Hotel Abbreviations

A hotel is an establishment dedicated to the accommodation of guests or travelers. The term comes from the French word hôtel, which means something like “hostel”.


Hotel Abbreviations

The hotel is an equipped building designed to house people temporarily. Its basic services include a bed , a closet and a bathroom . Other usual amenities include a television, a minibar and chairs in the room, while other facilities can be shared by all guests (such as the hall, a swimming pool, a gym or a restaurant).

There are several hotel classifications according to the amenities and services offered to customers. This classification is usually made by stars: a five-star hotel is one that offers the maximum in terms of comfort. At the other extreme, one-star hotels only offer the basics.

It is possible to distinguish several types of hotels. An aparthotel is one that has the necessary structure for the customer to be able to cook food (prepare meals) inside the room (for example, with a stove and a refrigerator).

Motels are hotels that have parking next to the rooms, with an independent entrance (that is, it is not necessary to go through the reception before entering). Although this concept was born in the USA, Portugal and Brazil, motels are more associated with that type of accommodation that rents its rooms by the hour to offer privacy to couples who want to have sex. These hotels do not require customers to register for check-in purposes, as they excel in their discretion.

Unlike the hotel, the inn is a place where the guest has a comfortable environment like a residence, that is, while in a hotel there is room service and a whole standard protocol in a closed place, in the inns people are usually in contact with nature. , in some cases they can help themselves and are also more in contact with others who stayed there (generally, in the inns, the kitchen and other areas are shared).

Hotel and inn have the same function of hosting and serving guests, however it can be said that inns bring a more familiar atmosphere and are suitable for people who have children, for example, as children can be more in touch with nature. .

There is the so-called farm-hotel, which is a space for those who want to escape the day-to-day life in the city. There people stay and can enjoy days in contact with nature as well, riding horses, milking cows , among other activities.

The facilities of this type of hotel tend to have a more rustic look, referring to the countryside. And a characteristic of these hotels is that the meals served there are almost always produced on the farm itself.

Finally, there is also the historic hotel which, as the name suggests, is a space with a historic building that has been preserved in its originality or has undergone a renovation process. Still, these hotels may have been the scene of important historical events. But the services offered in this type of hotel are generally similar to those offered in regular hotels.

List of Acronyms Related to Hotel

ADNH Abu Dhabi National Hotels
AHV Agence de l’Hotel de Ville
APH Airport Parking and Hotels
AHLA Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association
AHETA Algarve Hotel and Tourism Businesses Association
AHLA American Hotel and Lodging Association
AMHB American Motel Hotel Brokers’ Network
AMH Anaheim Marriott Hotel
AHTA Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
AHIC Arabian Hotel Investment Conference
APH Arabian Park Hotel
AHLA Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association
APHL Asia Pacific Hotels Ltd.
AAHOA Asian American Hotel Owners Association
AHOA Asian Hotel Owners Association
AHT Asociacion de Hoteles de Turismo de la Republica Argentina
ALHI Associated Luxury Hotels International
AHHA Australian Hotels & Hospitality Association, Inc.
AHA Australian Hotels Association
AIHSS Australian International Hotel School
BHA Bachelor of Hotel Administration
BHM Bachelor of Hotel Management
BHMCT Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering Technology
BHR Bass Hotels and Resorts, Inc.
BHV Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville
BHA Belize Hotel Association
BVH Bene Vagienna Hotel
BCH Best City Hotels
BHB Better Hotel Bureau
BEH Biens d’Equipements Hôteliers
BHCA Birmingham Hotel & Catering Academy
BSH Blue Season Hotels
BGH Bonne Gestion Environnementale en Hôtellerie
BRH Boulogne Résidence Hôtel
BBH Bravo Beach Hotel
BTH Brevet de Technicien Hôtelier
BMH Briançon Matériel Hôtelier
BHRC British Hotel Reservation Centre
BVICCHA British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association
BHA Brussels Hotels Association
BHV Buffet de l’Hôtel de Ville
BHRA Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association
BHN Burba Hotel Network
BHA Burlington Hotel Association
BHMS Business and Hotel Management School
CHRISTIAN Cafe Hotel Restaurant
CHR Café Hôtel Restaurant
CHLA California Hotel and Lodging Association
CCH Cámara Costarricense de Hoteles
CHIP Canadian Hotel Income Properties
CHMSE Canadian Hotel Marketing and Sales Executives
CPH Canadian Pacific Hotels
CCH Captain Cook Hotel
CHA Caribbean Hotel Association
CHIC Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference
CPIH Cebu Parklane International Hotel
CFHLA Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association
CFH Centre de Formation Hôtelière
CMH Centre de Management Hôtelier International
CHTM Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management
CHA Certified Hotel Administrator
CHB Certified Hotel Broker
CHO Certified Hotel Owner
CSP Certified Hotel Sales Professional
CHSGA Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association
CCYH City Central Youth Hotel
CPHF Commonwealth Property Hotel Fund
CGH Compagnie de Gestion Hôtelière
CONTEL Condominium Hotel
CTH Confection Textile Hôtelier
CPIH Confederation des Professionnels Independants de l’Hotellerie
CHI Corinthia Hotels International
CHS Cornell Hotel Society
CSH Cornell Society of Hotelmen
CHW Crazy Hotel Workers
CIH Crédit Immobilier et Hôtelier
DKH Danske Kroer & Hoteller
DHC Davidson Hotel Company
DHLA Delaware Hotel and Lodging Association
DSHM Delaware School of Hotel Management
DHF Dépannage Hôtellerie et Froid
DHM Diffusion Hôtel Magazine
DHM Diploma in Hotel Management
EIH East India Hotels
EHL Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne
EEH Elegant English Hotels
EEH Emperor Entertainment Hotel, Ltd.
ECHMEC Europe China Hotel Management Experts Council
EFAH European Foundation for Accreditation of Hotel School Programmes
EFAH European Foundation for the Association of Hotel Schools
EHMA European Hotel Managers Association
FRHI Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
FHCIMA Fellow of Hotel and Catering International Management Association
FHCIMA Fellow of the Hotel and Catering International Management Association
FHR Flight Hotel Reservations
FHMA Florida Hotel and Motel Association
FPH Fortune Park Hotels
FSHI Four Seasons Hotels, Inc.
GHANA Galbadia Hotel
GH Galbadia Hotel
GHT Garni Hotel Tabor
GHG Garrett Hotel Group
GHA Ghana Hotels Association
GHA Global Hotel Alliance
GCHR Grand City Hotels & Resorts
GHE Grand Hotel Excelsior
GMSH Grand Menseng Hotel
GCH Great Central Hotel
GHTA Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association
HH Habbo Hotel
HRH Hard Rock Hotel
HBH Heart Break Hotel
HHR Helios Hotels & Resorts
HTH High Tail Hotel
HHVH Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel
HHE Historic Hotels of Europe
HTH Hollywood Tower Hotel
HKHA Hong Kong Hotels Association
HKRH Hong Kong Renaissance Hotel
HHMC Hospitality Hotel Management Company
H Hotel
HOT Hotel
HTL Hotel
HOTAC Hotel Accommodation
HRAD Hotel and Restaurant Administration
HRANI Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India
HRAP Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines
HRSA Hotel and Restaurant Suppliers Association
HSSM Hotel and Support Services Manager
HTM Hotel and Tourism Management
HTMI Hotel and Tourism Management Institute
HTTC Hotel and Tourism Training Centre
HAI Hotel Association of India
HBSI Hotel Booking Solutions Incorporated
HBS Hotel Booking System
HCTS Hotel Consulting & Technical Services
HCI Hotel Corporation of India
HDC Hotel del Coronado
HDV Hotel Des Ventes
HDVDC Hotel Des Ventes Des Chartrons
HDC Hotel Development Council
HEAT Hotel Employees Action Team
HEH Hotel Europaeischer Hof
HIAS Hotel Industry Apprenticeship Scheme
HIM Hotel Institute Montreux
HIC Hotel Inventory Controller
HIFI Hotel Investment Forum India
HJN Hotel Jobs Network
HJ Hotel Juliet
HM Hotel Management
HMA Hotel Management Agreement
HMDP Hotel Management Diploma Program
HMI Hotel Management International
HMS Hotel Management System
HMG Hotel Managers Group, LLC
HM Hotel Margherita
HMBA Hotel Motel Brokers of America
HMMG Hotel Motel Management
HMR Hotel Motel Restaurant
HMRA Hotel Motel Restaurant Association
HNY Hotel New York
HPOP Hotel Population Outreach Project
HRS Hotel Reservation Service, Ltd
HRN Hotel Reservations Network, Inc.
HRW Hotel Reservations Worldwide, Inc.
HRM Hotel Restaurant Management
HRW Hotel Roger Williams
HRT Hotel Room Tax
HSF Hotel San Francesco
HSF Hotel Service Fee
HTSC Hotel Temple Square Corporation
HRT Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism
HRI Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution
HEN Hotel/Echo/November
HMM Hotel/Motel Management
HMM Hotelmotel Management
HLB Hotels Licensing Board
HMCI Hotels Management Company International
HONEY Hotels of Newquay Enhance Yourself
HPL Hotels Properties Limited
HORECA Hotels, Restaurantes & Catering
HORECA Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes
HUH Hrvatska Udruga Hotelijera
ISH Ian Schrager Hotels
IPH Imperial Palace Hotel
IHHA Indian Heritage Hotels Association
IAHMA Indo American Hotel Management Academy
IHEH Inner Harbor East Hotel, LLC
IFH Institut für Hotelmanagement GmbH
THTL Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé Tourisme Hotellerie Transport Loisirs
IHM Institute of Hotel Management
IHSM Institute of Hotel Security Management
IHC Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation
IHG Intercontinental Hotels Group
IHRA International Hotel & Restaurant Association
IH-AND-MEE International Hotel and Motel Educational Exposition
IHA International Hotel Association
IHMS International Hotel Management School
IHS International Hotel School
IMI International Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Management Institutes
ISCAHM International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management
IUF International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations
IHR Interstate Hotels and Resorts
JIHA Jakarta International Hotel Association
JWH JAL World Hotels (reservation and discount service)
JHTA Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association
JHN Japan Hotel Network
JGH Jerusalem Gold Hotel
JCP Jurys Croke Park Hotel
JDHG Jurys Doyle Hotel Group
KBH Ka’anpali Beach Hotel
KSH Kabul Serena Hotel
KMOH Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel
KCH Kellogg Conference Hotel
KGH Kew Green Hotels
KCH King’s Cross Hotel, Sydney, Australia
KHI Kingdom Hotel Investments
LVH Lake View Hotel
LHLPI Lancaster Hotels, Land and Properties Inc.
LMHO Last Minute Hotel Online
LHW Leading Hotels of the World
LHAC Leeton Hotel Anglers Club
LTHC Lemon Tree Hotel Company
LHTS London Hotels and Travel Services
MPPH Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
MAH Malaysian Association of Hotels
MHTE Maldives Hotel and Trade Exhibition
MHRA Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association
MPHG Marco Polo Hotel Group
MPPHC Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu
MARSHA Marriott Automated Reservation System for Hotel Accommodations
MEHT Master English for Hotel and Tourism
MHRIM Master of Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management
MHN Members Hotel Network
MBH Mexico Boutique Hotels
MHG Morgans Hotel Group
MHGC Morgans Hotel Group Co
MH Morrison Hotel
MOTEL Motorists Hotel
MWH Mount Washington Hotel
MBCH Muri Beach Club Hotel
MHY My Hotel Year
NCTH National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels
NHRC National Hotel Renovation Corp.
NHMA Nebraska Hotel Motel Association
NHC Nederlandse Hotel Classificatie
NTHWU Nepal Tourism and Hotel Workers Union
NMH Neutral Milk Hotel
NMH New Mauritius Hotels Ltd.
NYH New Yorker Hotel
NZHO New Zealand Hotels Online
NHI Nikko Hotels International
NEH Nuwara Eliya Hotels Co. Ltd.
OHRG Official Hotel and Resort Guide
OHG Official Hotel Guide
OTSH Old Town Square Hotel
OHB Online Hotel Booking
OHB Online Hotels Budapest
OHMA Ontario Hotel and Motel Association
OHM Opérations Hôtelières et Management
OHD Orascom Hotel and Development
OHAP Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme
OEH Orient-Express Hotels
PIHMS Pacific International Hotel Management School
PRHS Palawan Resort Hotel Systems, Inc.
PPH Park Plaza Hotels Ltd.
PUDL Parkhotel Unter Den Linden
PZH Polskie Zrzeszenie Hoteli
PCCH Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel
PHG Preferred Hotel Group
PHC Promus Hotel Corporation
PBH Pyrmont Bridge Hotel
QNH Qatar National Hotels Company
QWRH Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels
QBH Queens Bridge Hotel
QHL Queensgate Hotel and Leisure Ltd.
QHA Queensland Hotels Association
RWH Raheen Woods Hotel
RHC Real Hotel Company
RHG Real Hotel Group
RCHI Remarcam Compania Hoteliera Intercontinental
RHH Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
RNH Renaissance Nashville Hotel
RHF Résidences Hôtelières de France
RBH Restaurant/Bar/Hotel
RCHCS Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
RKV River Kwai Village Hotel
RTH Robert Treat Hotel
RTPH Royal Twins Palace Hotel
RYH Royal York Hotel
SHG Saunders Hotel Group
SHA School of Hotel Administration
SHRM School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
SHTM School of Hotel and Tourism Management
HTMI school of International Hotel and Tourism Management
SLH Shangr-La Hotel
SDHT Sheraton Deira Hotel and Tower
STASH Sheraton Towers Hotel
STH Sheraton Towers Hotel
SWH Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
SH Sierra Hotel
SCHOLAR Six Continents Hotels, Inc
SCHOOL Six Continents Hotels, Inc
SCH Six Continents Hotels, Inc
SLH Small Luxury Hotels
SPHC Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation
SLH Stavanger Lille Hotel
SPHI Studio Plus Hotels, Inc.
SBIHM Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management
SIHL Sun International Hotels Limited
SLRH Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel
SPH Sutton Place Hotel
SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School
SAH Sydney Airport Hotel
SFH Syndicat Français de l’Hôtellerie
THHM The Heritage Hotel Manila
THN The Hotel Networks
TPH The Premier Hotel
TH Tokio Hotel
TH Tokyo Hotel
TTHH Traditional Turkish Hospitality Hotels
TIH Trump International Hotel
THMG Turicum Hotel Management Group
UHOA Uganda Hotel Owners Association
UGH Under Grand Hotel
UITA Union Internationale des Travailleurs de l’alimentation, de l’agriculture, de l’hôtellerie-Restauration, du Tabac et des Branches Connexes
UNH United Nations Hotel
UHL Universal Hotel Liquidators
VNH Vanessa Noel Hotel
WIH Western International Hotels Inc.
WHGS Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC
WHG Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC
YHF Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
YCH Yeats Country Hotel & Spa