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Kabul, capital of Afghanistan and the province of the same name, on the Kabul River, in an intramontaneous basin (Kabul Basin) in the east of the country, 1,795 m above sea level, (2019) 4.3 million residents.

Until the outbreak of the military conflict, Kabul was the seat of all central administrative bodies as well as a provincial administration, a university (founded in 1932), a medical university, the national museum and the economic center of the country (textile, furniture, leather and food industries); international Airport. West of Kabul reservoir for water supply. Irrigated agriculture in the Kabul Basin.


The cityscape with its historical buildings and modern architecture (international architects involved) has suffered heavily from the destruction of recent years (the districts in the south and west were particularly hard hit), especially since 1992. Reconstruction began in 2001/02. The city wall (in the core of the 5th century), which stretches far around Kabul, and the old town, which is lined with several bazaars and is narrowed between the river and the citadel Bala Hissar, which was essentially built in the 16th century (destroyed several times), are only partially preserved. The new town, also affected by destruction, spreads on the left bank of the river. The oldest surviving mosque is the Pul-i-Khisti Mosque (18th century, remodeled in the 1960s). The Shah-e-Do-Shamshira-Wali Mosque from the 16th century Century was replaced in the 1920s by a “baroque” new building (Shah-i-Du-Shamshira mosque). The mausoleum of Timur Shah was built in 1816 and is a brick building with a flat dome. The Blue Mosque (1957) and the Id-Gah Mosque (1893), which are highlighted by their facade cladding made of blue tiles, are located in the new town. To the northeast of the citadel stands the mausoleum of Shah Nadir (1929–33) on a hill. – 4 km from Kabul, on a hill, are the terraced gardens of Babur , the founder of the Mughal dynasty, with his tomb as well as a summer villa (1880-1919) and a small marble mosque (1646). The facility, which was badly damaged in the mid-1990s, was restored in 2001 ff.


Already around 1500 BC The settlement named in ancient Indian texts (Rigveda) had belonged to the Mughal Empire since the 16th century, was conquered by the Persian Shah Nadir in 1738 and came under the rule of Ahmed Shah Durrani , the founder of Afghanistan, in 1747. His son Timur Shah (1773–93) moved the capital from Kandahar to Kabul.

During the military intervention of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan (1979-89), Kabul experienced a large influx of internal Afghan refugees, which led to a complete overload of the city’s infrastructure. In the civil war that followed, but especially after the city was captured by the Mujahideen (April 1992) and as a result of the power struggles that broke out between them, Kabul became an immediate theater of war and thus devastated and partially depopulated. After several military offensives and a long siege (1995/96), the radical Islamist Taliban conquered-Militia visited the city on September 27, 1996 and proclaimed an Islamic state of God (Sharia law enforced). During the US military intervention in 2001, troops of the Northern Alliance, allied with them, took the city on November 13, 2001, which became the seat of the Afghan government and the headquarters of the ISAF.

Over the past few years, Kabul has repeatedly been the target of serious terrorist attacks with numerous fatalities.

Abbreviations for Kabul, Afghanistan

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: KBL
  • Country: Afghanistan

KBL: Kabul, Afghanistan

List of Kabul Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations for Kabul is KBL which stands for Kabul. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Kabul, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

City Abbreviation Meanings
Kabul KMTC Kabul Military Training Center
Kabul NKC New Kabul Compound
Kabul KIA Kabul International Airport
Kabul KGO Kabul Government Office
Kabul KBE Kabula Bonga Enterprises
Kabul KSH Kabul Serena Hotel
Kabul KBL Kabul, Afghanistan