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Kos is a Greek island in the Gökova Gulf, not a long boat ride from Turkey. The island is the birthplace of Hippocrates and a number of sights in Kos are dedicated to this medical father.

It should be emphasized that Kos is neither historically nor culturally left behind by its big brother Rhodes, which is the largest Dodecanese island. So it is quite possible to experience more than the pleasures of beach life in Kos! The island’s natural meeting point is the marina in Kos Town. It is just as beautiful, with white painted brick buildings and hotels in a row. You also go here to eat a good meal or throw yourself into the joys of nightlife.

The younger tourists are happy to go to Kardamena, which in the high season is the city that best meets young people’s needs through a number of nightclubs, bars and good beach hotels. In Kos you enjoy the summer on the beach. When the cool evening comes, you enjoy food from the Greek kitchen, before deciding to join in the party and fun or not.

And just so you know, the name Kos pronounces as you would say the surname of skater Johan Olav Koss.

Get to know Kos

Kos, or Κως as it is written in Greek, is no small holiday island to be in Greece, although Kos is considerably smaller than e.g. Rhodes or Crete.

If you drive Kos on a cross, you will experience a trip of about 40 x 8 kilometers. In other words, Kos is relatively long and thin. In total, there are approximately 31,000 people living in Kos.

Kos has been known throughout time. From Roman mythology it is said that most of Hercules visited the island. During the Doric period (Ancient times), Kos gained independence, and accumulated wealth and developed a high-quality culture. Democracy has a long running time in Kos. It is documented that democratic governance was established as early as 366 BC.

Unlike many other islands and states in this area of ​​Europe, Kos has had a relatively peaceful history. Kos accomplished this through a number of strategic alliances and trade agreements. Among other things, Kos once had an alliance with Egypt. Egypt used the island as a hub for its ships, and the gold of Cleopatra itself must have been stored here. And even the Romans made Kos a free state.

However, Kos was conquered by Venice. The Venetians sold Kos in the year 1315 to the Maltese Order, which was based in Rhodes. Later, Kos was taken over by the Ottomans (in 1523) and Turkey ruled the next 400 years, before Kos became subject to Italy. After World War II, Britain took over, which in turn gave Kos to Greece as a war booty in 1947.

Kos belongs to the Dodecanese, (named in Greek Δωδεκάνησα or the somewhat more understandable Dodecanisa, and Onikiada in Turkish), which is an archipelago in the Aegean Sea of ​​Greece, which counts a total of 12 islands. Most famous is probably Rhodes, which is the archipelago’s administrative center. But because of tourism, Kos is soon as well known. The archipelago is about 10 to 12 hours boat ride from the capital Athens.

The capital of Kos is simply called Kos Town and is naturally the administrative center of the island of Kos.

Notice the architecture and you see that the city is heavily influenced by Italy. In other words, Kos is not a traditional Greek small town. Here you will of course find everything you need from shops, restaurants and bars, and this is where you will see most of the sights and attractions.

The city is no bigger than being able to walk through the entire city in a relatively short time. That doesn’t mean there isn’t much to see. In addition to Greek history, you will find cultural treasures from both Italy and Turkey.

It is not in Kos town you will find the best beaches, although it is sometimes liberating to settle on a pebble beach, right by the “capital”. If you are looking for fine-grained sandy beaches, we suggest you take the 12-kilometer trip to Tigaki, or Lambi Beach 3 kilometers north of downtown.

Kos and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: KOS
  • Country: Greece

Lambi Beach on Kos

A quiet alternative for those wanting to stay as close to Kos as possible is Lambi Beach. The Lambi area is located along Kanari Street, just north of downtown.

In Lambi you can find several restaurants, taverns and some bars. The sandy beaches are lovely, with sun loungers and parasols for rent.


Three kilometers east of Kos town is Psalidi. The beaches consist of pebbles and pebbles. In the area you will find a few restaurants and tavernas.

Here you can spend your days at the hotel pool. If you want to have everything included, there are many options here. For example, Beach Mitsis Hotels are. an excellent choice. Here the whole family can relax.


Kos’ best beach is located in Tigaki. Located 12 kilometers west of Kos Town, Tigaki offers a smaller selection of restaurants, tavernas and small bars. Tigaki is best known for its lovely, shallow sandy beach. This is the perfect place for families with children and those who want a quiet and relaxing holiday in Kos


Do you want party and nightlife, many young people and high tempo, but also good beaches and good hotels? Then Kardamena is probably the best choice. Kardamena was formerly a resort for Englishmen, who over the years have been lured here by a lovely sandy beach and charming tavernas.

Today, Kardamena can still offer a fantastic beach, and a wide range of eateries and cafes along the boardwalk. But now the nightlife has also been upgraded to satisfy party-hungry tourists.


Kefalos is located southwest of Kos, and by many this small town is considered to have the most beautiful beach on the island. The sand is mostly fine grained and you get a view of the beautiful island of Castri at the bargain.

Kefalos has about 2,000 inhabitants and, in addition to the beach, has several sights in the form of ancient monuments and the cave at Aspri Petra.

What does kos stand for

List of Kos Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Kos is KOS which stands for Kos. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Kos, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
PAKR Perumahan Awam Kos Rendah