Newspaper Abbreviations List

List of acronyms and abbreviations about newspaper.

Acronym Meanings
ANAS Alabama Newspaper Advertising Service
APNS All Pakistan Newspapers Society
AANR American Association of Newspaper Representatives
ACNI American Community Newspapers, Inc.
ACN American Community Newspapers, Inc.
ACCN American Court & Commercial Newspapers
ANG American Newspaper Guild
ANPA American Newspaper Publishers Association
ASNE American Society of Newspaper Editors
ANA Arizona Newspapers Association
ANL Associated Newspapers Limited
ANCL Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, Ltd.
ANZ Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe
ANUG Atex Newspaper Users Group
ACNA Atlantic Community Newspapers Association
BNI Boone Newspapers, Inc.
BNG Boston Newspaper Guild
BCN British Church Newspaper
BCNA British Columbia Newspaper Award
BSCN Broad Street Community Newspapers
CNIE California Newspaper in Education Association
CNP California Newspaper Project
CNPA California Newspaper Publishers Association
CCNA Canadian Community Newspapers Association
CDNA Canadian Daily Newspapers Association
CNA Canadian Newspaper Association
CEN Church of England Newspaper
CUSSNA Concordia University System Student Newspaper Association
CFEN Coshocton First Edition Newspaper
DND Daily Newspaper Division
DEPARTMENT Denver Newspaper Agency
DNA Denver Newspaper Agency
FCN Fairfax Community Newspapers
FNAN Florida Newspaper Advertising Network
FNCA Florida Newspaper Co-Op Association
GNL Guardian Newspapers Limited
HEN Herts and Essex Newspapers Ltd.
HCNLP Hollinger Canadian Newspapers, Limited Partnership
INS Indian Newspaper Society
IPSN Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers
INFE International Newspaper Financial Executives
INFES International Newspaper Financial Executives
INPA International Newspaper Promotion Association
JBIT Journey Back in Time Journey Back in Time (newspaper archive website)
KNG Kingston Newspaper Guild
KRN Knight Ridder Newspapers
LAURIN Libraries and Archives Collecting Newspaper Clippings Unified for Their Integration into Networks
LANG Los Angeles Newspaper Guild
MDNPA Maine Daily Newspaper Publishers Association
MWN Major World Newspapers
MCNA Manitoba Community Newspapers Association
MANSI Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Services Inc.
MGN Mirror Group Newspapers
MCNA Missouri College Newspaper Association
MSNE Missouri Society of Newspaper Editors
NNA National Newspaper Association
NNAF National Newspaper Association Foundation
NNNN National Newspaper News Network
NNPA National Newspaper Promotion Association
NNPA National Newspaper Publishers Association
NENA New England Newspaper Association
NAB Newspaper Advertising Bureau
NAEA Newspaper Advertising Executives’ Association
NASA Newspaper Advertising Sales Association
NMDU Newspaper and Magazine Drivers Union
NMDU Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union
NAA Newspaper Association of America
NCC Newspaper Comics Council
NDM Newspaper Designated Market
NEAP Newspaper Economic Action Plan
NET Newspaper Education Trust
NEA Newspaper Enterprise Association
NHI Newspaper Holdings, Inc.
NIE Newspaper In Education
NNN Newspaper National Network LP
NNCO Newspaper Network of Central Ohio
NPY Newspaper Photographer of the Year
NPA Newspaper Publishers Association
NRJ Newspaper Research Journal
ENERGY Newspaper Research Journal
PARTNER Newspaper Stamp
PROGRAM Newspaper Stamp
PASSED Newspaper Stamp
PORNO Newspaper Stamp
P Newspaper Stamp
PACKED Newspaper Stamp
PENTIUM Newspaper Stamp
PRINT Newspaper Tax
PR Newspaper Tax
NIE Newspapers in Education
NINE Newspapers in Nursing Education
NPAN Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria
NANA North American Newspaper Alliance
NCNP North Carolina Newspaper Project
NDNA North Dakota Newspaper Association
NP Occupation Newspaper
ONP Old Newspapers
OCNA Ontario Community Newspapers Association
PNPA Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers’ Association
PSNE Pennsylvania Society of Newspaper Editors
QNP Queensland Newspapers
RNI Registrar of Newspapers for India
RIND Research Institute for Newspaper Development
SWNA Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association
SDNS Scottish Daily Newspaper Society
SNPA Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association
SVCN Silicon Valley Community Newspapers
SND Society of Newspaper Design
SOUND Society of Newspaper Design
SDNA South Dakota Newspaper Association
SYN South Yorkshire Newspapers
SNPA Southern Newspaper Publishers Association
SONG Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild
TNEL Talking Newspaper Enterprises Ltd
TBN Tampa Bay Newspapers Inc.
TDNA Texas Daily Newspaper Association
TNG The Newspaper Guild
TN Thomson Newspapers
UNG Unified Newspaper Group
ULJSN Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers
UT Union Tribune (the Copley Newspaper known as the “U-T”)
USNP United States Newspaper Program
VAPON Value Added Printing of Newspapers
WNPA Washington Newspaper Publishers Association
WBNG Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild
WNAB Weekly Newspapers Advertising Bureau
WNL Wellington Newspapers Ltd
WNL Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.
WAN World Association of Newspapers
WGN World’s Greatest Newspaper
YNC York Newspaper Company
YRNG York Region Newspaper Group
YPN Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Ltd.