Abbreviation for Houston, Texas


Welcome to the most important city in the state of Texas where “everything” is the biggest and the best. Houston is the largest city in Texas and also the 4th largest city in the United States.

You may think that only oil applies here, but the city actually has plenty to offer a tourist, but remember that summer is very hot and air conditioning is a must both in your car and where you spend the night in Texas!

Houston has about 2.2 million residents. The city is multicultural and consists of people from virtually all nations. The cultural life of Houston is very active and the city’s museum district attracts more than 7 million visitors annually. The city’s music and theater scenes offer a wide range of performances and shows, and hardly any other city can offer the art of performing arts.

Houston’s biggest tourist attraction is probably Space Center Houston, which is NASA’s official visitor center. Here you will find among many exhibition objects the audience favorite which is a moon rocket.

Get to know Houston

Houston is made up of several districts. These are locally called wards. Previously, each “ward” was its own separate area. Of course, this is no longer the case, but the city has retained its districts or wards if you wish. Houston’s many skyscrapers, shopping malls and restaurants are located in and around downtown, Rice Village and The Galleria Area.

Houston and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: COH
  • Country: United States

The very center of Houston is called downtown and this is where you will find the finance companies and the major multinational corporations. Only New York City has several large companies. The area also houses the largest theater area in the United States which includes the city’s symphony orchestra and ballet ensemble. The Houston Pavillions entertainment district is located between Main Street and Toyota Center.

The Galleria Area
The Galleria Area, or uptown as it is also called, is west of downtown and is primarily the place of shopping. Here you will find huge department stores and shopping malls. Also for the pleasures of night life, the Galleria Area is the place. The area is also visited for the Williams tower, which is Houston’s tallest building. But avoid the Galleria Area during rush hour. The car queues are famous and feared.

River Oaks
River Oaks is located between downtown and The Galleria Area, and is Houston’s most exclusive neighborhood. Visitors will visit the district to admire Art Deco architecture and shopping. The nightlife in River Oaks is known to be very trendy and expensive.

Rice Village
South and just east of downtown are Rice University and Hermann Park and Texas Medical Center which is popularly called “The Med Center”. The Rice Village district consists of countless bars and eateries, and of course, tempting shops for those who love shopping.

Montrose is the name of both a street and a neighborhood located in the downtown districts. This is the gay district of Houston. Gay nightlife is primarily concentrated around Pacific Street and nearby streets. Many of the other Montrose pubs are frequented by all kinds of people. Montrose also houses many of Houston’s museums. If you love antiques, visit Lower Westheimer, located between Montrose Boulevard and Shepherd.

Warehouse District The
Warehouse District is a former industrial area now restored to trendy apartments, eateries and bars. You will find the area a little east of Downtown.

The Heights
The Heights is a large area north of downtown and is known for its so-called “gingerbreads”, ie Victorian homes from the early 1900s. This district is inhabited by many artists such as musicians and artists.

Chinatown is located southwest of downtown by the Beltway, the city’s outer freeway and is the world’s largest chinatown measured in area. However, a large portion of Chinatown’s stores and residents are Vietnamese.

COH: City of Houston

List of Houston Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Houston is COH which stands for Houston. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Houston, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
AH Allan Houston
ADCH Art Directors Club of Houston
ALH Art League Houston
AACH Asian American Church of Houston
BAHEP Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
BTH British Thompson-Houston
COH City of Houston
CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
DROH Dachshund Rescue of Houston
DPCH Doberman Pinscher Club of Houston
EIH Environmental Institute of Houston
EPAH Executive and Professional Association of Houston
FCOH Fellowship Church of Houston
FMAH Fibromyalgia Association of Houston
FCOH Floodway Coalition of Houston
FSH Fort Sam Houston
FTSHTX Fort Sam Houston, Texas
GHH Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad
GHASP Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention
GMSH Geological Modeling Society of Houston
KIAH George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport
GHA Greater Houston Anesthesiology
GHDS Greater Houston Dental Society
GHETTO Greater Houston Educational Travel and Tourism Organization
GHGC Greater Houston Gun Club
GHSA Greater Houston Sign Association
GHSA Greater Houston Soaring Association
HACH Housing Authority of the City of Houston
HARC Houston Advanced Research Center
HAIL Houston AIDS Information Link
HACA Houston Air Cargo Association
HAS Houston Airport System
HAY Houston Alumni and Youth
HAN Houston Angel Network
HAA Houston Apartment Association
HAATS Houston Area Air Traffic System
HABA Houston Area Bicyclist Alliance
HABA Houston Area Blacksmith’s Association
HACA Houston Area Carriage Association
HACSL Houston Area Collegiate Soccer League
HACSC Houston Area Computational Science Consortium
HACSC Houston Area Contractors Safety Council
HAC Houston Area Council
HACA Houston Area Council of ABWA
HADA Houston Area Dietetics Association
HADR Houston Area Doberman Rescue
HAHA Houston Area Hound Association
HAIL Houston Area Impala Lovers
HAIS Houston Area Independent Schools
HALL Houston Area Law Librarians
HALS Houston Area Library System
HALS Houston Area Live Steamers
HAOP Houston Area Oxidant Study
HASC Houston Area Safety Council
HASAP Houston Area Substance Abuse Program
HATS Houston Area Technical Support – Interagency Law Enforcement Group
HATCH Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals
HAUL Houston Area Urban League
HAVEN Houston Area Volleyball Enthusiasts Network
HACK Houston Art Car Klub
HADA Houston Art Dealers Association
HAA Houston Arts Alliance
HABC Houston Asset Building Coalition
HASSE Houston Association for Science and Space Education
HAAM Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians
HAIFA Houston Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
HANA Houston Association of Network Administrators
HAR Houston Association of Realtors
HASK Houston Association of Sea Kayakers
HARC Houston Athletic Rugby Club
HASP Houston Attached Support Processor
HAPS Houston Automatic Priority Spooling
HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Prioritizer
HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Program
HBC Houston Band Coalition
HBU Houston Baptist University
HBA Houston Bar Association
HBA Houston Beekeepers Association
HBT Houston Belt and Terminal Railway Company
HBE Houston Black Expo
HBJ Houston Business Journal
HCC Houston Casualty Corporation
HCB Houston College of the Bible
HCA Houston Communications Alliance
HCC Houston Community College
HCCC Houston Community College Central
HCCS Houston Community College System
HCB Houston Concert Band
HOCO Houston County
HDC Houston Dow Center
HERN Houston Education Resource Network
HESP Houston Educational Support Personnel
HEI Houston Engineering, Inc.
HEF Houston Environmental Foresight
HFCU Houston Federal Credit Union
HFSC Houston Figure Skating Club
HFD Houston Fire Department
HFMI Houston Fire Museum, Inc.
HFB Houston Food Bank
HFA Houston Football Association
HGR Houston Garage Riders
HGC Houston Garden Center
HGPA Houston Gas Producers Association
HGLP Houston Gay and Lesbian Parents
HGS Houston Geological Society
HGITT Houston Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training Project
HGAC Houston Global Awareness Collective
HGST Houston Graduate School of Theology
HGPS Houston Group Psychotherapy Society
HGCA Houston Gun Collectors Association
HHUC Houston Harte University Center
HHTRN Houston High Tech Recruiters Network
HHGA Houston Highland Games Association
HISD Houston Independent School District
HIMA Houston Interactive Marketing Association
HITS Houston International Theatre School
HITA Houston Interpreters and Translators Association
HJM Houston Journal of Mathematics
HJAHA Houston Jr. Aeros Hockey Association
HJF Houston Junior Forum
HLTA Houston Ladies Tennis Association
HLM Houston Lake Mining, Inc
HLRC Houston Land Rover Club
HLE Houston Language Emulator
HLP Houston Lighting and Power
HLCM Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry
HMSA Houston Masters Sports Association
HMTS Houston Medical Testing Services
HMPA Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association
HMSR Houston Mini Scale Racing
HMBC Houston Minority Business Council
HNG Houston Natural Gas Company
HNEC Houston North Emmaus Community
HNBA Houston Northwest Bar Association
HNWCC Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce
HNRA Houston Northwest Radiology Association
HONE Houston Organization of Nurse Executives
HPHC Houston Parrot Head Club
HPJC Houston Peace and Justice Center
HPD Houston Police Department
HPOA Houston Police Officers Association
HPSC Houston Product Support Center
HPVA Houston Professional Videographers Association
HRIS Houston Realtors Information Service, Inc.
HSBA Houston Senior Baseball Association
HSPCA Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
HSAO Houston South Area Office
HSG Houston Support Group
HSR Houston Support Room
HSDS Houston Swing Dance Society
HSB Houston Symphonic Band
HTTA Houston Table Tennis Association
HTS Houston Tracker Systems, Inc.
HTPA Houston Transportation Professionals Association
HULC Houston United Lacrosse Club
HVLP Houston Volunteer Lawyer’s Program
HWRHA Houston Walking and Racking Horse Association
HWCOC Houston West Chamber of Commerce
HWC Houston Wire & Cable Company
HWCC Houston Wire and Cable Co.
HYC Houston Yacht Club
ZHO Houston, British Columbia, Canada
EFD Houston, TX, USA – Ellington Field
IAH Houston, TX, USA – George Bush Houston Intercontinental
HOU Houston, TX, USA – Houston Hobby Airport
HFBC Houston’s First Baptist Church
HAMBP Houston-Area Molecular Biophysics Program
HGAC Houston-Galveston Area Council
HGPI Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute
HNO Houston-New Orleans, Inc.
IACCGH Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston
JLH Junior League of Houston
KHB Keep Houston Beautiful
LACH Lithuanian American Community of Houston
LEAH Lutheran Education Association of Houston
MARSH Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston
NHRC NASA/Houston Rocket Club
NOH Neons Of Houston
NHCRM North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine
NHHC North Houston Heart Center
NOHO North Of Houston Street
NHRA Northwest Houston Rocket Association
POHA Port of Houston Authority
RICH Realty Investment Club of Houston
SHHS Sam Houston High School
SHSU Sam Houston State University
SHTR Sam Houston Toll Road
SEH Scientific Equipment of Houston
SCOH Soaring Club of Houston
SHHS South Houston High School
SOHO South of Houston Street
SCHOLAR Space Center Houston
SCHOOL Space Center Houston
SCH Space Center Houston
SKRH Surviving Katrina and Rita in Houston
TCSUH Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston
THEM Texas Houston East Mission
THX The Houston Exploration Company
THXS The Houston Exploration Company
TTOH Towering Texans of Houston
TRH Trail Riders of Houston
TACH Trans Am Club of Houston
UOH University of Houston
UH University of Houston
UHCO University of Houston College of Optometry
UHID University of Houston Industrial Design
UHPD University of Houston Police Department
UHD University of Houston-Downtown
UHV University of Houston-Victoria
UTH University of Texas Houston
VSH Vegetarian Society of Houston
VTOH Vintage Thunderbirds of Houston
WHAT West Houston Aquatics Team
WHHE West Houston Home Educators, Inc.
WHQG West Houston Quilters Guild
YAH Young Audiences of Houston
ZAH Zoroastrian Association of Houston