Abbreviation for Florence, Italy


Florence is the largest gem in Tuscany and the Renaissance true treasury in Italy. Florence is a relatively small city that does not scare you as a traveler, but at the same time Florence is incredibly large in terms of number of attractions and experiences. In Florence you can come to constant revisions and find something new to see all the time.

Florence and Tuscany are a perfect destination if you like good food and wine, arts and culture, and not least nature experiences. The city has a charming atmosphere, and Florence offers a blend of modern elegance and the old and genuine.

Florence has a good climate and is almost a year-round metropolitan destination. If you are not primarily looking for the biggest shopping centers, the “hottest” discos or expect the lowest prices in Europe, then Florence is a good choice. The city is one of the best our continent has to offer. It is not without reason that many call Florence the Perfect City.

Get to know Florence

Florence has played a very important role in Italy’s history. Many regard it as the birthplace of the Renaissance and the cultural capital of Italy. Florence’s history began in the year 58 BC, as a soldier city for the Romans.

The river Arno divides the city into two. North of Arno lies the old town or the historic center, as it is also called. The areas south of Arno are called Oltrarno. Here you will find, among other things, Boboli Park. Today it lives approx. 375 000 people in Florence.

Florence and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: FLR
  • Country: Italy

San Giovanni and the Duomo

(center of Florence)
San Giovanni and the Duomo are the center of Florence. Here are the main sights and this is the area all tourists visit. The Duomo Cathedral, with its stunning dome, is the main attraction. This part of Florence supposedly represents more art pr. square feet than anywhere else in the world.

Here are churches, statues, museums, galleries, historic buildings and much more in every street. The only negative about the area is that there can be a little too many tourists at times. Besides, everything costs three times as much here as elsewhere in the city. People say that in San Giovanni and the Duomo area, all five star prices demand regardless of quality.

Sant Maria Novella

(central and west of Florence)
In addition to San Giovanni and the Duomo, Sant Maria Novella is the area of ​​Florence that attracts the most tourists. The Sant Maria Novella area is the hub of transport and this is where the main train station is located. The area is centrally located and only five minutes walking distance to several of Florence’s finest attractions. The area also has some simple and cheap bars.

San Lorenzo

In Florence everyone knows that the San Lorenzo area is synonymous with markets. Here you will find the city’s largest outdoor market with goods of all kinds. In addition to shopping, there are many area attractions, including the Church of San Lorenzo, the Chapel of Medicee and the Laurenziana Library.

San Marco / San Gallo and SS Annunziata

(northeast of Florence)

The San Marco and San Gallo area is the city’s university district with all the major faculties and student cafes. The area is lively and has many affordable night spots. If you are looking for a cheap dinner, this is the place. Right near the Piazza San Marco you will find the Galleria dell ‘Accademia with, among other things, Michelangelo’s magnificent statue of David. The area also has the Botanical Gardens of Florence.

The heart of the SS Annunziata area is Piazza Santissima, which is a great place. Here is also the church SS Annunziata. The streets of Via Capponi, Via dei Servi and Via dei Pucci are known for their many eateries, which serve good quality food at reasonable prices. The restaurants in Annunziata are considerably less expensive than, for example, in the San Giovanni and Duomo area.

Sant Ambrogio and Santa Croce

(East of Florence) The
Sant Ambrogio area is only ten minutes away from most of the city’s sights, but has managed to maintain its genuine atmosphere and has avoided the biggest tourist invasion. Many of the streets of Sant Ambrogio are closed to car traffic. For morning birds we recommend a visit to Piazza Ghiberti square, where there is a market every morning. Here you will find typical Tuscan cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats at high quality and low prices. This is an authentic Italian market and not a ‘tourist jippo’. You can also visit the beautiful Jewish synagogue, located on Via Farini Street. The area is known for its good restaurants and trendy bars.

The Santa Croce area is located just south of Sant Ambrogio on the Arno River. If you want to understand what the renaissance is for something, visit Piazza Santa Croce Square. This beautiful square with its magnificent buildings is one of Florence’s landmarks, and the staircase to the church, Santa Croce, is used as a seating area for the city’s residents (and tourists) for relaxation and socializing throughout the evening.

From the square you will find both main streets and smaller alleys, which hide the perhaps best bars and eateries in town. Florence is known for its ice cream, and around Santa Croce you will find several of the best ice cream bars in Italy.

Santo Frediano and Santo Spirito

(south of Florence)
Looking for the real Florence, you’ll find it in Santo Frediano and Santo Spirito. Here, the churches are small and old, there are crowds of small craft businesses, the food served in the restaurants is authentic Tuscan cuisine, and there are several smaller street markets.

The main square is Piazza Santo Spirito, where you will find a church with a very special facade. Brunelleschi is the man behind this building, and everyone in Florence loves it. In addition to Piazza Santo Spirito, you can also visit the Piazza del Carmine square, where there is a lot of life.

Facts about Florence

Florence is the largest city in Tuscany ( Italy ) and is rightly called the Renaissance treasury. It is therefore no wonder that Florence is also the capital of Tuscany. Here, tourists travel all year round.

Population Around 383,000 (2016 figures)
Official languages Italian. Download Norwegian – Italian travel companion here
Control Form Republic
Religion Catholic (About 90%)
Time Difference No
Currency Euro. Most credit cards (Visa, Master, Diners, AmEx) are accepted in most places. ATMs are available almost everywhere.
Tips Here you are not expected to give tips as service is included in the bill, but it is still normal to give about 10% if you are satisfied. No drink in taxi.
Embassy Norway has a consulate in Via Gino Capponi 26
Tourist Via Cavour 1, just opposite the train station
Telephone 39
Emergency 118 for ambulance, 113 for police / emergency assistance, 115 for fire
Electricity 220 volts as in Norway, but you often need an adapter due to different plugs
Holidays and Holidays January 6, April 25, May 1, June 2, August 15, November 1, December 8
Visa Not required for Norwegian citizens.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required
Water Can be drunk from the tap, but not recommended. Fine toothbrush
Nearest major cities Pisa, Bologna, Perugia
Safety Some violent crime, but be aware of pickpockets

FLR: Florence, Italy

List of Florence Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Florence is FLR which stands for Florence. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Florence, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AISF American International School of Florence
DCOF Dental Center of Florence
FI Firenze – Florence
FATM Florence and the Machine
FAHS Florence Area Humane Society
FAFC Florence Avenue Foursquare Church
FBT Florence Baptist Temple
FCB Florence Community Band
FCCIA Florence County Citizens In Action
FCH Florence Crittenton Home
FCS Florence Crittenton Services
FESTA Florence English Speaking Theatrical Artists
FMR Florence Military Reservation
FNIF Florence Night
FNIF Florence Nightingale International Foundation
FRW Florence Red Wolves
FSB Florence Savings Bank
FUA Florence University of the Arts
FLOOR Florence, Italy
FLR Florence, Italy
FLO Florence, SC, USA – Gilbert Field
JLF Junior League of Florence
MSL Muscle Shoals / Florence / Sheffield, AL, USA – Muscle Shoals
SFHS South Florence High School
SFJ Super Florence Jam
WFHS West Florence High School