Industry Abbreviations

According to the Dictionary of the Portuguese Language of Porto Editora, the adjective industrial refers to what belongs to or is related to the industry. The term also refers to a person who owns an industry or who makes a living from the exercise of industrial activities.

Industry (from the Latin industrĭa) is understood to be the set of operations carried out with the intention of obtaining, transforming or transporting natural products. Industrial companies are those responsible for transforming the raw material into a type of product called manufacturing.

On the other hand , industrial design is a discipline dedicated to the creation and development of these industrial products, which are capable of being manufactured on a large scale and in series.

The industrial revolution is the historical period that took place between the second half of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, during which great technological, economic, social and cultural transformations took place. From the industrial revolution, industry and manufacturing activities came to replace manual work, having mechanized many productive processes that, until then, were carried out by human beings.

There is also what is known as “industrial glue”, which is a stronger, more powerful type of glue than simpler glues such as paper , for example. Industrial glue is intended for jobs that require a product that joins parts securely and securely. Some people also call this type of glue an “industrial adhesive”.

An example of the use of industrial glue is in the case of adhesives for labeling bottles, for closing boxes, among others. There is also the use of glues of this type in automotive parts and for bookbinding as well. There are devices that are specific for the application of industrial glue, such as the industrial hot glue applicator.

Industrial safety is a multidisciplinary area that seeks to minimize risks in industry, generally those related to accidents that can even have a major environmental impact and affect entire regions. On the other hand, industrial safety protects workers with appropriate clothing and medical inspections.

Industrial decoration is a style that started in the 1970s, it was a period when people started to use old sheds as a place to live.

That is why industrial decoration usually has elements such as burnt cement, unfinished brick walls, exposed piping, use of aged metal for finishes and wood, integrated environments that leave out the use of walls, among others. Thus, there are spaces with more expansion and rudimentary. This type of decoration is usually used in homes, but gradually it has also been used in offices.

The industrial process is a set of procedures that include the use of mechanical equipment and chemical elements in order to produce items on a large scale, for example: the industrial process for the manufacture of plastic items.

Finally, we can mention that industrial psychology is the branch of psychology that analyzes human behavior in the context of industry and work.

Industry Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Industry

Aberdeen University Research & Industrial Services Ltd.
Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Academy of Industrial Training
Accurate Industrial Construction, Inc.
ACT Film and Television Industry
Adam Aircraft Industries
Adaptation of the Workforce to Industrial Change
Adhesives & Sealants Industry
Administration for Industry and Commerce
Adult Film Industry
Adult Industry Copyright Organisation Limited
Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation
Advance Briefing for Industry
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Advanced Industrial Management
Advanced Industrial Materials
Advanced Industrial Practices
Advanced Industrial Property Network
Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Advanced Industrial Technologies
Advanced Industry Information Package
Advanced Logic Industries
Advanced Microelectronics for Industrialists
Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry
Advanced Planning for Business and Industry
Advanced Reasoning Tool for model-based diagnosis of Industrial SysTems
Advancement in Commerce, Industry and Technology
Advertising Industry Emergency Fund
Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade
Aeration Industries International, Inc.
Aerial and Industrial Materials
Aerial Firefighting Industry Association
Aero Agro Chemical Industries Ltd.
Aeronautical Industry Association
AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
Aerospace Industrial Development Program
Aerospace Industries Association
Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.
Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
Afghanistan Standard Industrial Classification
African Explosives and Chemical Industries
African Regional Industrial Property Organization
Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial
Agência Paranaense de Propriedade Industrial
Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
Agreement of Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products
Agricultural and Industrial Development
Agricultural and Industrial Development Board
Agricultural Development Led Industrialization
Agricultural Industries Confederation
Agricultural Workers Industrial Union
Agricultural Workers Industrial Union
Agri-Food Industry Market Strategies
Agri-Industry Trade Group
Agro Dutch Industries Ltd.
Agro-based Industries & Technology Development Project
Air Emissions Industry
Air France Industries
Air Industries Association of Canada
Air Transport Industry
Airbus Industries
Airbus Industries Group
Airbus Industries Test Method
Airlift Services Industrial Fund
Airlift Support Industrial Fund
Airline and Customer-Related Travel Industry Occupation Network
Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC
Alabama Aircraft Industries, Inc.
Alabama Industries for the Blind
Alabama Industry & Manufacturers Association
Alarm Industry Foundation of Florida
Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation
Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
Alaska Industrial Development Authority
Alaska Native Industries Cooperative Association, Inc
Alaska Support Industry Alliance
Alaska Travel Industry Association
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
Alberta Housing Industry Technical Committee
Alberta Recording Industries Association
Alexander Groenewege Industrial Design
Al-Hassan Industrial Estate
All American Industries Company
All Aspects of the Industry
All India Village Industries Association
All Modular Industry Growth Assessment
All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
Alliance for a Competitive European Industry
Alliance for Industry Reform
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry
Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Allied Industrial Workers
Allied Waste Industries
All-Industry Research Advisory Council
Al-Murtaza Cotton Industries Limited (Pakistan)
Alumindo Light Metal Industry
Aluminium Extrusion Industries
Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association
American Academy of Industrial Hygiene
American Association of Industrial Veterinarians
American Boiler & Affiliated Industries
American Building Maintenance Industries, Inc.
American Combustion Industries Inc.
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Inc.
American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Feed Industry Association
American Firearms Industry
American Floral Industry Association
American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center
American Industrial Arts Student Association
American Industrial Hygiene Association
American Industrial Hygiene Association
American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition
American Industrial Hygiene Foundation
American Industrial Partners
American Industrial Systems, Inc.
American Industrial Technologies
American Industry / Government Emissions Research
American International Industries
American Journal of Industrial Medicine
American Military Industrial Complex
American Nuclear Industries
American Pirate Industries
American Railcar Industries Inc
American Sheep Industry Association
American Sheep Industry Association
American Society for Industrial Security
American Society for Industrial Security
American Society for Industrial Security
American Windsurfing Industry Association
Ameritec Information Industry Services
Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers, International
Analysis of ROI for Pharmaceutical Promotion (healthcare industry)
Andhra Pradesh Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd.
Anglo Scottish Car Industries
Animal Industries Advisory Group
Animal Industries Division
Animal Industries Research Committee
Animal Industry Foundation
Animal Protein Producers Industry
Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting
Annual Survey of Industries
ANSTO Radiopharmaceuticals and Industrials
Apartment Industry Mobilization Services
Apparel Industry Board, Inc.
Apparel Industry Partnership
Application of Metrics in Industry
Application of Neural Networks for Industry in Europe
Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Applied Mathematics for Industrial Flows
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry
Arab Federation for Food Industries
Arab Federation of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
Arab Organization for Industrialization
Arabian Vermiculite Industries
Arielle Chester Industrial Design
Arizona Bioindustry Association
Arizona Bioindustry Association
Arizona Industrial Relations Association
Arizona Industries for the Blind
Arizona Technology Industrial Education Association
Arkansas Green Industry Association
Armstrong World Industries, Inc
Army Industrial File
Army Industrial Fund
Army Industrial Fund
Army Single Face to Industry
Aro Granite Industries Ltd.
Arrowroot Industry Association
Arts and Creative Industries
Arts, Entertainment, and Media Industries
Aruba Trade & Industry Association
Arumugam Pillai Industrial Training Institute
ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme
ASEAN Industrial Joint Ventures
ASEAN Vegetable Oils Club (oil industry)
Asia Electronics Industry
Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference
Asian Film Industry Network
Asian Industrial Property Network
Asian Paint Industry Council
Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Asnières Industries Adaptées
Asociación Costarricense de Ingenieros en Producción Industrial
Asociación de Industriales de Guatemala
Asociación de Industriales Latinoamericanos
Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Industriales de la Madera
Asociación General de Industriales de Guatemala
Asociación Salvadoreña de Industriales
Asphalt Industry Alliance
Assistive Devices Industry Association
Assistive Devices Industry Office
Assistive Technology Industry Association
Associação Comercial e Industrial de Marília
Associação Industrial Portuguesa
Associacao Portuguesa dos Consultores em Propriedade Industrial
Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India
Associated Electrical Industries, Ltd.
Associated Industries of Florida
Associated Industries of Kentucky
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Associated Industries of Missouri
Associated Industries of the Inland Northwest
Associated Oregon Industries
Association Connecting Electronics Industries
Association des Industries de l’Alarme
Association des Industries de Marque
Association des Industries Ferroviaires
Association for Industrial Archaeology
Association for Structural Improvement of the Shipbuilding Industry
Association for Structural Improvement of the Shipbuilding Industry
Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops
Association Francaise des industries de l’Optique et de la Photonique
Association Française des Industries de la Robinetterie
Association Française des Industries de la Salle de Bains
Association Française pour le Développement des Biotechnologies et des Bio-Industries
Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires
Association of British Healthcare Industries
Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario
Association of Chemical Industry of Texas
Association of Clinical Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of Crafts & Creative Industries
Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries
Association of Food Industries
Association of Ghana Industries
Association of Health Technologies Industry
Association of Heritage Industries
Association of Indian Engineering Industry
Association of Indian Forging Industry
Association of Industrial Advertisers
Association of Industrial and Management Engineering Students
Association of Industrial Management and Economics
Association of Industrial Truck Trainers
Association of Industry Manufacturers Representatives
Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of International Industrial Irradiation
Association of Lebanese Industrialists
Association of Musical Electronics Industry
Association of Pellet Fuel Industries
Association of Physicians in Industry
Association of Play Industries
Association of Process Industry
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
Association of Small Scale Industries
Association of South African Music Industry
Association of Suppliers to the Furniture Industry
Association of Thai Software Industry
Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
Association of the Cement Industries Employers
Association of the Greek Industry of Detergents and Soaps
Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry
Association of the Lebanese Software Industry
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries-International
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry
Association of Wind Sports Industries
Associazione Calabrese Archeologia Industriale
Associazione Italiana Progettisti Industriali
Associazione Italiana Ricerca Industriale
Associazione Italiana Ricerca Industriale
Associazione Nazionale Industriali Conserve Alimentari Vegetali
Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
Associazione Provinciale Dirigenti Aziende Industriali
Athens Chamber of Small and Medium sized Industries
Athens Furniture Industries, Inc
Atlantic Industries Ltd
Atlantic Margin Joint Industry Group
ATM Research and Industrial Enterprise Study
Atomic Industrial Forum
Atomic Industries Forum
Atomic Industry Research Institute
Atomic Industry Research Institute
Australasian Lighting Industry Association, Inc.
Australasian Wire Industry Association, Inc.
Australian Adult Entertainment Industry
Australian Agricultural and Grazing Industries Survey
Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman
Australian Bridal Industry Academy
Australian Building Industry Contract
Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Australian Commerce and Industry Office
Australian Communications Industry Forum
Australian Construction Industry Forum
Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Trust
Australian Dairy Industry Council
Australian Dental Industry Association
Australian Drilling Industry Association
Australian Film and Television Industry
Australian Food and Wine Industries Conference
Australian Food Industry Science Centre
Australian Horse Industry Council
Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Australian Industrial Tempest Program
Australian Industry and Defence Network, Inc.
Australian Industry Engineering and Manufacturing Network
Australian Industry Group
Australian Industry Involvement
Australian Information Industry Association
Australian Marine Industries and Sciences Council
Australian Marine Industries Federation
Australian Meat Industry Council
Australian Mining Industry Council
Australian Motor Industry Federation
Australian Music Industry Network
Australian National Bushfoods Industry Committee
Australian Network of Industry Careers Advisers
Australian Passionfruit Industry Association
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Australian Pipeline Industry Association
Australian Postgraduate Award Industry
Australian Record Industry Association
Australian Seafood Industry Council
Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association
Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority
Australian Sugar Industry Museum
Australian Telecommunications Industry Association
Australian Veterinarians in Industry
Australian Wire Industry Association
Australian Wool and Sheep Industry
Austrian Biotech Industry
Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology
Automobile Industry Recovery Act of 2008
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week
Automotive Industries
Automotive Industries Association
Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Automotive Industries Limited
Automotive Industry Action Group
Automotive Industry Development Centre
Automotive Industry Export Council
Automotive Service Industry Association
Auxiliar Euro Industrial
Aviation Academy Training Aircraft Engineers for the Aviation Industry
Aviation Industry
Aviation Industry CBT Committee
Aziende Industriali di Lugano SA
Aziende Vetrarie Industriali Ricciardi
Baba Satya Sai Industries
Bachelor of Industrial Administration
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Industrial Technology
Bachelor of Music Industry
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management
Bachelors of Science in Industrial Technology
Backpacking Industry Council
Bacnotan Steel Industries, Inc.
Badger State Industries
Baelen Gaillard Industries
Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Baking Industry Training Australia
Ballarpur Industries Ltd.
Baltimore Marine Industries
Baltimore Museum of Industry
Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry
Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Bangladesh Sick Industries Association
Bank of Commerce, Development and Industry
Banking & Financial Services Industry
Banking Industry Architecture Network
Banking Industry Solution Center
Banking Industry Technology Secretariat
Barbados Coalition of Service Industries
Barbecue Industry Association
Barnsley Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Barrier Industrial Unions
Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Joint Ventures
Basic Commerce and Industries, Inc.
Basic Industrial Material
Basic Industry Marketing
Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe
Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc.
Batam Industrial Development Authority
Batamindo Industrial Park
Baton Rouge Area Digital Industries Consortium
Bayer Industry Services
Bebco Industries
Bebco Industries
Becker Industrial Coatings
Beef Industry Council
Beef Industry Funding Steering Committee
Beer Industry League of Louisiana
Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute
Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association
Beijing Software Industry Association
Belarusian Scientific-Industrial Association
Belgian Bioindustries Association
Belgo-Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Belize Aluminum Industries Limited
Bellsouth Building Industry Consulting Service
Bennington County Industrial Corporation
Bereavement Services Industries Association
Berry Hinckley Industries
Berwick Industrial Development Association
Beston Wine Industry Trust
Bétemps Hugard Industries
Beverage Industry Environment Council
Beverage Industry Recycling Program
Bharat Industrial Training Centre
Bicol Regional Agri-Industrial Center
Bihar Small Scale Industries Corporation
Bihar State Industrial Development Corporation
Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services
Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation
Binding Industries of America
Bindley Western Industries, Inc.
Bintan Industrial Estate
Biodiversity Stewardship in Resource Industries
BioIndustry Association
Bioindustry Initiative
Bio-Reaction Industries
Biotech Industry Organization
Biotech Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Biotehnologii Industriale
Biotehnologii Industriale
Black Association of the Wine and Spirit Industry
Bluff Creek Industries Railroad
Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
Board for Industrial and Financial Restructuring
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
Board of Trade and Industry
Boating Industry Association
Boating Industry Training Organisation
Bob Smith Industries
BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (Thailand)
Boiler and Industrial Furnace
Bomb the Music Industry!
Bombay Small Scale Industries Association
Book Industry Communication
Book Industry Standards and Communications
Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee
Border Industrialization Program
Borders Construction Industry Forum
Boston Marine Industrial Park
Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower
Boulder Industry Test Bed
Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad
Braggstar S-Industrial
Bread Manufacturers Industrial Association of Australia
Break Free Industries
Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology
Brewing Industry International Awards
BrianCo. Industries
Brick Industry Association
Briefing to Industry
Briefing to Industry
Brisbane Marine Industry Park
Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society
British Aggregate Construction Materials Industries
British Association of Landscape Industries
British Columbia Industrial Design Association
British Columbia Photonics Industry Association
British Columbia Printing Industries Association
British Construction Industry Awards
British Egg Industry Council
British Horse Industry Confederation
British Industrial and Scientific Film Association
British Industrial Furnace Constructors Association
British Industrial Truck Association
British Industry Offset Group
British Journal of Industrial Medicine
British Overseas Industrial Placement Scheme
British Phonographic Industry Ltd.
British Polythene Industries
British Printing Industries Federation
British Security Industry Association
British Security Industry Authority
British Starch Industry Association
Broadcasting Industry Council to Improve American Productivity
Bronnt Industries Kapital
Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc.
Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act 2003
Building Chemical Industries Company
building construction industry
Building Industry and Land Development Association
Building Industry Association
Building Industry Association of Central California
Building Industry Association of Clark County
Building Industry Association of Orange County
Building Industry Association of San Diego County
Building Industry Consultant
Building Industry Consulting Service Philippines
Building Industry Consulting Services
Building Industry Consulting Services, International
Building Industry Council
Building Industry Credit Association
Building Industry Credit Bureau
Building Industry Cross-Connect
Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation
Building Industry Liaison Team
Building Industry Professionals for Environmental Responsibility
Building Industry Project Management System
Building Industry Technology Academy
Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bulgarian Information Industry Association
Bureau for Industrial Cooperation
Bureau of Animal Industry
Bureau of Industry and Security
Bureau of Industry Economics
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Bureau of Plant Industry
Business and Industry Advisory Committee
Business and Industry Connection
Business and Industry Needs Assessment
Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organization
Business Industrial Network
Business Industrial Network
Business Information Industry Association
Business to Industry
Business, Industry and Government Club
Bustamante Industrial Trade Union
Butera Manufacturing Industries
California Building Industry Association
California Industrial Hygiene Council
California Lodging Industry Association
California Poultry Industry Federation
California Rice Industry Association
California Ski Industry Association
California Steel Industries, Inc.
Callcenter Industry Advisory Council
Cambridge University Industrial Society
Camp Chase Industrial Railroad
Canada Industrial Relations Board
Canadian Apparel and Textile Industries Program
Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
Canadian Association of Defence & Security Industries
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Canadian Defence Industrial Base
Canadian Defence Industries Association
Canadian Eco-Industrial Network
Canadian Environment Industry Association
Canadian Environmental Industry Association
Canadian Fence Industry Association
Canadian Food Industry Council
Canadian Forest Industries Council
Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre
Canadian Industrial Equipment News
Canadian Industrial Relations Association
Canadian Industrial Transportation Association
Canadian Industries Limited
Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash
Canadian Industry Action Group
Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
Canadian Industry Statistics
Canadian Interactive Industry Profile
Canadian Malt Industry Association
Canadian Maritimes Industries Association
Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Canadian Printing Industries Association
Canadian Recording Industry Association
Canadian Society for Industrial Security, Inc.
Canadian Society of Industrial Engineers
Canadian Steel Industry Research Association
Cantel Industries, Inc
Capital Solutions for the Home Product Industry
Caravan and Camping Industry Association
Career Guide to Industries
Career Industry Consortium Australia
Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce
Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference
Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction
Carrefour des Fournisseurs des Industries Agroalimentaires
Carrier Telephone Industries
Casino Service Industry
Casting Industry Suppliers Association
Catalysts & Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd.
Catanduanes Agricultural and Industrial College
Categorical Industrial User
Cattle Industry Compensation Act
Cattle Industry Compensation Fund
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cebu Industrial Park Developers Inc.
Cebu Light Industrial Park
CEBus Industry Consortium
Cellular Automata for Research and Industry
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
Cellulose Industry Standards Enforcement Program
Cement Industry Environment Consortium
Cement Industry Technical Conference
Census of Industrial Production
Census of Philippine Business and Industry
Center for Business and Industrial Marketing
Center for Business and Industry
Center for Business/Industry Training
Center for Clean Industrial and Treatment Technologies
Center for Economic and Industry Research, LLC
Center for Exhibition Industry Research
Center for Feed Industry Research and Education
Center for Health Industry Performance Studies
Center for Industrial Research Applications
Center for Industrial Services
Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise
Center for Research in Regulated Industries
Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence
Center of Industrial Relations and Negotiations
Center of Industrial Safety Registration
Center of New Industries and Technologies
Center Of Science and Industry
Centers of Excellence for Industrial Gas Turbines
Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
Central Carpet Industries Association
Central Cottage Industries Emporium
Central Industrial Packaging Supply, Inc
Central Industrial Security Force
Central Tablelands Commercial Industries
Centre d’Etude des Modes d’Industrialisation
Centre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics
Centre for Industrial Automation and Manufacture
Centre for Industrial Design
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Centre for Industrial Training & Relations
Centre for Innovative Industries Economic Research
Centre for Research in Industrial and Commercial Law
Centre for Research Innovation and Industry
Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research
Centre for Technology Transfer in the Process Industries
Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries
Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation
Centres of Excellence for Technology and Industrial Collaboration
Centro Académico Industrial de Tecnologías de la Información
Centro de Bachillerato Tecnologico Industrial y de Servicios
Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica Industrial
Centro de Estudios Tecnologicos Industriales y de Servicio
Centro Para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial
Certificate in Industrial Hygiene Management
Certified Cardiovascular Industry Representative
Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional
Certified Industrial Developer
Certified Industrial Hygienist
Certified Industrial Technologist
Certified Office and Industrial Consultant
Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional
Certified Travel Industry Executive
Certified Travel Industry Specialist
Ceylon Mercantile Industrial and General Workers Union
Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County
Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia
Chamber of Commerce of the Apparel Industry
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Chambers of Commerce and Industry of South Africa
Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland
Changchun Optoelectronic Information Industry Association
Changhe Aircraft Industry Group
Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group
Chemical & Industrial Consultants Association
Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association
Chemical and Petroleum Industry
Chemical Exchange Industries
Chemical Industries Association
Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia
Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority
Chemical Industries Holding Company
Chemical Industry Council
Chemical Industry in Basle
Chemical Industry Institute of Technology
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
Chemical Industry Notes
Chemical Process Industries
Chemical Workers Industrial Union
Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Chengdu Eastern Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chicago Industrial Chess League
Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
Chicago Universities Bioengineering Industry Consortium
Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc.
Children Challenging Industry
Chimica Organica Industriale Milanese
China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association
China Association of Bakery and Confectionery Industry
China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry
China Automotive Industry Association
China Center for Information Industry Development
China Dairy Industry Association
China Development Industrial Bank
China Feed Industry Association
China Fermentation Industry Association
China FRP Industrial Association
China Housing Industry Association
China Industrial Gases Industry Association
China Industrial Gases Industry Association
China Institute of Industrial Relations
China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
China National Forest Products Industry Association
China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association
China Nuclear Industry Group
China Paper Industry Development Corporation
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China Software Industry Association
China South Industries Group Corporation
China Technical Association of Paper Industry
China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Venture Co
Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce
Chinese National Federation of Industries
Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association
Chippewa River Industries
Chlorinated Paraffins Industry Association
Chugoku National Industrial Research Institute
Clandestine Industries
Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority
Cleaning Industry Management Standard
Cleveland Industries Inc.
Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark
Clothing Industry Training Authority
Clothing Industry Training Board
Cloud Industry Forum
Cluster des Industries de la Montagne
Coalition of Service Industries
Cockerill Mechanical Industries
Coffee Industry Board
Coin Machine Industry Association of Massachusetts
College of Business and Industry
College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation
Collision Industry Conference
Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry
Colorado Correctional Industries
Colorado Photonics Industry Association
Columbia Pictures Industries
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc.
Colusa Industrial Properties
Comercial Exportadora Industrial, Ltda.
Comité de Asociaciones Agrícolas, Comerciales, Industriales y Financieras
Comité Scientifique et Technique des Industries Climatiques
Comity of Research and Chemistry Industries
Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau
Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation
Commercial and Industrial Medical Aid Society
Commercial Industrial Agricultural
Commercial Industrial Finance Corporation
Commercial Industrial Services
Commercial Industrial Waste Applications
Commercial Industry Caucus
Commercial, Government, and Industrial Solutions
Commercial, Industrial & Institutional
Commercial/ Industrial Revolving Loan Fund
Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency
Commercial/Industrial Zoning Districts
Commercial-Industrial Realty Council
Commercial-Industrial-Type Activity
Committee for Revival of Sick Industrial Units
Committee on Civilian Industrial Technology
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Common Industrial Protocol
Common Industry Format
Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy
Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd
Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization
Communication Industry Association of Japan
Communication Industry Researchers, Inc.
Communications & Power Industries International
Communications and Creative Industries
Communications and Information Industries
Communications Power Industries
communications service industrial fund
Community and Industry Interactive Center
Community and Industry Services
Community Industries Employment Vocational Association
Compañía Industrial de Cine Español, Sociedad Anónima
Complex Industries
Complexo Industrial Ford Nordeste
Computational Testbed for Industry
Computed Industrial Tomographic Imaging System
Computer & Communications Industry
Computer & Communications Industry Association
Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity
Computer Industry Almanac Inc.
Computer Industry Almanac, Inc.
Computer Industry Resources Committed to the Leading Edge
Computer Manufacturers Industry Group
Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe
Computer Services Industry Training Council
Computer Software & Services Industry
Computer Technology Industry Association
Computer Virus Industry Association
Computer-Aided Industrial Design
Computers and Industrial Engineering
Computers in Industry
Computing Technology Industry Association
COMSEC Supplement to the Industrial Security Manual
Concrete Industry Management
Confederacion de Camaras Industriales
Confederation des industries agro-alimentaires de l’UE
Confederation for Promotion of Khadi and Village Industries
Confédération Nationale des Industries du Bois
Confederation of Aerial Industries
Confederation of Australian Industry
Confederation of British Industry
Confederation of European Paper Industries
Confederation of Finnish Industries
Confederation of Indian Industry
Confederation of Indian Industry – Godrej Green Business Centre
Confederation of Industrial Chambers
Confederation of Tanzania Industries
Confederation of Trade and Industry
Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries
Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Connecticut Business & Industry Association
Connecticut Construction Industries Association
Consolidated Film Industries
Consolidated Industrial Relations Office
Construction Industries Licensing Act of 1978
Construction Industries Wholesalers Association
Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey
Construction Industry Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Advisory Council
Construction Industry Advisory Council of Ontario
Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
Construction Industry Computing Association
Construction Industry Council
Construction Industry Council of Hawaii
Construction Industry Council Wales
Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program
Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program
Construction Industry Development Agency
Construction Industry Development Board
Construction Industry Development Council
Construction Industry Employers Association
Construction Industry Federation
Construction Industry Guarantee Fund
Construction Industry Information and Computing
Construction Industry Institute
Construction Industry Management Board
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Construction Industry Policy Advisory Committee
Construction Industry Reference Group
Construction Industry Research and Information Association
Construction Industry Research Board
Construction Industry Scheme
Construction Industry Scheme Manual
Construction Industry Solutions Ltd
Construction Industry Specification Analysis and Understanding
Construction Industry Stabilization Committee
Construction Industry Technician
Construction Industry Trading Electronically
Construction Industry Training
Construction Industry Training Association
Construction Industry Training Board
Construction Industry Trust for Youth
Construction Material Chemical Industries
Consultants to Government and Industry
Consumer and Industrial Product
Consumer and Industry Services
Consumer Data Industry Association
Consumer Related Industrial Processes
Consumer, Industrial Products & Services
Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition
Continuing Industry Internship Programme
Controlled Industrial Area
Controlled Industrial Material
Convention Industry Council
Conventions Industry Association
Cooper Tools Industrial Ltda
Cooperativa Industrial de Distribuidores de Electricidad
Coordinated Industry Cases
Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Associations
Cork Electronics Industry Association
Cornerstone Industry, Inc.
Corporación Eléctrica Industrial
Corporate & Industrial Restructuring Corporation
Corporate and Industry Research Reports
Corporate Preparedness Industrial Representative
Corporation for Economic Industrial Research
Correctional Industries
Correctional Industries Association
Corrections Industry Advisory Committee
Costner Industries Nevada Corp.
Costruzioni Elettriche Industriali E Manutenzioni
Cottage Industry Technology Center
Council for Industry and Higher Education
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer
Council of Commercial and Industrial Chambers
Council Of Defense & Space Industries Association
Council Of Forest Industries
Council of Great Lakes Industries
Council of Industrial Boiler Operators
Council of Industrial Boiler Owners
Council of Media Industry Associations
Council of Saskatchewan Forest Industries
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia
Countrywide Credit Industries
Coupon Industry Association of Canada
Craigavon Industrial Development Organisation
Crane Industry Council of Australia
Creative Industries Commission
Creative Industries Export Promotion Advisory Group
Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System
Cross Border Industrial Zone
Cross Functional, Cross Industry
Cross Industry Group
Cross Industry Working Team
Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining
Cross-Industry, Cross-Country Allocation
Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation
Cruise Industry News
Cryogenic Industrial Medical and Specialty
Cultural Industries Research Centre
Cultural Tourism Industry Group
Cyber Security Industry Alliance
Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association
Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Inc
Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industry
Dairy Industry Association Limited
Dairy Industry Association of Australia
Dairy Industry Authority
Dairy Industry Authority
Dairy Industry Committee
Dairy Industry Quality Centre
Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries
Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics
Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development – Industry and Urban Areas
Data Acquisition for Industrial Systems
Database for Commerce and Industry
Datamation Industry Directory
Dayton Industrial Athletic Association
Déco Mont Blanc Industries
Decorator Industries Inc.
Deer Industry Association of Australia
Defence Industrial and Technological Base
Defence Industrial Research Program
Defence Industrial Strategy
Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria
Defence Industries Organisation
Defence Industry Aerospace Report
Defense Industrial Base
Defense Industrial Cooperation
Defense Industrial Cooperation Subcommittee
Defense Industrial Network
Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
Defense Industrial Security
Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
Defense Industrial Security Institute
Defense Industrial Security Program
Defense Industrial Supply Center
Defense Industrial Supply Center
Defense Industry Advisory Council
Defense Industry Daily
Defense Industry Export Advisory Group
Defense Industry Initiative
Defense Industry Insider
Defense Technology Industrial Base
Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation
Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation
Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
Department for Industrial Development
Department for Trade and Industry
Department of Bio-Industrial Machinery Engineering
Department of Consumer and Industry Services
Department of Employment and Industrial Relations
Department of Heavy Industry
Department Of Industrial Accidents
Department of Industrial Accidents
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Department of Industrial Relations
Department Of Industry Act
Department of Industry Act
Department of Industry Tourism and Resources
Department of Industry, Productivity and Energy
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
Department of Industry, Trade & Commerce
Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Department of Labor and Industries
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries
Department of Primary Industry Fisheries and Mines
Department of Regional Industrial Expansion
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment
Department of Trade and Industry
Department of Training and Industrial Relations
Depot Maintenance Industrial Fund
Derwentside Industrial Development Agency
Deseret Industries
Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS
Design Industries Foundation for AIDS
Designated Industrial Hygienist
Despatch Industry Workers Union
Detroit School of Industrial Arts
Deutsche Industrial Norms
Developing Industrial Strategies Through Innovative Clusters and Technologies
Développement Industrialisation Fabrication de Sièges
Diablo Industries Thin Film
Diablo Valley Industrial Claims Association
Diamond Aircraft Industries
Digital Media and Creative Industries Team
Diploma in Computerised Industrial Accounting
Diploma in Industrial Health
Direct Industrial License
Direct Industrial Participation
Direct Industrial Participation
Direct Service Industry
Direction des Industries de Transformation de la Pêche
Director General of Industrial Relations
Director of Industrial Operations
Director of Industry Operations
Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry
Directorate of Industrial Operations
Directorate of Myanma Industrial Planning
Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry
Distributed Computing Industry Association
Distributed Open Messaging Interface Network of Small and Medium Sized Industries-oriented Centres
Distributive Industries Training Board
District Industrial Manager
District Industries Center
Dive Industry Liaison Group
Dive Industry Technician Course
Diversified Services for Industry, Inc
Division of Plant Industry
Document Management Industries Association
Donbar Industries, Inc.
Dong Hae Industrial Company
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd
Dow Industrial Average Model New Deposit Shares
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Drug and Cosmetic Industry
Drug Industry Document Archive
Dubai Industrial City
Duchossois Industries, Inc.
Dutch Machinery for the Food Industry
Eagle Pacific Industries Inc.
Eagle-Picher Industries
East African Industries
East of England Industrial Development Board
Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc.
Eastern Iowa Industrial Center
E-Business Industry Development Scheme
Ecofibre Industries Association
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg
Economic & Industrial Development Authority
Edison Industrial Systems Center
Education Software and Technology Industry Registry
Education With Industry
Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes
Effluent from an Anaerobic Industrial Reactor
EFTPOS Industry Working Group (Australia)
Egyptian Financial and Industrial Company
Egyptian German Telecommunication Industries
Electric Energy Industrial Consortium
Electric Energy Industry
Electric Industry Research Group
Electric Power Industry of Montenegro
Electric Power Industry of Serbia
Electric Power Industry of Serbia
Electric Power Industry Participant
Electric Trace Heating Industry Council
Electric Transportation Industry Conference
Electrical and Music Industries
Electrical Industries Association
Electrical Industry Training Institute
Electrical Industry Workers’ Union
Electricity Industry Reform Act
Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council
Electroindustry Business Confidence Index
Electronic and Marine Research Industries
Electronic Industries Alliance
Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association
Electronic Industries Association
Electronic Industries Association Interim Standard
Electronic Industries Association of Japan
Electronic Industries Foundation
Electronic Industry Code of Conduct
Electronic Industry Data Exchange
Electronic Industry Forum
Electronic Navigation Industries
Electronic Security Industry
Electronics Industry Association
Electronics Industry Design Awards
Electronics Industry Outlook
Electronics Industry Pallet Specification
Electronics, Power, Industrial, Control, and Cable
Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing
Emergency Management for Business & Industry
Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council
Encuesta Nacional Industrial Anual
Energy Industry and Sustainable Development Division
Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station
Engineering and Technology Industry Council
Engineering Construction Industry Association
Engineering Industry Association
Engineering Industry Training Board
Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave
Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
Enhanced Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme
Enterprise Application Integration Industry Consortium
Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
Entertainment Industry
Entertainment Industry Development Corporation
Entertainment Industry Employers Association
Entertainment Industry Foundation
Environment and Plastics Industry Council
Environment Industries Focus Unit
Environment Industry Yearbook
Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group
Environmental Industries Commission
Environmental Industry Associations
Environmental Industry Council
Environmental Technology Industry Cluster
Environmental Technology Program for Industry
ERISA Industry Committee
Erwin Karl & Partners, Industrial Marketing Research
Escuela de Organización Industrial
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Gijón
Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference
European Association for Bioindustries
European Association for Bioindustries
European Ceramic Fibres Industry Association
European Chemical Industry Council
European Computer-Industry Research Centre
European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries
European Defence Industries Group
European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage
European Federation of Cleaning Industries
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
European Fencing Industry Association
European Flexographic Industry Association
European Furniture Industries Confederation
European Health Industry Business Communications Council
European Heating Industry
European Industrial Bank
European Industrial Relations Review
European industry federation
European Meetings Industry Fair
European Mortar Industry Organisation
European Packaging and Interconnection Industry Association
European Participating Industries
European Photovoltaic Industry Association
European Process Industries Competitiveness Centre
European Process Industries STEP Technical Liaison Executive
European Round Table of Industrialists
European Roundtable of Industrialists
European Semiconductor Industry Association
European Society for Industrial Security
European Solvents Industry Group
European Telecommunications and Professional Electronics Industry
Evolution of Large-Scale Industrial Software Applications
Evolution of Market Structure in Network Industries
Ex Police in Industry and Commerce
Exide Industries Ltd
Experimental Physics & Industrial Control System
Export and Industrial Development Division
Export Industry Encouragement Act
Export Oriented Industrialisation
Export Oriented Industry
Export Promotion Industrial Park
Extended Industry Standard Adapter
Extended Industry Standard Architecture
Extractive Industries Development Act
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
FAA/Industry Training Standards
Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance
Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial
Facultatea de Constructii Civile, Industriale si Agricole
Fairhaven Marine Industrial Park
Far Eastern Polychem Industries
Farm and Industry Short Course
Farm Animal Industrial Platform
Farmland Industries, Inc.
Farm-Related Service Industries
Fashion Industries Association
Fast Industrial-Strength Triangulation
Fear Industrial Complex
Federal Building Industries Company LLC
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
Federal Industrial Boiler Program
Federal Industry and Research
Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Nigeria
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Fédération des Industries Agro-Alimentaires Luxembourgeoise
Fédération des Industries de la Parfumerie
Fédération des Industries des Equipements pour Véhicules
Fédération des Industries des Peintures, Encres, Couleurs
Federation des Industries Mecaniques
Fédération des Industries Nautiques
Fédération des Industries Nautiques
Fédération Française des Industries d’Aliments Conservés
Federation Nationale des Industries Chimiques
Fédération Nationale des Industries Electrométallurgiques, Electrochimiques et Connexes
Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Federation of British Industries
Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
Federation of Electronic Industries
Federation of German Industry
Federation of Icelandic Industries
Federation of Korean Industries
Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Federation of Philippine Industries
Federation of Small and Medium Industries
Federation of the Electronics Industry
Federation of the European Play Industry
Federation of Tourism Industries of the Philippines
Federazione Nazionale Dirigenti Aziende Industriali
Feria Industrial del Atlantico
Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia
Fiber Glass Industries, Inc.
Fiberoptic Industry Association
Fibre Channel Industry Association
Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research
Figueira Industries
Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Film Industry
Film Industry Orientation Course
Finance Industry Standards Association
Financial Industrial Group
Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Financial Services Industry
Financial Services Industry Association
Financial Services Industry Exchange
Fine Chocolate Industry Association
Finishing Industries Forum
Finnish Association of Mechanical Building Services Industries
Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation
Finnish Pharmaceutical Industry Federation
Fire Industry Confederation
Fire Industry Training
First Community Industrial Bank
First Industrial Master Plan
First Industrial Results of Semantic Technologies
First Industries Fund
Fishery Industrial Technology Center
Fishing Industry Research Institute
Fishing Industry Safety Group
Fitness Industry Association
Fitness Industry Council of Canada
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Oakland
Floor Covering Industry Foundation
Florida Automotive Industry Association
Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board
Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association
Florida Plastics Industry Council
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
Florida Telecommunications Industry Association
Fluid Industrial Associates, Inc
Fong Kai Industrial Co.
Food Industries Research Institute
Food Industry Council of Tasmania
Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger
Food Industry Suppliers Association
Food Industry Suppliers of Canada
Food Link Agriculture Industry
Food Processing Industries
Food, Seed and Industrial
Food-Linked Agro-Industrial Research
Footwear Industries of America
Forest Industries Association of Tasmania
Forest Industries Council
Forest Industries Federation Western Australia, Inc.
Forest Industries Telecommunications
Forest Industry Advisory Service
Forest Industry Council on Taxation
Forest Industry Political Action Committee
Forging Industry Association
Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems
Formal Methods in Europe – Railway Industry
Formex Metal Industries
Forming & Fabricating Industry Directory
Fort Waste Industries
FORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
Forum on the Construction Industry
Forward Industries, Inc
Foundries Industry Advisory Committee
Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today
Franklin Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
Franklin Precision Industries
Free Software Industries Association
French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Friends Of New and Sustainable Industry
Frozen Cow Industries
Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
Fuel Cell Industry Report
Fujairah Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd
Furniweb Industrial Products Berhad
Future Now Industries
Future Pipe Industries
Futures Industry Association
GameSpy Industries
Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association
Garment and Allied Industries Requirements Board
Garment Industry Development Corporation
Garware Marine Industries Limited
Gas Industry
Gas Industry Registration Scheme
General Chemical Industrial Products
General Council of Industries for the Blind
General Establishment of Chemical Industries
General Industrial Use
General Industry Group
General Industry Respiratory Protection Standard
Geomatics Industry Association of Canada
Georgia Correctional Industries
Georgia Food Industry Association
Georgia Green Industry Association
Georgia Industrial Fellowships for Teachers
Georgia Industrial Loan Association
Georgia Music Industry Association
German Industrial Relations Association
German Industry and Commerce Office
Gilbert Curry Industrial Plastics
GILT Metrics Exchange (Localization Industry Standards Association)
Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network Inc
Glass Industry Consulting International
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
Global Alliance of Information Industry Associations
Global Alliance Trading Industries, Inc.
Global Expertise Network for Industry Universities and Scholars
Global Financial Services Industry
Global Fund Industry Analysis
Global Industrial Coatings Markets
Global Industries
Global Industry Analysts
Global Industry Classification Standards
Global Industry Leaders Forum
Global ISDN & Future Access Technologies Industry Forum
Global Market and Industry Analysis
Global Technology Industry Group
Goat Industry Council of Australia
Goodman-Ball, Industries
Goodwill Industries International, Inc
Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan
Goodwill Industries of Central Texas
Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley
Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette
Government Industrial Training Centre
Government Industry Partnership
Government Institute of Cottage Industries
Government/Industry Cooperative Research
Government/Industry Logistics Support
Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry
Graphic Arts Industries Association
Great Plains Industries, Inc
Great Wall Plastic Industries
Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation
Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
Green Industry Conference
Green Industry Management Solutions
Green Meeting Industry Council
Greening of Industry Network
Grenada Industrial Development Corporation
Grid Resources for Industrial Applications
Griffith University Industry Collaborative Scheme
Ground Systems Industrial Enterprise
Groupement des Industries des Matériels Électroniques de Sécurité
Groupement des Industries du Caoutchouc du Luxembourg
Groupement National Interprofessionnel de la Pomme de Terre Industrielle et des Industries
Gruppo Partecipazioni Industriali
Guangdong Plastics Industry Association
Guangzhou Development Industry Holdings
Guidance for Industry
Guides to Canadian Industry
Guilford Transportation Industries
Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation
Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Gujarat Small Industries Corporation
Gulf Oyster Industry Program
Guru Nanak Industries
Guyana Industrial Training Centre
Halogenated Solvents Industry Alliance
Halton Industry Education Council
Hamburg Industrial Development Agency
Hampshire Industrial Archaeology Society
Hardware Industries
Harness Racing Industry Participants Advisory Committee
Hazardous Industrial Waste
Health Care Industry
Health Care Industry Group
Health Industry and Investment Division
Health Industry Business Communications Council
Health Industry Claims and Payments Service
Health Industry Distributors Association
Health Industry Insights
Health Industry Management
Health Industry Manufacturers Association
Health Industry Number
Health Industry Representatives Association
Health Industry Resources Enterprises, Inc.
Hearing Industries Association
Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia
Heavy Industries Taxila Education City
Hellenic Aerospace Industry
Hemp as raw material for novel industrial applications
Hemp Industries Association
Herley Industries, Inc.
Herramientas Industriales
High School of Fashion Industries
Highland Home Industries
High-Level Multimedia User Interface Interactors for Real-Time Industrial Applications
Hillsdale County Industrial Development Commission
History of Physicists in Industry
Hitachi Industrial Technology Thailand Ltd.
Hmong against Big Industry Tobacco
Hobby Industry Association
Holyoke Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
Homegame Industries
Homeland Security for Networked Industries
Homeland Security Industries Association
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd
Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association
Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry
Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade
Horney Industrial Electronics
Horse Industry Association of Alberta
Horse Industry Organization
Hospitality Industry Relief Fund
Hospitality Industry Technology Association
Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference
Hot Rod Industry Alliance
Hotel Industry Apprenticeship Scheme
House Business and Industry Committee
Housing Industry Association
Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park
Hub Industrial and Trading Estate
Huludao Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.
Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Hume Industries Berhad
Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hunt Foods and Industries
Hydrocarbon Process Industry
Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, Ltd
Hyundai Industrial Research Institute
Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry
Idaho Industrial Commission
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization
Immo Industry Group
Imperial Chemical Industries PLC
Imperial Credit Industries, Inc.
Import Substitution Industrialization
Imposto Sobre Produtos Industrializados
Index of Industrial Production
Index of Industrial Production
India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Indian Industrial Exposition & Seminar
Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Indian Telephone Industries
Indianapolis Private Industry Council
India-Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce Industry
Indonesian Cleaner Industrial Production
Indonesian Mold & Dies Industry Association
Industrial Accident Commission
Industrial Acoustics Company, Inc.
Industrial Adjustment Services
Industrial Advertising Research Institute
Industrial Advisory Board
Industrial Aero-Derivative
Industrial Affiliates
Industrial Agriculture-USA Clearinghouse
Industrial Air Flow Dynamics, Inc.
Industrial Analysis Centre
Industrial Analysis Support Manager
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation
Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program
Industrial and Commercial Union
Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Industrial and Financial Systems
Industrial and Labor Relations
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Industrial and Labour Relations
Industrial and Labour Relations Act
Industrial and Management Engineer
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Industrial and Operations Engineering
Industrial and Organisational Health
Industrial and Professional Advisory Council
Industrial and Provident Society
Industrial and Regional Benefits
Industrial and Regional Development Program
Industrial and Support Services Expansion Program
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation of Tamil Nadu
Industrial Animal Production
Industrial Application Center
Industrial Applications Office
Industrial Arbitration Court
Industrial Archaeology
Industrial Area Development Board
Industrial Areas Foundation
Industrial Arts Research Institute
Industrial Attachment
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation and Control Systems
Industrial Automation Services
Industrial Automation Show
Industrial Bank of Korea
Industrial Base
Industrial Base
Industrial Base
Industrial Base
Industrial Base Assessment Tool
Industrial Base Engineering Activity
Industrial Base Maintenance Contract
Industrial Base Resource Management System
Industrial Benefits Sharing
Industrial Bin Information Systems
Industrial Biotech Finance Forum
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Biotest Laboratory
Industrial Bosque Puerto Carrillo
Industrial Boxboard Corporation
Industrial Brownhoist
Industrial Brownhoist
Industrial Brownhoist
Industrial Brownhoist
Industrial Bus Lines, Inc.
Industrial Business Zone
Industrial Cases Reports
Industrial Centres Development Corporation
Industrial Characterisation of an Advanced Resonant Etcher
Industrial Chemical Company
Industrial Chemical Research Association
Industrial Chemicals Inc.
Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Act
Industrial Chemistry Research Institute
Industrial Christian Fellowship
Industrial City Basketball Association
Industrial Claim Appeals Office
Industrial Claims Association
Industrial College of the Armed Forces
Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking
Industrial Combustion Emissions Model
Industrial Commercial Direct Exposure Criteria
Industrial Commercial Equipment
Industrial Commercial Residential
Industrial Commission of Arizona
Industrial Commission of Illinois
Industrial Commission of Ohio
Industrial Committee of Ammunition Producers
Industrial Communications and Power Networks
Industrial Communications Association
Industrial Communications Engineers
Industrial Complex for Solid Radwaste Management
Industrial Components Brokers Australasia
Industrial Composites, Inc.
Industrial Compressor Distributors Association
Industrial Computing Initiative
Industrial Computing Society
Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor
Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research
Industrial Control and Automation
Industrial Control Equipment
Industrial Control Panel
Industrial Control Repair, Inc.
Industrial Control System
Industrial Controls & Components Manufacturers
Industrial Cooperation
Industrial Cost & Performance Report
Industrial Cost Recovery
Industrial Council for Development
Industrial Council for Development Services
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
Industrial Data Acquisition and Control
Industrial Data Research Corporation
Industrial Design
Industrial Design
Industrial Design
Industrial Design Excellence Awards
Industrial Design Regulations
Industrial Design Studio
Industrial Designers Society of America
Industrial Designers Society of America
Industrial Developers Research Council
Industrial Development Advisory Board
Industrial Development Agency
Industrial Development Authority
Industrial Development Bank
Industrial Development Bank of India
Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
Industrial Development Board
Industrial Development Center for the Arab States
Industrial Development Corporation
Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa
Industrial Development Financing Authority
Industrial Development Grant Fund
Industrial Development Leasing Company
Industrial Development Perspective Plan
Industrial Development Plan
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Revenue Bond
Industrial Development Training Program
Industrial Developments International, Inc
Industrial Diamond Association of India
Industrial Diesel Oil
Industrial Dispute
Industrial Dispute
Industrial Disputes Act 1947
Industrial Distribution Association
Industrial Ecology
Industrial Ecology Center
Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center
Industrial Economics and Strategy
Industrial Economics Inc
Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant
Industrial Electric Manufacturing
Industrial Electrical Contractors, LLC
Industrial Electronic Bulletin
Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd.
Industrial Electronics and Systems Laboratory
Industrial Electronics Conference
Industrial Electronics, Control, and Instrumentation Conference
Industrial Electronics, Technology, Automation
Industrial Eletro Eletronica Ltda.
Industrial Emissions Directive
Industrial End-user Market
Industrial Energy Technology Conference
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineer Standard
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
Industrial Engineering and Management
Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Industrial Engineering and Production Management
Industrial Engineering Research Conference
Industrial Engineering Standard
Industrial Engineering Student Club
Industrial Engineering Technician
Industrial Enterprise Development Institute
Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda
Industrial Environment Research Laboratory
Industrial Environmental Association
Industrial Environmental Management and Energy
Industrial Equipment News
Industrial Equipment Reserve
Industrial Estate Learning Zone
Industrial Ethernet
Industrial Extension Service
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Facilities Discharge File
Industrial Fasteners Institute
Industrial Finance Corporation of India
Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
Industrial Fire Journal
Industrial Fluid Dynamics
Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Collective
Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention
Industrial Foundation for Enterprise
Industrial Free Zone
Industrial Fuel-Choice-Analysis Model
Industrial Fugitive Process Particulate
Industrial Fund
Industrial Fund Accounting System
Industrial Funding Fee
Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute
Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta
Industrial Gas Oil
Industrial Gas Turbine
Industrial General Purpose
Industrial Ghetto Metal
Industrial Guarantee and Loan Fund
Industrial Health Advisory Committee
Industrial Health Foundation
Industrial Health Services Network
Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland
Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Industrial Hygiene Program
Industrial Hygiene Student Association
Industrial Hygienist/Hygiene
Industrial In Vitro Toxicology Group
Industrial Information and Communication Lab
Industrial Information Management
Industrial Information Resources
Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme
Industrial Initiative for Central Germany
Industrial Integration Services
Industrial Internet Platform
Industrial Jazz Group
Industrial Language Training
Industrial Laser Solutions
Industrial Law Journal
Industrial Law Society
Industrial Liaison Office
Industrial Liaison Program
Industrial Light & Magic
Industrial Light Beam
Industrial Loan Company
Industrial Loan Corporation
Industrial Logic Corporation
Industrial Logistics Support Management Information System
Industrial Logistics Systems Center
Industrial Logistics Systems Concept
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Industrial Maintenance Roundtable
Industrial Maintenance Roundtable
Industrial Management and Design
Industrial Management and Systems Department
Industrial Management Assistance Survey
Industrial Management Society
Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Market Trends
Industrial Materials for the Future
Industrial Materials Handling Equipment
Industrial Materials Institute
Industrial Mathematical and Statistical Modeling
Industrial Medical Council
Industrial Metal Containers & Wire Decking
Industrial Methylated Spirit
Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd.
Industrial Microphotonics Company
Industrial Might and Logic
Industrial Mixed Use
Industrial Mobile Robotics
Industrial Mobilization Capacity
Industrial Mobilization Costs
Industrial Mobilization Plan
Industrial Model and Design
Industrial Modernization Center, Inc.
Industrial Naval Air Station
Industrial Naval Air Station
Industrial Off-Gas
Industrial Operations
Industrial Operations Analyst
Industrial Operations Command
Industrial or Residential Waste
Industrial Order of Battle
Industrial Organisational and Labour Studies
Industrial Organization: A Contract Based Approach
Industrial Park
Industrial Park and Export Processing Zone
Industrial Park Management Committee
Industrial Parks Development Authority
Industrial Parsing of Software Manuals
Industrial Partners Program
Industrial Partnership Council
Industrial Partnership Laboratory Working Group
Industrial Partnership Office
Industrial Partnerships and Commercialization
Industrial Performance Center
Industrial Personal Computer
Industrial Pharmacist Association of the Philippines
Industrial Planning Committee
industrial plant equipment
Industrial Plant Maintenance Course
Industrial Plastics & Paints
Industrial Point Coordination Function
Industrial Police and Security Association
Industrial Policy
Industrial Pollution Abatement Project
Industrial Pollution Control Regulation
Industrial Pollution Projection System
Industrial Polymer Research & Engineering Company
Industrial Post Delivery Availability
Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta
Industrial Power System
Industrial Powered Vehicle
Industrial Precision Tools
Industrial Precision Tools
Industrial Preparedness Action Plan
Industrial Preparedness Measure
Industrial Preparedness Model
Industrial Preparedness Operations
Industrial Preparedness Planning
Industrial Preparedness Planning List
Industrial Preparedness Planning Measures
Industrial Preparedness Program
Industrial Pressure Works, LLC
Industrial Prime Vendor
Industrial Problem Solving Workshop
Industrial Process Control
Industrial Process Control Assessment
Industrial Process Controls, Inc.
Industrial Process Measurement and Control
Industrial Process Solutions
Industrial Product Identification
Industrial Production
Industrial Production
Industrial Production Equipment
Industrial Production Equipment Reserve
Industrial Production Performance Reporting
Industrial Production Volume Index
Industrial Property
Industrial Property Account
Industrial Property Act
Industrial Property Digital Library
Industrial Property Management Specialist
Industrial Property Officer
Industrial Property Protection Office
Industrial Property Rights
Industrial Protocol
Industrial Pump & Valve Repair
Industrial Pumps, Valves and Systems
Industrial Quality Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
Industrial Química del Nalón SA
Industrial Readiness Planning
Industrial Readjustment Branch
Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
Industrial Regional Benefits
Industrial Relations
Industrial Relations Amendment Act
Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour
Industrial Relations and Personal Management
Industrial Relations and Research Association
Industrial Relations Association of South Africa
Industrial Relations Board
Industrial Relations Bulletin
Industrial Relations Department
Industrial Relations Office
Industrial Relations Ordinance
Industrial Relations Research Institute
Industrial Relations Research Trust
Industrial Relations Survey
Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management
Industrial Research & Consultancy Centre
Industrial Research and Technology Unit
Industrial Research Chairs
Industrial Research Institute
Industrial Research Investment Monitoring
Industrial Research Liaison Program
Industrial Research Ltd
Industrial Resource Center
Industrial Revenue Bond
Industrial Risk Insurance
Industrial Risk Insurers
Industrial Robot
Industrial Robot
Industrial Robot Language
Industrial Rope Access
Industrial Roundtable
Industrial Rubber Products
Industrial Safety
Industrial Safety and Fire Protection
Industrial Safety and Fire Protection
Industrial Safety and Health Act
Industrial Safety and Health Association
Industrial Safety and Health Program Services
Industrial Safety Equipment Association
Industrial Safety Instructions
Industrial Safety Integration
Industrial Safety Legislation
Industrial Safety World
Industrial Science & Technology Network
Industrial Science and Technology Frontier
Industrial Security
Industrial Security Bulletin
Industrial Security Facilities Database
Industrial Security Letter
Industrial Security Manual
Industrial Security Regulation
Industrial Security Representative
Industrial Security Specialist Course
Industrial Security Staff Approval
Industrial Servo Hydraulics Inc.
Industrial Sewing Machine
Industrial Signature Interoperability Specification
Industrial Site Recovery Act
Industrial Society
Industrial Software Technology
Industrial Solid Propulsion Inc
Industrial Source Complex
Industrial Source of Repair
Industrial Space Facility
Industrial Special Risks
Industrial Specialist
Industrial Staff Member
Industrial Steel Inc.
Industrial Storage Tanks
Industrial Strength Dixieland Band
Industrial Supply Solutions, Inc.
Industrial Support Contractor
Industrial Support Functional Area
Industrial Syndicalist Education League
Industrial Technical Assistance Fund
Industrial Technical Institute
Industrial Technologies Business Solutions
Industrial Technology Advisor
Industrial Technology and Management
Industrial Technology Development
Industrial Technology Division
Industrial Technology Equipment
Industrial Technology Institute
Industrial Technology Reliability Company
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Técnica Pecuaria, SA
Industrial Telecommunications Association
Industrial Telecommunications Association Conference
Industrial Television
Industrial Terrorism Network
Industrial Test Facility
Industrial Trainee
Industrial Training and Quality Assurance
Industrial Training Center
Industrial Training Fund
Industrial Training Institute
Industrial Truck Association
Industrial Truck Operator
Industrial Union Council
Industrial Union Department
Industrial Unit Heaters
Industrial User
Industrial Vax
Industrial Vegetation Management Association
Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta
Industrial Vision Systems Ltd
Industrial Warehouse Service
Industrial Waste
Industrial Waste & Pollution Prevention
Industrial Waste Exchange
Industrial Waste Exchange Program
Industrial Waste Group
Industrial Waste Incineration Bottom Ash
Industrial Waste Management Facility
Industrial Waste Management Policy
Industrial Waste Minimization Project
Industrial Waste Water Services
Industrial Wastewater
Industrial Wastewater Discharge
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Industrial Water Demand
Industrial Water Treatment Consulting
Industrial Welfare Commission
Industrial Wind Action
Industrial Work Conditioning Clinic
Industrial Workers of the World
Industrial Zone
Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional
Industrial, Scientific and Medical
Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada
Industrial, Work and Organizational
Industrial-Academic Partnership
Industrialiseringsfonden for Udviklingslandene
Industrialized Market Economy Countries
Industrial-Recreational Building Authority
Industries and Trade Fair Association of Assam
Industries Assistance Commission
Industries de la Langue et Traduction Specialisee
Industries de la Parfumerie, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires
Industries Electriques et Gazières
Industries et Équipements Laliberté
Industries Mutual Credit Union
Industries of the Future
Industries Test Lab
Industry Action Group
Industry Advisory Committee
Industry Advisory Committee Meeting
Industry Advisory Conference
Industry Advisory Council
Industry Advisory Group
Industry Alliances Office
Industry and Environment Office of UNEP
Industry and Science Development Program
Industry and Technical Base Capability
Industry Applications Society
Industry Assistance Program
Industry Association Stewardship Mobilization
Industry Automation
Industry Based Learning
Industry Based Workload Alignment
Industry Best Practice Guidelines
Industry Canada
Industry Canada
Industry Canada Interference-Causing Equipment Standard
Industry Canada Management Committee
Industry Capability Network
Industry Carriers Compatibility Forum
Industry Classification Benchmark
Industry Cluster Working Groups
Industry Coalition on Technology Transfer
Industry Commission
Industry Commission
Industry Committee
Industry Committee
Industry Common Data Server
Industry Controlled Other Party
Industry Cooperative Innovation Program
Industry Coordinating Group
Industry Council for Development
Industry Council for Operational Test & Evaluation
Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment
Industry Council on Tangible Assets
Industry Council Open Amiga Initiative
Industry Council Open Amiga Initiative
Industry Data Exchange
Industry Data Exchange Association
Industry Degraded Core Rulemaking
Industry Demand Supply Balance Database
Industry Development Fund
Industry Discount
Industry Discount
Industry Distribution and Financial Services
Industry Driven Regional Collaborative
Industry Executive
Industry Experts Group
Industry File Information System
Industry Film Producers Association
Industry Focused Solutions
Industry Foundation Classes
Industry Functional Advisory Committee
Industry Government Working Group
Industry Hills Aquatic Club
Industry Information Processor
Industry Information Security
Industry Initiated Change
Industry Issue Resolution
Industry Large-Structures Assembly
Industry Launch Services – Cryogenic
Industry Lead Bodies
Industry Lead Body
Industry Life Cycle
Industry Loss Warranty
Industry Mentor-Protege Association
Industry Negative File
Industry Number Management Services, Ltd.
Industry Numbering Committee
Industry Optic Romania
Industry Pack
Industry Partner Alliance
Industry Partnership Program
Industry Partnership Programme
Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group
Industry Policy Unit
Industry Portfolio Office
Industry Practice
Industry Project Performance Agreements
Industry Promotion
Industry Pure Quality Program
Industry Real Estate Financing Advisory Council
Industry Research and Development
Industry Research and Development Committee
Industry Resource Planning
Industry Risk Profile
Industry Safety Accident Rating
Industry Sector
Industry Sector Advisory Committee
Industry Sector Analysis
Industry Sectors Board
Industry Security Services
Industry Solutions Module
Industry Specialization Program
Industry Sponsored Research
Industry Sponsored Research Agreement
Industry Standard
Industry Standard Architecture
Industry Standard Coding Identification
Industry Standard Commercial Identifier
Industry Standard Module
Industry Standard Technology
Industry Standardization for Institutional Trade Communication
Industry Standards and Technology Organization
Industry Standards Organization
Industry Standing Conference
Industry Steering Group
Industry Studies Data Base
Industry Super Fund
Industry Superannuation Property Trust
Industry Support Information Services
Industry Support Interface
Industry Technical Advisory Committee
Industry Technical Instruction
Industry Technology Facilitator
Industry Training Advisory Body
Industry Training Authority
Industry University Technology Experiment
Industry Wage Survey
Industry, Economic Development and Mines
Industry, Research and Energy
Industry, Tourism and Resources
Industry/Government Open Systems Specification
Industry-Government Advisory Council
Industry-Government Relations
Industryprint Process Modeler
Industry-Sponsored Marketplace
Industry-University-Government Transactions Sector Committee
Industrywide Mortgage Exchange
Industrywide Mortgage Exchange
Information and Software Industry Association
Information Industry Association
Information Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Information Storage Industry Center
Information Technology Industry Council
Information Technology Industry council
Information Technology Industry Development Agency
InfraGard Manufacturing Industry Association
Ingenieria en Sistemas de Automatizacion Industrial CA
Ingeniero Fisico Industrial
Ingeniero Industrial Y de Sistemas
Innovative Shops for the Textile and Apparel Industry
Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics
Institute for Business and Industry Development
Institute for Environmental Technology and Industry
Institute for Industrial Information Technology
Institute for Industrial Technology Transfer
Institute for Information Industry
Institute for Information Industry
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
Institute of Commercial & Industrial Accountants
Institute of Industrial Engineers
Institute of Industrial Engineers Australia
Institute of Industrial Science
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran
Institute of the Motor Industry
Institution of Industrial Managers
Instituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Industrial
Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agraria y Agroindustrial
Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização E Qualidade Industrial
Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial
Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial
Instituto para la Investigación de Tecnología Industrial
Insurance Employers’ Industrial Association
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Intan Andalas Wood Industry
Interexchange Carrier Industry Committee
Inter-Industry Advisory Group
Interior Redesign Industry Specialist
Internal Bunker Industry Association
International Adult Film Industry
Inter-National Association of Business, Industry, and Rehabilitation
International Association of Food Industry Suppliers
International Baking Industry Exposition
International Biometric Industry Association
International Boat Industry
International Business Forms Industries
International Committee of Marine Industry Associations
International Communications Industries Association, Inc.
International Conference on Emerging Trends in IT Industry
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management
International Conference on Industrial Technology
International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
International Council of Marine Industry Associations
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
International Defence Industry Fair
International Development Association of the Furniture Industry of Japan
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
International Fertilizer Industry Association
International Forest Industry Roundtable
International Gospel Industry Retreat
International Industrial Machinery Exhibition
International Industrial Security Directorate
International Industries, Inc.
International Industries, Inc.
International Master of Industrial Management
International Meetings Industry Conferences
International Mercantile Industries, Inc
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
International Railway Industry Standard
International Securities Industry Practitioners Symposium
International Society for Industrial Ecology
International Special Dietary Food Industries
International Standard Industrial
International Standard Industrial Classification
International Standard Industry Code
International Superconductivity Industry Summit
International Symposium on Industrial Electronics
International Symposium on Soft Computing for Industry
International Trampoline Industry Association
International Tungsten Industry Association
International Workshop and Symposium on Industrial Drying
Internet Industry Association
Internet Industry Association of Australia
Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Interservice Industry Training Systems and Education Conference
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference
Intra-Industry Trade
Investment Banking Industry Scholars
Iowa Sheep Industry Association
Iran Aircraft Industries
Iran and Belgium Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Iran Chemical Industries Investment Company
Iran Industrial Consultants Company
Iran Marine Industrial Company
Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Iraqi International Center for Science and Industry
Iraqi-Based Industrial Zone
Irish BioIndustry Association
Irish Cellular Industry Association
Irish Security Industry Association
Irish Tourist Industry Confederation
Irrigation and Green Industry Network
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Isocyanurate Industry Ad Hoc Committee
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd.
Israel Military Industries
Israel Weapon Industries
Israeli Defence Industries
Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione
Istituto per la Promozione Industriale
Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale
Istituto Ricerche Sicurezza Industriale
Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Jail Industries Association
Jainendra Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Jamjoom Corporation for Commerce and Industry
Janardhan Plyboard Industries Ltd.
Japan Association of Bioindustries Executives
Japan Bioindustry Association
Japan Camera Industry Association
Japan Chemical Industry Association
Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
Japan Credit Industry Association
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Japan Federation of Freight Industries
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization
Japan Industrial Imaging Association
Japan Industrial Journal
Japan Industrial Management Association
Japan Industrial Robot Association
Japan Industrial Standards Committee
Japan Industrial Technology Association
Japan Industrial Vehicle Association
Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems
Japan Information Service Industry Association
Japan Plastics Industry Federation
Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
Japanese Bioindustry Association
Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japanese Industrial Standard
Japanese Plasticizer Industry Association
Jarrow Industries, Inc.
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society
JF US Industrial Trust (Australia)
Jiloca Industrial SA
Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Johnston County Industrial Authority
Joined Industrial Operations
Joint Industrial Council
Joint Industrial Mobilization Planning Process
Joint Industry Board
Joint Industry Committee for Cable Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for National Readership Surveys
Joint Industry Committee for Radio Audience Research
Joint Industry Committee for Television Advertising Research
Joint Industry Conference
Joint Industry Coupon Conference
Joint Industry Guide
Joint Industry Project
Joint Industry Safety Committee
Joint Meetings Industry Council
Jonassen Industrial Projects Ltd.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Journal of Industrial Hemp
Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
Jubail Industrial College
Kaesong Industrial Zone
Kaiserslautern Industrial Complex
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
Kaman Industrial Technologies
Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia
Kansai Information System Industry Association
Kansas Building Industry Association
Kansas City Industrial Council
Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc
Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation
Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd
Kenaf Industries of South Texas
Kenmore European Industrial Fund
Kentucky Industrial Development Council, Inc.
Kentucky Industrial Materials Exchange
Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
Kerala Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd.
Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
Kesoram Industries Ltd.
Keystone Industrial Port Complex
Khadi and Village Industries
Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Khodari Industrial Trading Services
King County Industrial Waste Program
Kitchen and Bath Industry Show
Klean Industries Inc
Knight Industries Technology
Knight Industries Three Thousand
Knight Industries Two Thousand
Knowledge-Based Industry
Koch Industries Incorporated
Konami Industry Co., Ltd.
Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design
Korangi Association of Trade & Industry
Korea Aerospace Industries
Korea Gift Industry Association
Korea Industrial Relations Association
Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Korea Meat Industries Association
Korea Semiconductor Industry Association
Korea Software Industry Association
Korea Welding Industry Cooperative
Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Korean Cosmetic Industry Association
Korean Industrial Technology Association
Korean Mining and Industrial Development Corp.
Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park
Kwinana Industries Council
Kwong Yu Industry
Kyiv International Industrial Fair
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation
Labor and Industrial Relations
Labor and Industry Review Commission
Labor Industrial Relations Advisory Group
Labor, Commerce and Industry
Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Laboratory for Industrial Toxicology
Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics
Labor-Industry Coalition for International Trade
Labour Finance Industry Group
Lactic Acid Bacteria Industrial Platform
Laguna International Industrial Park
Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Lake Area Industry Alliance
Lake Shore Industries
Lakeland Industry and Community Association
Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand
Landscape Industries Association of Victoria
Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii
Landscape Industry Show
Language Industry Program
Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Large Scale Industries
Latvian Forest Industry Federation
Lawndale Railway & Industrial Company
Layaway of Industrial Facilities
Lead Industries Association, Inc.
Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness
League for Industrial Democracy
Leather Industrial Research Institute
Leather Industries of America
Leather Industry Department Organisation
Leeds Industrial Co-Operative Society
Lennox Industries, Inc.
Liberty Diversified Industries
Licensing Industry Manufacturer’s Association
Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Light Industrial Unit
Lighting Industry Federation Ltd.
Lighting Industry Resource Council
Linking Innovation and Industrial Property
Lion Forest Industries Berhad
Lion Industries Corporation Berhad
Livestock Industry Promotion Corporation
Local Industrial Retention Initiative
Local Industry Standards Association
Localization Industry Standards Association
Log and Timber Industry
London Industrial Soccer League
Lord Steel Industry
Louisiana Chemical Industrial Alliance
Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Collaborative
Louisville Music Industry Alliance
Low Cost Industrial Supply
Lumut Port Industrial Park
Macomb Industrial Network
Mah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
Main Industrial Groupings
Malaysia Industry Development Authority
Malaysian Furniture Industry Council
Malaysian Timber Industry
Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Malta Industrial Fábrica de Tintas
Mandaluyong Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mandane Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mangueras Industriales Sociedad Anónima
Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association
Manitoba Sheep Industry Initiative
Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Manufacture & Maintenance of Valves for Industry
Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc.
Manufacturing Industrial Council
Manufacturing Industrial Council
Marginal Intra-Industry Trade
Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowship
Marine Industries Association
Marine Industries Ltd.
Marine Renewables Industry Association
Maritime Industrial Development Area
Maritime Industry Museum
Mark Industries
Market & Industry Services Branch
Marmara Industrial Engineering Society
Martial Arts Industry Association
Maryland Horse Industry Board
Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
Maryland Industrial Land Act
Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Maryland Rock Industries, Inc.
Massachusetts Association for Optical Industry
Master of Industrial and Labor Relations
Master of Industrial Design
Master of Industrial Relations
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
Master of Science in Industrial Relations
Material Handling Industry of America
Math & Industry Page Maker
Mathematics in Education and Industry
Mathematics in Industry Study Group
Matsushita Battery Industrial Co Ltd
Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd.
Maximum Allowable Industrial Loading
McMaster Industry Liaison Office
Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry
Meat Industry Authority
Meat Industry Focus Team
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Industrial and Technical Calculations
Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Medical Action Industries Inc.
Medical Action Industries Inc.
Medical and Industrial Radiation Facility
Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines, Inc.
Mediterranean Oil Industry Group
Medium Scale Industries
Meetings Industry Association
Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation
Memphis Industries
Meridium Industrial Application Suite
Mesoscale Transport Diffusion and Deposition Model for Industrial Sources
Metal Industries Company, Ltd
Metal Industries Company, Ltd
Metal Powder Industry Federation
Metals Industry Research and Development Center
Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Metropolitan Door Industries Corp.
Mexican Automobile Industry Association
Michigan Beef Industry Commission
Michigan Construction Industry Mutual
Michigan Industrial Education Society
Micro Industry Credit Rural Organization
Microcomputer Industry Suppliers Association
Microelectronics Basic Services in Latin America: Foundry and Tests, EDA Tools, System Design, Industrial Promotion and Quality Control Services
Mid-Atlantic Industrial and Hazardous Waste Conference
Middle East Complex for Engineering, Electronics and Heavy Industries
Middle Monongahela Industrial Development Association
Military Industrial Complex
Military Industrial Complex
military industrial extra-terrestrial complex
Military Industrial Supply Agency
Military-Academic-Industrial Complex
Military-Industrial Complex
Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex
Milk Industry Foundation
Mill Brook Industries
Millstreet Industries Inc.
Millvale Industrial Theatre
Mineral Industry Research Laboratory
Mineral Industry Research Organization
Mineral Industry Survey
Mineral Industry Survey
Mineral-Industry Survey
Mineral-Industry Survey
Minimum Industrial Sustaining Role
Minimum Industry Safety Training
Mining Industry Human Resources
Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry
Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Labour
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Electronic Industry
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Ministry of Industries and Mines
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of Industry and International Trade
Ministry of Industry and New Technologies
Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Craft
Ministry of Information Industry
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Ministry of Mines and Industry
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics
Missouri Industrial Technology Education Association
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Mitsui Knowledge Industry
Mixed Organic Industrial Dust
Mobile Autonomous Robot in an Industrial Environment
Mobile Industrial Caterers Association
Model Industrial Training Institute
Model Railroad Industry Association
Mohawk Industries
Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries
Morey Metal Industries, Inc
Moscow Industrial Bank
Motion Picture Industry Association
Motive Power Industries
Motor Coach Industries Int’l, Inc.
Motor Coach Industries International, Inc.
Motor Industries Company Ltd.
Motor Industry Archives
Motor Industry Development Programme
Motor Industry Research Association
Motor Vehicle Industry Board
Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council
Motorcycle Industry Council
Motorcycle Industry Council
Motorsport Industry Association
Mullard Furniture Industries
Multi Industry Systems Technician
Multimedia Assets for Industrial Design
Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste Division
Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textile
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association
Music Industry
Music Industry Arts
Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, Inc.
Music Industry Development Initiative
Music Industry Online
Music Industry Research, Consulting and Strategy
Musical Industry Digital Interface
Mysore Electrical Industries
N D Metal Industries Ltd.
Nails Industry Association
Namibia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
National Association of Forest Industries Ltd
National Association of Industrial Technology
National Association of Small Scale Industrialists
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
National Baking Industry Association
National Bank of Industry and Commerce
National BioEnergy Industries Association
National Capital Industrial Soccer League
National Center for Eco-Industrial Development
National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia
National Chemical Laboratory for Industry
National Collection of Industrial Bacteria
National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria
National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms
National Company for Plastic Industries SA
National Construction Industry Council
National Coordinated Industry Survey
National Correctional Industries Association
National Council of Light Industry
National Defence Industries Council
National Elevator Industry
National Elevator Industry Benefit Plans
National Federation of Clay Industries
National Fire Industry Association
National Fishing Industry Training Council
National Food Industry Strategy
National Industrial Classification
National Industrial Conference Board
National Industrial Engineering Mission
National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service
National Industrial Plant Reserve
National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933
National Industrial Relations Commission
National Industrial Sand Association
National Industrial Security Program
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
National Industrial Security System
National Industrial Symbiosis Programme
National Industrial Technology Development
National Industrial Transportation League
National Industries for the Blind
National Industries for the Severely Handicapped
National Industry Advisory Committee
National Industry Extension Service
National Industry Issues Forum
National Industry Skills Initiative
National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
National Institute of Animal Industry
National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry
National Joint Industrial Council
National Lead Industries
National Marine and Industrial Council
National Museum of Science and Industry
National Ocean Industries Association
National Office of Industrial Property
National Policy on the Construction Industry
National Programme for Rural Industrialisation
National Security Industrial Association
National Security Industry Union
National Skills Academy for the Process Industries
National Snow Industries Association
National Technology and Industrial Base
National Utilities and Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body
National Wine Industry Research Cluster
Native American Industrial Distributors, Inc
NATO Helicopter Industries
NATO Industrial Advisory Group
Natural Resource-Based Industries
Navajo Agricultural Products Industry
Navajo Forest Products Industries
Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant
NAVFAC Industrial Engineering Center
Navy Industrial Association
Navy Industrial Fund
Nebraska Industrial Competitiveness Alliance
Nebraska Tourism Industry Development Plan
Nepal Industrial and Commercial Bank
Nepal Industrial Development Corporation
Netherlands Industrial Property Office
Netherlands Industrial Space Organization
Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium
Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe
Network Industry
Network Industry
Network Interworking Industry Forum
Neurotechnology Industry Organization
Nevada Industrial Commission
New Flyer Industries
New Hampshire Correctional Industries
New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education
New Industrial Policy
New Industrialized Country
New Industries Development Program
New Industry Research Organization
New Media Industrial Council
New Mexico Music Industry Awards
New Mexico Optics Industry Association
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority
New South Wales Department of Primary Industries
New York Beef Industry Council
New York State Center for Engineering Design and Industrial Innovation
New Zealand Chemical Industry Council
New Zealand Construction Industry Council
New Zealand Fishing Industry Board
New Zealand Food Industries Limited
Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association
Newfoundland Association of Technical Industries
Newfoundland Environmental Industries Association
Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association
Newly Industrialized Countries
Newly Industrialized Country
Newly Industrializing Country
Newly Industrializing Economies
Newly Industrializing/Industrialized Economy
Newport News Industrial
News Industry Text Format
Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists
Nigerian Bank for Commerce and Industry
Niigata Industrial Creation Organization
Ningbo Chemical Industry Zone
Nishijin Textile Industrial Association
Nomenclature of the Industries in the European Communities
Non-Industrial Disability Insurance
Non-Industrial Facilities
Nonindustrial Timber Management Plan
Non-Significant Industrial User
Nordic Industrial Fund
North American Bus Industries
North American Industrial Classification System
North American Industrial Code
North American Industrial Representatives Association
North American Industry Classification System
North American Industry Code
North Atlantic Salmon Farming Industry
North Carolina Industrial Commission
North East Industrial Policy
North East Thoroughbred Industry Alliance
North Vernon Industry Corporation
Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Northern Rocky Mountain Easter Seal Society/Goodwill Industries
Northern Territory Industry Capability Network
Northwest Automotive Industry Tradeshow
Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association
Norwegian Confederation of Business and Industry
Norwegian Defence Industry Group
Norwegian Industrial Property Office
Norwegian Oil Industry Association
Norwich Forum for the Construction Industry
Not Industrially Funded
Novos Paises Industrializados
Nuclear Industries Security Regulations
Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee
Nuclear Industry Association
Oceanic Industries Association
Office and Industrial Park
Office of Health and Industry Programs
Office of Industrial Innovation
Office of Industrial Innovation
Office of Industrial Mobilization
Office of Industrial Security, International
Office of Industrial Technologies
Office of Strategic Industries & Economic Security
Office of Trade and Industry Information
Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
Offshore Industry Liaison Committee
Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
Ohio Industries for the Handicapped, Inc.
Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation
Oil Industry Commission
Oil Industry Finance Association
Oil Industry Safety Directorate
Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority
Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority
Old World Industries
One Night One Industry
Online Tanker Industry Index
Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services
Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council
Ontologizing Industrial Standards
Open Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Journal
Open Source Industry Association
Open Source Industry Australia Limited
Opportunities Industrialization Center
Opportunities Industrialization Center of America
Opportunities Industrialization Centers International
Options Industry Council
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
Orange County Industrial Plastics
Oregon Building Industry Association
Oregon Forest Industries Council
Oregon Grocery Industry Association
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Oregon Snowsport Industries Association
Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo Industrial
Organización de Productores de Pesca Industrial
Organization for Industrial Research
Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement, International
Organizational Behaviour/Industrial Relations
Orion Bus Industries
Other Industrialized Countries
Ottumwa, IA, USA – Ottumwa Industrial Airport
Outdoor Book Industry Council
Outdoor Industry Association
Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening
Pacific Music Industry Association
Pacific Roundtable on Industry, Society and Management
Packaging and Industrial Films Association
Painting and Coatings Industry
Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation Limited
Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation
Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH
Panasonic Industrial Europe Ltd.
Paper Industry Management Association
Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union
Parachute Industry Association
Paradigm Medical Industries
Parallel Computing and Modeling for Industrial Problems
Parceria do Distrito Industrial em Ciencias Ambientais
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
Parking Industry Exhibition and Conference
Partnerships with Industry
PartnerWorld Industry Networks
Passive Solar Industries Council
Paul Blackburn Industrial Packaging
Payment Card Industry
Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Penn State Industries
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Penyelesaian Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial
People Can’t Master Computer Industry Acronyms
People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
Performance Racing Industry
Persian Gulf Food Industries
Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association
Personal/Industrial Gadgetry and Service
Personnel and Industrial Relations Division
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Pet Food Industry Association of Australia
Pet Industry Association of Australia Ltd.
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada
Petites et Moyennes Industries
Petrochemical Industries Co.
Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company
Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference
Petroleum Coke Industries Company
Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary
Petroleum Industry Training Service
Petroleum, Chemical and Rubber Industry Workers’ Union of Turkey
PETRONAS Technical Standard (oil industry; Malaysia)
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database
Pharmaceutical Industry Contract Research Alliance
Pharmacy Industry Training Organisation
Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Philippine Environmental Industry Association
Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers
Philippine Society for Industrial Security
Physics Based Industries
Piping Industry, Progress and Education
Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad
Planar Monolithics Industries
Planned Industrial Development
Plant Industry
Plastic Card Industries
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association
Pleasants County Industrial Park
Plymouth Cordage Industries, Inc.
Polish Association of Industrial Hygienists
Polish Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry
Political Economy of Industrial Societies
Polluting Industries Development Ordinance
Polymer and Chemical Based Industry
Pondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation
Pork Industry Board
Portable Church Industries
Portsmouth Craft and Manufacturing Industries
Post Industrial Bikers
Post Industrial Waste
Potent Industrial Greenhouse Gases
Poultry Service Industry Workshop
Power Industry Computer Applications
Powered Industrial Truck
Powered Industrial Vehicle
Praegitzer Industries, Inc.
Prairie View Industries
Prediction Market Industry Association
Prescribed Industrial Waste
Presidential Commission on Industrial Relations Reform
Presidents Island Industrial Association
Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act
Primary Industries Ministerial Council
Primary Industries Training Council
Primary Industry Bank of Australia
Print Industries Cluster Council
Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization
Printing Industries Association of Australia
Printing Industries Association of the Philippines
Printing Industries of America
Printing Industries of Northern California
Printing Industry Advisory Committee
Printing Industry Association of Georgia
Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme
Printing Industry Financial Executives
Prison Industrial Complex
Prison Industry
Prison Industry Authority
Prison Industry Enhancement
Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program
Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises
Private Industrial Operator
Private Industry Council
Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
Privatized Military Industry
Process Industries
Process Industries Division
Process Industries Safety Management
Process Industry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence
Process Industry Practices
Professional ATLAS Work Station (TYX Corporation; defense industry)
Professional Engineers in Industry
Professional Services Industries, Inc.
Program Assisting Replacement of Industrial Solvents
Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry
Program to Revitalize Industrial Defense Efficiency
Programmable Industrial Control Simulation
Progressive Glass Technology Industries
Projects with Industry
Property Records Industry Association
Provincial Agri-Industrial Center
Provisions of Industrial Facilities
Proyectos Industriales
Public Authority for Craft Industries
Public Authority for Industry
Public Sector Industry Training Advisory Body
Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata
Publishing Sector Industry Group
Pulp and Paper Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry Conference
Punjab Agro Industries Corporation
Punjab Industrial Development Board
Qualifications for Industry
Qualified Industrial Zone
Qualified Target Industry
Quality Industrial Electronics
Quantum Industrial Partners LDC
Queensland Academy for Creative Industries
Queensland Association of Landscape Industries
Queensland Department of Primary Industries
Queensland Horse Industry Group
Queensland Industry Development Corporation
Radio and Allied Industries
Rail Industry Fire Association
Railroad & Industrial Federal Credit Union
Railway Industry Advisory Committee
Railway Industry Association
Ras Laffan Industrial City
Ras Laffen Industrial City
Raspberry Industry Development Council
Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Real Estate Industry Solutions, Inc.
Recently Industrialized Country
Recording Industry Association of America
Recording Industry Association of Korea
Recording Industry Association of New Zealand Inc
Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group
Recreational Boat Building Industry
Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association, Inc.
Red Oak Industrial Foundation
Redundant Array of Industry-Standard DIMMs
Refit Industrial Facility
Refrigeration Industry Board
Regional Industrial Development Corporation
Regional Industrial Development Programme
Regional Industry Collaboration
Regional Office of Industrial Tribunals
Regional Tourism Industry Association
Registered Industrial Accountant
Registered Industrial Hygienist
Regulated Industries Complaints Office
Regulatory Office for Network Industries
Relationships with Industry
Reliance Industries Limited, India
Report on Industry
Representative of German Industry and Trade
Republic Chemical Industries, Inc.
Research Institute of Industrial Safety
Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology
Reserve Industrial Augmentation Team
Residential Commercial Institutional and Industrial
Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Residential, Small Commercial and Industrial
Resources, Science and Industry
Restaurant and Food Industry Management
Retail Motor Industry Federation
Retail Technology Industry Association
Return on Industrial Insurance
Reunion Industries, Inc.
Reusable Industrial Packaging Association
Revista da Propriedade Industrial
Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone
Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering
River City Industrial Refrigeration
River Industry Bulletin Board
Riverhead Industrial Development Agency
Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia
Robotics Industries Association
Robotics Industry Development Council
Rock Lobster Industry Council
Rockford Area Music Industry
Rome Industrial Development Corporation
Roper Industries, Inc.
Roswell Industrial Air Center
Roswell, NM, USA – Industrial Air Center
Rotherham Industrial Development Office
Rotorcraft Industry Technology Association
Royal Commission on Industrial Relations
Royal Designer for Industry
Royal Hall of Industries
Rubber Industry Advisory Committee
Rural Industrial Development Authority
Rural Industries Innovation Centre
Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
Rural Industries Service Centre
Rural Industries Skill Training
Russell Industries
S&P Food Industries
Sales Association of the Paper Industry
Samsung Heavy Industries
Samsung Heavy Industries Co, Ltd
San Francisco Fashion Industries
San Francisco Industrial Claims Association
Saskatchewan Industrial Education Association
Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association
Satellite Industry Association
Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Saudi Industrial Services Company
Saudi National Petrochemical Industrialisation
Scaffold Industry Association
Scaled Aviation Industries Limited
School of Business and Industry
School of Engineering and Industrial Design
School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science
School of Industrial Labor Relations
School of Labor and Industrial Relations
School of Labor and Industrial Relations
Schuylkill County Industrial Development Authority
Science and Industry
Science Based Industry
Science Industry Action Agenda
Science, Technology and Industry
Science-Based Industrial Park
Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
Scottish Industrial Pollution Inspectorate
Scottish Joint Industry Board
Scottish University for Industry
Screen Industries Research and Training Centre
Seattle Wedding Industry Professionals
Secretaria de Comercio y Fomento Industrial
Securities Industries Automation Corporation
Securities Industry and Financial Markets
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Securities Industry Association
Securities Industry Business Continuity Management Group
Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration
Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education
Securities Industry Middleware Council
Securities Industry News
Securities Industry Regulatory Authority
Security Industry Alarm Coalition
Security Industry Association
Security Industry Training Organisation
Security Seal Industry Association
Seed Industry Association of Australia, Limited
Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc.
Semiconductor Industry Association
Semiconductor Industry Association
Semiconductor Industry Research Institute
Semiconductor Industry Research Institute Japan
Semiconductor Industry Suppliers Association
Seminole County Industrial Development Authority
Semko Technology Industries
Service Contract Industry Council
Service Industries and Capital Projects Branch
Service Industries Division
Service Industry Advisory Group
Service Industry Marketing
Service Industry Marketing
Service Industry Research Systems Inc.
Services, Industrial, Professional & Technical Trade Union
Servicio Nacional de Adiestramiento En Trabajo Industrial
Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial
Sex Industry Worker
Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group
Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group
Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park
Shanghai Concrete Industry Association
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited
Shanghai Industries Group, Ltd.
Shanxi Yuansheng Industrial Co. Ltd.
Shareware Industry Association
Shareware Industry Awards
Shareware Industry Conference
Sharma Industries
Shaw Industries
Shenzen Southseas Grain Industries
Shift Japanese Industrial Standard
Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals
Sick Industrial Companies Act, 1985
Siemens Industrial Services
Significant Industrial User
Siliconware Precision Industrials
Siliconware Precision Industries Limited
Simplified Regional Industrial Development Programme
Simulation Industry Association of Australia
Simulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations
Sind Industrial Trading Estate
Sindicato de Industriales de Panama
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation
Ski Industries America
Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry
Small and Medium Industries Equity Investment Scheme
Small Industries Development Bank of India
Small Industries Development Fund
Small Industries Development Organization
Small Industries Service Institutes
Small Medium Industry
Small Scale Industries
Smalltalk Industry Council
Smart Card Industry Association
Smith Industrial Rubber
SnowSports Industries America
Social History and Industrial Classification
Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement
Sociedad Industrial Molinera SA
Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Society for Industrial Archeology
Society for Industrial Archeology Newsletter
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Society for Industrial Microbiology
Society for Rural Industrialisation, Ranchi
Society of British Gas Industries
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Chemical Industry
Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
Society of Industrial Emergency Safety Officers
Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers
Society of Industrial Microbiology
Society of Industrial Microbiology
Society of Irish Motor Industry
Society of Petroleum Industry Leaders
Society of Rubber Industry
Society of the Plastics Industry
Software Industrialized Generator & Maintenance Aids
Software Industry Research Board
Sohar Industrial Port Company
Soil & Vent Pipe (British building industry)
Solar Array Manufacturing Industry Costing Standards
Solar Array Manufacturing Industry Simulation
Solar Energy Industries Association
Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Solvents Industry Association
South African Meetings Industry Federation
South African Petroleum Industry Association
South African Pulp and Paper Industries
South Australian Sex Industry Network
South Central Industrial Association
South Jersey Industries, Inc.
South Jersey Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry Alliance
South Kentucky Industrial Development Association
Southern African Power Industry Convention
Southern Dental Industries
Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Southern Industrial Institute, Inc.
Southern Nevada Industrial Foundation
Southern Petrochemicals Industrial Corporation
Space Industries, Inc.
Special Industrial Zone
Specialist, Industrial and Office Real estate
Specialty Steel Industry of North America
Specific Industry Group
Speech Information Technology and Industry Promotion Center
Spoken English for Industry and Commerce
Sporting Goods Industry
Sports Business Industry Online
Sports Fitness and Recreation Industry Training Organisation
Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industry
St. James-Assiniboia Industries
St. Mary Industrial Group
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Inc.
Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc.
Standard Industrial Classification
Standard Industrial Classification System
Standard Industrial Fund System
Standard Industry Codes
Standard International Industrial Classification
Standardization and Control of Industrial Tools
Stanford Computer Industry Project
State Administration of Industry and Commerce
State Establishment for Electrical Industries
State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu
State of Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries
State of the Industry Report
State of the Nonprofit Industry
State/Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers
Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa
Steuben County Industrial Development Agency
Storage Networking Industry Association
Strategic Industrial Location
Streator Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Stroke Therapy Academic Industry Roundtable
Structured Materials Industries, Inc.
Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme
Sugar Industry Authority
Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.
Sugar Industry Infrastructure Program
Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund
Sugar Industry Research Institute
Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Super Group Industrial Products
Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulation
Support Programme for Industrial Innovation
Surveying and Mapping Industry Council
Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
Sustainable Development Indicators in the Mineral Industries
Sustainable Energy Industry Association
Sustainable Energy Industry Association of the Pacific Islands
Suzhou Industrial Park
Svenska Industrins IP Förening (Swedish: Swedish Intellectual Property Industry Association)
Swansea Maritime & Industrial Museum
Swiss Aeronautical Industries Group
Swiss Industrial Abrasive
Swiss-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Sydney Industrial Blind Institution
Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems
Syndicat National des Concepteurs et Constructeurs des Industries du Déchet et de l’Environnement
Syndicat National des Industries de La Cloture
Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry
Systems Industries, Incorporated
Tactical Command Industries, Inc.
Tahoe Reno Industrial Center
Tainan Science-based Industrial Park
Taiwan Controls and Machinery Industrial Co.
Taiwan Rubber Industries Association
Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd
Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation
Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd.
Tank Industry Consultants
Tanzania Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd
Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council
Tax Increment Finance Industrial District
Teachers, Industry, and the Environment Conference
Team Industrial Services, Inc
Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry
Technical Industrial Liaison Office
Techno-Global Research Industries
Technology Industries Association
Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd.
Tehran International Industry Exhibition
Telecom Industries Service Association
Telecommunications Industries Analysis Project
Telecommunications Industry Association
Telecommunications Industry Liaison Unit
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Telecommunications Industry Service Order Center
TeleMessaging Industry Association
Telephone Industries of Pakistan Ltd.
Teleworking in Co-Operative Development of Industrial Software
Tenancy Reform Industry Group
Tennessee Industrial Infrastructure Program
Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network
Tenth of Ramadan Spinning Industries
Texas Correctional Industries
Texas Industrial Arts Student Association
Texas Industrial Gas & Equipment Rental, Inc
Texas Industrial Vocational Association
Textiles Clothing and Footwear Industries
Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd.
Thai Industrial Estate Association
Thai Industrial Standard
Thai Industrial Standards Institute
Thai Industrialist Development Forum
Thai Plastic Bags Industries
Thai Weaving Industry Association
Thai-German Ceramic Industry, PCL
The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
The Industrialorganizational Psychologist
The Messaging Industry Association
ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom
Thurrock District Association of Industries
Tianjin Automotive Industry Corporation
Timber Industry Development Division
Tire Industry Association
Titusville Industrial Development Authority
Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board
Tobacco Industry Research Committee
Tokyo Atomic Industrial Consortium
Tokyo Chemical Industry
Tong Hsing Electronics Industries Ltd.
Tooh Dineh Industries, Incorporated
Top Industrial Managers for Europe
Top Industry Practice
Toronto Industrial Kollective
Tortilla Industry Association
Total Industry Volume
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand
Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia
Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon
Tourism Industry Development Centre
Tourism Industry Emergency Response
Tourism Industry Identification Program
Tourism Industry Working Group
Toxic Industrial Chemical
Toxic Industrial Hazard
Toxic Industrial Material
Toy Industries of Europe
Toy Industry Association, Inc.
Toyota Industries Finance International AB
Trade and Industry Development Council
Training With Industry
Trans Zambezi Industries, Ltd.
Transatlantic Industrial Proposed Solution
Trans-Cal Industries, Inc.
Transfer Technology Innovation and Industrial Information
Transitional Department of Trade and Industry
Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.
Transportation Industry Defense Association
Transportation Technologies Industries, Inc.
Travel and Industrial Development Association
Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel and Transportation Industry
Travel Industry Association of America
Travel Industry Association of America
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
Travel Industry Council of Ontario
Travel Industry Designator Service
Travel Industry Discount Directory
Travel Industry Management Student Association
Travel Industry Services
Tree Care Industry Association
Tree Top Industries, Inc.
Tribute to Women in Industry
Tripartite Industrial Peace Council
Tripura Industrial Development Corporation
Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition
Troy Industrial Development Authority
Trucking Industry Defense Association
Turbomeca Turbochargers Industrial India
Turkish Aerospace Industries
Tusas Aerospace Industries, Inc
Tusas Engine Industries Inc
Twin Industries Corporation
Tyre Industry Council
UAV National Industry Team
Uganda Crop Industries Limited
Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Ultrasonic Industry Association
UNC Nuclear Industries Activities Association
Unified Industries Incorporated
Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry
Union County Industrial Railroad Co.
Union des Industries Chimiques
Union des Industries Textiles
Union Française des Industries Pétrolières
Union Industrial Home
Union Nationale des Industries de La Quincaillerie
Union Nationale des Industries de Transmissions Oléo-Hydrauliques et Pneumatiques
Union Nationale des Petites et Moyennes Industries
Union of European Railway Industries
Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees
United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices of the Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Industry of the US and Canada
United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada
United Australian Automobile Industries
United Defense Industries, Inc.
United Industrial Bank
United Industrial Corporation
United Industrial Workers
United Industries Group
United Kingdom CALS Industry Council
United Nations Industrial Development Office
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
United Nuclear Industries
United Software Industries, Inc.
United Sources Industrial Enterprises
United States Business and Industry Council
United States Industry Coalition, Inc.
United Workers of Electronic and Electrical Industries
Universal Industrial Gases, Inc.
Universidad Industrial de Santander
Universidad Industrial de Santander
Universite des Industries Graphiques
University For Industry
University Industry Research and Technology
University of Houston Industrial Design
University of Michigan Trucking Industry Program
University-Industry Demonstration Partnership
University-Industry Interaction
University-Industry Liaison
University-Industry Linkage Programme
Urban Industrial
Urban Industry Initiative
US Industrial Outlook
Utah Correctional Industries
Utah Industrial Commission
Utah Technology Industry Council
Utah Tourism Industry Coalition
Utility Industry Group
Vacation Rental Industry Association
Vala Industries
Valencia Industrial Association
Validating OSA in Industrial CIM Environments
Valley Industry and Commerce Association
Valve Manifold Box (tool in the fluid/gas processing industry)
Vanasthali Textile Industries Limited
Vanishing Point Industries
Vegetable Oil for Innovation in Chemical Industries
Vegetable Oil Industries Company
Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada
Veolia Water Industrial Outsourcing
Vermont Maple Industry Council
Versatile Industrial Production Tester
Vertical Grain (lumber industry)
Vertical Industry Manager
Vertical Intra Industry Trade
Veterans Industries
Veterinary College, Engineering College, Industrial Science College, Home Economics College, Agriculture College
Victoria Events Industry Council
Video Industry Association
Videotex Industry Association
Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park
Virginia Industries for the Blind
Virtual Industry Capability Call
Visaka Industries Limited
Vision Industry Partner
Visual Studio Industry Partner
Visual Studio Industry Program
Visvesvaraya Industrial Trade Center
Vocational Industrial Chapters of America
Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
Vocational Trade and Industrial Education
Voest-Alpine Industries Inc.
Vogon Heavy Industries
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards
Voluntary Interindustry Communications Standards
Vulcan Industrial and Mining Corporation
Wabash Center Greenbush Industries
Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Waman Industrial Chemicals Limited
War Industries Board
Warrensburg Industrial Development Center
Wartsila Industrial Operations
Washington Construction Industry Council
Washington Department of Labor and Industries
Washington Food Industry
Washington Food Industry Association
Washington Industrial Development Corporation
Washington Ski and Snowboard Industries
Washington Technology Industry Association
Waste Industry Training
Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board
Waste Technologies Industries
Water Industry Certification Scheme
Water Industry Commission for Scotland
Water Industry Database
Water Industry Operators Association
Water Industry Registration Scheme
Water Industry Regulatory Order
Water Industry Stock Index
Waterloo Industries
Waupaca Industrial Development Corporation
Web Host Industry Review
Web Industry Professionals Association
Wedding Industry Academy of Queensland
West African Glass Industry PLC
West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation
West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation
West Coast Aquarium Industries
West Coast Industrial Express
West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry
West Tennessee Industrial Association
Western Australian Music Industry
Western Council of Industrial Workers
Western Food Industry Exposition
Western Industrial Clay Products Ltd.
Western Museum of Mining and Industry
Western Way for Industrial Development Co.
Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic
Whats New in Industry
Wheat Industry Consolidation Committee
Whitehall & Industry Group
Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services Industry
Wild Bird Feeding Industry
Wildlife and Industry Together
Williams Industrial Services Group
Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries
Winsor Industrial Corporation Limited
Winspear Canadian Industry Database
Winston County Business and Industry
Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind
Wireless Industry Standards
Wireless Location Industry Association
Wireless Technology Industry Association
Wisconsin Area Music Industry
Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance
Wisconsin Green Industry Federation
Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Inc.
Wisconsin Industrial Land Application Contractors and Transporters
Women in Need Industries
Women in the Golf Industry
Women In the Hardware Industry
Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Wood Industry Association of Oklahoma
Wood Panel Industries Federation
Woodworking Machinery Industry Association
Workers in the Sex Industry
Workforce, Industry, and Economic Development
Working Group on Industrial Cooperation
Workplace Industrial Relations Survey
Workshop on Safety, Reliability and Security of Industrial Computer Systems
World Association of the Alcohol Beverage Industries, Inc.
World Federation of Industry Workers
World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry
World Industrial Design Day
World Industrial Property Organization
World Industry Council for the Environment
World Self-Medication Industry
Worldwide Industrial Equipment Division
Wound Healing: Science and Industry
Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park
Wyoming Industrial Development Corporation
XML Book Industry Transaction Standards
Yamanashi Industry Support Organization
Yanbu Industrial College
Yong Li Bai Industrial Co.
Yukon Industrial Support Policy
Zamil Steel Industries
Zarqa Chamber of Industry
Zawya Industry Classification
Zhe Jiang Light Industry
Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce
Zhejiang Materials Industry
Zhejiang Tongxiang Electronic Industry Corporation
Zhejiang Tongxiang Electronic Industry Corporation
Zhytomyr Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ZIL Limited [not an acronym; formerly Zulfeqar Industries Limited]
Zimbabwe Defence Industries
Zircatec Precision Industries, Inc.
Ztong Yee Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zuari Industries Ltd.