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Menorca is an exceptionally pleasant holiday island and it is far more lazy and comfortable than its big sister Mallorca which you can find a short trip away by plane or ferry.

Menorca is primarily a summer holiday destination, but can also be successfully visited in the spring or autumn.

There is no point in finding the holiday mode at Menorca. Even when you land at the charming little airport, you will feel that this will be a relaxing holiday. And the last remnant of stress disappears as the cab driver drives you at 40 kilometers per hour to a beautiful white beach with the clearest blue sea imaginable. In Europe we have only seen the beaches of Formentera.

It does not abound with sights and attractions beyond the beautiful scenery and wonderful beaches of Menorca. But Menorca’s two “big cities”, Maó (or Mahon ) and Cituadella, give you some metropolis and access to shopping, restaurant visits, sights and culture.

We at Travelplanet have no qualms about recommending Menorca as your next summer holiday destination!

Get to know Menorca

Menorca, (Minorca), is an island belonging to Spain. Menorca is the easternmost and second largest of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, (Islas Baleares). Only Majorca is bigger.

In size, Menorca extends over approx. 700 km2, and the population is in excess of 90,000. The administrative center and largest city is the port city of Mahón.

Menorca has numerous megalithic monuments from an early Celtic population. The island was occupied by the British in 1708, later by France, before it became Spanish again in 1782. Seventeen years later Menorca was again conquered by the British before the island became Spanish for good in 1802.

The long period under the UK has left its mark. The Menorcan dialect even has some British words used to this day. And in the capital and administration center Mahón you will see several typical British buildings.

Today, almost 75% of Menorca is a protected natural area. The island’s flora and fauna are unique, but much of the island’s land is also covered by scrub vegetation (macchia and garrigue). There is little forest in Menorca.

For the perfect overview of Menorca, visit Monte Toro, near Es Mercadal. This is the island’s highest point and offers panoramic views!

Otherwise, Menorca is known for its special black horse breed, and during festivals you will see these horses and their proud riders, so-called caixers, everywhere. Not least you will see these in the old capital Ciutadella which is the big festival town.

Menorca and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: MAH
  • Country: Spain

The ancient capital of Ciutadella

The old capital of Menorca is called Ciutadella and is located to the west of the island. In Ciutadella you will find a very charming old town dominated by Menorca’s large Cathedral.

Ciutadella has a long history behind him and was, among other things, under Arab rule, then under the name Medina Minurqa.

“The Capital” Mahon on Menorca

Maó or Mahon is the administration site and “capital” of the island. Mahón is almost as far away from the old capital as possible. In other words, you will find Mahón to the east of Menorca.

Mahón is known for its many eateries and bars and not least its wonderful harbor. This is reportedly the second largest natural deepwater port in the world after Pearl Harbor ( USA ).

Mahón is Menorca’s best shopping city and has some cultural features in the form of theater and museums.

Mahón is also said to be the origin of the mayonnaise. The origin of the name mayonnaise therefore comes from the town name Maó or “Maonesa” which the town was also called.

Tourist towns in Menorca

The main tourist areas are along the south coast and include small towns such as Santo Tomas, Son Bou, Cala en Porter, Binibeca, Punta Prima and S’Algar.

Another very family-friendly and quiet town is Santa Galdana where you will also find “The Magic Crane Fountain”.

Parque Natural Nature Park

The heart of the UNESCO listed fauna of Menorca is the Parc Natural de S’Albufera des Grau. This is the place to visit for all nature lovers. Not least is it a fantastic place to see a number of rare migratory birds.

Parc Natural de S’Albufera des Grau is located northeast of Menorca, approx. 13 kilometers north of Maó.

MAH: Menorca, Spain - Aerop De Menorca

List of Menorca Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Menorca is MAH which stands for Menorca. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Menorca, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
MAH Menorca, Spain – Aerop De Menorca