Library Abbreviations


What is Library?

A library is a physical space in which books are kept, arranged in an orderly manner for study and consultation. It is the book collection. It is a word of Greek origin. A library is any space, whether concrete or virtual, that brings together a collection of information of any kind, whether books, encyclopedias, dictionary, monographs, magazines, pamphlets, etc., or digitized and stored on CD, DVD and database.

Libraries can be public or private. In public libraries, access to books and other materials is usually free, with the possibility of borrowing books for a certain period. Public libraries aim to provide access to information that is useful to individuals, and that brings culture to society. There are also community libraries, which are usually located in suburban neighborhoods, and do not always receive government support.

Private libraries may be maintained by private educational institutions, foundations, research institutions or large collectors. Opening its doors to students, readers and researchers.

There are also specialized libraries, which offer collections of information on a certain subject, such as medicine, mathematics, cinema and others.

Library Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Library

A Portable EMACS Library
A Virtual Reality Interface Library
Abilene Christian University Library
Abrams Common Software Library
Abstract Data and Communication Library
Academic and National Library Training Cooperative
Academic Library Association of Ohio
Academic Library Survey
ACSE Presentation Library Interface (software)
Activation Library
Active Template Library
ActiveX Library Template
Ada Run Time Library
Ada Structured Library
Ada Structured Library
Advanced Geospatial Image Library Enterprise
Advanced Imagery Library
Advanced Library Format
Advanced Placement Digital Library
Advanced Reference Library
Advanced Zip Library
African American Museum and Library in Oakland
African Imprint Library Services
Air University Library
Air University Library
Aircraft Technical Library
Akumiitti Connectivity Library
Al Maktoum Harvard Medical Library
Alabama Public Library Service
Alabama Virtual Library
Alachua County Library District
Alachua County Library District
Alaska Health Education Library Project
Alaska Library Association
Albert Wisner Public Library
Alberta Library Trustees’ Association
Alexandria Digital Library
Alexandria-Monroe Public Library
Allen County Public Library
AlphaMask Graphics Library
Alta Vista Public Library
Alvan Bolster Ricker Memorial Library and Community House
American Audio Prose Library, Inc.
American Audio Prose Library, Inc.
American Geographical Society Library
American Indian Library Association
American Library Association
American Library Association Washington Office Newsline
American Library Directory
American Philosophical Society Library
American Theological Library Association
Ameritech Library Systems
Ames Imaging Library System
Amherst College Library
Amiga Standard Library
Amiga Standard Library
Ancestry Library Edition
Andhra Pradesh Public Library Association
Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library
Angelo M.Iacoboni Library
Angie Williams Cox Public Library
Ann Arbor District Library
Anna Porter Public Library
Annie E. Sterling Branch Library
Another XML Library
Ante Nicene Christian Library
Anthony Quinn Public Library
Antioch Public Library District
Apache Junction Public Library
APG TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) Process Library
Apple Graphics Library
Apple Library of Tomorrow
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
Apple Valley Branch Library
Application Library Services
Application Object Library
Application Services Library
Application Services Library
Arabidopsis Membrane Protein Library
Arapahoe Library District
Archimedes Public Domain Library
Archives Library Information Center
Argenta Oreana Public Library District
ARIC Box Library Extension
Arizona Health Sciences Library
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
Arkansas Library Association
Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals
Arlington Public Library
Armor School Library
Armor School Library
Army Digital Library
Army Electronic Library
Army Library Institute
Array Support Library
Array Support Library
Art Circle Public Library
Art, Architecture & Engineering Library
Artbeats Digital Film Library
Ashburn Library Advisory Board Inc.
Ashland Public Library
Ashland Public Library District
Ashtabula County District Library
Asset Library Management System
Asset Library Mechanism
Asset Library Open Architecture Framework
Asset Library System
Assistive Technology Lending Library
Associate of the Library Association
Associate of the Library Association of Australia
Associates, Paraprofessionals and Library Support Staff
Association for Library Collections and Technical Services
Association for Library Service to Children
Association of Connecticut Library Board
Association of Library Trustees and Advocates
Association of Public Library Administrators
Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies
Astronet Graphic Library
Astronomy Digital Image Library
Atlantic Provinces Library Association
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
Audio Video Library
Aurora Town Public Library
Australian Library and Information Association
Australian Poetry Resources Internet Library
Australian School Library Association
Automated Library Issue Document
Automated Library Processing Service
Automated Library Program
Automated Library Publishing System
Automated Library System
Automated Mixed-media Library
Automated Tape Library
Automated Test Library
Automatic Cartridge System Library Software
Automatic Tape Library
Bachelor of Arts in Information and Library Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Library Science
Bachelor of Arts with Library Studies
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Library and Information Studies
Bachelor of Library Science
Bachelor of Library Science
Bainbridge Island Branch Library
Bald Knob Branch Library
Baltimore County Public Library
Barnes Reading Room Public Library
Basic Application Framework Library
Basic Depository Library Documents
Basic Library Techniques
Battle Command Battle Library
Bay Area Seed Interchange Library
Bay County Library System
Beardsley and Memorial Library
Bedford Public Library System
Belmont Library Foundation
Bentley Historical Library
Benton County Public Library
Benton Harbor Public Library
Bergen County Cooperative Library System
Berkeley Heights Public Library
Berkeley MultiMedia Kernel Library
Berkeley Packet Library
Berkeley Public Library
Bertha Voyer Memorial Library
Bessie K. Russell Branch Library
Bethel University Library
Beverly Hills Public Library
Bhaktivedanta Memorial Library
Bibliographic Online Library Display
Binder Library
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Biomedical Library
Biomedical Library Acquisitions Bulletin
Birmingham University Integrated Library Development and Electronic Resource
Black Diamond Library
Black Diamond Library
Bloomsburg Public Library
Blue Man Library
Blue Ridge Township Public Library
Blue Trunk Library
Bluffton Richland Public Library
Board of Library Commissioners
Boca Raton Public Library
Boost Graph Library
Booth and Dimock Memorial Library
Border Regional Library Association
Boston Library Consortium
Boston Public Library
Brady Green Library
Branch Library Improvement Program
Brazoria County Library System
Briggs Lawrence County Public Library Main Branch
Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library
Brimfield Public Library
Brimson Grow Library
British Architectural Library
British Columbia Courthouse Library Society
British Columbia Library Association
British Defence Film Library
British Library
British Library for Development Studies
British Library Lending Division
British Library Research and Development Department
Brookline Library Music Association
Brooklyn Public Library
Browne Popular Culture Library
Brownsville Public Library
Brownsville Public Library System
Brynmor Jones Library
Bucks County Library Network
Buena Ventura Lakes Library
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Bukit Panjang Community Library
Bulverde/Spring Branch Library
Burlington County Library System
Burnaby Public Library
Business Ethics Links Library
Business Letters Templates Library
C++ Library Actor Programming
CA Ransom District Library
Cahokia Public Library District
Calgary Public Library
California Digital Library
California Library Association
California School Library Association
California State Library
Calumet Park Public Library
Camp Verde Community Library
Campus Calgary Digital Library
Canadian Agriculture Library
Canadian Elections Resource Library
Canadian Library Association
Canadian Library Association’s Annual Conference
Canadian Library Exhibitors Association, Inc.
Canadian Library of Family Medicine
Canadian Library Trustees’ Association
Canadian School Library Association
Cape Breton Regional Library
Cape Library Co-operative
Capital Library Cooperative
Cardington-Lincoln Public Library
Career Resource Library
Career Services Library
Careers Library Classification Index
Cariboo Regional District Library
Carnegie Public Library
Carroll County Public Library
Case Study Library
Catalog of The New York Public Library
Catherine Dickson Hofman Library
Cedar Mill Community Library
Cedar Rapids Public Library
Cedar Vale Memorial Library
Central and Eastern European Online Library
Central Arkansas Library System
Central Brevard Library & Reference Center
Central Colorado Library System
Central Data Library
Central Electromagnetic Data Library
Central Florida Library Cooperative, Inc.
Central Images Picture Library
Central Islip Public Library
Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative
Central Jewish Library and Archives
Central Library Consortium
Central Online and Open Access Library
Central Texas Library System
Centre for Digital Library Research
Centre for Library and Information Management
Centre for Research in Library and Information Management
Chalmers Publication Library
Chandler Public Library
Charles H. Gere Branch Library
Charles Ralph Holland Memorial Library
Charleston County Library
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland
Chas City New Kent Public Library
Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System
Cherry Valley Memorial Library
Chester Beatty Library
Chesterfield County Public Library
Chicago Public Library
Chicago Ridge Public Library
Chief Officers of State Library Agencies
Children in Libraries: Improving Multimedia Virtual Library Access and Information Skills
Chillicothe Public Library District
Chinese Science Digital Library
Chinn Park Regional Library
Chinook Arch Regional Library System
Chip Support Library
Chippewa River District Library
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources
Church and Synagogue Library Association
Church History Library
Cincinnati Public Library
Citizens Library of Illinois Comprehensive Knowledge Service
City and County Library
Civil Engineering Automated Library
Civil War Library and Museum
Claremont Colleges Digital Library
Clark County Public Library
Class Library for Image Processing
Class Library for Numbers
Classical Music Library
Classroom Media Library
Clayton Community Library Foundation
Cleveland Public Library
Clifton M Brakensiek Branch Library
Clinical Reference Library
Clinton-Macomb Public Library
Clymer French Creek Free Library
Coalition of South African Library Consortia
Cochrane Library
Code Module Library
Colby Library Quarterly
College and University Library Section
College Center for Library Automation
College Library Information Packet
College Library Instruction Programs
Collier County Public Library
Collinsville Memorial Public Library
Colorado State Library
Colorado Virtual Library
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Combined Arms Research Library
Comenius National Library of Education
Command Information Library
Commercial Satellite Imagery Library
Committee on Library Co-Operation in Ireland
Common Business Library
Common Run-Time Library
Community Development Library
Community Virtual Library
Compact Library Extension Organizer
Compaq Extended Math Library
Compaq Portable Math Library
Complete Reference Library
Component Library for Cross-Platform
Component Library Integration Package
Computer Graphics Linear Algebra library
Computer Program Change Library
Computer Program Control Library
Computer Program Library
Computer Society Digital Library
Confederation Centre Public Library
Conference of Law Library Educators
Connecticut Library Consortium
Connecticut State Library
Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge
Consolidated Message Distribution Library
Consortium of Health Information Library Outreach
Consortium of Welsh Library and Information Services
Continuous Library Improvement Program
Contra Costa County Library
Contract Management Library
Cookbook Collector’s Library
Coon Rapids East Branch Library
Cooper River Memorial Branch Library
Cooperating Library Service Unit
Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
Copiague Memorial Public Library
Cornell Law Library
Cornell University Library
Corona Del Mar Branch Library
Council of Community College Library Administrators
Council Of Library Directors
Council on Library and Information Resources
Council on Library and Network Development
Council on Library Resources
County Library
County of Los Angeles Public Library
County of Los Angeles Public Library
Crab Orchard Public Library District
Criterion Attribute Library
Cross Campus Library
Cross Plains Public Library
Crystal Lake Public Library
Cuban Library Support Group
Cuneiform Digital Library
Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin
Curriculum Materials Library
Custom Function Library
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Dag Hammarskjöld Library
Dakota County Library – Farmington
Dalton Township Branch Library
Daly City Public Library
Darrel Kreighbaum Memorial Library
Data and Program Library Service
Data Compression Library
Data Link Library
Data Record Information Library
Data Service Development Library
Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library
David Library of the American Revolution
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Dayton Metro Library
Dayton Public Library Museum
Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library
Deaf Smith County Library
Dedham Library Innovation Team
Deer Park Branch Library
Deer Park Public Library
Defense Virtual Library
Definitive Software Library
Definitive Software Library
Del Mar Branch Library
Del Norte County Library District
Delevan Yorkshire Public Library
Delhi Hills Branch Library
Demarest Public Library Association
Denver Public Library
Denver Zine Library
Department of Defense Library Research Service
Department of Library and Information Science
Department of the Parliamentary Library
Depository Library Program
Derby Local Studies Library
Derrick B Jelliffe Library
Des Moines Library
Des Moines Public Library
Des Plaines Public Library
Deschutes Public Library
Deschutes Public Library System
DeSoto Trail Regional Library
Detroit Community AIDS Library
Diamond Bar Community Library
Dictionary Expansion Library
Differential Expression Using Customized Amplification Library
Digital Asset Library
Digital Bibliography & Library Project
Digital Data Library
Digital Extended Math Library
Digital Image Library
Digital Image Library Processing System
Digital Inter-Library Loan
Digital Library
Digital Library Advisory Group
Digital Library Center
Digital Library Development
Digital Library eXtension Service
Digital Library Federation
Digital Library for Earth System Education
Digital Library for Information Science and Technology
Digital Library for International Research
Digital Library Innovation Team
Digital Library National Convention
Digital Library of Dolphin Development
Digital Library of India
Digital Library of Printable Machines
Digital Library Research Group
Digital Library Service Registry
Digital Library Source Book
Digital Library Working Group
Digital Mathematics Library
Digital Media Library
Digital Orchid Library
Digital Signal Processing Library
Digital Video Library System
Dingman Delaware Branch Library
Director of Library Services
Disruptive Library Technology Jester
Distance Education Library Services
Distance Learning Library Initiative
Distance Learning Library Services
Distributed Digital Library System for Training Materials
Distributed Graphics Library
Distributed Library Project
Distributed Research Library
Distributed Spatial Data Library
District of Columbia Public Library
Division of Library and Information Services
Division of Library Automation
Dixie Regional Library System
Dobbs Ferry Public Library
Doctor of Library Science
Doctor Williams’s Library
Dongan Hills Branch Library
Dorchester County Public Library
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library
Dorothy Duncan Braille Library
Dos Palos Branch Library
Douglas County Public Library
Douglass Truth Branch Library
Dripping Springs Community Library
Drosophila Membrane Protein Library
Dublin City Library
Duck Hill Public Library
Dudley Knox Library
Dunstable Free Public Library
Duplin County Dorothy Wightman Library
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
Dwight Foster Public Library
Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library
Dynamic Data Modeling Library
Dynamic Link Library
Dynamic Link Library
Dynamic Link Library Similar
Dynamic Probe Class Library
Dynamically Enhancing VLE Information from the Library (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
Earle Rainwater Memorial Library
Earth Resources Library
East African Library Association
East Central Regional Library
East Delavan Branch Library
East Haddam Free Public Library
East Iberville Branch Library
East Meadow Public Library
East Mississippi Regional Library
East Orange Public Library
East Palo Alto Public Library
East Providence Public Library
East Smithfield Public Library
East St. Louis Public Library
East Tennessee Library Association
East Williston Public Library
Eastern Counties Regional Library
Eastern Oregon Library Association
Eastern Shore Public Library
Easton Area Public Library
Eden Park Community Center Branch Library
Edinburgh University Data Library
Education and Library Board
Education and Social Science Library
Egg Harbor Township Library
Egyptian National Agriculture Library
El Camino Real Branch Library
El Paso Public Library
El Rio Branch Library
Elbert County Library District
Electronic Document Library
Electronic Environmental Resources Library
Electronic Journals Online Library
Electronic Law Library
Electronic Library for Minnesota Resources
Electronic Library for Social Care
Electronic Library Information
Electronic Library Information Environment
Electronic Library Information Navigator
Electronic Library Network
Electronic Library of Interior Policies
Electronic Library of Scientific Research
Electronic Library Services and Applications
Electronic Membrane-Information Library
Electronic Resource Library
Elkhart Public Library District
Ellenville Public Library & Museum
Ellis Reference-Information Center Branch Library
Embedded File System Library
Embedded Graphics Library
EMC Disk Library
Emitter Signal Library
Emporia Public Library
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science
Engineering and Scientific Sub-routine Library
Engineering Document Library
Engineering Electronic Library, Sweden
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Enterprise Library Data Access
EPISTLE Technical Liaison Executive) Reference Data Library
Escondido Public Library
Estacado Library Information Network
Estes Park Public Library
Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library
Ethnomathematics Digital Library
Eugenia Pickard Memorial Library
Eureka Public Library District
European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
European Foundation for Library Cooperation
European Library Automation Group
Evangelical Church Library Association
Evanston Public Library
Evidence Analysis Library
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
Evolving Software Tool Library
Executable Editing Library
Extended Campus Library Services Section
Extended Tape Library Architecture
Extensible Markup Language Schema Standard Type Library
Extension Library
Extra Credit Library
Extreme Class Library
Eyes and Vision Specialist Library
Fairfield Library Association Inc.
Fall Creek Public Library
Falmouth Memorial Library
Family History Library
Fauquier County Public Library
Feature Code Library
Federal Depository Library Program
Federal Library Information Network
Feinberg Library Internet Resource Tracker
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Fellow of the Library Association
Fellow of the Medical Library Association
Fellowship of the Library Association of Ireland
Fern Ridge Community Library
Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education
Fifth Ward Branch Library
Fifty-Eighth Street Branch Library
Fig Garden Branch Library
Financial Information Link Library
Finger Lakes Library System
Finzel Community Center Branch Library
Firefox User Extension Library
First Edition Library
Five Rivers Public Library
Flat Rock Public Library
Fleet Mission Program Library
Flint Area Library Cooperative Online Network
Flint Public Library
Florida Center for Library Automation
Florida Electronic Library
Florida Geographic Data Library
Florida Library Association
Florida Library Information Network
Flower Mound Public Library
FMRIB Software Library
Folger Shakespeare Library
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library
Foothills Library Association
Force Module Library
Ford City Public Library
Forest Park Public Library
Forsyth Township Public Library
Fort Davis Regional Library
Fort Dodge Public Library
Fort Loramie Branch Library
Fort Loudoun Regional Library Center
Fort Meade Public Library
Fort Recovery Public Library
Fort Washington Branch Library
Foundation Class Library
Fountain Valley Branch Library
Four County Library System
Four Rivers Alsa Library Association
Framework Class Library
Franklin Avenue Branch Library
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum
Franklin North Pratt Branch Library
Fred Wilson Memorial Library
Free Fuzzy Logic Library
Fresno County Public Library
Friends of Appleton Library
Friends of Fondren Library
Friends of Ruch Library
Friends of the Alexandria Library
Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library
Friends of the Bellaire Library
Friends of the Fallbrook Library
Friends of the Geraldton Library
Friends of the Goolwa Library
Friends of the Greenbelt Library
Friends of the Kingston Library
Friends of the Library
Friends of the Library
Friends of the Library Kingwood
Friends Of the Library USA
Friends of the Manchester Library
Friends of the Murrieta Library
Friends of the Palm Springs Library
Friends of the School Library
Friends of the Warren Library
Friendsville Community Center Branch Library
From Interns to Library Leaders From Interns to Library Leaders
FSU Library for Information, Technology and Education (Big Rapids, MI)
Functional Integrated Library Management System
Functional Library
Functional Library
Furniture Symbol Library
Galion Public Library Association
Game Programming Library
Gauteng and Environs Library Consortium
Gender and Science Digital Library
Genealogical Library Catalog
Genealogical Library Master Catalog
General Library Automated Database and Information System
General Organization of Alexandria Library
General Utility Library Program
Generalized Image Library
Generative Matrix Computation Library
Generic Collection Library for Java
Generic Data Structures Library
Generic Math Template Library
Genesee District Library
Geometry Utility Library
Geophysics Fleet Mission Program Library
George C. Alexander Branch Library
George E. Allen Library
Georgetown Public Library
Georgia Basin Digital Library
Georgia Library Association
Georgia Library for Accessible Services
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
Geospatial Information Library
Geospatial Product Library
German Medical Library Association
Ghana Library Association
Ghana Library Board
Gibson County Memorial Library
Gibsons and District Public Library
GIMP Drawing Kit (computer graphics library)
Gladys McArthur Memorial Library
Glasgow University Library
Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District
Global Access Library
Global Health Library
Global Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library
GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library (interfaces)
GNU Scientific Library
GNU Triangulated Surface Library
Golden Gate Valley Branch Library
Gopher State Tape Library
Goshen Public Library
Government Oriental Manuscripts Library
Graduate School of Library Science
Grand Forks Public Library
Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District
Grand Rapids Public Library
Grants to State Library Agencies
Graphics Library
Graphics Library Utility Toolkit
Great Brook Valley Branch Library
Great River Regional Library
Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium
Greater Edmonton Library Association
Greater New York Music Library Association
Greenfield Public Library
Greenstone Digital Library
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Greenstone Digital Library Software
Griffin Free Public Library
Group Digital Library
Guernsey County District Public Library
Hackley Public Library
Hagerstown Jefferson Township Public Library
Halton Hills Public Library
Hamilton Public Library
Hargrave-Andrew Library
Harker United Library Club
Harvard College Library
Harvard Sciences Digital Library
Harvard University Library
Harwell Subroutine Library
Harwell Subroutine Library
Havana Public Library District
Hawaii Kai Public Library
Hawaii Medical Library
Hayden Lake Library
Hayden Lake Library
Hazleton Area Public Library
Health Education Library for People
Health Information Library
Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center
Health Sciences Library System
Heinz Electronic Library Interactive On-Line System
Helen Keller Public Library
Help Library Manager
Helsinki University Library
Hennepin County Library
Henrietta Public Library
Henry Henley Public Library
Heritage Trail Library System
Heyworth Public Library District
Hidalgo County Library System
Higher Education Library Image Exchange
Histopathology Reference Library
Hodgkins Public Library District
Hoffman Estates Branch Library
Holland Library Data Archive
Holmes County District Public Library
Home Library Service
Homeland Security Digital Library
Hong Kong Library Association
Horry County Memorial Library
Host Side IGMP Library (Cisco IOS)
Houston Area Library Automated Network
Houston Area Library System
Howard Beach Branch Library
Humanities and Social Sciences Library
Hunt Library
Hunt Library
Huntington Beach Library
Huntington Library Quarterly
Huntington Station Library
Huntley Area Public Library
Hybrid Library Management System
I Tatti Renaissance Library
IBM Library Reader
Icon Library
Idaho Library Association
Illinois Library Association
Illinois Library Delivery System
Illinois Public Library Annual Report
Image & Video Library
Image Format Library
Image Product Library
Imagery Product Library
Imagery Product Library Subsystem
India Office Library
Indian Library Association
Indian Mound Branch Library
Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority
Indiana Library Federation
Indiana University Digital Library Program
Indiana University Library
Indianhead Federated Library System
Indonesian CyberLibrary Society
Industrial Property Digital Library
Information & Library Science
Information Systems Research Library
Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Infrastructure Technology Information Library
Initiative for Equitable Library Access
Input Output Library
Institute for Electronic Library Research
Institute for Museum and Library Services
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Integrated Foundation Library
Integrated Library Management System
Integrated Library Management Utility
Integrated Library System
Integrated Online Library Systems
Intel Performance Primitives Library
Intellectual Property Digital Library
Intelligent Library System
Interlibrary Borrowing Service
Inter-Library Loan/Lending
International Children’s Digital Library
International Digital Electronic Access Library
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
International Library Movement
International Library of African Music
International Library of Criminology
International Library of Poetry
International Mathematical and Statistical Library
International Mathematical Subroutine Library
International Mathematics & Statistics Library
International Nuclear Library Network
International Property Digital Library
International School Library Day
International Youth Library
Internet Bankruptcy Library
Internet Chess Library
Internet Christian Library
Internet Library Association
Internet Public Library
Intersystems Library Delivery Service
Inwood Regional Branch Library
Iowa City Public Library
Iowa Digital Library
Iowa Library Association
Iowa Tax Research Library
Irondequoit Public Library
Irving Public Library
Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library
Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library
Island Trees Public Library
Isleboro Free Library
Islington Education Library Service
Isolinear Computer Library Database
J.H. Robbins Memorial Library
J.R. Huffman Public Library
J.T. and E.J. Crumbaugh Memorial Public Library
Jackson County Public Library
Janet Carlson Calvert Library
Java Class Library
Java Digital Library
Java Evolutionary Biology Library
Java Imaging and Graphics Library
Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library
Java Standard Template Library
Jawaharlal Nehru Library
Jefferson County Library Cooperative
Jefferson County Public Library
Jennie Erwin Branch Library
Jennings County Public Library
Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth
Jewish Virtual Library
Jewish Youth Library of Ottawa
Jim Lucas Memorial Branch Library
Jimmy Carter Library
JMCIS On-Line Library
JMCIS Online Library Tutorial/Training
Job Source Library
John F. Henderson Public Branch Library
John Jermain Memorial Library
John Oxley Library
John Rylands Library
Johnson City Public Library
Johnson Free Public Library
Joint Data Library
Joint Electronic Library
Jonathan Bourne Public Library
Jordan Valley District Library
Joseph Dessert Branch Library
Josey Ranch Lake Public Library
Joshua Hyde Public Library
Journal Library for Natural Sciences and Technology
Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
Journal of Library Administration
JSF Widget Library (IBM Corp.)
JSP Standard Tag Library
JTIDS Network Library
Judaica Library Network of Metropolitan Chicago
Jump Adjustment Library
Junction City Public Library
Junior Library Guild
Junior Library Volunteer
Juvenile Welfare Board Library
Kaneohe Regional Branch Library
Kansas Library Association
Kansas Library Network Board
Kansas State Library
Karl Road Branch Library
Kashmere Gardens Branch Library
Kathy June Sheriff Library
Keio University Library
Kelvin Smith Library
Kennedy-Western Electronic Library
Kent District Library
Kentuckiana Digital Library
Kentucky Library Association
Kentucky Library Network
Kentucky Medical Library Association
Kentucky Virtual Library
Kenya Library Association
Key Largo Public Library
Key Objects Library
Keystone Library Automation System
Killie Campbell Africana Library
Kiln Branch Public Library
Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library
King Abdulaziz Public Library
King County Law Library
King Library Press
Kingsville Public Library
Kline Science Library
Korean Medical Library Association
La Crosse Public Library
La Grande Public Library
La Habra Branch Library
La Porte County Public Library
Lackawanna County Library System
Lafayette Public Library
Lake Agassiz Regional Library
Lake Alfred Public Library
Lake Elmo Branch Library
Lake Geneva Public Library
Lake Isabella Branch Library
Lake Macquarie City Library
Lake Placid Public Library
Lake Villa Public Library District
Lane Public Library
Las Vegas Public Branch Library
Latvian National Library
Laura Johnson Library
Law Library Advisory Committee
Law Library and Technology Center
Law Library Association of Maryland
Law Library Collections
Law Library Journal
Law Library Microform Consortium
Law Library of Congress
Law Library of Congress
Law Library Resource Xchange
Lawrence County Public Library
Lazarus Component Library
Lee County Library System
Lee County Public Library
Lee Kong Chian Reference Library
Legislative Library of British Columbia
Legislative Reference Library
Leiden Law Library
Leisure World Branch Library
Lemon Grove Branch Library
Lending Library Unit
Leonard A. Good Community Library
Lesotho Library Association
Lewis and Clark Library System
Lewis and Clark Library System
Lexington Public Library
Libbie A Cass Memorial Library
Library Access System
Library Access to Music Project
Library Administration and Management Association
Library Advisory Board
Library Advisory Commission
Library and Archives Canada
Library and Documentation Centre
Library and Information Research Group
Library and Information Research News
Library and Information Resource Network, Inc.
Library and Information Retrieval Applications
Library and Information Science
Library and Information Science Abstracts
Library and Information Service
Library and Information Service of Western Australia
Library and Information Services Department
Library and Information Services in Astronomy
Library and Information Technology Association
Library and Learning Commons
Library and Learning Resource Services
Library and Resource Center
Library Assessment Review Committee
Library Assistant
Library Assistants, Support Staff and Associates
Library Association
Library Association of Alberta
Library Association of Australia
Library Association of Portland
Library Association Publishing Limited
Library Automation Association in Georgia
Library Automation System
Library Automation Technologies
Library Automation Technologies
Library Book Discussion
Library Circulation System
Library Computer
Library Computer Lab
Library Construction Kit
Library Consumers’ Advisory Council
Library Control Unit
Library Council
Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin
Library Education Division
Library Education Group
Library Education Unit
Library Electronic Academic Resources Network
Library Equal Access Program
Library Exchange Format
Library Executive Committee
Library File Builder
Library File Builder
Library File Maintenance
Library for Automated Deduction Research
Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled
Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Library Friends of Payson
Library General Public License
Library History Round Table
Library Human Resources
Library Improvement Reserve Fund
Library Information Literacy Tutorial
Library Information Management System
Library Information Science Technology Abstracts
Library Information System
Library Information Systems
Library Instruction Room
Library Instruction Round Table
Library Interconnection Language
Library Issue Document
Library Journal
Library Knowledge Center
Library Knowledge Center
Library Leadership and Management Association
Library Leadership Institute
Library Learning Information Center
Library Loader
Library Lookaside
Library Main Floor
Library Maintenance System
Library Management Facility
Library Management Research Unit
Library Management System
Library Management Unit
Library Manager Control Point
Library Media Center
Library Media Center Advisory Committee
Library of Alexandria
Library of America
Library of Ancient Domains
Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology
Library of Annotated Film Schools
Library Of Congress
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Authorities File
Library of Congress Card Number
Library of Congress Classification
Library of Congress Classification Number.
Library of Congress Control Number
Library of Congress Database
Library of Congress Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress Information System
Library of Congress Resource File
Library of Congress Subject Headings
Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms
Library of English Literature
Library of Exact Philosophy
Library of Financial Arrangements
Library of Hydro-Ecological Modules
Library of Input/Output and Numerical Subroutines
Library of Iterative Solvers for Linear Systems
Library of Marginally Useful Knowledge
Library of Oracle Knowledge
Library of Parameterized Modules
Library of Parliament
Library of Professional Picture Framing
Library of Texas
Library of Unified Information Sources
Library of Virginia
Library Online Basic Orientation
Library Online Resource Access
Library Orientation and Bibliographic Instruction
Library Outreach Service
Library Parameterized Modules
Library Partition Option
Library Partitioning Module
Library Penalties Appeal Committee
Library Planning Model
Library Policy Advisory Committee
Library Programme Advisory Committee
Library Reading Room
Library Research and Technical Services
Library Research Round Table
Library Research Service
Library Resource Database
Library Resource Guide
Library Resource Guide
Library School Alumni Association
Library Science Alumni Association
Library Science and Instructional Technology
Library Service Manager
Library Service Program
Library Services & Construction Act of 1957
Library Services and Construction Act Grant
Library Services and Technology Act
Library Services, Information Resources and Technology
Library Shop on Main
Library Society of China
Library Square Public House
Library Statistics Data Dictionary
Library Storage Module
Library Student Journal
Library Support Staff Interests Round Table
Library Support Staff Resource Center
Library Support Team
Library Technical Assistant
Library Technology Advisory Group
Library Technology Educator
Library Technology Reports
Library Unit
Library Use Only
Library User Information Service
Library Vector Offset
Library Video Network
Library/Learning Resource Center
Lime Springs Public Library
Lincoln County Library System
Lincoln Park Public Library
Lincoln Trail Regional Library
Linda Hall Library
Linden Free Public Library
Lisbon Falls Community Library
Lister Hill Library
Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences
Little Red School House Library
Little Silver Public Library
Livermore Public Library
Local Library System Automation Program
Locust Grove Public Library
Loeb Classical Library
Logistics Support Library
Lonesome Pine Regional Library
Long Beach Public Library Foundation
Los Alamitos Rossmoor Branch Library
Los Angeles Public Library
Los Feliz Public Library
Loudoun County Public Library
Louis J. Piantino Branch Library
Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library
Louisiana Library Association
Louisville Free Public Library
Louisville Public Library
Lower Providence Community Library
Loyola Notre Dame Library
Lucile H. Bluford Library
Lucile L. Morgan Public Library
Lund University Library
Luther Area Public Library
Lutheran Church Library Association
Lydia Bruun Woods Memorial Library
Lyons School District Public Library
M.N. Spear Library
Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library
Madison County Public Library
MAGTF Data Library
Main Library
Main Library
Main Library Redevelopment Project
Maine State Library
Major Urban Resource Library
Management Information Library
Mandeville Special Collections Library
Manitoba Association of Library Technicians
Mansfield Free Public Library
Map Specification Library
Marathon County Public Library
Margaret Reaney Memorial Library
Maricopa County Library Council
Maricopa County Library District
Marin Academic Library Consortium
Marin County Library Foundation
Martin L King Public Library
Mary D Edwards Public Library
Mary Johnston Memorial Library
Mary Kaeser Library
Mary Lou Reddick Public Library
Mary Vinson Memorial Branch Library
Maryland Interlibrary Loan Organization
Maryland Library Association
Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Library and Information Network
Massachusetts Library Association
Massachusetts School Library Media Association
Master Environment Library
Master Environmental Library
Master Library
Master Mission Library
Master of Arts in Library Science
Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Library Science
Master of Science in Library Science
Master Publications Library
Master Software Library
Masters of Library and Information Studies
Math Kernel Library
Mathematical Library
Matrix Template Library
Matrox Imaging Library
Maury Oceanographic Library System
Maximum Access to Diagnosis and Therapy: The Electronic Library of Medicine
McAllen Public Library
McGill University Online Library Catalogue
Medgar Evers Boulevard Branch Library
Medical Library Assistance Act
Medical Library Association
Medical Research Library of Latvia
Medicinal Chemistry Virtual Library
Medicine Hat Public Library
Medina County District Library
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Library
Member Digital Library
Member Digital Library Subscription
Memphis Public Library
Merriam-Gilbert Public Library
Message Distribution Library
Message Passing Library
Metadata Image Library Exploitation
Metropolitan Cooperative Library System
Metropolitan Library System
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
Michigan Electronic Library
Michigan Geographic Data Library
Michigan Library Association
Michigan Library Consortium
Micro House Technical Library
Mid-Continent Public Library
Middle Haddam Public Library
Middlesex County Library Board
Middletown Public Library
Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
Mideastern Ohio Library Organization
Mid-Hudson Library System
Mildred G. Fields Library
Miller Nichols Library
Miller Nichols Library
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Milton-Freewater Public Library
Milton-Union Public Library
Milwaukee Public Library
Minneapolis Public Library
Minnesota Association of Library Friends
Minnesota Digital Library Coalition
Minnesota Library Association
Minnie R. Slief Memorial Library
Minor Hill Public Library
Mission and Spacecraft Library
Mississippi Biomedical Library Association
Mississippi Library Commission
Missouri Library Association
Missouri River Regional Library
MIW and Environmental Decision Aids Library
Modern Languages Faculty Library
Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Library
Modular Calendar Access Library
Mohave County Library District
Mono Class Library
Monroe County Library System
Monrovia Public Library
Monte Carlo-Library Least-Squares
Monterey-Tippecanoe Township Public Library
Montgomery County Public Library
Montrose Regional Library District
Morgan Library Collection
Morristown-Hamblen Public Library
Morton Grove Public Library
Mount Dora Library Association
Mount Horeb Public Library
Mount Kisco Public Library
Mount Union College Library
Mountain College Library Network
Mountain Plains Library Association
Multi-Library Search
Multimedia Library
Multi-Use Combinatorial Peptide Library
Multnomah County Library
Music Library Association
Music Library Service Company
Music Library Special Collections
Music Library System
Music Sample Library Project
Mysore City Library Consortium
Nanoparticle Information Library
Nassau Library System
National Agricultural Library
National Agricultural Library Thesaurus
National Air Photo Library
National Core Library
National Czech Slovak Museum Library
National Diet Library
National Digital Library
National Digital Library Competition
National Digital Library of Agriculture
National Digital Library of Bhutan
National Electronic Library for Health
National First Ladies’ Library
National Freight Transportation Library, Inc.
National Geospatial-Intelligence Library
National Imagery Library
National Information and Library Service
National Information Library
National Laboratory Gene Library Project
National Lending Library for Science and Technology
National Library and Archive
National Library Board
National Library for Health
National Library for the Environment
National Library of Addictions
National Library of Australia
National Library of Canada
National Library of Canada English
National Library of China
National Library of Education
National Library of Iran
National Library of Ireland National Library of Ireland
National Library of Jamaica
National Library of Korea
National Library of Medicine
National Library of New Zealand
National Library of Norway
National Library of Russia
National Library of Scotland
National Library of Vietnam
National Library of Wales
National Library Service
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
National Library Week
National Professional Development Library
National Research Library Alliance
National Resource Library
National School Library Day
National Science Digital Library
National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library
National Software Reference Library
National Sporting Library
National Technical Reports Library
National Transportation Library
National Trust Photo Library
Native POSIX Thread Library
Natural Sciences Image Library
Naval Logistics Library
Navy General Library Program
Navy Virtual Library
NCAR Online Library Access
Nebraska Library Commission
Nebraska Regional Library Systems
Needham Free Public Library
Neenah Public Library
Network Access and Measurement Library
Network Library
Network Protocol Library
Network Services Library
Network Trace and Retrieval Library
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Networked University Digital Library
Nevada State Library
Nevada State Library and Archives
Nevrax Library
New Albany Floyd County Public Library
New American Library
New Braunfels Public Library
New Brighton Public Library
New Buffalo Township Public Library
New Canadian Library
New Durham Public Library
New Hampshire State Library
New Jersey Association of Library Assistants
New Jersey State Library
New Martinsville Public Library
New Mexico State Library
New Middletown Station Branch Library
New Orleans Public Library
New Port Richey Public Library
New Rochelle Public Library
New Tecumseth Public Library
New Town Public Library
New York Library Association
New York Library Club
New York Public Library
New York State Library
Newark Public Library System
Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association
Newport News Public Library System
Newton Falls Public Library
Niagara Falls Public Library
Nigerian Library Association
Nigerian School Library Association
Niles Public Library District
NIMA Library
NOAA Library and Information Network
Nonstandard Template Library
NonStop Technical Library
Norman F. Feldheym Central Library
Norridgewock Free Public Library
Norris Medical Library
North Adams Community Memorial Library
North Bay Library
North Bellmore Public Library
North Bend Public Library
North Bergen Public Library
North Central Regional Library
North Dakota Library Association
North Eastern Education and Library Board
North Madison County Public Library System
North Merrick Public Library
North Of Boston Library System
North Olympic Library System
North Port Area Library
North Side Branch Library
North Smithfield Public Library
North Tonawanda Public Library
Northampton Area Public Library
Northeast Massachusetts Digital Library
Northeast Ohio Library Association
Northern Illinois Library System
Northern Lights Library Network
Northern Lights Library System
Northern New York Library Network
Northern Onondaga Public Library
Northern Ontario Virtual Library
Northland Library Cooperative
Northwest Interlibrary Cooperative of Pennsylvania
Northwestern University Medical Library
Nova Scotia Library Association
Nuclear Guardianship Library
Number Theory Library
Nunavut Library Association
Nunavut Public Library Services
O’Fallon Library
Oak Brook Public Library
Oak Harbor Public Library
Oak Lawn Branch Library
Oak Park Public Library
Oak Spring Garden Library
Oakland Public Library Foundation
Oakwood Township Library District
Object Graph Navigation Library
Object Model Library
Object Windows Library
Ocean County Library System
Ocean Shores Public Library
Oceanographic and Atmospheric Master Library
Odyssey Native Library
Office of Library and Information Services
Office of Public Library Services
Ogemaw District Library
Ohio College Library Center
Ohio Council of Library and Information Services
Ohio Educational Library Media Association
Ohio Library Association
Ohio Library Council
Ohio Public Library Information Network
Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative
Okeechobee Blvd. Branch Library
Oklahoma Association of School Library Media Specialists
Oklahoma Library Association
Old Bridge Public Library
Old Colorado City Public Library
Oliver Springs Public Library
Olivia Rodham Memorial Library
Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Online Computer Library Catalog
Online Computer Library Center
On-Line Evaluation Resource Library
Online Library Cataloging Center
On-Line Library Center
Online Library Learning Center
Online Library of Images for Veterinary Education and Research
Online Library System
Ontario College and University Library Association
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Library Services Centre
Ontario Public Library Association
Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library
Open Audio Library
Open Code Software Library
Open Graphics Library
Open Library Architecture
Open Library Environment
Open Phone Abstraction Library
Open Russian Electronic Library
Open Source Business Library
Open Verification Library
Orange Beach Public Library
Orange Township Library
Orchestration and Provisioning Automation Library
Oregon BRDF Library
Oregon Library Association
Oregon School Library Information System
Oregon State Library
Oregon Sustainable Community Digital Library
Oregon Trail Library District
Origin Jazz Library
Oscoda County Library
OSI Library Interface
Ottawa Public Library
Otto Bruyns Public Library
Ouachita Parish Public Library
Our Lady of the Rosary Library
Outagamie Waupaca Library System
Oxford Digital Library
Oxford Pain Management Library
Ozark Dale County Public Library
Pacific Northwest Library Association
Pacific Northwest Regional Medical Library
PACOM Academic Library Steering
Pakistan Library Association
Palatine Public Library District
Palo Alto City Library
Palos Verdes Library District
Panhandle Public Library Cooperative
Parallel Genetic Algorithm Library
Parallel Simulated Annealing Library
Parallel Standard Template Library
Parker Hill Branch Library
Parker Library Steward Observatory
Parma Polyhedra Library
Passaic County Library System
Password Cracking Library
Patchogue-Medford Library
Patient Education Library
Patrick Henry School District Public Library
Paul Pratt Memorial Library
Paul Sawyier Public Library
Paw Paw Public Library
Peace Palace Library
Peer Counselor Library Assistant
Pen Based Electronic Net Command Information Library
Penang Public Library Corporation
Pendleton County Public Library
Penfield Public Library
Penguin Client Library
Peninsula Library System
Pennsylvania Library Association
Pennsylvania Library Association
Pere Marquette District Library
Performance Model Library
Performing Arts Library
Peripheral Transport Abstraction Library
Perl Exploit Library
Perry-Castañeda Library
Persistent Library of Internal Procedures
Pervasive Services Class Library
Pests and Diseases Image Library
Peters Township Public Library
Petersburg Public Library
Philippine Library Materials Project Foundation, Inc.
Phillip Leff Memorial Library
PHP Extension Community Library
PHP Library for Location Applications
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library
Physical Volume Library
Pickaway County District Public Library
Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library
Pierce County Library System
Pierpont Morgan Library
Pike’s Peak Library District
Pima County Public Library
Pinckney Community Public Library
Pinellas Park Public Library
Pinellas Public Library Cooperative
Pittsylvania County Public Library
Plainfield Public Library District
Plano Public Library System
Platform Information and Control Library
Platform Mission Library
Pleasant Mount Public Library
Pocono Mountain Public Library
Point Marion Public Library
Polk County Library Association
Polo Public Library District
Ponce De Leon Branch Library
Poplar Creek Public Library
Port Angeles Branch Library
Port Isabel Public Library
Port Townsend Public Library
Portable Instrumented Communication Library
Portsmouth Public Library
Position Description Library
Poughkeepsie Public Library District
Power Builder Library
Powerbuilder Dynamic Library
Powhatan County Public Library
Prairie Public Library
Prairie Trails Public Library District
Prelinked Library
Presque Isle Branch Library
Pretty Prairie Public Library
Primary Care Electronic Library
Princeton University Digital Library
Process Asset Library
Process Assets Library
Process Improvement Library
Product Library
Program Asset Library
Program Automated Library System
Program Library
Program Library
Program Library Control
Program Library Tape
Program Library Tape
Program Support Letter/Library
Program Support Library
Project Process Asset Library
Project Programming Library
Proquest Medical Library
Providence Public Library
Provisioning Object Library
Provisioning Object Library
Psychological Experiments Library
Public Ada Library
Public Health Electronic Library
Public Health Image Library
Public Library
Public Library Access Card
Public Library Administrators of North Texas
Public Library Advisory Board
Public Library Association
Public Library Authority
Public Library Development Team
Public Library District
Public Library Foundation
Public Library Innovation Program
Public Library Journal
Public Library Management
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Public Library of des Moines
Public Library of Science
Public Library of Science
Public Library of Westland
Public Library on Wheels
Public Library Online Templates
Public Library Quiz Bowl
Public Library Sales Program
Public Library Services Branch
Public Opinion Location Library
Public Software Library
Publication Library Management System
Publisher and Library/Learning Solutions
Pueblo City-County Library District
Python Imaging Library
Quaid-e-Azam Library
Quantum Game Library
Quebec Library Association
Queen Anne’s County Free Library
Queen’s University Library
Queensland Department of Education Library
Quicken Electronic Library
Quincy Library Group
R.B. Hoover Library
Racine Public Library
Radar Software Library
Ramapo Catskill Library System
Ramonita G. De Rodriguez Branch Library
Rapid Center Library
Rapid Prototyping Shared Library
Rare-Book Digital Library
Red Lake Falls Branch Library
Red Oaks Mill Branch Library
Reference Input Parameter Library
Reference Neutron Activation Library
Regina Public Library
Regional Medical Library
Regulatory and Guidance Library
Reimer Digital Library
Reinforced Library Binding
Relocatable Program Library
Relocation Library
Remote Access Chemical Hazards Electronic Library
Reproductive Health Library
Republican Scientific-Medical Library
Resalab Scientific Library
Research Library
Research Library Cooperative Program
Research Services Class Library
Resource Lending Library
Reusability Library Framework
Reusable Software Library
Reuse Library Framework
Rhodes House Library
Richfield Springs Public Library
Richland College Library
Richmond Avenue Branch Library
Richmond Public Library
Ridley Township Public Library
Rio Rancho Public Library
Roanoke Rapids Public Library
Roaring Spring Community Library
Robert Beverly Hale Library
Rock and Roll Library
Rock Springs Public Library
Rocky River Public Library
Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and Event Center
Roland Park Library Initiative
Rolling Prairie Library System
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Rosette Core Library for Unicode
Round Lake Area Library
Rowan Public East Branch Library
Royal Oak Public Library
Royal School of Library and Information Science
Ruby Graph Library
Run Time Library
Runtime Assembly Instrumentation Library
Runtime Shared Library
Russian Library Association
Russian State Children`s Library
Russian State Library
Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County
Rutherford Appleton Library
Saint Edward Public Library
Saint Pachomius Library
Saint Paul Branch Library
Salado Public Library District
Sallie H. Jenkins Memorial Library
Salt Lake City Public Library
San Bernardino Public Library
San Bruno Public Library
San Diego County Library
San Francisco Public Library
San Jose Public Library
San Marino Public Library
San Patricio County Library System
Sand Lake Branch Library
Sandhill Regional Library System
Santa Ana Public Library
Santa Barbara Public Library
Santa Clara City Library
Santa Fe Public Library
Santa Monica Public Library
Saratoga Springs Public Library
Saskatchewan Association of Library Technicians
Saskatchewan Library Association
Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association
Satisfiability Library
Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly
SCAR Resource Library
Scenario Emitter Signal Library
Schmaling Memorial Public Library District
School Library Association
School Library Association of Queensland
School Library Association of Victoria
School Library Certification Program
School Library Journal
School Library Media Administration
School Library Media Advisory
School Library Media Annual
School Library Media Research
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies
School of Information and Library Science
School of Information, Library and Archive Studies
School of Library and Information Management
School of Library and Information Science
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
Schuylkill Haven Free Library
Science & Engineering Library
Science and Society Picture Library
Science and Technology Library
Science Photo Library
Scientific Computing Software Library
Scientific Electronic Library Online
SCONUL Research Extra (library access and browsing)
Scotch Plains Public Library
Scott Township Public Library
Scottish Library and Information Council
Scottish Library Association
Sea Cliff Village Library
Seattle Public Library
Segment Library
Segment Library
Seismic Data Library System
Seismic Data System Library
Selected Environmental Library
Senate Library Committee
Seneca East Public Library
Senior Citizens Center Branch Library
Sensor Atmospheric Effects Library
Sequent Corporate Electronic Library
Sewickley Township Public Library
Seymour Public Library District
SGML Reuse Library
Shanghai International Library Forum
SHARE Program Library Agency
Shared Library
Shared Library Service
Sheridan Parkside Branch Library
Sigourney Public Library
Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
Simple Message Brokering Library
Simple Message Passing Library
Simulation Resources Library
Single Pot Library of Intracellular Antibodies
Sioux Falls Public Library
Sistema de Clasificacion de la Library of Congress
Site Originated Utility Library System
Small Library Edition
Snowflake-Taylor Public Library
Social Development Library Institute
Social Policy Virtual Library
Social Science Electronic Data Library
Society for the Advancement of Library & Information Science
Software Architecture Integration Library
Software Configuration and Library Management
Software Development Library
Software Library
Software Library
Software Library for Interference Detection
Software Object Library
Software Products Library
Software Reuse Library
Software Tool Library
Sojourner Truth Library
Sokoine National Agricultural Library
Solaris Threading Library
Solid Statement Library
Source Code Library
Source Sink Library
South Africa National Library
South African Library for the Blind
South Asia Library Notes and Queries
South Bay Co-Op Library System
South Beloit Public Library
South Brunswick Public Library
South Carolina Library Association
South Carolina State Library
South Central Regional Library
South Central Research Library Council
South Dakota Library Association
South Dakota State Library
South Eastern Academic Library System
South Jefferson Public Library
South Macon Public Library District
South Pasadena Public Library
South Wales Miners’ Library
Southeast Library System
Southeastern Library Association
Southeastern Library Network, Inc.
Southeastern Pennsylvania Library Association
Southern Adirondack Library System
Southern California Electronic Library Consortium
Southern Connecticut Library Council
Southern Education and Library Board
Southern European Library Link
Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, Inc.
Southern Ontario Library Service
Southern Oregon Library Information System
Southern Tier Library System
Southmost Branch Library
Southwest Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange
Southwest Harbor Public Library
Southwest Public Library
Spanish Peaks Library District
Spokane County Library District
Spring Valley Community Library
Springdale Free Public Library
Sri Lanka Library Association
Sri Lanka Medical Library
St. Anthony Park Branch Library
St. Joseph County Public Library
St. Louis County Library
Standard C Library
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
Standard Instrument Control Library
Standard Interface Control Library
Standard Library Annotated Reference
Standard Math Library
Standard PHP Library (computer programming)
Standard Template Library
Standardized Chapel Library Project
Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library
State Library Administrative Agency
State Library of Kansas
State Library of Louisiana
State Library of Ohio
State Library of Queensland
State Library of Queensland
State Library of Queensland, John Oxley Library
State Library of South Australia
State Library of Victoria
State Library of Western Australia
State Library Resource Center
State of Oregon Law Library
State-Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky
Statesboro Regional Library System
Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
Statewide Interlibrary loan Fast Track
Statewide Library Electronic Doorway
Statically Linked Library
Stayton Public Library Foundation
Steger South Chicago Heights Public Library District
Stingray Foundation Library
Stinson Memorial Public Library District
Stochastic Library Unit with Relationships Preserved
Storage Media Library
Student Chapter of the American Library Association
Student Library Enhancement Fund
Student Reference Library
Submarine Fleet Mission Planning Library
Subtraction cDNA Library Array
Suburban Library System
Sue Kellogg Branch Library
Suffolk County Library Association
Suffolk Public Library System
Summit Free Public Library
Sun Prairie Public Library
Sunnyvale Public Library
Superior Court Law Library
Surface Photometry Interactive Reduction and Analysis Library
Surrey Object Image Library
Susquehanna Library Cooperative
Sustainable Earth Electronic Library
Sweetwater County Library Board
Symbian Developer Library
Symmetric Key Client Library
Synthetic Peptide Combinatorial Library
Syracuse University Library
System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin
System Library Manager
System Reference Library
System Threat Library
Systems Library Subscription Service
Tag Interface Component Library
Tag Interface Component Library
Tag Library Descriptor
Tamilnadu Library Association
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Tape Library
Tape Library Control Number
Tape Library Device
Tape Library Management System
Tape Read and Write Library
Tape Rental Library
Target System Control Library
Task Parallel Library
Tawas City Branch Library
Tax Policy Library
Taylor Memorial Public Library
Teaching Resources Library
Team Electronic Library System
Technical Information Library
Technical Library
Technical Library Management System
Technical Publications Library
Technical Reference Library
Technical Report Archive and Image Library
Teens Advising Library Keepers
Tell City-Perry County Public Library
Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative
Tennessee Library Association
Tennessee State Library & Archives
Test Object Oriented Library
Texas Digital Library
Texas Library Association
Texas State Library
Text Library System
The Biggest Library Yet
The Community Library
The Corporate Library
The Electronic Anesthesiology Library
The Electronic Chess Library
The European Library
The Fund Library
The Galilean Library
The Golf Picture Library
The Great Library
The Library Corporation
The Library Foundation
The Question Library
The Unofficial Bob Dylan Free Tape Library
Theological Journal Library
Theological Library Cooperative of Arizona
Think Class Library
Thomas County Historical Library
Thornapple Kellogg School Community Library
Thousand Oaks Library
Thread Safe Template Library
Three Rivers Regional Library System
Tibetan and Himalayan Library
Tilburg Internet Law Library
Timberland Regional Library
Timing Library Format
Tinley Park Public Library
Tippecanoe County Public Library
Tobacco Control Digital Library
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
Tompkins County Public Library
Tool Lending Library
Toolworks Reference Library
Toronto Metropolitan Library
Toronto Public Library
Toronto Reference Library
Total Client Service Library
Town of Gainesville Public Library
Town of Lee Library
Town of Ulster Public Library
Toy and Equipment Lending Library
Trademark Search Library
TRADOC Library and Information Network
Transport Library Interface
Transportation Information Library
Transportation Library Management Software
Transportation Mini Information Library
Traverse Area District Library
Treasure House Library
Trivial Portable Framework Library
TrueLicense Library Collection
Truth or Consequences Public Library
Truth or Consequences Public Library
Tucson Pima Public Library
Tulsa City-County Library
Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library
Type Library
Type Library Header
Uganda Library and Information Association
Uganda Scholarly Digital Library
Ukrainian Library Association of America
Umatilla County Special Library District
Undergraduate Library
Unified Accelerator Library
United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking
United Library Services
United Seamen’s Service American Merchant Marine Library Association
United States Library of Congress
Universal Graphics Library
Universal Probe Library
Universal Signal Processing Library
University Library
University Map Library
University of Baltimore Law Library
University of California Digital Library
University of Delaware Library Associates
University of Derby Electronic Library
University of Hawaii Library
University of Library and Information Science
University of London Library
University of Queensland Library
Upper Cumberland Regional Library
Upper Hudson Library Access Network
Upper Hudson Library System
Upper Merion Township Library
Uppsala University Library
Urbana Free Library
User Function Library
User Interface Standard Library
User Segmented Library
Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium
Utah Library Association
Utah State Library
Valley City/Barnes County Public Library
Valley Home Branch Library
Valley Library Consortium
Valley Mountain Library Consortium
Van Meter Public Library
Van Nest Branch Library
Vancouver Island Regional Library
Vancouver Public Library
Vanderbilt Medical Center Library
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Vault Online Career Library
Vector Statistical Library
Very Large Digital Library
VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analyzer and Utility Library (software)
Victoria Public Library
Videotape Library
View Template Library
Village Library of Wrightstown
Vincent Voice Library
Virginia Library Association
Virginia Library Association
Virginia Memorial Public Library
Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey
Virtual Computer Library
Virtual Health Library
Virtual Interface Provider Library
Virtual Library
Virtual Library of Virginia
Virtual Library System
Virtual Library Tape
Virtual Library Tool Kit
Virtual Research Library
Virtual Software Library
Virtual Tape Library
Virus Information Library
Vision Digital Library System
Visual Component Library
Visual Control Library
Visual Interactive Data Library
Vixen Controlled Library
Voice Modem Library
Vovida Open Communication Application Library
Wabash Carnegie Public Library
Wabash Carnegie Public Library
Wake County Public Library
Wake County Public Library
Wall Lake Public Library
Walla Walla Public Library
Wallingford Public Library
Walnut Public Library District
Walworth Seeley Public Library
Warehouse Point Library
Warren Newport Public Library
Warsaw Community Public Library
Warsaw Community Public Library
Warwick Public Library
Waseda University Library
Washburn Memorial Library
Washington Association of Library Employees
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Washington County Free Library
Washington County Library System
Washington County Public Library
Washington County Public Library
Washington Library Association
Washington Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Washington Library Media Association
Washington Library Network
Washington Township Public Library
Waterford Township Public Library
Watertown Free Public Library
Waukesha County Federated Library System
Web, Library and Archives
Webster Groves Public Library
Weehawken Free Public Library
Weeping Water Public Library
Weill Cornell Medical Library
Weinberg Memorial Library
Wellman-Scofield Public Library
Wells Branch Community Library
West African Library Association
West Allis Public Library
West Asheville Branch Library
West Branch Public Library
West Caldwell Public Library
West Caldwell Public Library
West Chester Public Library
West Chester Public Library
West Duluth Branch Library
West Florida Public Library
West Florida Regional Library
West Frankfort Public Library
West Gate Public Library
West Greenwich Public Library
West Hartford Public Library
West Haven Public Library
West Hempstead Public Library
West Islip Public Library
West Jordan Library
West Lafayette Branch Library
West Lafayette Public Library
West Liberty Public Library
West Linn Public Library
West Memphis Public Library
West Milford Township Library
West Newton Public Library
West Orange Public Library
West Plains Rural Library
West Salem Public Library
West Seattle Public Library
West Texas Library System
West Toledo Branch Library
West Valley Branch Library
West Valley Branch Library
West Virginia Digital Library
West Virginia Library Association
West Virginia Library Commission
West Warwick Public Library
West Winfield Free Library
Westbury Memorial Public Library
Westchester Library Association
Western Allegheny Community Library
Western Counties Regional Library
Western Education and Library Board
Western Illinois Library System
Western Library Network
Western Manitoba Regional Library
Western Massachusetts Library Club
Western New York Library Resources Council
Western Philatelic Library
Western Plains Library System
Western Pocono Community Library
Westerville Public Library
Westfield Washington Public Library
Westlake Public Branch Library
Westminster Public Library
Westmoreland County Federated Library System
Westport Free Public Library
Westville Public Library District
Whatcom County Library System
White Hall Public Library
White Pigeon Township Library
White Pine Library Cooperative
White Plains Public Library
White Rock Public Library
White Settlement Public Library
Wichita Area Library Association
Wichita Falls Public Library
Wicomico County Free Library
William Adams Bachelder Library
William Hall Main Library
William Paton Public Library
William Ross Public Library
William Smith Morton Library
William T. Young Library
Williamston Community Library Foundation
Willow Branch Township Library
Wilmington Public Library District
Wilson Library Bulletin
Winding Rivers Library System
Windows Driver Library
Windows Template Library
Windsor-Severance Library District
Winnipeg Public Library
Winter Park Public Library
Winters Friends of the Library
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