Language Abbreviations


What is Language?

Language is the system through which human beings communicate their ideas and feelings, whether through speech, writing or other conventional signs.

Depending on the social context in which the language is produced, the speaker may use a:

  • Formal language: produced in situations that require the use of standard language (also known as standard language ). Widely used in meetings and work presentations, for example.
  • Informal language: used when there is intimacy between the speakers, using colloquial expressions.

Types of language

There are three different types of language:

Verbal language

It is formed by words, either in writing or in speech. In everyday language, for example, human beings make a lot of use of verbal language to communicate.

Examples of verbal language would be: a dialogue between two people, a book, a letter, a lecture, among others.

Non-verbal language

It is the type of language that does not contain words but has visuals. Examples of non-verbal language would be: images, signs, body language, drawings, gestures

It is important to point out that LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language), even though it is based on gestures, is not considered a language but a language, as provided for in Art 1 of Law 10,436 of April 24, 2012.

Mixed or hybrid language

Mixed language is the use of verbal and non-verbal language simultaneously. For example, a comic strip integrates images, symbols and dialogue at the same time.

What is the difference between language and language?

Language is the code that uses the word as the main element. That is, language is a type of language that we can classify as verbal.

Language, as stated earlier, is any way we use to represent our thoughts or feelings. Unlike language, language can have several types, such as those classified above.

What are the functions of language?

The way each individual expresses himself, according to the text he sends and to whom he is sending, can define different functions within the language.

That is, when informing or saying something, the manner and intention of this message determine the function used by the sender. Before introducing the language functions, it is important that you know that:

  • sender: is the one who sends the message;
  • receiver: who receives the message;
  • message: is the information content;
  • communication channel: it is the means by which the message is transmitted;
  • code: is the language itself (like Portuguese, for example);
  • context: objective or situation to which the message refers.

These elements are important for understanding the following language functions:

Referential function

The referential function has the purpose of bringing information in a direct and objective way. This type of function is found especially in scientific and journalistic texts, which seek to send a direct message to the receiver.

The main characteristics of the referential function are objectivity, emphasis on information and focus on bringing knowledge and clarification about something to the receiver.

It usually uses denotative language and has a one-sided view.

Emotional function

In the emotive function, the focus is on the person who produces the message, that is, on the sender. The idea is for the person submitting the content to put their own branding on it.

Examples of the emotive function are blogs, vlogs, diaries, among others. The goal is to focus attention on the sender, on their feelings, thoughts and opinions on a given subject.

The main characteristics of the emotional function are subjectivity, first-person speech, intimate vision and message, and personal opinions or reports.

Conative or appellative function

This function focuses on who receives the message, that is, the receiver. The biggest intention here is to try to convince whoever receives the content about something.

In messages where this function predominates, the aim is to involve the reader with the transmitted content, leading him to adopt this or that behavior.

One of the greatest examples of conative function is advertising, which aims to induce the target audience to buy something.

The main characteristics of the conative function are verbs in the imperative (buy, acquire, have, among others), the optative clauses that express desire and the direct reference to the reader.

Metalinguistic function

It is the function that emphasizes the code. In the metalinguistic function, language speaks of itself, transforming itself into its own referent.

One of the greatest examples of metalanguage is Machado de Assis’ way of writing, which within his works referenced other literary works of his own.

Another example in the art world is the work “Self-portrait” by Van Gogh, who painted himself painting another picture. In these two examples, the code speaks of the code itself.

Phatic function

The phatic function has its focus on the channel. This word means “noise or noise”, that is, they are sounds that appear during communication, with the aim of attracting attention. Songs are often great examples of phatic function.

Poetic function

This function has an emphasis on the message, being concerned with aesthetics and beauty. The main objective is to take care of the way the message is transmitted. It is often found in songs and poems.

The main characteristics of this poetic function are the use of figures of speech and the concern with the message and the way it is said.

Language Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Language

A Behavior Language
A Blockdiagram Language
A LAnguage for Distributed sYstems
A Language for Intelligent Combinatorial Exploration
A Language for Programming Arbitrary Cellular Automata
A Manufacturing Language
A Mathematical Programming Language
A Probability Programming Language
A Programming Language
A Retrieval Process Language
Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems
Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems
Aboriginal Languages and Literacy Institute
About Spanish Language
About Spanish Language
Abstract Family of Languages
Abstract State Machine Language
Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language
Academic English as a Second Language
Academy for Science and Foreign Language
Academy of Foreign Language Study
Accelerated Language Program
Accelerator Command Language
Acceptable Language
Achievement Institute of Language
ACPI Machine Language
ACPI Source Language
ACPI Source Language
Action Semantics Language
Action Semantics Language
Action Specification Language
Action Specification Language
Ada Design Language
Ada High Level Computer Programming Language
Ada Language
Ada Language System
Ada Language System Extension
Adapter Scripting Language
Adapter Scripting Language
Adaptive Modeling Language
Address Book Extensible Markup Language
Adult Language
Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy
Advanced Boolean Equation Language
Advanced Boolean Expression Language
Advanced Continuous Simulation Language
Advanced Graphic Language
Advanced Language Arts Research and Presentation
Advanced Language Program
Advanced Language Solutions and Operations
Advanced Language Studies
Advanced Multi-Purpose Language
Advanced Placement Language and Composition
Advanced Placement Language and Composition
Advanced Programming Languages
Advanced Security Profiling Language
Advanced Shading Language Interface
Adventure Definition Language
Adventure Description Language
Adventures in Language & Culture
Adventures In Language Culture
Advisory Council for English Language Schools
Affect-Based Language Curriculum
Afican Languages Association of Southern Africa
African Language Teachers Association
Agency For Foreign Languages
Agent Communication Language
Agent Control Language
Agent Interface Definition Language
Agent Modeling Language
Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages
Agent Unified Modeling Language
Agent-Oriented Language for Building and Eliciting Requirements for Real-Time Systems
AI Language Research Institute
Air2Web Wireless Markup Language
Aircraft Intent Description Language
Ajanta School of Foreign Languages
Alberta Language Learning Environment
Alexander Language Schools
Algebraic Oriented Language
Algorithm Description Language
Algorithm Enunciation Language
Algorithmic Language
Algorithmic Processor Description Language
Alignment Query Language
Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages
Alloy Annotation Language
Alpha Language School
Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language
Alternate Language Study Option
Alvey Natural Language Tools
American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study
American Culture and Language Program
American English as a Second Language
American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture
American Indian Sign Language
American Language and Culture Institute
American Language Center
American Language Course Placement Test
American Language Institute
American Sign Language
American Sign Language
American Sign Language
American Sign Language Academy
American Sign Language Institute
American Sign Language Interpreting School
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Analyst Language Processor
Analytic Language Manipulation System
Anatolia Language and Testing Office
Ancient Egyptian Language
Andorra Kernel Language
Andorra Kernel Language
Android Interface Definition Language
Annual Review of Language Acquisition
ANSI SQL (Structured Query Language) Standard Scalable and Portable (database design)
ANSYS Parametric Design Language
Anthropology and Language Science in Educational Development
Aoraki English Language Academy
Aphasia Language Performance Scales
Application Control Language
Application Extension Language
Application Markup Language
Application Programming Language
Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases
Application-Specific Language
Application-Specific Language
Applied English Language Studies
Applied Language Institute
Applied Language Solutions
Applied Linguistics and Language in Education
Arabic Language Institute Foundation
Arabic Language Institute in Fez
Arabic Language Multilingual Application
Arbortext Command Language
ARC Macro Language
Archetypal Query Language
Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Architecture Analysis and Design Language
Architecture and Language Implementation
Architecture Description Language
Ariba Markup Language
Armed Forces Language School
Armenian National Language Support
Army Language Aptitude Test
Array Definition Language
Array Processor Assembly Language
Artificial Language Intelligence
ASCII Control Language
Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Asian Language Services
Asian Language Support
Asian Languages & Cultures
Asian Languages Cultures
ASN.1 Markup Language
Assembler Language Code
Assembler Language Coding
Assembler Source Language
Assembler Source Language
Assembler Source Language
Assembler Source Language
Assembly Language
Assembly Language Preprocessor
Assembly Language Program
Assertion Definition Language Translator
Assessing Young Learners’ Language
Assessing Young Learners’ Language
Asset Interchange Language
Assistant Language Teacher
Assistant Language Teacher
Assistant Language Teacher
Association des Enseignant s de Langue de la Nouvelle-Ecosse (French: Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association)
Association for Academic Language and Learning
Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia
Association for French Language Studies
Association for Japanese Language Teaching
Association for Language Awareness
Association for the Defense of the French Language
Association for the Future of the French Language
Association for the History of Language
Association of British Language Schools
Association of Departments of Foreign Languages
Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe
Association of Language Testers in Europe
Association of Language Tour Operators
Association of Language Travel Organizations
Association of Logic, Language and Information
Association of Sign Language Interpreters
Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language
Asterisk Extension Language
Astronomical Markup Language
Asynchronous Concurrent Programming Language
Athena Language School
ATLAS Basic Language
ATLAS Transformation Language
Attention Profiling Mark-up Language
Audit Command Language
Auditory Domain Specification Language
Aurora Macro Language
Australasian Language Technology Association
Australian Centre for Languages
Australian Indigenous Languages Framework
Australian Institute of Commerce and Language
Australian Language and Literacy
Australian Language and Literacy Council
Australian Second Language Proficiency Rating
Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association
Austronesian Languages and Linguistics
AutoCAD Dialog Control Language
Automated Integrated Language
Automated Test Markup Language
Automatic Analysis of Learner Language
Automatic Generation of Instructions in Languages of Eastern Europe
Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
Automatic Programming Language
Automatic Site Markup Language
Automatic Test Markup Language
Automove Control Language
Autonomic Computing Expression Language
Autonomic Computing Policy Language
Autonomous Script Language
Autonomous Script Language
Avionic Architecture Description Language
B Computer Language
B Computer Language
B Computer Language
B computer language
B computer language
B computer language
B computer language
Baby Sign Language
Bachelor in Audiology and Speech, Language Pathology
Bachelor of Science in Languages
BackWeb Authoring Language Interface
Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies
Barix Control Language
Basic Assembler Language
Basic Assembly Language
Basic Cambridge Programming Language
Basic Combined Programming Language
Basic Computer Programming Language
Basic Control Language
Basic Language
Basic Language Translator
Basic Occupational Language Training
Basic Scripting Language
Basically British Language Consultancy
Batch Command Language
Batch Control Markup Language
Bay Area Foreign Language Program
Bean Markup Language
Beautiful Report Language
Behavioral Language Model
Beijing Chinese Language Academy
Beiyan Language and Culture Institute
Berkeley Language Center
Better Markup Language
BigSender Language File
Bilingual Crosscultural Language in Academic Development
Bilingual English as a Second Language Technical Assistance Center
Bilingual First Language Acquisition
Bilingual Second Language Acquisition
Bilingualism, Languages and Education Network
Binary Language Representation
Binary Query Language
Biolinguistics: Acquisition and Language Evolution
Biological Scripting Language
Biological Variation Markup Language
Biophysical Description Markup Language
Bitstream Binding Language
Blinkenlights Markup Language
Blizzard Markup Language
Blog Assisted Language Learning
Body Language
Body Language User Interface
Bole Language and Documentation Unit
Bosphorus Language and Translation Services
Bottom-Up Analysis of Logic Programming Languages
Box Composition Language
Brad Markup Language
Brandt Language Centre
Bridge Language Study House
British Chinese Language Teaching Seminar
British Sign Language
Broadband Language Training System
Broadband Query Language
Broadcast Markup Language
Broadcasting Across the Barriers of European Languages
Budget Bill Language
Burroughs Common Language
Business Assembly Language
Business Narrative Markup Language
Business Process Execution Language
Business Process Management Language
Business Process Modeling Language
Business Query Language
Business Rules Markup Language
Business/Foreign Language
Byzantine Askemos Language Layer
C Language Header File
C Language Header File
C Language Header File
C Language Integrated Production System
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
C Programming Language Source Code
Cache Meta Language
CAD Language Systems, Inc.
Cakewalk Application Language
CalComp Device Control Language
California Community College Foreign Language Council
California English Language Development Test
California Language Teachers’ Association
California Summer Language Adventure
Call Management Language
Call Policy Markup Language
Call Processing Language
Call Processing Markup Language
Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences
Cambridge Institute of Language Research
Cambridge Programming Language
Cambridge University Robot Language
Canadian Academic English Language
Canadian as a Second Language Institute
Canadian College of English Language
Canadian Cooperative for Language and Cultural Studies
Canadian Languages Network
Canadian Modern Language Review
Canadians for Language Fairness
Canonical Query Language
Capability Interface Defintion Language
CAPSL Intermediate Language
Card Printer Programming Language
Caribbean Language and Linguistics Institute
Catalan Language
Catalan Language
Categorical Abstract Machine Language
Causal Functional Representation Language
CCITT High Level Programming Language
Cebu International Language Academy
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
Center for English Language and Orientation Programs
Center for English Language Education
Center for Foreign Language Education
Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America
Center for Language and Ecotours of Patzcuaro
Center for Language and Information Processing
Center for Language and Speech Processing
Center for Language Arts Education
Center for Language Education and Research
Center for Language Studies
Center for Languages and General Studies
Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region
Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies
Center for Natural Language Processing
Center for Plain Language
Center for Spanish Language Media
Center for Spoken Language Research
Center for the Advancement of Language Learning
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Center for the Study of Nigerian Languages
Central Institute of Indian Languages
Central New York Conference on Language and Literature
Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
Centre for Chinese Language and Culture
Centre for English Language Communication
Centre for English Language Studies
Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
Centre for English Language Teaching
Centre for Language and Speech Technology
Centre for Language in Social Life
Centre for Language Technology
Centre for Language Training & Assessment
Centre for Research in Speech and Language Processing
Centre for Second Language Instruction
Centre for Theories of Language and Learning
Centre for Theories of Language and Learning
Certificate in Business Language Competence
Certificate in English Language
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Children
Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults
Certificate in Second Language Teaching
Certificates in English Language Skills
Certified Academic Language Therapist
Chart Definition Language
Checkout Language
Checkout Language
Checkout Language
Chemical Markup Language
Chicago Language Modeling Lab
Children’s International Language Academy
Chinese Institute of European Languages
Chinese Language
Chinese Language and Culture Center
Chinese Language Center
Chinese Language Education
Chinese Language Program
Chinese Language Society
Chinese Language Teacher Education
Chinese Language Teachers Association
Chinese Language Teaching
Chinese Language/Langue Chinois
Chinese-English Language Exchange
Christian English Language Centre
Circuit Description Language
Class Oriented Ring Associated Language
Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
Classical Language Instruction Program
Classical Language Teachers’ Association
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Classroom Sign Language Assessment
Clear Language and Design
Clear Language for Expressing Orders
Cleverlearn English Language Institute
Clinical Neuroscience and Language Disorders
Clips Object-Oriented Language
COBOL Object-Oriented Language
CODA Readout Language
Code Query Language
Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics
Cognitive Modeling Language
Cold Fusion Markup Language
Collaborative Application Markup Language
Collaborative Task Modeling Language
College Language Association
College Language Association Journal
College of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Collins Birmingham University Language Database
Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
Colorado English Language Assessment
Colorado System Test Operational Language
Combined Programming Language
Combined Research and Language Training
Combined Universities Language Test
Command Control Language
Command File Language
Command Language
Command Language Interpreter
Command Language Program Manager
Command Talking Language
Command Talking Language
Commerce Extensible Markup Language
Commercial Language
Commission on Filipino Language
Committee on Admissions and Language Classification
Committee on Admissions and Language Classification
Commodity Products Markup Language
Common Algorithmic Language
Common Application Language
Common Assembly Language
Common Assembly Language for Microprocessors
Common Business Communication Language
Common Business Language
Common Business-Oriented Language
Common Chinese Language Interface
Common Command Language
Common Data Translation Language
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Common Intermediate Language
Common Intrusion Specification Language
Common Language Circuit Identification
Common Language Code
Common Language Effect Size
Common Language Identifier
Common Language Infrastructure
Common Language Interface
Common Language Location Identification
Common Language Location Identifier
Common Language Location Indicator
Common Language Runtime
Common Language Specification
Common Language Switching Access
Common Object-oriented Language for Design
Common Program Language
Common Prototyping Language
Common Runtime Language
Common User Language
Communication Arts, Languages and Literature
Communication Language and Literacy
Communication, Language and Cultural Studies
Communications Control Language
Communications-Oriented Language
Communications-Oriented Language
Communications-Oriented Language
Communicative Language Teaching
Community Language Collection
Community Networking Markup Language
Compact Application Solution Language
Compact Hypertext Markup Language
Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages
Comparison of Language Intervention Programs
Compiled Hypertext Markup Language
Compiled Wireless Markup Language
Compiler Language for Information Processing
Completely Obsolete Burdensome Old Language
Completely Obsolete Business-Oriented Language
Complex Text Language
Complex Text Language
Compliance Warranty Language
Component Definition Language
Component Implementation Definition Language
Component Persistence Markup Language
Component Specification Language
Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment
Computation Structures Language
Computer Aided Language Learning
Computer Aided Real Language Orthographic System
Computer Animation Language
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Computer Assisted Related Language Adaptation
Computer Assisted/Managed Instructional Language
Computer Assisted-Language Instruction Consortium
Computer Description Language
Computer Design Language
Computer Language Research
Computer Languages and Systems Program
Computer Models of Thought and Language
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Oriented Language
Computer Professional Language Center, Inc
Computer Programming Language
Computer Sensitive Language
Computer System Description Language
Computer Vision Markup Language
Computer-Assisted Language Analysis System
Computerised English Language Proficiency Test
Computerized Language Information Processing
Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages
Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language
Concurrent Object Oriented Language
Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching
Conference on Endangered Languages and Cultures of Native America
Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America
Conference on Technology of Object-Orientated Languages and Systems
Confidentially Typed Assembly Language
Configuration Specification Language
Connecticut Chinese Language Academy
Connection Control Language
Connectionist Natural Language Processing
Constellation Query Language
Constrained Natural Language
Constraint Definition Language
Constraint Language in XML
Constraint-Centered Semantics of Natural Languages
Constructive Heuristics Induction for Language Learning
Content and Language Integrated Learning
Content and Language Integrated Teaching Pilot
Content Request Markup Language
Content-Based Language Teaching
Context and Objects Interface Language
Context Free Language
Contextual Natural Language Processing
Contextual Query Language
Continuous Media Markup Language
Continuous Query Language
Continuous System Simulation Language
Contro Interpreter Language
Control & Simulation Language
Control Center Language
Control Intermediate Interface Language
Control Language
Control Language
Controlled Language Authoring Technology
Controlled Natural Language
Controlled Trade Markup Language
Control-Transfer Language
Control-Transfer Language
Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research
Conversational Algebraic Language
Conversational Programming Language
Cooperative Processing Language
Coordination Language Facility
Coordination Models and Languages
Coordination of Domain-Specific Languages
CORBA Interface Definition Language
Core Language Engine
Core Test Language
Core Test Language
Cork International Language Academy
Cork Language Centre International
Costa Rica Sign Language
Costa Rican Language Academy
Council of Language Arts Supervisors
Cross Language Evaluation Forum
Cross Language Information Processing
Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development
cross-language information retrieval
Cross-Language Transfer
Crosstalk Application Scripting Language
CTSS Command Language Controller
CTSS Command Language Controller
Cued Language
Cued Language Network of America
Cued Language Transliterator
Cultural Center for Language Studies
Culture and Language Acquisition
Culture, Language, and Function Accommodation
Culture, Language, Elders and Youth
CUNY Language Immersion Program , NY)
Current Issues in Language Planning
Customer Relationship Markup Language
Customer System Test and Operations Language
Customized Language Skills Training
Cyber Control Language
D Programming Language
Daily Language Review
Daily Oral Language
Dakar English Language Center
DAML Agent Markup Language) UML (User Mode Linux) Enhanced Tool
DARPA Agent Markup Language
Data Access Language
Data Control Language
Data Conversion Language Engine
Data Definition Language
Data Definition Markup Language
Data Description Language
Data Design Language
Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language
Data Extraction Language
Data Flow Language
Data Flow Language
Data Interchange Language
Data Language
Data Language Corporation
data manipulation language
Data Modification Language
Data Retrieval Language
Data Set Language
Data Set Language
Data Simulation Language
Data Simulation Language
Data Storage Definition Language
Data Structure Language
Data Structure Language
Database Definition Language
Database Designation Language
Database Language
Database Query Language
Datamax Ticket Printer Language
Dataset Publishing Language
Datastream Recognition Definition Language
Dave’s Recycled Object-Oriented Language
Deaf Sign Language
Deaf Sign Language
Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre
DEC Command Language
Decision Programming Language
Decision Representation Language
Decision Support Language
Decision Support Language
Decode-Encode Language
Deductive Object Query Language
Defense English Language Program
Defense Foreign Language Program
Defense Language Aptitude Test
Defense Language Institute
Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center
Defense Language Program
Defense Language Steering Committee
Delay-Calculation Language
Denotational Semantics Description Language
Department of English Language Pedagogy
Department of Foreign Language Teaching
Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Department of Modern Languages
Description Language for Taxonomy
Deseret Language and Linguistics Society
Design Language
Design Specialists and Plans Language
Designated Primary Language Test
Detailed Program Design Language Document
Development of Early Language Learning
Developmental Language Disorder
Developments in Language Theory
Device Description Language
Device Independent Graphics Language/Libraries
Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment
Diagnostic Tests of Language Skills
Dialog Control Language
Dialog Markup Language
Dialog Tag Language
Dialogue Scripting Language
Dialogue Scripting Language
Dialogue, Language, Sex, Violence
Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language
Dictionary of the Scots Language
Dictionary of the Scots Language
Dictionary Specification Language
Dictionary Specification Language
Digital Command Language
Digital Microprocessor Processing Language
Digital Signal Processing Language
Digital-system Specification Language
Digital-system Specification Language
DIgSILENT Programming Language
Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults
Diploma in Languages and International Trade
Diploma in Modern Languages
Direct Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language
Directors of University Language Centres
Directory Access Markup Language
Display Interactive Assembly Language
Display Oriented Language
display system programming language
Distributed Application Description Language
Distributed Logic Programming Language
Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
Doctor of Modern Languages
Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology
Doctrine Query Language
Document Definition Language
Document Definition Markup Language
Document Description Language
Document Query Language
Document Schema Definition Language
Domain Specific Design Language
Domain Specific Language
Domain Specific Language
Donovan Language Solutions
Drugs Language Sex Violence
Drugs Sex Language Violence
Drupal Extensible Markup Language
Dual Language Education
Dynamic eXtensible Markup Language
Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language
DYnamic Interpretation of Natural Language
Dynamic Language Runtime
Dynamic Languages for Adaptive Systems
Dynamic Languages Symposium
Dynamic Languages Toolkit
Dynamic Object Oriented Language
Dynamic Packet Definition Language
Dynamic Simulation Language
Dynamic Simulation Language
Dynamic Universal Assembly Language
Eanes Multisensory Language Arts
Early Communication and Language Development
Early Programming Language
East Asian Languages and Literatures
Eastside German Language School
Easy Language Storage
Ecological Metadata Language
Education Language Studies and Social Work
Education Markup Language
Educational Modeling Language
E-Language Learning System
Election Markup Language
Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language
Electronic Commerce Modeling Language
Electronic Communication Language
Electronic Device Description Language
Elma Form Specification Language
Emacs Language Sensitive Editor
Embedded Domain-Specific Language
Embedded Standard Query Language
Embedded Structured Query Language
Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
Endangered Language Fund
Endangered Language Repository
Engineering Analysis Language
English and French Language Centre
English as a Foreign Language
English as a International Language
English as a Native Language
English as a New Language
English as a Second Language
English as an Additional Language
English for Speakers of Other Languages
English Language
English Language
English Language & Culture Institute
English Language Academy
English Language Acquisition
English Language Acquisition Department
English Language Acquisition for Adults
English Language Amendment
English Language and Culture Program
English Language and Learning Support
English Language and Literacy Assessment
English Language and Literacy Services
English Language and Multicultural Institute
English Language and Orientation Program
English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
English Language Arts
English Language Bookshop
English Language Communicational Association
English Language Department of Engineering
English Language Development
English Language Development Assessment
English Language for Adults
English Language Institute
English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students
English Language Learner
English Language Learners
English Language Learners Advisory Committees
English Language Learning and Instruction System
English Language Listening Lab Online
English Language Liturgical Commission
English Language Liturgical Consultation
English Language Proficiency Program
English Language Proficiency Test
English Language Program
English Language Services
English Language Services for Adults
English Language Skills Assessment
English Language Studies Unit
English Language Study Center
English Language Study Skills Assistance Centre
English Language Study Tours
English Language Summer Camp
English Language Sunday School
English Language Support Service
English Language Support Team
English Language Support Unit
English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
English Language Teachers’ Association
English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg
English Language Teaching
English Language Teaching
English Language Teaching Assistant
English Language Teaching In Cameroon
English Language Teaching Unit
English Language Testing Service
English Language Training
English Language Training
English Language Unit
English Second Language Reading
English Sign Language
English, Modern Language
Enigma Development Language
Enterprise Definition Language
Enterprise Generation Language
Enterprise Mashup Markup Language
Enterprise Mobility Mark-Up Language
Enterprise Object-Oriented Fourth-Generation Language
Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language
Enterprise Privacy Markup Language
Environmental Planning Programming Language
Epsilon Object Language
Essentials of Programming Languages
Esterel-C Language
Ethnic Minority Language and Achievement
Euro Languages Net
European Application, Generation, and Language Environment for SMES
European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages
European Centre for Modern Languages
European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages
European Day of Languages
European Forum for Sign Language
European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters
European Foundation for Logic, Language, and Information
European Language Activity Network
European Language Centre of Ireland
European Language Council
European Language Resources Association
European Language Teaching Exchange
European Year of Languages
Evaluations and Language Resources Distribution Agency
Event Definition Language
Event Driven Language
Executable Rule Language
Executable Test Description Language
Execute Subroutine (RPG computer language opcode)
Executive Control Language
Experience, Language, Pictures, Symbols
Experience-Based Language Acquisition
Expert Advisory Group for Language Engineering Standards
eXploration and Mining Markup Language
Expression Language
Expression Language
Extended Application Language
Extended Batch Language
Extended Formula Language
Extended French Second Language
Extended Structured Query Language
Extended Tool Command Language
Extensible Application Markup Language
Extensible Binding Language
eXtensible Business Reporting Language
Extensible Financial Reporting Mark-Up Language
eXtensible Hyperlinking Language
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
eXtensible Indexing Language
Extensible Language One
Extensible Markup Language
Extensible Markup Language Schema Definition Language
Extensible Markup Language Schema Standard Type Library
Extensible Markup Language User Interface
Extensible Markup Language User Interface Language
eXtensible Media Commerce Language
Extensible Multimodal Annotation Language
eXtensible Rights Management Language
Extensible Rights Markup Language
Extensible Rule Markup Language
eXtensible Stylesheet Language
Extension Language Facility
Extension Language Kit
Extension Language Kit
Extra Language Resources
Facebook Markup Language
Facebook Markup Language
Facebook Query Language
Facsimile Command Language
Faculty of Education and Language Studies
Fairfield Language Technologies
Fairfield Language Technologies
FAQ Markup Language (an Apache Maven project)
Far Out Instrument Language
FastLane Integrated Network Application Language
Fast-Paced Language Arts
Feature Exchange Language
Field Device Configuration Markup Language
Field Manipulation Language
Fifth Generation Language
File Definition Language
File Manipulation Language
File Oriented Interpretive Language
Financial Information Exchange Markup Language
First English Language School
First Generation Language
First Language Acquisition
First Official Language
First-Order Functional Language
Flamebaiter Markup Language
Flanders Language Valley fund
Florida Foreign Language Association
Food Bank Markup Language
Foreign Language
Foreign Language
Foreign Language Across the Curriculum
Foreign Language and Area Studies
Foreign Language and International Economics
Foreign Language and International Trade
Foreign Language and Study
Foreign Language Assessment Directory
Foreign Language Assistance Program
Foreign Language Association for Managers in Education
Foreign Language Association of Central California
Foreign Language Association of Georgia
Foreign Language Association of Missouri
Foreign Language Center
Foreign Language Class
Foreign Language Committee
Foreign Language Education
Foreign Language Education and Technology
Foreign Language Enhancement Program
Foreign Language Institute
Foreign Language Instructional Technology Environment
Foreign Language Learning Center
Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus
Foreign Language Proficiency Pay
Foreign Language Residence Program
Foreign Language School
Foreign Language Student Residence
Foreign Language Teaching
Foreign Language Teaching
Foreign Language Teaching School
Foreign Language Training Center, Europe
Foreign Languages & Literatures
Foreign Languages At Work
Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Formal Approaches to South Slavic and Balkan Languages
Formal Description of Slavic Languages
Formal Language for Expressing Assumptions
Formal Query Language
Format Standard Generalized Markup Language
Forms and Menu Language Interpreter
Forms Definition Language
Forms Markup Language
Forms Source Language
Formulated Electrical Energy Language
Formulating Online Calculations in Algebraic Language
FORTRAN Command Language
FORTRAN Execution Time Estimator (computer language)
FORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
Fortran Language Oriented Parser
Forum on Specification, Verification and Design Languages
Forward Area Language Converter
Foundation for Endangered Languages
Foundations of Aspect Languages
Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
Fourth Generation Language
Fourth Generation Language
Frame Representation Language
Freestyle Markup Language
French and African Language and Culture Center
French as a Second Language
French As Second Language
French Education and Languages Branch
French Language Arts
French-Language Services Policy
Friends of the Language Academy
Frobozz Magic Programming Language
Full Variability Language
Function Language One
Functional Bionetwork Markup Language
Functional Programming Language
Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture
Functional Programming Languages in Education
Functional Query Language
Futaba College of Foreign Languages
Future Language Schools
Fuzzy Object Query Language
GAIN Extension Language
Galactic Modeling Language
GALEN Representation and Integration Language
Game Maker Language
Gene Expression Markup Language
General Emulation Language
General Extension Language
General Language
General Language Course
General Ontological Markup Language
Generalized Common Contract Language
Generalized Distributed Programming Language
Generalized Information Retrieval Language
Generalized Information Retrieval Language System
Generalized Markup Language
Generalized Programming Language
Generalized Substitution Language
General-Purpose Declarative Language
Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition
Generative Modeling Language
Generic Dialog Modelling Language
Genomic Messaging System Language
Geography Markup Language
Geometric Description Language
Geometry Description Markup Language
Georgia Speech-Language and Hearing Association
German as a Foreign Language
German Language Kit
German Language School Conference
German Language Teachers Association
German Language Video Center
Germanic Languages and Literatures
GL Shading Language
Global Autonomous Language Exploitation
Global Issues in Language Education
Global Language Monitor
Global Language Online Support System
Global Language Support and Uniform Environment
GNU Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GNU Data Language
GNUstep Documentation Markup Language
Google Language Tools
Göteborg Spoken Language Corpus
Graded Objectives in Modern Languages
Graffiti Markup Language
Grammar Specification Language
Grammatical Analysis of Elicited Language
Graph eXchange Language
Graph Information Retrieval Language
Graph Modelling Language
Graphical Query Language
Graphics Adapter Language
Graphics Command Language
Graphics Language
Graphics Language
Graphics Language Object System
Graphics Language Utility
Graphics Programming Language
Grid Flow Description Language
Ground Operations Aerospace Language
Group of Logic, Language and Computation
Guarded Command Language
Guided Language Acquisition Development
Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing
Handheld Device Markup Language
Hands On Sign Language Services
Handset Device Markup Language
Hardware Description Language
Hardware Description Language Analog
Hardware Design Language
Hardware Design Using Functional Languages
Hardware Verification Language
Healing Events Artistic Language
Health Care Markup Language
Health Insurance Contract Language
Health Query Language
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
Heart of England Language Schools Association
HEED Language Center (Bangladesh)
Heidelberg English Language Institute
Hekemian Programming Language
Hekimian Command Language
Hellenic Language Classes for Children
Help Markup Language
Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
Hibernate Query Language
Hierarchical Data Manipulation Language
Hierarchical Design Language
Hierarchical Music Specification Language
Hierarchical Scan Description Language
Hierarchy Chart Language
High Level Batch Language
High Level Command Language
High Level Firewall Language
High Level Language
High Level Language
High Level Language Overwriting Virus
High Order Language
High Order Language Computer
Higher Chinese Language
Higher-level Register Transfer Language
High-Level Concurrent Languages
High-level Data Specification Language
High-Level Programming Language
High-level Verification Language
High-Order Assembly Language
Historical Query Language
History of Expressive Language Delay
History of the English Language Links
Home Language Identification Survey
Hong Kong Institute of Languages
Hong Kong Language Needs Assessment
Hong Kong Language Training Center
Honing Executive English Language Skills
Honolulu English Language Academy
Host Language Interface
Houston Language Emulator
How Language Works
HTML Abstraction Markup Language
Human Access Language
Human Language Resources
Human Language Technologies
Human Language Technology Workshop
Humanities, Arts and Languages
Human-Machine Language
Hybrid Mail Language
Hyper Text Markup Language Entity Based Codepage Inference
Hypermedia Synchronization Language
Hyperspace Analog to Language
Hypertext Edit Markup Language
HyperText Markup Language
Hyperthreaded Structured Query Language Database
Idaho Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Image Composition Language
Image Display Language
Image Markup Language
Imperative Programming Language
Implementation and Application of Functional Languages
Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association
Indiana Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Indigenous Language Institute
Indo-European Language
Industrial Language Training
Industrial Robot Language
Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
Information Flow Framework Language
Information Markup Language
Information Programming Language
Information Retrieval & Display Language
Information Retrieval Language
Information Retrieval Query Language
Information System Base Language
Information Technology Markup Language
Informix Structured Query Language
In-House Language Training Program
Input Command Language
Institute for Applied Language Studies
Institute for Language and Information Technologies
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies
Institute for Language and Speech Processing
Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and Information
Institute for Spanish Language Studies
Institute for the Study of Language and Society
Institute of English Language Studies
Institute of Fijian Language and Culture
Institute of Foreign Languages
Institute of Language, History and Material Culture
Institute of the Estonian Language
Instrument Command Language Interface
Instrument Markup Language
Integrated Circuit Design Language
Integrated Circuit Procedural Language
Integrated Definition Language
Integrated Design & Engineering Analysis Languages
Integrated Language Arts
Integrated Language Environment
Integrated Simulation Language Environment
Intelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning
Intelligent Database Language
Intelligent Definition Language
Intelligent Language Tutoring System
Intelligent Page Description Language
Intelligent Questionnaire Markup Language
Intensive English Language Program
Intensive Language Preparation Course
Interactive Data Language
Interactive Development Language
Interactive Matrix Language
Interactive Query Language
Interactive Reader Language
Interactive Set Language
Interactive Structured Query Language
Interactive System Language
Interagency Language Roundtable
Interconnect Description Language
Interface Definition Language
Interface Description Language
Interface Design Language
Interface Specification Meta-Language
Intermediary Rule Markup Language
Intermediate Language
Intermediate Language
Intermediate Language Editor
International Algebraic Language
International Auxiliary Language
International Auxiliary Language Association
International Auxiliary Language Association
International Business and Language Area Studies
International Center for Accelerated Language Learning
International Chinese Language Program
International Committee for Written Language Resources
International Conference on Acoustics, Music, Speech and Language
International Conference on Computer Processing of Oriental Languages
International Conference on Japanese Language Education
International Conference on Language Variation in Europe
International Conferences on Minority Languages
International Development Markup Language
International Education Language and Training Association
International English Language
International English Language Test
International English Language Testing Services
International English Language Testing System
International Gender and Language Association
International Institute of African Languages and Cultures
International Institute of Culture and Language
International Language Academy of Canada
International Language Centre
International Language in Education Conference
International Language Institution
International Language Print Capability
International Language Support
International Language Teaching Services
International Language Village
International Languages and Cultures
International Society for Language Studies
International Standards for Language Engineering
International Summer Language School
Internet Based Language Instruction
Internet Definition Language
Interoperable Language Standard
IntraSearch Template Language
Inupiat History Language and Culture
Investment Research Markup Language
Iowa Foreign Language Association
Iowa Foreign Language Association
Iowa World Language Association
ISAM to SQL (Structured Query Language) Database Connectivity
Italian Language and Culture
JACK Agent Language
Jacl Adventure Creation Language
Jam Programming Language
Jamaican Language Unit
Japan Association for Language Teaching
Japanese Foreign Language
Japanese Language Center
Japanese Language Environment
Japanese Language Institute
Japanese Language Kit
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Japanese Language Program
Japanese Language Research Center
Japanese Language System
Java Application Control Language
Java Compiled Language
Java Interface Definition Language
Java Language Specification
Java MicroStation Development Language
Java Modeling Language
Java Naming Language
Java Object Configuration Language
Java Open Language Toolkit
Java Speech Markup Language
Jena University Language and Information Engineering
Jeollanamdo Language Program
Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth
Job Control Language
Job Entry Control Language
Joint Language Center
Joint Language University
Joint Scenario Tool Architecture and Script Language
Joint Technical Language Service
Journal of Language and Linguisitics
Journal of Natural Language Engineering
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning
Journal of the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Just Another Macro Language
Just Another Programming Language
K Language
Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment
Kerridge C Macro Language
Keyhole Markup Language
Keyhole Markup Language
Keyhole Markup Language, Zipped
Kindergarten Language Screening Test
Kingston Language Scheme
Kitchen Sink Language
Klingon Language Institute
Klingon Language Version
Knowledge About Language
Knowledge and Language Engineering Laboratory
Knowledge Management Language
Knowledge Management Language
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
Knowledge Representation Specification Language
Knowledge-based, Accurate Natural-language Translation
Koala Bean Markup Language
Korean Language Flagship Center
Korean Language Program
Korean Language Test
Korean Language Test
Korean Society for Language and Information
Laboratory for Natural Language Engineering
Language & Speaker Recognition System
Language & Technology Conference
Language Access for New Americans
Language Access Initiatives Program
Language Acquisition Device
Language Acquisition Graduate Organization
Language Acquisition Support System
Language Acquisition Supporting System
Language and Academic Skills Unit
Language and Area Studies Immersion
Language and Automata Theory and Applications
Language and Business
Language and Cognition
Language and Communication Center
Language and Cultural Exchange
Language and Culture Center
Language and Culture Study Abroad Program
Language and Diversity Program
Language and Linguistics
Language and Social Interaction
Language and Social Skills
Language and Technology Office
Language Aptitude Test
Language Aptitude Test
Language Arts
Language Arts & Social Studies
Language Arts and Writing
Language Arts Learning Center
Language Arts Literacy
Language Assessment Quarterly
Language Assessment Scales
Language Association of Nigeria
Language Background Questionnaire
Language Center Placement Test
Language Computer Corporation
Language Conversion Program
Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications
Language Designated Position
Language Difficulty Index
Language Education Institute
Language Enabled Airman Program
Language Engineering Company
Language Engineering Company, LLC
Language Enrichment Activities Program
Language Environment
Language Environment Input Method
Language Equivalence Relations
Language Experience Approach
Language Extended Lexicon
Language Extender
Language Extension Module
Language Features of Text Type
Language for Academic Purposes
Language for Asynchronous Research and Development
Language for Business and Technology
Language for Computable Real Functions
Language for End System Services
Language for General Purpose (language studies)
Language for Object-Oriented Petri Nets
Language for Railway Interlocking Specifications
Language For Smart People
Language for Special Purposes
Language for Specific Purposes
Language for Unified Design and Operation
Language Identification Code
Language Identification Code
Language Impaired Learning Disabled
Language Impairment Simulation Architecture
Language in Context
Language in Context
Language Independent Composition Environment
Language Independent Macro Processor
Language Independent Program Subtitling
Language Industry Program
Language Instruction Centrum
Language Instruction Centrum
Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
Language Integrated Query
Language Integration Testing
Language Interface Pack
Language Knowledge Examination
Language Learning & Technology
Language Learning and Academic Achievement
Language Learning and Meaning Acquisition
Language Learning and Teaching
Language Learning Disability
Language Learning Solutions
Language Learning Strategies
Language Line Holdings, Inc.
Language Line Services
Language Literacy and Numeracy Training
Language Matters, Inc.
Language Media Center
Language Media Format
Language Minority
Language Model
Language Neutral
Language of Flowers
Language of Insufferable Superfluous Parentheses
Language of Learning and Teaching
Language of Literature
Language of Literature
Language of Love
Language of Love
Language Of Performing Arts
Language of the Cavemen
Language of Thought
Language of Various Emotions
Language of Wider Communication
Language One
Language Operator Replacement
Language Other Than English
Language Other than English.
Language Perception Laboratory
Language Plan of Action
Language Policy Across the Curriculum
Language Policy and Planning
Language Policy Research Center
Language Policy Research Unit
Language Proficiency Assessment
Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
Language Proficiency Examination
Language Proficiency Index
Language Proficiency Interview
Language Proficiency Requirement
Language Prototyping System
Language Quality Inspection
Language Quality Services
Language Reference Manual
Language Related Factor
Language Resource
Language Resource Center
Language Resources
Language Resources and Evaluation Conference
Language Sensitive Editor
Language Service Provider
Language Services and Documentation Division
Language Skills Institute
Language Society of Namibia
Language Specialist
Language Standards Information Repository
Language Studies Alumni Association
Language Studies International
Language Tag Registry Update
Language Teaching and Testing Center
Language Teaching Centre
Language Teaching in the Age of Information
Language Teaching Methodology
Language Technologies Institute
Language Technology Business Meet
Language Technology Group
Language Technology Incorporated
Language Technology Research Laboratory
Language Toolkit
Language Training Canada
Language Training Detachment
Language Training Mission
Language User Interface
Language Working Group
Language Working Group
Language, Interaction, and Social Organization
Language, Linguistics and Literature
Language, Literature, Identity
Language, Region and Culture
Language, Sex, Violence
Language-Based Technology
Languages Across the Curriculum
Languages across the Curriculum
Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
Languages and More Internet
Languages and Multicultural Resource Centre
Languages for Business Communication
Languages in Biology and Medicine
Languages in Contact and Conflict in Africa
Languages Literatures and Cultures
Languages of the Wider World
Languages of the World
Languages, Methodologies and Development Tools for Multi-Agent Systems
Languages, Philosophy and Speech Communication
Language-Trait Focused
Lao Language
Latvian Association of Language Teachers
Layered Language Understander
Layered Markup Annotation Language
Learning Language in Logic
Learning Material Markup Language
Learning-Language Disabilities
Leeds Sign Language Interpreting Service
Lewd Obscene Language
Lewd Obscene Language
Library Interconnection Language
Lifelong Language Learning
Limited Variability Language
Linden Scripting Language
Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
Linkage Editor Language
Literacy, Language and Numeracy
Literature, Language and Culture
Logic and Language
Logic, Domains, and Programming Languages
Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages
Logical Problem of Language Acquisition
London Language and Literacy Unit
Longman Language Activator
Lotus Programming Language
Louisiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Low Level Language
Low Order Language
Low Order Language
MacEwan English Language Institute
Machine Language
Machine Language Instruction
Machine Language Translation
Machine Oriented High Level Language
Machine Oriented Language
Macro Assembly Language
MADS Program Language
Maine Speech Language Hearing Association
Mainstream English Language Training Project
Maker Markup Language
Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing
Man Machine Language
Manchester Scene Description Language
Manchester Scene Description Language
Manitoba Association of Visual Language Interpreters
Manpower English as a Second Language
Manuscript Images Markup Language
Map Definition Language
Marathon Markup Language
Maritime Information Markup Language
Maritime Safety Markup Language
Market Data Definition Language
Markovian Language Network
Markup Language
Marshall Cavendish Language Centre
Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages
Massachusetts Foreign Language Association
Master of Arabic as a Second Language
Master of Arts in Biblical Languages
Master of Arts in Language and Literature
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages
Master of Language Arts
Master of Second Language Teaching
Master of Speech-Language Pathology
Mathematical Markup Language
Mathematical Markup Language
Mathematical Service Description Language
Mathematical Service Query Language
Matrix Definition Language
Matrix Query Language
Maya Embedded Language
Mayo Early Language Screening Test
Meaning Definition Language
Mechanized Reasoning about Languages with Variable Binding
Media Center Markup Language
Media Markup Language
Media Server Markup Language
Media-Assisted Language Teaching
Medical Device Data Language
Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education
Memory-Based Language Processing
Message Definition Language
Message Format Processing Language
Message-Passing Language
Meta Language
Metabolic Flux Analysis Markup Language
Metaquotes Language
Mexican Sign Language
Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Microarray Markup Language
Micronesian Language Institute
Microprocessor Language Assembler
Microprocessor Language Editor
Microsoft Assistance Markup Language
Microsoft Interface Definition Language
Microsoft Intermediate Language
Microsoft International Language Services
Microsoft Structured Query Language
MicroStation Development Language
Middle East-Asian Languages and Cultures
Middle Eastern Languages Division
Military Language Instructor
Military Language Tutor
Military Scenario Definition Language
Mind Reading Markup Language
Mind Your Language
Mind Your Language
Mine Action Extensible Markup Language
Mini Structured Query Language
Minimal Generalized Markup Language
Minimal Language Skills
Mirandese Language
mIRC Scripting Language
MISMO XML (Extensible Markup Language) Compliance (finance)
Mission Language and Vocational School
Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Missouri Speech Language Hearing Association
Mnemonic Assembly Language Translator
Mobile Application Markup Language
Mobile Markup Language
Model Schema Language
Modeling Language
Modern American Language Institute
Modern and Classical Languages
Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures
Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Modern and Medieval Languages
Modern Embedded Systems Compilers Architectures and Languages
Modern Foreign Language
Modern Language Association
Modern Language Association Bibliography
Modern Language Association International Bibliography
Modern Language Association of America
Modern Language Notes
Modern Language Quarterly
Modern Language Review
Modern Languages and Business Studies
Modern Languages and Linguistics
Modern Languages and Literature
Modern Languages Faculty Library
Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative
Modern Languages in the Primary School
Module Interconnection Language
Montana Association of Language Teachers
Mother Tongue Language
Motion Programming Language
MPEG -4 Syntactic Description Language
MPEG Rights Expression Language
Multi Language
Multi Sensory Language
Multi-Agent Modeling Language
Multi-Function Peripheral Language
Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System
Multi-Language Vendor
Multi-layered Speech Control Language
Multi-Layered Speech/Sound Synthesis Control Language
Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability
Multimedia Language Center
Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language
Multimodal Presentation Markup Language
Multiple Language Version
Multiple Views Project – Language
Music Macro Language
Music Parameter Description Language
Myanma Language Commission
Myanma Language Commission Transcription System
Name and Address Markup Language
Napa Valley Language Academy
Naples Language Center
National African Language Resource Center
National Association of Language Advisers
National Capital Language Resource Center
National Centre for Language Technology
National Centre for Language Training
National Centre for Languages
National Council for Languages and International Studies
National Council of Japanese Language Teachers
National Foreign Language Center
National Foreign Language Resource Center
National Foreign Language Week
National Indigenous Languages Directory
National Institute for Japanese Language
National Language Conference
National Language Processing
National Language Support
National Language Support Function
National Language Version
National Network for Early Language Learning
National Security Language Act
National Security Language Initiative
National University of Modern Languages
Native Language
Native Language Arts
Native Language Confederation
Native Language Internet Consortium
Native Language Support
Natural Language
Natural Language Computing
Natural Language Dialogue
Natural Language Generation
Natural Language Interface
Natural Language Pacific Rim Symposium
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Programming Tool
Natural Language Support
Natural Language Support Objects
Natural Language System
Natural Language to Information Systems
Natural Language Understanding
Natural Language Understanding System
Natural Semantic Metalanguage
NCAR Command Language
Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Nearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner
Near-Natural Language
Nebraska International Languages Association
Nessus Attack Scripting Language
Network Data Language
Network Database Language
Network Design Language
Network-Based Language Teaching
Neural Network Language Model
Neuro Electronic Anatomical Language
Neutral Messaging Language
Nevada Language Association
Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture
New England Regional Association of Language Lab Directors
New England Regional Association of Language Laboratory Directors
New Interterritorial Language Committee
New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association
New York Language Center
New York Language Exchange
New York Virtual Reality Markup Language Special Interest Group
News Markup Language
Nomen Global Language Centers
Non-English Language
Nonlanguage Qualification Test
North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences
North Mon Language Institute
Norwegian Sign Language
Norwich Institute for Language Education
Nostradamus Artificial Intelligence Language
Not Another Programming Language
Not Only Structured Query Language
Nottingham Language Centre
Numerical Markup Language
Obfuscated Weird Language
Object Constraint Language
Object Definition Language
Object Description Language
Object Design Language
Object Language Bindings
Object Manipulation Language
Object Query Language
Object Tool Command Language
Object Verification Language
Object-Graph Navigation Language
Object-Oriented Language
Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs
Office of English Language Acquisition
Official Language
Official Language Monitor Program
Official Languages Act
Official Languages Agency
Official Languages in Education Protocol
Old English Language
OMS Interaction Language
On-Line Cryptanalytic Aid Language
Online Language Environments
Ontology Interchange Language
Ontology Web Language
Open Computing Language
Open Document Language
Open Vulnerability Assessment Language
Opening the Door to Language Learning
Operation/Operator Control Language
Optimized Applicative Language
Oral Language Presentation
Oral Language Proficiency Assessment
Oral Language Proficiency Test
Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia
Ordinary Language Philosophy
Organiser Programming Language
Oriented API for XML (Extensible Markup Language)
Original English Language
Original Japanese English Language
Ottawa Japanese Language School
Outline Processor Markup Language
Overlay Generation Language
Oxford Word and Language Service
Pacific Coast Language Academy
Pacific Northwest Council for Languages
Package Definition Language
Packet Details Markup Language
Packet Filtering Language
Packet Presentation Language
Packet Summary Markup Language
Page Definition Language
Page Description Language
Page Interchange Language
Panel Definition Markup Language
Paper Markup Language
Papers and Reports on Child Language Development
Paradox Application Language
Parallel Data Manipulation Language
Parallel Object-Oriented Language
Parallel Symbolic Languages and Systems
Parameter Value Language
Pathogen Information Markup Language
Patriot Air Defense Information Language
PATROL Script Language
Pattern Language
Pattern Language for Pattern Writing
Pattern Language Markup Language
Pattern Language of Programs Conference
Pattern Languages of Programs
Pattern Languages: Addressing Challenges
Pattern Markup Language
PEAR Extended Code Language
Perfect EMacs Rewriting Language
Performance Assessment for Language Students
Performance Metrics Specification Language
Peripheral Diagnostics Language
Perl Data Language
Perl Programming Language
Perl Template Merge Language
Persistent Application Systems, Technologies, Environments and Languages
Persistent Programming Language
Persistent State Definition Language
Personalized Print Mark-up Language
Petri Net Description Language
Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
Phonetics Institute of Modern Languages
PHP -MySQL (My Structured Query Language) -Ext JS (Extension JavaScript) -Admin (software development project)
Phrase-Based Language
Phrase-Based Language Model
Physical Intellectual Language Emotional Social
Physical Language Workshop
Physical Markup Language
Plain Language Action and Information Network
Plain Language Action Network
Plain Language Address
Plain Language Address Designator
Plain Language Address Directory
Plain Language Address/Office Symbol
Plain Text Markup Language
Plains Indian Sign Language
Pocket Programming Language
POEMS Specification Language
Poker-players Against Abusive Language
Polesworth International Language College
Policy Framework Definition Language
Polish Language Learning Framework
Polymorphic Programming Language
Portable Document Rights Language
Portable Miniature Programming Language
Portable Vector Language
Portal Markup Language
Portal Structure Markup Language
PORTS System Test and Operation Language
Portuguese Language Division
Powerful Text Programming Language
Praat Scripting Language
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
Practical English Language Teaching
Practical Extraction and Report Language
Precision In Language
Preferred Language
Preliminary Design Language
Primary Modern Foreign Language
Princeton University Language Project
Principles of Programming Languages
Printer Command Language
Printer Control Language
Printer Description Language
Printer Job Language
Printer Management Language
Problem Statement Language
Problem-Oriented Language
Problem-Oriented Language
Procedural Language
Procedural Markup Language
Procedure Abstraction Language
Procedure Implementation Language
Procedure Language Extension
Procedure Language for Users in Test and Operations
Proceedings of the Modern Language Association
Process Control Language
Process Definition Language
Process Design Language
Process Modelling Language
Process Oriented Real Time Algorithmic Language
Process Programming Language
Process Specification Language
Processor System Modeling Language
Product Data Markup Language
Product Markup Language
Production Rule Language
Program Description Language
Program Design/Decision Language
Program Query Language
Programmable Algorithm Machine High Level Language
Programmable Design Language
Programmable Protocol Language
Programmed Instruction Language Learning
Programming Assembly Language
Programming Language
Programming Language
Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-Centric Software
Programming Language Committee
Programming Language Concepts
Programming Language Design and Implementation
Programming Language Exploration
Programming Language for Automatic Checkout Equipment
Programming Language for Exchanges
Programming Language for Microcomputers
Programming Language for Solid Modeling
Programming Language for the 360
Programming Language Interface
Programming LAnguage Nineteen hundred
Programming Language Paradigm
Programming Language Theory
Programming Language Theory
Programming Language/Advanced Systems
Programming Languages and Integrated Development Environments
Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab
Programming Languages Group
Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis
Proof Markup Language
Property Specification Language
Prototype System Description Language
ProTrader Language
Proxicom Template Markup Language
Psychology Experiment Building Language
Psychomotor and Language Delay
Public Query Language
Public Safety Language Training
Publications of the Modern Language Association
Publisher Query Language
Publishing Interchange Language
Publishing Markup Language
Quantitative Analytics Language
Quantum Programming Language
Query Exchange Language
Query Language
Query Language Interpreter
Query Language Processor
Quest Markup Language
Questionnaire Definition Language
Questionnaire Programming Language
Queue-Based Language
Quotation Exchange Language
Radio Knowledge Representation Language
RAISE Specification Language
Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language
RAMP Description Language Compiler
Rapid Development and Maintenance Language
Rapid Integration Flow Language
RDF Graph Modeling Language (World Wide Web Consortium)
RDF Vocabulary Description Language
Reading/Language Arts
Real Time Command Language
Real-Time Shading Language
Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing
Receptive Developmental Language Disorder
Recovery Language
Recursive Query Language
Red Dragon Languages Consultancy
Reddot Query Language
Regional English Language Centre
Regional English Language Office
Regional or Minority Language
Register Transfer Language
Relational Data Manipulation Language
Relational Databases and Query Languages
Relational Markup Language
Relational Query Language
Relative Expression-Based Object Language
Remote Procedure Call Language
Renderman Shading Language
Replication Command Language
Report Definition Language
Report Definition Language Client-side
Requirements Generation Markup Language
Requirements Specification Language
Requirements State Machine Language
Requirements Statement Language
Research in African Languages and Linguistics
Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society
Resident Programming Language
Restricted One-Counter Language
Restructured Extended Executor Language
Re-Useable Data Language
Revised 5th Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
Reynell Developmental Language Scales
Rich Vector Markup Language
Richard Language College
Rights Expression Language
Rights Expression Language
RiskMetrics Markup Language
Robot Command Language
Robot Scripting Language
Role Definition Language
Rotorua English Language Academy
Route Policy Language
Routing Policy Specification Language
Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
Rule Based Language
Rule Markup Language
Rule Structure Markup Language
Runtime Language
Russian Language Center
Russian Language Journal
Safe Language Extensions
Safe Language Kernel
Saint Andrews Static Language
Samsung Printer Language
Sana’a Institute for the Arabic Language
Sarawak Language Technology
Saturday School of Community Languages
Scalable Application Language)
Scanner Control Language
Scene Graph Access Language
Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments
Schema-Based Interconnection Language
School for Language and Communication Development
School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
School of Arts, Languages and Literatures
School of Comparative Languages and Culture
School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences
School of Language Studies
School of Languages and Culture
School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
School of Modern Languages and Linguistics
School of Northern European Languages
School Readiness Language Development Program
Scientific Interface Definition Language
Scientific Technology and Language Institute
Screen Definition Language
Screen Script Language
Screening Test of Adolescent Language
Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of A Gaming Environment
Search and Query Language
Second Foreign Language
Second Generation Language
Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition and Application
Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
Second Language Acquisition Research
Second Language Instruction County of Kern
Second Language Oral Proficiency Evaluation
Second Language Research Forum
Second Language Research in Japan
Second Language Teaching
Second Language Testing, Inc.
Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Secondary English Language Arts
Secure Function Definition Language
Security Assertions Markup Language
Security Descriptor Definition Language
Security Policy Specification Language
Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian Languages
Self Access Language Learning
Semantic Agent Programming Language
Semantic Operating Language
Semantic Patch Language
Semantic Specification Language
Semantic Web Ontology Language
Semantic-Pragmatic Language Disorder
Semi-Extensible Markup Language
Semi-Structured Query Language
Senior Language Specialist
Sentence Plan Language
Service Description Language
Service Language Layer
Service Modeling Language
Set Financial Database Language
SEt Theory Language
Sforce Object Query Language
Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press
Shared Data Description Language
Short Web Language
Sign Language
Sign Language
Sign Language Connection, Inc.
Sign Language Consultants
Sign Language Engineering
Sign Language Festival
Sign Language Foundation Center
Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand
Sign Language Recognition
Sign Languages International
Signal Processing Language
Signal, Speech and Language Interpretation
Signed Document Markup Language
Simple Actor Language System and Architecture
Simple Algebraic Language
Simple Check-Out Oriented Program Language
Simple Conceptual Unified Flow Language
Simple Form Definition Language
Simple Form Markup Language
Simple Logic Markup Language
Simple Modeling and Processing Language
Simple Portable Simulation Language
Simple Programming Language
Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language
Simulation and Test Language
Simulation Control Language
Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling
Simulation Language for Analogue Modelling
Simulation Oriented Language
Sindhi Language Authority
Single Address Assembly Language
Single Language Vendor
Single-Tree Language
Skunk Template Markup Language
Slavic and East European Language Resource Center
Slavic Language Division
smartX Markup Language
SOAP Contract Language
SOAP Service Description Language (web services)
Social Education Language & Development Association
Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature
Software Architecture for Language Engineering
Software Architecture Representation Language
Software Control Language
Software Description Language C
Software Engineering Design Language
Software Language and Engineering
Software, Languages, Analysis, and Model-Checking
Source Language
Source Language
Source Language Instruction
South African Sign Language
South Asian Language Analysis
South Asian Language Teachers Association
South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association
South Dakota Speech Language Hearing Association
South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
Space Station Operation Language
Spacecraft Control Language
Spacecraft Markup Language
Spacecraft Test and Operations Language
Spanish Language Media
Spanish Language Outreach
Spatial Aggregation Language
Spatial Query Language
Speak Your Language
Special Operations Forces Language Office
Special Operations Language Training
Specialization in Culture and Language Education
Special-Purpose Simulation Language
Specific Expressive Language Impairment
Specific Language Disability
Specific Language Impairment
Specification & Assertion Language
Specification and Description Language
Specification and Description Language Graphical Representation
Specification and Design Language
Specification Language Compiler
Specification Language for Encoding and Decoding
Speech and Language Development Delay
Speech and Language Impaired
Speech and Language Sciences
Speech and Language Therapist
Speech and Language Therapist
Speech and Language Therapist/Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
Speech Application Language Tags
Speech Language Communication Needs
Speech Language Impairment
Speech Language Pathologist
Speech Language Pathologist
Speech Language Pathology
Speech Language Pathology
Speech Language Pathology Program
Speech Synthesis Markup Language
Speech, Image, Language, Knowledge
Speech, Language and Communication Needs
Speech, Language or Communication Difficulty
Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Association
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Speech-Language Therapy
Spokane College of English Language
Spoken Conversational Interaction for Language Learning
Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages
Spoken Language Access to Multimedia
Spoken Language Impairment
Spoken Language Processing
Spoken Language System
Spoken Language Technology
Spoken Language Translation
Spoken Text Markup Language
Sprint Managed Process Language
Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium
Standard Army Management Language
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Digital Markup Language
Standard Document Query Language
Standard Generalized Markup Language
Standard Graphics Markup Language
Standard Interchange Language
Standard Language Test of Aphasia
Standard Meta Language
Standard Query Language
Standard Tessellation Language
Standard Test Interface Language
Standardized Language Proficiency
Standardized Language Profile
Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language
Stanford English Language Proficiency
State Notation Language
Statistical Language Model
Steel Markup Language
Storage Definition Language
Stored Data Definition Language
Stored Procedure Language
Strictly Declarative Modeling Language
Structure and Function Description Language
Structure Description Language
Structure, Meaning, Imagery, Language, Effect
Structured Audio Orchestra Language
Structured Audio Score Language
Structured Design Language
Structured Generalized Markup Language
Structured Language for Internet Markup
Structured Learning Markup Language
Structured Modeling Language
Structured Query Language
Structured Query Language Call Level Interface
Structured Rule Language
Structured Template Language
Structured Test Description Language
Students Against Insensitive Language
Studies in English Language and Linguistics
Studies in the History of the English Language
Substation Configuration Language
Super Basic Language
Supplemental Report Language
Survey of West African Languages Survey
Swedish Language Technology Conference
Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents
Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature
Symbol Imagery Figurative Language Theme
Symbolic Assembly Language
Symbolic Functional Description Language
Symbolic Language Adapted for Microcomputers
Symbolic Machine Language
Symbolic Programming Language
Symposium About Language and Society – Austin
Synchronization and Concurrency in Object-Oriented Languages
Synchronized Markup Language
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
System Control Language
System Description Language
System Design Language
System Level Design Language
System Programming Language
System Specification Language
System Test and Operations Language
Systems Biology Markup Language
Systems Modeling Language
Table Building Language
Table Producing Language
Tag Attribute Language
Tagged Text Markup Language
Taipei Language Institute
Tally Developer Language
Tandem Advanced Command Language
Target Language
Target-Machine Description Language
Task Based Language Teaching
Taxonomic Markup Language
Taylor Control Language
TCL Verification Language
Teacher of children with Speech and Language Disabilities
Teacher of Speech and Language Disabled
Teacher of Speech and Language Impaired
Teachers of Critical Languages Program
Teachers of English as an Additional Language
Teachers of English Language Education Centre
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teaching and Language Corpora
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Teaching English as a Second Language
Teaching English Language Learners
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teaching of Language Arts
TEC Printer Command Language
Technology in Foreign Language Education
Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems
Technology-Assisted Language Learning
Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
Tegas Design Language
Telecommunications Markup Language
Telephony Markup Language
Tellme Markup Language
Template Attribute Language
Template Definition Language
Temporal Profile Description Language
Temporal Structured Query Language
Temporal Versioned Query Language
Temporal Visual Query Language
Temporized Reader Markup Language
Terence’s Markup Language
Terminal Control Language
Terminology Query Language
Test and Measurement Systems Language
Test Description Language
Test of Early Written Language
Test Of English as a Foreign Language
Test of Language Development
Test of Language Development
Test Script Language
Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
Texas Studies in Literature and Language
Text Substitution Language
Textual Modelling Language
Thai Language Edition
The D Programming Language
The European Language Initiative
The Institute for Liberian Languages
The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages
The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
The Language Academy
The Language House
The Language Teacher
The Language Works
Thematic Indexing of Spoken Language
Third Generation Language
Thought and Language Index
Threaded Interpretive Language
Thunderbird Language Center
Tibetan Language Kit
Timing Description Language
Tiny Object-Oriented Language
Tokyo School of Foreign Languages
Tokyo World Language Academy
Tool Command Language
Tool Control Language
Top Down Parsing Language
Topic Maps Constraint Language
Toronto Japanese Language School
TPOCC System Test and Operations Language
Tracker Extensible Markup Language
Trading Rule Language
Trailer Bill Language
Training Adult Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Numeracy Teachers
Trans Basic Language
Transact Structured Query Language
Transaction Application Language
Transaction Authority Markup Language
Transaction Control Language
Transaction Language 1
Transaction Processing Language
Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
Transducer Markup Language
Transfer of African Language Knowledge
Transformation Definition Language
Transformative Language Arts
Transportation eXtensible Markup Language
Tree Query Language
Tree Transformation Language
Trinamic Motion Control Language
Tutorial Markup Language
Typed Assembly Language
UDDI Search Markup Language
Ulster Scots Language Society
Unified Medical Language System Knowledge Source Server
Unified Modeling Language
Unified Service Description Language
Uniform Data Language
Uniform Data Language
Unit for Computer Research on the English Language
Unit for Language Facilitation and Empowerment
UNIVAC Interactive Language
Universal Business Language
Universal Communications Language
Universal Compiler Architecture (allows any language to be compiled by Chasm.
Universal Language
Universal Language Activity Monitor
Universal Language Dictionary
Universal Markup Language
Universal Networking Language
Universal Programming Language
University English Language Program
University Language Centre
University of California Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching
Unorthodox Scripting Language
User Interface Language
User Interface Specification Language
User Program Language
User Requirements Language
User System Language
Utility Interface Language
Value-Oriented Algorithmic Language
Vancouver Language Centre
Variant Configuration Language
Vast Interface Test Application Language
Vector Control Language
Vector Markup Language
Velocity Template Language
Versant Query Language
Very High Level Language
Very High-level Design Language
VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analysis and Standards Group
VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analyzer and Utility Library (software)
VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHSIC Hardware Design Language
Vicarm Arm Language
Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages
Victorian School of Languages
Video Stream Description Language
Vienna Definition Language
View Definition Language
Virtual Hardware Description Language
Virtual Query Language
Virtual Reality Markup Language
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
Virtualization Query Language
VIrus Description Language
Visible Language Workshop
Visual Brand Language
Visual Instructional Design Language
Visual Language
Visual Language Compiler-Compiler
Visual Language of Experimentation
Visual Languages and Formal Methods
Visual Modeling Language
Visual Programming Language
Visual Query Language
Vivekananda Institute of Foreign Languages
Vocational English to Speakers of Other Languages
Voice Application Language
Voice eXtensible Markup Language
Voice Markup Language
Wadeye Aboriginal Languages Centre
Warwick English Language Test
Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages
Watch The Language
Watch Your Language
Waterloo Systems Language
Waveform Description Language
Waveform Generation Language
Weapons Data Markup Language
Web Application Description Language
Web Application Markup Language
Web Assisted Language Learning
Web Development Language
Web Enhanced Language Learning
Web Interface Definition Language
Web Ontology Language
Web Ontology Language
Web Page Markup Language
Web Service Definition Language
Web Services Description Language
Web Services Endpoint Language
Web Services Inspection Language for Java
Web Services Management Language
Web Services Meta Language
Web Services Modeling Language
Web Services Relationships Language
Web Services Security Language
Web Usage Manipulation Language
Webbase Description Language
Website Meta Language
Welsh Language Board
Welsh Language Scheme
Wesnoth Markup Language
West African Languages Congress
West African Languages Survey
West Armenian Language Center
West Salem Language Academy
Westall English Language Centre
Whole Language Umbrella
Why A Markup Language
Windows Scripting Language
Wireless Markup Language
Wireless Markup Language Script
Wireless Markup Language Script Compiled
Wisdom Booklet Language Arts
Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language
WMI Query Language
Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery
Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey
Work Flow Description Language
Work Flow Language
Workbook in Second Language Acquisition
Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition
Workflow Process Definition Language
Workplace English Language and Literacy Program
Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages
Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
Workshop on Computer-Aided Language Processing
Workshop on Formal Languages and Automata
World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
World Business Language Centre
World Council of Language Teaching
World Definition Language
World English-Language Scrabble Players’ Association
World Exchange College of Language
World Language Center
World Language Club
World Language Mapping System
World Languages and Classics
World Languages and Cultures
World Languages Day
World Languages Day
world wide language
Writing API for XML (Extensible Markup Language; open-source library)
Wuhan Foreign Languages School
wxWidgets bindings for the D programming language
Wyoming Speech-Language-Hearing Association
XML Binding Language
XML Import Language (computer programming)
XML Matching and Structuring (query language)
XML Oriented Retrieval (computer language)
XML Pipeline Language
XML Pipeline Language
XML Pointer Language
XML Resource Definition (programming language files)
XML Stylesheet Language for Transformations
XML Template Language
XML Transformation Language (computer programming)
Xperimental Markup Language
Yahoo! Query Language
Yamada Language Center
Yaml Ain’t Markup Language
Year of Languages
Yet Another Language
Yet Another Transformation Language
York English Language Test
Young Language Learner
Young Language Learner
Yugoslavian Sign Language
Zebra Programming Language
Zork Implementation Language