Abbreviation for Kaunas, Lithuania


Only Kaunas is Kaunas. Of course you might say, but in this statement there is something more than that Kaunas is a little special city. And although you may not have heard of Kaunas, it is actually Lithuania’s second largest city, and it has once again been the capital of Lithuania. It has a number of sights and attractions.

And Kaunas is the organizer of a number of major cultural events, which are proudly displayed year round. And the city’s pretty healthy nightlife makes it fun to be out in the evening. Nightlife is definitely worth a visit, even for those of us who are normally morning birds and therefore go to bed early.

Kaunas is by no means a million town, and it is no use getting to know the charming old town during an afternoon. Also bring the remains of the Soviet Union and the communist army in the suburbs. You will be both fascinated and startled. This is both big, ugly and admirable.

Why travel in the middle of Lithuania ? The only reason, of course, is Kaunas. The city is charming and offers the greatness and pride of the past. Here are historical sights and charms in buckets and buckets. We would have taken the chance if we were you!

Get to know Kaunas

Lithuania’s second largest city is called Kaunas. Kaunas was actually the country’s capital at the time Poland occupied the present capital Vilnius between 1922 and 1940. However, Kaunas is the largest city of the Lithuanians, ie the city with the most inhabitants of the Lithuanian people group, although naturally there are more people living in Vilnius.

Throughout its history, Kaunas has been a proud and beautiful city. It has been living here since the 11th century. The city walls are from the 13th century and the castle castle which is to be found in Kaunas, was rebuilt in the early 1400s, and still stands here.

Kaunas has been attacked by foreign states a number of times, including Russia invading the city repeatedly in the 17th century and the nation of Sweden occupying the city in 1701. Worth mentioning is also that Napoleon started his attack on Russia from one of Kauna’s hilltops.

Until World War II, Kaunas was populated with a large proportion of Jews. But as a result of Germany’s invasion, a number of Jews were murdered, while others fled the city. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the independence of Lithuania in 1991, Kaunas has experienced economic growth, although the financial crisis that started at the beginning of 2009 led to downturns for most people and the city’s businesses. Today, about 400,000 people live in Kaunas.

Kaunas and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: KUN
  • Country: Lithuania

The river town of Kaunas

Kaunas is situated along the Nemunas and Neris rivers, with the old town located where the rivers meet in the west. To the east lies the city’s large park, Ažuolynas. To the east is also the new town with shopping centers and modern buildings.

You cross the Nemunas River from the old town on the impressive Vytautas Bridge. The bridge that has been a crossroads for centuries has constantly been altered, demolished and rebuilt. Today’s version is from 2005. It is 256 meters long and 16 meters wide. The origin of today’s bridge can be traced back to 1948, but there were too many Soviet icons on the bridge to keep it in peace in the 2000s. But notice the decoration with hammers and sickles on the long side of the bridge.

Kaunas is a safe city

Kaunas is a safe city, but of course has its dose of pickpockets, scammers and winning criminals like all other “big cities”. Show normal care, and you are as safe here as at home.

There are both trains and buses to and from Kaunas, and both bus and taxi are reasonable within the city. Just make sure it is a taximeter or that you have agreed a fixed price that you are happy with, if you choose the latter.

KUN: Kaunas, Lithuania - Kaunas

List of Kaunas Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Kaunas is KUN which stands for Kaunas. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Kaunas, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
KFEZ Kaunas Free Economic Zone
KREA Kaunas Regional Energy Agency
KTU Kaunas Technology University
KTU-2 Kaunas Technology University
KUM Kaunas University of Medicine
KUN Kaunas, Lithuania – Kaunas
KRIS Kaunas-Rotterdam Intervention Study