Gibraltar Abbreviations

Gibraltar is located in southern Spain on the Pyrenees Peninsula, and has belonged to Great Britain since 1704. Spain has been claiming the area since the 18th century, but in a 1967 referendum the population provided overwhelming support for continued British ownership.

Capital: Gibraltar Town
Biggest city: Gibraltar Town
State: British territory
Language: English
Religion: Protestantism
Surface: 6 km²
Population: 29 300 (2013)
Population density: 4,290 residents per km²
Life expectancy: 79 years
Illiteracy: 1%
Currency: British pound (GBP)
1 pound = 11.13 kr
GDP per capita: $ 38,200 (2005)
Time difference: +0 hours
Electricity: 240 V AC, 50 Hz
National Day: September 10
Country area code: 350
2-Letter country abbreviation: GI
Business: finance, tourism, crafts, horticulture
Climate: temperate; mild winters and hot summers

On the Spanish side is the border town of La Línea de la Concepción. Many Gibraltar residents have moved to the Spanish side as there are lower housing costs there, and conversely, many on the Spanish side work in Gibraltar where wages are higher.

Gibraltar is one of the most densely populated territories in the world. To solve the shortage of land, they have expanded into the sea. About 10% of the territory’s area consists of areas that were once sea. In Gibraltar, right-hand traffic prevails, unlike other British territories.

The Gibraltar cliff is a 426 meter high limestone cliff that from a distance looks very impressive. It consists of about a hundred caves and the largest is called St. Michael’s Cave. Once up on the cliff, there are lots of fearless, almost tame, monkeys that can get very close. However, these can be slightly aggressive and should not be fed.


Until recently, the only way to get to Gibraltar was via the land border, the Spanish government previously banned air or ferry connections. On 25 July 2006, Spain and the United Kingdom signed an agreement to calm border controls. They agreed on a joint use of Gibraltar Airport, which means that the airport can also be used for Spanish domestic traffic.

Air connections are available with London and Madrid. There is a ferry connection with Tangier in Morocco.


Electricity and electrical outlets in Gibraltar

Voltage: 240 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Type of plug: C, G

Need an adapter: No, you do not need an adapter.


Weather in Gibraltar Town

Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average temperature °C 13 13 15 16 18 21 23 24 22 19 16 14
Day °C 16 16 17 18 21 24 27 27 26 21 18 16
Night °C 11 11 12 13 15 17 20 20 20 16 13 12
Rain (mm) 120 100 100 60 30 10 0 0 20 70 140 130

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