Logistics Abbreviations

From the English logistics, logistics is the set of means and methods that allow carrying out the organization of a company or a service. Business logistics implies a certain order in the processes that involve the production and marketing of goods.


Logistics Abbreviations

It is therefore said that logistics is the bridge or link between production and the market. Physical distance and time separate the production activity from the point of sale: logistics is responsible for linking production and the market through its techniques.

In companies, logistics involves planning and resource management tasks. Its function is to efficiently implement and control materials and products, from the point of origin to consumption, with the intention of satisfying consumer needs at the lowest possible cost .

The origin of logistics lies in the military sphere, where the organization tended to ensure the movement and maintenance of troops in the field. In times of war, efficiency in storing and transporting the elements is vital. Otherwise , soldiers may suffer from a shortage of means and resources to face the harshness of combat.

Based on these experiences, business logistics took on the task of studying how to place goods and services in the right place, at the right time and under the right conditions. This allows companies to meet the requirements and needs of their customers and obtain the highest possible profitability.

Logistics comprises the operations that must be performed to process goods from raw material to end product and to deliver them to the customer . This method should be carried out as efficiently as possible.

The logistics process occupies an important place in the economy . Because the costs of labor and raw materials are linked to a minimum, logistics is one of the few areas where companies can still compete with each other. After all, by moving goods as quickly as possible and in the right way, costs are saved. Among other things, it is important that the raw materials are delivered and processed at the right time, so that storage costs are kept to a minimum. To prevent shops from running out of stock, the goods must arrive on time: empty shelves do not generate income.

List of Acronyms Related to Logistics

ALTESS Acquisition Logistics and Technology Enterprise System and Services
ALD Acquisition Logistics Division
ALD Acquisition Logistics Documents
ALH Acquisition Logistics Handbook
ALP Acquisition Logistics Portrayal
ALS Acquisition Logistics Support
ALSPS Acquisition Logistics Support Plan
ALSPES Acquisition Logistics Support Plan
ALSP Acquisition Logistics Support Plan
ALSS Acquisition Logistics Support Specification
ALF Acquisition Logistics, and Fulfillment
APML Acquisition Program Manager for Logistics
ALTITUDE Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ALTERNATE Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ALT Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ALMBOS Acquisition, Logistics, Management, and Business Operations Support
AKMS Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Knowledge Management System
ATL Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology
ALC Administration and Logistics Center
ALSS Administrative and Logistics Security Specialist
ALOC Advance Logistics Officers Course
ALERT Advanced Logistics Evaluation and Reporting
ALP Advanced Logistics Planning
ALP Advanced Logistics Program
ALP Advanced Logistics Project
ALS Advanced Logistics System
ALSC Advanced Logistics Systems Center
APLN Advanced Professional Logistics Network
ACLU Afghan Construction & Logistics Unit
ALSC Afloat Logistics and Sealift Capability
ALC Agency Logistics Center
AFALD Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division
AFCALS Air Force Computer Aided and Acquisition Logistics Support
AFLC Air Force Logistics Center
ALC Air Force Logistics Command
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command
AFLC-DST Air Force Logistics Command Directorate of Transportation
AFMLO Air Force Medical Logistics Office
AFMLO Air Force Medical Logistics Officer
ALC Air Logistics Center
ALC Air Logistics Command
ALC Air Logistics Coordinator
ALERT Air Logistics Early Requirements Test
ALS Air Logistics Service
ALS Air Logistics Squadron
ALD Aircraft Logistics Department
ALRC Airlift Logistics Readiness Center
AGL Allcargo Global Logistics Limited
ALS Alternative Logistics Support
ALPHA AMC Logistics Program Hardcore
ALAN American Logistics Aid Network
ALA American Logistics Association
AMMLOG Ammunition Logistics
AIL Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics
AIL Arab International Logistics
ALIAS Arctic Logistics Information and Support
ALC Area Logistics Command
ACALA Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity
ACLSVF Armored Combat Logistics Support Vehicle Family
AALS Army Aviation Logistics School
ACALS Army Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics Support
ACCLAIMS Army COMSEC Commodity Logistics Accounting Information Management System
AILA Army Integrated Logistics Architecture
ALOG Army Logistics
ALA Army Logistics Assessment
ALC Army Logistics Center
ALLC Army Logistics Leadership Center
ALMC Army Logistics Management Center
ALMC Army Logistics Management College
ALOC Army Logistics Operations Center
ALPC Army Logistics Policy Council
ALSPS Army Logistics Study Program
ALSPES Army Logistics Study Program
ALSP Army Logistics Study Program
ATLAS Artificial Tele-Empathic Logistics Analysis System
APLF Asia Pacific Logistics Federation
ACLM Asian Council of Logistics Management
G-4 Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics
ADCSLOG Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
APML Assistant Program Manager for Logistics
ASAALT Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ALEDC Associate Logistics Executive Development Course
APML Associate Program Manager for Logistics
ALAT ATCOM Logistics Assistance Team
ALS Augmented Logistics Support
AFLD Australian Freight & Logistics Directory
ALAM Automated Logistics Assessment Model
ALCS Automated Logistics Control System
ALE Automated Logistics Environment
ALIA Automated Logistics Information to the AOC
ALICE Automated Logistics Integrated Computer Extracts
ALMSS Automated Logistics Management Support System
ALMS Automated Logistics Management System
ALMSA Automated Logistics Management Systems Agency
ALP Automated Logistics Planner/Planning
ALPS Automated Logistics Planning System
ARLS Automated Retail Logistics Systems
ARLS Automatic Resupply Logistics System
ALAT Automation Logistics Assistance Team
AL Autonomic Logistics
ALIS Autonomic Logistics Information System
ALS Autonomic Logistics System
ALSE Availability of Logistics Support Elements
ALDT Average Logistics Delay Time
ACLC Aviation Center Logistics Command
ALAT Aviation Logistics Assistance Team
ALCO Aviation Logistics Computer Operator
ALD Aviation Logistics Department
ALD Aviation Logistics Division
ALOC Aviation Logistics Operations Center
T-AVB Aviation Logistics Support Ship – MSC Manned
ASSAULT Aviation Support and Logistics
ASL Aviation Support and Logistics
ALOG AWIS Logistics
BSL Badger State Logistics
BLCP Battalion Logistics Control Point
BLT Billing, Logistics and Tracking
BSL Blue Sky Logistics
BLP Bonded Logistics Park
BSL Bright Solutions Logistics
BATL Business Administration: Transportation and Logistics
BLM Business Logistics Management
BLT Business Logistics Thailand Co., Ltd
CLEAR Campaign Logistics Expenditure and Replenishment Model
CALM Canadian Association of Logistics Management
CLOC Canadian Logistics Operation Center
CALICO Carrier Availability Logistics Integration Coordinator
CLS Caterpillar Logistics Services
CLT Cellular Logistics Team
CLI Center for Logistics Innovation
CLMC Central Logistics Management Center
CLF Centralized Logistics Facility
CL Certificate in Logistics
CONTROL Certification in Transportation & Logistics Program
CTL Certification in Transportation & Logistics Program
CLP Certified Logistics Practitioner
CLO Chief Logistics Officer
CLR Chief of Staff Logistics Review
LPD Chief of the Logistics Planning Division (JCS)
CGLN China Global Logistics Network
CLOC Coalition Logistics Operations Center
CONTROL Coalition Theatre Logistics
CTL Coalition Theatre Logistics
CCL Cold Chain & Logistics
CCL Cold Chain Logistics
CLN Collaborative Logistics Network
CHL Combat Health Logistics
CLB Combat Logistics Battalion
CLF Combat Logistics Force
COMLOGGRU combat logistics group
CLP Combat Logistics Patrol
CLR Combat Logistics Regiment
CLSS Combat Logistics Support System
CLS Combat Logistics System
CALMS Combined Allowances for Logistics & Maintenance Support
CLC Combined Logistics Committee
CLCC Combined Logistics Coordination Center
CLEA Combined Logistics Excellence Awards
CJ-4 combined-joint logistics officer
CLP Command Logistics Program
CLRP Command Logistics Review Program
CALS Committee for Ammunition Logistics Support
CLOE Common Logistics Operating Environment
CSLDB Common Source Logistics Database
CUL common-user logistics
CLOUD Communications Logistics Depot
CLD Communications Logistics Depot
CSLA Communications Security Logistics Activity
CSLA Communications Security Logistics Agency
CLSU Communications Security Logistics Support Unit
CLC Complete Logistics Company
COMPO-9 Component, Logistics Civil Augmentation
CLASP Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program
CALSA Computer Aided Logistics Support Analysis
CIL Computer Integrated Logistics
CIRPLS Computer Integration of Requirements, Procurement, Logistics, and Support
CALS Computer-Aided Acquisition & Logistics Support
CAL Computer-Aided Logistics
CALS Computer-Aided Logistics Support
CLSA COMSEC Logistics Support Activity
CLSC COMSEC Logistics Support Center
CLSU COMSEC Logistics Support Unit
CGL Concert Group Logistics LLC
COLD Conference of Logistics Directorates
CLIP Configuration & Logistics Information Program
CLC Contract Logistics Center
CLS Contract Logistics Support
CLF Contractor Logistics Facility
COOPLOG Cooperative Logistics
CLSSA Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement
CLSSA Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CLSA Cooperative Logistics Support Arrangement
COREFLS Core Financial and Logistics System
CLA Core Logistics Analysis
CLEP Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals
CLM Council of Logistics Management
CLIP Country Logistics Improvement Program
CLM Crate Logistics Manager
CILR Critical Items Logistics Review
CLS Customer Logistics Support
CPLG Customer Planning and Logistics Group
DGLN Dangerous Goods Logistics Network
DLAA DARCOM Logistics Assistance Activity
DC4ILO Database Compare for Integrated Logistics Overhaul
LG DCS/Logistics
DLO Defence Logistics Organisation
DLAD Defense Logistics Acquisition Directive
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAD Defense Logistics Agency Directive
DLAM Defense Logistics Agency Manual
DORRA Defense Logistics Agency Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis
DLAPS Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System
DLAR Defense Logistics Agency Regulation
DLESP Defense Logistics Enterprise Services Program
DLIR Defense Logistics Information Research Program
DLIS Defense Logistics Information Service
DLIS Defense Logistics Information System
DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center
DLSS Defense Logistics Standard Systems
DLSC Defense Logistics Supply Center
DLSC Defense Logistics Support Center
DLSC Defense Logistics Support Command
DML Defense Medical Logistics
DMLSS Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support
DLP Dell Logistics Provider
DLE Department of Logistics and Engineering
DALSO Department of the Army Logistics Staff Officer
DALSO Department of the Army Logistics Support Officer
DARCOMLSSA Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Logistics System Support Activity
DLS Depot Logistics System
HQMC-I-AND-L Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations & Logistics
DCSIL Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, US Army
G4 Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics/Engineering
DCSPAL Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Administration, & Logistics
DUSDL Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics
DCLE Design Criteria for Logistics Elements
DFRL design for reverse logistics
DLAR Detailed Logistics Allocation Report
DISL Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics
DLS Direct Logistics Support
DLSS Direct Logistics Support System
DIALOG Direction for Army Logistics
DAFL Directive Authority for Logistics
DIL Director of International Logistics
DOL Director of Logistics
DML Director, Medical Logistics
DGAL Directorate General of Administration and Logistics
DALE Directorate of Ammunition, Logistics & Engineering
DOL Directorate Of Logistics
DALIS Disaster Assistance Logistics Information System
DS-LMAIS Distance Support Logistics Maintenance Automated Information System
DIAL Distributed Intelligent Agents for Logistics
DIAL Distributed Intelligent Architecture for Logistics
DBLS Distribution Based Logistics System
DLM Distribution Logistics Management
DBL Distribution-Based Logistics
DLF Diversified Logistics Fundamentals, Inc
DLOS Division Logistics Organization Structure
DLOGS Division Logistics System
DLS Division of Logistics Services
DLS Dynamic Logistics Systems
EGL Eagle Global Logistics, Inc.
EBAL Effects-Based Approach to Logistics
ELITE Electronic Logistics Information Trading Exchange
EPLS Embedded Platform Logistics System
ELRF Emergency Logistics Response Facility
ELA Engineering Logistics and Acquisition
ELC Engineering Logistics Center
ELO Engineering Logistics Office
EAGLE Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment
ELITE Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence
ELIST enhanced logistics intratheater support tool
ELAT Enterprise Logistics Analysis Tool
ELSC Enterprise Logistics Solutions Conference
EWL Enterprise-Wide Logistics
EIL Environmental Information Logistics LLC
ELDS Equipment Logistics Data Sheet
ECTL European Centre for Transportation and Logistics
EFLE European Forum of Logistics Education
ELA European Logistics Association
ELRA European Logistics Relief Agency
EAGLE Executive Advisory Group for Logistics Excellence
ELRF Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Flight
ELRS Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron
ELS Expeditionary Logistics Squadron
ELU Expeditionary Logistics Unit
ERL Expeditionary Readiness and Logistics
ELM Experiment Logistics Module
ELC ExPRESS Logistics Carrier
FDL Fast Deployment Logistics
FAALC Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center
FLIS Federal Logistics Information System
FEDLOG Federal Logistics Record
FALD Field Administration & Logistics Division
FLM Field Logistics Manager
FLS Field Logistics System
FLSC Final Logistics Support Center
FLSC Final Logistics Support Concept
FLITE Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise Program
FLAW Fleet Logistics Air Wing
VRC Fleet Logistics Support Squadron
VR Fleet Logistics Support Squadron
FLS Fleet Logistics System
FLC Fluids Logistics Carrier
FLCP Focused Logistics Campaign Plan
FLOW Focused Logistics Wargame
FLC Force Logistics Coordinator
FLSG Force Logistics Support Group
FPLX Force Projection Logistics Exercise
FLB Forward Logistics Base
FLE Forward Logistics Element
4PL Fourth Party Logistics
FLEET Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy Tracking
FPLS Funding Plan for Logistics Support
FLE Future Logistics Enterprise
FLE Future Logistics Environment
GLS General Logistics Systems
GLAD Geographic Logistics Awareness Display
GLSCS Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies
GLCS Global Logistics Control System
GLM Global Logistics Management
GLS Global Logistics Specialist
GLSC Global Logistics Supply Chain
GLSC Global Logistics Support Center
GLS Global Logistics System
GLD Government Logistics Department
GILS Government/Industry Logistics Support
GLF GUST Logistics Forum (Kuwait)
HLG Hawk Logistics Group
HELILOG Helicopter Logistics
HLSC Helicopter Logistics Support Center
HKLA Hong Kong Logistics Association
HAFFA Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry
HNL Horizon North Logistics Inc.
ILA Independent Logistics Assessment
IELM Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
ILSMIS Industrial Logistics Support Management Information System
ILSC Industrial Logistics Systems Center
ILSC Industrial Logistics Systems Concept
ISML Information Systems Management Logistics
ILS Information Systems, Logistics & Supply Chain
INTERLEUKIN Installation and Logistics
IL Installation and Logistics
IL-AND-E Installation, Logistics, And Environment
ILE Installations, Logistics and Environment
IL-AND-FM Installations, Logistics, and Financial Management
ILOG Institute of Logistics
ILDM Institute of Logistics and Distribution Management
ILT Institute of Logistics and Transport
IOLT Institute of Logistics and Transport
ISL Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics
ITLS Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
INTERLEUKIN Integrated Logistics
IL Integrated Logistics
ILAR Integrated Logistics Aerial Resupply
ILAP Integrated Logistics Analysis Program
ILA Integrated Logistics Assessment
ILAP Integrated Logistics Automation Program
ILC Integrated Logistics Capability
ILD Integrated Logistics Design
ILIDS Integrated Logistics Information Data System
ILM Integrated Logistics Management
ILMST Integrated Logistics Management Support Team
ILMS Integrated Logistics Management System
ILO Integrated Logistics Overhaul
ILP Integrated Logistics Panel
ILP Integrated Logistics Plan
ILR Integrated Logistics Review
ILSA Integrated Logistics Support Agent
ILSA Integrated Logistics Support Analysis
ILSC Integrated Logistics Support Center
ILSCR Integrated Logistics Support Contract Requirement
ILSDP Integrated Logistics Support Delivery Plan
ILSD Integrated Logistics Support Detachment
ILSMT Integrated Logistics Support Maintenance Team
ILSMIS Integrated Logistics Support Management Information System
ILSMRT Integrated Logistics Support Management Review Team
ILSMT Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
ILSMRS Integrated Logistics Support Milestone Reporting System
ILSP Integrated Logistics Support Plan/Program/Procedure
ILSRRF Integrated Logistics Support Resource Requirements Format
ILGS Integrated Logistics System
ILOGS Integrated Logistics System
ILIPT Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies
ILC Intermodal Logistics Center
ILP Internal Logistics Project
ICAL International Conference on Automation and Logistics
ICL International Cooperative Logistics
IELA International Exhibitions Logistics Associates
INTERLEUKIN International Logistics
IL International Logistics
ILC International Logistics Center
ILSC International Logistics Communication System
ILCC International Logistics Connection Conference
ILCO International Logistics Control Office
ILCO International Logistics Control Organization
ILFO International Logistics Field Office
ILIF International Logistics Information File
ILMG International Logistics Management Game
ILN International Logistics Negotiations
ILP International Logistics Program
ILSDP International Logistics Supply Delivery Plan
ILSC International Logistics Support Company
ILS International Logistics Systems, Inc
SOLE International Society of Logistics
ITL International Trade Logistics
IWLA International Warehouse Logistics Association
ILC Inventory Logistics Console
ILP Inventory Logistics Portal
JILS Japan Institute of Logistics Systems
JALIS Joint Air Logistics Information System
JALWG Joint Air Logistics Working Group
JILSMT Joint Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
JLOG Joint Logistics
JL Joint Logistics
JL-ACTD Joint Logistics Advanced Concepts Technology Demonstration
JLAT Joint Logistics Analysis Tool
JLB Joint Logistics Board
JLC Joint Logistics Commander
JLC Joint Logistics Conference
JLCC joint logistics coordination center
JLOC Joint Logistics Operations Center
JLOC Joint Logistics Operations Centre
JLP Joint Logistics Plan
JLRC Joint Logistics Readiness Center
JLR Joint Logistics Review
JLTF Joint Logistics Task Force
JLT Joint Logistics Tools
JOLT Joint Office for Logistics Technology
J4 Joint Staff, Logistics
JTL Joint Theater Logistics
JTLS Joint Theater Logistics System
JLOG JTF Logistics Management Information System
KLC Key Logistics Corporation
KLO Key Logistics Optimization
KDL Keystone Dedicated Logistics
KBLPS Knowledge-Based Logistics Planning Shell
LFLWP Land Force Logistics Working Party
LSL Landing Ship, Logistics
LALC Latin America Logistics Center
LLP Lead Logistics Provider
LSLI Lear Siegler Logistics International, Inc
LCL Life-Cycle Logistics
LOG Logistics
LGX Logistics
LGC Logistics
LESCO Logistics & Environmental Support Services Corporation
LGM Logistics & Maintenance
LMA Logistics & Manufacturing Association, Port Laredo
LOCAT Logistics & Operations Consulting & Assistance Team
LRC Logistics & Readiness Center
LA Logistics Analyst
LAD Logistics Anchor Desk
LOGAMP Logistics and Acquisition Development Program
LOGAMP Logistics and Acquisition Management Plan
LODI Logistics and Distribution Institute
LEO Logistics and Engineering Operations
LIS Logistics and Inventory System
LRAD Logistics and Readiness Analysis Division
LSC Logistics and Supply Chain
LAR Logistics Area Representative
LAB Logistics Assault Base
LAAT Logistics Assessment and Assistance Team
LAMP Logistics Assessment Methodology Prototype
LAR Logistics Assessment Review
LASE Logistics Asset Support Estimate
LAD Logistics Assistance Directorate
LAO Logistics Assistance Office
LAP Logistics Assistance Program
LAPCEP Logistics Assistance Program Continuing Education Program
LAR Logistics Assistance Representative
LAR Logistics Assistance Resource
LATVIA Logistics Assistance Team
LAT Logistics Assistance Team
LASS Logistics Automated Support System
LAD Logistics Automation Directorate
LAMP Logistics Automation Master Plan
LASSO Logistics Automation System Support Office
LB Logistics Base
LBIV Logistics Bases Inventory Visibility
LTT Logistics Between Today and Tomorrow
LBPO Logistics Business Process Outsourcing
LCP Logistics Calibration Procedure
LOGCAT logistics capability assessment tool
LCE Logistics Capability Estimator
LCP Logistics Capability Plan
LCA Logistics Capacity Assessment
LCBO Logistics Career Broadening Officer
LOGC Logistics Center
LCOE Logistics Center of Excellence
LOCOMOTIVE Logistics Chain Multidimensional Design Toolbox with Environmental Assessment
LCN Logistics Code Number
LCE Logistics Combat Element
LCSVF Logistics Combat Support Vehicle Family
LC Logistics Command
LCD Logistics Communications Division
LCM Logistics Community Manager
LCAP Logistics Compliance Assessment Program
LCAT Logistics Compliance Assessment Team
LCB Logistics Configuration Baseline
LCA Logistics Control Activity
LOCIS Logistics Control and Information Support
LCC Logistics Control Center
LCC Logistics Control Code
LCN Logistics Control Number
LCC Logistics Coordination Cell
LCC Logistics Coordination Center
LCX Logistics Coordination Exercise
LC Logistics Coordinator
LOCAM Logistics Cost Analysis Model
LCS Logistics Cost Sharing
LCAC Logistics Crisis Action Cell
LOGDAT Logistics Data Analysis Tools
LDC Logistics Data Center
LDC Logistics Data Communications
LOGDESMO Logistics Data Element Standardization & Management Office
LDS Logistics Data System
LDD Logistics Decision Diagram
LDM Logistics Decision Model
LDSS Logistics Decision Support System
LDT Logistics Delay Time
LOGDET Logistics Detail
LDD Logistics Development Data
LDIP Logistics Development Implementation Plan
LDP Logistics Development Program
J4 Logistics Directorate
J-4 logistics directorate of a joint staff
LDT Logistics Distribution Table
LDI Logistics Document Identifier
LEADER Logistics Echelons Above Division in Europe
LEAP Logistics Education Advancement Program
LEAF Logistics Education Assistance Fund
LEAP Logistics Efficiencies to Increase Army Power
LEM Logistics Element Manager
LESA Logistics Element Support Activity
LEAD Logistics Engineering Advanced Development
LEA Logistics Engineering Analysis
LECP Logistics Engineering Change Proposal
LET Logistics Escape Trunk
LEW Logistics Estimate Worksheet
LEAR Logistics Evaluation & Review
LEA Logistics Evaluation Agency
LEE Logistics Evaluation Exercise
LEMA Logistics Event Management Architecture
LES Logistics Execution System
LESA Logistics Execution Systems Association
LEDC Logistics Executive Development Course
LOGEX Logistics Exercise
LESD Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate
LFF Logistics Factors File
LOGFAC Logistics Feasibility Analysis Capability
LOGFAC Logistics Feasibility Assessment Capability
LFS Logistics Fleet Support
LF Logistics Function
LFP Logistics Funding Plan
LFP Logistics Funding Profile
LG Logistics Group
LOGISTICS Logistics Guidance Conference
LGC Logistics Guidance Conference
LGM Logistics Guidance Memorandum
LIA Logistics Impact Analysis
LIAT Logistics Indicators Assessment Tool
LIB Logistics Information Board
LIC Logistics Information Center
LICENSE Logistics Information Center
LIDS Logistics Information Data Service
LINX Logistics Information Exchange
LIL Logistics Information Letter
LIM Logistics Information Management
LIMS Logistics Information Management System
LINK Logistics Information Network
LIN Logistics Information Network
LIPS Logistics Information Processing System
LIRC Logistics Information Requirements Council
LIS Logistics Information System
LIT Logistics Information Technology
LITS Logistics Information Technology Strategy
LIW Logistics Information Warehouse
LITA Logistics Infrastucture and Technical Architecture
LIA Logistics Innovation Agency
LIDB Logistics Integrated Database
LIPS Logistics Integrated Process System
LIPT Logistics Integrated Product Team
LIA Logistics Integration Agency
LIDB Logistics Intelligence Data Base
LIF Logistics Intelligence File
LIM Logistics Inventory Management
LIMS Logistics Inventory Management System
LITS Logistics Issues Tracking System
LKCS Logistics Knowledge Center
LKC Logistics Knowledge Center
LLL Logistics Lesson Learned
LLOS Logistics Liaison Office
LLO Logistics Liaison Office
LMD Logistics Maintenance Demonstration
LMD Logistics Maintenance Director/Directorate
LM Logistics Management
LMC Logistics Management Code
LMC Logistics Management Conference
LMD Logistics Management Data
LMD Logistics Management Division
LMI Logistics Management Information
LOGMIS Logistics Management Information System
LMIS Logistics Management Information System
LMI Logistics Management Institute
LML Logistics Management Lifecycle
LMTOS Logistics Management of Technical Order System
LMO Logistics Management Office
LMP Logistics Management Program
LMR Logistics Management Report
LMR Logistics Management Resources, Inc.
LMS Logistics Management Specialist
LMS Logistics Management Support
LMS Logistics Management System
LMSC Logistics Management Systems Center
LMT Logistics Management Team
LMTC Logistics Management Training Center
LM Logistics Manager
LME Logistics MANPRINT Evaluation
LOGMAP Logistics Master Plan
LMCA Logistics Material Control Activity
LMCA Logistics Materiel Control Activity
LOGMOD Logistics Modernization
LMP Logistics Modernization Program
LMT Logistics Modernization Team
LOGMOD Logistics Module
LSA Logistics Module – Stand Alone
LMC Logistics Movement Coordination
LMCC Logistics Movement Coordination Center
LN Logistics Need
LNA Logistics Net Assessment
LOAC Logistics Officer Advanced Course
LOACS Logistics Officer Advanced Course
LOP Logistics Officer Program
LOA Logistics Officers Association
LOLA Logistics On-Line Access
LOTS Logistics Online Tracking System
LOGO Logistics Operation
LOGOIS Logistics Operation Information System
LOA Logistics Operations Analysis
LOA Logistics Operations Area
LOC Logistics Operations Center
LOGO Logistics Order
LOIC Logistics Organization Integration Committee
LOS Logistics Outfitting System
LOTS Logistics Over The Shore
LOA logistics over-the-shore operation area (US DoD)
LPA Logistics Pipeline Analysis
LOGPLAN Logistics Plan
LPF Logistics Plan File
LOGPLAN logistics planning system
LPP Logistics Plans Policies
LPPSM Logistics Plans, Policies, and Strategic Mobility
LPS Logistics Policy Statement
LPT Logistics Preparation of the Theater
LPMS Logistics Program Management System
LPSA Logistics Program Support Activity
LRA Logistics Readiness Assessment
LRC Logistics Readiness Center
LRCC Logistics Readiness Coordination Center
LRE Logistics Readiness Evaluation
LRF Logistics Readiness Flight
LRIP Logistics Readiness Improvement Program
LRI Logistics Readiness Inspection
LRO Logistics Readiness Officer
LRS Logistics Readiness Squadron
LRR Logistics Readiness/Requirements Review
LOGRUN Logistics Remote Users Network
LOGREP Logistics Report
LOGREP Logistics Representative/Replenishment
LRP Logistics Requirement Plan
LRM Logistics Requirements Matrix
LRWG Logistics Requirements Working Group
LRT Logistics Response Time
LRP Logistics Resupply Point
LRA Logistics Review Activity
LARGE Logistics Review/Requirements Group
LRG Logistics Review/Requirements Group
LSC Logistics Section Chief
LSA Logistics Service Agreement
LSP Logistics Service Provider
LST Logistics Simulation Tool
LOGSIT Logistics Situation
LSG Logistics Solutions Group
LSMC Logistics Specialty Management Committee
G4 Logistics Staff at Corps & Division
J-4 logistics staff section
LSET Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Team
LS Logistics Station
LSR Logistics Status Review
LSC Logistics Steering Committee
LSP Logistics Strategy Plan
LSV Logistics Supply Vehicle
LS Logistics Support
LSMP Logistics Support & Mobilization Plan
LSA Logistics Support Agency
LSA Logistics Support Analysis
LSAP Logistics Support Analysis Process/Plan
LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Record/Report
LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Requirements
LSA Logistics Support Area
LSAA Logistics Support Area Anaconda
LSB Logistics Support Base
LSC Logistics Support Center
LCAV Logistics Support Center Customer Asset Visibility
LSC Logistics Support Charge
LSCS Logistics Support Command, Somalia
LSC Logistics Support Concept
LSCP Logistics Support Control Point
LSC Logistics Support Cost
LSD Logistics Support Data/Document
LSD Logistics Support Directorate
LSE Logistics Support Element
LSE Logistics Support Equipment
LSF Logistics Support Facility
LSI Logistics Support Information
LSL Logistics Support Library
LSMG Logistics Support Management Group
LSMI Logistics Support Management Information
LSMP Logistics Support Management Plan
LSM Logistics Support Management/Manager
LSO Logistics Support Officer
LSP Logistics Support Plan
LSPPS Logistics Support Plan for Preoperational Support
LSR Logistics Support Request
LSR Logistics Support Requirement/Representative
LSRS Logistics Support Requirements System
LSRFP Logistics Support Resource Funding Plan
LSS Logistics Support Squadron
LSSC Logistics Support Status Code
LSS Logistics Support Summary
LSS Logistics Support System
LST Logistics Support Team
LST Logistics Support Tracking
LSTCN Logistics Support Tracking Control Number
LSV Logistics Support Vessel
LSET Logistics Supportability Evaluation Team
LOGSAFE Logistics Sustainability Analysis and Feasibility Estimator
LSM Logistics System Manager
LSME Logistics System Manager Equipment
LSPR Logistics System Program Review
LSA Logistics Systems Analysis/Analyst
LSA Logistics Systems Architects
LSMP Logistics Systems Modernization Program
LOGPLAN Logistics Systems Plan
LSRB Logistics Systems Review Board
LSRC Logistics Systems Review Committee
LSSA Logistics Systems Support Activity
LSSA Logistics Systems Support Agency
LSSC Logistics Systems Support Center
LSTP Logistics Systems Training Program
LTF Logistics Task Force
LTO Logistics Task Order
LTM Logistics Team Member
LTD Logistics Technical Documentation/Data
LTAT Logistics Training Advisory Team
LTC Logistics Training Center
LTR Logistics Training Review
LTV Logistics Transfer Vehicle
LTA Logistics Transformation Agency
LTTF Logistics Transformation Task Force
LGTT Logistics Transportation Traffic Management
LVI Logistics Value Integrations, Inc.
LVS Logistics Vehicle System (US DoD)
LWGS Logistics Working Group
LWG Logistics Working Group
LBPP Logistics, Business and Public Policy
S4 Logistics/Embark Office
LLV Lunar Logistics Vehicle
MDLA MacBean Design and Logistics Associates
MLCPAC Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific
MLC Maintenance and Logistics Command
MLCA Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic
MLCP Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific
MLCH Major Logistics Control Headquarters
MALC Management of Acquisition Logistics Center
MLAS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALSEK Marine Aviation Logistics Support Element Kaneohe
MALSP Marine Aviation Logistics Support Package
MALSP Marine Aviation Logistics Support Plan
MCLB Marine Corps Logistics Base
MLG Marine Logistics Group
MLDN Maritime Logistics Data Network
MCRL Master Catalogue of References for Logistics
MLP Master Logistics Plan
MTLM Master of Transportation and Logistics Management
MHLC Material Handling and Logistics Conference
MLRS Medical Logistics and Readiness Squadron
MLMC Medical Logistics Management Center
MLPS Medical Logistics Proponent Subcommittee
MLST Medical Logistics Support Team
MILT Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport
MCL Metro Canada Logistics
MATLI Mid-Atlantic Transportation and Logistics Institute
MILS Military Standard Logistics System
MPLM Mini-Pressurized Logistics Module
MODAFL Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics
MLB Mobile Logistics Support Base
MODFLSIP Modified Fleet Logistics Support Improvement Program
MERLIN Multi-Echelon Resource & Logistics Information Network
MULE Multifunction Utility/Logistics Equipment Vehicle
MANUAL multinational logistics
MNL multinational logistics
MLB Multinational Logistics Base
MPLM Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
MLA Munitions Logistics Authority
MEDAL MWSSS Engineering Development and Logistics
NSLD NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot
NALH National Agile Logistics Hub
NAFL National Association of Freight Logistics
NITL National Institute for Transport and Logistics
NLC National Logistics Cell
NLSC National Logistics Supply Center
NLSC National Logistics Support Command
NCCL NATO Concept for Co-operation in Logistics
NEFMO Nato European Fighter Aircraft Development, Production and Logistics Management Organisation
NAL Naval Air Logistics
NALCO Naval Air Logistics Control Office
NALC Naval Ammunition Logistics Center
NALC Naval Aviation Logistics Center
NALC Naval Aviation Logistics Command
NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command/Management Information System
NALISS Naval Aviation Logistics Information Support System
NLL Naval Logistics Library
NSLC Naval Sea Logistics Center
NALC Navy Ammunitions Logistics Code
NLCP Navy Logistics Capability Plan
NLN Navy Logistics Network
NLSS Navy Logistics Systems School
NCL Network Centric Logistics
NGL Next Generation Logistics, Inc.
NLSC NOAA Logistics Support Center
NDLO Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization
NWLE Nuclear Weapons Logistics Element
NWLES Nuclear Weapons Logistics Element
OIB-2 Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels
OIB Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels
OAL Office of Acquisition and Logistics
OFL Office of Freight Logistics
OASA-IL Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installation and Logistics
ODCSLOG Office of the Deputy Chief Of Staff, Logistics
OLM Offshore Logistics Management
OALC Ogden Air Logistics Center
OO-ALC Ogden-Air Logistics Center
OLSA On-Line Logistics Analysis System
OSLR On-Site Logistics Representative
OPLOG Operational Logistics
OL Operational Logistics
OLSP Operational Logistics Support Plan
OHL Ozburn-Hessey Logistics
PAIL Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation
PLCA Panasonic Logistics Company of America
PLAN Parts Logistics Analysis Network
PILL Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd.
PALS Patriot Automated Logistics System
PLM Payload/Pressurized Logistics Module
PLLI Pending Logistics Loss Indicator
PBL Performance Based Logistics
PERSLOG Personnel and Logistics
PWL Petroleum and Water Logistics
PTLD Physical Teardown Logistics Demonstration
PLANET Planned Logistics Analysis and Evaluation Technique
PSL Plant Site Logistics
PTCL Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Ltd.
PLS Presidential Logistics Squadron
PLOS Primary Logistics Oriented School
PLTX Private Logistics Trading Exchange
PLA Proactive Logistics Assessment
PLS Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
PALM Program and Logistics Management
PROLOG Program Logistics
PRL Program Related Logistics
PSL Program Support Logistics
PML Project Management Logistics
PAL Purpose, Agenda, and Logistics
RBL Reliability Based Logistics
RMSL Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics
RLOC Remote Logistics Operations Center
RL Reverse Logistics
RLA Reverse Logistics Association
RLM Reverse Logistics Management
RML Revolution in Military Logistics
SM-ALC-MM Sacramento Air Logistics Center/Directorate of Materiel Management
SILSP Safeguard Integrated Logistics Support Plan
STL Sales, Trading & Logistics
SA-ALC San Antonio Air Logistics Center
SEL School of Engineering and Logistics
SLC SEABEE Logistics Center
SAIL Secretary of the Army, Installations, Logistics, & Environment
SOCL Securicor Omega Container Logistics
SLA Security Logistics Agency
SMILA Semantic Information Logistics Architecture
SLAR Senior Logistics Aviation Representative
SALR Senior Logistics Aviation Representative
SPL Service Parts Logistics
SPLO Service Parts Logistics Operations
SLMP Ship Logistics Management Plan
SLM Ship/Submarine Logistics Manager
SILC Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center
SPLS Siemens Procurement and Logistics Services
SIMPLE SIMC4I Interchange Module for Plans, Logistics, & Exercises
SUL Simplified User Logistics
SIGMALOG Simulation & Gaming Methods for Analysis Of Logistics
SLSL Simulation and Logistics Systems Laboratory
SALE Single Army Logistics Enterprise
SIMLM Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager
SLS Single Logistics System
SALT Situation Awareness Logistics Tool
SMEAC Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, Command and Signal
SUL Small Unit Logistics
SSLC2 Smart Systems for Logistics Command and Control
SOLE Society Of Logistics Engineers
SFL Soldier Focused Logistics
VCV Southern California Logistics Airport
SCLA Southern California Logistics Airport
SLIC Space Logistics Integration Concept
SPL Spare Parts Logistics
SALSA Spares Acquisition & Logistics Support Analysis
SOAL Special Operations Acquisition and Logistics
SLC Specialized Logistics Carrier
SOLOG Staff Officer Logistics
SELA Stakeholders, Engineering, Logistics, and Achievement
SAILS Standard Army Intermediate Level Logistics System Supply
SALS Standard Army Logistics System
SALTS Standard Automated Logistics Tool Set
SOLOG Standardization Of Operations & Logistics
SLRC State Logistics Resource Center
SLAW Station Logistics Analysis Worksheet
SOLO Status Of Logistics Offensive
STLW Storage, Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
SAILS Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems
SHIELD Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate
SHIELD Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division
SLP Strategic Logistics Program
SOLP Strategic Operations and Logistics Planning
SALTS Streamlined Alternative Logistics Transmission System
SALTS streamlined automated logistics transfer system
SLSC Submarine Logistics Support Center
SLP Sunoco Logistics Partners
SYL Super Yacht Logistics
SLMA Supply and Logistics Management Association
SCLM Supply Chain & Logistics Management
SCL Supply Chain and Logistics Institute
SCLC Supply Chain Logistics Consulting Limited
SLAP Supply Logistics Analysis Program
SLUR Support, Logistics & Underway Replenishment
SLDP Sustainable Logistics Development Program
SLIC System and Logistics Integration Capability
SEALS System Engineering & Logistics Services
SAIL System For Automated Integrated Logistics
TLOC Tactical Logistics Operation Center
TLS Tactical Logistics Systems
TEAL Tactics, Equipment And Logistics
TLC Tailored Logistics Corporation
TLI TCT Logistics Inc
TLD Technical Logistics Data
TLRN Technical Logistics Reference Network
TLAC Technologies and Logistics Advisory Committee
TLC Territory Logistics Center
TLP Test Logistics Plan
TLC Texas Logistics Corporation
LOGMAP the Army Logistics System Master Plan
TLI The Logistics Institute
TUSLOG The United States Logistics Group
TCLSC Theater COMSEC Logistics Support Center
TEWLS Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System
TLCC Theater Logistics Coordination Center
TLS Theater Logistics Station
3PL Third Party in assisting in management of Logistics and related areas
3PL Third Party Logistics
TPL Third Party Logistics
TPLS Third Party Logistics Support
TSL Time, Space, Logistics
TLN Total Logistics Network
TLR-SA Total Logistics Readiness – Sustainability Analysis
TLRS Total Logistics Readiness and Sustainability
TLS Total Logistics Support
TLSC Total Logistics Support Cost
TQL Total Quality Logistics, Inc
TACLSC Training Activity Configuration Logistics Support
TL Transport and Logistics
TALC Transport and Logistics Centre
TLD Transport and Logistics Data Set
TPL Transport and Project Logistics
TFL Transport, Forwarding, Logistics
TLC Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc.
TLPL Transworld Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
TCSL Triple Crown Shipping and Logistics LLC
ULL Unit Level Logistics
ULLC Unit Level Logistics Computer
ULLS Unit Level Logistics System
ULG United Logistics Germany GmbH
UNJLC United Nations Joint Logistics Centre
USAECLRA United States Army Electronics Command Logistics Research Agency
USALC United States Army Logistics Center
USALEA United States Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
USDLA United States Defense Logistics Agency
UTL United Transport Logistics
ULC Unpressurized Logistics Carrier
ULE Unpressurized Logistics Element
UWL Urban Warfare Logistics
ACALA US Army Armament & Chemical Acquisition & Logistics Agency
URL USAMMA’s Revolution in Logistics
ULSS User’s Logistics Support Summary
VAL Value Added Logistics
VLSM Vietnam Logistics and Support Medal
WBLP Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park
WBLZ Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone
WBLC Waterborne Logistics Craft
WSLO Weapon System Logistics Office
WSLR Weapon System Logistics Review
WLN Weapons Logistics Network
WLLC West London Logistics Centre
WELG Western European Logistics Group
WLMP Wholesale Logistics Modernization Program
WINLAM Windows Integrated Logistics Assessment Model
WLOG Wing Logistics
WOLF Work Order Logistics File
WCLM World Class Logistics Management
WFLA World Food Logistics Association
WFLO World Food Logistics Organization
WTCL World Trade Cargo & Logistics, Inc.
WALC Worldwide Aviation Logistics Conference
WCLS World-wide Contractor Logistics Support
ZLC Zaragoza Logistics Center