French Abbreviations

French a language spoken in France , Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Senegal, Canada, Monaco, Togo and Benin ♢ In the Netherlands, French is taught in secondary school .

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French Revolution

The French Revolution was a social and political process that took place between 1789 and 1799 in France and that, over time , spread to other countries. Among its main consequences, we will highlight the fall of King Louis XVI, thus ending the Ancien Régime (a system where power fell to a single person and where social mobility did not exist).

In the French Revolution, what happened was the fall (in about three years) of the absolutist monarchy that, until then, had been ruling the nation for centuries.

That’s when the population of Paris, after discovering the intentions of Louis XVI (his counter-revolutionary uprising that would count on the help of the Austrian monarchy and Prussian monarchy), invades the palace and takes both the king and his family as well. In 1793, Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, were taken to the guillotine where they had their heads cut off, bringing the Constitutional Monarchy to an end.

In 1795, the bourgeoisie regained power, establishing a new constitution and, thus, inaugurating a new phase for the French revolution. This phase became known as the “Directory” and it was a body of five members who were appointed by deputies.

However, still in 1795 France went through a social crisis that demanded more efficiency in the political field.

With the abolition of the French monarchy, the First Republic was proclaimed. The revolutionary period had internal contradictions and divisions among its own impellers, until, in 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte carried out a coup d’état, ending the revolution and its measures.

After the coup, Napoleon then became Emperor of France. What is known as the “Napoleonic period” lasted from 1800 to 1815, this time being something remarkable in the country’s history, as it changed the political scenario in Europe, having also expanded nationalism to other countries as well.

And it is also worth saying that the modern era has managed to extend the shadow of what the French revolution conquered. Some things that emerged after the revolution are: the spread of secularism, modern ideologies that managed to develop and there was also a growth in liberal democracies, for example.

The French Revolution marked the end of absolutism and the emergence of the bourgeoisie (small capitalists) as the dominant social class. Power was no longer hereditary or divine, since, in theory, anyone could be elected to access the government.

It should be noted that, in 1789, the French National Constituent Assembly decreed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen and established the principle of liberty, equality and fraternity as the basis of the system.

Another circumstance born with the French revolution that remained in time was the political division between the left and the right, originated by the groupings that took place within the Assembly. Conservatives and aristocrats sat on the right; the most radical (extremists), in turn, occupied the left sector. There, the conception of right or left policies was created, according to the place occupied by the members of the assembly.


List of Acronyms Related to French

ADFG Abdou Dar French Gnawa
ANTIOPE Acquisition Numerique et Television d’Images Organisees en Pages d’Ecriture (French: Digital Acquisition and Broadcasting of Images Organised As Pages of Writing.
AFS Aggressive French Speakers
GG Air Guyane – French Guiana
GUY Air Guyane, French Guiana
VTA Air Tahiti French Polynesia
THT Air Tahiti Nui French Polynesia
ATR All Type Racer VW Club (French automobile club)
ARTFL American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language
AFS Anglo French Services
AF Anglo-French
AELNE Association des Enseignant s de Langue de la Nouvelle-Ecosse (French: Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association)
AFLS Association for French Language Studies
ADFL Association for the Defense of the French Language
AFFL Association for the Future of the French Language
AFNOR Association French Normalization Organization Regulation
ANCF Association Nationale CIVAM Fermier (French: National CIVAM Farmer Association; est. 1999)
AFAC Association of French and American Classes
APLF Association of French Speaking Planetariums
AFSA Association of the French Schools in North America
ATRA Association Tortues Rhone-Alpes (French: Association of Rhone-Alps Tortoises
ATCC Association Tunisienne de lutte contre le Cancer (French: Tunisian Association for fighting Against Cancer
AFAS Australian French Association of Science & Technology Inc.
ASFS Australian Society for French Studies
BFCI Biarritz French Courses Institute
BLF Bibles & Literature in French
BCBS BMW Club de Belgique Sud (French: BMW Club of South Belgium)
CF Canadian French
CPF Canadian Parents for French
CAY Cayenne, French Guiana – Rochambeau
CFFS Center for French and Francophone Studies
CNED Centre National d’Enseignement A Distance french: National Center of Long-Distance Learning)
CTFA Certificate in Teaching French to Adults
CFCFL Clymer French Creek Free Library
CPPT Comité Prévention et Protection au Travail (French; Belgium
CESI Confédération Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (French: European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions
CAPRA consommation accrue de plutonium dans les rapides (French: Increased Plutonium Consumption in Advanced Reactor; reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels)
CODOFIL Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
CPN Cyprus Property Network Co CPNCergy Pontoise Natation (French swim club) CPNCapital Protected NoteCPNCercle Parachutiste de Nice (French parachuting club) CPNCentre Psychothérapique de Nancy (French:
DFK Deep French Kiss
DAOS Détachement ALAT des Opérations Spéciales (French: Detachment for Special Operations; France)
DFC DKW Fanatik Club (French car club)
DFA Duggan-French Approach
EFI Early French Immersion
EMFWW Early Modern French Women Writers
EFLC English and French Language Centre
EFIGS English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
EFSL Extended French Second Language
FFF Fine French Furniture
FFAF Free French Air Force
FFF Free French Forces
FRH French
FR French
FRE French
FAS French Academy of Sciences
FASG French Adjuvant Study Group
FAST French Advances in Science and Technology
FAWA French African Welfare Association
FATM French Agricultural Technical Mission
FAF French Air Force
FACE French American Cultural Exchange
FAIS French American International School
FASPS French American School of Puget Sound
FALC French and African Language and Culture Center
FIGSA French and Italian Graduate Student Association
FSAT French and Southern Antarctica Territories
FASP French Angle Slotted Pipe
FA French Angora
FSL French as a Second Language
FSL French As Second Language
FACM French Association of Country Music
FAEC French Atomic Energy Commission
FBC French Banana Club
FBWC French Bottled Water Company
FBGDA French Brittany Gun Dog Association
FBEA French Bureau Enquetes Accidents
FBV French Bureau Veritas
FBG French Business Group
FCA French Camp Academy
CF French Canadian
FCGW French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of Wisconsin
FTCA French Central Technical Armament Establishment
FCC French Chamber of Commerce
FCT French Competency Test
FCT French Connection Team
FCUK French Connection United Kingdom
FCX French Connexion
FCI French Culinary Institute
FDN French Data Network
FDJ French Dressing Jeanswear
FEE French Echocardiograph Equipment
FELB French Education and Languages Branch
FEV French Enamel Varnish
FEF French Erotic Film
FFSC French Family Science Center
FFAF French Federation of American Football
FFC French Federation of Cardiology
FFF French Football Federation
FFA French Forces in Germany
FFI French Forces of the Interior
FFL French Foreign Legion
FF French Franc
FRF French Francs
FFO French Fried Onion
FF French Fries
FFWE French Fund for the World Environment
FGP French Giant Papillon
GUF French Guiana
GF French Guiana
FG French Guyana
FH French Hardness
FARMHOUSE French Hardness
FH French Havana
FARMHOUSE French Havana
FHMA French Heavy Metal Association
FHS French Honor Society
FH French Horn
FIA French in Action
FIAF French Institute Alliance Française
FIS French International School
FRICS French Internet Chess Server
FK French Kiss
FLA French Language Arts
FLO French Liaison Officer
FLAWLESS French Lick
FL French Lick
FLWBCC French Lick West Baden Chamber of Commerce
FLIT French Literature in Translation
FL French Lop
FMB French Meadow Bakery
FMM French Military Mission
FNBA French National Basketball Association
FNSA French National Safety Area
FNS French Nuclear Society
FOS French Onion Soup
FOT French Overseas Territories
FPS French Parts Service
FPI French Petroleum Institute
FPER French Polynesia
PYF French Polynesia
FP French Polynesia
PF French Polynesia
FPE French Postural Experiment
FPAN French Property Advisor Network
FPI French Property Investment
FPI French Property Ireland
FPOA French Property Owners Association
FPS French Property Service
FPS French Property Shop
FQ French Quarter
FQB French Quarter Bar
FQC French Quarter Classic
FRBC French Racing and Breeding Committee
FRL French Radio London
FRE French Real Estate
FRC French Red Cross
FRAME French Regional & American Museum Exchange
FATHER French Republic
FR French Republic
FRV French Riviera
FRC French Riviera Club
RITA French Secure Mobile Communications System
FATHER French Size
FR French Size
FS French Southern & Antarctic Lands
FSAL French Southern and Antarctic Lands
ATF French Southern and Antarctic Lands
TF French Southern Territories
FSCO French Speaking Countries Outreach
FTAD French Tactical Division
FTF French Tennis Federation
FTAI French Territory of Afars and Issas
FTL French the Llama
FTS French Titanic Society
FVAF French Vichy Air Force
FWI French West Indies
FWS French Wine Scholar
FWWT French Wines World Tour
FWT French Winter Time
FWF French Woods Festival
FWEC French World Editor Community
FGI French, German and Italian
FIGS French, Italian, German, Spanish
FWV French/West/Vaughan
FACC French-American Chamber of Commerce
FAMOUS French-American Mid-Ocean Undersea Study
FASF French-American Scholarship Fund, Inc.
FASNY French-American School of New York
FASRI French-American School of Rhode Island
FAB French-American-British
FACCI French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
FARIO French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad
FAI Frenchay Activities Index
FCGSC French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut
FGBS French-German Brigade
FGB French-German Brigade
FLSP French-Language Services Policy
FPSRS French-Polish Seminar on Reactivity of Solids
FFCP Frenchs Forest Catholic Parish
FSN French-Speaking Nation
FRFD Frenchtown Rural Fire Department
FSC Frenchtown Senior Center
FUSED French-US Exchange in Dance
GREF GIP Relation Emploi-Formation (French: Public Interest Group Relations Job Training)
GFR Graduate French Program
IFET Indo-French Educational Trust
JSF Jeux Sans Frontieres (French: plays without borders
JVE Jura VTT Evasion (French; Swiss mountain biking association)
KFG Kourou French Guiana
LBBMA Laboratoire de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire d’Angers (French: Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Angers
LFIM Late French Immersion
LFU Lebanese French University
LFKS Les French Killers
LFK Les French Killers
LFKS Light French Kissing
LFK Light French Kissing
LAF Louisiana French
MFR Middle French
MF Middle French
NFC National French Contest
NFMA National French Mondain Association
NOFQ New Orleans French Quarter
NCFS Nineteenth-Century French Studies
OFR Old French
OF Old French
ONF Old North French
PPT Papeete, French Polynesia – International Tahiti-Faaa
PMF Pardon My French
PTF Pourquoi Take French
PSF Practicing Spoken French
PROFESSOR Programmed Revision of French
PROF Programmed Revision of French
QFP Quebec French Canadian Founder Population
SFINX Service for French Internet Exchange
SEFA Société d ‘épargne foncière agricole (French
STA Société de Transport par Autocars (French: Bus Transportation Company
SOFIA Societe Francaise des Infirmier s Anesthesistes (French society of nurses anesthetists)
SSFH Society for the Study of French History
SAFTA South Australian French Teachers Association
STFR Subtitles In French
TOFA Teachers of French Association
TFAA Texan French Alliance for the Arts
TFIC Thai-French Innovation Centre
TFC The French Connection
TFL The French Laundry
TOTFA Top of the French Alps
TFS Toronto French School
UFK Universite French Keepers
UAG University of the French Antilles and Guyana
VT-FCGS Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society
WJFMS Web Journal of French Media Studies
WSFH Western Society for French History
WTFT What the French Toast