Law Abbreviations


What is Law?

Law, is a principle, a precept, a norm, created to establish the rules that must be followed, it is an ordering. From the Latin ” lex ” meaning “law” – an imposed obligation. Grammatically lei is a feminine noun.

In a society, the function of laws is to control the behavior and actions of individuals in accordance with the principles of that society.

In the field of Law, the law is a rule made binding by the coercive force of the legislative power or legitimate authority, which constitutes the rights and duties in a community.

In the constitutional scope, laws are the norms produced by the State. They are issued by the Legislative Power and promulgated by the President of the Republic.

In the scientific sense, law is a rule that establishes a constant relationship between phenomena or between phases of a single phenomenon. Through systematic observation, the law describes a phenomenon that occurs with some regularity, associating cause and effect relationships, such as the Law of Universal Gravitation or the Law of Action and Reaction, determined by Isaac Newton.

Talion law

Talion law was a penalty that consisted of avenging a crime by causing the criminal damage or an evil similar to what he committed. Several passages in the Bible bear witness to the law of talion. It was a kind of revenge that punished the criminal so that he was punished for the same crime he committed.

Dry law

The dry law was enacted in Brazil in 2008 with the aim of reducing traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers. Law 11,705 amended the Brazilian Traffic Code. The driver who is stopped and caught in the breathalyzer test, with more than 0.1mg of alcohol in his blood, will have his driver’s license suspended, the car will be seized and will have to pay a fine of R$ 955.00.

What is a Complementary Law?

The complementary law is a law created to provide more information about the way in which rights or obligations (norms) that are defined in the Federal Constitution work.

Complementary bill

The complementary bill is the document that initiates the legislative process for a complementary law to be created or amended. Legislative process is the set of all the phases that are necessary for a bill to be approved, from the proposal to the voting phase.

Who can propose a complementary bill?

The proposal for a new complementary law can be made:

  • by the President of the Republic,
  • by the senators,
  • by federal deputies,
  • by state deputies,
  • by the committees of the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate and the National Congress,
  • by the Federal Supreme Court (STF),
  • by other Courts,
  • by the Attorney General of the Republic.

Citizens can also propose a supplementary bill. When the project is presented by citizens, it is called a popular initiative.

How is a supplementary law passed?

For a complementary bill to be approved and become a law, it must be voted on and approved in the two Houses that make up the National Congress: the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate. Approval must be by absolute majority, that is, by the majority of the total number of federal deputies or senators.

In the Senate, voting takes place in a single round. As the Senate has 81 senators, at least 41 senators must vote in favor of the complementary bill.

In the Chamber of Deputies, voting takes place in two rounds. For the project to be approved, a minimum of 257 votes in favor is needed, out of a total of 513 deputies.

What is the difference between supplementary law and ordinary law?

The complementary law and the ordinary law have some differences. The main characteristic that differentiates an ordinary law from a complementary law is the type of matter that is defined by each one of them. Another difference is the vote required for the bill to pass.

Matter dealt with in the law

The complementary law always deals with issues that have been defined in the Federal Constitution. As the name says, it complements information about how a right works, for example.

The Constitution defines that a right exists and the supplementary law sets out all the other details about its functioning. It is the Constitution itself that informs when a matter must be regulated by a complementary law.

The ordinary law deals with other matters that are not defined by a complementary law. These subjects are called residual matter.

Vote for approval

In relation to voting for the approval of a bill, the difference is that the complementary law must be approved by an absolute majority and the ordinary law by a simple majority.

The absolute majority is the majority in relation to the total number of deputies or senators, even those not present in the vote being counted. The simple majority is the majority of parliamentarians who are on the day of voting on the bill.

What matters must be dealt with by supplementary law?

Here are some matters that must be regulated by a complementary law:

  • creation and division of federal, state and municipal territories,
  • passage of foreign Armed Forces through the territory of Brazil,
  • cases of ineligibility of politicians,
  • evaluation procedures for public servants,
  • rules of cooperation between the Union and the states, the Federal District and the municipalities,
  • functions of the Vice-President of the Republic,
  • organization and functioning of the Armed Forces,
  • law making,
  • organization of the Public Ministry and the Attorney General’s Office,
  • criteria for the collection of taxes,
  • rules of the National Financial System.

What is an Ordinary Law?

Ordinary law is the most common normative type provided for in the Federal Constitution and which enacts norms in a general and abstract way.

Ordinary laws can provide for any matter, with the exception of those reserved for complementary laws and the internal affairs of the National Congress, which must be regulated by decrees and resolutions.

Ordinary laws are considered primary normative acts, that is, they create, modify and extinguish rights following a legislative process and precepts expressed directly in the Federal Constitution. The other primary normative acts are:

  • amendments to the Constitution
  • complementary laws
  • delegated laws
  • interim measures
  • legislative decrees
  • resolutions

Differences between ordinary law and supplementary law

The differences between ordinary laws and complementary laws stem from the Federal Constitution and are of a material and formal nature. The difference of a material nature concerns exactly the matter that can be legislated by each type of law and the formal difference is related to the approval process that each one has.

Matter dealt with in the law

The complementary law has its field of action determined in the Federal Constitution in an exhaustive way, that is, some matters can only be regulated through this type of law. This occurs in matters that are already provided for in the Constitution in a superficial way and need to be supplemented.

Ordinary law provides for so-called residual matters, that is, all matters that are not reserved for supplementary laws, legislative decrees or resolutions.

According to the STF, there is no hierarchy between complementary laws and ordinary laws. However, the reservation of matter has the following consequences: a materially complementary law cannot be repealed by ordinary law, (considering that it cannot legislate on those matters), but a complementary law can always repeal an ordinary law.

Approval process

For a complementary law to be approved, an absolute majority, that is, more than half of the members of the National Congress, must be in favor of the project.

Voting for the approval of an ordinary law takes place by a simple majority, that is, the majority of parliamentarians present on the day when the bill is voted.

The formally complementary laws (approved by an absolute majority but which do not deal with matters exclusive to complementary laws) can be revoked by ordinary laws.

Ordinary bill

The ordinary bill is the document that initiates the legislative process for an ordinary law to be created or amended. Legislative process is the set of all the phases that are necessary for a bill to be approved, from the proposal to the voting phase.

Who can propose an ordinary bill?

According to article 61 of the Federal Constitution, the initiative of ordinary laws falls to:

  • to any member or committee of the Chamber of Deputies
  • to any member of the Federal Senate or the National Congress
  • to the President of the Republic,
  • to the Federal Supreme Court,
  • to the Superior Courts,
  • to the Attorney General of the Republic
  • and to citizens, through popular initiative, requiring the signature of at least 1% of the country’s electorate, distributed across at least five states, with no less than 0.3% of voters in each of them.

Delegated laws

Delegated laws are laws drawn up by the President of the Republic after authorization by the National Congress, which must specify the content and terms of the delegation.

According to article 68, §1 of the Federal Constitution, delegated laws cannot legislate on:

  • acts of exclusive competence of the National Congress;
  • matter reserved for the complementary law;
  • organization of the Judiciary and the Public Ministry, the career and guarantee of its members;
  • nationality, citizenship, individual, political and electoral rights;
  • multi-year plans, budget guidelines and budgets.

After approval of the law delegated by the National Congress, it enters the legal system with the status of ordinary law.

Law Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Law

A Law Corporation
A Professional Law Corporation
Aarhus Lawn Tennis Selskab
Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto
Abortion Law Reform Association
Above the Law
Above the Law
Abu-Ghazaleh Legal
Academy Law Review
Academy Law Review
Adelaide Legal Outreach Service
Administration of Muslim Law Act
Administrative Law Bar Association
Administrative Law Division
Administrative Law Judge
Administrative Message designated to Law Enforcement
Advanced Certified Paralegal
Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement
Advanced Law Enforcement and Response Technology
Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training
Advanced Legal Issues in Virtual Enterprise
Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant
Advisory Center on WTO Law (Geneva, Switzerland)
Advisory Committee on Private International Law
Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre
Afghanistan Lawyers Association
African Canadian Legal Clinic
African Clawed Frog
Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law
Agricultural Law Association
Agriculture and Markets Law
AIDS Law Project
AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania
Air Force Law Review
Air Force Legal Services Agency
Air Malawi
Air Malawi
Airborne Law Enforcement
Airborne Law Enforcement Association
Al Bihery Law Firm
Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc.
Alabama Family Law Center
Alabama Law Institute
Alabama Voters Against Lawsuit Abuse
Alaska Department of Law
Alberta Law Review
Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association
Alcohol Law Enforcement
Alcoholic Beverage Laws & Enforcement Commission
Alfalfa Lawn Farm
All China Lawyers Association
All Legal Transitions
All Legal Transitions
All Legal Transitions
All Money Is Legal
Allan Lawson’s Fighting Arts, LLC
Alliance for Tax, Legal, and Accounting Seminars
Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer
Amateur Radio League of Lawrence County
America’s Law Enforcement Retiree Team
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
American Agricultural Law Association
American Association of Law Libraries
American Blind Lawyers Association
American Business for Legal Immigration
American Business Law Association
American Center for Law and Justice
American College of Construction Lawyers
American College of Legal Medicine
American College of Trial Lawyers
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
American Constitutional Law Foundation
American Criminal Law Review
American Employment Law Council
American Greedy Trial Lawyers Association
American Health Lawyers Association
American Immigration Law Foundation
American Immigration Lawyers Association
American Indian Law Alliance
American Indian Law Students Association
American Law and Economics Association
American Law Division
American Law Institute
American Law of Property
American Law Publishing
American Law Reports
American Law Reports
American Law Review
American Law Review
American Law Sources On-line
American Lawn Bowls Association
American Lawyers Quarterly
American Legal Foundation
American Outlaws
American Outlaws Association
American Prepaid Legal Services Institute
American Psychology-Law Society
American Society of International Law Wildlife Interest Group
American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics
American Trial Lawyers Association
American University International Law Review
American Veterinary Medical Law Association
Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information
Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics
Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law
Amsterdam Nyenrode Law School
Analytical Services of Delaware Inc.
Angels Die in Outlaw States
Anglo-Russian Law Association
Animal Law Associates of Wisconsin
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Animal Rights Law Office
Animal Welfare, Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association
Annual Review of Population Law
Anti-Corruption Law
Anti-Referral Payments Law
Anti-Riot Law
Anti-Secession Law
Anti-Secession Law
Apollo International of Delaware
Appalachian School of Law
Appalachian School of Law
Appleseed Center for Law and Justice
Application of English Law Act
Arab Center for Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession
Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity
Arab Election Law Compendium
Arab Law Students Association
Arab Lawyers Union
Arbitration of Company Law Disputes
Arbitration of Company Law Disputes
Área Urbanas de Génese Ilegal
Arizona Association of Law Libraries
Arizona Center for Disability Law
Arizona Law and Education Center
Arizona Law Enforcement Academy
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand
Asahi Tokyo Law Office
Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law
Asia Pacific Legal Institute
Asian American Law Librarians
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Asian American Legal Foundation
Asian Journal of Comparative Law
Asian Law Caucus
Asian Law Institute
Asian Legal Resource Centre
Asian Pacific American Law Journal
Asian Pacific American Legal Center
Asia-Pacific Center for Environmental Law
Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
Ask Your Lawmaker
Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law
Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal
Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives
Association for Continuing Legal Education
Association for Legal Justice
Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
Association for the Legal Right to Abortion
Association for the Teaching of English in Malawi
Association of American Law Schools
Association of Black Law Enforcers
Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey
Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools
Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia
Association of Independent European Lawyers
Association of International Business Lawyers
Association of Law Costs Draftsmen
Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare
Association of Legal Administrators
Association of Legal Medicine and Health
Association of Patent Law Firms
Association of Police Lawyers
Association of Real Estate License Law Officials
Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Association of West Virginia Paralegals
Association of Women Lawyers
Association of Young Lawyers
Association to Repeal Abortion Laws
Atlanta Law Libraries Association
Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association
Atlanta Lawyers’ Orchestra
Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad
attorney at law
Auckland District Law Society
Austin Young Lawyers Association
Australian Administrative Law Bulletin
Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association
Australian Centre for Environmental Law
Australian College of Legal Medicine
Australian Company Law Cases
Australian Construction Law Bulletin
Australian Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law
Australian Labour Law Association
Australian Law Journal
Australian Law Journal Reports
Australian Law Librarians Group
Australian Law Reform Commission
Australian Law Reports
Australian Law Reports
Australian Law Students’ Association
Australian Lawyers Alliance
Australian Lawyers Network
Australian Legal Assistance Forum
Australian Legal Education Forum
Australian Property Law Journal
Australian Virtual Centre for Women and the Law
Automated Law Enforcement Response Team
Automated Legal Research
Automated Legal Research
Automated Tax Law
Automobile Claim Law Associate
Automobile Legal Association
Ave Maria School of Law
Avon and Bristol Law Centre
Baccalaureus Commercii Law
Bachelor of Academic Law
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Business Laws
Bachelor of Canon Law
Bachelor of Civil Law
Bachelor of General Law
Bachelor of Law
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Laws and Arts
Bachelor of Laws and Science
Bachelor of Legal Policy and Administration
Bachelor of Legal Studies
Bachelor of Legislative Law
Bachelor of Legislative Law
Bachelor of Science in Law
Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
Bachelor of Talmudic Law
Ball Claw for Basketball
Baltic Commercial Law Office
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
Bangladesh Law Times
Bangladesh Legal Decisions
Bankruptcy Law Network
Bankruptcy Law Network
Barely Legal Fabrications
Base d’Informations Légales
Base d’Informations Légales
Basic Law Enforcement Training
Bassetlaw Community Voluntary Service
BattleField Outlaws
Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Bay Area Legal Info Center
Bay Area Legal Recruitment Association
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Beaconsfield School of Lawn Tennis
Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement
Beekeepers Association of Malawi
Behzad Law Office
Beijing Bangcheng Law Firm
Beiruti Law Firm
Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs
Berkeley Business Law Journal
Berkeley Center for Law Technology
Berkeley Law Foundation
Berkeley Organization of Law and Technology
Better Business Bureau of Delaware
Beverage Container Deposit Law
Bibliography of Early American Law
Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware Valley
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware
Biodiversity Legal Foundation
Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, Inc.
Black Hills Legal Professionals Association
Black Lawyer Association
Black Lawyers Directory
Black Undergraduate Law Association
Black Women Lawyers’ Association
Blackclaw Games
Blantyre, Malawi – Chileka
Blawenburg Band
Blog of Legal Times
Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
Board Certified Legal Nurse
Board of Law Examiners
Board of Legal Specialization
Boating Law Administrator
Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005
Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley
Boston College Law School
Boston Law Collaborative
Boston Legal
Botswana Lesotho Malawi Namibia and Swaziland
Brigade Operational Legal Team
Briggs Lawrence County Public Library Main Branch
British and Irish Legal Education Technology Association
British and Irish Legal Information Institute
British Association of Lawyer Mediators
British Association of Lawyer Mediators
British Columbia Legal Management Association
British Yearbook of International Law
Brooklawn Middle School
Brooklyn Law School
Bryant Law Firm
Buffalo Criminal Law Center
Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation
Building, Intent, Knowingly & Unlawfully, Enter Or Remain
Bulawayo Bowling Club
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Bulawayo
Bulgarian Center for Not-For-Profit Law
Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives
Bulletin des Annonces Légales et Obligatoires
Bureau of Drug Law Enforcement
Bureau of Labor Law Compliance
Bureau of Legal Affairs
Bureau of Municipal Finance Law
Burma Lawyers Council
Business & Legal Reports
Business Administration Legal Studies
Business and Legal Resources
Business Corporation Law
Business Law Forum
Business Law Journal
Business Law Section
Business Law Today
Business Legal Studies
Business, Economics and Law
Butterworths Pension Law Reports
By Tooth and Claw Dragons
By-Law Enforcement Working Group
Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee
Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic
California Alliance of Paralegal Associations
California Apartment Law Information Foundation
California Association of Black Lawyers
California Association of Black Lawyers
California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment
California Certified Legal Secretary
California Employment Lawyers Association
California Family Law Institute
California General Corporation Law
California Housing Law Project
California Law Enforcement Association
California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
California Law Examination
California Law Review
California Lawyers for the Arts
California Redevelopment Law
California Relocation Assistance Law
California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.
California Trial Lawyers Association
California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law
California Young Lawyers Association
Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits
Call Your Lawyer
Callaway Advanced Scalable Parallel Environment for Research
Callaway Golf
Callaway Multipurpose Building
Cambridge Law Journal
Cambridge University Law Society
Campaign and Media Legal Center
Campaign Legal Center
Canada – United States Law Institute
Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers
Canadian Association of Law Libraries
Canadian Association of Law Teachers
Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
Canadian Environmental Law Association
Canadian Family Law Cases
Canadian Forces Legal Advisor
Canadian Journal of Family Law
Canadian Law & Economics Association
Canadian Law Enforcement Games
Canadian Law Symposia Index
Canadian Lawyers Association for International Human Rights
Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association
Canadian Legal Conference
Canadian Legal Education Annual Review
Canadian Legal Education Association
Canadian Maritime Law Association
Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights
Canon Law Institute
Canon Law Society of America
Capital Legal Services
Capital University Law School
Cardiovascular Associates of the Delaware Valley
Case Law on UNCITRAL texts
Casualty Claim Law Associate
Catholic Charities Legal Services
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
Center for Asian Legal Exchange
Center for Biomedical Ethics and Law
Center for Children’s Law and Policy
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
Center for Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law
Center for Environmental Law and Policy
Center for Health Policy, Law and Management
Center for HIV Law and Policy
Center for Information Law and Privacy
Center for Intellectual Property Law
Center for International and Comparative Law
Center for International Environmental Law
Center for Law & Policy
Center for Law and Border Studies
Center for Law and Computers
Center for Law and Financial Markets
Center for Law and Justice International
Center for Law and Social Policy
Center for Law and Social Policy
Center for Law and Technology
Center for Law in the Public Interest
Center for Legal Aid Education
Center for Legal Analyses
Center for Legal and Court Technology
Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims
Center for Oceans Law and Policy
Center for Public Interest Law
Center for Public Interest Law
Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
Center for Telehealth & E-Health Law
Center for Telemedicine Law
Center for Telemedicine Law
Center for the Study of Law & Society
Center for the Study of Law and Religion
Center for Trade Law and Development
Center for Trade Policy and Law
Center in Law, Economics and Organization
Center on Children, Families and the Law
Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies
Center’s Legal Initiative Project
Central California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Central Delaware Soccer Association
Central Florida Legal Services
Centre for Advancement in Environmental Law
Centre for Applied Legal Studies
Centre for Comparative and Public Law
Centre for European Comparative and International Law
Centre for European Constitutional Law
Centre for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning
Centre for Innovation Law and Policy
Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law
Centre for Legal Assistance
Centre for Legal Education
Centre for Legal Information and Publications
Centre for Media and Communications Law
Centre for Medicine Ethics and Law
Centre for Public Law
Centre for Research in Industrial and Commercial Law
Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
Centre for the Comparative Study of Law and Society
Centre for Transnational Legal Studies
Centro de Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos
Centro de Acción Legal-Ambiental y Social
Centro de Asistencia Legal Ambiental
Centro de Asistencia Legal de Incidencia Contra la Corrupción
Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales
Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati
Certificate of English Law
Certified Elder Law Attorney
Certified Employment Law Specialist
Certified Law Enforcement Agency
Certified Law Enforcement Analysts
Certified Law Enforcement Executive
Certified Legal Assistant
Certified Legal Document Preparer
Certified Legal Investigator
Certified Legal Manager
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
Certified Paralegal
Certified Paralegal
Chancery Law Chronicles
Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association
Chandler Law Enforcement Association
Chemical Substances Control Law
Chemistry and the Law
Chemnitzer Lawn-Tennis-Club
Chess Association of Malawi
Chess Association of Malawi
Chicago Association of Law Libraries
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers
Chief Law Enforcement Officer
Chief Legal Officer
Chief Legalman
Chief Martial Law Administrator
Child Protection Law
Children and Family Law Center
Children’s Law Center Of Massachusetts, Inc
Children’s Legal Action Network
Children’s Legal Centre
China Law & Practice
Chris Lawrence Online
Christian Health Association of Malawi
Christian Health Association of Malawi
Christian Legal Intervention Academy
Christian Legal Society
Christian Literature Association in Malawi
Christian Trial Lawyers Association
Cincinnati Paralegal Association
Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Citizens Against Legalized Murder
Citizens Law Enforcement Academy
Civil Law
Civil Law Activities Tax
Civil Law Judge
Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme
Civil Law Legal Aid Scheme
Civil Legal Aid Scheme
Civil Practice Law and Rules
Civil Practice Law Rules
Civil Rights Law Journal
Civil Rights Law Society
civilian law enforcement agency
Claims Legal Research System
Claims Legal Research System
Clark County Law Foundation
Clark County Legal Services
Classical Motional Electric Law
Cleveland Employment Lawyers Association
Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association
Clinical Legal Education Association
Clinical Legal Education Foundation
Coalition for Access to Legal Resources
Coalition for Responsible Mining Law
Coalition of Aboriginal Legal Services
Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters
Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters
Code of Canon Law
Code of Canon Law
Code on Private International Law
Cohesion Legal Services Centre
Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association
Collaborative Family Law
Collaborative Family Law Council
Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois
Collaborative Law Participation Agreement
Collection of Laws for Electronic Access
College of Law of England and Wales
College of Law of England and Wales
College of Law of England and Wales
College of Personal Injury Law
Collier Legal Support Professionals
Colorado Association of Professional Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Colorado Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy
Colorado Legal Initiatives Project
Colorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
Coloradoans Against Helmet Laws
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Columbia Latin American Business Law Association
Columbia Law School
Columbus Intellectual Property Law Association
Columbus School of Law
Commerce, Law and Management
Commercial and Administrative Law
Commercial Bank of Malawi
Commercial Law Development Program
Commercial Law Journal
Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.
Commission on Continuing Legal Education
Commission on Environmental Law
Commission on European Contract Law
Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation
Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor
Commission on Official Legal Publications
Committee on Law and Justice
Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Committee on Legal Issues
Committee On Telecommunications Law
Committee On Telecommunications Law
Committee on Women in the Law
Common Law
Common Law Admission Test
Common Law Marriage
Common Market Law Report
Commonwealth Law Conference
Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network
Commonwealth Law Reports
Commonwealth Lawyers Association
Commonwealth Legal Advisory Service
Commonwealth Legal Education Association
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994
Communications for Law Enforcement Administration
Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government
Community Health Law Project
Community Justice and Legal Assistance
Community Law Centre
Community Legal Advice
Community Legal Advisor
Community Legal Assistance Society
Community Legal Centres
Community Legal Education
Community Legal Education Action
Community Legal Education Association, Inc.
Community Legal Education Ontario
Community Legal Information Association
Community Legal Resources Network
Community Legal Service
Community Legal Services and Counseling Center
Community Legal Services Program
Company and Financial Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
Company Law Board
Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Competition and Consumer Law Journal
Compliance Officer for Legal Practice
Computer and Internet Legal Issues Committee
Computer Assisted Legal Research
Computer Law Association
Computer Law Review International
Computer Lawyer News
Computer-Aided Law and Advanced Technologies
Computer-Aided Legal Research
Computerised Environmental Law Information Base
Computerized Legal Information Management and Explanation
Concord Law School
Concord Law School
Conference of Law Library Educators
Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement
Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association
Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association
Connecticut Legal Rights Project
Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
Conservation Law Foundation
Consolidated Freightways Corporation of Delaware
Consortium for Advanced Legal Education
Constant Yield Control Law
Constitution and Bylaws
Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Constitutional Law Quarterly
Consumers Legal Remedies Act
Contingency Legal Aid Fund
Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Control Law Accelerator
Control Law Computations
Control Law Electronics
Control Laws
Controlled Flaw
Convention on International Law and Politics
Convention on the Law of the Sea
Conveyancing and Law of Property Act
Copley-Fairlawn Middle School
Cornell International Law Journal
Cornell Law Library
Cornell Law Student Association
Corporate and Securities Law Association
Corporate Income Tax Law
Corporate Law Compensation & Management Survey
Corporate Law Institute
Corporate Law Teachers Association
Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand
Corporate, Securities and Finance Law Abstracts
Corprasoft Legal Desktop
Corprasoft Legal Desktop
Corps of Engineers Automated Legal Services
Corps of Engineers Office of Security and Law Enforcement
Corvette Club of Northern Delaware
Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union
Council on Labor Law Equality
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training
Council on Legal Education Opportunity
Council on Ocean Law
Council on Ocean Law
Council on Ocean Law
County Law
County Law Enforcement Applied Regionally
Courts and Legal Services Act 1990
Crime Victim Legal Network
Crime, Law, and Justice
Criminal Defence Lawyers’ Association
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal Justice Law
Criminal Justice Legal Assistant
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
Criminal Law Amendment
Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935
Criminal Law Enforcement
Criminal Law Enforcement Application
Criminal Law Forum
Criminal Law Policy Section
Criminal Law Section
Criminal Procedure Law
Critical Initial Flaw Size
Critical Legal Studies
Crown Law Office-Civil
Cunningham District Lawn Bowls Association Inc
Current Index to Legal Periodicals
Current Law Index
Current Law Yearbook
Current Law Yearbook
Customary International Law
Customs Drugs Law Enforcement
Customs Law
Cyber Law
Cyber Law Centre
Cyberlaw, Policies and Regulations
Cyberspace Law Journal
Dade Association of Legal Assistants
Daily Washington Law Reporter Company
Dakota Plains Legal Services
Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies
Dane County Legal Resource Center
Data Association Methods with Applications to Law Enforcement
Dead on the Law
Deakin Law Students Society
Deakin University Law School Admission Test
Debt Protection Law, PC
Defense Institute of International Legal Studies
Defense Law & Order
Defense Legal Services
Defense Legal Services Agency
Delaware Academy of Family Physicians
Delaware Academy of Physician Assistants
Delaware Administration for Specialized Transportation
Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc.
Delaware African Students Association
Delaware Amateur Racquetball Association
Delaware and Hudson Railway Company
Delaware and Hudson Virtual Museum
Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
Delaware Animal Rights Association
Delaware Apartment Association
Delaware Appraisal Land Information System
Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center
Delaware Area Regional Transit
Delaware Art Museum
Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies
Delaware Association of School Psychologists
Delaware Association of the Deaf
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church
Delaware Bay Observing System
Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc.
Delaware Business Trust
Delaware Center for Enterprise Development
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts
Delaware Chamber Music Festival
Delaware College of Art and Design
Delaware College Preparatory Academy
Delaware College Preparatory Academy
Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs
Delaware Community Investment Corporation
Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council
Delaware Conflict Resolution Network
Delaware Correctional Center
Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Delaware County
Delaware County AIDS Network
Delaware County Aquarium Society
Delaware County Christian School
Delaware County Community College
Delaware County Conservation District
Delaware County Electric Cooperative
Delaware County Genealogical Society
Delaware County Historical Society
Delaware County Housing Authority
Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Delaware County Memorial Hospital
Delaware County Paranormal Investigators
Delaware County Technical Schools
Delaware Credit Union League
Delaware Custom Material
Delaware Department of Agriculture
Delaware Department of Transportation
Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council
Delaware Diamond Knives, Inc.
Delaware Division Of Libraries
Delaware Economic Development Authority
Delaware Economic Development Office
Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families
Delaware Education Support System
Delaware Electric Cooperative
Delaware Emergency Management Agency
Delaware Engineering Society
Delaware Environmental Observing System
Delaware Financial Management System
Delaware Foundation for Retarded Children
Delaware Genealogical Society Journal
Delaware Geographic Data Committee
Delaware Grace Brethren Church
Delaware Health and Social Services
Delaware Health and Social Services
Delaware Health Care Commission
Delaware Healthcare Association
Delaware Herb Growers & Marketers Association
Delaware Higher Education Commission
Delaware Home Education Association
Delaware Hotel and Lodging Association
Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
Delaware Management Business Trust
Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation
Delaware Memorial Bridge
Delaware Millitary Academy
Delaware Music Educators Association
Delaware National Guard
Delaware North Companies
Delaware North Companies Australia
Delaware North Parks Services
Delaware Nurses Association
Delaware Nurses Association
Delaware Occupational Therapy Association
Delaware Pain Initiative
Delaware Public Archives
Delaware Public Auto Auction
Delaware Quality Conference
Delaware Real Estate Commission
Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.
Delaware River Basin
Delaware River Greenway Partnership
Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council
Delaware River Neighborhood Alliance
Delaware Safety Council, Inc.
Delaware School for the Deaf
Delaware School Nurse Association
Delaware School of Hotel Management
Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation
Delaware State Bar Association
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
Delaware State Housing Authority
Delaware State Pistol Club
Delaware State Police
Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
Delaware State University
Delaware State University
Delaware Student Testing Program
Delaware Symphony Orchestra
Delaware Teaching Fellows
Delaware Technical & Community College
Delaware Town Famous
Delaware Transit Corporation
Delaware Valley Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Delaware Valley Archivists Group
Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers
Delaware Valley Chefs Association
Delaware Valley College
Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference
Delaware Valley Dance Academy
Delaware Valley Daylily Society
Delaware Valley Distance Learning Consortium
Delaware Valley Education Consortium
Delaware Valley Healthcare Council
Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club
Delaware Valley Hockey League
Delaware Valley Opera
Delaware Valley Opera Company
Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
Delaware Valley Outdoors
Delaware Valley Poets
Delaware Valley Regional High School
Delaware Valley Science Council
Delaware Valley Section
Delaware Valley Sprint Association
Delaware Valley Stroke Council
Delaware Valley Surf Anglers
Delaware Valley Translators Association
Delaware Valley Transplant Program
Delaware Valley Tres Dias
Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist
Delaware Valley Zen Center
Delaware Veterans Home
Delaware Veterinary Medical Association
Delaware Volleyball Coaches Association
Delaware Volunteer Legal Services
Delaware Volunteer Legal Services
Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Delaware Young Playwrights Festival
Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad
Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad
Democrat – Delaware
Democratic Law Student Association
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Department for Government and Labour Law and Administration
Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
Department of Legal Affairs
Department of Legal Affairs and Services
Department of Legal Medicine
Department of Legal Services
Departmental Legal Service Unit
Deputy Director of Legal Aid
Deputy Law Enforcement Officer
Derwent World Patents Legal
Detroit College of Law
Development of Malawian Enterprises Trust
Developments in Mental Health Law
Dhaka Centre for Law and Economics
Dhaka Law Report
Differential-Game-Based Guidance Law
Digital Audio Legal Recorder
Digital Flaw Analysis
Digital Legal Management
Dingman Delaware Branch Library
Diploma in Law – Paralegal Practice
Diploma in Law – Paralegal Practice
Director for Law Enforcement, Security and Protection
Director of Army Legal Services
Disabilities Law Project
Disability Benefits Law
Disability Law Center
Disability Services & Legal Center
Disaster Legal Services
Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups
Discrimination Law Review
Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955
Disobey a Lawful Order
Dispute Resolution Lawyer
District Legal Service Authority
District of Columbia Trial Lawyers Association
Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
Division of Environmental Law and Conventions
Division of Policy Development and Law
DIY Watering Your Lawn (television show)
Doctor of Canon Law
Doctor of Canon/Civil Law
Doctor of Civil Law
Doctor of Comparative Law
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
Doctor of the Science of Law
Doctor of the Science of Laws
Domestic Relations Law
Domestic Safety Law Variations
Dominion Law Reports
Donahue Law Group, PSC
Down By Law
Down Syndrome Association of Delaware
Drug Abuse Law Enforcement
Drug Law Enforcement Officer
Drug Law Enforcement School for Patrol Officers
Druid of the Claw
Duke Law and Technology Review
Duke Law Journal
Dutch Australian Society, Illawarra
Early Retirees Legal Action
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
E-ASEAN Working Group (e-commerce laws and regulations coordination group)
East Asian Law Department
East Lawrence Neighborhood Association
East Texas Legal Services
East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin
East-East Legal Coalition
Eastern Community Legal Centre
Ecology Law Quarterly
Economic, Legal, and Political Systems in Action
Eddie Lawson Replica
Edmonton Law Libraries Association
Education and Law Journal
Education Law Association
Education Law Center
Elder & Disability Law Advocates
Electronic Discovery Law
Electronic Documents and Signatures Law 2005
Electronic Law Library
Electronic Tax Law Assistance
E-Legal Gathering
Elements of Federal Securities Law
Emory International Law Review
Emory Law Journal
Employment Labor Law Audit
Employment Law Bar Association
Employment Law Information Network
Employment Law Training
Employment Law Training
Energy Conservation Law
Enforcement of Laws and Treaties
Enforcement of Laws and Treaties
Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws
Enhanced Project By-Laws Scheme
Enhanced Project By-laws Scheme
Enterprise Business Law Group
Enumclaw Regional Hospital
Environment and Planning Law Association
Environmental and Land Use Law
Environmental Conservation Law
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Environmental Law and Justice Clinic
Environmental Law and Management Clinic
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Environmental Law Centre
Environmental Law Community Advisory Service
Environmental Law Division
Environmental Law Foundation
Environmental Law Institute
Environmental Law Journal
Environmental Law Reporter
Environmental Law Research Centre
Environmental Management and Law Association
Environmental, Psychological, Institutional/political, Social, Technological, Legal and Economic
Equivalent Initial Flaw
Estate Law Specialist
Estate Planning Law Specialist
Estates Gazette Law Reports
Estates, Trusts and Elder Law Society
Ethical, Legal and Policy
Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects
Ethical, Legal and Social Implications
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
European Advertising Lawyers Association
European Air Law Association
European Association for Education Law and Policy
European Association for Pharmaceutical Law and Economics
European Association of Psychology and Law
European Business Organization Law Review
European Community Law
European Company Lawyers Association
European Consumer Law Group
European Distribution Lawyers
European Employment Law Cases
European Environmental Law Review
European Financial Services Law
European Labour Law Network
European Law Faculties Association
European Law Journal
European Law Moot Court
European Law Research Center
European Law Students’ Association
European Legal Medicine Agency
European Legal Network on Asylum
European Legal Studies Institute
European Master in Law and Economics
European Union Law
Evangelical Baptist Church of Malawi
Ewing-Lawrence Sewage Authority
Examining Conflicts in Employment Law
Excise Law Times
Excise Law Times
Experimental Law Variation
Exploring Humanitarian Law
Export Legal Assistance Network
Extradition Lawyers’ Association
Extra-normal Activities Garrison for Law Enforcement
Fair and Legal Employment Act
Fair Elections Legal Network
Fair Lawn Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
Fair Lawn Art Association
Fair Lawn Boro Garden Committee
Fair Lawn Jewish Community Council
Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce
Fairlawn Theosophical Study Center
Family Law Arbitration Act
Family Law Assistance Program
Family Law Bar Association
Family Law Education for Women
Family Law Pathways Advisory Group
Family Law Reform Act of 1969
Family Law Reform Association
Family Law Reform Initiative
Farmers’ Legal Action Group, Inc.
Fastest Legal All Street Harleys
Fatally Flawed
Faust Legal Support Services
Federal Appropriation Law Book
Federal Employees Legal Defense Fund
Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Law Reports
Federal Law Reports
Federal Legal Information Through Electronics
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
Federation of Women Lawyers
Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine
Fellow, College of Law Practice Management
Financial Institutions of Myanmar Law
Financial Law Panel
Financial Law Panel
Financial Services Jersey Law 1998
Financial Services Lawyers Association
Financial Solutions Legal Center
Financial Transactions for Lawyers
First Amendment Law Review
First Amendment Lawyers Association
First Corporate Law Services
First Law of Thermodynamics
First Year Lawyering
Flaw Evaluation Handbook
Flawlessly Ascending in Life
Flinders Law Students Association
Florida Administrative Law Reports
Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc
Florida Association of Women Lawyers
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Florida Institutional Legal Services, Inc.
Florida Law Enforcement Electronic Evidence Team
Florida Lawn Maintenance Association
Florida Lawyers Association for the Maintenance of Excellence, Inc.
Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
Florida Legal Services, Inc
Florida Registered Paralegal
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc
Follow and Obey all Laws the King Sets
Food and Drug Law Institute
Food and Drug Law Journal
Food Law Enforcement Practitioners
Fordham Law Alumni Association
Foreclosure Relief Law Project
Foreign Investment Law
Foreign Law Research
Foreign Legal Consultant
Foreign Legal Entity
Forest Protection and Development Law
Forget The Law
Forum of Insurance Lawyers
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators
Francis Burt Law Education Centre
Franco-Indian Lawyers Association
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Frank-Starling Law
Fraud Claim Law Associate
Fraud Claim Law Specialist
Free Access to Law Movement
Free Legal Advice Centres
Free Legal Aid Clinic
Freedom Of Information Law
Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement
Frinton Lawn Tennis Club
Funded Legal Education Program
Future Lawyers Alliance Network
Game Theory and the Law
Garage Keepers Legal Liability
Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia
Gender and Sexuality Law
General Business Law
General City Law Appendix
General Corporation Law
General Law Enforcement
General Law Village
General Officers Legal Orientation
Generalized Distributive Law
Generic Legal Advice Memorandum
George Mason Law Review
George Mason University School of Law
George Washington International Law Review
Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
Georgia Defense Lawyers Association
Georgia Legal Professionals for Animals
Get Off My Lawn
Giles-Hendricksen Lawn Care
Glawnoje Sluzhba Ochrany
Glenlawn Collegiate Institute
Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance
Global Competition Law Centre
Global Insolvency Law Database
Global Legal Information Network
Gloucestershire Lawn Tennis Association
God Forgives, Outlaws Don’t
Government of Malawi
Government Property Lawyers Agency
Graduate Diploma in Law
Graduate School of Law
Graduate School of Legal Studies
Grassroots Healthy Lawn Program
Great Lakes Outlaw Sprint Series
Greater Delaware Valley Pediatric Tumor Registry
Greater Lawrence Sanitary District
Greater Orlando Area Legal Services
Greater Upstate Law Project
Griffith University Law Society
Group for Legal and Political Studies
Halawa-Luluku Interpretive Development
Hamline University School of Law
Hammad Institute of Legal Research
Handong International Law School
Hanoi Law University
Harding Lawson Associates
Harvard African Law Association
Harvard Law Review
Harvard Law Review Association
Harvard Law School
Harvard Law School Association
Hastings Business Law Journal
Hastings Law Journal
Hastings Public Interest Law Foundation
Hauser Global Law School Program
Hawaii Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling
heading, intro, rule , application, then conclusion (law)
Heads of Commonwealth Operational Law Enforcement Agencies
Health and Safety Law
Health and Safety Lawyers Association
Health Law Advocates
Health Law Unit
Hearing Office Chief Administrative Law Judge
Heavy Metal Is the Law
Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association
Help Abolish Legal Tyranny
Helping the Otherwise Law-Abiding
Hermandad Mexicana Nacional Legal Center
Hewlett-Lawrence Soccer Club
Highway Enforcement Legal Protection
Hillsborough Association of Women Lawyers
Hispanic Law Student Association
Historical Society of Delaware
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Newsletter
Hobart Community Legal Service
Home School Legal Defence Association
Home School Legal Defense Association
Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic
Homer S. Brown Law Association
Homeschool Legal Defense Association
Hong Kong Law Journal
Hong Kong Law Reports
Hong Kong Legal Information Institute
Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series
Housing and Property Law Partnership
Housing Legal Clinic
Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware
Houston Area Law Librarians
Houston Area Technical Support – Interagency Law Enforcement Group
Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association
Houston Volunteer Lawyer’s Program
Howard University School of Law
Hudson Valley Lawn Mower Racing Association
Human Lawn Dart
Human Rights Law Centre
Humane Law Enforcement
Humanitarian Law Center
Humanitarian Law Project
Hydro Carbon Law
I Am A Lawyer But Not Your Lawyer
I Am Not A Lawyer
I Am Not A Tax Lawyer
Idaho Law Enforcement Telecommunication System
Ignore Basic Laws of Universe
Illawarra Mutual Building Society
Illawarra Technology Corporation
Illegal alien
Illegal Aliens Vs. Predator
Illegal Gambling Business
Illegal Immigrant
Illegal Page Fault
Illegal Street Racing Association
Illegal, Unregulated or Unreported
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch
Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Dialect of Berber
Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota
Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Immigration Lawyer Referral Service
Immigration Lawyer Search
Immigration Lawyers on the Web
Impact Law Ventures
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland
Independent Contract Paralegal
Indeterminate Sentence Law
India Business Law Journal
Indian Law Reports
Indian Law Resource Center
Indian Society of International Law
Indian Surrogacy Law Centre
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association
Indigenous Law Centre
Indigenous Law Journal
Indigenous Law Student Association
Indlaw Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Indonesia Media Law and Policy Centre
Indonesian Law Reporter
Industrial Law Journal
Industrial Law Society
Information Systems for Law Enforcement
Information Technology Law Society
Injustice By The Law
Inns of Court School of Law
Institut Universitaire de Médecine Légale
Institute for Business, Law and Technology
Institute for Computer Policy and Law
Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy
Institute for Energy and Environmental Law
Institute for Environmental and Legal Studies
Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance
Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance
Institute for International and Comparative Law
Institute for Law & Religion
Institute for Law and Economic Policy
Institute for Law and Finance
Institute for Law and Justice
Institute for Law and Policy Planning
Institute for Law and Public Policy
Institute for Legal Reform
Institute for Legal Research and Resources
Institute for Policy and Legal Studies
Institute for Political and Legal Education
Institute for Science Law and Technology
Institute for Studies in Environmental Law
Institute of Government and Law Reform
Institute of Health Law Studies
Institute of International Banking Law & Practice
Institute of International Economic Law
Institute of Justice and Applied Legal Studies
Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
Institute of Law Research
Institute of Law, Psychiatry Public Policy
Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators
Institute of Professional Legal Studies
Institute of State and Law
Instituto Latinamericano de Servicios Legales Alternativos
Instituto Médico Legal
Insurance Contract Law
Insurance, Negligence and Compensation Law
Integrated Social Welfare Law
Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal
Intellectual Property Law Association
Intellectual Property Law Institute
Intellectual Property Law Journal
Intellectual Property Law Offices
Intellectual Property Law Society
InterActive Legal Suite
Interactive Legal Tools
Inter-Agency Legal Action Group
Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (Belgium)
Interdisciplinary Law Journal
Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts
Internally Flawless
International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers
International and Comparative Law Review
International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training
International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
International Association of Korean Lawyers
International Association of Legal Science
International Business Law Center, Inc.
International Business Law Consortium
International Business Law Journal
International Business Law Review
International Business Law Services, Inc.
International Center for Law in Development
International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet
International Comparative Law Quarterly
International Conference on Legal Aid
International Construction Law Alliance
International Construction Law Review
International Criminal Law Association
International Criminal Law Network
International Criminal Law Reports
International Economic Law and Policy
International Federation of Women in Legal Professions
International Federation of Women Lawyers
International Human Rights Law Group
International Human Rights Law Institute
International Humanitarian Law
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
International Intellectual Property Law Specialist
International Journal of Constitutional Law
International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
International Journal of Electronic Commerce Law and Practice
International Journal of Law and Information Technology
International Journal of Not-For-Profit Law
International Journal of Nuclear Law
International Journal of Shipping Law
International Law
International Law
International Law and Trade Conference
International Law Association
International Law Commission
International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar
International Law Firms
International Law Institute
International Law Journal
International Law Review
International Law Review Association
International Law Society
International Law Students Association
International Lawn Tennis Federation
International Lawrence Durrell Society
International Lawyers for West Papua
International Lawyers Network
International Lawyers’ Association of Finland
International Legal Assistance Consortium
International Legal English Certificate
International Legal Malpractice Advisors, LLC
International Legal Studies Program
International Maritime Law Association
International Media Lawyers Association
International Municipal Lawyers Association
International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau
International Paralegal Management Association
International Refugee Law
International Senior Lawyers Project
International Society for Technology, Law and Insurance
International Technology Law Association
International Third World Legal Studies Association
International Trade Law
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
International Wildlife Law Conference
International Wine Law Association
Internationally Flawless
Internet and Computer Law Association
Internet Business Law Services
Internet Law News
Internet Law Task Force
Internet Legal Education and Development
Internet Legal Research Group
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Inter-University Centre for Law and Religion
Inverse Power Law
Inverse Square Law
Iowa Association of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Inc.
Iowa Law Review
Iowa Legal Aid Website
Irish Association of Law Teachers
Irish Employment Law Journal
Irish Journal of European Law
Irish Law Reports Monthly
Irish Maritime Law Association
Irish Women Lawyers Association
Islamic Legal Studies Program
Israel Law Reports
Istituto di Medicina Legale e delle Assicurazioni
Italian American Lawyers Association
Italian American Lawyers Association
ITER Legal Entity
J.L. Turner Legal Association
Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association
Jaringan Relawan Kemanusiaan
Jericho Road Lawrence
Jewish Federation of Delaware
Jewish Historical Society of Delaware
John Hughes Law Practice
John Marshall Law School
Joint Law Venture
Joint Legal Custody
Jones School of Law
Joule’s Law
Journal des Annonces Légales
Journal of Armed Conflict Law
Journal of Conflict & Security Law
Journal of Corporation Law
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Journal of Environmental Law
Journal of European Criminal Law
Journal of Gender and Law
Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law
Journal of High Technology Law
Journal of Intellectual Property Law
Journal of International Banking and Financial Law
Journal of International Legal Studies
Journal of Law & Technology
Journal of Law and Economics
Journal of Law and Equality
Journal of Law and Policy
Journal of Law Reform
Journal of Legal Pluralism
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law
Journal of Legal Studies Education
Journal of Online Law
Journal of Personal Injury Law
Journal of Philosophy of International Law
Journal of Planning and Environment Law
Journal of Public and International Law
Journal of Public Interest Law
Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Journal of the Association of Law Teachers
Journal of Tort Law
Journal of World Trade Law
Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law
Jude Law
Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program
Judgment as a Matter of Law
Judgment as a Matter of Law
Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
Judicial Law Clerk
Justice of Law Making
Juvenile Law Center
Kachroo Legal Services
Kansas City Association of Legal Administrators
Kansas Legal Professionals, Inc.
Katwijkse Lawn Tennis Vereniging
Kelly Law Registry
Kelly Law Registry
Kennedy and Lawrence
Kentucky Law Journal
Kerukunan Keluarga Sulawesi Selatan
King County Law Library
Kirchoff’s Current Law
Kirchoff’s Voltage Law
Klawock, AK, USA
Kluwer Law International
Knoxville Legal Aid Society
Kommunistische Partei Jugoslawiens
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
Korean Legal Aid Corporation
Korean Nationality Law
Kosova Law Centre
Kumarangk Legal Defence Fund Inc.
Kurs Szybkiego Pisania na Klawiaturze
La Raza Centro Legal
Labor and Employment Law Office
Labor Employment Law Association
Labor Law Review Committee
Labour Law
Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc
Laidlaw Performing Arts Center
Laidlaw, Inc
Laidlaw, Inc.
Lake Delaware Boys’ Camp
Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence Study Board
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
Landmark Legal Foundation
Lane County Legal Aid
Larense Lawn Tennis Club
Large Law Firm Group
Latino Law Students Association
Latino Lawyers Association of Queen County
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Los Angeles
Law & Resources Planning Associates
Law Abiding Firearms Owner
Law Abiding Life
Law Access Loan
Law Advisory Group
Law Alumni Board
Law and Development Association
Law and Environment Eurasia Partnership
Law and History Review
Law and Human Behavior
Law and Justice
Law and Justice
Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan
Law and Justice Research Centre
Law and Justice Sector
Law and Order
Law and Politics Book Review
Law and Public Safety
Law and Security Administration
Law and Society
Law and Society Association
Law Aptitude Examination
Law Association of Zambia
Law Book Network
Law Bulletin Publishing Company
Law Career Services
Law Careers Advice Network
Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel
Law Commission of Canada
Law Commission of India
Law Courts Education Society
Law Degree
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Access Field
Law Enforcement Activity
Law Enforcement Administration
Law Enforcement Against Child Harm
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Law Enforcement Agencies Data System
Law Enforcement Agency
Law Enforcement Agency Network
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Law Enforcement Amateur Radio Club
Law Enforcement Analysis Facility
Law Enforcement and Development Report
Law Enforcement and Investigations Unit
Law Enforcement and Society
Law Enforcement and Victim Services
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
Law Enforcement Assistance Fund
Law Enforcement Assistance Unit
Law Enforcement Automated Data System
Law Enforcement Availability Pay
Law Enforcement Availability System
Law Enforcement Awareness Network
Law Enforcement Bicycle Association
Law Enforcement Bulletin
Law Enforcement Candidate Record
Law Enforcement Command
Law Enforcement Committee
Law Enforcement Cooperation Program
Law Enforcement Data Exchange
Law Enforcement Data System
Law Enforcement Desk
Law Enforcement Division
Law Enforcement Education Program
Law Enforcement Exchange Program
Law Enforcement Executive Development
Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar
Law Enforcement Explorer
Law Enforcement Gun Release
Law Enforcement Incident Command System
Law Enforcement Information Exchange
Law Enforcement Information Managers
Law Enforcement Information Network
Law Enforcement Information System
Law Enforcement Inquiry
Law Enforcement Intelligence Network
Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit
Law Enforcement Manual
Law Enforcement Memorial Association
Law Enforcement Merit System Council
Law Enforcement Motorcycle Association
Law Enforcement Needs Assessment
Law Enforcement Office
Law Enforcement Officer
Law Enforcement Officer Performance and Reaction Drill
Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act
Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters
Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act
Law Enforcement Online
Law Enforcement Organization
Law Enforcement Partnership Program
Law Enforcement Pistol
Law Enforcement Planning Agency
Law Enforcement Planning Commission
Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test
Law Enforcement Product News
Law Enforcement Professional
Law Enforcement Radio Network
Law Enforcement Records Management Services, Inc.
Law Enforcement Related Injury
Law Enforcement Resource Center
Law Enforcement Retirement
Law Enforcement Review Act
Law Enforcement Riders Association of the Philippines
Law Enforcement Satellite System
Law Enforcement Sensitive
Law Enforcement Sources
Law Enforcement Squadron
Law Enforcement Standards Board
Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory
Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee
Law Enforcement Support Agency
Law Enforcement Support Center
Law Enforcement Support Office
Law Enforcement Support Team
Law Enforcement Support Unit
Law Enforcement Tactical System
Law Enforcement Teaching Students
Law Enforcement Team
Law Enforcement Teletype System
Law Enforcement Thermographers Association
Law Enforcement Torch Run
Law Enforcement Training Academy
Law Enforcement Training Division
Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival
Law Enforcement Training Society of Saskatchewan
Law Enforcement Trust Fund
Law Enforcement Vehicle
Law Enforcement Warning
Law Firm Marketing Institute
Law Focused Education Inc
Law Foundation of British Columbia
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
Law Governed Interaction
Law in the Internet Society
Law Institute Journal
Law Institute of Victoria
Law Journal Extra
Law Journal Newsletters
Law Journal Reports
Law Librarian Blog
Law Librarian Blog
Law Librarians of Puget Sound
Law Libraries Association of Alabama
Law Library Advisory Committee
Law Library and Technology Center
Law Library Association of Maryland
Law Library Collections
Law Library Journal
Law Library Microform Consortium
Law Library of Congress
Law Library of Congress
Law Library Resource Xchange
Law Of Armed Conflict
Law Of Armed Conflict
Law of Attraction
Law of Averages
Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns
Law of Diminishing Returns
Law of Excluded Middle
Law of Iterated Algorithms
Law of Large Numbers
Law of Leaky Abstractions
Law of Mass Action
Law of One Price
Law of One Price
Law of Personal Data Protection
Law of Popular Participation
Law of Property Act
Law of Rare Events
Law of the Sea
Law of the Sea
Law Of the Sea
Law of the Sea Convention
Law of the Sea Treaty
Law of Thermodynamics
Law of Total Probability
Law Of War
Law Office Information Systems
Law Office Management & Administration Report
Law Office Management Advisory Service
Law Office Management And Accounting System
Law Office Management Assistance Service
Law Office Management Program
Law Office Manager
Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant
Law on Controlling Entrepreneurial Activity
Law on Governing Aceh
Law on Higher Education Establishments
Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Law on Protection against Discrimination
Law on Trade Administration Automation
Law Practice Management
Law Practice Management & Technology
Law Practice Optimization
Law Practice Today
Law Protection Inc.
Law Quarterly Review
Law Reform Commission of Canada
Law Reform Commission of Victoria
Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals
Law School Admission Council
Law School Admission Service
Law School Admission Test
Law School Alumni Association
Law School Data Assembly Service
Law School Discussion
Law School Information Day
Law School Minority Report
Law School Student Body
Law School Transparency
Law Society Discipline Database
Law Society of Kenya
Law Society of the Free State
Law Society of Yukon
Law Society of Zimbabwe
Law Society of Zimbabwe
Law Society Regulation Board
Law Source Retrieving System
Law Student Division
Law Students Against Alito
Law Students for Affirmative Action
Law Students for Government Accountability
Law Students for Human Rights
Law Students Society
Law Students’ Society
Law Technology Journal
Law Technology News
Law, Arts and Social Sciences
Law, Ontologies and the Semantic Web
Law, Policy and Society
Law, Public Safety and Security
Law-Abiding Citizen
Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
Lawas, Sarawak, Malaysia – Lawas
Lawer and Bell Algorithm
Lawful Evil
Lawful Good
Lawful Intercept Monitor
Lawful Interception
Lawful Interception Gateway
Lawful Interception Operating System
Lawful Interception Solutions
Lawful Neutral
Lawful Permanent Resident
Lawfully Authorized Intercept Capability
Law-Governed Interaction
Lawn and Garden Parts
Lawn Bowling Club
Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania
Lawn Care Operation/Operator
Lawn Chair Time
Lawn Hill, Queensland, Australia
Lawn Institute
Lawn Tennis Association
Lawn Tennis Association of Australia
Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand
Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria
Lawn Tennis Club
Lawndale Neighborhood Organization
Lawndale Railway & Industrial Company
Law-Related Education
Lawrence Academy
Lawrence Barn Committee
Lawrence Beach Club
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Bible Chapel
Lawrence Brook Watershed Partnership
Lawrence Career College
Lawrence Central
Lawrence Convention and Visitors’ Bureau
Lawrence County Public Library
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc
Lawrence Experimental Station
Lawrence Firefighters Federal Credit Union
Lawrence Free Methodist Church
Lawrence Gay Straight Alliance
Lawrence Habitat for Humanity
Lawrence Hall of Science
Lawrence High School
Lawrence House Centre for the Arts
Lawrence Inter-Faith Endeavor
Lawrence Jewish Community Center
Lawrence Johnson & Associates
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen
Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen
Lawrence North
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
Lawrence Park Golf Club
Lawrence Park Swim Club
Lawrence Price Security Company LLC
Lawrence Pritchard Public Relations
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
Lawrence Regional Technology Center
Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory
Lawrence Sheriff School
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Technological University
Lawrence Township Fire Department
Lawrence Township Police Department
Lawrence Township Public Schools
Lawrence Township School Foundation
Lawrence University
Lawrence University Community Council
Lawrence Watt Evans
Lawrence Welk’s on
Lawrence Woodmere Academy
Lawrence Youth Football
Lawrence/Kreeft & Associates
Lawrence’s Warbler
Lawrenceburg Emergency Rescue Unit
Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association
Lawrenceville, Illinois
Lawrenceville, Virginia
Laws and Customs of the Eldar
Laws and Writs Of Appeal
Laws of Florida
Laws of Life
Laws of Life
Laws, Regulations & Policies
Lawson Smart Office
Lawsonia Intracellularis
Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2004
Lawton Public Schools
Lawton, OK, USA – Municipal
Lawyer At Work
Lawyer Referral Service
Lawyer Representatives Coordinating Committee
Lawyer’s Centre for Legal Assistance
Lawyer’s Centre for Legal Assistance
Lawyer-Guardians Ad Litem
Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association
Lawyers Against the War
Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Lawyers Collective HIV AIDS Unit
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Lawyers Edition
Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Lawyers for Civil Justice
Lawyers for Human Rights
Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid
Lawyers for One America
Lawyers for Young People
Lawyers For Your Business
Lawyers Fostering Independence
Lawyers on Line
Lawyers on Line
Lawyers Professional Responsibility
Lawyers United for Debt Relief
Lawyers Without Borders
Lawyers without Borders
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation
Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection
Legal & Compliance Management
Legal & Corporate Affairs
Legal Action Group
Legal Administrative Assistant
Legal Advice and Referral Center
Legal Advisory Board for the Information Market
Legal Advocates for Permanent Parenting, Inc.
Legal Affairs
Legal Affairs
Legal Affairs
Legal Affairs
Legal Age Meeting Points
Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre
Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc
Legal Aid Board
Legal Aid Board Research Unit
Legal Aid Centers for Olim
Legal Aid Foundation
Legal Aid Justice Center
Legal Aid of North Carolina
Legal Aid Ontario
Legal Aid Practitioners Group
Legal Aid Queensland
Legal Aid Society
Legal Aid Society of Orange County
Legal Aid Society of San Diego
Legal Amount Recognition
Legal Analysis, Research and Communications
Legal Analysis, Research and Writing
Legal and Human Rights Centre
Legal and Judicial Reform
Legal and Judicial Reforms Project
Legal and Patent Search
Legal and Regulatory Group
Legal and Regulatory Group
Legal Aspects of Computer Crime
Legal Aspects of Horse Management
Legal Assistance Centre
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
Legal Assistance of Olmsted County
Legal Assistance of Western New York
Legal Assistance Office
Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons
Legal Assistant Management Association
Legal Assistants Association of Michigan
Legal Attache
Legal Automation and Internet Review
Legal Automation Army-Wide System
Legal Blood Alcohol Test
Legal Broadcast Network
Legal Business Entity
Legal Business Name
Legal Club of America
Legal Community Against Violence
Legal Consolidation
Legal Costs Management
Legal Counsel for the Elderly
Legal Day One
Legal Decision-Making
Legal Defense and Education Fund
Legal Department
Legal Deposit Advisory Panel
Legal Description and Map
Legal Disciplinary Partnership
Legal Document Management System
Legal Document Preparer
Legal Drinking Age
Legal Driver
Legal Education Access Program
Legal Education and Action Fund
Legal Education Podcasting Project
Legal Electronic Research System
Legal Entity
Legal Entity Appointed Representative
Legal Environment of Business
Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation
Legal Expense Insurance
Legal Expert Group
Legal Expert Group
Legal Extension Group
Legal Financial Obligations
Legal Framework Order
Legal Heir Certificate
Legal High Potentials Programme
Legal Immigration Family Equity Act of 2000
Legal Information Access Centre
Legal Information eXchange
Legal Information Institute
Legal Information Institute
Legal Information Mail Magazine
Legal Information Network Exchange
Legal Information Online
Legal Information Standards Action
Legal Information Systems Outsourcing
Legal Information Through Electronics
Legal Institutional Analysis Model
Legal Instruments Examiner
Legal Intern Program
Legal Issues
Legal Knowledge-Based System
Legal Lending Limit
Legal Maintenance Organization
Legal Management Council of the Philippines
Legal Management Resource Center
Legal Marketing Agency
Legal Marketing Association
Legal Marriage Alliance
Legal Momentum
Legal Move Generator
Legal Music Download
Legal Nurse Consultant
Legal Nurse Consultant Certified/Certification
Legal Organizations Group
Legal Permanent Resident
Legal Policy and Planning Office
Legal Practice Course
Legal Practitioners Conduct Board
Legal Principals Claim Specialist
Legal Problems
Legal Process Offshoring
Legal Process Outsourcing
Legal Profession Act
Legal Profession Advisory Council
Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility
Legal Profession Assistance Conference
Legal Profession Reform Index
Legal Professional Association
Legal Professional Privilege
Legal Professional Training
Legal Project Management
Legal Prostitution in Nevada
Legal Purchase Age
Legal Recoveries & Collections Limited
Legal Recoveries Collections Limited
Legal Recovery Resource
Legal Reform Now
Legal Research & Writing
Legal Research and Resource Centre for Human Rights in Egypt
Legal Research and Training Institute
Legal Research Center, Inc.
Legal Reserve Ratio
Legal Resource Index
Legal Resources Centre
Legal Resources Foundation
Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center
Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center – Kasama sa Kalikasan
Legal Secretariat to the Advocate General
Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers
Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers
Legal Secretary
Legal Sector Alliance
Legal Self Defense
Legal Services Agency
Legal Services Association Australia
Legal Services Authorities Act
Legal Services Board
Legal Services Commission
Legal Services Corporation
Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974
Legal Services Developer
Legal Services Network
Legal Services of Eastern Michigan
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
Legal Services of Metro Birmingham
Legal Services of North Dakota
Legal Services of Northern Michigan
Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota
Legal Services of South Central Michigan
Legal Services of Southeast Michigan
Legal Services Office
Legal Services Plan
Legal Services Research Centre
Legal Services Society
Legal Services Support Section
Legal Software Solutions Limited
Legal Software Suppliers Association
Legal Studies in Business
Legal Studies Program
Legal Support Inspection
Legal Support Investigative Service
Legal Support Organization
Legal Survey Description
Legal Surveys Division
Legal Technology Resource Officer
Legal Test Kitchen
Legal Toolware
Legal, Information and Compliance Division
Legal, Legislative and Regulatory
Legal, Tax & Business
Legalise Cannabis Alliance
Legalize Murder
Legalized Population Survey
Legally Appointed Representative
Legally Authorized Representative
Legally Authorized Representative
Legally Binding Commitment
Legally Binding Contract
Legally Binding Instrument
Legally Blonde
Legally Recognized Partner
Legally Responsible Relative
Legalman Second Class
Leiden Journal of International Law
Leiden Law Library
Lesbian and Gay Law Student Association
Lewis & Clark Law Review
Liberty Legal Institute
Licentiate in Canon Law
Licentiate of Law
Lilongwe, Malawi – Kamuzu International
Lincoln County Law Association
Linscott, Law & Greenspan
Lloyds Employment Law Consultancy
Loblaw Companies East
Loblaw Companies Limited
Local Energy Conservation Law
Local Government Paralegal Association
Local Law Enforcement Grant Program
Local Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention
Local Momentum Conservation Law
Local Public Contracts Law
Local Public Finance Law
Logan Legal Advice Centre
Logan Youth Legal Service
London and St. Lawrence Investment
London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association
Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers
Long Arm of the Law
Lord Lawson of Beamish School
Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association
Louisiana State Law Institute
Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association
Lower Delaware Autism Foundation
Lower Slower Delaware
Loyola Law School
M Young Legal Associates
Macedonian Business Lawyers Association
MacLean Legal Search Consultants
Macon Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Madaripur Legal Aid Association
Magical Law Enforcement
Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Maine Lawyers Review
Maine Trial Lawyers Association
Mainstream Law Report
Malawi AIDS Counseling and Resource Organization
Malawi Broadcasting Corporation
Malawi Bureau of Standards
Malawi Congress of Trade Unions
Malawi Congress Party
Malawi Democratic Party
Malawi Development Corporation
Malawi Electoral Support Network
Malawi Export Promotion Council
Malawi Gin & Tonic
Malawi Institute of Education
Malawi Institute of Management
Malawi National Democratic Party
Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy
Malawi Procurement Authority
Malawi Revenue Authority
Malawi Rural Travel and Transport Programme
Malawi Safety, Security and Access to Justice
Malawi Savings Bank
Malawi School Certificate of Education
Malawi Social Indicator Survey
Malawi Telecommunications Limited
Malawi Traditional Fisheries
Malawi Union for the Informal Sector
Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee
Malawi Young Pioneers
Malawian Entrepreneurs Development Institute
Malawian Kwacha
Malayan Law Journal
Malaysia and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports
Management Markets and Legal Consulting Group
Mandatory Continued Legal Education
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education
Manitoba Association of Women and the Law Inc.
Manual of Pakistan Military Law
Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation
Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement
Maritime Law Association
Maritime Law Enforcement School
Marlaw Systems Technology, Inc.
Maryland and Delaware Railroad
Maryland Collaborative Law Association, Inc
Maryland Disability Law Center
Maryland Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
Maryland Legal Assistance Network
Maryland Legal Services Corporation
Maryland Public Interest Law Project
Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers
Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, Inc.
Massachusetts Discrimination Law Reporter
Massachusetts General Laws
Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master in Energy and Environmental Law
Master of Arts in Canon Law
Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
Master of Civil Law
Master of Commercial Law
Master of International Law and Economics
Master of Labour Law and Relations
Master of Law and Social Policy Program
Master of Law and Taxation
Master of Laws
Master of Laws in Comparative Jurisprudence Degree
Master of Science in Legal Studies
Master of Studies in Environmental Law
Master of Studies in Law Degree
Master’s in Health Law
Masters in Law and Finance
Mawin Legal & Business Consultancy Co., Ltd.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns
McGill Business Law Association
Meat Import Law
Media Law Reform Project
Media Law Resource Center
Media Legal Defence Initiative
Medical Law Consultant
Medical Legal Art
Medical Legal Report
Medical Society of Delaware Insurance Services
Medical/Legal Information Services
Medico Legal Insurance Group
Medico Legal Reporting
Melawati Development Sdn. Bhd.
Melbourne Catholic Lawyers Association
Melbourne Law Review
Member, Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators
Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute
Mental Hygiene Law
Mental Hygiene Legal Service
Mercy School of Law
Merrittion Lawn Bowling Club
Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service
Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Michigan Clinical Law Program
Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated
Michigan Law Review
Michigan Legal Assistance Network
Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project
Michigan Poverty Law Program
Michigan Trial Lawyers Association
Micronesia Legal Services Corporation
Middle Eastern Law Students Association
Middlesex County Legal Services
Midwest Center on Law and the Deaf
Migrant Legal-Action Program, Inc.
Military Law
Military Law Review
Minimal Legal Drinking Age
Minimum Continuing Legal Education
Minimum Wage Law
Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers
Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Minnesota Association of Law Libraries
Minnesota Black Women Lawyers Network
Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association
Minnesota Disability Law Center
Minnesota Institute of Legal Education
Minnesota Legal Services Coalition
Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association
Minority Pre-Law Coalition
Mississippi College School of Law
Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy
Mississippi Legal Advocacy Network
Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association
Missouri Clean Water Law
Model Law Engineer
Model Law Structural Engineer
Model State Trademark Law
Modell Eisenbahn Club Flawil
Modern Chinese Law Course
Modern Law Review
Modified Receding Horizon Guidance Law
Modulated Power-Law Process
Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service
Monetary Law Act
Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants
Monroe County Legal Assistance Center
Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation
Monroe County Senior Legal
Monroe County Senior Legal Services, Inc.
Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium
Montana Trial Lawyers Association
Monterey College of Law
Montgomery County Legal Aid
Montgomery County Paralegal Association
Moscow Media Law and Policy Center
Moshood Kashimawo Olawale
Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
Muncie, IN, USA – Delaware County Airport
Murthy Law Firm
Musicians Association of Malawi
Muslim Legal Fund of America
Mutual Legal Assistance
Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement
Mzuzu, Malawi
NALP Directory of Legal Employers
Nanotechnology Law & Business
National Aging and Law Conference
National Agricultural Law Center
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium
National Association for Outlaw and Lawman History
National Association for Public Interest Law
National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws
National Association of Bond Lawyers
National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals
National Association of Legal Assistants
National Association of Legal Secretaries
National Association of Muslim Lawyers
National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
National Association of Women and the Law
National Association of Women Lawyers
National Bank of Malawi
National Center for Adoption Law and Policy
National Center for Air and Space Law
National Center for Animal Law
National Center for Rural Law Enforcement
National Center for Youth Law
National Commission on Law and Order
National Company Law Tribunal
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
National Conference of Law Reviews
National Congress for Legal Reform
National Consumer Credit Laws
National Council for Law Reporting
National Drug Law Enforcement
National Employment Law Project, Inc.
National Environmental Law Center
National Environmental Law Review
National Federation of Paralegal Associations
National Health Law Program
National Housing Law Program
National Immigration Law Center
National Institute for Law and Equity
National Institute for Public Interest Law and Research
National Juvenile Law Center
National Law Center for Children and Families
National Law Enforcement Associates
National Law Enforcement Communications Center
National Law Enforcement Officers
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Law Enforcement Recruiters Association
National Law Enforcement Telecom
National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
National Law Institute University Bhopal
National Law Journal
National Law University
National Lawyers Association
National Lawyers Guild
National Legal Aid Agency
National Legal Aid Association
National Legal Aid Bureau
National Legal Center for the Public Interest
National Obscenity Law Center
National Office of Legal Metrology
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
National Paralegal Association
National Reconciliation Law
National Reserve Law Officers Association
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc.
National Security Law Association
National Security Law Brief
National Senior Citizens Law Center
National Society for the Legalization of Euthanasia
National Space Law
National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre
National Sports & Entertainment Law Society
National Sports Law Institute
Native American Legal Materials
Natural Law Party
Natural Law Party
Natural Resources Law Center
Naval Legal Service Office
Nebraska Law Review
Neighborhood Legal Clinic
Neighborhood Legal Services Program
Netherlands Institute for the Study of Criminality and Law Enforcement
Nevada General Corporation Law
Nevada Law Journal
Nevada Trial Lawyers Association
New Age Outlaws
New Company Law
New Criminal Law Review
New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators
New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program
New Jersey Legal Copy, Inc.
New Lawyers Section
New Legal Framework
New Legal World Order
New South Wales Law Reports
New York City Law Review
New York Law School
New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
New York State Trial Lawyers Association
New York University Journal of International Law
New Zealand Insurance Law Associates
New Zealand Law Commission
New Zealand Law Reports
Niagara Frontier Intellectual Property Law Association
Nigerian Commercial Law Reports
Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Non Circulating Legal Tender
Non-Legal Union
Norfolk and Norwich Law Society
North American South Asian Law Student Association
North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers
North Carolina Certified Paralegal
North Carolina Law Review
North Dakota Law Review
North Dakota Lawn Mower Racing Association
North Lawrence Community Schools
North Penn Legal Services
North Shore Legal Associates, LLP
North Sulawesi International Choir Competition
North Sulawesi Watersports Association
North West Law
Northeast Florida Paralegal Association
Northeastern University School of Law
Northern Illawarra Online
Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
Northwestern University Law Review
Not Quite Legal
Not-for-Profit Corporation Law
Notre Dame Law Association
Notre Dame Law Review
Nuclear Law Committee
Nye County Law Enforcement Management Association
Oak Lawn Branch Library
Oakland Livingston Legal Aid
Ocean and Coastal Law
Office for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
Office of Administrative Law
Office of Administrative Law Judges
Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement
Office of Law Enforcement Coordination
Office of Law Enforcement Standards
Office of Legal Counsel
Office of Legal Education
Office of Legal Services Coordination
Office of Patent Legal Administration
Office of Policy and Legal Analysis
Office of Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Delaware River Master
Office of the Legal Services Commissioner
Office of the Principal Legal Adviser
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Ohio Center for Law-Related Education
Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
Ohio Law Enforcement K9 Association
Ohio Law Placement Consortium
Ohio Lawn Care Association
Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation
Oil, Gas and Energy Law
Oklahoma Employment Lawyers Association
Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc.
Omaha Legal Professionals Association
Online Legal Marketing
Only Legal Transitions
Ontario Law Enforcement Training Academy
Ontario Lawyers’ Assistance Program
Ontario Legal Aid Program
Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriors
Oporto Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club
Opportunity International Bank of Malawi
Optimal Guidance Law
Orange County Paralegal Association
Orange County Women Lawyers Association
Order of the Claw
Oregon Law Institute
Oregon Legal Management Association
Oregon Minority Lawyers Association
Oregon Paralegal Association
Oregon Patent Law Association
Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale
Organization of Legal Professionals
Organization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education
Ottawa Law Review
Outlaw Gaming Crew
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Outlaw Pontiac Racers Association
Outlaw Shark
Outlaw Star
Outlaw Star
Outlaw Wrestling Federation
Outlaws Forever Forever Outlaws
Oxford J Legal Studies
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Pace International Law Review
Pacific Legal Advisory
Pacific Legal Education Association
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pacific Northwest Paralegal Association
Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Pakistan Christian Lawyer Association
Pakistan Law Commission
Palawan Animal Welfare Association
Palawan Council for Sustainable Development
Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (est. 1991; Palawan, Philippines)
Palawan Resort Hotel Systems, Inc.
Palawan State University
Palawan Wildlife Association
Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
Palawan-Busuanga-Mindoro Archipelago
Pan-African Lawyers’ Union
Panel of Legal Experts
Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc.
Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County
Paralegal Association of Southern Nevada
Paralegal Certificate Program
Paralegal Institute of Washington, DC
Paralegal Society of Canada
Paralegal Society of Ontario
Parents For Legal Action
Park Law Enforcement Association
Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy
Partia Lëvizja e Legalitetit
Partial Law of Information Rates
Participating Law Firms
Passenger Legal Liability
Patent Law Division
Patent Law Treaty
Patent Law Treaty
Peel Criminal Lawyers Association
Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association
Pennsylvania Certified Paralegal
Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project
Pennsylvania Lawn Care Association
Pennsylvania Utility Law Project
People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, Inc.
People’s Law Enforcement Board
People’s Law School
People’s Liberation Army of Malawi
Permanent Legal Guardianship
Personal Income Tax Law
Personal Legal Services Program
Peter Gordon Lawrence
Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter
Philippine Association of Law Professors
Philosophies and Ethics of Politics, Law and Economics
Phoenix International School of Law
Phoenix Law Enforcement Association
Phoenix School of Law
Pitney Bowes Legal Solutions
Pitt Law Women’s Association
Pittsburgh Legal Journal
Pivot Legal Society
Plafond Légal de Densité
Police National Legal Database
Policy By-Laws
Political and Legal Anthropology Review
Political Science/Pre Law
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Factors
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal, Organisational
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental
Pollution Legal Liability
Portuguese Canadian Lawyers Association
Power Law
Power Law Process
Power-Law Out-Degree
Poznan, Poland – Lawica
Practical Law Company
Practical Legal Training
Practical Legal Training
Practising Law Institute
Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc.
Preferred Legal Plan
Pre-Law Society
Premobilization Legal Counseling Program
Pre-mobilization Legal Preparation
Premobilization Legal Services
Pre-Paid Legal
Prestations Familiales Extra Légales
Pretoria University Law Press
Princeton Law School
Principles of European Contract Law
Prison Law Office
Prison Legal News
Privacy Law Consulting Australia
Private International Law Act
Privilege, Illegal Command Code
Pro Bono Legal Services, Inc.
Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute
Products Liability Law Journal
Professional Higher Diploma in Law
Professional Law Corporation
Professional Law Enforcement Seminars
Professional Lawn Care Association of America
Professional Legal Nurse Consultant
Professional Legal Secretary
Professional Legal Training Course
Professional Negligence Lawyers Association
Professional Paralegal Association of Ontario
Professional Support Lawyer
Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy
Project By-Law
Property Claim Law Associate
Property Law Act
Property Law Implementation Plan
Property Tax Extension Limitation Law
Proportional Navigation Guidance Law
Protect Law Enforcement Armor
Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms
Protestant Lawyers League of the Philippines
Public Action Law Society
Public Authorities Law
Public Contract Law
Public Contract Law Journal
Public Disclosure Law
Public Health Emergency Law
Public Health Law
Public Health Law Association
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference
Public Interest Law Association
Public Interest Law Forum
Public Interest Law Foundation
Public Interest Law Group
Public Interest Law Initiative in Transitional Societies
Public Interest Law Institute
Public Interest Law Network
Public Interest Law Project
Public Interest Law Reporter
Public Interest Legal Support and Research Centre
Public International Law and Policy Group
Public Law
Public Law
Public Law and Government
Public Legal Education
Public Legal Education Association
Public Legal Intellectual Glossary
Public Officers Law
Public Officers Law
Public Procurement Law
Public Procurement Law of Mongolia
Public School Contracts Law
Public Sector Management and Finance Law
Public Utility Law Project
Public Utility Law Section
Publicly Funded Legal Assistance
Pulse Code Modulation A-Law
Pulse Code Modulation mu-law
Punjab Lawn Tennis Association
Quadratic Reciprocity Law
Qualifying Law Degree
Quality Insights of Delaware
Queens Legal Services Corporation
Queensland Young Lawyers
Quinnipiac Health Law Journal
Quinnipiac Law Review
Quinnipiac University School of Law
Quinte Paralegal Services
Rail Safety Law
Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi
Read the Fabulous Law Book
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law
Real Property Law Section
Real Property Tax Law of 1974
Realistic Alcohol Laws for Legal Youth
Realistic Alcohol Laws for Legal Youth
Rebel Outlaw Autoduelists
Receding Horizon Guidance Law
Redfern Legal Centre
Redfern Legal Centre Publishing
Redwood Empire Legal Assistants
Refugee Legal Centre
Regal Law Chamber
Registered Foreign Lawyer
Registered Paralegal
Reinhardt Milam Law Group, PLLC
Relawan Perempuan Untuk Kemanusiaan
Renaissance Lawyer Society
Renewable Energy and International Law Project
Renewable Energy Law
Renewable Energy Law
Request for Legal Action
Research Unit for Law and Administration
ReSecurity First Legal Association
Reserve Bank of Malawi
Resource Management Law Reform
Respect for Law Alliance, Inc.
Responsible Party Transfer Law
Retirement and Social Security Law
Revenue per Lawyer
Review of Law and Women’s Studies
Rhode Island Law Journal
Rhode Island Paralegal Association
Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business
Riga Graduate School of Law
Rockefeller Drug Laws
Rotterdam Law Network
Royal University of Law and Economics
Rule of Law
Rule of Law Effectiveness
Rule of Law Initiative
Rules and Bylaws Committee
Ruling Case Law
Russian-Ukrainian Legal Group
Rutgers Law Journal
Ruthless by Law
Safe Orderly Legal Visas and Enforcement Act
Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park
Said Al Shahry Law Office
Saint Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Saint Lawrence String Quartet
Saint Lawrence-Ottawa Valley
Salarios Mínimos Legales Diarios Vigentes
Samuel Lawrence Furniture
San Diego Defense Lawyers
San Diego Legal Secretaries Association
San Diego Trial Lawyers Association
San Lawrenz
San Mateo County Legal Secretaries Association
Santa Barbara Paralegal Association
Santa Barbara Paralegals Association
Sarah Lawrence College
Saskatchewan Law Review
Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association
Saslo Legal Training Centre
Satterfield Law Firm, PLC
School for Law & Justice
School of Economics and Commercial Law
School of Legal and Public Administration
Science & Technology Law Review
Science Teachers Association of Malawi
Scotland against Crooked Lawyers
Scots Law Student Journal
Scots Law Times
Scottish Child Law Centre
Scottish Family Law Association
Scottish Law Agents Society
Scottish Lawn Tennis Association
Scottish Young Lawyers Association
Scraping Zombies Legal Promotion Forum
Search Incident to Lawful Arrest
Seattle Community Law Center
Seattle University Law Review
Secret Headquarters of Intelligence Espionage and Law Division
Secretariat for Legal Affairs
Self Help Law Center
Senior Citizens Law Project
Senior Claims Law Associate
Senior Lawyers Conference
Senior Legal Hotline
Senior Legal Services Providers
Senior Officer Legal Orientation
Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
Separate Legal Entity
Service Members Legal Defense Network
Session Laws of Hawaii
Seton Hall Law Review
Sexual Assault Legal Institute
Sexual Orientation and Legal Issues Society
Shakespeare on the Lawn
Shanghai Institute of Law and Economics
Sheffield Law Center
Shore Legal Services Workers
Sierra Legal Defense
Simple Free Law Advisor
Singapore Academy of Law
Singapore Academy of Law Journal
Singapore Law Reports
Singapore Law Review
Singapore Lawn Tennis Association
Singapore Year Book of International Law
Siuslaw National Forest
Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue
Sloveniana Young Lawyers Association
Small Claims Legal Advisor
Small Patent Law Group
Smoothly Broken Power Law
Sniper Zone Outlaws
Social Activist Law Student Association
Social Economy and Law Journal
Social Legal Economical Political Technological
Social Media Law Student
Social Services Law
Social/demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental , Political, Legal and Ethical factors (analysis)
Society for Computers & Law
Society for Law, Life and Religion
Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research
Society for the Study of Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
Society of Claim Law Associates
Society of Construction Law
Society of Indian Law Firms
Society of International Law – Singapore
Society of Law Accountants in Scotland
Society of Legal Scholars
Society of Otago University Law Students
Society of Public Teachers of Law
Socio-Legal Studies Association
Software Services of Delaware, Inc
Solicitor at Law
Solicitor at Law
Solicitors Family Law Association
Sonoma County Legal Aid
South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law
South African Law Reports
South Asian Law Students Association
South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
South Brooklyn Legal Services
South Carolina Association of Law Enforcement Explorers
South Carolina Family Law
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
South Dakota Codified Laws
South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association
South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service
South Florida Paralegal Association
South Texas College of Law
Southeast European Legal Development Initiative
Southeastern Bankruptcy Law Institute
Southeastern Environmental Law Journal
Southeastern Legal Foundation
Southern Arizona Legal Aid
Southern Legal Counsel, Inc.
Southern Legal Resource Center
Southern Migrant Legal Services
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Region Black Law Students Association
Southern Trial Lawyers Association
Southwest University of Politics and Law
Spanish Yearbook of International Law
Sparer Law Group
Spearman’s Law of Diminishing Returns
Special Committee on Animals and the Law
Special Law Enforcement Officer
Special Olympics Delaware
Specified Unlawful Activity
Sports and Entertainment Law Society
Spouse Abuse by Law Enforcement
Spouse/Common-Law Partner
Spreading Education and Promoting Legal Awareness
Square Law Distortion
Square-Law Sequence Detection
St Lawrence University
St. Lawrence & Raquette River Railroad
St. Lawrence Cement Co., LLC
St. Lawrence Centre
St. Lawrence Cruise Association
St. Lawrence Estuary
St. Lawrence Internet Connection
St. Lawrence Leadership Institute
St. Lawrence River Institute
St. Lawrence Seaway Authority
St. Lawrence Youth
Stand Together Against Narcotics and other Illegal Drugs
Standards of Law
Standing Committee on Environmental Law
Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants
Standing Committee on the Law of Patents
Stanford Community Law Clinic
Stanford Law & Policy Review
Stanford Law School
Stanford Technology Law Review
State Audit Law
State Law and Order Restoration Council
State Law Enforcement Coalition
State Law Enforcement Division
State Law Enforcement Officer
State Legal Admission Authority
State Legal Expense Fund
State Narcotics Law
State of Oregon Law Library
Statute Law Committee
Statute Law Database
Step Sister-in-Law
Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report
Stephen Lawrence Task Group
Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law
Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
Street Legal 2: Racing Redline
Street Legal Performance
Strengthening Economic Legal Infrastructure
Student Health Law Organization
Student Housing Legal Clinic
Student Lawn Care Services
Student of the Civil Law
Student Patent Law Association
Student Press Law Center
Students Taking Action to Terminate Unlawful Substances
Studio Legale Associato
Study Committee on Lawyer Advertising
Substantive Patent Law Treaty
Substantive Patent Law Treaty
Sub-Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc.
Succession Law Reform Act
Suffolk University Law School
Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion
Superior Court Law Library
Supplemental Law Enforcement Oversight Committee
Suppress Illegal Length Indicator
Suppression of Unlawful Acts
Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division
Swensen Perer & Kontos, Law Firm
Sydney University Law Society
Talawakelle Tea Estates Limited
Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies
Tasmanian University Law Society
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