environmental Baseline Survey
Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Supplemental Environmental Program
Supplemental Environmental Projects
Supplementary Environmental Project
Support for the Analyst’s File Environment
Support of Environmental Requirements for Cloud Analysis and Archive
Supportive Learning Environment
Surface Layer Turbulence and Environmental Science Test Facility
Surface, Environment, and Mining
Surgery, Antibiotics, Face Washing and Environmental Improvement
Surveillance Environmental Acoustic Support
Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment
Sustainability and the Global Environment
Sustainable Built Environments
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health
Sustainable Environment for the Evaluation of Quality in ELearning
Sustainable Environment Management Programme
Sustainable Environment-Actionable Data
Sustainable Environmental Education Network
Sustainable Management of Land and Environment
Sustainable Practices in Agriculture for Critical Environments
Sustainable Product Information Network for the Environment
Sustaining Privacy in Autonomous Collaborative Environments
Sutherland Shire Environment Centre
Swedish Environmental Management Council
Swedish Work Environment Fund
Swiss Priority Programme Environment
Sydney Environmental Educators Network
Sydney Regional Environmental Plan
Symbolic Programming Environment
Synchronous Asynchronous Common Environment
Synthetic Atmosphere and Space Environment Representations
Synthetic Battlespace Environment
Synthetic Environment
Synthetic Environment
Synthetic Environment Based Acquisition
Synthetic Environment Exercise
Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation
Synthetic Environment Operational Testing
Synthetic Environment Program
Synthetic Environment Research Facility
Synthetic Environments Integration Testbed
Synthetic Immersive Research Environment
Synthetic Natural Environment
Synthetic Operational Environment
Synthetic Tactical Real-Time Interactive Virtual Environment
Synthetic Task Environment
Synthetic Training Environment
Synthetic Training Environment Periodic Review
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates
System Development Environment
System Environment
System Environment
System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information
System Integration Environment
System of Environmental and Economic Accounting
System/Software Engineering Environment
Systematic Analog Design Environment
System-Level Verification Environment
Systems Engineering Environment
Systems Integration Testing Environment
Tackling Health Through Environmental Regeneration and Public Involvement
Tactical Communications Environment Segment
Tactical Environment Generator
Tactical Environment Support System
Tactical Environmental Data Server
Tactical Environmental Processor
Tactical Environmental Support System
Tactical Integrated Geographic Environment
Tactical Real-Time Interaction in Distributed Environments
Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences
Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration
Taiwan Environmental Protection Union
Taking Responsibility for the Earth and Environment
Tameside Business Environment Association
Tandem Accelerator for Environmental Research and Radiocarbon Analysis
Tangible Interaction in Collaborative Environments
Tanzania Environmental Society
Taos Pueblo Environmental Office
Target Operating Environment
Target Rich Environment
Task Force on Environmental Design
Task Force on the Environment
Tasman International Geospace Environment Radar
Teachers, Industry, and the Environment Conference
Team Integrated Design Environment
Technical Computing Environment
Technical Environment Control, Incorporated
Technical Report on Environmental Aspects
Technical Working Group on Forestry and Environment
Techniques in Marine Environmental Sciences
Technology Enhanced Learning Environment
Television Trust for the Environment
Temporal Visual Query Environment
Tennessee Coalition for Environmental Justice
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Terminal Environment Network Information System
Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environmental Research
Terrorist Identities Data Mart Environment
Terrorist Identity Environment
Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement
Test Environment Certification
Test Environment Toolkit
Texas Environmental Energy Group
Texture Coordinate System in 3D Environments
Thai Environmental and Community Development Association
Thai Society of Environmental Journalists
Thailand Environment Institute
The Environmental Assessment and Management
The Environmental Company, Inc
The Humane Environment
The Hut Environmental and Community Association
The Invisible Modelling Environment
The Role of Innovation and Policy Design in Energy and Environment for a Sustainable Growth in Europe
Theater Environmental Situational Awareness
Theater Information Dissemination Environment
Thematic Real-Time Environmental Distributed Data Services
Thermo Environmental Instruments
Third Pole Environment
Third Year Environmental Design
Thompson Center for Environmental Management
Thread Environment Block
Threat Environment Defense
Threat Environment Description
Thrust Assessment Support Environment
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection
Tibet Environmental Watch
Timber Recreation Environment Aesthetics Sustained Usable Resource
Timed UML and RT-LOTOS Environment
Tivoli Management Environment
TLA-Rich Environment
Tomahawk Environmental Calculation Aid
Tonle Sap Environmental Management Project
Toronto Environmental Alliance
Total Environmental Control System
Total Environmental Management, Inc.
Total Environmental Partnering
Total Environmental Protection
Total Environmental Restoration Contract
Total Environmental Warming Impact
Total Ship Computing Environment
Total Ship Computing Environmental Infrastructure
Tourist Environmental Bearing Capacity
Toxic Organic Compounds in the Environment
Toxicology and Environmental Health
Tracy Farmer Center for the Environment
Trade in Environmental Services and Technologies
Trader’s Environment Demonstration Project
Training in Urban Environment
Transaction Processing Environment
Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment
Transboundary Environmental Information Agency
Transboundary Environmental Management Index
Transformation Environment for Interactive Systems Representations
Transparent Parallel I/O Environment
Transport and Environment Committee
Transportable Remote Analyzer for Characterization and Environmental Remediation
Treasury Communications Environment
Triangle Environmental Service Center, Inc
Tribal Environmental Protection Agency
Tribal Environmental Watch Alliance
Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd.
Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.
Tropical Ecosystem Environment Observations by Satellite
Tropical Environment Data
Tropospheric Radiometer for Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Research
Trust in Mobile Environments
Trusted Execution Environment
Trusted Network Environment
Trusted Security Information Exchange for Restricted Environments
TRW Environmental Safety Systems Inc.
Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute
Tulane Environmental Law Clinic
Tusket River Environmental Protection Association
Unavoidable Residual Environmental Contamination
Unified Quality Environment
Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
Uniform Programming Environment
Union of Environment Workers
Unit Environmental Coordinator
Unit for Social and Environmental Research
Unit of Sustainable Development and Environment
United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society
United Kingdom Network of Environmental Economists
United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
United Nations Conference on the Human Environment
United Nations Environment Program
United Nations Environment Programme-Global Resources Information Database
United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environmental Science Services Administration
Universal Information Exchange Environment
University Consortium on the Environment
University Environmental Management Group
University of Chicago Environmental Center
University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
University of Surrey Environmental Body
University Office of Environmental, Health, and Safety Management
University Residence Environment Scale
Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network
Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition
Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment
Urban and Environmental Infrastructure Fund
Urban Environment League
Urban Environment Management
Urban Environmental Health
Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative
Urban, Technological & Environmental Planning
Urbanization and Global Environmental Change
US-Asia Environmental Partnership
User Interface Environment
User Support Environment
User Virtual Environment
Utah Society for Environmental Education
V Integrated Development Environment
Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance
Validating OSA in Industrial CIM Environments
Value Added Services for Maritime Environment
Value Engineered Environmental Payload
Vancouver Environmental Information Centre
VAX Environment Software Translator
Veolia Environmental Services
Veolia Environmental Services North America
Vermont Business Environmental Partnership
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Vermont Environmental Assistance Partnership
Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
VHDL AMS Synthesis Environment
Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator
Vietnam Canada Environmental Project
Village Employment and Environment Project
Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators
Virginia Environmental Business Council
Virginia Environmental Excellence Program
Virginia Environmental Quality Index
Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey
Virtual Applications Systems and Environments
Virtual Collaborative Environment
Virtual Computing Environment
Virtual Development Environment
Virtual Engineering Environment
Virtual Enterprises Nurtured using Intelligent Collaborative Environments
Virtual Environment
Virtual Environment Architecture
Virtual Environment Education Project
Virtual Environment for Nano Scale Assembly
Virtual Environment for Network Monitoring
Virtual Environment for Training
Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training
Virtual Environment Resource Navigator
Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
Virtual Environmental Planning System
Virtual Environments Research Institute
Virtual Executing Environment
Virtual Execution Environment
Virtual Geophysical Exploration Environment
Virtual Geoscience Exploration Environment
Virtual Home Environment
Virtual Interactive Teaching Environment
Virtual Interface Environment Workstation
Virtual Learning Environment
Virtual Learning Environment System
Virtual Machine Environment
Virtual Machine Environment
Virtual Natural Environment
Virtual Open Network Environment
Virtual Operating Environment
Virtual Radiography Environment
Virtual Research Environment
Virtual System Environment
Virtual Terminal Environment
Virtual-User Environment
Vision and Synthetic Environments
Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland
Visual Basic Environment
Visual Development Environment
Visual Geophyiscal Exploration Environment
Visual Geophysical Exploration Environment
Visual Information Browsing Environment
Visual Integrated Bioinformatics Environment
Visual Programming Environment
Visual Service Composition Environment
Visual User Environment
Vital Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems
Viticare Environmental Risk Assessment
Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment
Volcano Analysis and Visualization Environment
Voluntary Environmental Mitigation Use Restriction
Volunteers for Environment and Education Program
Wadi Environmental Science Centre
Waikato Environment for Text Analysis
Walk-In Synthetic Environment
Walk-thru Virtual Environment
WAP Application Environment
Warfare Environment Simulator/Simulation
Warfighter Alliance in a Virtual Environment
warfighting environment
Wargaming the Asymmetric Environment
Warringah Local Environmental Plan
Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
Washington Environmental Council
Waste and Environment Research and Technology
Waste Management and Environmental Science
Waste Management Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
Water Across Time our Environmental Responsibility
Water Alliances for Environmental Efficiency
Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
Water and Environmental Management Project
Water and Environmental Research Center
Water Environment and Water Services Act
Water Environment Association of Ontario
Water Environment Association of Utah
Water Environment European Laboratories
Water Environment Federation
Water Environment Federation
Water Environment Protection
Water Environment Protection Division
Water Environment Research Foundation
Water Environmental Partnership in Asia
Water Environment-Membrane Technology
Water Resources and Environmental Management
Water Technology and Environmental Research
Water Waste Environment Marketplace
Water, Energy and Environment Research Center
Water, Environment and Sanitation
Water, Environment and Sanitation Society
Water, Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene
Water, Fuels, and Environment
Water, Soil, and Hydro-Environmental Decision Support System
Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring
Waterplanet Environmental Broadcast Service
Watershed Analysis Tool for Environmental Review
Waveform Development Environment
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.
Weapon Server Common Environment
Weapon System Computing Environment
Weather Environment Simulation Technology
Web Application Development Environment
Web Application Testing Environment
Web Integrated Data Environment
Web-based Design Environment
Web-based Integrated Science Environment
Web-Based Learning Environment
Web-Based Simulation Environment
Websphere Everyplace Custom Environment
Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment
Websphere Hosting Environment
WebSphere Test Environment
Weightless Environment Training
Weightless Environment Training Facility
Welfare, Health, Safety and Environment
West Central Environmental Consultants Inc.
West Coast Environmental Law
West Environmental Services & Technology, Inc
West Lancashire Environmental Network
Westchester Environmental Student Council
Western Center for Environmental Decision-making
Western Environmental Law Center
Western Environmental Technology Office
Western Region Environment Centre
Western Riverside Environmental Fund
Western Riverside Environmental Fund
Western Slope Environmental Resource Council
Westinghouse Government Environmental Services
Westwood Environmental Action Committee
Wetlands Edge Environmental Center
White River Environmental Partnership
White Young Green Environmental Ltd
Wide Area Network Environment
Wide Area Virtual-Prototyping Environment
Wide Area Voice Environment
Widely Integrated Distributed Environment
Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe
Willoughby Environmental Protection Association
Windows Intelligent Font Environment
Windows Interface Source Environment
Windsor-Essex County Environment Committee
Windswept Environmental Group, Inc.
Wingecarribee Our Future Environment
Wireless Access Vehicular Environment
Wireless Application Environment
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education
Wisconsin Environmental Education Board
Wisconsin Environmental Health Association
Wisconsin Environmental Laboratory Association
Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal
Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act of 1972
WLAN-Based GPRS Environment Support Node
Women and Environment Education and Development
Women and Environment Network
Women Assessing the State of the Environment
Women Environmental Program
Women Escaping A Violent Environment
Women in Health, Education, Environment and Local Resources
Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment
Women’s Environment & Development Organization
Women’s Environmental Network
Wood Buffalo Environmental Association
Wood Environmental Management Limited
Work Environment Improvement Team
Work Environment Research Committee
Work Environments Network
Working Environment Area Chart
Working Group on Environmental Auditing
Working Group on Environmental Information and Outlooks
Working Group on Environmental Management
Working Party on Environmental Performance
Workplace Environmental Exposure Limit
Workshop on Logic Programming Environments
Workshop on Logic-Based Methods in Programming Environments
Workshop on Modelling Autonomic Communications Environments
Workstation Environment
Workstation/Laptop Environment Stabilization
World Business Environment Survey
World Commission on Environment and Development
World Data Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
World Digital Database for Environmental Science
World Environment and Resources Council
World Environment Center
World Environment Day
World Environment Fund
World Environment Fund
World Environmental Education Congress
World Environmental Organization
World Forests, Society and Environment
World Foundation for Environment and Development
World Industry Council for the Environment
World Infrastructure Security Environment
World Institute for Conservation and Environment
World Radio for the Environment
World Trade Center Environmental Organization
Worldwide Environmental Restoration and Construction
Worldwide Young Researchers for the Environment
Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
Writing in Digital Environments
WWMCCS Environmental Support System
WWW, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Environments Exploration
Xanthia Templating Environment
Xerox Linguistic Environment
Xerox Translation Environment
XUL Runtime Environment
Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences
Year of the Built Environment
Yet Another Learning Environment
Young Reporters for the Environment
Young Volunteers for Environment
Youth and Environment Europe
Youth and Environment Society
Youth Environment Organization
Youth Environmental Leadership Program
Youth Environmental Network
Youth Environmental Program
Youth Environmental Summit
Youth for Environmental Sanity
Youth Organic Environmental
Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association
Zimbabwe Environmental Research Organization